OLTL Transcript Tuesday 10/25/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/25/11


Episode # 11051

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Natalie: LPD. This is Natalie Banks.

Tina: So, Natalie, it's your maid of honor calling.

Natalie: Oh. Hi, Tina.

Tina: You don't sound happy to hear from me.

Natalie: Oh, no, no, no. It's not -- it's not that. I'm just, uh, kind of, you know, in a middle of a thousand things here.

Tina: Yeah, well, drop them, 'cause this wedding is not gonna plan itself.

Ford: [Laughing] That's it. I can't do it anymore.

Jessica: Seriously, one bowl of ice cream? That's all it takes to undo all of your hard work at the gym?

Ford: One? No. But that second one you gave me... pffft. Listen, Jess, thank you for inviting me over for dinner. I had no plans after I dropped Ryder off, and...I had fun.

Jessica: Me too. Uh, besides, we have a lot to talk about.

Ford: We do?

Jessica: Oh, yeah. We haven't discussed what we're gonna do for Ryder's big day. You know, Halloween.

Ford: [Chuckles]

Jessica: What are we gonna do for Ryder's first night of ghouls and ghosts?

Vimal: I mean no disrespect to the deceased, Mr. Mann-- Mr. Lord. But I could kill you right now, if you weren't already dead. Not literally. It's just...you put me in a very awkward position. If I stay silent, I destroy one life. But I destroy several others if I come forward. Why did you have to tell me that John McBain is Liam's father?

[Knock on door]

John: Nadia, I said I didn't want to be disturbed!

Michael: What? Not even by your brother?

[Doorbell rings]

Aubrey: Wow.

Rex: You should see the other guy.

Aubrey: I just -- I stopped by to see what happened between you and Cutter, but I guess I got my answer.

Cutter: Whoa, whoa. Whoa, where'd you go? Hey, is Stacy Morasco getting tests?

Nurse: No, she's not to be moved at all.

Cutter: Then where the hell is she?

Stacy: Okay. So, no one was at that house out back, but... this is part of the same address. This can't be right, can it? Oh, God. This is where I live?

Vimal: Thought I should tell you, Mr. Lord, that I'm not keeping your secret out of some sense of loyalty to you. You're dead. And it's not because Officer Lovett can be...very intimidating, but... the truth is that despite our many differences, I can see how much that man cares about his son. It's remarkable. I can only hope that I feel the same way when Rama and I have children of our own. But none of that matters, does it? 'Cause John McBain still doesn't know the truth. Why did you curse me with this horrible secret?

Rama: What horrible secret?

Vimal: Aaaaah! Oh. [Sighs]

John: Good to see you, bro.

Michael: Is this a good time? It sounded like it might not be such a good time.

John: Oh, forget about what I said. Case with no leads, all right? It can wait. Yeah. Hey, what's with the surprise?

Michael: Well, I got a few days off from the hospital. It just seemed like a good idea.

John: Yeah, it is a good idea.

Michael: Yeah.

John: Hey, where's, uh, where's Marcie? Where's Gabe? They come with you?

Michael: Gabe is spending the week with Grandma Eve, actually. And Marcie, why don't -- hey -- why don't you ask her yourself?

Marcie: Feel like another surprise?

Michael: [Laughs]

Tina: Natalie, I get the distinct impression that you're trying to avoid me.

Natalie: Avoiding you? No, no. Not -- I'm not avoiding you. I mean, just 'cause I haven't returned a few calls.

Tina: Seven?

Natalie: Seven calls. But, you know, I've kind of been busy on all those murder cases.

Tina: [Sighs] Natalie, I told you, you don't have to worry about a thing. I'll take care of everything. All you have to do is -- is play "CSI: Llanview."

Natalie: [Chuckles] Oh, thank you. And I'm so grateful.

Tina: Yeah, but there -- there is one thing I can't do for you, and that is make your decisions. I mean, there's certain aesthetic choices. You don't want this to look like my wedding, do you?

Natalie: Uh, no. Definitely don't want that.

Tina: Okay. Well, then let's get started. How about the catering -- oh, I know what. The seating arrangements. Now, do you think it's okay to put Nigel and Roxy at the same table? I know they have a past, but I think they can get past that for your big day, don't you?

Natalie: Uh, what's that, Bo? Oh, staff meeting right now in your -- okay. I got to go, Tina.

Tina: O-okay. I'll e-mail you pictures of the ice sculptures!

Natalie: Okay. Thanks. Bye.

Brody: [Laughs] You do know you could have said no when Tina offered to be your maid of honor.

Natalie: There is no saying "no" to Tina. Besides, it's not like my sister's up for the job.

Jessica: [Laughs] A cocktail wienie? Really?

Ford: Yes. Yes. Okay, Ryder's gonna be in his costume, and I'm gonna be in my man bites dog costume, and we're gonna do some full-on father-and-son trick-or-treating.

Jessica: Well, that should be fine.

Ford: "Fine"? You -- you don't think it'll work?

Jessica: I mean, not for nothing, but people in this neighborhood kind of go all out.

Ford: Really?

Jessica: Yeah. I mean, this one year, two little girls dressed up as a bowl of cereal and a spoon.

Ford: Yeah. Please. I think we got them beat.

Jessica: Well, then there was a family down the block that dressed up as the past six presidents.

Ford: That's pretty intense.

Jessica: Yeah, it is. I think you got some work to do.

Ford: And you don't think that Ryder in a cocktail-wienie outfit and me in my man bites dog costume will work?

Jessica: [Chuckles] Yeah, it'll work. Where does that leave me?

Ford: You can be the ketchup!

Jessica: No!

Ford: Okay, sorry. You can be the m-mustard.

Jessica: [Chuckling] Stop it.

Ford: All right. How about this? You be the relish, but good luck finding a costume 'cause I think you're gonna be in a real pickle.

Jessica: [Laughs, snorts]

Ford: Oh, my God.

Jessica: What?

Ford: You just snorted.

Jessica: I did not.

Ford: [Laughing] You -- you totally snorted!

Jessica: [Laughing] I think that you are mistaken.

Ford: I am not mistaken.

Jessica: [Chuckles]

[Footsteps approaching]

[Door opens]

Tina: Oh! I'm sorry. [Chuckles nervously] I didn't mean to interrupt. I didn't know you had company.

Nurse: The patient should not be walking around on her own.

Cutter: Well, she is!

Nurse: Well, she's supposed to be in this room!

Cutter: Well, she isn't! You want to tell me anything else that she should or shouldn't be doing?! A patient just got up from a coma and strolled out of here and nobody noticed?! Why don't you do yourself a favor and go check with Security before I decide to sue someone?

Aubrey: So, tell me what happened.

Rex: This isn't your problem, Aubrey.

Aubrey: Well, I wouldn't let me off that easily. I brought Cutter to this town, so I'm at least partially responsible for any grief he gave you.

Rex: Not this time. Cutter Wentworth has gotten a hell of a lot worse since going rogue.

Aubrey: Okay, now you've got me really worried. Why did he come by and see you?

Rex: He offered me a business deal. He wanted everything I took from Clint.

Aubrey: Really? And what did he offer you in return?

Rex: My dead fiancée.

Stacy: [Sighs] No one said anything about me being loaded.

Jessica: Uh, it's okay, Aunt Tina. Ford and I were just discussing Ryder's Halloween plans.

Tina: How nice.

Jessica: Thanks again for watching him last night.

Ford: Oh, yeah, I appreciate that, too. It was nice for Jessica to be able to get out of the house.

Tina: Yes, well, did you, uh, enjoy seeing the band at Capricorn?

Jessica: It was... interesting.

Ford: Yeah.

Jessica: [Chuckles]

Ford: It reminds you why we don't go out in Llanview.

Jessica: Yeah, why did I miss that, huh?

[Both laugh]

Tina: I mean, well, everybody deserves an interesting night now and then.

Jessica: And you said that he wasn't any trouble?

Tina: Oh, well, he was a little fussy at first, but then Cord gave him a horsey ride, and it, well, took care of it.

Ford: Horsey ride?

Jessica: Oh, um, when CJ and Sarah used to cry or be fussy, Cord would just give them a little bounce on his knee, and it quieted them right now. It works, right?

Tina: Oh, it works like a charm. You know, and I-I just love taking care of Ryder. He's such a sweet little boy. Cord and I had a ball.

Jessica: That's really good to hear.

Ford: Good.

Tina: A-and, Jessica, I want you to know that I-I meant what I said before, that, you know, when I came here a couple years ago, I-I-I was really trying to find myself, and in trying to find myself, I hurt a lot of people, and -- and -- and I want to make it up to you a-and to everybody else.

Jessica: That's an admirable goal.

Tina: Well, and I have already started. I mean, who would have thought I'd be here, right, I mean, babysitting for you and being Natalie's maid of honor?

Jessica: What?

Tina: Oh. You...didn't know about the maid-of-honor thing yet?

Jessica: Uh...

[Doorbell rings]

Tina: Oh, you know, uh, I-I-i better go get that.

Ford: You okay?

Tina: [Sighs] Tina, you idiot! Of course, Natalie hadn't told Jessica that I was gonna be the maid of honor yet. You know, I-I don't know why I just don't dig a great, big hole and just jump right into it. [Sighs] Oh.

Vimal: Rama, you scared me half to death!

Rama: [Chuckles] Well, you're in good company, then.

Vimal: That's not funny. Didn't anybody ever teach you not to sneak up on somebody in a graveyard?

Rama: My mam must have skipped that lesson.

Vimal: How did you even know that I was here?

Rama: MyFace. Look. "Vimal Patel has checked into St. James Cemetery." You put it on automatic, remember? "Madame Delphina likes this"? Who's Madame Delphina?

Vimal: I have no idea. But, um, you know, I was thinking about our Halloween outfits, and I heard that another couple made a big splash as Sonny and Cher a couple years ago --

Rama: Vimal, stop trying to change the subject. You were talking to Victor Lord's grave about a horrible secret. For weeks, something has been bothering you. Now I know this must be it.

Vimal: Um, Rama, I-I promised not to say anything.

Rama: To who? A dead man? Vimal, I have to remind you that keeping secrets is what nearly destroyed our marriage. I'm your wife. You can trust me.

Vimal: You're right. You're right. It's important to be honest with each other.

Rama: So, what's bothering you? Tell me.

Vimal: Before Victor Lord died, he told me that John McBain is the father of Natalie's son.

Michael: [Chuckles]

John: May I?

Marcie: Of course.

John: Congratulations.

Marcie: Oh, thank you.

John: To both of you.

Michael: Thanks, brother.

John: Wow. Well, this, uh, this is a surprise.

Marcie: I can hardly believe it myself. I mean, a few years ago, I thought I couldn't have any children. Now here we are expecting our second.

John: Yeah. Now, um, this -- this doesn't seem like a-a recent development.

Marcie: You are right. I am six months along.

John: I thought so. Well, I-I'm a detective.

Marcie: [Chuckles]

John: Is there a reason why I'm only hearing about this now?

Michael: Honestly, we wanted to tell you as soon as it happened.

Marcie: We just didn't want to rub it in, y-you know, after everything that happened with Liam.

Brody: Uh, speaking of Jessica, I ran into her again.

Natalie: Oh, yeah?

Brody: Last night before you found me at Capricorn.

Natalie: Why didn't you say anything?

Brody: I wasn't trying to hide it from you. It's just, I'd already had that fight with John, and then seeing Jessica and Ford together, I was ready to pass out and call it a night.

Natalie: Uh, so, Jessica and Ford were at Capricorn together?

Brody: Mm-hmm. Looks like they're getting closer.

Natalie: Does that bother you?

Jessica: I'm fine, really. Yeah, I'm fine. [Chuckles]

Ford: Are you sure?

Jessica: Uh, maybe not. What did I expect, right? Somebody had to be Natalie's maid of honor. [Sighs] It's just hearing it makes this whole thing, this whole wedding seem a little bit more real.

Ford: Did you think you were gonna, you know, be the maid of honor?

Jessica: That's a crazy concept.

Ford: Well, no matter what, you guys are still sisters.

Jessica: Even though I'm not invited to the wedding. It's okay. I mean, what did I expect? Did I expect an invite? No, I've gotten used to the idea that I have nothing to do with this wedding at all.

Ford: Except you sort of do.

Jessica: Thanks for reminding me.

Ford: Do you, uh, want to talk about it?

Jessica: Well, I guess we have to, right? I mean, how can I let my sister get married with this secret hanging over my head?

Cutter: So?

Nurse: Security found footage of the patient leaving -- hours ago.

Cutter: Hours ago? I don't care what you have to do to find her. Go do it.

Aubrey: That doesn't even make sense.

Rex: [Sighs] Tell me about it. But it's true. Cutter claims that Gigi's alive, and he offered to sell her back to me.

Aubrey: Well, I got to hand it to him. He always manages to find a new low.

Rex: Oh, it gets lower. He was dying to show me a picture of Gigi -- alive, supposedly.

Aubrey: Oh, trust me, Rex, Cutter's really good at doctoring photos. I'm sure it was very convincing.

Rex: I don't know. I didn't give him a chance to show it to me. I socked him instead.

Aubrey: [Chuckles] Good for you. He got exactly what he deserved.

Rex: Didn't stop him from fighting back. Bo had to break things up.

Aubrey: I hope Cutter got arrested, at least.

Rex: No. I jumped him. He could have pressed charges if he wanted to. Bo told him to get lost.

Aubrey: Any idea where he was going?

Rex: Hell if I know.

Cutter: [Sighs] Oh, crap.

Tina: Can I help you?

Stacy: Maybe. I think I live here.

Tina: Oh, you must be mistaken. This house belongs to my sister, Victoria Lord. Uh, are you okay?

Stacy: I'm sorry. I know this sounds weird, but I just got out of the hospital, and things are still sort of confusing. I-I lost my memory.

Tina: Oh, my. That's terrible. I'm so sorry.

Stacy: Thanks. All I know for sure is my name. Gigi Morasco.

[Airport announcer]

Stacy: Now boarding group 4 to Barbados.

Brody: Does it bother me that Jessica and Ford are getting closer? Yeah, it does, but only because I can't stand the guy and Jessica could do a hell of a lot better.

Natalie: You sound, um, jealous.

Brody: Of Ford?

Natalie: Yeah. I mean, I'd get it if you were.

Brody: I'm not. No, really. I just...can't help but feel like maybe I forced them together.

Natalie: You think you forced Jessica and Ford together?

Brody: Of course, Jessica should move on with someone else. I sure wish it wasn't him, though.

Natalie: Brody, I can pretty much guarantee that you did not force those two together. They have a bond -- their son.

Brody: Liam's not my son. He's John's. [Sighs] What the hell am I gonna do?

Natalie: That's what brought them together, just like our son did for us.

John: You sat on this for months for me?

Michael: Maybe not the best idea.

Marcie: It just didn't feel right telling you over the phone, John.

John: You thought I couldn't handle it?

Marcie: No. John, of course not. I just... well, I know what it's like to have a child taken away from you. So if you ever want to talk about it, I can --

John: Thanks, but, um...

Marcie: Okay. You don't want to talk about it.

John: Hey, look. You guys want to help me out? Don't ever do that again, all right? You got news, you tell me about it. Look, I've accepted that Liam is not my son. Nothing's gonna change that.

Rama: I don't believe this. You're saying Natalie's paternity tests were altered, too? By who? That crazy psychiatrist I saw on the news?

Vimal: It would appear so.

Rama: Wow. Those Buchanan twins can't catch a break.

Vimal: Neither can I! Now that Victor Lord is dead, I'm the only one keeping this secret.

Rama: Well, you mean in addition to Officer Lovett.

Vimal: Yes. You must think I'm a horrible person, keeping two sons away from their fathers.

Rama: Oh, Vimal, not at all, because I'm keeping a horrible secret, too.

Cutter: Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.

Aubrey: Please tell me you cleaned that out properly. Oh, of course. Why wouldn't you want an infection?

Rex: It's fine.

Aubrey: It's clearly not.

Rex: Where you going?

Aubrey: Nigel used to keep a first-aid kit in the powder room, unless you moved it while you were busy marking your territory.

Rex: Still there.

Aubrey: Good. Don't move.

Tina: Um, Gigi Morasco. I'm sorry. It doesn't ring a bell.

Stacy: Are you sure? 'Cause I-I did some research online, and it said that I-I used to live here.

Tina: Well, you know, I've been out of town for a few years.

Stacy: Oh.

Tina: Oh, but -- but, you know, my niece, she's been here, so why don't I go in and ask her? I mean, I'm sure she's heard of you.

Stacy: Oh. You think so?

Tina: Well, yeah, it's worth a try, right, so...

Stacy: Thank you.

Tina: Now, you wait right here. I'll be right back.

Stacy: Okay.

Tina: Okay.

Cutter: Okay. All right. 1177 Regency Drive. She looked up Gigi's last address. Okay. All right. There's no way she could make it... all the way to Llanfair.

Jessica: It's not exactly like I could keep this secret from my sister forever, knowing that a different man could be the father of her son.

Ford: Yeah, it's not exactly what little girls dream about when they think of getting married.

Jessica: Well, I have no idea what Natalie dreamt about when she thought about getting married.

Ford: That's right. You two didn't grow up together, did you?

Jessica: Which is something that we were more than happy to remind each other of when we were throwing down.

Ford: Sounds like you didn't pull any punches.

Jessica: Hmm.

Ford: Do you ever wonder what it would have been like to, you know, grow up with her?

Jessica: To have a twin?

Ford: Yeah.

Jessica: Sure. But I doubt Natalie and I could have gotten away with the whole switching places to fool our parents.

Ford: Or a math test?

Jessica: But I think that we could have figured out a way to give each other the answers.

Ford: What, you mean, like, that whole psychic-twin thing?

Jessica: I used to call it "the twin feeling." It used to work for us before sometimes.

Ford: Uh, you don't have any idea if Natalie wants to see that test, do you?

Jessica: No. And I have no idea how to figure it out.

Ford: It's a lot to handle.

Jessica: [Sighs] What am I gonna tell her?

Ford: Well, listen, I will -- I will back you up no matter what, but...

[Door opens]

Ford: ...I think you need to figure out what you're gonna do --

Tina: Oh. Um, I'm sorry to interrupt, but there's, uh, there's someone at the front door.

Jessica: For me?

Tina: Well, I'm not really sure. She seems a little confused.

Jessica: Well, who is she?

Tina: Well, she's a young woman like yourself, and she says her name is Gigi Morasco.

Marcie: So, how are things with you and Natalie?

John: What do you mean?

Marcie: Well, I was just --

Michael: Marce, maybe this isn't the best time --

John: Why did I just tell you guys?

Marcie: I was just wondering if there was any hope for you and Natalie to get back together.

John: No, I don't think so.

Marcie: John, I know that you're hurting. When I lost Tommy...I mean, Sam, I was hurt, especially when Michael was pushing me to -- to do the right thing and I didn't, and it drove him away. I lost him, as well, and it... you know, it still stings, even now to think about it. And when I heard that Victor died, it took everything I had not to hop on that plane and make sure that Sam was okay, but I didn't. I didn't, because I learned to accept that he wasn't my son anymore. And because I did, Michael and I found our way back to each other again. So, is it so crazy to think that you and Natalie might actually find a way back to each other again, too?

John: Natalie and Brody are getting married.

Brody: I understand how Ford feels about Ryder. You know, when I found out Liam was mine, everything changed. I had a son. And after losing Ryder, I'll never let anything happen to him.

Natalie: You miss him? Ryder. You know, when Jessica was sick, you -- you took care of him.

Brody: He probably doesn't even remember me.

Natalie: I wouldn't be so sure.

Brody: Yeah, I miss him.

Natalie: I wonder if John misses Liam.

Brody: You wanted John to be a part of Liam's life. He had his chance to be Liam's father.

Natalie: No, I know. I know, and I'm -- I'm very happy that Liam has you.

Brody: I think I went too far when John and I got into it. I threw our wedding in his face. I told him he was only going after me because he was jealous.

Natalie: That makes sense. He practically accused you of murder.

Vimal: I can't believe this. You sent an innocent woman away for murder?

Rama: That woman is far from innocent. Okay, maybe I lied about her being a murderer, but -- but she definitely had a role to play in the crime.

Vimal: Rama.

Rama: Besides her history of extortion and -- and stealing my life savings, by the way.

Vimal: But what if she gets the death penalty? T-there will be blood on these hands.

Rama: No, my hands are clean. The murder was deemed accidental. She'll get one or two decades in prison at the most.

Vimal: Rama, this... this all sounds very -- very familiar.

Rama: Familiar how?

Vimal: Have you forgotten the months I spent at Statesville for a crime for which I was not solely responsible?

Rama: Yeah, of course, I remember. And every time I think about it, I die a little inside. And I intend to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.

Vimal: No, all is forgiven, my love, but how can you make the same mistake with Cutter's sister?

Rama: Because it's entirely different, Vimal. This is not an injustice. This is karma. Kimberly Andrews got away with far too many crimes.

Vimal: Kimberly Andrews? The real Aubrey Wentworth. I-I just can't believe that you never told me that -- that your best friend wasn't who she said she was.

Aubrey: Rex?

Rex: Yeah. Hey. Did you find the stuff?

Aubrey: Yep. Right where Nigel left it. Got to love those Brits. So, you want to take care of that?

Rex: Promise not to hurt me.

Aubrey: Well, I don't know if I can promise. First thing you need to do is forget about Cutter. I'm trying to do the same thing. Oh. Come on. It's not that bad. What happened to the badass that knocked out my partner in crime?

Rex: Well, can I make a confession? This badass is a lousy patient.

Aubrey: You're fine. You're fine. It's good. All better.

Rex: Thanks.

Aubrey: [British accent] Just don't ask me for a lolly. [Normal voice] Uh, you look like you could use a distraction. You feel like tossing around ideas for your sister's party?

Rex: Why not?

Aubrey: All right. I wrote down some. Just give me a second. They're in my purse.

Rex: [Sighs]

Jessica: Tina, what are you talking about? Gigi Morasco is dead.

Tina: Are you sure? 'Cause I think she's right outside our front door. At least that's who she said she was.

Jessica: I-I think that you misheard her.

Ford: Yeah, maybe -- maybe it's a-an old friend of hers or something.

Jessica: She's coming by to pay her respects.

Tina: No, she said that was her name.

Jessica: Tina, believe me, Gigi Morasco's dead. I went to her funeral. I've been to her grave at St. James Cemetery.

Tina: Well, that can't be right.

Jessica: Tina, believe me. Gigi Morasco is dead and buried.

Rama: Oh, Vimal. I'm really sorry I betrayed your trust...again.

Vimal: I'm in no position to look down. The secret I'm keeping is just as terrible.

Rama: You didn't break any laws, Vimal.

Vimal: I don't think John McBain will see it that way. But thank you.

Rama: For what?

Vimal: For trusting me and for not judging me for staying silent.

Rama: Vimal, it took me a long time to realize this -- maybe too long. But I know now that we're stronger together than we could ever be apart. And I will always be by your side.

Vimal: Ditto.

Rama: Okay. So, now that we've spilled our guts, what are we gonna do about it?

Vimal: We need to... tell John McBain the truth.

Marcie: John, I-I didn't realize --

Michael: Okay, sorry to hear that, brother.

Marcie: Yeah, me too. No one told us anything.

Michael: It makes sense that they'd keep the McBains out of the loop. I don't really think that we're gonna get invited to this wedding.

John: Hey, look, I'm -- I'm sorry to break this little thing up here, but, uh, I really do have some work to do before I call it a night. Hey. Heads up.

Michael: What is this for?

John: Keys. Make yourself comfortable at my place, okay?

Michael: John, we'll get a room from Roxy.

John: Okay, so you can hang out there until, uh, until it's ready, all right? A bottle of Jack says it's gonna take a while. I'll see you when I'm done here.

Michael: [Clears throat]

John: Okay?

Michael: Yeah.

John: Yeah.

Michael: Hey, and it...really is really good to see you.

John: You too, bro.

Marcie: I'm sorry about putting my foot in my mouth.

Michael: Just --

Marcie: I did-- I never would have said anything if I knew that Natalie was engaged.

Michael: I know. I know.

[Door closes]

John: [Scoffs] My dumb brother.

Brody: Let's not talk about John anymore -- or Jess, for that matter.

Natalie: Sounds like a plan.

Brody: There are other things we should be discussing instead anyway.

Natalie: Like what?

Brody: Like a certain special day coming up. Try not to look too thrilled or excited.

Natalie: No, no, no, no. No, I'm very excited about getting married. Big wedding, on the other hand...

Brody: Given our history?

Natalie: You could say that, yeah. But we're in this together, huh?

Brody: Absolutely.

Natalie: Good. Then you can help me pick out ice sculptures.

Aubrey: All right. Tequila floats might sound kind of trashy, but believe me, weddings make people pretty tense, and not just the bride, but the guests, too, so I figure we get them pretty liquored up right at the beginning, they'll be good to go the rest of the night. Besides, how else are we gonna get Renee to play strip Twister?

Rex: Right. Wait, what?

Aubrey: [Chuckles] You were not even listening.

Rex: I'm sorry. This is harder than I thought, getting Brody and Natalie their dream wedding.

Aubrey: It's okay to be envious.

Rex: Envious?

Aubrey: Yeah, of your sister and Brody. You wanted to give Gigi that kind of wedding. It's totally normal what you're feeling. I mean, when I used to see Viki with Jessica or Natalie, I mean, it would just be, like, you know, mother and daughter, but it just reminded me of what I... sorry. It's not like you want to hear my sob story.

Rex: No. Mine's probably getting old, too. What is -- what is wrong with me? I-I-I should be happy for Brody and Natalie, my sister.

Aubrey: You are.

Rex: [Sighs]

Aubrey: You just miss the woman you love.

Tina: Jessica, I know I was out of town when this woman died, but I swear to you, the woman at the front door says her name is Gigi Morasco.

Jessica: Fine. Okay. Can you give me a second to deal with this?

Ford: Yeah. Yeah, no problem.

Jessica: I'll be right back. [Sighs] Tina!

[Footsteps approaching]

Jessica: There's no one here.

Tina: What? Huh. But she was here just a minute ago.

Jessica: Well, whoever she was, she's gone now.

Rama: Vimal, are you sure this is the best idea?

Vimal: If we want to begin our new lives together completely unburdened, we have to confess what we know to the police.

Rama: No, no, no. I'm not sure this is entirely true. Listen, let's talk about this.

Vimal: Hello? Lieutenant McBain? Detective! It's Vimal Patel!

Rama: Vimal, it looks like he's not here. Oh, well.

Vimal: Wait, wait! Let me find some paper. I can leave him a note.

Rama: Like that worked out so well for you last time.

Vimal: I know, but... Perhaps you're right. It just seems like the right thing to do, clearing our consciences, starting fresh.

Rama: Vimal, we are starting fresh. We opened up to each other. That's a big step for us.

Vimal: It was, wasn't it?

Rama: And we can't continue to make big steps like that from behind bars, which is why I think this is fate telling us to just hold our tongues. Maybe we just need to sleep over this before we make any rash decisions.

Vimal: I believe you're right, my petal. [Sighs] It was kismet that John wasn't here.

Natalie: Is that a goose?

Brody: Uh, I think that's a swan.

Natalie: Oh. Right. Gaudy much, Tina?

Brody: I don't know. I-I kind of like it.

Natalie: Oh, good, then you can look through the rest of these.

Brody: Okay, thank you.

[Both laugh]

Natalie: This is really happening, isn't it?

Brody: Yeah, it is.

Natalie: You and me -- husband and wife.

Brody: Ready or not.

Jessica: I'm sorry. No idea what got into my Aunt Tina.

Ford: Yeah, well, you seemed pretty happy to change the subject.

Jessica: I did, didn't I?

Ford: Jessica, that paternity test, it's not gonna go away.

Jessica: I know, I know. And right now, I have no idea what I'm gonna do about it.

Tina: If Natalie doesn't call me, then I'm just gonna have to call her.

[Doorbell rings]

Tina: [Sighs] My gosh. It's like prom night at The Minute Man around here. [Sighs] Yes?

Cutter: Hi. Um, I'm -- I'm sorry it's so late.

Tina: Well, yeah, it is kind of late.

Cutter: I-I was hoping you could help me.

Tina: Ooh. Y-you -- you look like you need to go to the hospital.

Cutter: Oh, this? No. No, I'm fine. Really. Do -- do you live here?

Tina: Well, for now. Why?

Cutter: I'm looking for someone.

Tina: Really? Who?

Rex: Do you mind if we call it a night?

Aubrey: No. No, not at all. Are you sure you're all right?

Rex: Yeah, I'm -- I'm okay. Just a few scratches.

Aubrey: Not what I meant.

Rex: I'm fine. It's just all the stuff with Cutter and wedding plans, it reminds me of how much I miss Gigi. I'm gonna go to her grave.

Stacy: [Sighs]

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