OLTL Transcript Thursday 10/13/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/13/11


Episode # 11043

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Jack: I'm just gonna go.

Shane: No, you're not going anywhere! Not until you confess.

Jack: There's nothing to confess!

Shane: I want to hear all of it. Tell me! And tell my mom.

Jack: Your mom?

Shane: From the beginning! About how you and Brad tried to lure me into that basement, about how my mom went instead, and how she died because of it.

Jack: That wasn't my fault!

Shane: Tell me what you did! Or die...just like my mom.

Cutter: Let me ask you something, sis. How can you be so sure that that's Stacy?

Kim: What?

Cutter: How do you know that that isn't really Gigi Morasco?

Kim: Have you been listening to me?!

Cutter: Yes. I've heard every word, all right? You told me that your friend turned herself into Gigi so she could win over Rex and take her place. All right, how do you know that didn't already happen? How do you know that Stacy didn't already take Gigi's place?

Jessica: What am I gonna do?

[Doorbell rings]

[Drawer slams]

Natalie: Ugh. I'm calling it. You coming?

Brody: You know what? I think I'm gonna stick around.

Natalie: You've been at it all day. Come home, sleep on it, and we'll find Todd in the morning.

Brody: Manning's on the hook for one murder and connected to another. We got to keep the pressure on.

Natalie: And we can put the pressure back on in the morning. Meanwhile, we've got a babysitter at home who's on the clock who would also like to go home.

Brody: Manning's gonna slip up. And if he doesn't, whoever's hiding him will.

Blair: Come on, Téa! Open up! Aaah! God! [Breathing heavily] Did anybody never teach you to sneak up on people in the woods?! God, didn't you see "Evil Dead II"?

Téa: What?! That is not the secret knock!

Blair: I don't know the secret knock! I forgot it!

Téa: Move. Yeah, I can see how that'd be very confusing. It's a very confusing knock.

Blair: You know, I didn't come up here to be reacquainted with the stupid secret knock. Okay. I --

[Wood thudding]

Blair: Where is he? Téa...what happened to Todd?

Téa: [Sighs]

Jack: You're crazy, Wheezy. Stealing someone's gun and threatening me with it? You're gonna go to jail!

Shane: So are you -- if you're lucky and I don't shoot you. And the only way that happens is if you confess, so start talking now!

Jack: No way. I'm not telling you anything, 'cause I didn't do anything! You're not gonna do anything either. You're not gonna shoot me. I bet that gun isn't even loaded. You don't have the guts.

Rama: Hello, honey.

Vimal: Uh, two Delhi bellies, please -- one for me and one for my lovely lotus flower.

Rama: [Chuckles]

Aubrey: Coming right up.

Rama: Aubrey, what's wrong? You look upset.

Aubrey: Cutter and I broke up.

Kim: I don't know why I even bother with you.

Cutter: Would you just hear me out?

Kim: No! 'Cause it's crazy talk! This is Stacy!

Cutter: How do you know, if she's in a coma?

Kim: You don't know what happened. You weren't there!

Cutter: Oh, and you were?

Kim: Yeah, I was. So believe whatever you want to believe, Cutter. This is my girl.

Cutter: Okay. All right. If this is really Stacy, how'd she end up in a hospital bed?

Rama: You and Cutter broke up? Well, good for you. It's about time.

Vimal: Rama, I don't think Aubrey thinks this is as joyous an occasion as you do.

Rama: Oh, you're right. I'm sorry, Aubrey. I'm just trying to make you look on the bright side. Tell me. What happened?

Aubrey: It's complicated.

Rama: I see. Vimal, darling?

Vimal: Oh, yeah. Yeah. By all means, you -- you tend to your broken-hearted friend, my -- my succulent samosa. I'll just -- I'll just wait here until your return.

Rama: Okay. You're my king amongst princes. Come on.

Brody: You leave and let me do my job.

Vimal: Not until you look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Did you kill Victor Lord?

Shaun: Hey, vim. Something wrong?

Natalie: You're really dedicated to cracking this case.

Brody: That's my job. Yours, too.

Natalie: Yes, and a job of many other people whose shifts are starting right now. Brody, when we catch my uncle, which we will, that doesn't mean that this case is a slam dunk.

Brody: Come on, Natalie. Eight years -- that's how much time Irene and Victor stole from Todd. In that time, his daughter grew up, she had a baby, she graduated high school.

Natalie: Yes, and his son turned how to be a sociopath.

Brody: Yeah, all the more reason Todd needed to be here to be a father to his kids. If someone had taken all that away from me...

Natalie: You'd kill them, too?

Jessica: John.

John: Hey, Jess. I'm sorry to bother you.

Jessica: No bother. Come on in.

John: Yeah?

Jessica: Come in.

John: Thanks. Didn't wake anybody, did I?

Jessica: I don't think so.

John: I just work so late, I lose track of the time. You okay?

Jessica: Oh. [Chuckles] Yeah, well, you should see the other guy.

John: Hmm.

Jessica: What can I do for you?

John: Thought you might have some information for me.

Brody: All I'm saying is, after what Victor did to Todd, Todd killing his brother isn't a stretch. And it's not like we don't have any evidence against the guy. I-I -- come on. You ID'd Todd's blood at Irene's murder scene. Doesn't that change your opinion?

Natalie: It's just something to consider.

Brody: And Jack pretty much witnessed Victor's murder.

[Gun shot]

Shane: Unfortunately for you, it is loaded. Now quit whining and start talking.

Jack: I can't.

Shane: Say the words, Jack! I missed on purpose that time. Next time, I won't!

Jack: Okay! I-I --

Rex: Whoa, Shane! Don't!

Rama: Okay. Tell me everything. What did that scum Cutter Wentworth do to you?

Aubrey: He lied to me. I know. Big surprise, right? I got what I deserved.

Rama: No, never say that, Aubrey. You're a decent person... who has lost her way from time to time.

Aubrey: I'm a recovering con artist.

Rama: So what? You still deserve better than that faithless Cutter. You should be glad you're free from him and all his lies. What was it this time? Another woman? He was cheating on you, wasn't he?

Aubrey: No, no. It was nothing like that. We...found a gun.

Rama: A gun?!

Aubrey: Shhh!

Rama: What gun? What -- where did you find a gun?!

Aubrey: It was hidden inside a porcupine that Cutter got from the flea market.

Rama: What?

Aubrey: We have reason to believe that it has something to do with Victor Lord Jr.'s murder.

Rama: Vimal's boss?

Aubrey: Cutter promised me that he would turn in the gun, but instead, he tried to use it in some blackmail scheme. He's the same grifter he's always been. He's never gonna change, and I'm done.

Cutter: When's the last time you talked to ol' Stacy?

Kim: I talk to her every day.

Cutter: When she could talk back to you.

Kim: Last spring at the Pony. She showed up with Gigi's face and told me her whole whacked-out plan to replace her and try and win back that doof, Rex.

Cutter: And you thought this was a good idea?

Kim: No. Of course not. I told you. I begged her to drop the whole plan and go back to that surgeon. He does amazing work, by the way. I should know. I just wanted her to go back to him so he could turn her back into the beautiful Stacy I knew and loved, but Stacy being Stacy, she didn't listen. She took off for Llanview.

Cutter: And you just let her go.

Kim: No, I went after her. By the time I got there... it was too late.

Shaun: Hey, Vim. What's up?

Vimal: Huh?

Shaun: Really burns me, too, way they did the boss.

Vimal: Yeah. Yeah. Senseless tragedy.

Shaun: It just wasn't right. I know Victor was a hard guy, but if you took the time to get to know him, look past the headlines, there was a person there.

Vimal: Yeah. He was really kind to me when we first met. He...held me and let me cry on his shoulder until -- oh. No. We were really drunk.

Shaun: Oh. Well, he deserved better than what he got, and from his own brother. At least the cops got their man, and Victor will get justice.

Vimal: Yeah. Yeah, maybe.

Shaun: Maybe? Maybe what?

Brody: You still think Jack is lying?

Natalie: He has a reason to want Todd behind bars, so we have to consider that when weighing his statement.

Brody: I know that.

Natalie: All right? If we want these charges against Todd to stick, then we're going to have to examine every piece of evidence. We're gonna have to rule out every other suspect. So, who else would want him gone?

Vimal: Victor Lord Jr. was murdered.

Brody: We heard. And I'm busy with the investigation, so --

Vimal: Who else knew the truth about Liam?

Brody: You want a megaphone?

Vimal: Dr. Saybrooke, me, and Mr. Lord. Dr. Saybrooke can never come back to Llanview. Me, I swore to keep your secret safe. So we're no threat, but Mr. Lord was.

Brody: You need to leave and let me do my job.

Vimal: Not until you look me in the eye and tell me the truth. Did you kill Victor Lord?

Natalie: What is it? Do you have another suspect in mind?

Jessica: Information? What kind of information do you think I have?

John: Well, I-I just -- I wanted to say I know things are difficult right now and you're under a lot of pressure.

Jessica: Pressure?

John: Yeah, I mean, Todd's your uncle, right?

Jessica: What?

John: Well, I know you two are close, and, um, since he broke out of jail, I thought maybe he might have come to you for help. Have you seen him?

Jessica: No. Sorry. Um, I-I haven't seen him.

John: Okay. You know, he's not doing himself any favors by staying on the run.

Jessica: No, of course not. And, um, I will encourage him to turn himself in if I see him, which I haven't. Um, and... what?

John: I just get the feeling you're holding back. There something you want to tell me?

Blair: What happened? Did -- did Todd take a turn for the worse?

Téa: No, I got him into bed.

Blair: Excuse me?

Téa: I made him go to bed. His fever broke, so all he needs to do now is rest.

Blair: [Sighs]

Téa: What are you doing back here?

Blair: I'm here to give you an update. Jack admitted to Starr that he lied to the cops about Todd.

Téa: Jack admitted that -- that Todd wasn't there the night Victor was murdered? That's great! Now Nora has to throw out his statement and -- and drop the charges against Todd!

Blair: Whoa, there. Slow it down here. When Starr wanted to Jack to go forward and recant his statement, of course, Jack refused.

Téa: You're kidding.

Blair: No, I wish that I was. In fact, he even challenged Starr to prove that he did it. I don't know why, but my son is hell-bent on seeing his father fried for something that he didn't do. So, once again, whatever happens to Todd is in Jack's hands.

Jack: What are you waiting for?! Do something! He's gonna kill me!

Bo: No. No, he's not. Put the gun down, Shane.

Shane: [Voice breaking] Jack killed my mom.

Rex: Shane, we know.

Shane: And now he's gonna admit it. He was about to when you guys showed up. Weren't you, Jack?!

Jack: Please!

Rex: Shane, look at me!

Shane: He's going down, Dad, one way or another. He's going down!

Rex: Sh-- look at me!! This is not the way to do this.

Shane: How else is he gonna pay for what he did?

Rex: Any other way, okay? But not this way. Not a-a-a way that puts somebody else in the ground.

Shane: But you always said that --

Rex: I made mistakes, okay? I'm so-- I-I-I-I've been focused on revenge and anger, and I've done something I swore I'd never do. I've lost sight of you, okay? And I am sorry.

Shane: [Voice breaking] I have to do this, Dad -- for Mom.

Rex: Do you think this is what your mom would want? Because she wouldn't. She would want us alive and well and together, but we won't be if you do this. Okay? And then I will die, Shane. I will die without you. Now, please, put down the gun. Please.

Shaun: What do you mean, "maybe"? The cops arrested Victor's brother and charged him with the crime. Do you have reason to think someone else did the deed?

Vimal: No.

Shaun: Vimal, if you know something --

Vimal: No, I don't. Not really. It's just...I-I met this man.

Shaun: Scarface?

Vimal: Yeah. I ran into him at the sun before he revealed himself to the world. He was angling to get into Mr. Lord's office.

Shaun: Did you get a read on the guy?

Vimal: That's the thing. I did think that he was a little shifty, but...I didn't get "killer" from him.

Shaun: Well, he hadn't killed anybody yet. I wouldn't worry about it. Jack practically witnessed the whole thing. And all the cops need to do is find the 9mm that Todd Manning used on his brother. Then it's case closed.

Rama: So this gun belonged to Rex Balsom and he used it to kill Vimal's boss?

Aubrey: That's Cutter's theory. He wanted to use it to blackmail Rex.

Rama: Typical. Just like that venal sister of his who stole all my money and then took off, never to be seen again. Bitch.

Aubrey: Actually... I've seen her.

Cutter: So, you went after Stacy?

Kim: I had to! The girl was loco. The second I touched down in Llanview, I made a beeline to Gigi and Rex's house -- you know, the one on old lady Lord's property. I figured that's where Stacy would go. But when I got there, it was empty, except I found this message on a computer screen with an address.

Cutter: The house that Gigi ended up in?

Kim: It was the only clue that Stacy had, so I figured she'd be there. Then I saw that the door was open to the basement. I saw Stacy at the bottom of the stairs. She was passed out.

Cutter: But how do you know it was Stacy if you couldn't even talk to her?

Kim: Because she was wearing the same clothes she was wearing when she left Kentucky. Satisfied, Sherlock? I figured she was overcome with the gases and passed out.

Cutter: All right. What about Gigi? Where was she?

Kim: There was another room down there. So I opened the door, and... there was Gigi sprawled out on the floor...dead.

Natalie: Brody? Can you think of someone else who wanted Victor dead? Rex? Hey, what's going on?

Brody: Shane, are you okay?

Jack: Shane tried to shoot me. I want him in jail.

Shane: Shouldn't your first request be for a diaper, Wizzy?

Bo: Ah, ah, ah. That's enough. I want you to get this to, uh, ballistics ASAP. Have them compare it to the data from the Victor Lord murder.

Natalie: Do you think this could be the murder weapon?

Bo: Get me the comparison.

John: Come on, Jess. Is there something you want to tell me?

Ryder: [Cries]

Jessica: Uh, that's Ryder. Um, excuse me for one second.

Bo: Shane was holding a gun on Jack.

Brody: Anybody get hurt?

Bo: Nothing but, uh, Jack's pride. Do me a favor, will you? Get him down to the locker room and clean him up. Don't want one of his parents all of a sudden suing the city because, uh, their kid got traumatized.

Brody: Do you want me to get a hold of Blair?

Bo: No. Leave that to me.

Blair: Ugh. Every day, I think the situation can't get any worse, but you know what? It does.

Téa: Blair, I think Jack might need some professional help.

Blair: I know he's -- he does, Téa. He does.

Téa: And some serious face time with Todd. I know it won't be easy, but he needs to come to terms with the fact that that man upstairs is his father.

Blair: Well, how's that gonna happen with Todd hiding out, trying to escape a murder charge?

Téa: Leave it to me.

Blair: Wait a minute. You -- you have a plan here or something?

Téa: Well, if Jack won't admit that he was lying, then we only have one viable option left, and that's to find the real killer.

Blair: If the cops can't come up with a viable suspect, what makes you think you can?

Téa: The police have a viable suspect. They just refuse to admit it.

Blair: Who?

Téa: Rex Balsom.

Bo: I think it's time that we had a serious talk.

Rex: Bo, I'm sorry. There won't be any talking. Not without my attorney present.

Bo: If that's the way you want it, Balsom --

Shane: No.

Rex: Shane, it's fine, okay?

Shane: No. No. No! I don't want a lawyer, and I don't want to keep quiet anymore. I want to confess. I'm just a piece of dirt stuck here in a rut.

Rama: You've seen Cutter's sister?

Aubrey: Ow, you are crushing my hand!

Rama: I need details! Where did you see her and when did you lay eyes on that vulture-faced whore?

Aubrey: A few days ago at my motel.

Rama: That must have been so weird coming face-to-face with the real Aubrey Wentworth.

Aubrey: She goes by the name Kim Andrews now. She came to Llanview looking for Cutter, and here's the thing -- it wasn't her first trip here either.

Rama: What do you mean? All this time, she's been under my nose and I had no idea?

Aubrey: And get this. She used to be married to my ex-father-in-law, Clint Buchanan!

Rama: Shut up. Why would Clint marry that ball of ugly?

Aubrey: She's not that ugly anymore. She had the surgery, and she must have had a lot of it, 'cause the girl is hot.

Rama: My money paid for that hot, the money she stole from me! Where is she? I can't wait to get my hands on her. By the time I'm done with that girl, that "Kim Andrews," she'll have to go back under the knife again just to look like a human being.

Aubrey: Well, I don't know what happened to her, but I wouldn't be surprised if she teamed up with Cutter again.

Cutter: So, you go down into this basement, and you find two Gigis, one who you think is Stacy passed out, one who you think is Gigi practically dead?

Kim: Right.

Cutter: So then what?

Kim: So then I grabbed Stacy and got the hell out of there before the fumes got to me, too.

Cutter: So you just left Gigi there to rot?

Kim: Do I look like I can carry two people up a flight of steps by myself? I got the living out first, okay? And then as soon as I threw Stacy in my car, I was gonna go back for Gigi, and that's when Rex sped up.

Cutter: But Rex never mentioned seeing you.

Kim: That's because he didn't. He ran straight into the house, and as soon as the door closed behind him, I took off. Don't look at me like that! What if the cops showed up? They would have had all these kinds of questions that I wouldn't be able to answer. And Stacy couldn't. So I got my girl to the hospital in Cherryvale and then moved her to Kentucky when it was safe. She's been like this ever since. So there. As you can see, this is 100% Stacy. Believe me now?

Shane: Keeping quiet is what caused all of our problems, Dad. You were right before. Mom wouldn't have wanted this. And the only way to fix it is by telling the truth.

Rex: Shane, if you can just wait --

Shane: Dad, please! [Voice breaking] I can't keep this secret any longer. It's killing me.

Bo: We'll make this as easy on him as we can, Balsom.

Rex: You do what you have to do.

Bo: Why don't you tell me about the gun?

Shane: It's the same one I had the night of Jack's dad's murder.

Bo: So you've used this gun before?

Shane: I knew he kept it in the safe. So I-I took it, and I swiped a car, and I went over to Jack's house.

Bo: Why did you take the gun?

Shane: I wanted to make Jack and his dad pay for what they did.

Jack: Damn it!

Shane: When I got to the house, Jack was about to go in. And before I knew it, I hit him over the head with the gun. One second he was standing there, and... the next, he was on the ground.

Bo: Whoa, hold on. Hold on. You were the one that hit Jack?

Shane: Yeah.

Bo: All right. What happened -- what happened next?

Shane: I was standing above Jack with the gun. It was like I wasn't even there a-and I was just watching. Like it was happening to someone else, not me. A-and then all of a sudden, I was, a-and I was there, and I-I couldn't do it. I wanted to make things right for Mom. I wanted to take Jack away like he did to her, but... I couldn't.

Rex: You did the right thing, Shane. Your mom would be proud.

Bo: What happened then, Shane?

Shaun: I never had an employer hire or fire me so many times. I even worked for Dorian Lord.

Vimal: Wait, did you say that a 9mm handgun was used to shoot Victor Lord?

Shaun: Yeah. That's what the paper said. Why?

Vimal: Oh, my God. It's true.

Brody: Be quiet.

Vimal: You shot Victor Lord.

Brody: Keep your voice down.

Vimal: Are you gonna kill me, too? You were a Navy Seal. You can make me disappear. I won't let you.

Brody: Vimal, shut up!

Vimal: Isn't a 9mm standard issue for officers of the LPD?

Shaun: Yeah. They all carry -- wait a minute. What are you saying? That a cop killed Victor Lord?

Brody: Can I get you anything? Water? Soda?

Jack: I just want to go home.

Brody: Soon. As soon as the commissioner says it's okay.

Jack: I'm gonna have your badges, you know that?

Brody: Excuse me?

Jack: If you let Shane get away with what he did to me --

Brody: The way you got away with killing Gigi?

Jack: You're not getting justice for me or my dad. It's like he always said, you guys are all the same. You're all corrupt.

Jessica: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to run out in the middle of our conversation. It's just he has been so fussy, and he hasn't really been sleeping very well lately.

John: Hey. There he is.

Jessica: Yeah.

John: Yeah, I kind of remember that with Liam. You know, he was very particular about sleeping, you know -- when he went to bed, who put him to bed. Isn't that right, little man?

Jessica: Here, did you want to take a whirl?

John: Oh, no. Not me.

Ryder: [Screams]

Jessica: Well, you couldn't be doing any worse than what I'm doing right now.

John: You don't know -- you don't know that.

Jessica: Shhh. There you go.

John: All right. There you go, buddy. It's okay. Go ahead and disturb the police. We won't call them.

Jessica: [Chuckles]

John: We won't call no cops. No problems.

Jessica: [Laughs] See, look? You're great with him.

John: No, I think I'm boring him.

Jessica: [Chuckling] No, no, not at all. [Sighs] Well, um, did you hear the good news, that Natalie and Brody are engaged?

John: Yeah, so I heard. How are you with that?

Jessica: Oh, I don't know. You?

John: If they're happy, I'm happy.

Jessica: Do you really mean that?

John: No.

Jessica: I'm really sorry about how everything worked out for you.

John: Didn't turn out too great for you, either.

Jessica: Guess not.

John: You know, everything turned out okay for you in the end, right? I mean, look, you got this little guy out of it. That's pretty good. It's got to make you feel good.

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, he sure does.

John: Well, look, I think my work here is done.

Jessica: It certainly is.

John: He's -- he's had it with me.

Jessica: Thank you. Thank you. Hi. You're okay.

John: And, um, you know, thank you for, um, for telling me -- telling me what you knew.

Jessica: I didn't know anything.

John: I know. But you would have told me if you did. Good night.

Jessica: [Sighs]

Bo: Shane, what happened after you hit Jack? Now, did you go inside? Did you, uh, did you see Victor Lord? You said that you couldn't shoot Jack, but could you have shot Victor? Did you?

Blair: You really think Rex killed Victor?

Téa: I think he's a viable suspect, and I let the commissioner know as much.

Blair: Oh, well, that must have been special. We all know how much Bo loves it when people tell him how to do his job. What'd he say?

Téa: He was his usual evasive self. But I lit a fire under him, and I'm going to fan the flames until he follows up.

Blair: Well, I hope you know that Bo thinks of Rex as a son. You know that, right?

Téa: And I intend to draw attention to that relationship should the commissioner fail to adequately investigate.

Blair: Hmm. Well, you know what? It makes sense. Rex would have access to weapons over at Asa's, and you remember how he looked at us when we went over there to pay our respects to -- for Gigi.

Téa: I certainly do.

Blair: Oh, gosh. So, Jack is responsible for Gigi's death. Victor wants to cover it up. So Rex would have a motive. Yeah, it would make sense that Rex would -- would kill Victor.

Téa: Are you saying my husband got what he deserved?

Blair: No, I'm just -- I'm agreeing with you on this. Rex lost the woman that he loved. I mean, if that doesn't make you crazy with hate, I don't know what does.

Kim: Are we clear now? Are we agreed that this is Stacy?

Cutter: Fine. We're agreed.

Kim: Thank you!

Cutter: As long as you agree to give me those documents. You know, the ones that are gonna get me back Clint Buchanan's fortune.

Kim: I told you. I'm not doing that. I'm gonna make sure Clint gets back everything that's rightfully his.

Cutter: All right. Fine. As long as you don't mind your friend Stacy going down for murder.

Kim: What are you talking about? Stacy had nothing to do with what happened with Gigi.

Cutter: Really? How do you know? You weren't there. Oh, but you did know that Stacy was planning on taking over Gigi's life.

Kim: It doesn't prove she killed anybody.

Cutter: What did you think Stacy was gonna do to Gigi after she took over her life?

Kim: You don't know her.

Cutter: Whether Stacy's responsible for Gigi's carbon-monoxide poisoning or not, we know that she wanted her sister dead. So she's gonna go down for murder. And lucky you, you'll be an accessory!

Kim: You pig. You'd send your own sister to jail?

Cutter: I'm just trying to help you, sis.

Kim: Yeah, you're a real lifesaver.

Cutter: Look, all you got to do is work with me, and nobody will know what you and Stacy did. So, what's it gonna be?

Kim: Okay. Okay, I'll give it to you... on one condition.

Rama: I thought Cutter and his sister hadn't seen each other in ages. Now they're partners?

Aubrey: I don't know. I'm really just guessing. But they've conspired together before. And now that I'm out of the picture and Cutter's back to his old ways, he's gonna need a new partner in crime.

Rama: And no-longer-hideous Kim is probably it.

Aubrey: Well, if you have a bone to pick with her, you're gonna have to ask Cutter where she is, assuming he'd give up his sister.

Rama: I'm not going anywhere, Cutter, not if you want me to keep your dirty little secret. [Scoffs] Don't worry. I have ways of making him talk.

Bo: Shane, you can tell me. Now, did you shoot Victor?

Shane: No.

Bo: All right. What happened after you, uh, knocked Jack out?

Shane: I got really worried. He wasn't waking up. I dragged him to the car, drove him to the hospital, and just left him out front. He killed my mom, and... I saved his life.

Rex: And I couldn't be prouder.

Bo: What happened when you left the hospital?

Shane: I went straight home, put the gun in the safe, and then went to bed.

Rex: [Sighs] Look, Bo, it's late. We've had a long day. You mind if I just took Shane home now?

Bo: Well, I'm sorry, Balsom. Not yet. No, not -- Echo told you that that gun had already been fired.

Rex: Yeah, I know, but --

Bo: Shane, are you sure that you did not fire that weapon?

Brody: How'd the tests go?

Natalie: I just got the results back on the ballistics.

Brody: Mm-hmm. So? Is it the murder weapon?

Rama: Aubrey, I'm sorry Cutter hurt you again. But I promise you this -- I will get him and that rodent-faced sister of his back in spades.

Aubrey: What did you have in mind?

Rama: Oh, you'll find out.

Cutter: Half?

Kim: You heard me.

Cutter: You're in no position to demand anything.

Kim: The way I see it, Stacy and I go to jail, you get nothing, Clint gets his money back, and...

Cutter: And what? You get to live at his house under house arrest?

Kim: I need the money to take care of Stacy! It's not like I can trust you to do it, right? So that's the deal. Take it or leave it.

Cutter: Fine. Agreed.

Kim: Just one more thing.

Cutter: What?!

Kim: It's not like this document gives you anything. It all goes to Clint. How are you even gonna --

Cutter: Let me handle that.

Kim: You're a real son of a bitch, you know that?

Cutter: You know what? I'm a brother of one, too. Mwah!

[Cell phone rings]

Cutter: All right. I got to take this.

Kim: Yeah, it might be your accountant.

Cutter: [Laughs sarcastically]

[Door closes]

Cutter: Hello?

Rama: It's Rama.

Cutter: To what do I owe the pleasure?

Rama: You and I need to meet. It's high time we take care of some unfinished business.

Jessica: [Sighs] I know. I know. I should have told John, but I couldn't have. I just couldn't do that to Brody.

John: What'd I miss?

Natalie: Uh, we should bring you up to speed.

Blair: Well, I am gonna head back down the hill. Are you gonna be all right up here with -- with Todd?

Téa: Yeah. Dani's staying at Destiny's tonight. If only she knew that her mother were harboring her fugitive, wounded father up in her aunt's cabin. [Sighs]

Blair: Sweetheart, this can't go on forever.

Téa: It'll go on for as long as it needs to until I find my husband's killer.

Bo: Shane, I need to know how the gun from your dad's safe ended up being fired.

Shane: I used it once before I went over to Jack's house. I had never fired that gun before, so I took a practice shot at the fence in our back yard. You believe me, don't you?

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah? Come in. What is it?

Natalie: Okay. I tested a slug from the gun and I compared it against the slug we pulled out of Victor. They're not a match, which means...this gun was not used to kill Victor Lord.

John: So I guess that rules out Shane as a suspect.

Jack: I always said it was Scarface.

Bo: Yeah, but that wasn't the truth, was it, Jack? 'Cause Shane just told me he was the one that hit you, not Todd. In other words, you lied. Right?

Jack: It doesn't mean Scarface didn't do it.

John: Doesn't mean he did it, either.

Bo: Get him out of here. Brody, take Jack home.

Shaun: I know how the boss felt about the LPD. I think you're maybe taking this a little bit too much to heart.

Vimal: You think so?

Shaun: Commissioner Buchanan is good people. And his troops are true blue. Not one of them could have iced Victor. So I'm telling you, Vimal, whoever did this didn't wear a badge.

Vimal: I hope you're right.

John: So, we don't have any real evidence against Manning for Victor's murder.

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