OLTL Transcript Tuesday 10/4/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 10/4/11


Episode # 11036

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Natalie: Ugh. Jess, I-I don't think I have the energy to go on another round tonight.

Jessica: I just want to talk.

Natalie: What could we possibly have to talk about?

Brody: Drop it!

John: Again, Delgado? All right. Tell me what happened.

Tomás: I finally killed Irene Manning. You can lower your weapon. I won't resist.

Brody: She bleed out?

John: [Sighs] Oh, yeah. She's dead.

Brody: On your knees. On your knees. Hands behind your head.

[Cell door locks]

Starr: Last time I was here, you were the one locked up, Dad. Please be okay.

James: Starr? Starr, I don't believe this. What's going on? Are you okay?

Starr: James? What are you doing here?

James: What am I doing here?

Starr: [Sighs]

Téa: Come on, Joe. I'll get you those apple-cider doughnuts you like so much. Well, do you have any idea why? Yeah, I figured. Okay, thank you anyway. I'm sorry, Blair. I played all the cards I had. I wasn't able to fast-track an arraignment for Starr.

Blair: Why not?

Téa: The mayor's gumming up the works. I think she thinks that by holding onto Starr, she'll be able to flush Todd out of hiding.

Blair: [Scoffs] What, so Starr has to stay here locked up all night?!

Téa: I will try to get her out first thing tomorrow morning. Blair --

Blair: Well, you know what? If Irene Manning wants Todd, she can have him, but she better not mess with my daughter! Damn it, it is Todd's fault here! Todd's!

Todd: [Grunting] Damn it, Viki!

John: Well, I think we need CSU and backup.

Brody: I'll call it in.

Tomás: That won't be necessary. I'm prepared to make a full confession.

John: All right. Well, why don't you start by telling us where Todd Manning is?

Todd: [Breathing heavily] Viki, don't you ever change. [Sighs] [Breathing heavily] [Sighs] Okay. [Sighs] Well, as good a place to die as any, right?

Jessica: How's your neck?

Natalie: [Chuckles] No worse than your eye.

Jessica: Nothing a little concealer won't hide.

Natalie: All right, what are you -- what do you want?

Jessica: We need to talk.

Natalie: Can't it wait?

Jessica: No. If I sleep on this, I-I might change my mind. It's now or never.

Liam: [Crying]

Jessica: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake him. I'm so sorry.

Natalie: No. No, you didn't. And he's gonna be up for a while, so you might as well come on in. Won't go to bed without his father putting him to bed.

Liam: [Crying]

[Door closes]

Tomás: Todd? Why would he be here?

Brody: Word is he was heading down here to meet up with Irene.

Tomás: Don't think she's gonna make it.

Brody: Where is he, Delgado?

Tomás: Why are you asking me?

James: I was just driving along, listening to the radio, and then suddenly, the announcer breaks and said there's been an explosion at Téa's!

Starr: No one was hurt.

James: And the cops are on the -- the cops are on the look-out for escapee Todd Manning, but they have his accomplice in custody. That's you. Starr, what the hell is going on? Please tell me that you didn't take a gun, point it at two cops, that you didn't break your dad out of jail, and now he's on the run.

Starr: And I would do it all again if I had to.

Téa: Whoops! Uh, had a little accident. We're gonna pick this right up. Butterfingers, over here. Help me pick this up!

Blair: I am not picking up a bit of it!

Téa: Oh, yes, you are, or I am not lifting a finger when Llanview's finest stick you in the cell next to Starr.

Blair: On what charges?

Téa: Oh, destroying police property? Running amuck in the police station, generally making things worse for your daughter?

Blair: Me?!

Téa: Yeah, you. Come down here!

Blair: Stop it!

Téa: [Sighs] Your daughter bested these guys, okay?

Blair: No, that was Todd's doing, Téa! Not Starr!

Téa: With any luck, I will be able to get a judge, because of extenuating circumstances, to get her off with a warning. But until that time, you are gonna behave yourself! Do you hear me?!

Blair: Stop pointing your finger at me. Are you mad at me?

Téa: Yes, I am mad.

Blair: Why?!

Téa: I am mad at anyone who makes things worse for Starr.

Blair: I have told you! That's all Todd's fault!

Téa: Todd and his charming mother.

Blair: Well, you know what? She can have him!

Téa: [Sighs] Listen, you don't have to pretend with me, okay? We're both worried that she'll hurt Todd or...do something worse to him.

John: Okay, Delgado. What do you say we try this one again? All right, I'm gonna tell you what I know, and you can tell me what you know, all right? We know that Todd was looking for Irene. They were gonna do a trade, and she was gonna give him evidence that was gonna clear him in Victor's killing, and he was gonna give her a microchip that, uh, he had in his possession.

Tomás: That's news to me.

John: So you haven't seen him?

Tomás: If Todd was here, he must have cleared out before I showed up.

John: So, let me get this straight. So, you just decided you're gonna go out for a-a walk and enjoy the night air, and you happen to stumble along Irene down here on the docks, and you decided, "What the hell? I'm gonna kill her."

Tomás: No. I was looking for Irene. Knowing how she operates, I thought I would start here.

John: Knowing how she operates, yes. Weird, wild stuff. So, where were you when she was planting the bomb at your sister's house?

Tomás: I was playing catch-up. As you can see, Irene Manning is no longer an issue.

Todd: [Breathing heavily] Okay, Manning. You can do this. Not gonna let one little bullet stop you, right? You just survived eight years of torture. If you can survive eight minutes in a room with Dorian Lord, you can do this. [Strains, groaning] Okay. Yeah, maybe I, uh...should rest here for a minute. [Sighs] I won't die here. Viki's gonna kill me for bleeding all over her country kitsch. All right. [Groans] [Groans] [Groans]

[Footsteps approach]

Todd: You?

Blair: Yeah, I'm afraid. I'm afraid that, uh, Irene's gonna finish him off before I get a crack at him.

Téa: [Sighs] I'm angry, too.

Blair: Yeah, well, you didn't let your daughter get arrested, did you? And, you know, I should have locked my kids right up in the house and never let him set eyes on them!

Téa: Okay, if it makes you feel any better, Dani is the one who convinced me to represent Todd.

Blair: Well, of course, she did, because we got our own Pied Piper here!

Téa: [Chuckles] He does have his ways.

Blair: No, he's -- it's classic Todd is what it is. Of course, I fell for it -- again. He does something, you know. He just ropes us in and gets us to feel sorry for him, and before we even have a chance to help him, he's gone off and done something stupid, like -- like this! Stu-pid! Be asking Starr to bust him out of jail when he knew -- he knew that she would go to -- to prison for it, but, you know, does he care? Absolutely not! No, he's off and running somewhere! [Groans]

Téa: I understand how you feel.

Blair: [Sighs]

Téa: He convinced me that he is innocent.

Blair: Oh, there is not an innocent bone in that man's body. And I'm not saying that he killed Victor. But he only thinks of himself.

Téa: So, why do we do it? Why do we keep --

Blair: Because of the kids! That's why we do it.

Téa: That's not true.

Blair: Okay, you know what? Now -- now you sound like your brother. I mean, he thinks I have a thing for Todd. I mean, really.

Téa: My brother likes you. Hello.

Blair: And you know what? Hello. I really like your brother. But I can't stand Todd.

Téa: I'm serious. Why do we do it? Why do we keep running to Todd's rescue?

Blair: Maybe because...if we don't, nobody else will.

James: Do you have any idea how much trouble you're in?

Starr: [Sighs] She threatened to kill my whole family.

James: Starr, who?

Starr: Irene. My grandmother. She threatened to kill everyone -- my brothers, Dani, my mom, Téa, all of us! That bomb was intended for us! [Sighs]

James: But why -- why -- w-w-why didn't your dad say any of this to the cops?

Starr: Like they would believe him! They think he's a murderer, James! They -- why would they listen to him when he says, "Hey, can you let me out, because Irene's gonna kill everyone"?

James: Then why didn't you come to me?

Starr: I didn't want to involve you.

James: Starr, I love you. If you're hurt, I'm hurt. If you're in trouble, I'm in trouble.

Starr: Well, I didn't want you to get hurt!

James: Oh, and this is much better? You're locked up, Starr!

Starr: James, a crazy woman is out there, and she's going to murder my father!

Todd: No, it's not possible. I killed you.

Irene: Yet here I am.

Todd: No. No, no. I-I've...lost a lot of blood. I'm hallucinating.

Irene: I warned you, Todd. We're in this together. I will always be there, no matter where you go or what you do.

Todd: You can't hurt me anymore.

Irene: I beg to differ.

Todd: [Screams] What did you do that for?!

Irene: It's not polite to contradict your mother.

Todd: No! You're not my mother! You are not! You're -- you're a ghost. You're...a zombie. You're -- you're a ghost of my mother, and you can go now. I-I don't need you here anymore.

Irene: Nevertheless, your brother and I are saving you a seat.

Todd: Oh. [Chuckles] Great. [Sighs] Where?

Irene: Ringside, of course.

Todd: Of course.

Irene: We'll watch to see what happens when they discover your body, relief sweeping through the community like a tidal wave. But not to worry. You will always have us. Victor and I will never abandon you. We're going to be together from now on...through eternity.

John: Sorry, man. It's just not gonna fly.

Tomás: Go ahead. Cut me, and I'll go.

John: I think we're gonna go over it again.

Tomás: [Sighs] Man, the story's not gonna change. I came to find Irene to settle up. She got the drop on me. I'd be on the ground if I didn't wrestle the gun away from her and get a shot off.

John: All right. Let me get this straight. You, trained assassin, got jumped by, um, that lady there.

Tomás: That lady was an agent also, and I did terminate her.

John: Yeah? Well, she's toast. On that, we agree. As for the rest of it, I just don't know. Hey, look, Delgado, you may think that you're protecting Manning, but you're just making it worse for him.

Tomás: I'm sorry, John. I can't help you.

John: Here we go again. Is that a "can't" or "won't"?

[Footsteps approach]

Brody: The canvass hasn't turned anything up so far.

John: All right. Uh, tell you what. Widen the perimeter and wait here for CSU.

Brody: Copy that. What about you?

John: Oh, I'm gonna escort the suspect back to lockup.

Natalie: You miss your daddy, huh, Liam?

Jessica: [Sighs] Brody's really bonded with him, huh?

Natalie: Well, he's his dad. Right, Liam?

Jessica: Yeah, but for a while, uh, John was, and the three of you lived together. I mean, do you -- do you think he remembers that, that he's ever confused?

Natalie: He's a baby. Do you remember anything from when you were months old?

Jessica: No, I don't.

Natalie: Then why would my son be confused?

Jessica: I-I know. You're right, I'm sorry. It was a stupid question. I was just wondering. I-I-I didn't mean to make you feel bad.

Natalie: Liam loves Brody. He lights up when he comes into the room. He reaches for him. It's fine.

Jessica: I'm glad.

Natalie: All right, Jess, what -- what do you want? Why are you here?

Jessica: Um...

Liam: [Cries]

Jessica: Well... there's something that I have to tell you. I'm sorry a-about what I said before about you. About the family not wanting you. It was not true, and it was cruel, and I crossed a line.

Natalie: We -- we both did. I mean, what I -- what I said to you about Mitch, that was heartless, and I'm -- Clint is your dad as much as he is mine. Blood does not make family.

Jessica: Except it does.

Natalie: Wow. You're the last person I expected to be on the side of DNA.

Jessica: I'm not saying that biology is more important than love. I'm just saying that people want to know the truth. That way, they can make their own choices. I mean, Mitch Laurence is my biological father, and, uh, I chose Dad for obvious reasons, and, um... you know, Ford, um... he wanted to be a part of Ryder's life the second that he found out that he was his son, and, uh, you, you know, your work, it's all about DNA, so I --

Natalie: Jess, what are you talking about?

Jessica: I don't know if there's -- there's anything to this, but I, um, I found this, and I...

[Cell phone rings]

Natalie: Oh. Hang on. It's the station. I got to take it. Hello? Wh -- I'm off tonight. Well, can't Jorge do it? Okay, I-I-I'll be there. [Groans] Sorry. Uh, this is gonna have to wait. I, uh... there's a body down at the docks, and they're short-handed.

Jessica: What about Liam?

Natalie: Oh, I'm calling Roxy to see if she can watch him.

Jessica: Well, I can watch him.

Natalie: Well, d-don't you have to go home to -- to Bree and Ryder?

Jessica: They're fast asleep, and Mom and -- Mom and Dad are there, not to mention Tina and Cord.

Natalie: Tina and Cord?!

Jessica: And the dog, too, supposedly.

Natalie: Okay. Well, I can understand David Vickers in our house, but Tina?

Jessica: Yeah, well, you and me both. Mom's trying to do the right thing now. Anyways, um... if you would like me to watch Liam, I would be happy to. He's my nephew, after all.

Natalie: Okay, well, I-I-I should only be gone a couple of hours.

Jessica: Whatever. It's fine.

Natalie: All right. Um, well, I guess he can stay in here. If he gets too fussy, he's probably hungry, so you can just stick him in the chair and throw some cereal on the tray, and he'll pick it up with his fingers.

Jessica: Yeah. Ryder likes that, too.

Liam: [Coos]

Natalie: Bye, sweetie. Thank you.

Liam: [Coos]

[Door closes]

Todd: I'm not going anywhere.

Irene: Says the man with one foot in the grave.

Todd: This is just a scratch.

Irene: Always in denial. What a pity. Well, I can wait. It won't be long now. A mother knows these things. And you, my son, are not going to make it.

Todd: This from a dead woman. You know, where I sit, you're 0 and 3. You're dead. Victor's dead. You never did get your hands on the microchip, the one that you tortured me to try and get for eight years. I threw it off the dock. From where I'm sitting, I win.

Irene: If this is winning... [Chuckles]

Todd: I'm gonna survive this, Irene. You said it yourself. You can't control me. I'm stronger than you.

Irene: Said the man bleeding. Who do you think is going to help you? Not me. And there's no one on the way. You are all alone. So, I'm sorry, Todd. It's over.

Téa: You know, we can blame Todd all we want, but it was Starr who took the gun. And the fact that the men she held hostage were police officers --

Blair: Todd --

John: Here we go.

Téa: Detective?

John: Hmm?

Téa: Why is my brother in handcuffs?

John: I think he likes them, 'cause he, uh, he claims he killed someone.

Téa: What?!

Blair: Who did you kill?

Téa: [Stammers] Don't -- don't say anything.

Tomás: It's too late, pajarito. I already told McBain the truth. I killed Irene Manning.

Todd: You're wrong. I'm not alone. My family is alive. They love me.

Irene: Well, then, where are they? If they love you so much, why aren't they rushing to your aid? Where's the helicopter? The ambulance? Is that a siren I hear? No. You are all alone. And why is that? Well, perhaps your near and dear are not as happy to have you back as you might think. You are a selfish man, Todd, using your oldest daughter to help you break out of jail. I wonder what's going to happen to her and to her little girl when her mother is convicted and sent away to prison.

Todd: That's not gonna happen.

Irene: Well, maybe you should have thought about that before leaving two witnesses. [Sighs] And by the time she's paroled, Starr will be lucky if her little girl even recognizes her, which means Blair is not running to your rescue anytime soon. And Téa -- you know, I wouldn't ask Téa to represent you. She'll be too busy whisking Danielle out of reach. Face it, Todd. They were more than happy to replace you when they had the chance. And they'll do it again... in a heartbeat.

Blair: Irene is dead, and you killed her? What --

Téa: Not another word from anybody. I am Tomás' attorney. I'd like, uh, a moment alone with my client.

John: Well, that's quite a caseload, Counselor. You sure you can handle all that?

Téa: Yes, I am sure, but thank you for your concern, Lieutenant.

John: Well, I am. I'm very concerned about you. Hey, Flynn, will you do me a favor? Will you begin the intake process?

Flynn: Uh, what's the charge?

John: Uh, it's gonna be murder.

Téa: [Sighs]

Blair: Tomás, murder? What happened?

Téa: Please tell me you didn't do this.

Blair: What about Todd?

Tomás: He's been shot. You need to get to him before he bleeds out.

Starr: My dad has to be okay. He just has to be.

James: He'll be fine.

Starr: She's a psycho, James! She tried to blow us all up!

James: Starr, he's not gonna take any crazy risks. He just got home. Okay, listen. Listen. He's not gonna do anything if it's gonna take him away from his family.

Starr: He's not exactly Mr. Calm and Collected.

James: Then how can I help? Starr, you want -- you want me to go look for him? I'll turn this town upside down.

Starr: [Sighs]

James: Do you want me to go spend some time with Hope? Hey, I'll play her some of that music you and Baz made.

Starr: Now I know you're desperate.

James: Just tell me what you need.

Starr: I need for you to stay safe and to not take any risks.

James: Done, what else?

Starr: Is there any way you can find out something about my dad? No one has come down here to tell me anything.

James: [Sighs] Yeah, I'll go figure it out. You gonna be okay?

Starr: I'm not going anywhere. [Chuckles]

James: Well, then I'll be right back.

[Cell door closes]

Téa: Todd's been shot?

Blair: Where is he?

Tomás: Keep it down.

Blair: How bad is he?

Tomás: He's not good, but he's strong enough.

Blair: Well, just tell me how bad it is!

Tomás: He was shot in the shoulder. He's bleeding profusely. But he left on his own power.

Blair: Where'd he go?

Tomás: I don't know. The police were arriving. There was no time to make a plan. His condition is deteriorating.

Téa: So you have no idea where he went?

Tomás: I just told him to get someplace safe and then try and stanch the bleeding.

Téa: We need to find him.

Irene: I was surprised how easily Victor insinuated himself into your family. All he had to do was claim that he was you. It didn't matter that he looked and sounded like an entirely different person. They all just fell in line. Todd is dead. Long live Todd.

Todd: That's because they missed me. They loved me so much, they wanted to believe that he was me.

Irene: Yes, well, you go on thinking that, darling. But the truth is, they wanted to start over with a newer model. The old Todd was a bit...seamy.

Todd: Look who's talking.

Irene: [Chuckles] Oh, yes, you do take after your clever mother, don't you? And we all know how you take after your father. Now you've added matricide to your repertoire. [Clicks tongue] You are a bad boy. No wonder your family is keeping its distance. And now your own son wants you dead. Well, I know how that feels. But we'll have plenty of time to catch up in, say, oh, 20 minutes.

Todd: I have a better idea.

Brody: Yeah, do that sweep and then check in.

Natalie: Look, all we know is that we've got gunshots and a body, so let's not assume anything, okay?

Brody: I thought you had the night off.

Natalie: Yeah, so did I.

Brody: Should you even be down here? How's your neck?

Natalie: It's fine. Is that --

Brody: Irene Manning.

Natalie: Oh, no one told me. Does the family know?

Brody: I don't know. I've been here. Who's watching Liam? Roxy?

Natalie: No, actually, uh, Jessica offered to watch him.

Brody: Jessica.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah. She, uh, came by to apologize.

Brody: Seriously?

Natalie: Yeah. I was as surprised as you are.

Brody: So, what did she say?

Natalie: She just said that she was sorry.

Brody: That's strange. She wasn't exactly warm when I went over to check the house for Todd.

Natalie: I don't know. I think Mom talked to her.

Brody: You think maybe this is the beginning of a thaw?

Natalie: [Chuckles] Okay, let's not get crazy. There were no tears spilled, no, uh, hugs exchanged. I mean, listen, I-I think her apology was sincere, but I don't trust her.

Brody: You left Liam with her.

Natalie: Okay, well, she's a mother -- she's not gonna do anything to our son.

Jessica: You know, this is how this all started -- with a DNA test. Your mom got pregnant and didn't know whether it was John's or Brody's, so she took a test, and Brody won. And so many people got hurt. And now there's this test. God knows where it came from or if it's really real. But if it is... you're John's son. [Sighs] Liam, what am I gonna do? Hmm?

Brody: She took one to the abdomen.

Natalie: Well, from the powder burns here, oh, it looks like it was close range. Odds are, she knew the killer. Any suspects?

Brody: Plenty. We also have a full confession from Tomás Delgado. But it's obvious John isn't feeling it.

Natalie: If John doesn't like him for this, he's got a good reason. So hopefully, we'll get enough evidence here to back him up.

Jessica: Okay, come on, Jessica. You're a journalist. Look at the facts. There's this test. Let's say it's a fake, okay, like the one that said that Brody was Ryder's father. Who would want to fabricate this test? Who would want to fabricate a test that says that John was your father? I mean, why would it be in Tina's dog bag? Let's say that it's real... and John's your father. Then that's it for Brody and Natalie, huh? I mean, no wedding, no family. He'll lose her. He's gonna lose you, too. Things will be different for your mom, though, you know. She'll go running back to John, and he'll take her. I mean, we know that he'll take her. [Sighs] And she'll have everything she ever wanted. I'll still have nothing. That's not your problem, is it? No. You just want your mom and your dad, no matter who it is. But if I keep this secret, I'm no better than Grandpa Clint.

Natalie: Hey, Brody.

Brody: Yeah.

Natalie: You said that there was only one slug in Irene's gut, right?

Brody: According to the M.E.

Natalie: Okay, well, I found two shell casings. One bullet's in Irene. I can't find the second one.

Brody: So, where's bullet number two?

Natalie: I don't know. Was Tomás shot?

Brody: No.

Natalie: Because the blood that's right here, the way it's positioned -- how could that be Irene's?

Irene: Where do you think you're going?

Todd: I need to...make a call, just a quick phone call.

Irene: Nobody's going to take a call from you. Give it up, Todd. Let it go. Come to Mother.

Todd: Never.

Irene: You know you want to. It's a lovely feeling. I haven't felt this relaxed in years. You can feel it, can't you? The life draining out of you.

Todd: [Breathes shakily] No. No. You shut up. Just shut up! Irene: Is that any way to talk to your mother? After all, I am the only one who understands you, who accepts you, warts and all. [Chuckles] Look at you, crawling across the floor. You don't deserve to live, Todd. You are sick, and there is no cure for what ails you.

Todd: No. You're -- you're wrong. [Breathing heavily] There is. She's just on the other end of that phone.

Blair: Why are you looking at me?

Téa: You got to go find Todd.

Blair: No, no, no, no. I'm out of the Todd Manning rescuing business, okay? He got himself into this mess, he can get himself out of it.

Tomás: And if he can't?

Blair: Well, then maybe you should have told John this, and then John could go look for him, all right? Téa.

Téa: It will be better for Starr if we can brief Todd before the cops get to him, because then he can take responsibility for the breakout.

Blair: That is a lot of legal mumbo jumbo. I'm not good at it. Why don't you go look for him?

Téa: Because I have to be here for when John questions Tomás and for Starr's arraignment.

Blair: Well, I don't even know where he is! He could be anywhere! And if John's already looking for him, who's to say I'm gonna get there before he does? Come on.

Téa: You know him better than anyone, Blair. This is not the time to back down. This is the time to step up. Like you said...you need to be the hero here.

Todd: [Sighs]

Irene: You'll never make it. And even if you do, those people don't understand you.

Todd: They love me.

Irene: They just love your money. Oh. Should I say my money? That was the coup de grace, hearing Victor's will. You should have seen their faces. I thought Tina was going to have a stroke. If only. You know, I bet we could drive her mad, don't you think? You, me, and Victor, three voices from beyond the grave, because that's where you're headed, too. Forget the phone. Give me your hand, and all your troubles will be forgotten. Give me your hand.

Todd: [Breathing heavily] [Laughs weakly] [Chuckling] You...go to hell.

Irene: I'll see you there.

Todd: [Breathing heavily]

[Telephone beeps]

[Dial tone]

[Telephone beeps]

Todd: I don't know the number.

Jessica: Liam, there is no answer here. No matter what I do, somebody's gonna get hurt. [Sighs] Why couldn't your mother have just left Brody alone? Then I would be with Brody, and she would be with John, and everything would be how it was supposed to be.

John: You got anything?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I've got two shell casings and, uh, one slug in Irene. Then there's this blood over here. I need confirmation from the lab, but I have a feeling it's the shooter's.

John: I'll bet that blood is Todd Manning's.

James: Hey. It's -- it's not bad news. It's just...no news -- not yet.

Starr: [Breathing heavily] Something bad has happened, James. I know it. I can feel it.

James: Starr, no news is good news, right?

Starr: [Sighs]

James: Listen, it just -- it just sucks right now, because you're stuck in here and -- and you can't do anything. But that doesn't mean your dad's not fine.

Starr: Something bad has happened.

James: You're right, Starr. Something bad has happened. Your grandma tried to blow you up, and you've been arrested. And that's plenty, okay? I need you to start focusing on the positive.

Starr: [Scoffs] Like what?

James: Like... [Sighs] Like you're smart, and -- and I'm not locked up, so between the two of us, there's got to be something we can do.

Starr: You want to help me? I need to clear my dad's name.

Téa: John just went back to the scene. I'm sure when he gets back, he'll want to question you, so we need to prepare.

Tomás: Later. It's been a hell of a day. Starting with the reading of the will, then the bombing, Starr getting arrested, now me? Todd's on the run. It'll be a while.

Téa: Yeah, that's why it can't wait. You're already looking at one count, and you could be linked to Todd's shooting, okay, so... how did Todd get shot, by the way?

Tomás: Irene shot him.

Téa: And then you shot Irene?

Tomás: Yeah.

Téa: That doesn't make any sense. T-Todd is not stupid. Why would he run? I mean, he knew I could make a-a deal for him. With the bombing, there were mitigating circumstances, so he wouldn't have run unless...

Tomás: Leave it alone, pajarito.

Téa: Oh. You didn't shoot Irene. Todd did. [Sighs]

Blair: Todd? Oh, no. No. No.

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