OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/29/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/29/11


Episode # 11033

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Tina: David Vickers. David Vickers, where are you? I mean, you were supposed to stay with your cousin Jack. Oh, don't do this to me today. Not today. I am having the most horrible day, thanks to my horrible mother.

Todd: Irene was released.

Viki: We know. She was here.

Todd: She was here already?

Blair: Yeah, but she's gone already.

Todd: Are you sure about that?

Viki: Why? What is going on?

Todd: I...was really worried about you, but you're okay. You're all okay.

Téa: Todd, how the hell did you get out of jail?

David Vickers: [Barking]

Tina: I heard that, you sneaky little fur ball. Where are you?

Clint: Dear God. I can't believe it's you. Cordero, what are you doing here?

Cord: Well, I know I've been out of the country for a while. I hope it's not against the law for a son to come visiting his father. [Chuckles]

Jack: Damn it!

[Thunder rumbles]

Rex: Shane? How long you been sitting here?

Shane: I don't know. A while.

Rex: Why? What's wrong?

Bo: Did you talk to Matthew's doctor? Red? Red? Honey, I'm -- look, I'm losing you. I'm in holding. I'm checking on Manning. So... I got to call you back.

Starr: We'll tell you about the jail thing later, okay?

Blair: Wait, wait. What do you mean "we" will tell you?

Starr: Just don't freak out, Mom.

Blair: Todd Manning. What have you done?

Todd: I did what I had to do to save all of your lives.

Téa: Wait. Save our lives? What are you talking about?

Todd: I'm talking about my psycho mother. She threatened to kill all of you. I guess it was just an empty threat.

Tina: There you are, David Vickers. Oh. Hey. What have you got there?

Cord: You look great, Pa.

Clint: I guess, for an elderly fellow.

Cord: Who says that?

Clint: Nobody. It's what I see in the mirror. Every time I shave, I say to myself, "Hey. Who's the old guy?"

Cord: Hell, you're not old. You're just ornery.

Clint: Don't you ever forget it.

Cord: It's gonna take more than a heart transplant to take you down. [Sighs] I wish I could have been here for that. I mean that.

Clint: Well, God knows you tried -- you and Kevin both.

Cord: Yeah, but our ornery old man told us to stay away. We should have just ignored you. Got to tell you -- kicking myself. Keep thinking if maybe we had been around, maybe we could have kept you out of some of that trouble.

Clint: Don't kid yourself. I was obsessed with doing what I thought I had to do, and now I'm paying for it. Although you got to admit -- there are worse places to be serving time.

Cord: Well, that's true. But when everybody else is holding the key, and you're not, it's still prison.

Clint: I'm surviving. So, what's going on in London?

Cord: [Sighs] Well, I didn't want to have to tell you about all this, but I don't have any choice. In fact, that's why I'm here.

Clint: What's wrong?

Cord: Everything. B.E. is in serious trouble, pa. We got to do something about Rex Balsom.

Rex: I was on my way to my car, and I thought, "What's that kid doing sitting there in the dark?" And then I realized it was you.

Shane: Dad, I'm not doing anything wrong.

Rex: It's kind of late, isn't it?

Shane: I had a study session at school.

Rex: You were supposed to come straight home afterwards.

Shane: Just went for a walk. I like it here. It's a good place to think.

Rex: Whatever you were thinking about looked pretty serious. Want to tell me about it?

Todd: Irene wasn't out of jail for 10 minutes before she sent me some hate mail along with my bologna sandwich.

Starr: Irene wrote him a note saying that...she was going to go after all of us one by one, threatening to kill every person that Dad cared about.

Viki: My God. Why would she say that?

Todd: To jog my memory. Subtle, huh? She still thinks that I have this microchip. She's trying to get her hands on it.

Blair: Microchip?

Starr: Yeah, except Dad doesn't know where it is.

Téa: But Irene thinks he does.

Todd: And she'll kill everyone to get it. I had to make sure that you were all safe. Now I have to make sure that you all stay safe.

Téa: Todd, how did you get the police to go along with this? Todd.

Blair: What happened?

Starr: I, uh... I kind of busted him out.

Blair: [Scoffs]

Bo: Where's Manning?

Guard: He escaped.

Bo: No. I got that. How did he pull it off? Now, there's two of you. There's one of him.

Guard: He had his daughter with him. Between the two of them --

Bo: I don't -- okay, stop. Wait. Are you talking about Starr? You're telling me that Starr Manning busted her old man out of this jail?

Blair: You're kidding me, right? This is completely insane, Starr. You could be thrown in jail. You know that. Cops could come in here any minute and take you away!

Starr: I did what I had to do! My whole family's lives are at stake!

Blair: How could you get our daughter mixed up in something like this, Todd, huh?

Todd: You're welcome.

Blair: Don't push me on this, and I mean it.

Todd: Look, we were really worried about you. Our daughter was trying to make sure that you stayed alive.

Viki: Okay, hang on. Just start at the beginning, okay?

Téa: Yes. Todd? Hello? Tell us exactly what happened after you got the note from Irene.

Blair: And I want to know exactly what you did to help him.

Todd: I already told you. We did what we had to do. Look, we didn't have a lot of time.

Jack: Has anyone seen Tina or that dog? I've been look...

Tina: Okay, now, sweetheart. You have got to listen to me, okay? Now, do you know what this is? This is Téa's bedroom. Right? Now, this poor woman has just lost her husband. She really doesn't deserve to have doggy spit all over her legal papers, so Mama's not kidding here. Get off the paper. I mean it. Hand it over now!

Jack: What the hell is this murderer doing in my father's house?

Tina: David Vickers, you are so gonna get me in trouble. [Sighs] You have no idea what kind of a day I've had today. I mean, it's been horrible. I mean, not only do I just bring myself all the way here to Llanview. But then I get here [Sniffs] Hmm. And my psycho mother, who is supposed to be dead, is not dead, but alive and kicking. And she took every cent of my brother's money. Hmm. Do you know what I got? I got this, huh? This. There is not even a real stone. So come on, sweetheart. You can't do this to me. Right? Give me a break. Just hand the paper over. [Sighs] Okay, fine. You know, I can really not deal with this today, so I... You can stay on the paper. But I really want you to think about what I've been saying to you. [Sighs]

Cord: Kevin and I have been trying to run interference, but since we don't have controlling interest of B.E. anymore, there's only so much we can do.

Clint: Have you tried talking to Rex?

Cord: Yeah, about a hundred times, but he's so stubborn, he doesn't want to listen to anybody who might actually know something about running a business.

Clint: Has it been this way since the get-go?

Cord: [Sighs] Not so much. You know, at first, he made a couple of really nice acquisitions. But ever since then, he's just kind of let everything slide. Right now our market share is down 20%.

Clint: 20%?

Cord: And falling. What the hell is wrong with this guy?

Rex: Listen, buddy. If you're not gonna come straight home after your study session, you should call.

Shane: What, I can't even take a walk now?

Rex: You can if you call. Is there some reason you didn't want to? Look, Shane, if you and I can't talk, that's just trouble waiting to happen. That's what your mom would say.

Shane: Yeah, she would.

Rex: So if she asked you what was on your mind, what would you tell her?

Jack: Damn it!

[Thunder rumbles]

Shane: Jack Manning.

Jack: So, what'd you do, Scarface? Break out of jail?

Starr: Don't do this now, Jack.

Jack: How can you even come near my dad's house after what you did to him? And you just let him in.

Blair: Jack, that's enough.

Jack: Leave...now. Or I'll make you leave myself.

Starr: Jack, stop it! He did it to save your life! That's why he broke out of jail! He did it for you.

Jack: Really? That's his excuse?

Starr: He shouldn't have been there in the first place. And he wouldn't have been if you hadn't lied about him being the one who killed Victor.

Rex: I thought you said Jack wasn't causing any more problems for you.

Shane: He's not.

Rex: You sure?

Shane: He only hangs out with the kids who kiss up to him. We stay out of each other's way.

Rex: So what are you doing sitting here thinking about him?

Shane: He's a couple seats away from me in homeroom, and kids were asking about his dad's murder case.

Rex: What about it?

Shane: Jack's saying he witnessed it, that Todd Manning hit him over the head and then went in and shot his dad.

Rex: Jack kind of has his dads mixed up. Whatever. Okay, so he's saying that Todd was the shooter?

Shane: He's telling everyone that he heard the gun go off.

Rex: You have a problem with that?

Shane: Yeah. I think he's lying.

Rex: You do? Why?

Jack: Who are you calling a liar?

Starr: You told the police you witnessed a murder, when you couldn't have because you were unconscious.

Jack: I saw him hit me first.

Todd: I didn't hit you, Jack.

Jack: And then he went into the house and shot Dad. I heard it. I heard all of it!

Todd: I wasn't even there.

Téa: Okay, okay. Everyone, this isn't getting us anywhere, okay? Todd, when you got the note from Irene, why didn't you show it to the police?

Viki: That's a more sensible solution than breaking out of jail.

Jack: What note?

Starr: I've been trying to tell you. Our grandmother threatened our lives, including yours.

Blair: Okay, Todd, why didn't you show it to the police? Hmm?

Todd: Well...there wasn't exactly anything to show.

Blair: What?

Téa: Am I missing something here?

Starr: Irene wrote the note and thought -- she used disappearing ink.

Jack: Disappearing ink. Are you serious? So, how'd you get out? Invisible cloak?

Blair: Okay, Jack, stop it. Starr, we need to be clear here. You helped your father break out of jail, because there was this threatening note that you never saw? You -- you just took his word for it?

Starr: Yes.

Blair: Oh, great, Téa. Tell me, how much trouble is Starr in, hmm?

Téa: A lot.

Bo: File an incident report.

Guard: Yes, Sheriff.

Bo: And, both of you, get ready to talk to I.A., because I'm sure they're gonna want to know how you two ended up on the wrong side of these bars.

Guard: They caught us by surprise.

Bo: And I'll bet it's a good story. And Internal Affairs -- they just love a good story. Get the hell out of here.

Guard: Yes, sir.

Bo: Put out an A.P.B. on Manning.

Policeman: Todd Manning, Starr Manning, or both?

Bo: Both.

Policeman: Got it.

Jack: So, what do you know? For once, the straight-A genius did something so stupid that she's the one in trouble with the cops.

Blair: Okay, you know what, Jack? This isn't helping.

Jack: Hey, you're the one who's always asking me to be more like my sister. But guess what. She screwed up so bad, she's gonna have to go to jail to pay for what she did.

Starr: You mean like you did?

Shane: You don't think Jack's lying?

Rex: I don't know. I just want to know why you think he didn't really witness Victor's murder.

Shane: Because...he lies about everything, Dad! About -- about Mom, about sending her to that house, about him being the reason that she died. And there's just this way he says it, you know, like he's bragging or something. Like he's so special 'cause he's gonna catch his dad's killer.

Rex: Maybe you're right. Maybe he just went to the cops to play hero. Nobody gets away with that forever, okay? It catches up on them.

Shane: Right now it seems like everyone believes him.

Rex: I just want you to stop worrying about what Jack does, okay? This time, it has nothing to do with you. Now, you ready to go home?

Shane: Can we just stay here for a few more minutes?

Rex: Sure. Why do you like this place so much?

Shane: I don't know. Her, I guess.

Rex: The angel?

Shane: Yeah. She makes me think of Mom.

Rex: Well, your mom would be the first to tell you that she was no angel. She'd be psyched to hear you say that.

Shane: I talk to her sometimes.

Rex: What, the angel?

Shane: No. Mom. Does that sound stupid?

Rex: Doesn't sound stupid.

Shane: I didn't tell you all of it. Sometimes when I talk to her, I imagine what she would say back. But sometimes it doesn't feel like I'm imagining it. And it seems like she's real. I can hear her, and she's actually talking to me.

Rex: I know.

Shane: What do you mean?

Rex: I hear her, too.

Clint: Rex is going through a tough time right now. He and his fiancée and -- I don't know if you know the story -- but she died on the very night that they were supposed to get married.

Cord: I know that's how you got your new heart. Look, I'm not trying to be a hard-ass here. I know that Rex needs help right now, and Kevin and I are there. We're trying to help him. All he's got to do is say the word.

Clint: Well, maybe I can talk to him.

Cord: Do you think he'll listen?

Clint: Probably not.

Cord: You know, you told me a long time ago about Rex, and you said that he was a lightweight. I think it's more than that. I just don't think he is cut out to run a business. I mean, if he keeps doing what he's doing or, worse yet, what he's not doing, he's gonna take the business that Asa built, and he's gonna run it right into the ground.

Clint: No, no. The company is stronger than that. B.E. can hold its own for a while.

Cord: I don't get it. What do you keep taking up for him like this? You told me yourself when Rex Balsom first came to town, he was a thief and a con man. Well, he has conned you out of everything you have.

Clint: All right! That's enough. Leave my son alone.

Shane: You hear Mom, too?

Rex: [Sighs] Not just that. I see her. Today at the Buenos Dias, she was my waitress.

Shane: Come on. Don't treat me like a baby.

Rex: No, I'm not --

Shane: You're just pretending that you talk to her, so I don't feel dumb.

Rex: No, I'm not pretending anything, Shane. I'm telling you the truth.

Starr: Oh, wait. Now I remember. You didn't pay, did you, Jack?

Jack: I didn't do anything.

Starr: Well, you certainly didn't go to jail, even though because of you, a kid's mother died.

Blair: All right, Starr! Hey, hey, hey. That's enough. You too, Jack. We have more important things to deal with right now. Téa, please tell me that my daughter is not gonna go to jail.

Téa: I wish I could.

Viki: That might not be the answer she was looking for, Téa.

Téa: Well, it's not a simple question. Look, we need to be prepared, okay?

Todd: Oh, come on. Nobody's gonna go to jail, especially not Starr. We just need to straighten this out. That's all.

Blair: [Laughing] Oh. We wouldn't have anything to straighten out if you hadn't made her Bonnie to your Clyde. How could you use our daughter like that?! And stop laughing!

Starr: He did not use me! I made my own decision. I decided to help my father. And I would do it all again.

Jack: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Tina: I am warning you, David Vickers. [Sighs] You know those "bacon-y"-flavored things that you just scarf down at bedtime. Mm-hmm. Well, you eat that piece of paper, I am cutting you off. You hear me? No more treats. [Sighs] I hope that paper wasn't important.

Téa: Okay. The first thing that needs to happen is I need to sit down with Todd and Starr and talk strategy. Which means I'll need to hear the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but, or so help me God, I will strangle you both.

Todd: I already told you the truth. And I told Irene the truth, but she is still convinced that I have this microchip.

[Door opens]

Todd: And unless I can figure out --

Tina: Oh, my God! It's true! It's really true.

Jack: Yes. Is this the police? If you're looking for Todd Manning, I know where you can find him.

Tina: Oh, my God. There really are two of you.

Todd: What the hell are you doing here? And why aren't you surprised to see her? You knew she was here?

Viki: Tina popped up unexpectedly in that wonderful way we've come to treasure over the years.

Todd: What are you after?

Blair: Mm. A big fat piece of pie, but she [Claps hands] walked away empty-handed. Poor thing.

Todd: You didn't answer my question. What the hell are you doing here?

Tina: Oh, I think you need to answer that first. I mean, aren't you supposed to be in jail for killing the twin brother I never knew you had?

Cord: When did this happen?

Clint: What?

Cord: This is the first time I've ever heard you refer to Rex Balsom as your son. Did I miss something?

Clint: Maybe you missed plenty.

Cord: Yes. Because you kept me away.

Clint: Well, maybe you should have stayed away. Because if the only reason you came back was to whine about Rex, you and I don't have very much to say to each other.

Cord: Oh, I'm sorry. Here I was thinking that you actually cared about this company that's got our family name on it!

Clint: I care about B.E. Always have, always will.

Cord: Oh, yes. You care so much about it that you turn over controlling interest to some kid who's just gonna run it right into the ground! Why are you defending him?!

Clint: I'm not defending anybody, Cord. Rex is your brother, and you've got to accept that.

Cord: He took you for everything you had.

Clint: I could have kept everything, but I would have had to die to do it. Would that have made you happy?

Cord: What the hell kind of question is that?!

[Knock on door]

Clint: What?

Bo: Cord! Hey, Clint didn't tell me you were coming.

Cord: Well, he didn't know.

Bo: I bet you made his day. Sure made mine. Whoa, man. How long's it been?

Clint: I'm...not sure.

Bo: Everything okay?

Rex: It's been happening for a while. I'll be talking to somebody, and all of a sudden, they'll turn into Mom, or I'll be standing in an empty room, and all of a sudden, she'll be standing there.

Shane: And you've talked to her?

Rex: [Sighs] It sounds crazy, I know. That's why I didn't tell you before. I didn't want you to think I was losing it.

Shane: No, I don't -- I don't think that.

Rex: You sure? 'Cause sometimes I do. Like today.

Shane: At the Buenos Dias. You said she was your waitress.

Rex: [Sighs] For a few seconds, yeah.

Shane: Well, what'd she say?

Rex: [Sighs] She told me to have a salad.

Shane: A salad? That's it?

Rex: [Sighs] No, there's more. It's like -- it's like she's sending me this message over and over again, the same message.

Shane: What message?

Rex: Don't give up.

Shane: Don't give up on what?

Rex: I don't know. I just miss her so much. It -- it makes me... I don't know, Shane. I don't understand any of this.

Shane: But you're pretty sure it's not real?

Rex: It feels real.

Shane: But it's your head, right? What's that?

Rex: The waitress left it for me on my table.

Shane: Is that Mom's handwriting?

Rex: Sure looks like it.

Shane: But... how can -- it just --

Rex: It can't be. I know. I also know I can't explain it.

Cord: We were talking about Buchanan Enterprises.

Bo: Ah! Just talking.

Clint: What brings you here, Bo?

Bo: Uh, police business. I'm looking for Todd Manning.

Clint: I thought he was in jail.

Bo: Was.

Cord: He escaped?

Bo: Yeah. Any chance that he, uh, showed up here?

Clint: No, I haven't seen any sign of him.

Bo: Ah. It is a big house. You know, Manning always did prey on his sister's sympathy.

Cord: [Scoffs] You don't seriously think that Viki would be hiding Todd, especially if he was on the run from the law.

Clint: No, she wouldn't do that. Besides, Viki's not even here. The nurse told me that she went to Victor's house for the reading of the will.

Bo: Well, that's interesting timing. You think that had anything to do with Manning's escape?

Todd: Forget what you heard. I didn't shoot Victor. Our deranged mother is setting me up.

Starr: And so is Jack.

Jack: Yes. 437 Jackson Hill Road. And you better hurry. [Sighs]

David Vickers: [Whimpering]

Jack: What's your problem? Oh. Right. Well, you got to go when you got to go, right? All right. Come on. Just keep it outside, okay? Hey, and stay away from the cars. I'll wait for the cops while you do your business.

Tina: What did Mother do now?

Starr: She sent Dad a letter threatening to kill everyone that he cares about.

Todd: You were not included.

Tina: [Scoffs] Very funny.

Todd: I'm not joking.

Tina: I know you care about me. And I care about you. There is a special bond between a brother and a sister.

Téa: I guess that's why you've been around so much -- that special bond.

Tina: We need to stick together, Todd, especially now.

Todd: Really? Why?

Tina: To claim our rightful inheritance.

Téa: [Scoffs]

Tina: Victor gave everything to Mother, everything that is rightfully ours.

Todd: He did what? What'd he do?

Viki: It's a long story. Tina, is there a point to this?

Tina: Yeah. Yeah. The point is that we all here are Victor Lord's children, and we deserve our fair share, and I, for one, am not gonna settle for a lousy ring. I mean, can you believe it? This is all I got.

Todd: He left you that in the will?

Viki: It was Father's.

Todd: Oh, I know that. And then it was mine.

Viki: And when you disappeared, somehow it ended up with Victor, and he willed it to Irene.

Tina: Yeah. And she thought she could use it to shut me up.

Blair: Mm. Good luck with that.

Téa: Todd, what is it?

Todd: I remember.

Bo: You mind if I take a look around?

Cord: Go ahead, but I don't think you're gonna find anything.

[Cell phone rings]

Bo: Ah, excuse me. Buchanan. When was this? All right, I'm on my way. Looks like we can call off that search.

Clint: What, they found Todd?

Bo: Jack Manning called in a tip. Can you believe this? Now, Manning's daughter helps him escape from jail. His son turns him in. [Chuckles] Some kind of family, huh? See you later.

Cord: [Sighs] Well, I guess our family's got some issues, too. [Sighs] Look, I-I'm sorry if I came down on Rex like that. He is my brother, after all.

Clint: Cord, don't worry about it.

Cord: I-I mean it, Pa. Rex gave you your life back, and I am grateful for that. [Sighs] I-I-I just don't get his angle in all this. I mean, why does he enter into this devil's bargain? Why does he trade your life for controlling interest in B.E. if he doesn't want to run it?

Shane: "Don't give up." A-and Mom said that to you before?

Rex: I wish I knew what she meant.

Shane: Well, maybe it means, you know, don't give up on getting justice for her and making Jack and his dad pay for what they did to her.

Rex: I tried! Okay?! I did all kinds of shady things to try to make it happen. I used B.E. to try to take down Victor Lord's company. [Sighs] But you know what? None of that made it any easier to live without your mom.

Shane: So you don't think it has to do with Jack and his dad?

Rex: Revenge is actually a pretty hollow feeling, Shane. And I think your mom knew that. And I don't think she would want us to waste our lives trying to get it... even for her.

Jack: Come on. Scarface is gonna get away.

David Vickers: [Barks]

Jack: Forget it, dog. I don't have time to play. I'm waiting for the cops. All right, here. Hey. [Whistles] Come on. Come on. Go. Fetch. [Sighs] God. What is taking so long?!

Tina: What's wrong with you?! Give my hand back!

Todd: Finally. I finally know what happened.

Téa: To what?

Todd: To the microchip.

Starr: You know where it is?

Tina: Did you say microchip?

Téa: Something Irene's been after for years. Where is it?

Todd: Here.

Viki: "Here"?!

Todd: Well, it's in the ring. I-I... I hid it in the ring, so that I would have something to bargain with if the agency ever turned on me.

Téa: God knows they did.

Todd: But they screwed with my head so much that -- that I forgot I had an insurance policy. I... I just... I forgot it was here.

Blair: What now, Todd?

Todd: Give me the ring.

Tina: No, no! That's mine! That's all I have of my brother!

Todd: Are you out of your mind, Tina?! This could save everybody's life!

Tina: There wasn't a chip! Maybe it's not even there!

Todd: Look, I don't have time for this. Give me the --

Viki: Oh, for heaven's sake, stop this! Tina, give him the ring now!

Tina: [Scoffs]

Todd: I am never gonna forget what you did. I'm gonna make everything right. I-I promise.

Blair: Don't make promises you can't keep, Todd.

Todd: I got to go.

Téa: Wait. No, no, no. Where are you going? I-it'll look like you're running if you leave. Give me the ring. I-I will talk to Bo. We'll work something out.

Todd: The only thing that needs to get worked out is between me and Mommy Dearest. I'm gonna give her what she wants, and then she's finally gonna allow me to clear my name!

Viki: You're gonna trust her to keep her word?

Todd: She has proof that it wasn't me that shot Victor.

Blair: That she's never gonna give you.

Starr: Yeah, maybe Mom's right.

Todd: No. She'll give it to me. I will make her give it to me, and then our son is finally gonna know that I'm innocent.

Téa: Todd, I am warning you, if you leave now, you're only gonna make things worse for yourself.

Todd: What else is new?

Tina: I can't believe you made me give that ring back to Todd. Well, it may not be much, but it was mine.

Viki: Oh, for heaven's sakes.

Tina: So, trust me. When we contest the will, I am gonna make sure it's taken off Todd's share.

Blair: Tina, would you stop having a pity party about the stupid ring here?! We have real problems. What are we gonna do with Starr?

Téa: Okay, well, the first thing I'd suggest is that Viki and Tina get out of here before the police show up.

Tina: What, you're kicking me out?

Téa: Look, the fewer people know that Todd escaped with Starr, the better. Okay?

Tina: Yeah, but, I mean, my flight isn't till tomorrow. Where am I supposed to go?

Viki: Don't look at me. [Chuckles]

Tina: Oh. Okay. Maybe I could, uh, crash in the mausoleum?

Viki: There is no mausoleum. I had it dismantled.

Tina: Okay, look, Viki, I know you're mad at me, but -- but just -- just think about little David Vickers. Are you really gonna make a poor, sweet, innocent pooch just spend the night out on the street?

Viki: Oh, for God's sake! All right, fine! You can stay with me just for tonight.

Tina: Oh! I knew you couldn't hold a grudge forever.

Viki: You want to bet?

Tina: Oh, David Vickers! Your Aunt Viki's gonna let us stay with her. Isn't that sweet?

Jack: What's going on?

Tina: Oh, we're leaving. Good night.

Jack: Scarface still in there?

Viki: [Sighs]

Tina: "Scarface"?

Viki: Todd left, Jack.

Jack: What?!

Viki: Let's go.

Jack: No! How can you just let him leave after what he did to Dad?! And to me!

Shane: There has to be an explanation.

Rex: I'm open to suggestions.

Shane: Well, the -- the real waitress could have written it.

Rex: Okay. I thought of that, so I asked her.

Shane: What'd she say?

Rex: Uh, she wanted to know why some random guy was asking if she wrote "Don't give up" on his check. And I didn't have an explanation as to why I was asking, so it was pretty much awkward.

Shane: And that's why you figured Mom had to write it?

Rex: I don't know what I think. But I do know that your mom's with us... watching us. Hey, that's a good thing, right? Come on, let's go home.

Clint: I can't speak for Rex, but I can tell you that when he lost Gigi, all the fire just seemed to come right out of him. And what he's got left -- I think he's using it to take care of his son.

Cord: I get that. But we have got to save B.E. We can't just let it go under.

Clint: And we won't, Cord.

Cord: Maybe I could try to reach out to him again, try to convince him that Kevin and I are there to actually help him.

Clint: Well, he's not gonna make that easy for you.

Cord: You know, I-I understand what he's going through. I-I can appreciate it. I... I know what it's like to lose the woman that you love.

Clint: Oh, yeah. And he was crazy about that girl.

Cord: I guess there's just some people that you can never let go of.

Téa: Hey, hey, hey. Let's try for a little perspective here, okay?

Jack: No! Why didn't you try to stop him?!

Starr: Why should we? He didn't do anything wrong.

Jack: What about you, Mom? Or you? You guys are supposed to know better. You're the adults.

Blair: Okay, why don't you stop obsessing about Todd? We -- we've got to deal with Starr. We've got to figure out what we're gonna do. Tell you what, I'm gonna take her home. When or if the cops show up, you talk to them first. Then we'll know what we're dealing with.

Téa: That sounds like a good idea. It'll buy us some time. Come on.

Jack: Too late.

Todd: Irene? Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Come out, come out, wherever you are. I have what you want. It's over. What are you waiting for, Irene? It's right here in my hand. Come on out and claim your prize. We'll end this nonsense once and for all.

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