OLTL Transcript Tuesday 9/13/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 9/13/11


Episode # 11021

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[Keys rattle in lock]

Blair: What are you doing here?

Todd: Waiting for our son. Where is he?

Blair: He's supposed to be here.

Todd: You're his mother. You don't know where he is?

Blair: Why don't we start all over? Because the last time I checked, you've been gone for, like, 8 years.

Todd: Not my fault.

Blair: Or mine.

Todd: I just--I need to talk to Jack.

Blair: About what?

Todd: I didn't shoot Victor. I didn't. I need Jack to know that.

Jack: I remember what happened--the night my dad was murdered? I know who did it. It was Scarface. The guy who calls himself Todd Manning.

John: Ok. Tell me what happened.

Téa: That's a great shot. Who took that?

Dani: Um...I think Jack did.

Téa: Starr found all these pictures? Where'd she find all these pictures of your-- of Victor?

Dani: Just from all the photo albums that we've had these past couple years. And Blair had some, too, so... Dad and me had to pull up a bunch of photos just like this for your photo board when we thought that you had died, so... he was so amazing then, Mom. He got me through all of it. I just want to tell him that-- I keep wanting to tell him how hard this is, but-- he's not here.

Téa: I'm here. Ok? And I will help you get through this. I promise.

Dani: But who's gonna help you?

Cutter: I don't think you're getting the whole picture. This guy is gonna bring us luck. I can just feel it.

Aubrey: Well, let's hope. Oh, my God. Is that real?

Cutter: Yeah, it looks it.

Aubrey: Your porcupine had a gun stuffed in it.

Cutter: Don't look at me. I just thought he was cute.

Aubrey: Cute? He's deadly!

Rex: So what was that with Brody?

Shane: Nothing.

Rex: Ok. You don't have to tell me. I know you and Brody are friends. I know you went to him after your mom died. When I was all obsessed with Todd--Victor-- getting even with him and his son. That's cool. I'm glad you have somebody to talk to. It's just that I want you to know that I'm your father and I'm here for you. You can tell me anything. You know that, right?

Shane: Yeah.

Rex: So what's going on?

Shane: It's Jack.

Jack: It was the night of the murder, and I was going to stay at my dad's house. Victor's. But only Mom showed up, and dragged me out of there. She said it wasn't safe--that Scarface had shown up at Aunt Dorian's and stolen a gun. She thought he was gonna go after Victor. She thought I'd get caught in the crossfire. See? Even she thought he was gonna go kill my dad, and he did.

John: And you know this how?

Jack: I saw him.

Téa: Hey.

Phylicia: I hope this isn't a bad time. Destiny and I just wanted to come over and express our condolences.

Téa: Oh, no. Come on in. Thank you. That's so kind of you.

Phylicia: I'm so sorry. You holding up?

Destiny: I know I always gave your dad--your uncle a really hard time.

Dani: He liked that about you.

Phylicia: He was an unusual man.

Téa: Yes, he was.

Destiny: Anyway, I know you both loved him a lot, and you're gonna miss him, so I just wanted to say I'm really sorry.

Rex: What about Jack? Is he bothering you again?

Shane: No. It's not that. It's something else.

Rex: What?

Nora: There you guys are. We were just talking about you on the way back from Philly. How are you doing?

Rex: Oh, we're hanging in. How is Matthew?

Shane: Yeah. Everyone at school was asking me about him. They think that I have some inside information because we're related now.

Bo: Well, there's not much to report.

Nora: He's pretty much the same.

Rex: So he hasn't regained consciousness?

Nora: No, but he will.

Rex: Doctors are hopeful?

Nora: This is a really terrific hospital with great programs, and he's getting the best care, so I'm sure he'll pull out of it.

Bo: The doctors aren't very encouraging.

Nora: Which is even more reason why we should be a part of Matthew's child's life.

Rex: Matthew has a child?

Phylicia: I'm sure you have all sorts of people recommending support groups, but here's a few that I have found warm and welcoming in my practices with families over the years.

Téa: It's hard to even know where to start.

Dani: Not for me. I just want to know what happened.

Destiny: Well, Shaun told me that Mr. Manning--I mean Mr. Lord--was on the phone with him when he got shot.

Téa: What?

Phylicia: Destiny, that was thoughtless.

Destiny: I'm sorry. I thought they'd want to know.

Téa: I do want to know. Victor was talking to Shaun?

Destiny: Well, he left a message asking Shaun to come back to work.

Téa: He was trying to protect himself.

Dani: Mom, he was scared.

Téa: He did the right thing calling Shaun.

Phylicia: Shaun is very fond of all of you. In fact, he told me that you, Miss, are quite fond of Blondies.

Dani: Oh, my God. I love Blondies.

Phylicia: And I made some oatmeal raisin for your mom.

Téa: Ooh! You know what? Why don't we go put these on a plate so we don't eat them all at once? I think we could all use some of these right now.

Phylicia: I'll help you.

Destiny: So how are you doing?

Dani: Not so good. I know he made a lot of people angry. He made me angry. But to shoot him? It's just evil.

Cutter: Whoa, whoa. Don't touch it.

Aubrey: Why not?

Cutter: Don't you watch TV? You touch it, you get your fingerprints on it. Your perfume.

Aubrey: We can't just leave it sitting here. I mean, can you tell anything by just looking at it?

Cutter: Didn't that woman on "Access Llanview" say something about what kind of bullet killed Victor Lord?

Aubrey: Phyllis Rose. Yes. It was a 9mm.

Cutter: Bingo.

Aubrey: You think that's the murder weapon? That's the gun that killed Victor Lord?

Blair: Jack's not gonna listen to anyone--least of all you. As far as he's concerned, you're guilty, and he's mad at the world for not locking you up in the first place.

Todd: Which is why I thought I should talk to the kid, you know? I feel like if we got to know one another, that that might change.

Blair: To know you is to love you?

Todd: I don't know, Blair. You tell me.

Blair: You don't know Jack.

Todd: Exactly. But I know what he did. Natalie filled me in. He tortured this kid Shane, he murdered Gigi.

Blair: That's how she put it?

Todd: Well, that pretty much sums it up, don't you think?

Blair: What do you want me to say? Our son is a monster?

Todd: No, he's a kid, and he has a lot of guilt, and he needs help, and not the get-away-with- it kind of help. He needs real help. The kid needs a role model.

Blair: Really? And that would be--

Todd: Hell, yeah, that would be me, compared to Victor! Do you see what Victor has done to our son?

John: You saw Todd Manning kill Victor Lord.

Jack: Yeah. It was him.

John: It was him. Ok. Let's start from the top. You were at Victor's--

Jack: I was at my dad's. Then Mom showed up. Dragged me back to Aunt Dorian's. I snuck out. I went back to his house. I was about to open the door when someone hit me over the head. It was Todd.

Aubrey: So you really think that's the murder weapon?

Cutter: It's possible. I mean, what's it doing in a porcupine?

Aubrey: So someone hid it in there?

Cutter: I don't know. Maybe.

Aubrey: You know what? It doesn't matter. That's not the point. The point is it's in our room, and the police will know what to do with it.

Cutter: Whoa! Whoa. Wait a minute.

Aubrey: What? We have to call the cops.

Cutter: No way.

Nora: Apparently before Matthew was injured, he and Destiny became very close.

Bo: Destiny's pregnant.

Rex: Wow. That's big news.

Shane: Huh.

Rex: What?

Shane: It's just at school, everyone was talking about it and I kind of defended Destiny, not that she needed it. She basically mopped the floor with those kids.

Bo: That's Destiny.

Shane: Yeah, she's really cool. She kinda reached out to me last year.

Nora: She was always there for Matthew, too.

Shane: So it's true? She's having his kid?

Bo: Yes.

Rex: You're probably not crazy about the timing, but--

Bo: This baby is our grandchild.

Rex: You said something about wanting to be part of its life.

Nora: Well, not if Phylicia Evans has anything to say about it.

Bo: Honey.

Nora: No, no, I don't blame her. I really don't. I just-- it's not her fault. It's my fault. I just went about it all wrong, and now she won't even speak to us unless it's through her lawyer.

Téa: Here you go, ladies. Trust me, they are delicious.

Phylicia: Well, cooking relaxes me. You'd think the last thing I'd want to do is stand over a hot stove after a long day, but I don't know. Something about using your hands, whipping up something for your family, gathering them all around the table--I don't know. It just restores me. Helps me sleep at night.

Téa: I wish I were like that. When I come home from court, I'm lucky if I have the energy to order takeout.

Phylicia: Are you still practicing? I don't mean now, but--

Téa: Yeah. Why?

Phylicia: You know, we can talk about this some other time, sweetie. You just lost your husband and I don't need to--

Téa: I welcome the opportunity to talk about something else. Dani told me that Destiny's pregnant. There are lot of legal issues with an underage mother.

Phylicia: Destiny is fine. It's Nora Buchanan. You know, I know that that family is going through hell, what with Matthew in the hospital all these months, but Nora has latched on to this baby like it's the answer to her prayers, and frankly... I just don't know what to do.

Dani: I wish I could've been at school with you today. Was it horrible?

Destiny: Everybody knew. Kind of hard to hide. I could hear them all talking about me behind my back. But that's how they are, you know? I mean, look at what they did to Shane Morasco, who totally had my back today. He was awesome.

Dani: Good for him.

Destiny: Plus, I've got you, and Shaun, and my parents. So don't worry about me. I'm ok. You're the one who just lost the man who you thought was your dad.

Dani: Let's not talk about him anymore, ok? Sorry. I just-- I really--I want to focus on something happy. Like you and your baby.

Blair: Victor wasn't all bad, Todd. He loved our kids, especially Jack.

Todd: What kind of love is that? Jack locked a woman in a basement. She died.

Blair: No, it was an accident!

Todd: So why can't Jack just admit it, then? He needs to take responsibility for what he's done.

Blair: Victor was trying to protect him! He didn't want him to go to jail!

Todd: And where the hell were you, Blair? Huh? Tell me that. Where were you when Jack was picking on a kid who has asthma? A kid who has cancer? Locking some woman in a basement, killing her, and then blaming it on some other brat? Where were you? Getting your hair done?

John: Just so I'm clear-- you are changing your story, because when you woke up at the hospital, you said you didn't remember anything. You didn't even know Victor had been shot.

Jack: Because I had a concussion. But I'm better now. I got my memory back. You should be happy for me.

John: I'm thrilled. So now you're saying you remember what happened, even though you were knocked out at the time.

Jack: Not at first. It was thundering. I had my keys out. I heard a noise behind me. I turned and I saw Todd.

John: You saw him.

Jack: Just a glimpse. That's when he knocked me out. Hit me over the head with a gun.

John: But you're sure it was him.

Jack: Positive.

John: So you're telling me that Todd Manning knocked you out. Is that it?

Jack: Not even close. I know what happened when he shot my dad.

Aubrey: The police have been looking for the murder weapon. We have to call them.

Cutter: Aubrey--or should I call you Christine, since Aubrey's the name that you used to scam one of Llanview's most prominent citizens?

Aubrey: Your point?

Cutter: My point is that we're not exactly popular with the police right now. So we show up with the murder weapon, they might try and pin the murder on us.

Aubrey: What? We didn't even know Victor Lord! Why would the police think we had anything to do with his murder?

Cutter: Because it's convenient. The press has been screaming for an arrest. And we show up with a murder weapon in our pocket--

Aubrey: You mean our porcupine.

Cutter: You know how they are. They're relentless. They'll keep digging and digging until they find something, something that'll link us to the murder, and then it's bye-bye, you and me.

Aubrey: Hold on a second, Cutter. What is going on? You've been acting really weird since your sister got here.

Rex: Destiny's parents hired a lawyer?

Shane: Sorry, but if you guys don't mind, I have a ton of homework to go do.

Rex: First day of school?

Shane: That's what I said.

Rex: So what's going on?

Nora: I blew it.

Phylicia: Destiny was all set to have the abortion-- with our support. She should be looking at colleges right now, planning her future, and she would be, if Nora hadn't caught wind of it and convinced her to cancel the procedure. She says to her that she and her husband will raise the child. Please.

Téa: And that's not something Destiny wanted?

Phylicia: She hadn't even had a chance to think about it. And we don't need some stranger stepping in. My husband and I are perfectly capable of taking care of our daughter. Look, don't get me wrong--I feel for Nora. I do. But she has no right to come in and just take what she wants. Oh, then she shows up with a legal document outlining her rights to her son's child and--

Téa: I see.

Phylicia: And this is what I really didn't like--she offered to represent us in the matter.

Téa: That's a conflict of interest.

Phylicia: You think? I told her we can get our own lawyer, thank you very much.

Téa: Mrs. Evans, are you asking me to represent you?

Phylicia: Oh, no. No, honey. I'm sorry. You just lost your husband. But before this? I'll be honest. I-- I was going to ask you about it.

Destiny: You were there at the Buenos Dias--when my mom got all ticked off at Mrs. B.

Dani: Yeah, I remember. They were not happy with each other.

Destiny: But what I don't get is what my mom wants. I mean, does she want to raise this baby? Or is she just mad that Mrs. B is getting all possessive?

Dani: What do you want? It's your baby.

Blair: Don't you dare blame this on me. Where were you, huh? And I'm not saying it's your fault, but it's not mine, either. As far as I knew, Victor was Jack's father.

Todd: You've always been Jack's mother, so how could you let something like this happen?

Blair: What do you mean, let something like this happen? I didn't know what was going on. Jack was going to school. He was making decent grades. How was I supposed to know that he was picking on Shane Morasco?

Todd: When you did find out, did you do anything about it?

Blair: Of course, I did something about it. I grounded him. I took away his computer. I made him shut down his MyFace account. He couldn't do anything except come straight home from school. He could go see Victor in the hospital, who was in a coma. God, I thought he was just acting out. I thought he was a boy that was afraid he was gonna miss his father, lose his father. I talked to him. I tried to get through to him. I thought that I did. I marched him over to the Balsoms' and made him apologize while I couldn't even look at those people's faces, but it didn't end there. No. He and his buddy set up some kind of trap for Shane, yet Gigi fell into it, and she died. You think I wanted any of this to happen? That is my son.

John: So you say Todd knocked you out, and then what?

Jack: I'm lying on the ground, and I see him pick up my keys.

John: I thought you were unconscious.

Jack: No, not totally, just, like, kind of dazed.

John: You see him pick up your keys, and then?

Jack: He lets himself into the house. He must've left the door open, because I could still hear him.

John: And you're still lying on the ground dazed.

Jack: Right, and then I heard my dad say something like, "Hello?" No answer from Scarface, and then I hear him. He says, "Oh, my God, what the hell are you doing here?" And then the gunshot.

Todd: I don't blame you. It's not your fault. Well, not entirely. Blame Victor. He was with Jack for 8 years. 8 years is a long time. It's enough time to turn any kid into a monster.

Blair: Why don't you blame your mother here? What about her in all of this? She switches the two of you and then brainwashes Victor.

Todd: Brainwashes Victor to be more like me. Is that what you're saying...

Blair: Oh...

Todd: That whatever Victor did to Jack, that's something that I would've done to Jack?

Blair: No. You don't know that.

Todd: All right. Let's consider the genetics here. I was not much older than Jack when I did what we both know I did to Marty Saybrooke. Maybe if somebody's to blame for Jack's behavior, it's me.

Blair: Are you actually taking responsibility for something?

John: So you heard the gunshot.

Jack: Yeah, loud and clear.

John: Then what?

Jack: I don't know. Must've been when I passed out.

John: Somehow you ended up at the hospital.

Jack: Yeah, but I don't know how I got there.

John: You think Manning took you?

Jack: I don't know.

John: Who else could it have been?

Jack: I guess it was him. Maybe he felt guilty. I don't know. He's weird. He's all nice to Sam, but then he kidnaps him, and he kills my dad but then takes me to the hospital? I don't know why he does anything. All I know is, it was him. So did I give you enough? Are you gonna arrest him now?

John: You already lied to me once before--Gigi Morasco--and everything you're telling me right now sounds just a little too...convenient.

Jack: What do you mean?

John: You're changing your story, man.

Jack: Because I remembered.

John: Yeah, but, see, judges and juries, they don't really like that, especially when the eyewitness has been mouthing off about how they hated the defendant.

Jack: You mean Todd Manning? Yeah. I hate him--he killed my dad--but I'm telling the truth. I'll testify, whatever you need.

John: You'll testify. You know you'll have to take the stand. You know what happens then? That's when the defense attorneys, they get to break you down.

Jack: Fine. I don't care. I know what I saw. Todd Manning hit me over the head with a gun. I heard him shoot my father. I heard my father's last words. What more do you need?

John: I need you to write it down...

Jack: What?

John: Everything you just told me.

Jack: Why?

John: That's how it's done, Jack. You're an eyewitness.

Todd: You can't tell me that it never crossed your mind that Jack is the way he is because of me. My father was a pedophile, I'm a rapist, and Jack is torturing little kids and locking women in basements. Never made that connection? You know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Poor kid never stood a chance, given the cards that he was dealt.

Blair: Don't say that. No. Jack might not be a saint, but he's certainly better than your father, and he's better than you.

John: Sign it. Sign it. It's a legal statement. You're swearing that everything you wrote is true.

Jack: So are you gonna arrest him now?

John: I'll have someone drive you home.

Cutter: I'm not trying to hide anything from you. You got to understand that, all right? You want to hear about my sister? I'll tell you whatever I know after we figure out what to do with this gun. Sorry. It's kind of a conversation stopper.

Aubrey: Ok. True.

Cutter: You got to believe me. I'm here for the long haul, just you and me. Why do you think I got that stupid job? I'm trying to go straight, but if they hear that I got hauled into the station to explain some weapon that I brought on the premises, not good.

Aubrey: Yeah, but what if it's the real murder weapon? What if it could help the cops catch the killer? Somebody obviously hid it in this stupid porcupine.

Cutter: It's not stupid. It ain't stupid.

Aubrey: Where did you get it, anyway?

Cutter: I got it at the flea market, Roxy's table. She was arguing with Echo, so I just put the money down and took him home.

Aubrey: What were they arguing about?

Cutter: Hell if I know.

Aubrey: I'm just saying, maybe it was about Victor Lord. Maybe they killed him.

Cutter: Those two broads?

Aubrey: Anything is possible.

Cutter: In this town, yeah. You're right, but why would they want Victor Lord dead? Wait. Isn't Echo Rex Balsom's mother?

Aubrey: Biological mom, but Roxy raised him.

Cutter: So maybe the gun belonged to Rex. He had every reason to want Victor Lord dead.

Bo: I know where you're coming from, Balsom, because Victor had a lot to answer for...

Nora: If Dorian were here, she'd be dancing on his grave.

Bo: And even though you had every right to want to see him at you for this, because you've come too far to take matters into your own hands and then mess up your life...

[Cell phone chirps]

Bo: And Shane's life, and I got to get to the department. There's been a development in the Victor Lord case.

Nora: You're gonna make me ask.

Bo: Honey, I just got a text, you know? When I know something, then you're gonna know something... and if it's something really big, then everybody is gonna know.

Cutter: Rex blamed Victor Lord and his son for Gigi's death.

Aubrey: So Rex killed Victor.

Cutter: And Roxy and Echo hid the gun.

Aubrey: In a porcupine?

Cutter: Who'd look in a porcupine?

Aubrey: The person who bought it.

Cutter: I-I just picked it up. I didn't even talk to anybody. Maybe it wasn't really for sale.

Aubrey: Oh, they're gonna be pretty upset when they realize it's missing.

Cutter: Yeah. So is Rex, and he's gonna want that gun back, and he's got a ton of money now that he's a Buchanan.

Aubrey: What are you saying?

Cutter: Nothing, just that, you know, he's gonna want the gun back and maybe we should let him know that we have it.

Aubrey: So you can blackmail him.

Cutter: Blackmail Rex? What are you, crazy? No. No. I just think we should let him know that we have it and, you know, that we're on his side. Then if he feels grateful, who am I to turn down his generosity?

Aubrey: Somebody who's supposed to be going legit, who just gave me that big, long speech about how he's in it for the long haul.

Cutter: And I meant it. Is it my fault this gun just fell into my lap? We didn't kill Victor Lord, and if Rex did, he can damn well pay to keep himself out of jail.

Aubrey: I knew it. I knew you weren't gonna change.

Cutter: I'm doing this for you. Look at this place. It's a hell hole. You really want to live like this? I'm not gonna get us out working the front desk, and this job interview you're going for as a waitress--

Aubrey: Oh, my God, I've got to get over there.

Cutter: Ok. Hey, just go. We'll deal with this later.

Aubrey: No. No, no, no. No. No.

Cutter: We'll figure it out.

Aubrey: There is nothing to figure out. You are not blackmailing Rex Balsom. Do you understand me? I'm not gonna stick by you while you try to extort money from him. I'm serious, Cutter. You go after him, I'm out of here.

Rex: How's it going?

Shane: I just finished History and English. Now I just have Math, but I can do that at home.

Rex: You were trying to tell me something before Bo and Nora came in. About Jack Manning.

Téa: Trust me, life is too short for the two of you to be arguing. You got a baby on the way. It's gonna be your great-grandchild, if I'm not mistaken, and Nora's grandchild.

Phylicia: Mm-hmm.

Téa: That's such good news. Try to enjoy it, the two of you, together. This baby is so lucky to have you, both of you.

Destiny: I don't know what I want. I mean, I love having a part of Matthew growing inside of me, but I don't know if I'm ready to be a mom.

Dani: Um, ok. Well, what do you want for her or him?

Destiny: Well, she's not gonna grow up with everybody lying. I mean, when I found out that my parents were my grandparents and that my brother was my dad and that my mom was dead, I couldn't deal.

Dani: Yeah. I know. I didn't know who my real-- I didn't know who my real dad was till high school, so--

Destiny: My baby is not gonna grow up like that. No matter who raises her, she's gonna know that I'm her mom and that Matthew is her dad.

Phylicia: You ready to go, honey?

Destiny: You gonna be ok?

Dani: Yeah. I have my mom.

Destiny: Yeah. Me, too.

Blair: I still think there's hope for Jack. I do. I mean, it's like what you said. Mean, he is weighted down with guilt. I think that we can get through, help him. I thought that he was opening up, and then Victor died, and he shut down again, back to his cold, cruel self.

Todd: Like me. That's what you mean.

Blair: I honestly don't know what you're like anymore.

Todd: I'm gonna help our son. I am. I'm gonna get these charges dropped, and I'm gonna focus on Jack. I'll do whatever I have to to help him get through this.

Blair: Good.

Todd: Um, sorry. I was a little rough with you. You don't deserve that.

Blair: Maybe I do. This whole thing with Jack, it just blindsided me. He's different from Starr.

Todd: We'll fix this.

Jack: You're hooking up with Dad's murderer. Way to be loyal, Mom.

Blair: Where have you been?

Jack: Out. I mean, what do you care? You had company.

Todd: Came here to see you, Jack. I didn't shoot Victor. I was angry at him, but I wouldn't do anything to cause you pain. I know you loved him. I wouldn't take him away from you.

Bo: And you know how I feel about witnesses who change their story.

John: I'm with you, and Jack hates Manning, so he's got reason to frame him, and that kid is a little punk. We still owe him for what he did to Gigi. Still, you know, Shaun was in here earlier, and he's got an audio tape of Victor's last moments, you know? It's right here, Bo, everything that happened in the exchange between the shooter and Victor, and Jack got those words down verbatim.

Bo: How would Jack know what he said if he didn't hear it himself? You don't trust this kid.

John: Would you? He spent a lot of time with Victor.

Bo: I know, but still, Manning, he had motive and opportunity and no alibi. Is there someone else that you like for this?

Nora: Thank you. Phylicia. Um, I haven't heard from you or your husband. I was expecting a letter with your attorney's name, and I'm really anxious to talk to him or her whenever it's convenient.

Phylicia: I was thinking maybe you and I should sit down and talk about our grandchild.

Nora: Oh. Sure. Absolutely. Um...now is good.

Phylicia: Now is fine.

Cutter: You're right. We decided to go legit. That's what we're gonna do.

Aubrey: So you'll call the cops.

Cutter: I already said, I don't want our names involved.

Aubrey: So just do it anonymously--you can do that, right?-Or--I don't know--throw it in a mailbox--the mailman can deliver it--but use gloves.

Cutter: Good idea.

Aubrey: Good, because I really want this to work.

Cutter: Me, too... and I got a good feeling about this interview you're going on.

Aubrey: Good.

Cutter: Not gonna lose you again.

Aubrey: Just turn that gun in, and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Rex: It sounded like it was important, whatever it was you wanted to tell me about Jack.

Shane: No. It's just, you know, he's going through a lot losing his dad.

Rex: Yeah. That's true. You sure that's all it was?

Shane: Yeah.

Cutter: What Aubrey doesn't know won't hurt her, right, Morris? Besides, this gun might come in handy. I'm gonna hold on to it for a little bit longer, little insurance policy.

Téa: I can't believe he's gone. I keep almost texting him, wanting him to text me back something to make me laugh.

Dani: Well, he was the master texter.

Téa: Ha ha ha!

Dani: Mom...

Téa: Yeah?

Dani: I'm so sorry. I know how much you loved him, even if he wasn't the man you thought he was.

Téa: He may not have been Todd Manning... but I loved him with all my heart. [Sniffles]

Todd: Jack, I'm not done. The only reason that I didn't kill my brother was because of you. I would never give up any chance that I had to be your father.

Jack: Yeah, right. If you believe this guy, you're a bigger jerk than he is. You're a murderer. You deserve to be locked in a cell for the rest of your pathetic life.

John: We need the murder weapon. If we knew the gun that Manning took from Dorian's safe is the gun that was used to kill Victor Lord, at least we'd have something.

Bo: But even without the gun, we've got enough to make the charges stick. You gonna make an arrest?

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