OLTL Transcript Friday 9/9/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/9/11


Episode # 11019

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Kim: I know I'm delinquent on payments. Your collection agency made that very clear. I'm sorry. You can't! You can't just throw someone out of a hospital because of money. It's the law. No, no, no, please, don't do that. Look, I'll get the money to pay for her care. Yes, I have a payment plan. I'm working on it right now.

Aubrey: You're leaving already?

Cutter: I'm the assistant manager.

Aubrey: Did you get a promotion?

Cutter: I'm the assistant manager when my boss is gone.

Aubrey: There's nothing wrong with being front desk clerk.

Cutter: No, no, no. I'm moving up. He's like this close to a breakdown. I figure one or two well-placed bedbugs will push him over the edge.

Aubrey: Too bad we've gone straight, though, right?

Cutter: This wouldn't be stealing.

Aubrey: It's scamming.

Cutter: No, no, it's Mother Nature showing us who's boss. And it would work. Aubrey and I did it before. Original Aubrey.

Aubrey: Your sister.

Kim: Mm! Nigel. Long time no see. You look amazing.

Nigel: Ms. Andrews.

Kim: In the flesh. I'm here for Clint. Where is he?

Echo's voice: There's a bullet missing. This gun's been fired. Rex was lying.

Echo: When did you fire this gun, Rex? Please, God, tell me it wasn't to kill Victor Lord.

Starr: James, no. You don't have to skip work. I-- I'm ok, really, but you are going to be at the funeral tomorrow, right? Ok. Thanks. That means a lot to me. I love you, too. Hey.

Baz: What's this?

Starr: Getting pictures together for the memorial tomorrow.

Baz: Are you sure you're ok?

Starr: Just wish they would make an arrest.

Baz: That could be happening right now.

John: You're sure? No. No, that's it. Thanks.

Tomás: I got your message.

John: Thanks for coming down. Have a seat.

Tomás: This gonna take long?

John: Depends. Where were you the night Victor Lord was killed?

Brody: I thought this might wake us up. Teething doesn't last forever, does it? I mean, it can't. Natalie?

Natalie: What? Oh, no, I mean, it just seems that way.

Brody: You all right? What's going on?

Natalie: Ok, I just have to come out and say it.

Brody: What?

Natalie: Victor Lord's secretary came by the station yesterday, and she had some information.

Brody: Yeah? What'd she say?

Natalie: She said that-- she said she overheard you threaten Victor Lord's life on the day of the murder.

Echo: It doesn't matter, Rex. I'm your mother. It doesn't matter what you did. But I have to get rid of this.

Roxy: Get rid of what?

Cutter: I'm gonna hit the flea market before work. You got anything you want to unload? Like that yearbook?

Aubrey: You can't sell this.

Cutter: Why are you looking at that?

Aubrey: I ran out of magazines.

Cutter: Where'd you even get it?

Aubrey: Rama lent it to me. I wanted to know more about the original Aubrey. I've been curious about her ever since I gave up being plain, old Christine.

Cutter: Nothing plain about you, babe. Unlike my sister here.

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan is not receiving guests.

Kim: But I'm not a guest. I'm family.

Nigel: For one mercifully brief interlude, but no longer.

Kim: Admit it. You missed me, Nige.

Nigel: If you'd like to leave a message for Mr. Buchanan--

Kim: You'll be sure to lose it? Nige, you don't want to play it this way. Clint and I are very close. We're bonded.

Nigel: Much like a tapeworm and its host.

Kim: Hey. No need to call names. You know, I've always hated that ever since I was a kid. Just ask--

Nigel: Whom would we ask, if we cared to?

Aubrey: So what was Aubrey like? You never talk about her.

Cutter: Nothing to talk about.

Aubrey: Do you miss her?

Cutter: Honestly, I try not to think about her.

Aubrey: Why not?

Cutter: Why are you suddenly so concerned about Aubrey?

Aubrey: Rama said some things.

Cutter: Like what?

Aubrey: Like she found Aubrey at the Spotted Pony after she stole Rama's money.

Cutter: That's weird.

Aubrey: Yeah. She just blurted it out, and then she tried to take it back, saying she had never been there, never seen you or Aubrey there. It's like she was hiding something.

Cutter: Weird.

Aubrey: Yeah, see? You do that, too. Like you don't want to talk about it.

Cutter: There's nothing to talk about.

Aubrey: Then why does it feel like everyone's keeping a secret from me? Cutter, did you and Aubrey do something at the Spotted Pony that you don't want anyone to know about?

Kim: Why are you staring?

Nigel: I'm attempting to picture you as a child.

Kim: Can you just tell Clint I'm here?

Nigel: I have strict instructions from Miss Natalie to refuse you entrance.

Clint: Too bad she doesn't live here anymore.

Nigel: Sir--

Clint: I decide who I see. Kimberly, come on in.

Kim: Thanks, cowboy. You know, I'm hungry. I would love breakfast. You remember my usual.

Nigel: Ah, yes. Fresh blood and babies' tears.

Echo: What, are you spying on me?

Roxy: You're talking out loud in public, honey. Anybody can hear you.

Echo: I gotta watch that. So what is all of this?

Roxy: Flea market day. And I got a primo position because my hotel is on Angel Square.

Echo: Well, lucky you.

Roxy: Hey, hey, not so fast. See anything you like?

Echo: I have to ask. Isn't that your front desk clerk?

Roxy: Ha ha ha! Yeah--Morris. Yeah, we've been together a long time, but times are changing, and I'm a little low on cash. So 100 bucks from you, and we can keep it in the family.

Echo: Yeah, well, I gotta go.

Roxy: Wait a second. Wait a second. This is the best part. Look. He's even got a secret hiding place.

Echo: I really don't have time for this.

Roxy: Wait a second. You know, I'll get rid of whatever that thing is in there if you buy Morris.

Echo: What?

Roxy: Whatever that thing is in there that you so desperately want to get rid of, I'll sell it for you.

Echo: No. You can't.

Roxy: Come on. Come on.

Echo: Why don't you stop--

Tomás: You're asking for my alibi for Victor's murder?

John: I'm asking where you were that night.

Tomás: I thought you liked Todd for the murder.

John: You don't want to tell me where you were?

Tomás: I was with my son.

John: Really?

Tomás: Yeah. Ask him yourself.

John: We already talked, and his story about what happened that night is a little different from yours.

Starr: You told John McBain about your dad?

Baz: I had to.

Starr: No, you didn't.

Baz: The way Tomás acted that night? He lied to me, and he was off.

Starr: Ok, you don't know him that well.

Baz: Anyone could've seen it. He was nervous. The guy's ex-CIA. Do you think a flat tire would really set him off like that?

Starr: So you really think that your dad shot my uncle?

Baz: I don't know. It could've been your dad, too.

Starr: Oh, great. So it's your dad or mine? No. No. It had to have been someone else.

Brody: This woman said what?

Natalie: She said that you came to see Victor, and she heard loud voices, so she slipped back into the room, and she heard you say to Victor if he did anything to destroy what you have, he's a dead man. Is any of that true?

Brody: I was there. I went to see Victor.

Natalie: About what?

Brody: What was on Marty's tape.

Tomás: That was out of line, McBain.

John: What was?

Tomás: You don't bring in my son for questioning without telling me.

John: He's over 18.

Tomás: He doesn't know his rights.

John: You know, I would think you'd want your son to cooperate with a murder investigation.

Tomás: If that's what happened. But if you interrogated him without counsel--

John: He's not a suspect.

Tomás: You should've notified me when you hauled him in here.

John: No one hauled anyone in. He came to see me.

Tomás: Yeah? What did he say?

John: Well, he told me his version of what happened that night. Now it's your turn. Where were you when Victor was killed? Because you weren't with your son.

Tomás: I was late.

John: Right. Right. You blew out a tire so bad that it knocked out your cell phone service, and it took you hours to fix.

Tomás: Well, when you put it like that...

John: I believe that's the way he put it.

Tomás: He's pissed off at me.

John: Yeah. It's a lousy lie. You want to revise your story?

Starr: Thank you for checking in on me, but I have to get ready for the memorial.

Baz: I know. And I wouldn't bother you if it wasn't important.

Starr: You didn't come to check in on me.

Baz: The producer who liked our single? He called back.

Starr: Can this wait a few days?

Baz: I know you're going through a lot right now, but his A&R guy's in town today and he wants to meet us.

Starr: Then you go.

Baz: You're sure?

Starr: Yes. I'm sure. Go to the meeting.

Baz: I won't commit to anything without you.

Starr: I know. I trust you. We both feel the same way about music, and we both don't want our song being ruined by some hack.

Rick: There they are. My new pop stars. You two look hot together.

Cutter: Look, I hate to tell you, but your buddy Rama's a little off.

Aubrey: Yeah? How?

Cutter: She's a total flake, and she loves to create drama.

Aubrey: So is there any drama?

Cutter: Why are you so suspicious? Don't you trust me?

Aubrey: I don't trust anyone. Occupational hazard. I mean, come on. Do you?

Cutter: I'm trying.

Aubrey: I know. I'm trying, too. I know you're trying hard, which is why this feeling sucks!

Cutter: Which one is that?

Aubrey: That you and Rama are keeping something from me. I mean, come on, Cutter. How is this gonna work if we can't even be straight with each other?

Cutter: Aubrey, you're asking questions about a rough time in my life. Before you and I hooked up, I did some things that I wasn't proud of, and some of them were at the Spotted Pony.

Kim: [Gasps] Scones. You make the best scones, Nige.

Nigel: I'm British.

Kim: That explains it.

Nigel: We also have a certain talent for beheadings.

Clint: Nigel, ahem, there's a flea market at Angel Square today. Maybe you can fill out your antique button collection.

Nigel: I would never leave you unattended.

Clint: We'll be fine.

Kim: I'll take care of him.

Nigel: That's what I'm afraid of. I'll have my mobile if you require assistance.

Kim: Man, you'd think I'd shot the guy's dog the way he treats me.

Clint: He's very protective. He's been watching after our family for years and years. It's his mission in life.

Kim: He thinks I'm that big a threat?

Clint: Everybody thinks you're after my money.

Kim: That's crazy.

Clint: Yeah, it is. Yeah, we both know I don't have any. So, Kimberly, what are you really after?

Natalie: Why did you ask Victor about Marty's tape?

Brody: You said Delphina told you Victor knew something about it, right? That was bugging you?

Natalie: Yeah, but you told me it was nothing, and that I didn't need to talk to Victor.

Brody: I know. Look, I don't believe in Delphina's powers but I know that you do, so I decided to take a run at Victor, see what he knew.

Natalie: What did he say?

Brody: He swore he didn't know anything about the tape.

Natalie: That's it?

Brody: Yeah.

Natalie: Then why did you threaten to kill him?

Roxy: Too slow, Savoy.

Echo: This isn't a game, Roxy.

Roxy: Don't let my size fool you. You don't want to mess with me.

Echo: Just give me the gun.

Roxy: What are you doing packing heat?

Echo: Keep it down.

Roxy: I have zero tolerance for weapons in my hood.

Echo: Ok, fine. Then just give me the gun, and I'll be gladly on my way.

Roxy: Oh, excuse me. Countess DiBogus is walking around with a 9 millimeter gun that the cops are looking for.

Echo: No, no, no. That's not the gun they're looking for. No.

Roxy: Victor Lord was killed with a 9 millimeter gun.

Echo: It's a very common gun.

Roxy: You killed Victor Lord.

Echo: I did not, you nitwit.

Roxy: Oh, no. It's sprawled all over your face. And I can call Johnny McBain. I bet there's a little reward.

Echo: Listen to me. I didn't kill Victor Lord. Our son Rex did.

Starr: Rick Powers?

Baz: Walk away, man. You're not welcome here.

Rick: Hostility?

Baz: After what you did to my cousin Dani?

Rick: That was Nate, A.K.A. Buster Ridge, who did or not do your cousin.

Baz: You've been warned. Get out.

Starr: Why are you here?

Rick: I am here to make your dreams come true. This is not, by the way, the best meet and greet.

Baz: Rick Powers, A&R?

Starr: The label sent you? How did you find us?

Rick: Everybody knows La Boulaie. Wow. The films you can do here.

Baz: Why would the label have you?

Rick: I used to score movies before I started directing. I know music, and I definitely know marketing. That's what sold the label. The "Vicker Man" premiere just got their attention. They trust my instincts. The single is a little rough, but I know I can work with it. I got a feeling about you two. Note to self: New spin-off. "Hold the Microphone."

Aubrey: So what did you do at the Spotted Pony?

Cutter: Aubrey and I ran scams. I picked marks, she'd get close to them, just like you and me.

Aubrey: This chick got cash out of men?

Cutter: No. She didn't look anything like that. She used the money that she stole from Rama on a complete makeover.

Aubrey: You mean surgery?

Cutter: The works. She didn't look anything like that picture when she was done.

Aubrey: So she was pretty?

Cutter: Yeah. We were making total bank.

Aubrey: So what happened then? Why would you stop?

Cutter: People started to catch on, so we parted ways and took off.

Aubrey: Why didn't you move on together?

Cutter: It was safer to split up.

Aubrey: And that's the last time you saw her?

Kim: Ok, so I have this friend who--

Clint: Hold on. This is one of those "I have a friend" stories?

Kim: No, it's real. I have a friend who's in the hospital, and she doesn't have any health insurance, so I'm paying her bills.

Clint: With what?

Kim: I started working doubles at the Spotted Pony, but even with tips, it's not enough.

[Clint groans]

Kim: What?

Clint: You're dancing again?

Kim: Yeah. Surprised me, too. But I haven't met any other CEOs who wanted me to be their assistant. You're a good guy, Clint.

Clint: I wish I could just write you a check.

Kim: Forget it. I told you, that's not why I'm here.

Clint: Then why?

Kim: You're the smartest guy I know, especially about money, so I figured maybe you could help me invest.

Clint: You have money?

Kim: I told the hospital I was busted, but...

Clint: But you have a little?

Kim: I saved for a rainy day. You always said, takes money to make money. I just gotta make some money quick or else my friend could wither away.

Roxy: It's crazy talk. Rex isn't a killer.

Echo: Just forget it and give me the gun back.

Roxy: Wait a second. What happened? If Rex is in trouble, then I gotta know that. You were talking so loud to yourself before. You can tell me.

Echo: Rex always keeps that gun locked in a safe at the mansion.

Roxy: So?

Echo: But he took it out before. When he was gonna shoot Victor.

Roxy: Yeah. You know that jerk. Everybody's wanted to kill that jerk one time or another.

Echo: He took the gun to the movie premiere. He was going to kill Victor and Jack.

Roxy: Yeah, but he didn't.

Echo: So after Victor was murdered, I asked him if he'd changed his mind.

Roxy: What'd he say?

Echo: That he'd been at Gigi's grave the night of the murder, and that the gun hadn't been taken out of the safe. So I checked it later, and the gun had been fired.

Roxy: Are you sure?

Echo: Don't take that out here. Yes, I'm sure. Rex lied. The gun had been fired. Recently.

Tomás: Yes, I should've called Sebastian when I got the flat.

John: That's your story, and you're sticking to it?

Tomás: I blew a tire. It happens. It was raining like hell, I slid, hit the median.

John: That must've messed up your alignment.

Tomás: Not as bad as it could have.

John: So what'd you do?

Tomás: I changed the tire. Took a while in all that rain.

John: So you changed the tire, and you went to meet your son.

Tomás: No. I stopped at the diner to dry off, I got a cup of coffee, and I ran into Sebastian there. That's why he's mad at me. I was supposed to meet him at Capricorn to hear some new tracks. He thinks I'm avoiding him.

John: Were you?

Tomás: This is hilarious. I might prefer a different kind of music, but I was trying to be a supportive father. Is that all?

John: No. Actually, that call I was on when you came in here, I had an officer go out to the parking lot and check your car. There's no donut. No new tires.

Tomás: You're wasting your time.

John: No. You are.

Tomás: No, McBain. I wouldn't kill Victor.

Brody: I think that witness is being kind of dramatic.

Natalie: You think she's lying?

Brody: It sounds... it sounds a lot worse than what I remember.

Natalie: Ok, well, what do you think she heard? Did you fight?

Brody: I guess it could've sounded like that. I got in Victor's face a little.

Natalie: Why?

Brody: Why? We both know Marty had Liam on his property when she was hiding from the police. I mean, come on, Victor had to know.

Natalie: Probably, but we couldn't prove it.

Brody: And he loved gloating about that. I told him I was onto him. He made some cracks-- I don't remember what. I responded a little more forcefully than I should have.

Natalie: "If you destroy everything I have, you're a dead man"?

Brody: I could've said it. One thing Victor knew how to do was push people's buttons. But I didn't mean it.

Natalie: I know, but it was such a serious threat. And the timing?

Brody: Natalie...do you think I had something to do with Victor's murder?

Roxy: I don't believe that about my Rexy.

Echo: You know how he's been since Gigi died. He's been obsessed with revenge. He wanted Victor dead and now...

Roxy: Here's the deal. You stay here, you watch the table, and I will ditch this gun.

Echo: No. I can do it.

Roxy: Oh, really? You come into Angel Square with a loaded 9-millimeter? What kind of crazy thinking is that?

Echo: I'm not going to dispose it here. I'll find someplace better.

Roxy: No. I got all the hot spots. Believe me. I dump a lot of hair product. I will get rid of that gun so it is lost forever.

Echo: Or so corroded it'll be unrecognizable.

Roxy: Just stay here. Just watch my stuff. Don't discount any lower than 10%, ok? That's it.

Nigel: Good morning, Roxanne. What do you have for me today? 

Starr: I want to throw up.

Rick: This is a rough start.

Starr: I would never work with scum like you. Ever.

Rick: Why not?

Baz: You're sleazy.

Rick: This is the music industry, bud. Believe me, you can do a lot worse.

Starr: And I would rather eat broken glass than ever spend one minute in a recording studio with you.

Rick: It's nice that you kids have so many offers that you can spit on a major label.

Baz: There's gotta be somebody else--

Rick: I'm it. But hey, I am sure there are a lot of producers that would love to work with artists with no following and lots of attitude.

Starr: We'll take our chances.

Rick: Your choice. But just in case you change your mind.

[Cell phone ringing]

Rick: Now you have my private number. I'm sorry for your loss. Victor Lord, Jr. was my hero.

Tomás: I didn't kill Victor. I may have wanted him gone, but that's it.

John: Why?

Tomás: Come on, John. He was Irene Manning's personal weapon. She wants to take out Todd's entire family, he would've done it without a thought.

John: Sounds like a good reason to want him dead.

Tomás: Not for me. My sister loved him, my niece loved him, and I couldn't do it.

John: Manning says the same thing. Why is it that's supposed to be so convincing?

Tomás: Because if they blame me for Victor's death, I lose my entire family. It's not in my best interest to kill him.

John: Ok. So who do you think did it?

Tomás: You and I both know Victor had a lot of enemies.

John: How many of them are professional assassins?

Tomás: I'm out of that life for good.

John: We both know you don't just walk away from that life, Tomás.

Tomás: I did. I'm good. All right. I spent the night with an old associate, looking for legit ways to take out Victor.

John: You guys change any tires together?

Tomás: His name's Calmar. He can verify my whereabouts.

John: I'll call him. I'll talk to him. Hey, one last thing before you go. By any chance do you own a 9-millimeter?

Tomás: Nope. Why? Lose yours?

Brody: You think I killed Victor.

Natalie: No. I didn't say that.

Brody: What are you saying?

Natalie: Look, it's not about what I think, ok? I'm worried about John. He has to investigate every suspect.

Brody: And now I'm one of them.

Natalie: I don't know. But John will have questions.

Brody: And I'll answer John the same way I answered you.

Natalie: Ok. Good.

Brody: You don't sound ok.

Natalie: I just wish that we had the murder weapon. That's all.

Brody: So do I. It's a 9-millimeter.

Natalie: Standard issue for the LPD.

Brody: Let's settle this right now. Test it.

Nigel: I hoped you'd be in attendance today.

Roxy: You know, I always hit your sweet spot with those buttons, and I got a tonnage over there. Go show him. Right over there.

Echo: Of course. She has quite a collection of buttons. Buttons, buttons. Who's got the buttons? They're right here.

Nigel: Mother of pearl, circa 1890s. Roxanne, where do you get your treasure?

Roxy: If I tell you, then you'll never come back. Some things have to remain a secret.

Aubrey: So do you know where your sister's been since the old Spotted Pony days?

Cutter: Admit it. You found a new partner. Who's helping you run the con?

Kim: Nobody. It's not like that.

Cutter: So what is it like?

Kim: Can I trust you?

Cutter: We're brother and sister. Like you said, we've already got one secret we're taking to the grave. What's another one?

Kim: It would be nice to have someone to talk to.

Cutter: About what?

Kim: About this.

Cutter: No clue. Better go if I'm gonna sell this junk.

Aubrey: Where did you get this stuff, anyway?

Cutter: The motel's lost and found. It's been there forever, so no one's gonna miss it. We might as well make a buck. What you thinking?

Aubrey: Dinners on the Champs Élysées. Desserts finished with gold leaf. 1,200 thread count sheets. And hotels overlooking the Seine. That was our life.

Cutter: Yeah. Who wants to eat gold? That's gross.

Aubrey: Kind of like this lovely item. I can't believe you're willing to go this far for us.

Cutter: Yeah, we're together. That's what matters. Have a good day.

Aubrey: You, too.

Kim: It kills me to see what's happened to this girl. It's like she's fading away, you know?

Clint: I know very well.

Kim: She used to be so much fun. So alive.

Clint: Is there any chance that she can bounce back?

Kim: It's a long shot, but with the proper care, yeah. Only thing is, this hospital's ready to cut her loose if I can't pay. I gotta make some money.

Clint: You're a good friend, Kimberly.

Kim: I don't know about that.

Clint: I do. I remember when you wanted to help your friend Stacy before she died. And don't worry. Things are gonna be different. We'll make all the money that you need.

Kim: Really? You'll help me?

Clint: On one condition.

Kim: Name it.

Clint: You do not go back to the Spotted Pony or any other strip club. You don't have to take off your clothes to make money. You are way better than that. What?

Kim: Nobody ever said that to me before.

Clint: Shame on me. I should have.

Kim: Guess this means I'm gonna be in town for a while.

Clint: Probably so.

Kim: Then I better go find a place to stay.

Clint: And I'll get started on your investment portfolio.

Kim: I love how that sounds.

Clint: You don't have to rush off, you know.

Kim: No, I better go on my own, rather than be thrown out.

Clint: Don't you worry about that. You're welcome here, and I will make sure that everyone in the house knows that.

Kim: You're the best, cowboy. Thank you. For everything.

Starr: Oh, my God. I feel like I need to scrub my skin with a wire brush. Rick Powers? Who the hell does he think he is?

Baz: Someone who can get our music made.

Starr: We'll find someone else. Thank God we found out that it was him before we signed.

Baz: Yeah, I mean, there are plenty of ways to write a contract. Maybe we can add a clause to keep Rick away from us.

Starr: You're actually considering this?

Baz: It's the only offer on the table.

Starr: So far. You want us to hitch ourselves to the first creep that comes along?

Baz: How many offers do you think we're gonna get, Starr? Do you know how competitive this business is? I mean, Rick Powers could be our only chance.

Cutter: That is enough. I can get a gift for Aubrey.

Nigel: I might be interested in a few of these.

Roxy: Well, take your time, Nige.

Echo: Where's the gun?

Roxy: Morris' hidey-hole.

Echo: It can't stay there too long. Rex needs us. He needs us to come through for him.

Roxy: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm always there for him.

Echo: I'm trying.

Roxy: Maybe you need a little help.

Echo: Exactly. Maybe it's time we all work together. Do what's best for our family.

Roxy: Oh, so now it's our family.

Echo: Yes, Roxy. Our family. Rex and Shane need all the help they can get.

Roxy: Rex needs a big break. And you and me--we're the only people who can give it to him.

Brody: Go ahead.

Natalie: Brody.

Brody: Take it. Send my weapon to ballistics.

Natalie: I don't need to.

Brody: You do if you have any doubt.

Natalie: I don't! Brody, I know that you're not a killer, ok? I'm sorry that I even brought it up.

Brody: You had a witness' testimony. You had to follow up.

Natalie: No. No, I didn't. I know that you wouldn't lie to me, much less kill someone. I'm sorry.

Brody: Forget it. This case has everyone on edge, including me.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I know what you mean. We have to find this killer.

Baz: Maybe we should talk to Rick. Or at least let me call the label and see...

Starr: I don't care who you call, Baz--

[Doorbell rings]

Starr: There's no way.

Baz: So. This is a surprise.

Tomás: Dani said you'd be here. Is that why you're surprised? Or did you expect me to be in jail?

John: Yeah, it's John McBain with the Llanview Police Department. You got the number. It's about Tomás Delgado.

Shaun: L.T.

John: What's up, big man? What can I do for you?

Shaun: This time I'm gonna do something for you.

John: What's that?

Shaun: Help you solve Victor Lord's murder.

Clint: Nigel. Did you find some bargains?

Nigel: I might have acquired one or two pieces for my collection. Is Miss Andrews still here?

Clint: No. She left.

Nigel: Ahh.

Clint: Not before she agreed to marry me.

Nigel: Ahh!

Clint: I'm just kidding, Nigel. It's a joke.

Nigel: I'm glad to see you're regaining your sense of humor.

Clint: Even if it gives you a heart attack? You really can't stand Kimberly, can you?

Nigel: How can I respond to that, sir?

Clint: Do you know why she's back in town?

Nigel: I can certainly hazard a guess.

Clint: You'd be wrong. She came back here to get help for a sick friend.

Nigel: How original.

Clint: Nigel, she knows that I don't have any money anymore. And she knows that you hate her, and she wasn't gonna get any kind of a welcome, but still she came back to town. Why? Because she wants to get help for her sick friend. She's loyal.

Nigel: Indeed.

Clint: You know, the two of you have more in common than you think.

Aubrey: So whatever happened to you?

[Knock on door]

Brody: Coming. I'll get this. You working the case this morning?

Natalie: Yeah. First thing. Trace evidence should be back from Victor's.

Brody: Maybe that'll turn up something.

Natalie: Hope so. I'm praying that John will have the murder weapon. And maybe even a taped confession.

Brody: Don't worry. The case will break soon. We'll all be glad when it's over.

Roxy: I'll take him down to the docks.

Echo: What? You don't think that's gonna draw attention to you--you walking around with a porcupine all over town?

Roxy: No, because people know us. I'll take him down to the docks, and I will open the secret compartment and get rid of the gun. Wait a minute.

Echo: What? What?

Roxy: Where's Morris?

Echo: You probably put him someplace else.

Roxy: Oh, put him someplace else, like it's so easy to lose a big stuffed porcupine. Morris?

Echo: Like he's gonna answer you? Oh, no. Look. Someone bought him.

Roxy: For a lousy saca-whatever this is? It says 100 bucks! He got it for a dollar?

Echo: Roxy--

Roxy: He got Morris for a dollar?

Echo: Look. That's not all he got. Whoever took Morris has the gun, too.

Cutter: Aww. Best Sacagawea I ever spent. Aubrey's gonna love you.

Tomás: I just had a nice sit-down with John McBain. Apparently, you did, too.

Baz: That's right.

Tomás: I think it's time we talked to each other, don't you?

Baz: Let's go. Think about what I said.

Starr: I have...a couple of other things that I need to do first.

John: You have my complete attention. What do you got?

Shaun: Victor Lord's murder. I have the recording.

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