OLTL Transcript Thursday 9/8/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/8/11


Episode # 11018

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Cristian: Yeah, I heard, but I don't think that I can do it. Can I get back to you? Thanks.

Carlotta: What's up? What's wrong?

Cristian: An art professor from L.U. was supposed to go to Barcelona to teach this semester, but she got sick and had to drop out.

Carlotta: That's too bad.

Cristian: The dean wants me to go in her place.

Carlotta: Really? Well, that's something to think about. When would you go?

Cristian: Tonight.

Ford: So what was going on between you and Cris? Looked intense.

Jessica: It's none of your business. Are you here to talk about Ryder?

Ford: Uh, no.

Jessica: 'Cause our son is the only reason for us to see each other.

Ford: Then tell Tess to leave me alone.

Carlotta: Tonight?

Cristian: Flight's already booked. They e-mailed the syllabus to me. Classes start tomorrow. They're acting like it's a done deal.

Carlotta: Oh, my. That's --

Cristian: Crazy. Yeah, it's crazy. I can't just go to Spain on, what, two hours' notice. No way. I can't do it.

Carlotta: Why not?

Blair: Hey, sweetheart. I'll be out just a little while.

Starr: You look like you're on a mission.

Blair: Yes, I am. If your brother comes down the stairs, do not let him out of this house. I'm gonna go to the police station.

Starr: What happened?

Blair: Jack blurted out to Sam that Scarface killed his dad.

Starr: He what? Oh, God.

Blair: He was out of control. I just need to find out who killed Victor, and I need to know now.

Starr: Is that why you're rushing to the police station?

Blair: Yeah. And I want to find out what's going on and to light a fire under John.

Starr: You're gonna have to wait in line, because Téa's already there. You think John needs both of you hounding him?

John: Sure you don't want to change your story?

Todd: Why would I do that? I'm telling you the truth.

John: In that case, I suggest you get yourself a lawyer 'cause I think you're gonna need one.

Todd: All right. Delgado's gonna represent me.

Téa: What?

Todd: Look, I didn't kill my brother. You can prove that. You can make sure that I'm not convicted.

Téa: Are you kidding?

Natalie: Actually, Lieutenant McBain is unavailable, but I can help you. What information do you have about Victor Lord's murder?

Secretary: It's too sensitive to talk about out in the open.

Natalie: In the police station? Ok. Sure. Come on in. So what information do you have?

Secretary: It involves a police officer, a man named Brody Lovett.

Natalie: What does Officer Lovett have to do with Victor Lord's murder?

Jessica: What do you mean? Where did you see Tess?

Ford: At the diner today.

Jessica: I didn't lose any time.

Ford: Hang on. That's not what I mean, Jessica. Tess wasn't actually at the diner.

Jessica: What are you saying?

Ford: I saw her. It's like she was right there, and she felt so real like she was trying to get out maybe.

Jessica: No, no. That's not happening.

Ford: Ok, then it is just me, but it sounded just like her. She was trying to get me to come over here and make you set her free.

Jessica: Is that why you came over here?

Carlotta: The good thing about you being single and not giving me grandchildren --

Cristian: Mami.

Carlotta: Is that you have the freedom to pick up and go when an opportunity like this presents itself to you.

Cristian: Yeah, I guess.

Carlotta: Those students need a teacher, and you need an adventure.

Cristian: But I'm the only family you have here now, Mami.

Carlotta: I know. I'm gonna miss you like crazy, like I miss Antonio and my granddaughter, but I don't want you to stay here just for me. What is it? Come on.

Cristian: It could be an amazing experience.

Carlotta: That you deserve.

Cristian: You sure you'd be ok?

Carlotta: I'm not alone. Every time I see the angel in the square, you're with me.

Cristian: I was proud of that design.

Carlotta: She's so beautiful, and now it's time for you to share that beauty with the world. It's time to spread your wings, Cristian. You know, there's something missing for you here. Maybe you'll find it in Spain.

Starr: Let Téa handle the cops. She is the professional.

Blair: All right.

Starr: Sit.

Blair: I'm sure she could use the distraction.

Starr: Yes, she could. She and Dani are both a mess. Have you heard from Dad?

Blair: No. No, not yet.

Starr: Mom, do you think he did it? Hi.

Tomás: Hi. Wanted to come earlier. Is this a bad time?

Blair: No, it's fine. Come on in.

Baz: Are you ok?

Blair: I don't want to be alone with my thoughts right now anyway.

Starr: We don't know anything, Mom.

Baz: About what?

Blair: Whether or not Todd killed Victor.

Tomás: You should hear something soon.

Blair: Why is that?

Tomás: Todd's down at the police station right now.

Blair: Did he get arrested?

Tomás: No, he's just answering questions right now.

Baz: How do you know all that?

Todd: They want to pin Victor's murder on me. Who better to prove that I'm innocent than the dead guy's wife?

Téa: You're a real charmer, aren't you?

Todd: I don't have time right now for the "pretty, pretty pleases," ok? My life is on the line. You know how things go for me in this town.

Téa: Right. You're always the victim.

Todd: I'm being railroaded.

John: No railroad. We're going by the book.

Téa: Todd, you had a gun. You had motive. You had opportunity. You hated Victor. And you don't even have an alibi.

Todd: If it was easy, I wouldn't need you.

Téa: This is insane.

Todd: I hated Victor. But I'm not stupid enough to kill him. You need to find Louie.

John: I'm telling you, he's gone.

Todd: You need to look for him. Look hard. He wouldn't have left town without turning the gun in for cash. He promised me. You find Louie, you can prove that I never fired the gun.

Natalie: Are you saying that Officer Lovett had something to do with Victor Lord's murder?

Secretary: This was a mistake.

Natalie: No, please. Ma'am.

Secretary: I know how it is with the police. You don't want to hear about one of your own, and I don't want to tell. So let's both pretend I never set foot in here.

John: Look, I know Louie.

Todd: I know. He said he trusts you.

John: And I trust him, but he has never camped anywhere but on those docks. He's gone. He packed up everything he had and he's left.

Todd: How could he? He didn't have any money. That's why he wanted the gun from me so he could give it to you for cash. He wanted to buy lottery tickets. He wanted to go to Arizona and buy a boat.

John: The American dream. Maybe he already went.

Todd: How could he? He didn't have any money.

Téa: Maybe you gave him the money.

Todd: I don't know where you've been. I don't have any money anymore.

Téa: I'm sure you could scrounge up bus fare to Arizona.

Todd: Why, though?

Téa: So you could make up this whole pathetic story to send the LPD on a wild goose chase.

Todd: You need to go look for the gun yourself.

John: Ok. In the meantime, Officer Lovett already checked it out, and he said Louie is gone.

Todd: So he can't find the gun, so all of a sudden I'm lying?

John: No. It means you can't prove that you didn't kill Victor.

Todd: No, but you can, if you find the real killer.

Natalie: No, wait. Wait, please. You can't go. If there's something you need to say about Officer Lovett, then we need to hear it.

Secretary: Never mind.

Natalie: Really, Ms., um --

Secretary: Just call me Tracy.

Natalie: Ok, if there's a problem with Officer Lovett, then we need to know.

Tracy: Even if he's a cop?

Natalie: Especially if he's a cop. Ok? Look, I promise you, whatever is said, we'll take it very seriously.

Tracy: It might be nothing.

Natalie: You wouldn't be here if you really believed that. It's ok. You can tell me.

Tracy: I heard Brody Lovett threaten Victor Lord.

Cristian: You're right. Opportunities like this don't come every day.

Carlotta: That's why you can't pass it up. There's a reason why this fell into your lap. Go find out what it is.

Cristian: A chance to paint, teach full-time in Spain.

Carlotta: Maybe more.

Cristian: I still feel badly leaving you alone with the diner, Mom.

Carlotta: I have employees. You want to do me a favor? Give me someplace exciting to come and visit you.

Cristian: Of course, you can come visit, and we could Skype.

Carlotta: I don't know what that is, but I'll learn it just for you.

Cristian: All right, so I'll do it.

Carlotta: Yeah?

Cristian: Yeah, I can't believe it, but I'll do it.

Carlotta: Oh, my God! Oh, I'm so happy for you. This is a new beginning.

Rama: I knew it. Aren't you glad you listened to me? You and Jessica are back together.

Jessica: Is that why you're here, to try to force me to let Tess out?

Ford: I wouldn't do that again, not after -- listen, I know that's not what you want, and I promise I'm not gonna do that again to you, I swear.

Jessica: Thank you. So why are you here?

Ford: I made arrangements with my mom. She's gonna pick Ryder up and drop him off on days that I have visits. That way you won't have to worry about seeing me or worry about me kissing you or anything. I don't want you to have to worry about that. And if Cristian was worried about that, you can tell him the same thing. You don't have to see me again after today.

Jessica: Ford, wait. I changed my mind.

Baz: So what, you have juice at the LPD?

Tomás: Juice?

Baz: How do you know what's going on?

Tomás: I made a call. We knew you'd want whatever information we could get. How are the boys?

Blair: Actually, not good. Sam's having a hard time with this, and I was going to break it to him gently, but Jack just blurted it out that his dad was dead. He's upset. They're both upstairs right now.

Tomás: Anything I can do?

Blair: No, no. Actually, I need to get some food in this house. Maybe I'll go to the Buenos Dias. It's Sam's favorite. I'll surprise him.

Tomás: Let me drive you.

Blair: That'd be nice. Starr --

Starr: I'll check on them in a while.

Blair: Right. She's my rock.

Baz: Her rock?

Starr: Yes. It means I'm reliable.

Baz: No, I know what it means, but if you feel the need to freak out or anything --

Starr: I'm ok. Dani is a mess, and you heard about my brothers, but -- ok, truth?

Baz: Only.

Starr: I just keep praying that it's not true.

Baz: Which part?

Starr: That my dad had anything to do with this. I just got him back. I don't want to lose him again.

Baz: You won't.

Starr: But if he shot Victor, if he killed him, then he could go to prison.

Baz: I don't think that's gonna happen.

John: We are looking at every suspect in this murder.

Todd: Really? 'Cause it kind of feels like you're only looking at me.

John: It's like the lawyer said -- you had motive, means, and opportunity and no alibi.

Todd: I also have brains, right? You really think I'm that stupid?

John: Manning, I don't know how smart you are.

Todd: Téa, you know me. Tell him. What is the single-most important thing in my life to me?

Téa: Um -- I give up.

Todd: My kids. I wouldn't have killed Victor. If I had, it would have cost me everything.

John: Like you said, the man had your life.

Todd: No. I have my life. I finally have my life back after 8 years. I'm not gonna screw that up. Yeah, I couldn't stand the guy. I hated him. I wanted my money back. I wanted my newspaper back. But most of all, I wanted my kids back. I wasn't gonna kill Victor, because if I had -- Danielle and Jack, they would hate my guts. It would break Starr's heart.

Starr: You know something about my dad in prison? You have inside info with the LPD?

Baz: Oh, yeah, that's me. Big man.

Starr: No, seriously. Do you know what happened last night?

Baz: Maybe. All I know is that my dad lied about where he was when Victor Lord was killed.

Todd: I'd really like a chance to get to know our daughter. I've barely even spoken to Danielle. And I have a granddaughter. Can you believe that? Jack's been pulled on and twisted in so many different directions, he doesn't know he is or where he is. These people need me. Can you believe that I would ever say anything like that? Please, Téa, for them, you have to take my case.

Téa: I can't believe you're still asking.

Todd: You're the best lawyer in town. I'll give you $5 million.

Téa: Is that supposed to be funny?

Todd: Kind of. You married me for $5 million --

Téa: I thought you didn't have any money.

Todd: This, I -- I -- for Dani, then. Do it for our daughter.

Natalie: Brody? I mean Officer Lovett threatened Victor Lord? Why?

Tracy: I don't know.

Natalie: No, I mean how. What did he do that was so threatening?

Tracy: Officer Lovett barged into the office. He flashed his badge at me and said he had to see Mr. Lord. Mr. Lord told me to leave. I did, but I stayed by the door. Something felt wrong. I heard them start to argue. It got louder, and I got concerned. So I went back in. I stayed in the back. Officer Lovett never saw me. I'm not sure he would have noticed anyone, he was so furious. That's when I heard it.

Natalie: What?

Tracy: He threatened to kill Mr. Lord.

Ford: You changed your mind? About what?

Jessica: A few things. First of all, there's nothing going on between Cristian and me.

Ford: There's not?

Jessica: We were just talking about high school, first love, and it got a little intense, but we're not getting back together.

Ford: Ok. What else did you change your mind about?

Jessica: You don't have to worry about coming over here, not on my account. You can pick Ryder up and you can drop him off yourself if you want to, unless you're too uncomfortable seeing me.

Cristian: It was a good thing that I went to see Jessica, but we realized that we can't go back.

Rama: So instead, you're flying halfway around the world?

Cristian: It's a dream job.

Rama: Then I will try and be happy for you.

Cristian: Vimal will be happy for both of you.

Rama: Quite true, but I'll miss you.

Tomás: You ok? You want to wait in the car, I'll get the food.

Blair: I just need a minute before I go in there and face people. I can't believe that this is happening. How could Todd be in trouble? And it's my fault.

Tomás: Excuse me?

Blair: If I hadn't have told him there was a gun in Dorian's safe, then --

Tomás: Are you kidding? You think Todd Manning couldn't find a gun if he wanted one? This is not your fault.

Blair: What if he did it?

Tomás: Blair, you don't know that. And I'm willing to bet Victor's death had nothing to do with you at all.

Blair: Why would you say that? Do you know something?

Téa: Don't you dare use Daniella to manipulate me.

Todd: I'm not trying to manipulate --

Téa: You'd say anything. You would do anything.

Todd: Because I need you.

Téa: Why? In what kind of sick fantasy do I get you off the hook for murdering my husband? I am never going to defend you.

Todd: Hold on. To be clear, ok? Victor was guilty, right? You represented him. He kidnapped Marty, played some weird game of house with her, and you represented him, and he was guilty. At least I'm innocent.

Téa: Like hell you are. Detective, you let me know what you need from me to convict Todd. I am willing to make a statement, to testify as to how much Todd hated Victor. You let me know.

John: I'll let you know.

Téa: Ok. I'm gonna make it my life's work to see you rot for this.

John: It's just me, but I think you might want to get a different lawyer.

Todd: Why? Are you charging me with Victor's murder?

Natalie: You actually heard Officer Lovett say, "I'll kill you"?

Tracy: Well, not exactly that.

Natalie: What exactly did you hear Officer Lovett say to Mr. Lord?

Tracy: When I came in, Officer Lovett was saying, "How clear do you want me to be? If you do anything to destroy what I have, you're a dead man." That's a death threat, isn't it?

John: All the evidence is pointing your way.

Todd: Am I under arrest?

John: No, not at this time.

Todd: You need to go find Dorian's gun.

John: It's at the top of my list.

Todd: Can I go?

John: Yeah. Hey, Manning? Do me one favor. Don't leave town.

Todd: Why would I? Everything I have is here. This time, I'm gonna keep it.

Starr: You think your dad had something to do with Victor's murder?

Baz: My dad was mad that Aunt Téa didn't leave Victor when she found out who he was, and he's always hated the guy.

Starr: There are a lot of people who hated him.

Baz: A lot of people with CIA training who know exactly what's going on at the police station? What kind of call did he make to find that out?

Starr: Do you really think that your dad is capable of --

Baz: We know he's capable. Last night, he was supposed to meet me, but he shows up late with some lame story, looking guilty.

Natalie: And you're sure about the date this happened?

Tracy: Positive. Can I go now?

Natalie: Yeah, thank you, Tracy. You did the right thing.

Tracy: I hope so.

Natalie: Listen, I promise -- I won't drop this. I'll make sure that we look into it. Why? What could Victor destroy of yours?

John: Natalie? Something wrong?

Starr: Baz, what happened?

Baz: My dad was supposed to meet me at Capricorn. And I waited for two hours, but he never showed. So I go to the diner and that's when he came in.

Starr: And he hadn't called?

Baz: No. At first, I thought he just blew me off, but then he makes up this bogus story about a flat tire.

Starr: Tires do go flat.

Baz: And wipe out your cell phone?

Starr: There was a storm.

Baz: Right when he conveniently goes missing? How long does it take to change a tire?

Starr: That is weird.

Baz: It's worse. I was reading the paper this morning. It turns out that my dad was AWOL exactly when Victor was killed.

Blair: What do you know about Victor's murder? Oh, Téa!

Téa: Hey.

Blair: I am so sorry. I haven't even had a chance to stop by and see you. I've been dealing with the boys.

Téa: You'll never believe what just happened to me, where I've just been.

Blair: Starr said that you were at the police station.

Téa: Yeah, that son of a bitch Todd just tried to hire me to defend him.

Tomás: He's under arrest?

Téa: I have no idea. I'll talk to you about it over -- I need some flan or a drink or a gun of my own.

Cristian: Téa. Hey, I wanted to see you.

Téa: Yeah, I haven't been home. I've --

Cristian: I know. I was gonna actually call you from the airport.

Blair: Airport? Where are you going?

Natalie: Um, what about my Uncle Todd? Did you arrest him?

John: We don't have enough to hold him.

Natalie: But you will.

John: I don't know. As he pointed out, he'd have to be stupid to kill Victor. Although, I'm not sure stupidity is enough to stop Manning.

Natalie: It hasn't in the past.

John: And certainly Victor had plenty of enemies, so we need to track down every lead. We need to interview every suspect before we make an arrest. Now tell me.

Natalie: Tell you what?

John: Come on. I always know when something's bothering you. What's going on?

Ford: I would like to pick Ryder up and drop him off myself.

Jessica: It's probably less confusing for him.

Ford: Yeah. I think so, too. Don't worry. I'm not such a jerk that I can't keep my hands to myself. What happened before is not gonna happen again.

Jessica: I believe you.

Ford: I just want us to be friends, Jess. It would be so much easier -- for Ryder. There's gonna be things that we both want to do with him.

Jessica: Yeah, lots of milestones, like the first day of school.

Ford: Ah! Don't even start.

Jessica: No, it's pretty rough, but he comes home with finger- paintings and macaroni paper plate sculptures.

Ford: I'm so glad that you've done this already. But I think I can handle the T-ball league.

Jessica: What about his first dance?

Ford: Oh, no, that's all yours. Everything in the first love department, actually.

Jessica: I think that he's gonna need us both.

Ford: I don't know how much help I'll be.

Jessica: Why not?

Ford: I didn't have a first love in high school.

Jessica: Are you serious?

Ford: You didn't see me then. I was a scrawny underfed runt. Then I got to college and decided to work out and decided I was God's gift to women.

Jessica: So you never had a first love?

Ford: I didn't say that.

Tomás: Barcelona's amazing. You're gonna love it. You gotta check out the Gaudi.

Cristian: Yeah. It's gonna be amazing. But it feels like bad timing for everyone else here. Téa, I am so sorry.

Carlotta: We'll look after her.

Téa: You go. You go and be happy. Grab as much happiness as you can, 'cause you never know when it's gonna be taken away from you. Ok?

Tomás: Oh, Téa, come on.

Cristian: She's not ok.

Blair: We'll take care of her. I can't believe you're leaving.

Cristian: Yeah, I know. Me neither. I'm really sorry about Capricorn.

Blair: Oh, stop. Who cares about Capricorn? I can find somebody to replace you. I just -- can't replace your friendship.

Cristian: Neither can I replace yours. You are one of a kind, Blair. I've learned a lot from you.

Blair: Why, I certainly hope so. I hope you find all kinds of happiness where you're going.

Cristian: And I hope you find it here.

Blair: Oh!

Starr: You really think your dad could have done this?

Baz: I got no reason not to.

Starr: Exactly. You don't even get along.

Baz: No, I don't trust him. Big difference.

Starr: I don't think Tomás had anything to do with this. And as much as I want to believe that my dad didn't have anything to do with it either --

Baz: You think?

Starr: He never saw Victor as an innocent victim. And he did steal the gun from my aunt's safe.

Baz: You think Todd is the killer?

Starr: I don't know what I think. I'm just trying to prepare myself for any of the possibilities.

[Cell phone rings]

Starr: Go ahead.

Baz: Hello? Yeah, that's me. You did? Yeah, that's great. Thanks.

Starr: That looked like a good phone call.

Baz: It's fantastic.

Starr: So tell me.

Baz: Really, are you sure?

Starr: No, really, I could use good news about anything right now.

Baz: I sent the demo of our tracks out to a few producers, and one just called back. He loves it.

Starr: Seriously?

Baz: Yeah, he wants us to meet his A&R guy. He thinks it's a hit.

Starr: Oh, my God! That's amazing!

[Doorbell rings]

Starr: I should get that.

Natalie: It's no big deal.

John: Come on, try me.

Natalie: I think it's just -- my uncle's murder. I think it hit me harder than I realized.

John: Ok. Well, don't work too late. Why don't you get out of here, go home to your little boy?

Natalie: Sounds like a great idea.

Tomás: I didn't realize you and Cristian were ever that close.

Blair: Yeah, we were. Very close and very, very, very good friends. I'm gonna miss him a lot.

Tomás: We're all gonna miss him.

Blair: Yeah.

Jessica: Who was your first love?

Ford: The first woman I ever had real feelings for was Langston.

Jessica: That was last year.

Ford: Yeah, see? I've been a jerk for a really long time.

Jessica: I remember.

Ford: I didn't care about anybody else's feelings. All that mattered was the moves, to score. I was a dog for a really long time. I mean, look what I did to you.

Jessica: We got Ryder because of it.

Ford: I hope I've changed.

Jessica: Was that because of Langston?

Ford: Well, Langston was the -- she was the first woman that ever made me want to be different, the first time I ever wanted a relationship and not just sex.

Jessica: But it wasn't love.

Ford: I thought it was at the time.

Jessica: Then if it wasn't Langston, who was your first love?

Ford: The first woman I ever loved -- was Tess.

Cristian: Yeah, I'll have my stuff moved out by the end of the month. Ok, thanks. I can't even think of what else I need to do.

Carlotta: Don't worry about things here. I'll take care of whatever you need. Just go. Go. Go and pack your suitcase -- before you miss your plane.

Cristian: Gracias, por todo, Mami. Gracias por mi vida.

Carlotta: Te quiero mucho.

Rama: Cristian. I'm sorry I was wrong about Jessica.

Cristian: Oh, come on. Don't worry about it.

Rama: But listen. I am right about love. You're gonna find it.

Cristian: Rama.

Rama: I have a feeling. Your true love? She's out there, waiting for you.

Cristian: You should hang out with my mom. Wish me luck.

Rama: I wish you only good things.

Cristian: Thank you.

Blair: Can I get you a dessert?

Téa: Why would you do that?

Blair: 'Cause I owe you. After that stupid fight we had over that stupid kiss that I gave Victor. I don't even know what I was thinking.

Téa: Yeah, me neither. We've been nice to each other for about a year. I guess we were due.

Blair: Yeah, I know. Listen, there's no doubt in my mind, and I hope there's no doubt in yours, that Victor loved you very much.

Starr: Dad, what are you doing --

Todd: What's he doing here?

Baz: It's great to meet you. I am --

Todd: You're Tomás Delgado's kid. I know who you are.

Starr: I thought you were at the police station.

Todd: Yeah, I was trying to clear my name.

Starr: Did you?

Todd: John McBain has it in for me, but he couldn't prove I had anything to do with Victor's death.

Starr: Are there any other suspects?

Todd: There's lots of suspects. Lots of people in this world hated Victor. Plenty of them have guns. Lots of people know how to use guns.

Baz: Look, I'm gonna let you guys --

Todd: Ok, that's a great idea. So long, then. Auf wiedersehen. Ciao. A bientôt. Adios. I'm so sorry. I did not mean to intrude.

Starr: Oh, you didn't?

Todd: That's my job.

Starr: You're in so much trouble. How do you even have time --

Todd: To be your dad? Starr, come on. I always have time to be your dad. I have something to say. I did not kill Victor Lord. I didn't. I swear. I need you to believe me. I need to know that you're on my side, Starr.

Starr: I am.

Todd: But do you believe me? I would never do anything to hurt you or your brother or your sister. And yeah, I hated Victor, but I would never hurt you like that. You know that.

Starr: I do. I don't think you killed Victor. I believe you, Dad.

John: Drag down by the docks and drag every lake, every storm drain. This is a priority. We need the gun that shot Victor Lord. I want a status report in one hour. I'll be here. You can't get enough of me? You still hanging around?

Baz: Lieutenant McBain?

John: Yeah.

Natalie: I'll talk to you later.

John: Ok.

Baz: I'm Tomás Delgado's son.

John: I remember. What can I do for you?

Baz: Check out his alibi about last night?

John: Why should I do that?

Baz: Because I think he lied about where he was when Victor Lord was shot.

Tomás: Keep me posted on the investigation. No, my sister and my niece are safe from Victor Lord. That's all I care about.

Blair: Hey. How's Dani?

Téa: Oh, she slept with me in my room last night, and she shook all night. All night, she just -- she shook.

Blair: But you took care of her.

Téa: Oh, I tried. How are the boys?

Blair: Jack is Jack, and Sam -- he refuses to believe -- don't. Don't worry about --

Téa: No, I want to know how they're doing.

Blair: I know you do. I know that you love them, and I know that you're worried, but you don't have to 'cause I can take care of it, all right? You got enough on your plate. Let me get you home.

Téa: Ok.

Blair: I don't even know how you're holding up. I bet you feel like you need to scream, throw something, or collapse.

Téa: Oh, you know how I like to do all three.

Blair: Téa. I'll catch you. It's ok. I'll catch you.

[Téa crying]

Jessica: I'm sorry that your first love was my alter ego.

Ford: Hey, don't sell her short.

Jessica: I just can't believe that Tess taught you anything about real love.

Ford: You don't have to. I know.

Jessica: Ok.

Ford: Besides, I'm a dad now. That's the biggest kind of love there is, right?

Jessica: Can't argue with that.

Ford: Something wrong?

Jessica: It's just I'm sorry that you don't have memories like this. Cristian wrote this for me. First love was just so sweet, so perfect.

Ford: You can have that again. Right? Tell me that grown-up love is something like what you're talking about --

Jessica: Yes! Yes, it definitely is good, too. Even better if you can get over the heartbreak and let it in again.

Ford: You will.

Jessica: You will, too.

Ford: Thanks for being a friend.

Jessica: You too.

Ford: Later.

Jessica: "I ne'er was struck before that hour with love so sudden and so sweet her face it bloomed like a sweet flower and stole my heart away complete."

Erin: Puedo ayudarte?

Cristian: I speak English.

Erin: Oh, is it that obvious?

Cristian: I'm looking for 302. Art History?

Erin: This is 304. English Poetry.

Cristian: Yeah, I should have guessed by the John Clare.

Erin: Oh. You know your poetry. Are you ok?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Must be the jet lag. I just flew in last night from the States.

Erin: You're the new art teacher. We're gonna be seeing a lot of each other.

Cristian: I'm Cristian.

Erin: I'm Erin. Um, are you sure you're ok?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah. You just remind me of someone I used to know.

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