OLTL Transcript Wednesday 8/24/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 8/24/11


Episode # 11008

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Viki: Well, I'm glad I found you. I did not remember you had this much stuff.

Joey: Well, most of it is Kelly's. She had to go out and run a quick errand.

Viki: She's coming back, isn't she? Clint's gonna want to see you both.

Joey: Of course. No, we're gonna say good-bye.


Joey: You hear that?

Viki: Yeah. I do. It's coming from inside here.

Joey: Dad, where did you go?

Rex: I won't give up, but you gotta tell me more. Don't give up... on you? Just give me a sign.

[Doorbell rings]

David: You.

Dorian: Ohh!

Women: Surprise!

Dorian: What's this?

Blair: You didn't think we would let you skip town wit proper send-off, did you?

Starr: And if the Cramer women don't know how to throw you a farewell party, who does?

Blair: Whoo-hoo.

Renee: What Asa's sons have now done to his family? Is that what you said?

Bo: Yeah. Look at those who love him. Look what he did to David. To Nora. Balsom.

Renee: Look, I understand how you can say that about Clint, but you?

Bo: Yeah. I let my own son down.

Renee: Matthew?

Bo: Yes. How could I let something like that happen to him? After Drew, I would never--

Renee: You can't.

Bo: Pa said that you measured a man two ways. One is my his family. The other is his word. I came up short on both of those.

Renee: You just stop, Bo Buchanan. I love you. But you are talking like a damn fool.


[Beeping stops]

Viki: Clint is nowhere on the grounds, and his car is gone.

Joey: Unbelievable. What is Dad thinking?

Viki: Your father is really, really good at giving orders and really bad at following them.

Joey: So he cuts off his ankle monitor and makes a break for it. Does he honestly think that he's gonna escape?

Viki: I'm not sure escaping was his intention.

Rex: I asked Gigi for a sign. Somehow I don't think it's you. What the hell are you doing here?

Clint: I was aiming for a father-son moment.

Renee: How dare you count this family out.

Bo: No. I'm not. I'm speaking for me.

Renee: Stop it. This family's had a lot of troubles. There's no doubt about that. But you are all stronger than all of it. And look at your oldest son. David Vickers Buchanan, first-class good-for-nothing till he found out that you were his father, and now he has tried his damnedest to earn that name. Don't get me wrong; the man is still a boob. But he's not trying to sell me a bridge any longer and that's all because of you, Bo.

Bo: No, David is definitely the surprise of the year.

Renee: And there'll be more next year. I don't know what you could've done about Matthew. Followed him around 24 hours a day, never let anything touch him. What happened to that boy is a tragedy, Bo. But it is not your fault. Matthew will be back. It will be tough, but he will be.

Bo: You know, you're starting to sound like him.

Renee: I was a good listener.

Bo: No, you gave just as good as you got.

Renee: Asa was proud of his boys till the day he died. I see him every time I look at you and Clint.

David: I never thought you'd have the nerve to show your cleavage in this town again.

Kim: Good one, David. You know, that's almost as funny as when you blackmailed me into leaving my husband. Remember when I said I'd make you pay for that?

David: So you're here for payback?

Kim: No. I'm here to get Clint back.

Renee: You know, we've had a lot of troubles, but we sure have a lot to be grateful for.

Bo: You know what? You're right. We do. And I think it's about time that I start telling people I'm gonna be a grandpa.

Renee: David? And Dorian?

[Bo and Renee laugh]

Starr: Come on. You are the guest of honor.

Dorian: Oh, no. You didn't. My face on the cake?

Blair: Oh, wow. She's stunned.

Kelly: The only thing that would've stunned her is if we hadn't thrown you a party. You'd have been crushed and you know it.

Addie: No one would ever have known the end of it.

Dorian: Oh, well, if that's your way of thanking me for instilling in you good manners, you're quite welcome. Ok. Let's cut this cake.

Addie: Not yet. It's your present first.

Dorian: What? A gift, too? Will the bliss not cease? Gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme. Oh, thank you, girls. Oh, my. What is--it's an album.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Oh, I can't wait to-- ohh! Look at your beautiful face. I love those dresses. Oh, and that one, too. Oh, they're--uh-oh. Who picked that one?

Blair: What's wrong with that picture?

Dorian: That's that whole Indian-schmindian. I don't like it.

Kelly: I like it.

Dorian: No, no, no.

Kelly: No, no, no. Oh...

Starr: Aunt Dorian, the whole reason we did this was so that you won't forget any of us. Right?

Kelly: Or any of the crazy things we've been through together.

Dorian: Then I guess it's true.

Blair: What's true?

Dorian: I am leaving.

Blair: No, you are not leaving, Dorian. You're going to bigger and better things.

Starr: Yeah, like the United States Senate.

Blair: Yes!

Addie: When you get your picture taken with the president, would you please send me a copy?

Kelly: She better send everybody a copy or we won't ever talk to her again.

Blair: She's gonna be way too busy doing her job to be sending out photos to all of us. Come on.

Starr: Yeah, she's gonna be passing legislation.

Blair: Whoo-hoo!

Starr: Making history. Aunt Dorian, you are going to get along just fine without us.

Dorian: My question is, how are you all gonna get along without me? Hmm?

Viki: He's not answering his cell phone.

Joey: Did you expect him to?

Viki: No.

Joey: These monitors come equipped with tons of sensors. You tamper with them, an alarm goes off. The entire LPD could be mobilizing as we speak.

Viki: Oh, wonderful. We'll have a SWAT team come barreling through this door.

Joey: They'll catch up with him, Mom. And then when they do, he may actually end up at Statesville after all.

Viki: No, no, no. No. Joey, he can't go to prison. We cannot let that happen.

Rex: A father-son moment? From the man who spent my whole life trying to pretend he didn't have a son?

Clint: Well. I wasn't talking about you and me. Today is the anniversary of the death of my father, and every year since he died, I came into this room and had a private ceremony.

Rex: What do you do--burn incense or something?

Clint: Incense? No. Asa Buchanan was more of a bourbon man. And this only takes a couple of moments, so--

Rex: Get out.

Clint: Is it really asking that much?

Rex: I said get out before I call the cops and they haul you off to Statesville.

Clint: You are not going to do that.

Rex: Why not?

Clint: Because you know what it's like to lose someone. You do everything you can to keep them alive.

Bo: No. Not David and Dorian.

Renee: Oh, that was a fairly good bet.

Bo: It's Matthew. Right before his accident.

Renee: I don't know what to say.

Bo: It was a surprise. It's a good thing. And it's gonna be tough.

Renee: Tough is what Buchanans live for.

Clint: All I want is a few minutes with my father to remember some good times. I figured if anyone would know what that's like, it would be you. Are you gonna turn me in?

Blair: You know, Dorian, we've been asking ourselves that exact question. Ever since you've chosen to serve the country, we just don't know how we're gonna manage without you.

Starr: But then we said that we are Cramer women, and we will find a way.

Kelly: We'll muddle through, won't we?

Addie: And while we're muddling, someone will be meddling.

Dorian: Addie!

Blair: In other words, Dorian, you're not gonna be here-- listen. You're not gonna be here to give us that advice that we have grown to appreciate. That's what you mean, Mama.

Addie: I do?

Kelly: Yes, you do, and we are going to miss turning to you whenever we want for those heart-to-heart talks.

Dorian: My door has always been open.

Addie: Sure. It's easier to eavesdrop.

Dorian: Addie!

Kelly: You know what I was just thinking about right now? When I first came to Llanview, I didn't know how long I was gonna stay, but because you took such good care of me, I never wanted to leave.

Dorian: Until now.

Kelly: Well, that's because you got me back on my feet.

Dorian: I think Joe had a little bit to do with it.

Kelly: Because you told me to hang in there and fight for him. Would you please take some credit?


Dorian: Ok. I will take credit. Thank you very much. And what about the two of you?

Blair: What about us?

Dorian: You've both got a lot going on, don't you?

Starr: Well, I did just find out that the man I've been calling Dad for 8 years is a completely different person, but we still care about each other, and I don't know what exactly is going on right now.

Blair: Who does? I don't know who I was married to, who helped raise my kids for the last 8 years. This holiday season's gonna be a bear.

Dorian: That settles it.

Blair and Kelly: What?

Dorian: I'm not leaving.

David: Yeah, like that's gonna happen. Clint Buchanan is gonna take you back after you cheated on him.

Kim: I never cheated on Clint. That wasn't true.

David: No, it wasn't, was it? But we both know something that is true. And that's what you did in Kentucky.

Kim: That was a long time ago. I'm a whole different person now, and it's all because of Clint. He saw something in me nobody ever saw before. That's probably why I never got over him.

David: Well, I have some information that might help with that. He's broke, baby. No house, no company, no money.

Kim: I know.

David: You do? And you still want him? All right. What's your angle?

Rex: So how does this ceremony work?

Clint: First of all, I need a bottle of bourbon. Don't panic. I brought my own. Next, I pour a large glass for Asa, and I put the glass up next to his photograph on the mantel. Don't panic. I brought the photograph. And then I pour myself a glass, and I toast, and we drink.

Rex: "We"? You and Asa?

Clint: It's crazy, but I swear the old man can still knock it back.

Rex: If you think I'm gonna let you screw up Gigi's heart, you're crazy.

Clint: Thank you, son.

Addie: I knew this would happen.

Blair: Your voters are counting on you.

Starr: You know what? Mom's right. You can't back out now.

Dorian: Why not?

Starr: Because I just signed up for two Poli Sci classes in your honor. I was planning on that extra credit so I could visit my famous aunt on Capitol Hill.

Blair: You can visit her anytime, sweetheart. It's only two hours away. If there's any drama, we can just call you, right?

Addie: Or text you. I love texting. I love all those abbreviations.

Kelly: It's not like you're leaving forever.

Dorian: Why are you all pushing me out the door?

Blair: Pushing you out the door?

Dorian: I know you want me to leave. You do, you're pushing me, and I haven't even had my cake.

Starr: No. Aunt Dorian, ever since I was a little girl, you have told me to fulfill my destiny, and that's what we want you to do right now.

Kelly: You're not gonna be a big fish in a little pond anymore. You're gonna be on the world stage.

Blair: Yeah. And we know how happy that big audience makes you.

Starr: And that's all we want, is for you to be happy.

Dorian: And that's all I've ever wanted for all of you as well.

Addie: Well, I'm happy. It took me a while to get there, but I'm now doing everything I always wanted to do.

Blair: That's great, Mama, and you know what? In spite of everything that's going on with the crazy Mannings, we're happy, too, aren't we, sweetheart?

Starr: We are. We have a lot of love in our lives.

Kelly: Ditto. Joey, me, and Zane--we finally have the family we've always wanted.

Dorian: You are so right about fulfilling your destiny. I'm being called to do important work far away, and yet as I look at all of you... I've never been more proud of what I have done in my entire life.

Kim: There is no angle. I love Clint, and I finally learned there are more important things in life than money.

David: Debatable. But you knew Clint when he was healthy and rich. What's to say your heart's gonna go pitter-pat now that he's sick and poor?

Kim: You've heard of wedding vows, right? Richer, poorer, sickness, health.

David: So what makes you think Clint will take you back?

Kim: Because he busted his butt trying to track me down, and when he found out you were the reason I left, he sent you all the way to Siberia.

David: Morocco, but props to you for getting close to reality.

Kim: All I want is the chance to win back the man I love. Can't you let me do that?

Viki: When your father shows up here, I'm going to have some choice words for him, and he's going to wish that he were on his way to Statesville.

Joey: Whatever you do say to him, believe me, he deserves it.

Viki: How dare he do this! Against all odds, we managed to keep him out of prison, close to his family. First chance he gets, he throws it all away.

Joey: All we can do now is just hope that Uncle Bo will look the other way.

Viki: Maybe Uncle Bo is sick and tired of doing that. Maybe Uncle Bo is just going to hand him right over to the judge. If he does that, Clint's going to have something serious to worry about. You know, the court showed mercy the first time. They're not inclined to do it twice.

Joey: You're really worried about him.

Viki: Of course, I'm worried about him! The man has a heart condition. Joey, if he goes to jail, there's no guarantee that he will live.

Joey: You're amazing.

Viki: Oh, I'm not amazing!

Joey: Yes, you are. All right? Dad put you through so much, and you have stood by him through everything, all right? The heart attack, the surgery, the trial? And then to top it off, you let him move in here? How many people would do that?

Viki: What am I supposed to do? Abandon him?

Joey: No, but you didn't have to let him live here.

Viki: Oh, for heaven's sakes. He's the father of my children. I care about the man. I always will.

Joey: Do you know, Mom, it's funny. I used to say the same thing about Kelly. I'm serious. We have history, and I've always cared for her, but it was more than caring. I loved her.

Viki: Oh, Joey. What are you trying to say?

Joey: Kelly and I broke up, got back together, got married, broke up again, got back together again. Does any of this sound familiar?

Viki: It is not the same, darling.

Joey: Really? You're sure about that? Ok, Mom. Look, it took us a long time, but Kelly and I finally got back together. We're meant for each other. And sooner or later, you and Dad are gonna realize the same goes for you, too.

Viki: That's a very touching thought.

Joey: It's more than a thought. You and Dad belong together, just like Grandpa always said you did.

Rex: Bo.

Clint: I hope you didn't bring your handcuffs.

Bo: I do arrest people who break the law, and when you left Llanfair, that's what you did.

Clint: I was gonna have Nigel take me right back. But first, I wanted to--

Bo: I know. I know. I can see what you're doing here. You sure you're all right with this? You know, Balsom... it's too bad that Pa didn't get the chance to know that you were his grandson. Now, don't get me wrong. Asa was tough as nails. It wasn't easy being his son.

Clint: The Buchanan name meant everything to him.

Bo: Oh, yeah, and if he thought that you weren't doing it proud, he didn't mind letting you know. And Pa could hurt the people that he should've loved the most, but he was... he was willing to admit when he was wrong about something. Or someone. To Pa. Here's hoping that we learned from your strengths and your weaknesses.

Clint: Here's to you, Pa.

Dorian: Is there anything better than champagne in the afternoon?

Blair: Maybe love in the afternoon.

Addie: Now you're talking.

Kelly: Addie!

Starr: What? She's got a point.

Dorian: I'd like to propose a toast.

Blair: No, you can't propose a toast. You are the lady of honor. Somebody else go first. Kelly, jump up here.

Kelly: Oh, ok, I will. Uh... when I came to you last year, I was at a terrible place in my life. I had just lost my mother and I had so many questions. I had absolutely no answers. But you were there. You encouraged me to find out what happened to her.

Dorian: Your mother would be very proud of you.

Kelly: I hope so. But we know how hard her life was, and how much she struggled. But you... you, the mother to me that I never had. And there are no words to thank you for that. I love you very much.

Viki: You are such a romantic.

Joey: Since when is that a bad thing?

Viki: It's not a bad thing. It's just that when people are in love, they want the whole world to jump on the bandwagon and be in love as well. And children, even grownup children, never really lose that fantasy of a storybook family.

Joey: Oh, Mom. I gave up that whole fantasy of a storybook family when I was a teenager. One thing we're not is picture perfect.

Viki: No, we're not. We're not boring.

Joey: That's right. That's right. And I wouldn't have it any other way. So believe me when I say I don't have some childhood fantasy about you and Dad. But to be honest with you, Mom, I have noticed things between the two of you.

Viki: What things?

Joey: Patience. Understanding. Dad's a lot different when he's around you. He's not so driven. It's almost like--I don't know. You make him appreciate everything that he has.

Viki: Oh. So that means he was so happy that he sawed off his ankle monitor and split.

Joey: Mom... Mom, whatever that was about, trust me, that wasn't about you. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to him. Believe me, I think he's finally realizing it.

Clint: You can still feel Asa in this room.

Bo: He's here. There is no doubt about it.

Rex: You guys do what you have to do. I gotta take care of something.

Bo: Hey, Balsom. Thanks for giving us this time. Clint and I can smile when we think about Pa. I hope that you get that same chance one day.

Rex: I won't hold my breath.

Nigel: I'm sure you must be displeased, Mr. Balsom.

Rex: Lock up on your way out.

Bo: Nigel... you can take my brother now.

Nigel: Take him where, sir?

Bo: Home.

Addie: My turn. The big sister is supposed to take care of everyone else. But there was a time when I couldn't do that. So you did it for me. I can't thank you enough for that, Dorian. But now I can pay you back. Your girls--all the Cramer women--I can promise you as long as I'm here, they'll be safe. I love you, Dorrie.

Dorian: I love you, Addie. I love you so much.

Starr: You know, there are a couple Cramer women that can't be here today, including one who's taking her afternoon nap.

Dorian: You mean my precious Hope.

Starr: She's getting her beauty sleep like her aunt would want her to.

Dorian: Oh, yes. Well, the Cramer women were born with good looks, and we owe it to ourselves and to our audience to make sure that we take care of ourselves.

Starr: I just want you to know that I plan on teaching my daughter all of the things that you have taught me. To respect myself. To stay strong for myself, to fight for my family, and to remember where I came from. Thank you.

Dorian: Thank you.

Blair: Well. Hear, hear. I guess it's--it's my turn. So do you remember how we started out?

Dorian: Um, pretty much at odds, I recall.

Blair: No, I think we hated each other's guts, as I recall. But now there's probably no one in the world that I-- I trust more than you, because you have always told me the truth when I didn't want to hear it. Especially when I didn't want to hear it. And I have grown to learn that that is very rare. So to you, my dear Dorian, who is very, very rare. I'm gonna drink this and then I'm gonna hug you later.

Dorian: Better hurry up and drink, because I need that hug. Get over here.

Kelly: Ha ha ha!

Dorian: Mm. Hug.

Kim: Just promise you won't try to stop me.

David: I don't know if I can do that, Kim. You see, we Buchanans, we live by a special creed. I have to protect my uncle.

Kim: But he's not in any danger. Not from me. How could I be after his money if he doesn't have any? Huh? But you obviously do. You've got the wife, the big house, the movie career-- you gotta be happy. So share the wealth. Can't I get a shot at some happiness, too?

David: Ok.

Kim: Ok?

David: Yeah. Like you said, I'm happy. In fact, I'm delirious. So I'm feeling generous. Have at him. Clint's all yours. He'll never see what's coming. And he'll never find out what happened at the Spotted Pony.

Kim: Yeah.

David: At least not from me.

Viki: I appreciate your very kind words and your hope for your father. It's not-- what the hell have you done?

Clint: All right. Let me just offer a blanket apology. I'm sorry if I worried anyone.

Joey: "If"?

Clint: Like I said, I'm sorry, there was something I just had to take care of.

Joey: Too bad it involved cutting off your ankle monitor. You know, I actually heard the police get pretty ticked off about that. Dad, what are you gonna do when they show up to haul you off to the state pen?

Clint: Not gonna happen.

Viki: I wouldn't be too sure of that.

Clint: Don't worry, I'm legal.

Viki: Where did that come from?

Clint: It was a gift from my little brother. He had a very nice police officer get me a replacement.

Joey: I guess Uncle Bo decided to cut him some slack after all.

Viki: Lucky for you. Do you have any idea what kind of a chance you took? How close you came to blowing a perfectly wonderful arrangement?

Clint: I promise I will not take any more chances.

Viki: You had better not. And when I get back, I expect to find you exactly where I left you--right here.

Clint: Wait. Wait, wait! Where are you going?

Viki: Where am I going? Oh! Maybe I have something to take care of.

Clint: What's the matter with your mother?

Joey: Dad, she's worried about you. From the looks of it, you're worried about her, too.

Clint: Yeah. Of course, I am. We have a long past together.

Joey: Yeah, a past. Right. There's a lot of that going around.

Blair: I love you.

Dorian: I love you. Ok. So now it's my turn.

Kelly: Ok.

Dorian: I want to thank you all very much for this party. But most of all, I want to thank you for letting me be part of your life. And for sharing that very special bond that we all have as Cramer women. I salute you.

Starr: All right. Let's make a record of this. If we can-- [Laughs] If we can.

Kelly: All together.

Blair: Come on, Mama.

Starr: Our last Cramer girl photo. Whoops.

Dorian: Ooh. No worries. Here.

Blair: Come on, come on, come on.

Dorian: Ok, ready? Cramer attitude. Sell it.

Kelly: Whoo-hoo!

[Camera's shutter clicks]

Rex: People say coming here's supposed to help. It's supposed to bring me closer to you. It doesn't. I look at this stone and it says that you're supposed to be here. But how can I believe that? If I did, that would make it true. When you realize that depression has left you nowhere to go.

Clint: Did I mention how happy you've made me? Both of you. On the other hand, I'm not too happy that you're going away.

Joey: Don't worry about it. You're not getting rid of us.

Kelly: We have already promised Zane we're bringing him back to the States for his birthday.

Clint: I can't wait to see that boy. It's been way too long.

Joey: He wants to hear all about the Buchanan family history.

Clint: The real version or the cleaned-up version?

Joey: You're right. You should probably let us talk to him first before we ruin him for life. Take care of yourself, Dad.

Kelly: That is an order.

Clint: I will. You do the same.

Joey: I will.

Clint: Now go. Before you miss your flight.

Joey: Ok. I love you. You ready?

Kelly: My darling, I have been ready for many years. Ever since our first chapter.

Joey: It took us a little while to get our happy ending, but... I think it was well worth the wait.

Kelly: Yeah.

Clint: Kimberly?

Kim: Hey, stranger.

Rex: You're the only one who can convince me to give up, Morasco. That's why I asked you for a sign. But I haven't seen you since. Is that it? Is that the sign? Maybe it is. Maybe it's time.

Blair: Well, your wife just had a fabulous bon voyage party. What's that?

David: Hej. Hur mar du.

Blair: Excuse me?

Addie: Swedish.

Blair: Oh.

David: I either ordered a steak or I'm looking for the library. I don't really know. Where's Dorian?

Blair: There's one crucial person that Dorian needs to say good-bye to before she leaves.

Addie: Even if she doesn't know it.

David: Should I be jealous? Just how crucial are we talking about?

Blair: Probably the most important person in Dorian's life.

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