OLTL Transcript Monday 8/15/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/15/11


Episode # 11001

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Old Todd: I don't know about you, but I never liked David Vickers. I sure am glad he held on to that diary. You don't want me to see it? What are you afraid it's gonna prove?

Dani: So how long until we get the new DNA test on Dad and...and not-Dad?

Téa: Soon. I'm sorry it's so confusing.

Dani: It's not your fault. This is weird for both of us.

[Knocking on door]

Blair: I need to talk to you about the Todd situation.

Téa: Hi, Blair.

Dani: Guess we're not the only ones. I'm gonna go see Destiny. Um...call me?

Téa: I will. Soon as I know anything, all right?

Dani: Yeah.

Téa: What's up? Do you know something I don't know?

Blair: You bet I do.

Mrs. Evans: How the hell do you get off messing with my daughter's life? Who do you think you are, telling my daughter what to do?

Nora: Is Destiny all right?

Mrs. Evans: Oh, Destiny's fine. She's 17 years old, and she's having a baby, thanks to you.

Dani: Des! I was just coming to check on you. Shouldn't you be at home in bed or resting or something?

Destiny: I didn't have the abortion. I couldn't go through with it.

Starr: Where do you go with nothing to cling to? Your head in the clouds the rainbow's behind you it's so hard to breathe always searching for-- oh! I didn't think you would be back here in time.

Baz: I'm nothing if not professional. We had a meeting scheduled.

Starr: How was Paris?

Baz: Well, my mom is nuts, but my dad made her that way.

John: Don't even think about it.

Old Todd: Go ahead. You look at it all you want. Nothing in there's gonna prove that I'm not Todd Manning.

New Todd: Give me that.

Old Todd: What, are you 4 years old?

New Todd: Just give it to me. Come on.

Old Todd: Give it back. Give me it. It's mine.

Viki: Todd!

Todd and Old Todd: What? 

Starr: I take it you didn't have a good visit.

Baz: That depends on your definition. My mom spent the whole time warning me about my father.

Starr: Sounds fun.

Baz: They haven't been together in years, but she's still obsessed.

Starr: Did you at least find the answers that you were looking for?

Baz: Oh, yeah. She couldn't wait to tell me all about the agency and how if I knew all of the things that Tomás had done for them, I'd hate him as much as she does.

Starr: You would probably agree with that part.

Baz: Maybe. I got a hundred messages from him, too. He probably wants to warn me how crazy my mom is.

Starr: I don't think it's about that.

Baz: Why? What happened?

Starr: Only the most bizarre thing to ever happen to me and my family.

Dani: Why'd you change your mind?

Destiny: Mrs. B.

Dani: You told Matthew's mom about the baby?

Destiny: No. She heard me telling Matthew what I was going to do.

Dani: Oh, no. Did she freak out?

Destiny: Yeah, but not like you think. She wanted me to keep the baby. She kept saying it's all she had left of Matthew.

Dani: That's not cool.

Destiny: I get it, though. I know how she feels. I kept thinking about it and when it came time, I--I couldn't go through with it.

Dani: Des... are you having the baby because that's what Mrs. B wants? What do you want?

Destiny: I want Matthew back.

Nora: Destiny changed her mind?

Mrs. Evans: You changed her mind, with all the guilt you put on her.

Nora: She didn't have the abortion?

Mrs. Evans: Look at you. So happy that my daughter threw away her life for your grandchild.

Nora: Well, no, she didn't have to do this--

Mrs. Evans: You had no right to interfere! This was Destiny's choice. Hers alone. She was fine. She had made it. She was fine until you butted in.

Nora: Well, she obviously had some doubts if she changed her mind.

Mrs. Evans: Yes! After all that talk about a little piece of Matthew? Yes. She told me.

Nora: I'm sorry. I'm afraid I'm losing my son.

Mrs. Evans: I know what that feels like. I know what it is to want a little piece of your child to hold on to. But you have no right to manipulate my daughter into having a child when she's already decided not to. You are so far over the line that there is-- there are no words.

Téa: Did the DNA test results come back? McBain told me that he would call me--

Blair: No, you haven't been left out of that. I don't know if the DNA tests have come back yet. I don't know.

Téa: So then what's the news?

Blair: Tomás. He promised me he was gonna find out what the hell is going on here.

Téa: Why is that news?

Blair: Because your brother seems to know a hell of a lot more than he has led on about what happened to Todd in the first place.

Téa: He admitted that to you?

Blair: Yeah. He said that he was gonna find out for sure which of these guys is the Todd that we both loved and married.

John: Put your hands where I can see them, Irene.

Irene: I'm flattered you recognized me, Lieutenant.

Brody: Do it!

Irene: No need to shout. You have no idea what you've stumbled into here. This is a government facility.

John: Oh, is it?

Irene: Tomás, you're smarter than this.

Tomás: Do I know you?

Irene: You worked for me for years.

Tomás: Really? Then I'd like to talk to you about my severance package.

Irene: Lieutenant, you, Tomás, and your other friend here will do serious jail time unless you put those weapons down.

John: I don't think so.

Blair: So by the time Tomás found Todd, Mitch Laurence had already gotten to him. Tomás turned Todd over to that Baker guy.

Téa: So Tomás was an assassin?

Blair: Tomás thought that Baker was part of the CIA. He was working for him. Well, that's what he told him. He thought Todd was a threat.

Téa: So it was Tomás' job to kill Todd. That was his job? Yeah. He didn't mention that when he told me about working for the CIA.

Blair: I think he realized how furious you would be.

Téa: You think so? So let me get this straight. Tomás is telling you this why? Because he's saying that Todd--the guy with the scar on his face is the real Todd?

Blair: He doesn't know who's the real Todd. But he and John have gone to find out.

Téa: How can we not know, Blair? Have you thought about that?

Blair: Are you kidding me? I think about it all the time. That's all I've been thinking about since the premiere.

Téa: We were married to the man. We've slept with him, before and since the surgeries. If-- if it weren't the same man, don't you think we would've known?

Viki: What are you two doing?

New Todd: We were just trying to settle this once and for all.

Old Todd: He wanted it, and he started pleading his pathetic case.

Viki: Will you stop, ok? And try and be quiet. Clint is just getting settled in.

New Todd: Clint?

Viki: Yes.

New Todd: No, no, no. He should be in jail.

Viki: No. He's far too ill to be in jail, so the judge sentenced him to house arrest.

New Todd: You will just take in any stray criminal these days, won't you?

Old Todd: If you want me to throw him out, just say the word.

Viki: Stop it. Stop it. What are you two arguing about?

Old Todd: Irene's diary.

Viki: Irene's diary? Where did you get it?

New Todd: Vickers.

Viki: How did David get it?

Old Todd: God only knows.

Viki: May I see it, please?

New Todd: Don't you have to take care of Clint?

Viki: Jessica is taking care of Clint. Do you not trust me?

Old Todd: I, for one, totally trust you, Sis. I just want you to know that.

Viki: Thank you. I just wish you would stop sniping at each other. Hopefully this will give us a clue as to which one of you is actually my brother.

Blair: I had my doubts and my questions about your Todd when he first came to Llanview, too, with that face. I just-- he felt like Todd.

Téa: I know.

Blair: And he acted like Todd.

Téa: I thought so, too, but... what if we were wrong?

Blair: You don't think it's him?

Téa: I-- I don't know. I don't know.

Blair: What about Dani? She left here so fast...

Téa: No, that wasn't about this. Dani is--she's upset. She's confused.

Blair: She has doubts.

Téa: I think Dani doesn't know what to think. How about your kids?

Blair: My kids? Oh, my gosh. Starr--she's all over the place. You know what? Jack--Jack is 100% sure that the man that you married is Todd.

Téa: Good for him.

Blair: You think it is?

Téa: I can't believe I have to wonder.

Blair: Me neither.

Téa: Do you think maybe we wanted Todd back so badly that we believed him? That... did we just see what we wanted to see?

Viki: I've actually read a lot of this before.

New Todd: Read it again.

Old Todd: Yeah, because before you weren't trying to prove that I'm me.

Viki: Ok. "Dear diary. Viki is sitting on her bed not 6 feet away from me and she has no idea. I'm dying to tell her I just spent the night with her father, but she'd never forgive me or him."

New Todd: We know all that. Skip on down.

Old Todd: Why would you talk to my sister like that?

Viki: It's all right. I don't particularly want to relive any of this. Let's see. This is about school and more about Victor. Oh, here we go. "It's official. I'm pregnant." Ah. "If it's a little girl, I will name her Tina. I wonder how Victor will take the news."

New Todd: Moving on, please?

Old Todd: Yeah.

Viki: Well, come on. We're getting closer. And this is the bookmarked page.

Old Todd: Is it finally something about me?

Viki: No. No. This is the forged entry, where Irene supposedly confessed to killing Victor. And it's bookmarked because it was used as evidence in the trial. Do you know what? At this point, I wouldn't put murder past her. She turned out to be so much more ruthless than I had ever imagined.

Irene: You have breached a high-security government facility.

John: Tear the place apart, all right? Get anything you can on Manning or Patrick Thornhart.

Irene: Don't be making it worse on yourself. You touch anything in this office--

John: Hey. Calvary ain't coming, Irene. The panic button you keep hitting with your knee, we took them out.

Irene: You can't take out the U.S. government.

John: Who are you kidding? You got no one backing you up here. A rogue operation without sanction, and we're shutting you down. You're under arrest.

Irene: For what?

John: Conspiracy to commit murder and the attempted murder of Todd Manning.

New Todd: Anything else forged in there?

Viki: I don't know.

Old Todd: You're scared about what we're gonna find out in there, aren't you?

New Todd: You want to bet your future on something David Vickers had his hands on?

Old Todd: I don't know. It's not like we have anything else to go on.

Viki: Well, that's absolutely true, but this is all we have left of Irene.

Irene: He got you inside, didn't he?

Tomás: Shame to waste all that experience you gave me.

Irene: I should've had you killed when I had the chance.

Tomás: Probably. We all have regrets.

John: You have the right to remain silent. If you give up that right--

Irene: Lieutenant. No need for the formalities. Just tell me what you really want.

John: First off, we're putting you out of business. Then you're gonna tell us what you know about Todd Manning.

New Todd: I don't trust any of this, including the DNA tests.

Viki: Well, if the DNA tests are ina--were inaccurate, then we'll find out shortly, won't we? Although my guess is that we're going to get the exact same results that you are both Todd Manning.

Old Todd: But that can't be.

Viki: Exactly. So we need some answers. And I'm willing to consider any clue Irene might have left.

Old Todd: So am I.

New Todd: All right. Go ahead.

Viki: Oh. Oh.

Old Todd: What?

Viki: This might be it. What we're looking for.

Mrs. Evans: Destiny had plans in life. Do you know how many colleges were interested in her? She was going places. This was her dream.

Nora: She can.

Mrs. Evans: Stop talking!

Nora: We don't want Destiny to give up anything.

Mrs. Evans: How the hell do you think she's going to have a baby without having to give up anything?

Nora: Bo and I will raise the baby.

Destiny: Mrs. B said she would raise the baby.

Dani: Is that what you want her to do?

Destiny: I don't know.

Dani: You never said-- ok. Des, why did you decide to have the baby?

Destiny: Because Matthew's mom is right. What if Matthew never gets better? What if this baby is the only thing we have left of him? I couldn't let that go.

Dani: So you're gonna raise the baby by yourself and be a mom, like Starr?

Baz: Ok, your family is officially more insane than mine. Two dads? What's that like?

Starr: I have no idea. I don't know anything.

Baz: How's my Aunt Téa? She must be freaked.

Starr: And my mom, and Jack, and Dani. Pretty much everyone.

Baz: So who's on whose side? I guess my dad would be on the side of the Todd who's been here, because they had their whole mysterious thing.

Starr: No. He's not-- I forgot you weren't there for that part. After you took Dani home from the premiere, your dad made this huge announcement that my dad isn't the real Todd Manning.

Baz: Seriously?

Starr: Yes. And then the other Todd Manning showed up, but we don't even know that that's true, because the DNA tests came back that they're identical.

Baz: That's the trippiest part.

Starr: Tell me about it.

Baz: So you want to get started? You could probably use some distraction.

Starr: I've had plenty of that with James. I told him that you kissed me.

Blair: You know, Téa, when you came back to town, everybody had already accepted Todd as Todd. Why wouldn't you?

Téa: Yeah, I suppose.

Blair: When I got together with him, I thought he was Walker Laurence.

Téa: So you never really compared him to Todd?

Blair: Not really. It just felt right. And when it turned out to be Todd, it seemed right and it made sense. Everything was right in every way.

Téa: In every way?

Blair: Yeah.

Téa: You sure?

Blair: What are you getting at?

Téa: Nothing.

Blair: No, if you've got something to say, I want to hear what you have to say.

Téa: Looking back--

Blair: Did you see a difference? How was Todd different?

Téa: In bed.

New Todd: What is it?

Old Todd: Yeah, what's it say?

Viki: This is from when she was pregnant the second time.

Old Todd: But it doesn't say anything about twins.

Viki: No, no, not really.

New Todd: Ok, then that settles it.

Viki: Let me read it! Stop hovering! Go and sit down, both of you.

Viki: Ok, "Not again. I can't believe Victor got me pregnant again. He actually asked if the baby is his. I don't have anyone else to turn to. I don't know what to do."

New Todd: This is no help.

Viki: This is what your mother was going through. Don't you care?

New Todd: No.

Old Todd: Not so much.

Viki: And this page is all splotched. "I can barely see what I'm writing. I'm crying so hard. He's gone. My sweet baby boy."

Old Todd: Just one, one sweet baby boy.

Viki: "I just left Todd with Peter and his helpless Bitsy. It took everything I had to convince Peter to take my baby. He can be so irrational--"

Old Todd: Irrational? That's what it says?

New Todd: Really? That's the word she used?

Old Todd: How about abusive psychopath?

New Todd: I can't believe she gave me to them.

Old Todd: What else does it say?

Viki: "For all their faults, Peter and Bitsy will be better for my baby than I could be. I'm glad that at least one of my children will have a decent life."

New Todd: One of her children. Who else?

Old Todd: Tina?

Viki: I don't know.

New Todd: One of us.

Viki: Let me read, and maybe Irene will tell us.

John: Look, I don't have time for this, so I'm gonna give you the short version of the story. There are two guys in Llanview right now who both think they're Todd Manning. They look different, but they have the same DNA and same memories.

Irene: How odd.

Tomás: Same DNA. Which one's the imposter?

Irene: I'm sure you'll sort it out.

John: I know we will, because you're gonna help us.

Irene: And why would I help you with anything?

John: Do I really need to spell it out for you?

Viki: "I miss that little boy like there's no tomorrow, but I'll be all right because at least I still have--"

Old Todd: Still have what?

New Todd: What does it say?

Old Todd: Will you stop doing that? 

Baz: You told James about the kiss?

Starr: I had to.

Baz: And that's what you said-- I kissed you.

Starr: That is what happened.

Baz: Ok, so, what? I need to be in witness protection or something? Is the guy looking for me?

Starr: Oh, please. He's not even worried.

Baz: Good.

Starr: Because I told him that it didn't mean anything.

Baz: You did?

Starr: That's the truth. It didn't mean anything to me.

Baz: Sure.

Starr: Sure, ok. He's not worried about it at all. It didn't even bother him.

Baz: Then why are we even talking about it?

Starr: Because it was a big step for...

Baz: For you and James?

Starr: Yes. It brought us even closer.

Baz: You and James. You finally hooked up?

Mrs. Evans: Who are you? You think that Destiny would just have the baby and hand it over to you, like she's the help?

Nora: That is not fair. We have never thought of Destiny as anything other than a beautiful, wonderful, child who is Matthew's dear friend.

Mrs. Evans: Then think about his friend for a moment, huh? Consider my daughter. You expect her to carry this child for 9 months inside her. 9 months. You're a mother. You know what this does. Destiny will carry that baby for 9 months and then give birth and, what, go off to college, like any other normal, smart girl with a future? And what, just think about what her next subject is going to be? No, Nora. That is done. Gone. No matter who raises this child, my child will never have a life that is her own again. How could you think that Destiny could just walk away from her baby?

Nora: I wanted her to be a part of the baby's life as much as she wanted to be.

Mrs. Evans: Well, that is awfully big of you.

Nora: I'm sorry, Phylicia. I'm so sorry.

Destiny: I don't know who's gonna raise the baby. I don't know anything. I just decided all of this, like, an hour ago.

Dani: Yeah, I guess it's pretty big.

Destiny: Yeah, pretty much. The only thing I know is that this baby will not grow up like I did or like you did. This baby will know me and who their daddy is.

Dani: Sounds nice. I didn't tell you. Well, as of yesterday, no one knows who my dad is, including my mom.

Blair: Do we really want to go there?

Téa: Forget it.

Blair: Ok. You know what, here's the deal. You paint me a picture, but leave out some of the colors.

Téa: You know what, it's not even about the sex, ok?

Blair: It didn't really happen much back then.

Téa: Exactly. We all know Todd had intimacy issues.

Blair: That was because of the rape. He didn't want to get close to anybody. And then when he came back from Ireland, he couldn't even sleep.

Téa: Yes, he could never be comfortable in bed.

Blair: I remember that.

Téa: Ok, the man I'm married to now, he sleeps the sleep of the dead, all right? And sexually, let's just say, he has no intimacy issues, ok? Blair, he can't get enough, all right? To be honest with you, in the courtroom, against that very wall--

Blair: Ok, la la la la la la! Too many colors.

Téa: I'm just saying. Intimacy with him is very different. Did you not notice that?

Blair: I told you, it was like Walker Laurence, but when I found out it was Todd, I didn't even think about it.

Téa: You never thought about it?

Blair: Maybe I just pushed it out of my mind, but I'm telling you this much. If this guy that walked in a couple of nights ago turns out to be the old Todd, he certainly doesn't have any of those hang-ups, I'm telling you.

Téa: How do you know?

Blair: Because the first chance he got, he pulled me to him, and he kissed me.

Old Todd: Read the rest of it. Come on, Irene has what?

Viki: We have a problem.

New Todd: And what is that?

Viki: The next page is missing.

Irene: If you arrest me, I'll have no reason to help you.

John: That's why I'm not arresting you.

Irene: That's a start.

John: I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, just to get the ball rolling.

Irene: How lovely.

John: This isn't even an official operation.

Irene: As I suspected.

John: Nobody knows we're even here. And no one knows you're here. Someone could end up getting killed, and no one would know about it. Hell, I got nothing to lose. And Tomás here, he's very unhappy about all the dirty work you made him do over the years. And Brody--he's just pissed off he didn't get to shoot Bin Laden. Brody? Brody: Mmm.

John: Yeah, so, there's your choice, Irene. One of us can take you out right here now... or you can come back to Llanview with us, and you can tell Todd Manning's family everything you know about him.

New Todd: So someone tore it out?

Old Todd: Why didn't anyone mention this before?

Viki: We were never looking for it before, were we?

Old Todd: Keep reading.

New Todd: What are we looking for?

Old Todd: Irene says she has something. Maybe she mentions it again.

Viki: Well, ok. Let me read. Maybe she'll mention it again.

Téa: When did this kiss happen?

Blair: It was right after you left the movie premiere. The guy was trying to prove that he was the real Todd. Thought the kiss would do it, I guess, because Todd and I were married--

Téa: Todd and I are married.

Blair: Téa, your Todd had whisked you out of the room.

Téa: I was there for most of the evening, Blair.

Blair: What is... are you jealous?

Téa: Don't be ridiculous. So, did the kiss work? Could you tell?

Blair: Could I tell what?

Téa: After kissing this man, could you tell if he was Todd or not?

Blair: Well, it, um... it felt familiar. But then after I kissed your Todd, it felt the same.

Téa: You kissed my husband? When?

Blair: A few hours ago.

Baz: James is a lucky guy. So can you and I still make music together?

Starr: Yes. Why do you think I'm here? Baz, it's just work.

Baz: I get it. So what were you singing when I came in?

Starr: Actually, my best friend Langston wrote it.

Baz: She's the one who wrote the movie?

Starr: Yeah, and she wrote a few musicals we did in high school.

Baz: This is from those?

Starr: Don't sound so excited.

Baz: Actually, it's not that bad.

Starr: I'll tell her that you said that.

Baz: Yeah.

Starr: This song makes me really feel hopeful.

Baz: I think there's a way that we can get this out of high school and into the clubs.

Destiny: So, all that stuff you went through getting close to Todd Manning. He might not even be the real Todd Manning?

Dani: Maybe not.

Destiny: Well, that's seriously messed up.

Dani: Yeah. But I can't blame this one on my mom. She's been pretty awesome lately.

Destiny: At least you know you're hers.

Dani: Definitely. No question about that.

Destiny: You know what, even though my mom is really my grandmother, she's still my mom, too.

Nora: You're right. I should have known better. I had no business interfering. I'm out of my mind. Let me talk to Destiny. I bet I can make her understand.

Mrs. Evans: It's too late.

Nora: What does that mean?

Mrs. Evans: Destiny changed her mind.

Nora: She was very sure about having the abortion, so...

Mrs. Evans: Now that's out of the question.

Nora: Just give her some time to think about it.

Mrs. Evans: She doesn't have any time. This was her last chance.

Nora: Oh, God. Oh, God.

Mrs. Evans: For what it's worth, she did... she seemed very sure.

Nora: I'm sorry. I'm just... I'm sorry, Phylicia.

Mrs. Evans: I'm just grateful Destiny came to me. She needed my consent. I was going to help her through this decision. Well, maybe she'll let me help with the baby. As sorry as I am that she had to confront this choice...it did give me my child back.

Nora: How wonderful for you.

Mrs. Evans: I hope it happens for you, too. At our house, we pray for Matthew every night.

Nora: Thank you.

Mrs. Evans: Has there been any word of improvement? Well, we'll continue to pray. And you don't give up.

Nora: No, I won't. Phylicia...I hope we can find a way to get along.

Viki: That's it. There's no mention of another son. I'm sorry.

Old Todd: Figures.

New Todd: What did she mean when she said "at least I still have... "? What? Money? Tina?

Viki: I don't know, but look. This page was deliberately cut out. Look at the edge.

Old Todd: Why would Irene do that? What is she trying to hide?

Viki: I don't know.

New Todd: Maybe she didn't do it. Maybe it was you.

Téa: What are you doing kissing my husband?

Blair: I just felt I couldn't make a fair comparison without a little--

Téa: Why is that your job? I'm the one who's married to him.

Blair: Oh, my God--

Téa: Weren't you done with Todd, all the Todds, all the versions?

Blair: Will you calm down?

Téa: Why are you jumping into my marriage?

Blair: It was one kiss. Are you paranoid much?

Téa: Are you so desperate for a man that you're willing to take mine?

Blair: Obviously, you're so desperate, you're willing to take anybody!

Téa: Well, so are you!

Blair: You're being pathetic here.

Téa: And you're being a slut!

Blair: I'm getting out of here.

Téa: You better get the hell out--

Blair: You better--

Téa: Yeah, you better get the hell out!

Dani: I was on my way to the Buenos Dias to get some food to bring you.

Destiny: We could still do that. I don't want my mom to worry about dinner tonight.

Dani: You're staying home?

Destiny: Yeah. I don't know what'll happen with this baby yet, but I couldn't have done it without my mom.

Dani: Is your mom ok about you having a baby?

Destiny: It threw her for a while, but then she was fine. At least I know she's got my back.

Dani: She's not the only one.

Nora: We're the grandparents of that child that Destiny is carrying. We're a part of each other's lives. We need to make that work.

Mrs. Evans: Nora, I can't even think about that yet. I have to get my child ready for a future that... none of us had in mind.

Starr: Well you only have one voice just one chance here to hold onto to reach for me believe as you only have one life to live. How was that?

Baz: Almost there. I love your vocal.

Starr: Yeah? Thank you.

Baz: Just needs a few tweaks, but you ready to record?

Starr: Yeah, why not?

Baz: You sure?

Starr: Why wouldn't I be?

Baz: I just figured all that stuff with the dueling dads...

Starr: This music really helps me. When I sing, I just forget about everything else.

Baz: That's why you sound so good.

Starr: This is my lifeboat.

Baz: Let's make sure it floats.

Blair: You are out of your mind!

Téa: You can't stand that you lost him!

Blair: I could have Todd back just like that if I wanted him!

Téa: I dare you, bitch!

Tomás: Hey! What is going on?

Blair: Your sister's lost it.

Téa: Oh, I've lost it?

Tomás: Are you ok?

Blair: Fine.

Téa: Is Blair ok? You're worried about Blair?

Blair: Forget it, Tomás. We both lost it, all right?

Tomás: Right. So was this about Todd?

Blair: Yes, it's about Todd. You have any answers for us?

Tomás: Not yet. But John and I found the person who can tell us everything about both Todds.

Old Todd: Why would I rip a page out of Irene's diary? You're even more paranoid than I am.

New Todd: You're the one who showed up out of nowhere, stealing my life.

Viki: Stop it! And I mean it. There's no point speculating or arguing. The page is missing. We don't know what was on it, nor do we know why someone would have a reason to rip it out. The reality is, we'll probably never know what was on the page. That's just something Irene took to the grave with her.

[Doorbell rings]

Viki: I'm not gonna say "Don't fight," because that would be a waste of breath, but I'm going to ask you not to speak to each other while I answer the door. God help me if you are both my brothers.

Old Todd: God help us if we are.

Viki: John! Hey, Brody. Hey, what hap-- good God. You look like Irene.

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