OLTL Transcript Friday 8/12/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 8/12/11


Episode # 11000

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Delphina: Gigi Morasco! Come on out, girl! Rex is here. He wants to talk to you. He needs you. He wants to help you.

[Wind blowing]

Delphina: Someone's here.

Rex: Is it Gigi?

Delphina: Spirit, whoever you are, I'm talking to you. Identify yourself.

Nora: Come on, come on, pick up, pick up.

[Telephone ringing]

Nora: Please, God, pick up.

Mrs. Evans: I'll let Vivian know we're here.

[Cell phone ringing]

Destiny: Sorry, Mrs. B. Can't talk right now.

Téa: You're awake.

Dani: I got in late last night.

Téa: I know. I waited up. He isn't here.

Dani: I just needed time to think.

Téa: Of course, you did. I wasn't worried. Of course, your father was.

Dani: Which one?

Old Todd: How does Téa look at that face every day?

New Todd: So where's Viki?

Old Todd: My sister is out.

New Todd: It's my sister.

Old Todd: Not for long.

Jessica: Mom, am I too late?

Viki: No, darling, no. Your father's sentencing hearing hasn't started yet. He's still in Holding.

Jessica: Well, I would've been here earlier, but I had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I met our guest.

Viki: Oh, you saw him.

Jessica: He says he's Uncle Todd.

Viki: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. I know it was a surprise for you. I was gonna tell you last night when we got in, but you were asleep.

Jessica: I just want to know what's going on.

Viki: We all do. Unfortunately, the only person who can actually answer that question is his mother. Irene.

Jessica: But she's dead. Don't tell me we're never gonna find out the truth.

Viki: Well, not if John McBain has anything to say about it.

Agent: Sir, look what we found.

New Todd: You know, just because Viki's letting you stay here doesn't mean she believes you.

Old Todd: You don't think so?

New Todd: A lot's been going on since--what did you say it was? You were held captive in a secret prison? Viki went to Texas to work as a waiter in a greasy spoon restaurant, two of her alters resurfaced, and worst of all, she let Tina stay here. Does that sound like a woman in her right mind?

Old Todd: Maybe if her real brother had been here for her, she wouldn't have had to go through all that.

New Todd: I've been busy.

Old Todd: Yeah. Busy sleeping with Marty Saybrooke. Busy letting Jessica's alters run rampage. I think it's time you and I have a long conversation about how you have ruined my entire life.

David: Oh, come on. It was never that good to begin with.

Agent: We found him staggering around the perimeter reeking of booze.

Superior: You have any idea who he is?

Second Agent: No, sir. He wasn't in any shape to answer questions and he's not carrying any I.D.

First Agent: Probably some townie who got lost in the swamp and stumbled into us by accident.

Superior: Tell me, in all the years we've been in operation here, has anybody ever wandered up to our front door? Whoever he is, I have a feeling he's not here by accident.

Jessica: What's John doing?

Viki: I'm not exactly sure. He's keeping the details secret. But I do know he's following up every lead to try to figure out why those two men share the exact same DNA and both claim to be Todd Manning.

Jessica: Well, what do you think? I mean, you know Uncle Todd better than anyone. You must have a hunch on who's who.

Viki: You used to be very close to Todd. What's your feeling about our guest?

Jessica: I don't know. Remember how I said before I haven't felt close to Todd in a long time? Well, this new Todd, it felt like he just wanted to pick up right where we left off.

Viki: You think he's telling the truth?

Jessica: I don't know. You know, I don't care. All I want to think about now is what's gonna happen with Dad. What kind of sentencing do you think the judge is gonna give him?

Viki: Honey, I'm afraid to even speculate.

Jessica: I hope this doesn't mean we're gonna lose him forever.

Voice on phone: Message one.

Nora on phone: Destiny, it's Mrs. B. If you get this before your appointment, I hope you'll reconsider. Please don't have this abortion. Have our son's baby. I'm trying to stay strong. I'm trying to keep my hopes up. I'm just, you know, praying that Matthew will get better, but I'm--I'm scared, Destiny. I'm--and I'm terrified that he'll never come back to us and that he'll--that he'll waste away and die, and then Bo and I will have nothing left of him. You're carrying the only piece of him we may ever have, and I know this is your decision, and I don't want to interfere, but I don't have a choice. Only you do. And if you have our grandchild, Bo and I will provide everything you and the baby need, and when the time comes, if you don't feel you can raise this baby, then we will.

Mrs. Evans: Vivian, thank you so much for taking care of my little girl all this time.

Vivian: It has been my pleasure.

Mrs. Evans: Richard and I already love you. And now that Destiny's home... she speaks very highly of you. And I'm so glad she had you to turn to. I can't even imagine what she'd be going through right now if you hadn't been there to force her to confront the situation.

Vivian: I did what I could, but I think you're the one that she needs right now. A daughter needs comfort from her mother.

Dani: What happened after I stormed out?

Téa: Your Aunt Viki volunteered to let... in the guy with the scar? Yeah. Stay at Llanfair for the night.

Dani: That probably didn't go over so well.

Téa: No. Dani, your father... he's scared.

Dani: It's kind of creepy to have someone show up saying he's you.

Téa: He's afraid we'll abandon him. He's terrified of losing his family.

Dani: I'm sure my running out on him didn't help.

Téa: Sweetheart, don't beat yourself up, ok? You were blindsided.

Dani: You can't make excuses for me. Don't make excuses.

Téa: I understand where you're coming from, ok? And I promise you. Todd won't hold it against you.

Dani: Maybe he should.

Téa: What do you mean?

Dani: He's always stuck by my side, ever since he found out I was his daughter. I mean, he could've said, "No thanks, got one already," but he didn't. He fought for me.

Téa: I know he did.

Dani: And I hated him. I hated him for being my father instead of Ross. But he didn't stop. He gave me a reason to call him "Dad." And I did. And I meant it. But what if he's not?


Superior: Strap him to the chair and prep him for interrogation. I'll notify the director. After that debacle with Baker, she'll want to handle this personally.

John: All right. You guys ready to stop goofing off? Let's do some work.

Viki: Clint, what happened to you?

Clint: Nothing. I'm just tired.

Bailiff: He had another rough night.

Jessica: Another?

Clint: It was nothing.

Bailiff: They had to send him to the infirmary this time.

Jessica: Dad!

Clint: It was a passing weakness.

Viki: No, it's clearly much more than that. Has this happened before?

Clint: I told you--it's nothing to worry about. Let's go. Let's get this over with.

Jessica: We're with you, Dad, ok?

Clint: Yeah.

Jessica: Mom, what happens if there's an episode like that in Statesville?

Viki: I don't know. I'm gonna have to talk to his doctors-- find out what's going on. Let's go in, ok? I just wish Natalie would get here.

Jessica: She's probably too busy sleeping with Brody.

Rex: Is Gigi here?

Delphina: I don't know.

Rex: What do you mean you don't know?

Natalie: Rex, let her do her job.

Rex: Either it's Gigi or it's not.

Delphina: I can't tell. The spirit's presence, it's definitely female, but it's vague. It's confused. Spirit, we mean you no harm. We're looking for Gigi Morasco. Do you know her? This is her husband Rex Balsom. Restless spirit! Do you have a message for us?

Dani: What am I going to do if Dad...isn't my dad?

Téa: I don't know, mija. I don't know what I'll do, either.

Dani: Mom... which one do you think... is real?

Téa: Dani, it is inconceivable to me, ok, that the man I married, the man I love with all my heart, that he isn't the real Todd. You should've seen him last night when he thought I doubted him. He was destroyed by that thought.

Dani: What did you do?

Téa: I did the only thing I could think of to do. I distracted him by... challenging him to a round of money honey.

Dani: No.

Téa: Yeah.

Dani: You pulled out money honey on him?

Téa: Yes. And for a while, he was the same old Todd, the same sore loser and the bad cheater, and it was very reassuring for a minute. And I'd look at him and I'd think, "How can this man not be the same old Todd that we've always known and loved, that I've always known and loved?" But there is a man out there saying he's Todd with Todd's old face.

Dani: How long is this going to go on for, really? I mean, someone's gotta figure out what's going on soon.

David: Well, this is just great. I'm gonna have to renounce Buddhism now. Only a vengeful, wrathful God would unleash two Todd Mannings on this world.

Old Todd: David Vickers. I thought for sure you'd be dead by now. Tanning bed accident.

David: Tanning bed? You think I'm that stupid? My tan came from a can. It's fake, just like one of you two. So who is it? Which one of you's the real Todd Manning?

Old Todd: I am.

New Todd: That would be me.

David: [Chuckles] You two. It's like "Parent Trap" Hayley Mills fighting with "Parent Trap" Lindsay Lohan. At any rate, we gotta sort this out.

New Todd: What do you care, Vickers?

David: Money. There's a great deal of money involved. But only for one of you. I intend to buy the rights to the real Todd Manning's life for my next biopic.

Old Todd: Whose money you spending this time?

David: You obviously haven't been watching "Access Llanview." I'm kind of famous now.

Old Todd: Right. And you think you can play me in a biopic?

David: Are you kidding? A certain web site says I'm 65% ripe.

Old Todd: Is that good?

David: I have no idea what it means, but I plan to play Todd Manning.

Old Todd: You already tried that once. Didn't work. Remember?

David: I think I can lend a certain sophistication to the role that obviously you two knuckleheads don't deserve, but I'm only authorized to negotiate with the real Todd Manning legally. So fortunately for me, I've come up with a foolproof way to get to the truth.

John: You guys meet any resistance getting in?

Tomás: No. Your ploy distracted the sentries long enough for us to get in unnoticed.

Brody: We saw more rooms like this on the way in. This place isn't just a prison. What do you think goes on in here?

John: I don't know. But if there's any place that can tell us there's two guys claiming to be the same person, it's this place.

Tomás: You think the guy with the scar was being held in here?

John: No. In this building but not in this cell. It's occupied by another prisoner.

Brody: Anyone we know?

John: Yeah. I think you do, too.

Vivian: Destiny, it's time. Are you ready?

Destiny: I think so.

Vivian: Don't worry. You'll be in good hands. I promise.

Mrs. Evans: And I'll be with you the whole time.

Destiny: Ok.

Vivian: Ok.

Destiny: Wait. I have a question.

Mrs. Evans: What is it, baby?

Destiny: What would happen if I decided not to have the abortion?

Judge Lee: This is the hearing to determine sentencing of Clint Buchanan. Mr. Buchanan, you've pled guilty to a raft of charges involving the tampering of DNA test and the kidnapping and unlawful incarceration of your nephew David Vickers Buchanan. Do you wish to address the court before I render my decision?

Clint: No, your honor.

Judge Lee: Very well. Then I hereby sentence you to Statesville prison for 20 years.

[Jessica gasps]

John: Why does these guys have a file on Patrick Thornhart?

Tomás: We need to stay on track. We're here to get answers from Baker.

John: Let me tell you something. If Thornhart's here, plan changes. We're busting him out.

Tomás: That won't be necessary.

John: Why not?

Tomás: Because he's long gone by now.

John: You know this how?

Tomás: Because I'm the one who sprung him.

David: Only the real Todd Manning will be able to answer the following question. How many pairs of hands, other than my own, did baby Jack pass through before he got back to Todd and Blair?

Old Todd: Really?

New Todd: That's your test?

David: Answer the question.

Old Todd: I thought baby Jack was Max Holden's kid, so I gave Jack to a Mexican nanny named Palomba.

New Todd: Paloma.

Old Todd: Tomato. She gave the kid back to Blair.

New Todd: So I took him to the--

Old Todd: No, I took him to the airport.

New Todd: Pawned him off on a baby broker.

Old Todd: But the baby showed up again, so I gave Jack to some Mexican nuns.

New Todd: Who gave him to you.

Old Todd: Because you said that Jack was your adopted love child with your gay lover Todd.

New Todd: Still gives me nightmares.

Old Todd: Tell me about it.

David: Well. Looks like I have my answer.

John: You got Patrick Thornhart out of here?

Tomás: Like I told you, Marty was onto Todd and I, so it was in everyone's best interests-- mine, Todd's, and Baker's-- to keep it quiet. An old ally of mine told me that Baker had Thornhart here in custody. So he brokered his release in exchange for the disc.

John: That's what was going on at the airfield? Patrick and Marty?

Tomás: Reunited. And sent off into the sunset.

John: Where'd they go?

Tomás: No idea.

John: Does Manning know?

Tomás: I doubt it.

John: When I hauled him in that day, he kept telling me that he had a secret, that he knew something.

Brody: He give you any hints?

John: No. But he keeps telling me I'd kill to know what it is.

Delphina: Are you-- are you sure? Really? Ok. Ciao for now.

[Wind stops]

Delphina: She's gone.

Rex: What do you mean she's gone? Bring her back.

Natalie: Rex.

Delphina: I don't even know if it was Gigi.

Rex: How do you not know?

Delphina: Everything about this encounter was completely strange, including the message that was left for me.

Rex: What message? What did she say?

Delphina: Our visitor made only one thing clear. And this was it.

Brody: We're on the clock, gentlemen.

Tomás: He's right. We take any longer, Baker's gonna slip away.

John: Baker's no longer our primary target.

Old Todd: I've been gone a long time, and a lot of things have changed, so I take comfort in the things that are still the same, so I'm glad to see that you're still a complete idiot.

New Todd: Besides, this guy's already been quizzed about my life. He's got all my memories.

Old Todd: Because they're my memories.

New Todd: My DNA.

David: How is that even possible?

Old Todd: Ask my mother.

John: Before you got here, these guys said something about Baker's boss--the director. That's who we're going after.

David: What does Irene have to do with this?

Old Todd: Starr had the bright idea that we might be twins. The only person that could confirm or deny that would be Irene Manning.

New Todd: It's too bad she's dead.

David: Except she isn't.

Natalie: That was the message?

Delphina: That was it.

Natalie: I don't get it.

Delphina: Look, I don't write the stuff. I'm merely a messenger.

Natalie: Well, what the hell kind of message is "Spotted Pony"?

Delphina: I don't know. I'm a psychic, not an equestrian. Ha!

Natalie: Rex, hey, are you ok?

Rex: I'm just trying to remember if Gigi ever said anything about riding a horse or a pony.

Natalie: Delphina, thank you, thank you for coming, but this is not exactly what I had in mind.

Delphina: I know. But it's still gonna be 50 bucks. Ha ha ha! Yeah? Ha! Yeah, I bet she thought she was gonna live happily ever after with Lovett, too.

John: Brody, hang back. I'll take the point.

Brody: What?

John: Listen. I'm not letting you take any unnecessary risks, all right? You got Natalie and you got Liam to go home to.

Natalie: Delphina, Delphina, wait, wait. What's gonna happen with me and Brody?

Delphina: All I can say--

Natalie: Delphina?

Delphina: Do you feel that? Somebody moved the island. I gotta run.

Natalie: No, wait!

Rex: Nat, come on!

Natalie: What? What? Where?

Rex: To the stables. We're gonna find a spotted pony and figure out what she's trying to tell me.

Mrs. Evans: Destiny, are you saying you want to keep this baby?

Destiny: Maybe. I don't know. I thought having an abortion was the right thing to do. But now I'm not sure.

Vivian: I'll let you two talk this out, ok?

Mrs. Evans: No. Stay. You're a part of this now. Destiny, any woman in your situation--no matter how old she is--would have doubts. You just need to know that we are all behind you. Your father and I, Shaun and Vivian. Whatever you decide, we'll support you. But we can't make the decision for you.

Destiny: You could take back your permission.

Mrs. Evans: I could. But I don't think that would make you feel better. Do you want me to tear up the consent form?

Destiny: I don't know.

Vivian: Destiny, but up until now, you did know, so did something or someone cause you to reconsider?

Mrs. Evans: Who? Destiny?

Destiny: It was Matthew's mom.

Jessica: Your honor, this is wrong. 20 years is too much.

Judge Lee: It was Mr. Buchanan's intention to consign his own nephew to a Moroccan prison for at least that long.

Viki: Excuse me, your honor, Mr. Buchanan has acknowledged his crimes. He's willing to pay for them. But he's really not at all well.

Lawyer: Your honor, I have here an affidavit from Doctors Shen and Gangemi attesting to the deterioration of Mr. Buchanan's health since these trial proceedings began.

Judge Lee: Approach.

Lawyer: It's the opinion of both physicians that prison would cause catastrophic distress to Mr. Buchanan's new heart.

Jessica: You might as well order his execution. Your honor, please. It's a death sentence.

Téa: At least McBain's having another DNA test run, ok? That should help. We will get to the bottom of this...

Dani: I'm not sure I want to. What if he figures everything out, and we don't like the answers? This is just so... I'm scared. No, I'm scared.

Téa: I know, sweetheart. I'm scared, too.

New Todd: What do you mean Irene's not dead?

Old Todd: That was kind of a crucial part of your plan to scam Viki into thinking that you were Victor Lord's heir.

David: I was speaking metaphorically, Todd one. We actors often do. One doesn't need to be alive-alive to be alive. One just needs to leave something behind so that one's memory endures. An Oscar. An Emmy. Or a diary.

Agent: Sorry to put you through this, Agent Baker, but orders are orders. Don't worry--I'm sure the director will put you out of your misery soon.

John: Inside!

Old Todd: Irene's diary?

New Todd: The one you forged?

David: Oh, I only forged a couple of entries. The rest of it is actually authentic.

Old Todd: Does it say anything about there being two Todds?

David: Obviously not. Otherwise, I would've posed as both of you.

Old Todd: But it could have something in it that we hadn't thought of before.

New Todd: You still have it?

David: Now, that depends. How much are you willing to pay for it?

Brody: What did they do to him?

John: Baker? Hey. Come on, man. Wake up.

Baker: McBain.

John: Yeah, that's right. You want to get out of here? Tell me who's in charge.

New Todd: I want the diary.

David: I want Alex Olanov to stop sexting me, but we can't always get what we want. Unless we pay for it.

Old Todd: Really? I kind of always get what I want.

New Todd: And so do I.

Old Todd: Vickers, we Todds, we don't bargain.

New Todd: We Todds take.

John: Tell me who the director is.

Baker: She'll kill you.

John: I'll take my chances. Give me a name!

David: You don't think you two actually intimidate me, do you?

Old Todd: Big time actor, right? Don't you need your tongue to act? Unless you're gonna be a mime. Go ahead. I dare you. Name the second famous mime.

David: All right, I give up. I'll get the diary.

New Todd: Hustle up about it.

Old Todd: We know where you live.

Baker: Manning.

Tomás: What about Todd Manning?

Baker: I-- I--

John: You what?

Baker: I... rene.

Judge Lee: Mr. Buchanan, your physicians and your daughter are in agreement. Serving a lengthy term in Statesville Prison would be harmful to your health. However, I will not compound the injustice done to your victims by commuting your sentence.

Jessica: But, your honor--

Judge Lee: That said, I might consider an alternative site for confinement. With an ankle monitor, Mr. Buchanan may remain on the premises of his home.

[Clint chuckles]

Judge Lee: Mr. Buchanan?

Clint: I'm sorry, your honor. And believe me, , am grateful for your decision. However, I no longer have a home. My son stole it from me.

Rex: Go ahead. Say it.

Natalie: Say what?

Rex: Well, I just ran all the way over to the stables because a psychic told me that some spirit wanted me to keep an eye out for a spotted pony. Because why? Because it might have something to do with my dead fiancée, who I keep seeing everywhere I turn. So go ahead. Say it. Tell me that I'm crazy. Tell me that I need to let go.

New Todd: You think there's anything in that diary worth reading?

Old Todd: I hope so. Doesn't seem to be any other way to settle this.

Brody: Irene Manning? I thought Todd's mother was dead.

Tomás: This guy's obviously been tortured. The question is why. We need to find his boss.

Baker: You can't get to her without me. I'm the only one who can get you into her office. You need me.

Téa: So are you gonna tell me where you went last night?

Dani: I went to see Nate.

Téa: Nate?

Dani: Don't worry, ok? We're not getting back together. I'm not sure we ever will. I don't know. I just needed someone to talk to.

Téa: Why couldn't you talk to Destiny?

Dani: Destiny has her own problems right now.

Destiny: Matthew's mom heard me telling him that I was going to have an abortion. She begged me not to go through with it.

Mrs. Evans: She did?

Destiny: Mom, you have to understand. Matthew is Mr. and Mrs. B.'s son. And if you saw them with him...Mom, he's hurt so badly. He may never come back to them. This baby-- my baby--could be all they have left of him.

Mrs. Evans: I feel for them. I do. But I don't think they realize what they're asking of you. If you decide to have this baby, who's gonna take responsibility for it, huh? Who's going to be responsible for raising that child?

Destiny: Mrs. B. said they would. She said they'd take care of everything. How can I take this away from them when they've already lost so much?

Vivian: Destiny, your compassion is admirable, and what happened to Matthew is a senseless tragedy, but his parents are distraught and they aren't thinking clearly.

Mrs. Evans: And they should not be interfering in your decision. Their happiness is not your responsibility.

Destiny: I know. But mine is.

Vivian: Do you think that having this baby will make you happy?

Destiny: I'm not sure.

Vivian: I know that this is not an easy decision, and I am sorry to make it more difficult, but if you change your mind now, you won't have time to change it again. If you want to terminate this pregnancy, it's now or never.

Natalie: You're grieving, and I should've understood that. When Jared was killed, nothing was gonna make me move on... not until I was ready. I'm sorry.

Rex: You've got nothing to be sorry about.

Natalie: No. No, I shouldn't have brought Delphina here. It's just you're...my little brother, and I don't like seeing you in this much pain. I just thought she was gonna tell you that Gigi was at rest, not babbling on about some spotted pony.

Rex: Well, there really was no way to see that coming.

Natalie: I just wanted her to give you some peace.

Rex: I'm never gonna have peace. Not without Gigi.

Judge Lee: Mr. Buchanan, it seems your options are few. Without a house or funds to cover an extended hospital stay, you'll have no choice but to serve your sentence at Statesville.

Viki: Excuse me, sir. Your honor, would it be all right with you if Mr. Buchanan... stayed at my house? He could live there. I have a large home. I have plenty of room to accommodate live-in staff to assist in his recovery.

Clint: Viki, this isn't necessary.

Jessica: Dad, be quiet.

Viki: Mr. Buchanan is the father of my children. I would make sure to take very good care of him.

Judge Lee: Madame District Attorney. Any objections?

Nora: No.

Judge Lee: So be it. The bailiff will take Mr. Buchanan to be fitted for an ankle monitor. Court is adjourned.

Bailiff: All rise!

Viki: Sweetheart, do me a favor and stay with Dad. I'm gonna go call Lois, have her get everything ready, ok?

Clint: Viki.

Viki: What?

Clint: I don't know how to thank you.

Viki: Don't thank me yet. You're not my only houseguest.

David: Hello, Todds Manning. I have returned.

New Todd: Well?

Old Todd: Did you get it?

Viki: Nora. We never had a chance to talk.

Nora: I know. And I really appreciate the offer, but I think I'm gonna take the rest of the day off and go visit Matthew.

Viki: Ok. Well, give him a kiss from me, ok?

Nora: I will.

Viki: And Nora, listen. Thank you.

Nora: For what?

Viki: For not arguing against Clint living at Llanfair. You could've stopped that.

Nora: I doubt that. I don't seem to have the power to stop anything these days.

Vivian: Ok, Destiny. Come in. Let's get started.

Destiny: So what happens now?

Vivian: Well, I'll do what I do for anyone in your situation. We'll start prenatal care. And I promise that I will do everything I can to make sure that this baby is born safe and healthy.

Destiny: Thank you. I just wish I knew what happened after that.

Vivian: Don't worry about that now. Just concentrate on yourself and the baby. Trust me, you have a long way to go before you have to decide whether to keep your baby or give it to Matthew's parents.

Nora: Bo, it's me. I just wanted to let you know that Clint has been sentenced-- Phylicia.

Mrs. Evans: How the hell do you get off messing with my daughter's life?

Téa: What's going on with Destiny? Is she all right?

Dani: I can't talk about it. Attorney-client privilege. You know the drill.

Téa: I do. Well, if you ever decide you do want to talk about it, I'm here.

Dani: I know.

Téa: I'm glad Destiny has you to talk to.

Dani: She's got her mom now, too. They made up.

Téa: Oh, that's good news. You and I know a little something about mother-daughter conflict, don't we?

Dani: Yeah, we do.

Téa: Yeah, we've had our moments, but we always come out a lot stronger on the other side, and we will this time, too. I promise. Come on.

John: All right, Baker-- you're up.

Baker: She'll be ready for you, you know.

David: Looks like you two are gonna have to learn how to share. Happy hunting.

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