OLTL Transcript Monday 8/8/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 8/8/11


Episode # 10996

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New Todd: Someone want to tell me what's going on? What is he doing here?

Téa: We're all gonna hear the results of the DNA test.

John: Time to find out who the real Todd Manning is.

New Todd: I'm the real Todd Manning. Everyone knows that.

Téa: Then you shouldn't object to having it proven once and for all.

New Todd: There's nothing to prove, as far as I'm concerned, except that your brother and this imitation came up with a scam and thinks you guys are gonna buy it. Why is he out of jail? What's going on?

Old Todd: You've heard of bail. I'm sure you've had to use it once or twice.

New Todd: Who bailed him out, the people who sent him here?

Viki: No. I did.

New Todd: Is that how it's gonna be? Et tu, Viki?

Destiny: I never thought I'd have to decide between having a baby or having an abortion, not in a million years.

Shaun: So take your time. You don't have to let us know right this second.

Destiny: Yes, I do. Vivian said I'm gonna be out of options in a couple of days, so I had to make up my mind.

Vivian: Do you know what you want to do?

Destiny: And I know what Matthew would want me to do about his baby.

Bo: I'm home.

Nora: Want Chinese or pizza?

Bo: Huh? Oh. Why don't you decide?

Nora: Oh, really? I thought you were the one making all the decisions around here. Exactly when did you decide that Nate Salinger should get away with what he did to Matthew?

Dani: I got your message.

Nate: I didn't think you'd come, especially since your dad practically threatened to throw me in the nearest wood chipper if I ever spoke to you again.

Dani: Well, you heard me. I told him I make my own decisions.

Nate: That's because you know he'd only kill one of us.

Dani: He'll calm down eventually.

Nate: Are we talking about the same Todd Manning?

Viki: Todd, I am not taking sides.

New Todd: I don't know. I'm kind of feeling a cool breeze coming from your side of the room. Now, why's that? Why does my own sister not believe me?

Viki: This is not about beliefs. This is about facts, and the DNA test is the only way to get an answer to our questions once and for all.

New Todd: There shouldn't really be any questions, should there?

Viki: No, but there are, I'm afraid. So we are going to learn the truth today, and Téa and I felt that anyone who's affected by this should be here to find out which one of you two is my brother, which one is Todd Manning.

Jack: Why are we doing this to Dad? It's wrong.

Blair: Jack, this isn't about you.

Jack: You have no right to talk about the DNA test when we know the truth. This is my dad. That guy, he's some creep who knocked me out, kidnapped my little brother. Why would we listen to anything he says?

Starr: Ok, Jack. Everything that you're saying could be true, but Aunt Viki is right. There's no way of knowing the truth until we hear the results of the test.

Blair: That's right, and won't have any doubt, and we can't question science, so come on, John. Tell us. What is--

New Todd: No. Wait. Hold on. Hold on. So whose DNA is that?

John: This one?

New Todd: Yeah.

John: This one belongs to him.

New Todd: And you're comparing it to mine, which you acquired illegally. Then they're gonna be different, obviously. How is that gonna prove which one of us is Todd Manning?

John: Well, that's why we had both your DNA and his tested against an uncorrupted sample. The sample was taken from Todd Manning before he left Llanview and ever returned with a different face.

Tomás: That was a long time ago. The department has an untainted existing sample?

John: Yeah. It does. Department has the results of Marty Saybrooke's rape kit on file, unless, of course, one of you want to deny having raped Marty.

Dani: Are we gonna keep talking about my dad, or are you gonna tell me why you left me that message?

Nate: I need to talk to you about Matthew Buchanan.

Dani: Nate, look. Listen, ok? I told you, whatever happens between me and you, I'm not gonna tell anybody about you hitting Matthew.

Nate: It's too late. His father already knows. That's what I had to tell you.

Dani: Commissioner Buchanan knows what you did? How?

Nate: He found something. When I left your house, he was there. He was waiting to show it to me.

Dani: After all this time? What was it?

Nate: A gum wrapper. I guess it must've fallen out of my pocket when I got in that fight with Matthew.

Dani: A gum wrapper. Would that even really prove anything? I mean, something like that could belong to anybody.

Nate: I know, ok, and I could've told him it wasn't mine, but when he asked me, I just-- that was it. I couldn't lie anymore, Dani. So I told him the whole story.

Dani: Oh, my God, Nate.

Nate: No. It felt good...almost. It's like I've been running all these months and someone finally told me I could just sit down.

Dani: So if the Police know everything, what happens now?

Nora: I called the station to ask about Nate's booking because I wanted to set the arraignment. Imagine my surprise when they told me that he hadn't even been arrested.

Bo: Let's sit down.

Nora: I don't want to sit down. I want to know what you did after you told me that Nate confessed to you because, crazy me, I assumed that when you left here, you were going to read him his rights.

Bo: I brought him down to the station, and he signed a voluntary statement, and... I brought a copy for you to see.

Nora: "Ok. I lost it. I hit him hard. Matthew fell." This isn't just a statement. It's an all-out confession. It’s enough for an arrest and probably enough for a conviction.

Bo: Probably.

Nora: Ok. Well, then please tell me that your releasing him is part of some bigger strategy that I haven't thought of. Please tell me that you're still planning to arrest him.

Bo: No, Nora. I'm not.

Shaun: I get that this is Matthew's baby, too, but you're the only one who can make the decision. He can't weigh in.

Destiny: I know, but I know he'd want this, too. What happened between us, it wasn't planned. I mean, we weren't even really going out.

Shaun: You spent a lot of time together.

Destiny: Yeah. We did, but what we-- what we did, it-- it wasn't like it is for most people. Matthew was upset about something, and being with me, it was like he could stop thinking about it for a while.

Vivian: It sounds like you feel like he was using you.

Destiny: No, no, no. I don't mean that, because afterwards, everything was different in a good way. We realized that we could be more than friends, but we never even got to go on a date.

Shaun: That's not fair, Destiny, to either one of you.

Destiny: I mean, I have my whole life ahead of me, but for Matthew, we don't know if he'll ever get the life he deserves, and he was so smart, and he had all these plans.

Vivian: Ok. What about you, Destiny? What plan do you have for your life? Because what you need to be thinking about is how this fits in with this pregnancy.

Destiny: Well, I want to finish high school, obviously, go to college, have a career, everything you're supposed to do when you grow up...

Shaun: That's good.

Destiny: But I don't want to grow up too fast. You know what I mean?

Vivian: I think so, but we need to hear you say it.

[Destiny sighs]

Destiny: I'm not ready for this. I want to have an abortion.

Old Todd: It's something that I wish I could deny. I raped Marty Saybrooke. It's not something I can forget. Viki said it best. It's affected every relationship that I've had from then on.

New Todd: I don't know what this guy is talking about. I know what I did. I'm not proud of it, but I remember distinctly locking Marty in the room at the KAD house. I also know that I've hated myself ever since that moment, and I've done everything I could to make it up to her.

Blair: Yeah. I mean, tricking her into falling in love with you.

Old Todd: What was that?

New Todd: Nothing. It's--

Blair: It's true. Marty and Todd had a relationship.

Old Todd: They had a what?

Blair: Yeah, and this house actually was their love shack.

Old Todd: This guy has a relationship with Marty Saybrooke, and none of you figured out that he wasn't me? It didn't occur to you that that might not be something that I would do?

New Todd: You don't know anything about it, dude. She had amnesia. She didn't know who I was.

John: She didn't know she was falling in love with a rapist.

Old Todd: Ok. Well, that explains Marty's thinking, but what's your excuse?

New Todd: I'm not gonna explain myself to you.

Old Todd: You need to explain yourself to them.

New Todd: Well, I was getting a second chance. I thought that if Marty could find some good in me, then I could redeem myself.

Old Todd: Are you kidding? You know me. You know me. He sets up a love shack with Marty Saybrooke. That should be your first clue that this guy is a complete fraud!

Jack: Shut up. Don't talk about my father that way. He's the real Todd Manning, and those tests will prove it, won't they, Dad?

Shaun: Are you sure about this?

Destiny: Don't I look sure?

Vivian: It's a big decision, and Shaun is just trying to make sure that you understand all of your options. It's not just smart, Destiny. It's the law.

Destiny: I know, but I've really thought about this, and I'm not happy about it, but it's what I have to do.

Vivian: Ok.

Destiny: So when can we do this?

Vivian: Well, legally, there is a 24-hour waiting period so that you have some more time to be thinking about it, but we can schedule the procedure and move forward as soon as the waiting period is over.

Destiny: Ok. Let's do that.

Vivian: Ok. I need to go get the number of a colleague of mine, but I will be right back, ok?

Destiny: Guess it's really happening.

Shaun: You ok?

Destiny: Shaun, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to cause all this trouble.

Shaun: Don't you say that.

Destiny: I'm sorry that Matthew and I didn't use protection, and I'm sorry that I got pregnant, but I am not sorry that Matthew and I made love because it might be the only time we'll ever be able to.

Nora: This is insane. Nate Salinger assaulted our son, and he admitted to it. Why is he not in a cell? Or are you so impressed with his noble contributions to society? Here. "Local boy becomes porn star."

Bo: Look. He didn't have a choice. He was blackmailed.

Nora: Blackmailed? Well, that's creative. Was that his defense for almost killing our son, he was blackmailed into it?

Bo: The two are related. If you would read the whole statement--

Nora: I don't care about the stupid statement. I care about Matthew.

Bo: Well, then you should know that when Nate hit Matthew, when he punched him, he didn't know what was gonna happen. Now, Matthew fell, and he hit his head, and it caused this brain trauma, but at the time, there was no indication. Matthew got up, and he was talking. Nate said that he thought that he was fine.

Nora: And shortly thereafter, he collapsed.

Bo: But not because he was beaten, you see? It's the same thing on a football field or a basketball court, and then afterwards, everyone forgets, but as like what happened in this case--

Nora: Oh, no, no, no, no. You didn't just say that. You are not chalking this up to bad luck, Bo. I don't care what Nate told you. Our son was attacked, and his brain was damaged.

Bo: But Nate didn't try to damage his brain, and he's been in his own hell since then.

Nora: Oh, Nate's hell. Our son is in hell. Our son is in his own hell, a cocoon where his body keeps growing and everything else stays the same, and we don't even know if he's ever gonna be able to fight his way back from that, Bo. Why should the person who put him there be free?

Dani: Matthew's dad just let you go?

Nate: For now. I signed my statement, and he told me to go home.

Dani: Well, maybe it's over.

Nate: Or maybe he shows up tomorrow morning with a pair of handcuffs. Look. I just wanted to tell you what happened so you don't have to keep any more secrets for me...

Dani: Ok.

Nate: But the fact that you were willing to protect me like that, it meant a lot, especially after everything that's happened.

Dani: Well, it's not like I had a reason to talk to anybody about it, so--

Nate: I cannot wait till your father finds out, like he needs another reason to hate me.

Dani: You know what's weird? My dad might actually understand what happened with Matthew.

Nate: Why?

Dani: You had a reason. Matthew killed someone in your family. If that happened to my dad-- we both know the crazy stuff he's done in the name of family. When he feels like he's losing the people he's closest to, he does whatever it takes.

Viki: John, what does it say?

Jack: We already know what it says. It says he's a liar.

John: One of the samples tested does match the DNA of Todd Manning that we got from Marty's rape kit.

Tomás: It's conclusive.

Blair: Well, come on. We've had enough suspense for one night. Please tell us.

Téa: More than enough. Which one is a match?

John: Looks like you're telling the truth. You're Todd Manning.

Nate: At least I won't have to spend another second wondering if today is the day that someone knocks on my door and drags me away in handcuffs.

Dani: Well, I know how bad that's been.

Nate: It's worse for the commissioner, not knowing how his son got hurt. At least now he's got the truth.

Dani: For what it's worth, I'm glad he didn't put you in jail.

Nate: That's worth a lot.

Dani: You know, if he hasn't arrested you by now, I don't think he will. Why would he wait?

Nate: Maybe he wants to talk it over with Matthew's mom.

Dani: Well, then you're safe. There's no way Mrs. Buchanan is gonna want to prosecute you for what happened.

Nora: Nate could've killed Matthew. He nearly did.

Bo: But we can't act like it just came from nowhere. Even before Nate confessed, I knew he was the one. You remember? Matthew told us that someone else knew what he'd done, and he was talking about Nate.

Dani: Well, think about it. If they put you on trial, everything comes out, you know, the reason that you went over to go see Matthew in the first place and the truth about him killing your father. Matthew's parents don't want to go public with that.

Nate: Yeah. You know, it's funny. I always figured that they had no idea what happened the night my dad died, but when I told Commissioner Buchanan it was Matthew, he didn't seem that surprised.

Dani: Really? Do you think they knew all along that their son committed murder?

Bo: Matthew killed Eddie Ford. He let Nate get arrested for it. I can understand why Nate would be angry.

Nora: So putting our son in a coma is something that we should just excuse. That we should just look the other way.

Bo: No, I'm not saying that. I'm saying that I understand it. The kid spent weeks in jail, and then he found out that Matthew's the one that killed his father. I don't see how anyone could let that go.

Nora: I can't let it go. Our son is in a coma.

Bo: I know. What happened to Matthew is a tragedy. But are you willing to punish the person responsible badly enough to let the whole world know that Matthew's a murderer? Because that's what's gonna happen, honey, if we pursue this.

Nora: That doesn't have to happen.

Bo: Sure it does. The greenest public defender in the country would want to introduce Nate's motive, and you wouldn't be able to stop the jury from hearing that. We have to face it, honey. We can't go after Nate without giving up Matthew. Are you willing to pay that price?

Destiny: Do you think you could ever forgive me?

Shaun: Hey. There's nothing to forgive. I just wish you would've come to me the first time you found out that you were in trouble. Or better yet, before anything could've happened.

Destiny: I was supposed to just sit down at the kitchen table and tell you all about my sex life? Come on. You and me, we're not--I mean, we're not...

Shaun: I get that. That's something you talk to your mother about. Maybe you should've done that, Destiny.

Destiny: Yeah, well, I don't have a Mom. She died before I could know her.

Shaun: I know the woman who gave birth to you is gone. But the woman who raised you is still here. Maybe you should've gone to her and told her what you were going through.

Destiny: Why would I do that when she lied to me my entire life?

Shaun: She lied to me, too. When I found out that my brother got my girlfriend pregnant and let Mom pass you off as hers, do you know what that did to me? But every day, it hurts a little bit less. Because I understand a little bit more. Mom and Dad were trying to do what was best for everyone. It didn't mean that they didn't love me. So that's why I'm trying to let them back into my life.

Destiny: Go ahead. Just don't ask me to do the same thing.

Shaun: Destiny...

Destiny: I mean it, Shaun. Maybe you could forgive them, but I can't. And you can't say a word of this to them. Promise me.

Shaun: Ok.

Destiny: No, say it. Say that you promise they don't have to know about this.

Vivian: I'm sorry, Destiny, but that's a promise that Shaun can't keep.

Starr: Dad, is it really you?

Viki: You are Todd.

Jack: What is wrong with all of you? You can't actually believe this.

Tomás: The test proves it.

New Todd: No. It proves that the test is incorrect. Right? This is--this is crazy.

Old Todd: What's crazy is that you pretended to be me. That's crazy. And it's crazy that you all went along with it. Glad that's over.

Téa: This is not over now. It's just beginning. I can't understand what--

Blair: Well, that makes two of us.

Viki: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. If this man is my brother, then who are you?

Nora: I don't want the world thinking of Matthew like that, especially since he can't even speak on his own defense. I don't want him tried in absentia and transferred off to a prison hospital.

Bo: No, we wanted to keep him out of prison. That's why we were willing to let Clint take the rap. But Matthew wanted to come forward. We wouldn't let him.

Nora: Because it was gonna ruin his life.

Bo: But if we let justice be served, then Nate Salinger wouldn't have found out the truth the way he did. There never would've been a fight. Matthew wouldn't have fallen down, hit his head. If anybody's responsible for what happened to Matthew, it's us, honey. It's you and me.

Nate: I can't say if Matthew's parents knew or not, but I hope they didn't, because that would mean that Matthew's mom tried to have me convicted when she knew I wasn't guilty.

Dani: She wouldn't have done that.

Nate: You're probably right. And I hope you're right about Commissioner Buchanan. Maybe he won't arrest me after all.

Dani: Until you know for sure, it's gonna be a nightmare to wait.

Nate: It's not the worst nightmare, Dani.

Dani: What is?

Nate: Knowing that all the stupid mistakes I made might finally cost me you.

Vivian: When my colleagues and I were going over your records, we realized that you won't be 18 for a few months.

Destiny: Is that a problem?

Vivian: Not necessarily. It just means that you can't have an abortion without the consent of at least one parent.

Destiny: Are you serious? There's no way my parents are gonna consent to this.

Shaun: Destiny, you're not gonna know until you ask them.

Destiny: How do I do that? I haven't said a word to them in months. I'm supposed to just show up on their doorstep and say "hi, Mom and Dad. Guess what. I'm pregnant, but I don't want to have the baby, so can you sign here?"? I can't. They'll freak.

Vivian: I'm sorry, Destiny, but it's the law, and there's no way around it.

Destiny: So if I can't get permission from one of my parents...

Vivian: You can't have the procedure.

Shaun: I guess this is a deal breaker.

New Todd: What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Viki: I only asked you a question.

New Todd: No! You are accusing me of being a fraud! Forcing me to defend myself! Look at you all. Nobody's saying anything, but everyone's thinking it. Who is this guy? Do I have to tell you who I am? I'm your husband. And I'm your father. And I have loved you and protected you my whole life. This is the thanks I get for that, huh?

Jack: No, not from me, Dad. I know who you are. That'll never change.

Old Todd: Sorry, Jack, but he's been playing you. You should be glad it's over. John, I don't know what you're waiting for, but can you get him out of here?

Blair: No, no. No. Just-- answer Viki's question. Tell us who you are. Tell us who you really are. And if you've been lying to us day after day, year after year!

New Todd: I've never lied to you. That's why you trusted me before. You had proof back then, too, but you had something more, didn't you? You had your instincts. You knew. You knew that I was who I said I was. You knew I was telling the truth. Yeah. Starr, come on. You of all people. You would've seen through me from the beginning. You didn't.

Old Todd: It's ok. Everything's gonna be just fine. I promise.

New Todd: Don't listen to his promises. He is not your father. I am!

Starr: How can that be?

Blair: Stop playing games here! Are you the guy that you said that you were when you first came to town? Are you Walker Laurence?

John: We'll know as soon as we see what his DNA test says.

New Todd: I don't know why we should believe this test anyway. Do you know where he got the DNA? Stole my toothbrush, didn't you? Ha! That's great. Of course, you were supposed to stop him from using it, but...

Téa: I did have reservations about whether it was a legal search, detective.

John: Does it really matter at this point? Is that what's upsetting you, counselor? There was evidence acquired during the investigation of Jack's assault.

New Todd: Yes, and maybe you figured that Jack's assaulter had brushed his teeth before the assault. That makes sense. So what did you do? Did you switch my DNA with this guy?

Viki: Why would he do that?

New Todd: I'm not sure, sis. Not sure. Maybe after all these years of trying to pin something on me, he had his opportunity. Didn't pass it up. Certainly wouldn't be the first time somebody messed with DNA in this town.

John: That's true. I don't think they've gotten one right. Of course, that's why we did things a little different this time. I assure you, none of these results were altered.

New Todd: Well...they had to be, because I know who I am. And this guy...this guy's not me. I want a new test. I want a new test. Here. Here. Take my--come on. Now we know where the sample came from. Come on!

John: Ready?

[Vacuum whirring]

Mrs. Evans: Richard, I hope you remembered to pick up the eggs. Otherwise, we won't be able to-- [Turns off vacuum] Oh, my--oh, sweetheart. Oh! I prayed every night. I never once turned off the lights without asking for you to come home. Your bedroom is exactly the way you left it. Where's your stuff? Never mind. We'll go pick it up from Shaun's later.

Destiny: I'm not staying, Mom. I just need you to sign something.

Mrs. Evans: Oh. Well, what is it? Something you need before you start school?

Nate: If I had to do it over again, I would never let that sleaze Rick blackmail me into making that stupid movie, ok? I would've just come to you and told you what happened with Matthew.

Dani: You didn't think you could. When you found out that I knew Matthew was the one who killed Eddie, and I didn't tell you that, that put you in a weird position. No, that's my fault.

Nate: What were you supposed to do? Destiny begged you not to tell me.

Dani: Ok, well, if I had, maybe things would've turned out differently.

Nate: I guess we'll never know. All we can do is start fresh. Can you do that? Can you give me that chance? Dani, I promise you I will spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to you. I just want to be worthy of you. Please say you'll give me that chance.

Nora: You think what happened to Matthew was our fault?

Bo: Honey, I think we have to stop looking for fault. We wanted to know how Matthew got hurt. And now we have our answer. But if we're willing to let Matthew go free for what he did to Eddie Ford, do you think it's fair to take a hard line against Eddie's son? Do we have the right to make Nate Salinger pay for what he did?

Nora: Matthew is paying.

Bo: So is Nate.

Nora: So from now on...when I see Nate walking around town, out with his friends or with a girlfriend at the movies, I'm just supposed to forget that Matthew can't do any of those things, and he may not be able to do any of those things again?

Bo: We can't think like that.

Nora: And that his mother Inez, she can celebrate every milestone in his life while I have to sit by Matthew's bedside and try to believe in magic and wait for a moment and hope against hope that maybe fingers will move a little bit or an eyebrow will twitch. I can't do it, Bo. I can't do it. I can't.

Bo: We will never give up hope that Matthew will recover.

Nora: No, of course we won't. [Crying]

Bo: I love you. And we both love Matthew. But we've gotta look forward now, for his sake and for our sake. All right?

You ok?

Nora: Yeah. I guess. I will be. I just needed a meltdown, I guess.

Bo: I think you're entitled. We're gonna get through this, red, ok? Together.

Nora: So... how about some kung pao chicken, huh?

Bo: Why not? Who gets it here the fastest?

Nora: You know, why don't I just drive down there and--

Bo: No, no. You don't want to do that.

Nora: Yeah, actually, I do. I could use the air. And... I'll be back in a few minutes.

Bo: I'm gonna take a shower.

Nora: I love you.

Bo: You, too.

Nate: I know I have a lot to prove to you. And I know it's not gonna be easy dealing with your dad. But I love you, Dani. We were really good together, and we can be again. So what do you say?

Dani: I'm sorry. I just can't give you an answer right now.

Nate: At least you didn't say no.

Dani: I have these images of you in that movie in my head, Nate. And I keep trying-- just block them out, but I don't know if I can.

Nate: Ok.

Dani: [Sniffles] I can promise you one thing. Whatever I decide, it will be my decision, ok? It's not gonna be because of anything my dad says...or does.

Viki: What does this one say?

New Todd: It doesn't matter.

Tomás: It does matter. It matters to every person in this room. What does it say, McBain?

John: It looks like he's a match, too.

Blair: To who? Walker Laurence?

Vivian: So do you think your parents will sign the consent form?

Shaun: I don't know. But if they don't, Destiny's gonna have a baby she's not ready for.

Mrs. Evans: Oh, my God. Destiny.

[Knocking on door]

Nora: I want to talk to you about what you did to my son.

New Todd: All right, I'm not gonna stand around for this.

John: Shut up and listen, Manning. That's right. I said it. Manning. According to the results of this test... you're Todd Manning, too.

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