OLTL Transcript Wednesday 7/20/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 7/20/11


Episode # 10983

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David: Is it too much to ask for a pen? The police department must be really cutting back.

Viki: David, you do not need to leave John a note. I'm sure if something has happened to Dorian and John finds out about it, he will call you.

David: My wife has gone missing. She could be in a Moroccan jail cell for all I know. Viki, I have to dot all the I's and cross all the T's.

Viki: Then find a clean piece of paper. This one has already been written on.

David: There is no paper! There are no pens. There are no notepads. What do our tax dollars go for? Why can't I just write on the back of this?

Viki: Because it looks like official business.

David: It looks like official business? This doesn't look like official business. I tell you what--let me read it to you. It's not official business. "Dear John McBain..."

Cop: Bathroom's empty, Lieutenant.

Second Cop: Closet's clear, too. No sign of the kid.

John: But Sam was definitely here.

And not long ago. This stuff is still wet. So where is he now?

Sam: Sorry, aunt Dorian. This is hard.

Dorian: Oh, don't you worry about that. You're doing a great job. Oh, yes! Besides which, I've got all the time in the world, now that you've saved me from the clutches of this wretched--

Echo: Oh, shut up! The only reason he's helping you is because he's afraid his mean, old aunt Dorian isn't gonna give him any more birthday presents. Right, kid? You remember me, I'm--

[Echo choking]

Dorian: Ha ha! Well done, Spider-man.

[Dorian laughs]

Blair: Jack Manning, back away from that cake.

Jack: How'd you know I was anywhere near the cake?

Blair: Because I'm a mother and I have eyes in the back of my head, and if you touch that cake with one little finger of yours, I will nail you to that wall.

Jack: Ok, ok.

Blair: This is your brother's cake. Got it? We're not gonna touch it until he gets here.

Jack: I'm just trying to keep my strength up. Worrying about Sam just uses so much energy.

Blair: I know.

Jack: I'm sorry I said he wasn't your son.

Blair: You should be sorry.

Jack: I know how much you love him. He's gonna be ok, Mom.

Baz: Can I ask you a question?

Starr: About your dad?

Baz: Yeah. What do you think he's really worried about? Whether Sam's gonna get home safe? Or whether John McBain's gonna figure out whatever it is he's been hiding all this time?

Téa: How you guys doing over here?

Blair: Well, actually, I am guarding the cake from Jack Manning. It's a full-time job.

Jack: Just trying to convince her Sam's coming home. You heard his voice, right? At the motel?

Téa: That's what we were just talking about.

Dani: The more I think about it, it had to be Sam.

Blair: Really?

Téa: Yes. Blair, he is gonna walk through that door any minute. You watch.

Old Todd: No. What are you doing? Open the door.

Todd: What are you gonna do? You gonna point that gun at my family? At Blair and Téa and my kids? No. I will not let you hurt anyone. Just because you somehow have my old face--

Old Todd: No, I don't have your old face. I have Todd Manning's face.

Todd: That's me.

Old Todd: Why don't we let Téa and Blair decide? Go ahead. Open the door. Open the door, or I really will shoot you.

[Knock on door]

Joey: Hey!

Kelly: Come on in! Hi.

Joey: Hey.

Kelly: I thought you were keeping your father company at the hospital.

Joey: I was, but they kicked me out. Another round of tests.

Kelly: Is that bad or good?

Joey: No, no, it's good. It's good. They say his recovery is on track. Though sometimes he wonders why he should even bother with it, if he's just gonna end up in Statesville.

Kelly: You know what? Take one step at a time. Get the recovery part over with and then you can start tackling the charges.

Joey: Come on, Kelly. He confessed to a lot of bad stuff.

Kelly: You know what? He's Clint Buchanan. He has dodged several bullets this lifetime.

Joey: More than he's deserved to.

Kelly: You know what? I didn't say that. I didn't say that.

Joey: How do you do it?

Kelly: What? I'm smart. Funny. People like me. I'm kidding.

Joey: I know. I know. It's just that I could be having the worst day in the world, just about to hit a wall, and one smile from you and I'm a new man. I don't know how I'd be able to do it without you.

Kelly: Lucky for us, you'll never have to find out.

Jack: The more you look at your watch, the slower time goes.

Blair: I just don't know why we haven't heard from John yet.

Starr: Mom, he can't make the call if he's in the middle of an arrest, right? He could be reading the kidnapper his rights as we speak.

Jack: Oh, sure. McPain, a hero. You ask me, Dad will find Sam before any cop does.

Old Todd: Come on. Open the door.

Baker: Freeze!

Old Todd: Ok. Congratulations. Oh, two, huh? You finally caught me.

Baker: Yes. You led us on quite the chase. But it's over now. Put down the gun.

Old Todd: Or what?

Baker: Or the people inside-- the ones you say you care so much about? Those people are gonna suffer the consequences.

Todd: Now, hold on. I don't know who you two clowns are, but if anyone hurts my family, I'm gonna kill the both of you.

Baker: It's up to him. I don't want anybody hurt.

Old Todd: The hell you don't. His man tried to kill Sam.

Dorian: Oh! Ha ha! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, my superhero. You saved my life. Now, ok, I need some serious explanations. What are you doing in this vile establishment, and where are your parents?

Sam: At my birthday party.

Dorian: Oh. Well, I don't understand. How did you get here?

Sam: Spider-man's hiding here.

Dorian: Spider-man is hiding here? I gotta tell you something, honey. Your aunt Dorian's just a little bit confused. But no worries. We'll just let the Police sort that out when they get here.

Sam: The Police?

Dorian: Oh, you betcha the Police. Don't you know? The policeman is our friend, and we're just gonna call them up so they can make an arrest. But first wait a minute. There's something I have to do. Come, honey, come. Yes. I want to record this moment for posterity. Right? I want you to--that's perfect. You, Spider-man, with your prisoner. Yes, yes, yes. Attitude. Yes. Echo, this one's gonna be suitable for framing.

[Camera clicks]

Viki: David, we shouldn't even be in John's office without him being here, much less read the mail that's addressed to him.

David: No, no, Viki. You're a stickler for proof. Let's halt the investigation so I can find you some proof. I will read it to you. "Dear John McBain..."

Natalie: David, what are you doing? Mom?

Viki: Oh, we're looking for John. Something's happened to Dorian.

David: Yeah, something called Echo DiSavoy. She's absconded with my wife!

Viki: Well, that's what we think happened, but we found out something really awful. Little Sam has gone missing from his birthday p--oh, you know something about this.

Natalie: Yeah. That's what John and I are working on. That's why he's not here.

David: Great. The entire town is on amber alert while the mayor is left twisting in the wind.

Dorian: Right! Spider-man. One more--one more--get a little closer to your captive. Right on. Oh! You're the best!

John: Sam?

Dorian: That would be Spider-Sam to you, Detective.

John: Hey. Buddy, you ok?

Sam: I'm fine.

John: You sure?

Dorian: He is more than fine. He is a superhero. Yes, he has rescued me from that madwoman. Now arrest her.

John: On what grounds?

Dorian: Conspiracy, kidnapping, attempted murder, and she tried to break me up with the love of my life. Then when her plot was revealed, she came this close to doing me in.

John: You look pretty alive to me. Hey, let's deal with our buddy here for a second. Hey. Sam, where's the guy that brought you here? Where's Spider-man?

Sam: He's fighting the Green Goblin.

Dorian: Excuse my ignorance, honey, but who or what is the Green Goblin?

John: I'd like to know that myself.

Todd: You sent someone to kill my little boy?

Old Todd: Oh, no. He sent someone to kill me. And then Sam interfered. I took care of it, didn't I?

Baker: Right. But you won't have that opportunity this time. Who's inside, Mr. Manning? Blair? Starr? Jack? Téa? I'm prepared to order their immediate executions unless you come along quietly.

Todd: I don't know. Whoever you are, I want you to do as they say, please. Don't let my family die.

Téa: I think what you said to Blair made her feel a lot better.

Dani: I knew it sounded exactly like Sam. I just couldn't figure out what he'd be doing at the Minute Man motel.

Téa: Funny. I was wondering what you were doing at the Minute Man motel. You don't seem too anxious to talk about it. But is that because you were there...with Nate? For the obvious reason?

Dani: Mom, no! I can't believe you think I'd ditch Sam's birthday party for...that. I actually heard Nate was there with someone else.

Téa: Who?

Dani: Deanna. I thought they were doing something, but they weren't, so can we just not talk about it anymore?

Téa: Sure. Just--I know you know this, but if you decide to take that big step, I want to make sure that you use protection.

Dani: Mom, we talked about this.

Téa: Ok, ok. I just want to make sure. That's all.

Dani: Don't worry, ok? If you have to worry about someone, worry about Sam. And Dad. Where is he?

Téa: He's looking for your brother.

Dani: Shouldn't he know that Lieutenant McBain has a lead? We should call Dad and tell him to come home.

John: Let's see. You and Spider-man, you're fighting a little crime. Is he a nice guy?

Sam: He's fine.

John: Yeah. He's fine. That's good. Hey, did you happen to see his face, under the mask?

Sam: Yeah.

John: Yeah, you're sure, or you're not sure?

Sam: I'm not supposed to tell anyone his secret identity.

John: Yeah, I know. Of course not. I get that. But I'm not just anyone, right? Remember, you took an oath in my office. You're my deputy. It's like lone ranger and Tonto, all right? So anything you say to me, it stays between you and me.

Sam: I know, but--

John: Look, if you're worried about the whole secret identity thing...I already know that Spider-man is really Peter Parker. See, the problem is, there's somebody else out there and they're pretending to be Spider-man. Can you believe that? What we want to do is we want to make sure that your guy, the guy you're talking about, is the real deal.

Old Todd: That's enough. That is enough. You're not gonna hurt anybody in this house because you don't want to upset him.

Baker: What do I care about Manning?

Old Todd: Stop saying that. I'm Todd Manning, and you know it. You both know it. You both know it because you're both in on it together. You both took my life, but I'm here to take it back!

Tomás: Something on your mind?

Baz: Sure. Same thing that's on everybody's mind. Who kidnaps a kid from his own birthday party?

Tomás: And doesn't ask for ransom, just takes him to a motel in a bad part of town. I know what you're saying. It doesn't sound right.

Baz: You think this guy McBain's gonna find him?

Tomás: I hope so.

Baz: I'm kind of surprised you're not out there looking.

Tomás: Somebody's gotta be here with Blair and my sister. Baz, this waiting's hard on all of us, but waiting, sometimes that's the only thing you can do.

Baz: Just seems like a waste.

Tomás: Of what?

Baz: Of all that training you had.

Tomás: I don't really see how my musical skills are gonna help in this situation.

Baz: I'm not talking about your musical skills. I'm talking about the other stuff. The stuff that got you labeled a person of interest at the CIA.

Natalie: David, John is not the only cop working on the force, so if you filed a report, I'm sure there's an entire team out there searching for Dorian.

David: I do not want the little people. I want the big Mac. Or can he not handle two cases at once?

Natalie: Definitely. And now that he's gotten some leads on Sam's kidnapping, I'm sure he'll be able to turn his attention to other things.

Viki: Do you know what happened to Sam?

Natalie: An actor was hired to play Spider-man at Sam's birthday party. He was found unconscious and half-naked outside the house. So whoever put on the costume and entertained at the party was the one who took Sam.

Viki: Why?

Natalie: We don't know yet. Although John thinks he might know where they are, and he has a theory that Sam's disappearance is connected to the body that you and Dorian found at la Boulaie.

David: Connected how?

Natalie: John thinks that the killer is the same person who took Sam.

Baker: You can't take back a life that was never yours in the first place.

Old Todd: That. I don't understand that. What does that mean?

Baker: You're not Todd Manning. You're suffering from post-traumatic stress. It's made you confused.

Old Todd: No, the volts made me confused. The amps made me confused. But I'm not confused now. I'm not confused now. Let's go.

Baker: But you have questions. I know you do.

Old Todd: Ok, here's my question. How many Todd Mannings does it take to screw in a light bulb? Really. Really. Why are there two Todd Mannings? And wouldn't the world be better off with just one of us?

Kelly: Hey. How long can you stay? Have you had dinner yet? I'm gonna check...

Joey: No, no, no. Come here. I--I have something I want to give you. I'm sorry about the wrapping paper. That's really all the gift shop had.

Kelly: What did you do?

Joey: I'm making things right. Would you just open it, please?

Kelly: Ok. O.M.G., this is what I gave you for Christmas.

Joey: No, it's a replacement.

Kelly: You found an exact replica?

Joey: Yeah. I couldn't believe it. I was going by the hospital gift shop, of all places, and they were doing a Christmas-in- July sale, and there that little guy was, just sitting on the top shelf.

Kelly: This is the same one we found together years ago.

Joey: Mm-hmm.

Kelly: I remember when I first found it. It was just so wonderfully tacky.

Joey: Yeah. And of course you fell in love with it and just had to give it to me.

Kelly: Little did I know you'd give me the same one.

Joey: See? Now we each have one. Just like before.

Kelly: Mm-hmm, until Aubrey broke yours. Which, by the way, was no accident, ok? I'm just saying. Anyway, I never thought in a million years we'd find another one.

Joey: What can I say? Some things are just meant to be.

Dorian: You thought you were gonna get away with it, didn't you? You thought all you needed to do was hire some flim-flam floozy to try and seduce my man away from me. It didn't work, did it? Because my man loves me. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Echo?

John: Do you know what an impostor is, Sam? An impostor is someone who pretends to be something that they're not. I know you don't want the real Spider-man to get blamed for something he didn't do. That wouldn't be fair, right?

Sam: Right.

John: So tell me. Who was wearing the mask, Sam? Who brought you here today?

Sam: The man with the line on his face.

John: The man with the line on his face.

Echo: Do you have any idea what that tastes like?

Dorian: Whatever it was, it was too good for you.

Echo: Shut your...

John: Hey, hey, hey. Easy, easy. Not in front of our hero here, ok? I'll tell you what. Read her her rights, take a statement. I'll meet you guys back at the station.

Dorian: Where are you going, John?

John: I'm taking Spider-man to his hideout. And his mom.

Starr: Ah! Where are you going?

Blair: I need to get some air. It's too stuffy in here.

Starr: Uh-uh. You need Sam to come home.

Blair: I just don't know why he's not home. Why hasn't John called? It's getting late.

Jack: He probably messed up. Let the guy get away.

Starr: Oh, gee, Jack, that's really helpful.

Jack: I just don't see why you guys think he's such a genius.

Blair: At least he's doing something to help, which is more than I can say for some people around here.

Jack: Meaning what?

Blair: Did it ever occur to you that the person who knocked you out at the "Sun" could be the same person who kidnapped your brother? And if you and your father had not kept it a secret and told somebody, then maybe that maniac would've been stopped and your little brother would be home by now!

Jack: You're saying it's my fault Sam was kidnapped?

Old Todd: Don't push me. You know I already took care of one of your guys.

Baker: I also know you're not going to hurt anybody else.

Old Todd: See, that's where you're wrong. And I hate to say it, but you're dead wrong.

Baker: You're welcome.

Viki: Ok, I don't understand this. Why was there a dead body on Dorian's property to begin with?

David: I can't explain it either. All I know is when I tripped over it, I really hurt my foot. In fact, it gave me a bruise. It's right by my bunion. Or it might be a corn. Can I show it to you?

Viki: Do you know who the dead man is?

Natalie: Not yet.

Viki: Well, then what is the connection to Sam? Oh, dear. Does John think that Sam maybe witnessed the murder and that's why he was taken?

Natalie: He didn't say that in so many words.

Viki: But that's horrendous. The man has already killed somebody. What will he do if he's cornered?

Natalie: I can't give away any details, but we have reason to hope that Sam won't be harmed.

David: Oh, great. I wish I could say the same about Dorian.

Viki: Do you have a sketch of this person?

Natalie: We have a description.

Viki: Fine. I'll put it on the front page of the "Banner."

Natalie: That would probably cause more confusion.

Viki: Why?

Natalie: Because the man that Sam described...it was a person that couldn't have possibly done it.

Baker: Do it.

Man: What do we do with him?

Baker: We take care of the situation.

Man: But what about our orders?

Baker: Not here.

Todd: What the hell is going on?

Baker: Nothing is going on, all right? This didn't happen.

Todd: The hell it didn't. This lunatic shows up. He's got my old face. Says he's Todd Manning.

Baker: No, he didn't. He said nothing. Because he was never here. You never saw him, and you never will. And you will never mention this to anyone, not your sister or your children or your wife. And certainly not to her brother, Tomás.

Tomás: CIA? Where'd you get that idea?

Baz: I was right here when the cops started talking about the file the CIA has on you. I want to know why.

Tomás: If they have a file, I don't know why.

Baker: You hear me, Mr. Manning. If you choose to pursue this, I could make the same thing not happen to you that's about to not happen to him.

Dani: Seriously, if you're not gonna call Dad, I will.

Téa: It's ok. I will do it. Do it. There's nothing left.

Todd: How the hell am I supposed to forget what happened here?

Baker: You'll find a way. Put him in the car.

Todd: Hold on, hold on. You guys can't just take him away. He's got my son stashed somewhere.

Baker: That's not my problem. You get my drift?

[Cell phone ringing]

Téa: Do you hear that?

Dani: It's coming from outside.

[Cell phone ringing]

Téa: Todd? What's going on?

Téa: Todd, I asked you a question. Hello?

Todd: Yeah?

Dani: Hey, we were starting to worry about you.

Téa: Were you looking for Sam this whole time?

Todd: Oh, yeah, yeah. My people couldn't come up with anything, and I've been going crazy...

Téa: We may have some good news. We're waiting to hear from John.

Todd: Why? What happened?

Blair: They found him! They found him! They found Sam!

Téa: All because of you. You saved the day.

Jack: Next time, just listen to me.

Blair: You're right. I will.

Todd: Wait, wait. Where is he? Where is my son?

Sam: Here I am!

Viki: Sam described a man who couldn't possibly have done it? I don't understand.

Natalie: Believe me, neither do I.

David: Hello? You're the police. Shouldn't you know who you're looking for?

Natalie: Well, we're getting kind of mixed signals.

David: Mixed signals? Why is she talking in code? Natalie, I don't think you understand. Viki and I are on a mission. We don't have time for your guessing games.

Natalie: The thing is, the person that Sam said saved him at Dorian's pool doesn't exist.

Viki: He's dead?

Natalie: Not exactly.

Baker: I had such high hopes for you once. All you've done is disappoint. So that leaves us with a problem. What are we going to do with you now?

David: How can someone be not exactly dead? They either are dead or they aren't dead. Unless you're talking about when someone's on an operating table and they look down at their own body, and then they start walking into the bright, white light, and then they snap out of it and they come back to life. Is that what you're talking about?

Natalie: No.

David: Then I have no idea what you're talking about. My wife is out there and she has been stolen by a revenge-hungry maniac, and no one is lifting a finger. So you'll excuse me if I don't want to play round two of the deflection game, hosted by you, Natalie, where I'm just a losing contestant. Someone has got to do some police work. So, Viki, you're welcome to stay here and go for the bonus round, but I don't have time to stand here and listen to Natalie's long-winded metaphors about operating tables and game shows, and I'm certainly not gonna sit here with my hands under me while my wife is out there enduring God knows what. So I'm going out there and I'm going to find-- Dorian.

Dorian: Oh! Oh!

[David sobbing]

Blair: I'm never gonna let you out of my sight.

Sam: Mom, I can't breathe.

Blair: I'm never gonna let you go.

Sam: I'm not a baby.

Blair: I know you're not. You are my big, strong, brave boy. You all right? You're not hurt at all?

Jack: He looks fine. You're ok, right?

Sam: Yeah.

Todd: Ok, now it's my turn. Hey. You sure you're ok? You gave us a big scare, you know that?

Sam: Sorry.

Téa: So what happened?

John: Long story. But Sam didn't get to finish his party, right? So first things first.

Blair: Oh. Right. Who wants cake?

Starr: Oh, I do!

Sam: Me first.

Blair: Come on. Let's go get a big birthday cake. Come on, Dad. Carry him over here.

Tomás: So did you catch this guy?

Baker: He's coming around. Don't even try it. There was a time you had a future. As long as you returned to the fold before anyone in Llanview saw you. But you didn't follow orders. So that leaves us with only one option. I guess I don't have to tell you what it is.

Joey: I have no idea how you talked me into this one.

Kelly: Don't you like your peanut butter, mayonnaise, banana?

Joey: No. Oh, it's fantastic.

Kelly: See? I told you. Almost as good as the Joey special, right? What's the problem?

Joey: It just doesn't really go together with, you know, wine.

Kelly: Oh. Why don't I get you some milk?

Joey: Sit, please. Come on. Milk? How uncool would that be? Show up at the bedroom door of the most beautiful girl in the world and toast her with 2%.

Kelly: You can toast me with anything you want, just as long as you keep showing up with gifts. Doesn't that look nice over there hanging from my little jewelry tree?

Joey: You know, I hadn't noticed. I haven't taken my eyes off of you. I will tell you one thing. Excuse me. Christmas is gonna feel a lot like Christmas this year.

Kelly: It's still a few months away.

Joey: You don't think we're gonna make it?

Kelly: No. No. I'm not afraid of that. I'm not afraid of anything anymore.

Joey: Me either.

Joey: How long have I been here?

Kelly: Why?

Joey: I'm just trying to figure out whether or not my father's tests are done.

Kelly: Probably.

Joey: I probably should get back over there. I mean, he's gonna be expecting me.

Kelly: Yeah. You should probably just go, then.

Joey: Yeah, I should.

Kelly: When are visiting hours over?

Joey: Oh--about 10 minutes. Yeah.

Kelly: Think you're gonna make it in time?

Joey: Probably not.

Kelly: Then maybe you should just stay.

Joey: Stay here? Yeah.

David: Thank God you're back. I got you back. And you're unharmed. You are unharmed, aren't you? You don't have any bruises or ugly welts?

Dorian: No, darling. I wish I had my hairstylist here, or my makeup kit, and I did break a nail, but other than that, I'm unblemished.

David: Oh, Dorian.

Dorian: Oh, darling.

Echo: What are you looking at?

Dorian: Oh, David. You spoke true. You weren't cheating on me. It was Echo who was setting you up.

David: That witch with a "B" admitted it? By witch with a "B," you know what I mean, right?

Dorian: Bitch.

David: Dorian, we are in mixed company.

Dorian: David, I tried to be diplomatic. I used my words carefully. But I began to be a bit vituperative, and that's when Echo attacked me. Yes! She tied me up and kidnapped me to that sleazy, cheap, cesspool of a motel.

David: Oh, no. I hope you didn't sit on the mattress. The Minute Man motel has been ridden with bedbugs.

Dorian: Oh, please. Infestation--the least of my problems. Viki? Echo wanted to make it look like I had committed suicide.

Viki: Is that true? Good God. What did you do?

Dorian: I faced the end alone, though wishing I had my soul mate husband with me. And then from the depths of despair, suddenly a savior appeared.

Viki: John?

Natalie: Brody?

David: Pa?

Dorian: Spider-man.

Starr: All right.

Jack: I deserve a bigger piece than that.

Starr: What?

Sam: I get the biggest. It's my birthday.

Starr: Yes, you do.

Téa: So Sam never knew he was in any danger?

John: Oh, no. Sam says he was led away by the guy he's been talking about, the guy who's his friend. The one who looks like Todd used to.

Todd: Obviously, my child has an imagination. Or he inherited the crazy gene from his mother.

Blair: Todd, come on.

John: Or maybe he's right.

Viki: That's amazing. Here we were praying that Sam would be rescued, and he turned out to be the rescuer.

Natalie: John took him home?

Dorian: Yes, he's home with his parents, safe and sound.

David: And so are you. Now, you listen to me. Are you sure you're ok after your terrible ordeal?

Dorian: It'll be an even worse ordeal if you don't take me back, David. Please. I'm so sorry that I doubted you. But honestly, there was so much evidence. I mean, really, you can't deny that. Anybody would've jumped to the same conclusion.

Viki: Dorian. [Whispering] Apologize.

Dorian: Thank you, Viki. David, I apologize. Do you have it in your heart to take me back?

David: Does this answer your question?

Dorian: Mm. Mm-hmm. Ok. Let's take this home. You first. I love to see you walk away. Oh, shouldn't you be rotting in jail?

Echo: I'm not done with you, Dorian. I'm not done with any of you yet.

Cop: Time to get booked.

Man: We should do this now, sir.

Baker: Sorry it turned out this way. But there can't be two Todd Mannings.


David: I've been wearing my shirt way too much today.

Dorian: Oh. And I've been without you much too much today.

David: I'm gonna take you right here in the hallway.

Dorian: Mm!

David: Better yet... let's return to the marital bed.

Dorian: Oh, someone should be making love in this house. Ha ha ha!

Natalie: All right. That's great. Thanks, John.

Viki: Did he find the kidnapper?

Natalie: No. Not yet. But apparently, Sam is not traumatized. The kidnapper made it into some kind of game.

Viki: But the guy is still out there. What if he tries it again?

Natalie: Not likely, not with his face. I'm surprised he was able to get away with it this time.

Viki: What face? Who's this person you're talking about?

Baker: It's done. He won't trouble you anymore. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Sam: Hey, you already got seconds.

Jack: Yeah, and thirds, too. You didn't even see me.

Sam: Wait'll I get my web shooters.

Jack: Oh, no, you don't.

Dani: Oh, oh, guys, be careful. Be careful!

Starr: Looks like everything is back to normal around here.

Baz: Yeah. Except we still don't know what your dad and my dad are hiding.

Blair: Todd, hey, we need to talk.

Todd: Not now.

Blair: No, we--stop. We need to talk now. Sam was kidnapped. We need to make sure it never happens again.

Todd: We will. I will. But-- it's his birthday. Can I enjoy it for a moment?

Blair: The kidnapper is still out there, Todd. Don't forget that.

Todd: I won't.

Viki: This is impossible.

Natalie: That's what John and I keep saying. But when asked to identify the man, Sam pointed at this picture.

Viki: But it doesn't make any sense.

Natalie: I didn't say it did.

Viki: So there's somebody who looks exactly the way Todd used to look, who's lurking around, stalking Todd's children?

Natalie: Seems that way.

John: What do you got so far?

Cop: Right over there, Lieutenant. CSU's about to bring it in. Any theories on Spider-man's secret identity?

Baker: It's not how I wanted it, but it wasn't my decision. And orders are orders.


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