OLTL Transcript Monday 7/18/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/18/11


Episode # 10981

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Todd: All right, you guys, let's go. He's gonna turn 8 by the time you're finished.

Blair: He is going to want to blow out every one.

[All talking at once]

Blair: Get the door. Ready. 1, 2, 3! All: Happy--

Todd: Sam? Where's Sam?

Blair: Sam! Where's Spider-man?

Sam: It's you!

Old Todd: Happy birthday, kid.

Sam: You're Spider-man?

Old Todd: Sometimes.

Sam: Wow. Why'd you bring me here?

John: That's it. That's our connection. He's the connection between Todd, Tomás, and our John Doe.

Natalie: There's just one problem. My uncle hasn't looked like that for years. That face doesn't exist anymore.

Vimal: Mr. Manning, I'm sorry. I was just delivering-- Rama? What are you doing here?

Nora: Destiny? Hi. Is something wrong?

Rick: That's too wide. Zoom in. Yeah. You guys are smoking hot. Almost ready for your wardrobe.

Nate: So there's a wardrobe.

Rick: Yeah, don't worry. You won't be wearing it long. We're gonna shoot in 5. 5. These two--these two are ready to go.

Dani: Do I even want to know what Nate and Deanna are doing here?

Rick: We're good to go, right?

[Knocking on door]

Nate: Aren't you going to answer that?

Old Todd: Look, I said that I had to bring you to my hideout, right? This is my hideout. Who would look for Spider-man here?

Sam: Who are you hiding from?

Old Todd: My arch-enemy, of course.

Sam: The Green Goblin?

Old Todd: Exactly. That's why I had to bring you here.

Sam: Are you lying to me?

Nora: You look like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Destiny: I was just thinking about Matthew.

Nora: I just came from seeing him.

Destiny: How is he?

Nora: Well, he didn't say anything, but he is listening. He was following right along, you know? I think he even smiled at one of my jokes.

Destiny: Really?

Nora: Well, I think so. It's gonna take some time, but I think this place is really good for him.

Destiny: About how much time?

Nora: Well, they didn't say. It's very hard to predict with a brain injury. It's gonna take as long as it takes, you know? His father and I are not giving up.

Destiny: Neither am I.

Nora: We're gonna get the person who did this to Matthew. As a matter of fact, I think we may have a lead.

[Knocking on door]

Rick: Yes?

Dani: Sorry. I'm looking for Nate Salinger.

Nate: You want to back out?

Deanna: Do you?

Rick: And you are?

Dani: I'm Nate's girlfriend.

Rick: You're looking for your boyfriend at a motel? That's not a good sign.

Dani: Is he in there or not?

Rama: Vimal, you're being so cold.

Vimal: You lied about a baby. I went to prison because of you. How can you expect anything else?

Rama: I don't, but it still hurts, Vimal.

Vimal: What are you doing here?

Rama: I heard you had a new job. I just wanted to congratulate you.

Vimal: Oh, you heard I had a paycheck again and you're sniffing around. What's the matter--you tired of living at the Minute Man motel? Or did Llanview's best arms drop you?

Rama: All that's true. Yes. I am tired of living with Aubrey, and Cristian hates me for being a greedy opportunist, but none of that's the reason why I'm here.

Vimal: No. This is a trick. You think a little sprinkle of honesty will make me swallow more lies.

Rama: Vimal, I want nothing more than to tell you how happy I am for you. Mr. Manning did himself a favor when he hired you.

Todd: No, sir. Liam--the child's name--is John McBain's flesh and blood. And John McBain has no clue.

Vimal: Mr. Manning had no choice but to hire me.

John: Sam saw this guy at Dorian's pool.

Natalie: Because you showed him the picture. Maybe he just said what he thought that you wanted him--

John: No, no. Sam told his sister that his new friend had a line on his face, all right? He told people about this guy before I ever showed him the picture.

Natalie: Ok, so maybe there's someone floating around who looks a lot like my uncle used to.

John: Same scar, same place?

Natalie: Somebody's impersonating him?

John: This guy killed John Doe, whose prints kick up an encrypted CIA file, just like Manning has.

Natalie: And Tomás has the same kind of file. What do you think? What are these guys involved with?

[Knock on door]

John: Yeah.

Cop: Hey, look, you'll want to see this.

Old Todd: No, I'm not lying to you. I'm Spider-man. Would I lie to you? My arch-enemy was after me, and that is why I had to bring you here. Will you sit down? Sit down. What's the problem? What's wrong with you?

Sam: My mom's gonna be worried.

Old Todd: No, she's not.

Sam: My mom knows you?

Old Todd: Yes. She does. We go way back. She knows that you're here with me and she would want me to protect you.

Sam: Because you're Spider-man.

Old Todd: Yeah. But you know what? Right now, Spidey needs your help.

Sam: With the Green Goblin?

Old Todd: Exactly with the Green Goblin.

Sam: I didn't see him at my party.

Old Todd: That's because he was in disguise. He changed his face.

Téa: Was he upstairs?

Todd: No.

Téa: Did you check that crawl space behind the attic ladder?

Todd: And in the attic. We looked everywhere.

Jack: I know all of his hiding spots.

Tomás: He wasn't by the pool.

Téa: Or in the pool house.

Starr: Did you guys find him?

Jack: Did you check the cupboard below the sink?

Starr: And the utility closet.

Téa: The basement!

Baz: We checked.

Tomás: Where is Blair?

Todd: She went outside to look.

[Blair screams]

Tomás: Blair!

Téa: Blair!

Old Todd: The Green Goblin, he's a master of disguises.

Sam: He is?

Old Todd: Yeah, he is.

Sam: Will he hurt my family?

Old Todd: No, he's not gonna hurt your family. He can't touch your family. I'm the only one he wants to hurt.

Sam: What about me?

Old Todd: He does know that you're a friend of mine. That is why I had to get you out of there. I'm sorry I put you in the middle of this, kid.

Sam: Did the Green Goblin send that guy?

Old Todd: What guy?

Sam: The guy who tried to shoot me at the pool.

Old Todd: Maybe.

Sam: You gotta take him down.

Old Todd: That's the plan.

Sam: What are you gonna do?

Nora: Bo and I went through every minute of the day that Matthew collapsed--retraced his steps as best we could and remembered every detail.

Destiny: That must've been hard to remember how he was.

Nora: We think Matthew got hurt at the house. Someone came over to the house, so we went through the whole house looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Destiny: And you found something?

Nora: Well, we think we did. It may not be anything, but would you mind taking a look?

Destiny: Sure.

Nora: There. Do you chew this kind of gum?

Destiny: No.

Nora: So do you know who does?

Deanna: You want to keep this guy quiet about what happened with Matthew? You need to do this.

Nate: That's me. There has to be another way to get the info on your mom.

Deanna: That sleaze has the file.

Nate: So we're really gonna do this? On camera?

Rick: I have my own party inside. You're welcome to join.

Dani: No!

Rick: No? Cool. Your loss.

Dani: Ew. God, another wrong room.

John: Where'd you find it?

Cop: In a dumpster by the landing strip.

John: Same strip the plane took off from?

Cop: Forensics says they've collected all the trace evidence.

John: Ok. Thanks.

Natalie: What case is that?

John: We sent a team back to search the airstrip where Marty escaped from.

Natalie: Hmm. And this was left at the runway?

John: Mm.

Natalie: What is that?

John: Some kind of logo.

Natalie: I don't recognize it.

John: I do. I've seen it before.

Starr: Where did you find him?

Blair: Behind the hedge.

Jack: The perv! Where are his clothes?

Blair: This is his I.D. badge. This is the guy we hired to play Spider-man.

Todd: What'd you do to my son? Start talking. Where is he?

Blair: I'm calling John McBain.

Todd: Spit it out!

Man: I don't know what happened.

Todd: What'd you do--you stash him somewhere? You hide him somewhere?

Man: I got jumped from behind before I even rang the doorbell.

Todd: That's crap. We all saw you in there with your hands all over him. You better give me back my son.

John: Here.

Natalie: And it's in here, too.

John: Yeah, and here.

Natalie: So what kind of logo is it? Is it a corporation or something?

John: It's a uniform.

Natalie: What kind of uniform?

John: I don't know. But this holds an ammo clip.

Natalie: So the question is, who left this at the airstrip?

John: Now you know the kind of things that keep me up late at night.

[Telephone ringing] Blair, what is it?

Todd: Hey. You hear me?

Téa: Todd, wait. Listen to the man. Look at that bruise. You say someone knocked you out?

Man: Next thing I remember is a guy grabbing me.

Tomás: This isn't the same guy that was in the house. This guy's shorter.

Starr: He does work for the company. I sent them a picture. He's their employee.

Man: I swear I didn't take your son.

Téa: I believe him.

Tomás: I believe him as well.

Todd: So what? If this is not the guy who was just in our house, who was? Where the hell is Sam?

Old Todd: All right. The Green Goblin, right? He's mad now, because we got away. But that is exactly how we want him.

Sam: You want him mad?

Old Todd: Yeah, we want him mad, because when he's angry, that's when he's gonna make a mistake.

Sam: What will you do to him?

Old Todd: I'll grab him by the throat. Yeah. And I'll make him admit that he's a phony. And I'll tell them that you can't take somebody's life and get away with it.

Sam: Yeah, not on my birthday.

Old Todd: I'm sorry about that. There's something else that's all his fault. Something else he'll have to pay for. And you know what, Sam? I have a feeling this is gonna make you feel a little better. I grabbed some of your presents on the way out.

Sam: Can I open one?

Old Todd: Are you joking? It's your birthday, dude. You can open all of them. Here.

Sam: This is from Dani. I think it's a book.

Old Todd: Who is this Dani, anyway?

[Knocking on door] We're not gonna get that.

Sam: Maybe it's my dad. - Greenlee! Tag, you're it!

Destiny: No. I don't think I know anyone who chews this kind of gum, but I'll keep my eyes open.

Nora: Thanks. It's all we have to go on for now.

Destiny: Well, it's better than nothing.

Nora: Yeah. It's what I can focus on right now, you know. Keeps my mind off of Matthew. It's like it's all I do is think about him lying there trying to put two words together to say his name. It's all I do. Think about what he's doing. It's always just right there. Mother's curse. Well. You know, if your son's in trouble, you're in trouble.

Destiny: Sounds bad.

Nora: No. No, no, no. It's just--it's like your own heartbeat, that's all. It just is. And for the most part, is your greatest joy. You'll find out someday. I want Matthew to, too. That's what I want for him in life. I want him to grow up, and I want him to fall in love and get married and have kids.

Destiny's voice: I'm so scared, Matthew. I don't know what to do, or what you'd want me to do. But I'm not sorry that we were together. I was just hoping that maybe... but there's no way I didn't read this right. It's positive.

Nora: What's positive?

Destiny: Mrs. B? There's something I need to tell you.

Rick: Hot chick, wrong room. Ok. We're gonna shoot the bed scene first. Hey. Hey. Make it hot. Ok. Action.

Rama: Mr. Manning was smart enough to see that you're the best man for this job.

Vimal: That's not what I meant.

Rama: But, Vimal, it's true. You are brilliant. It was obvious to me the first time I laid eyes on you.

Vimal: Please. Don't.

Rama: It's obvious. It would be obvious to any employer. That's why they would hire you.

Vimal: You're such a child! I have a criminal record now. I betrayed my last boss, who was the head of a major corporation. Nobody will hire me now, no matter how brilliant I was.

Rama: So then why did Mr. Manning hire you?

Todd: Are you getting this, John? Bastard was in my house touching my kid.

Blair: His hands were all over all of us, Todd. We were taking pictures with the guy.

John: Ok. Do you have the camera?

Starr: Jack, it's in my purse.

John: Hey, Jack, don't touch it. Don't. Natalie, you want to have a look at that, see if there's any chance of getting prints off it?

Jack: There's no way you're getting prints. He was wearing gloves.

Starr: Spider-man wears gloves, you know.

Natalie: Maybe we can get the height and weight for the APB.

John: Great. We'll put out an amber alert, but we need to get a recent picture of Sam and a description of what he was wearing.

Blair: There's tons of pictures right on that camera, taken an hour ago when he was really happy.

Starr: Hey. We'll get him home, ok?

John: Let's think for a second. Did this guy say anything or did he do anything that might be able to help us find Sam?

Todd: He didn't say a word.

John: Blair?

Blair: Nothing.

Jack: Spider-man doesn't talk.

Baz: Except he did. I heard him say something.

Old Todd: What if it's the Green Goblin?

Sam: He can't knock.

Old Todd: Yeah, but he's got spies, right? And...we don't want anybody to know...that we're here.

Sam: Right.

Old Todd: Right.

Sam: That was a close one.

Old Todd: You're telling me. Why don't you open this one here?

Old Todd: What'd you get?

Sam: A web shooter. I can shoot webs like you.

Old Todd: Awesome!

Sam: My dad's the best.

Old Todd: Yeah. You know what? Why don't you open the rest of those gifts now, ok? I gotta make a phone call.

Sam: To who?

Old Todd: To the Green Goblin.

Sam: What are you gonna say to him?

Old Todd: I'm gonna tell him that I have his son.

Sam: Harry? He'll freak.

Old Todd: Yeah, he will. A man will do anything to get his son back. Right? Go ahead and open the rest of those gifts. Maybe there's more stuff in there we can use to fight the Green Goblin.

John: What'd you hear, exactly?

Baz: We were taking the group photo. The Spider-man guy had the camera. Todd yelled at him. He told him to go ahead and shoot, and the guy said, "my pleasure."

John: You sure?

Baz: He kind of mumbled, but yeah.

Todd: Why didn't you say anything?

Baz: I didn't really blame the guy.

Todd: Yeah? What about now? Now that he's kidnapped my son?

Tomás: Hey, hey. This won't help you find your son.

Todd: Oh, yeah, Tomás. Father of the year.

John: All right, all right, enough of this, all right? If you remember anything else, please be sure to tell us. In the meantime, we're gonna put a trace on the phone lines.

Jack: Yeah, like he's gonna call. He's a sicko. He likes little boys.

Blair: John, he could want a ransom.

Téa: What's your theory, John?

John: My theory? There's no way this is a coincidence.

Starr: Mom? What's going on?

John: This is connected to the murder that Sam witnessed at la Boulaie.

Starr: The what?!

Jack: No way!

Tomás: Who was murdered?

Todd: Manning. Who is this?

Old Todd: Spider-man. I have your son. My, my. What have we here?

Rick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, yay. That's a wrap! Hey, what can I say? It's always the quiet ones. You guys started out really lame. We re-blocked it and then it sizzled. Deanna? Come on, Deanna. You gonna tell me that you weren't turned on?

Nate: Shut the hell up!

Deanna: Nate, it's over. He's not worth it.

Nate: Give us the file on her mom, and we're done.

Deanna: And promise him you won't tell the Buchanans that he hurt Matthew.

Destiny: Uhh. Before the accident, Matthew and I got really close.

Nora: I know. The two of you have been good friends for a long time.

Destiny: Yeah, but... this was different.

Nora: What do you mean?

Dani: Thank God you're still here.

Nora: Hi, Dani.

Dani: Hi. I'm sorry. That was rude. Sorry for interrupting.

Nora: No, no. This looks like it's important.

Dani: No, no, it's ok. How's Matthew doing? I heard he got moved to this really great rehab place.

Nora: Yes. He's doing really well, thank you.

Dani: He's gonna be fine. I know that. Matthew has more willpower than anyone I've ever met. I mean, we saw what he did to walk again.

Nora: We try to remember that, too.

Dani: Well, if you ever need any help with anything...

Nora: Actually, Dani, I think I might. If you wouldn't--oh. Oh, dear. I'm late for a meeting. Oh, gosh. I'm sorry. Can we talk later?

Dani: Yeah, of course.

Nora: Oh, great. Thank you. I'm sorry. What did you want to tell me?

Rama: Why did Mr. Manning hire you, if not on merit?

Vimal: Please. Please go.

Rama: You're upset, Vimal. What happened?

Vimal: I told you. Out.

Rama: You're upset about something besides me, Vimal. I know you.

Vimal: Then how can you think that I would confide in you about anything, ever again? The last secret I told you, I ended up ruining lives and going to jail, where I learned to keep my mouth shut and never trust.

Rama: It breaks my heart to see you like this, Vimal.

Vimal: Don't. Don't. I have a good job. That is what my parents will see when they come to visit our child.

Rama: You haven't told your parents yet?

Vimal: I couldn't break their hearts. Not yet. They have to see that I've recovered, that I have a good career. That is what matters. That I have this job and I will do it well.

Rama: Of course.

Vimal: So leave me alone about how I got the job. If I can't tell the person that it concerns the most, I certainly can't tell you.

Rama: And who's that?

Vimal: A good man that deserves to be treated better than the way I'm treating him.

Starr: Mom, who was killed?

Blair: We don't know, sweetheart.

Starr: Was it Sam's imaginary friend?

Tomás: Who? What are you talking about?

Blair: Sam made friends with a homeless man on the property at la Boulaie.

Jack: Not bright.

Starr: So now we do know that his imaginary friend was real.

Blair: This friend with the line on his face shot someone, and Sam witnessed it.

Tomás: He witnessed a murder?

John: According to Sam, his friend shot a bad man to stop the bad man from shooting Sam.

Baz: And the kid's not completely freaked out about this?

Blair: It does seem strange, but he seems fine.

Starr: Do we know what his friend looks like? Does he have a scar like Dad used to?

Jack: That can't be true.

John: When we showed Sam an old picture of Todd, he said that was his friend.

Blair: It seems impossible, but Sam was positive.

Téa: Blair, you didn't tell me this part.

Blair: I was gonna tell you, then Starr walked in. I was about to.

Téa: What does this mean?

Todd: Is Sam ok?

Old Todd: Yeah. He's fine.

Todd: Put him on. Let me hear.

Old Todd: No, that's not how this works.

Todd: Ok, yes. That's fine. Whatever you want. Just tell me how much and where.

Old Todd: No, it's not gonna be that way. You're gonna do exactly what I say, or you'll never see your son again.

Todd: That's fine. You're in charge.

Old Todd: We meet alone. No cops, no guns.

Téa: Blair?

Starr: When did you find out that Sam saw this?

Blair: Today.

John: What's Todd up to?

Téa: Excuse me.

Todd: All right. I'll be there.

Old Todd: If you tell anyone, you'll never see Sam again.

Destiny: Oh, don't worry, Mrs. B. I was just gonna say that Matthew's gonna have a full life and a family and everything. Like Dani said, he's strong.

Nora: I may need you to remind me of that.

Destiny: I will.

Nora: All right. Good-bye, girls.

Dani: Bye.

Destiny: Bye.

Dani: What were you really about to tell Mrs. B?

Destiny: Don't worry about that. What happened at the Minute Man?

Dani: Oh! Nothing. I knocked on this door and there was this skeevy guy.

Destiny: Maybe they were in another room.

Dani: That's what I thought. I looked around, but I just heard this kid, about Sam's age. He even kind of sounded like Sam.

Destiny: Why would Sam be at the Minute Man?

Dani: He wouldn't, but I didn't think Nate would be, either.

Destiny: Well, I'm glad he wasn't. I probably just heard wrong. That's a relief.

Dani: Yeah, but...

Destiny: But what?

Rick: I am a man of honor. You can let go of me, slick. I'll get you the file. Here. This is everything you need to know about your mother. She'll be very proud that you went the distance for her.

Nate: Don't talk to her.

Rick: You have my word that I won't tell the D.A. or the commissioner what you did to their son. Deal?

Rama: Vimal, please, let me help you.

Vimal: Ha!

Rama: Vimal, I will never betray you again. I promise.

Vimal: Because you care about me so much?

Rama: I do. But ok, even if you think I'm a selfish person and I only care about myself, why would I take that chance again? Look what it cost me, Vimal. Vimal, tell me what's bothering you. Tell me.

Vimal: You need to go. Mr. Manning does not like strangers in his office.

Rama: I'm not a stranger to you, Vimal.

Vimal: You are now.

Rama: Vimal, no matter what you say, you're not a stranger to me. And I know something's bothering you. And I know you cannot live with it. So whoever you tell, it doesn't matter. Just fix what's wrong. Ok?

Vimal: She's right. I must fix it, Todd Manning be damned.

Téa: Was that about Sam?

Todd: Yeah--I was just contacting my investigators.

Téa: The Police are handling it, Todd.

Todd: I'm not gonna trust John McBain and his clowns to find my son.

Téa: Todd, I don't think this is a good idea, ok?

Todd: I'll stay out of the cops' way. I promise.

Téa: Still, I--

Todd: I'm not gonna stay here and wait, Téa.

Téa: Ok. Well, then I'll come with you.

Todd: No, no. You stay here. Blair is freaking out. You're good with her.

Téa: Starr is with her. She will be fine.

Todd: What if the kidnapper calls? I need you here to be my eyes and ears.

Téa: Hey, promise me. Promise me that you will be safe, Todd. Damn it.

Old Todd: Check it out. Do you like my disguise?

Sam: No one will know it's you.

Old Todd: It's all part of my big plan, kid. I'm off to see the Green Goblin.

Sam: I'll get my web shooter.

Old Todd: No, no, Sam. I need you to stay here, ok? You gotta-- you gotta guard the hideout. Ok, watch where you're pointing that thing.

Sam: I want to help.

Old Todd: Well, you are helping me if you stay here and guard the hideout. That's an important job. Here, come here. Look at me. Ok? Nobody can know about this place. All right? You gotta promise me... that you're not gonna go out, ok? Hey, look at me. Spidey promise. Spidey promise?

Sam: Spidey promise.

Old Todd: Ok, good. I'm gonna go out that door. When I'm done, when I'm outside, you're gonna close the door and you're gonna lock it, ok? You don't answer the door. You don't open the door. You don't make any phone calls. You don't answer the phone. And that way, nobody knows that we're here. Nobody can know, not even your family.

Sam: Why not?

Old Todd: Because it would be dangerous for them. My way keeps everybody safe.

Sam: What about you?

Old Todd: I can take care of myself. And so can you. You know what? You know the Spidey suit's got Spidey powers, right? And it'll keep you safe, even if you're scared. You're not gonna get scared?

Sam: I won't be scared.

Old Todd: That's right, you won't, because you're a brave kid. Give me your glasses. You're gonna do great. Now give me 5. Spidey 5? Gonna go, and we're gonna win, because I'm Spidey, and I'm the good guy, right?

Sam: Right. Hurry back, Spider-man.

Jack: Sam thinks Spider-man is real. He believes in Santa. You can't take him seriously.

Blair: He saw the murder. There was a body found on the property.

Jack: That doesn't mean he saw a guy with Dad's old face shoot someone.

John: How do you think he came up with that image?

Starr: It still doesn't make sense.

John: Maybe we'll know when we find him.

Tomás: How are you gonna do that?

John: We put out an APB with Todd's old picture. It's the only lead we had.

Blair: I just don't understand. You really think he shot a man to protect Sam?

John: I don't know.

Blair: Why don't you just say it? Sam was the only witness to the murder.

John: Blair, if he wanted to hurt Sam, he would've done it already.

Blair: What's he doing with my boy?

Rick: That's smoking hot.

Nate: What did they have?

Deanna: They have a phone number and address. In California.

Nate: Whew. So you know where your mom is.

Deanna: I know where my mom is. I can find my mom.

Nate: It's a steep price to pay for an address.

Deanna: It was worth it.

Nate: Good.

Deanna: Was it worth it to you?

Nate: Yeah, as long as Dani never finds out about it.

Dani: I'm glad I didn't catch Nate and Deanna hooking up, but he still lied to me. He told me that he was working a double shift tonight.

Destiny: Well, maybe he found someone to cover for him.

Dani: Then why wouldn't he answer his phone? What's he doing that he doesn't want me to know about?

[Knocking on door]

Vimal: Lieutenant McBain?

Vimal: Dear John... McBain. You are Liam's father, not Brody Lovett. Marty Saybrooke altered the test results. Believe me, I know.

Todd: What do you say? You know what I could do right now? I could call the Palace Hotel and book the presidential suite for Ma and Pa Patel.

Vimal: And what if I say no?

Todd: Oh, sugar, bad things happen to people who make me angry. I thought you knew that.

Natalie: I got a partial shoe print.

John: Good. Anything to get out of there.

Jack: Hey. Where's Dad?

Téa: Your father went to look for Sam.

Jack: Do you believe this crap about Sam's new best friend? Do you think he looks like Dad used to?

Téa: I'm not sure.

Baz: You thought Sam wasn't making it up about his imaginary friend.

Starr: I know.

Baz: So you were right. There's a guy.

Starr: Walking around, looking just like my dad used to.

Baz: Like we said, anything's possible.

Starr: You know, I don't care what this creep looks like. He has Sam. He has my little brother. What if we don't get him back?

Sam: Sorry, Green Goblin. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-man is here.

Tomás: Can I get you anything besides water?

Blair: Just my little boy.

Tomás: I wish I could.

Téa: Hey. Todd went to look for Sam. He said he's gonna bring him home.

Blair: You believe that?

Téa: Yes, I do believe that. I don't know where he went or what he knows, but he told me he's not coming home until he can bring Sam with him. That I believe.

John: The picture was Sam today, so those are probably the clothes. Good. Check in on the half-hour.

Natalie: It's kind of trampled, but we might get something.

John: Good. He probably stole the costume, but he maybe didn't get a chance to change his shoes.

Natalie: We'll get him, John.

John: Yeah.

Natalie: Tell me what it is that you couldn't say in there.

John: This guy, he's not trying to quiet a witness. He took Sam for another reason.

Natalie: Like what?

John: Like I said, when I showed Sam the picture, he said this guy looked exactly like how his father used to look.

Natalie: John, there's no way. I mean, this guy could look like him, but it's not like he could be Todd. What are you thinking, John? It's not like there could be two Todd Mannings.

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