OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/14/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/14/11


Episode # 10979

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Sam: No, no, no!

Blair: Come on, Sam.

Sam: Oh, no!

Blair: It will just take a minute. Come on. Come on. Listen, it'll just take a second, and then you can go to your birthday party. All right?

Sam: Party, now. McBain, never.

Blair: He gets it from his Dad.

Téa: What's going on?

Todd: Tomás was just leaving.

Tomás: Not until I tell you about your husband.

Téa: Tomás, can this wait? I really need to get ready for Sam's party.

Todd: Yeah. Me, too.

Tomás: No, no, you'll want to hear this, Téa. It's worth it. That's a promise.

Destiny: I have to tell you something.

Dani: What's going on? Are you all right?

Destiny: I need to talk to you bad.

Dani: Actually, I have to talk to you, too, about Matthew.

Destiny: What about Matthew?

Dani: Well, the thing is...

Destiny: What? What?

Dani: Nate knows Matthew killed Eddie.

Deanna: Nate, what are you doing?

Nate: I don't have a choice, but he's got nothing on you. You can't force her to make a porno.

Rick: Maybe not. Or maybe I can.

Nate: What is that?

Rick: Deanna knows what this is. Don't you, sweetheart?

Deanna: How the hell did you get that?

Nate: Get what?

Deanna: The truth about my mother.

Rick: So what was that you were saying about not being able to get her to do porn?

Nate: Ohh.

Baz: Something's going on between your father and mine.

Starr: Ooh. Sounds ominous.

Baz: I'm not kidding, Starr. And whatever it is, it's not good.

Téa: Ok. I'm listening. What do I need to know about my husband? Ahem.

Blair: There you go, big guy. Be right back.

John: So what's all this about?

Blair: John, I really didn't know what else to do. You know the dead body that you found in La Boulaie yesterday?

John: Yeah. What about it?

Blair: I think Sam might know something about it.

Todd: Ok, Mr. Todd Manning, let's find out who you are... and what the hell you did to me.

Destiny: Nate knows Matthew killed his Dad?

Dani: Yeah.

Destiny: How? Did you tell him?

Dani: Shh! People are coming over.

Destiny: Dani, how could you?

Dani: I didn't! Oh, well, technically, I did, but...

Destiny: You're supposed to be my best friend. How could you do this to me? You promised you wouldn't say anything.

Dani: I didn't tell him anything he didn't already know!

Destiny: If you didn't tell him, who did?

Dani: Actually, it was you.

Rick: Mm-hmm. There's your mother's name and the address where she lives and--yes, this is chock-full of things you just are dying to know.

Deanna: How did you get my mother's file from that lawyer? What did you do to him?

Rick: "Do to him?" Abel and I are close friends.

Nate: You know him?

Rick: Oh, yeah. We went to Brown together.

Deanna: Figures, a sleaze like you would know a sleaze like him.

Rick: It's called "networking." I saw him outside, we got to talking, and then I made the connection that my muse and his wayward orphan are one and the same.

Deanna: And he just gave it to you for nothing, after he's making me give him 20 grand?

Rick: You were taking too long, and he owes me one, and, yeah, he just gave this big old file right over to me.

Deanna: Give it to me.

Rick: No. All in good time. You were willing to fork over a lot of cash for the intel on this file. What makes you think I'm gonna give it to you for free?

Nate: How much do you want?

Rick: I don't want Deanna's money, dummy. I want her talents.

Starr: Baz, our fathers are not exactly best friends.

Baz: That much I got.

Starr: But it's not like it's personal. My Dad doesn't like most men--or people, for that matter. And with the two of them living under the same roof, they were bound to get under each other's skin sooner or later, even with Téa playing referee.

Baz: Starr, this isn't some kind of rivalry between two guys who like different soccer teams. Didn't your Dad just accuse mine of shooting him?

Starr: Yes. And then he took it back.

Baz: Why?

Starr: Probably because he realized he made a mistake.

Baz: There was no mistaking what I just heard.

Starr: What are you talking about?

Baz: Your Dad said he kept mine out of prison, and mine said he kept yours alive.

Téa: I'm waiting. Ok, Tomás, if you're not gonna tell me what's up, then I'm gonna have to ask you both to scram, because I really do need to get ready for Sam's party.

Tomás: No, hang on. Your husband and I, we had a very good talk while you were in the shower.

Téa: About what?

Tomás: About his bad behavior, about the man he is and the man he wants to be. I could probably tell you all the details we discussed, but you know what? You really ought to hear it from him. So what do you say, Todd? Tell her. Tell my sister how sorry you are.

John: Here, kid. Play with these. So why do you think Sam knows something about the murder at Dorian's?

Blair: Because of his imaginary friend.

John: You lost me already.

Blair: I know. Listen, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that there's a lot of strain in my family because of all of Jack's trouble.

John: I'm sure.

Blair: And Todd is really focusing on really keeping Jack on the straight and narrow, which means I think he hasn't really shown much attention to Sam. So when Sam started saying that he has this friend, somebody that I've never seen and nobody's even heard of, I just...

John: You think he's making up for his father's absence? Ok. But what does this have to do with the body that was found at Dorian's?

Blair: It was found out by the pool, right?

John: Yeah.

Blair: Starr said that she heard Sam talking to somebody out by the pool. So when she went to check, there wasn't anybody there. So she asked Sam, and Sam said that he was talking to a friend.

John: Maybe he wasn't so imaginary.

[Phone rings]

Todd: Oh, come on, Baker. Like I don't know it's you? I know. I killed your boy Kent and you're coming after me. I'll get back to you...right after I figure out who this guy is and get back at him.

Blair: Thank you, John.

John: You're welcome.

Blair: So do you remember when John used to live with us at la Boulaie? How much fun that was and how he would play with you and tell you all those great stories? Remember? You think you can tell John a great story now?

Sam: I don't want to tell a story. I'm missing my birthday party.

Blair: Sweetheart, the party's not gonna start without you.

John: Sam, this won't take long. I just thought maybe we could have a little talk about your new friend.

Destiny: Girl, you have seriously lost it. There is no way I told Nate what Matthew did.

Dani: You did. You just didn't know it.

Destiny: How is that possible?

Dani: Remember that night in Angel Square when I found out what Matthew did to Eddie Ford and you confirmed it?

Destiny: Yeah.

Dani: It turns out Nate was there, ok? He heard everything.

Destiny: No. Are you serious?

Dani: I'm sorry, Des.

Destiny: So Nate's known all this time that Matthew killed his Dad and he almost let him go down for it, and he hasn't said a word to anyone?

Dani: Well...

Destiny: Oh, God, Dani, who did he tell?

Dani: Deanna.

Nate: You son of a bitch. You cannot force her to make your movie.

Rick: I would not dream of it. Deanna, no one's gonna force you to do anything you don't want to do.

Deanna: Then what do you call this?

Rick: Negotiating a deal-- my services for your...goods.

Deanna: You're sick.

Rick: I'm sorry that you think so. I am offering you a chance at stardom and a way to make spectacular money in the process.

Deanna: I don't want this.

Rick: But you do want money, and you know everybody wants to be famous. I don't care what they say. You do one movie with me, and a girl like you could end up with her own reality series.

Deanna: You think that's worth doing porn?

Rick: You may not know this, but "porn" isn't the dirty, little word that it used to be. It has evolved like--like pole dancing, or online escort services. Think about it, but don't think too long because my offer has an expiration date.

Nate: Really? When would that be?

Rick: As long as it takes for me to finish my smoke. I'll let you kids talk amongst yourselves.

Sam: But, Mom, it's my birthday!

Blair: I know it's your birthday. John knows it's your birthday. But we will go to the party as soon as you answer a couple of questions from John. You think you can do that?

Sam: I can't!

Blair: Why not?

Sam: I promised. It's a secret.

John: A secret? Why didn't you say so? Don't you know you can't just go around, Mom, spreading secrets all over the place? Right, Sam? You can't do that. Sam, come here. Come over here, buddy. Let us have a little talk, just the guys. You see, the thing about moms--you can't blame them. Sometimes they don't get it. But, you see, I deal with secrets every day. As a matter of fact, just earlier on, I was working on this super-top-secret case with Santa and--oh, I wasn't supposed to say anything.

Sam: What about Santa?

John: No. Forget I even mentioned it.

Sam: I saw Santa once. Maybe I can help.

John: I wish you could, but I'm only allowed to talk about it with other police officers.

Sam: You can trust me.

John: There is one way, but-- no, that would never work.

Sam: I can do anything.

John: Yeah? I can make you a deputy, but then we couldn't have any secrets between us. I'd have to tell you everything I know, and you'd have to tell me everything you know. You think you can do that, Sam?

Todd: You want me to what?

Téa: You think this man's gonna apologize? I think you have the wrong Todd.

Tomás: Don't be cynical, pajarito. Your husband might surprise you. I'm pretty sure he'd rather make a humble apology than face the consequences of not taking responsibility for his actions. Right, Todd?

Téa: Hold on. If anyone is gonna make him face the consequences of not taking responsibility for his actions, it's gonna be me, not you. So back off.

Todd: Yeah. Do what she said.

Téa: And I am not interested in a coerced apology, especially from someone who obviously feels no remorse.

Tomás: That's fair enough. But you know what? If Todd's not gonna take it--

Todd: All right. I--this should happen just between you and me, but I realized recently--through no help of Tomás'--that I have acted like a jerk. I should not have been so grabby with you there. I am sorry. You're my wife. I love you. I want to make things up to you. I hope you do.

Téa: Of course I do. I love you, too. And it means a lot to me to hear you say you're sorry, so thank you for that. And, Tomás, I happen to know that Todd would not have seen the light on his own, so thank you. Whatever it was you said worked.

John: Please raise your right hand--close enough. I, John McBain, declare you, Sam Manning, an honorary member of the L.P.D. Congratulations, Deputy.

Sam: Now, what about Santa?

John: What about him? Oh. Santa. Uh, that's right. Um...yes. Santa. You see here, Sam? What does it say? It says "Christmas in July." Is Christmas in July, Sam?

Sam: No. In December.

John: It's in December. That's absolutely right. So, you see, Santa and I are pretty convinced that there's a Grinch that's behind all this, trying to mess with our favorite holiday.

Sam: Oh, no.

John: No. But don't worry. Santa and I are on this. But, hey, maybe you could do me a favor. Maybe you and your friend, you could keep your eye out for the bad guy. You think you could do that?

Sam: Ok.

John: Yeah? Now that I think of it, maybe I should deputize your friend while I'm at it. Do you know his name?

Sam: He never told me.

John: He never told you. I have a friend who's like that, too, likes to be mysterious and everything. I wonder if it's the same guy. Hey, you could have a look at something for me. Is this your friend, Sam?

Blanca: Todd Manning remains in critical condition at Llanview hospital after surgery to repair damage from a bullet wound. Manning, notorious publisher of local tabloid "The Sun," was shot in a gunfight outside Rodi's bar last night. Tonight we'll examine Manning's life, his impact on Llanview, and the actions that have made him the target of so many in "the nine lives of Todd Manning."

John: Do you know this man, Sam? It's ok. You're a deputy now. You can tell me anything. Is this your friend?

Blair: He's not?

John: Are you sure, Sam?

Sam: I'm sure. He's not my friend. He's a bad man.

John: "The bad man"?

Sam: The guy who tried to shoot me at the pool.

Destiny: I can't believe this. So Nate's known about what Matthew did this whole time, and now he's going around telling people?

Dani: No. He only told Deanna.

Destiny: And that's ok?

Dani: He said it was because he needed someone to talk to and he didn't have anyone else.

Destiny: So he couldn't talk to you or me?

Dani: No!

Destiny: Why not?

Dani: Because Nate didn't just find out about the part about what Matthew did. Ok? He heard everything, Des, including you making me promise not to tell him.

Destiny: So? It's not like someone made him promise not to tell you anything.

Dani: He was waiting for me to tell him, but since I didn't-- because I kept my promise--the only person he could turn to was Deanna.

Destiny: She's the only person?

Dani: Yeah, I know. I wasn't happy about it, either, but at least that explains one thing. That's the reason they've had their heads together these past few weeks. I was really starting to think that they were hooking up.

Deanna: This can't be happening, Nate. Everything I ever wanted to know, everything I've been searching for about my mother-- it was all just right in front of me, and then it was gone. And the only way to get it back--

Nate: You'll get it some other way.

Deanna: How? You heard Rick.

Nate: He cannot force you to prostitute yourself for his camera.

Deanna: But he wouldn't be forcing me. It would be my choice.

Nate: What? No. Deanna, you're not actually gonna do it?

Deanna: Well, aren't you?

Baz: That's not all I heard. Our fathers are keeping something from Téa, too.

Starr: What is it?

Baz: My Dad said he knows your Dad better than Téa does, that he knows who he really is. What do you think he meant by that?

Starr: I have no idea. You probably didn't hear the whole conversation.

Baz: No, because I had to get the hell out of there before they caught me listening in.

Starr: Ok, so it is possible that you took it out of context?

Baz: Possible but not likely. Because from what I heard, it sounds like our dads have some kind of secret deal.

Starr: About what? Keeping Tomás out of jail for shooting my Dad? My Dad said Tomás didn't do it.

Baz: After he said he did. Isn't it possible that your Dad is lying and my Dad really did shoot him?

Starr: And why would my Dad cover for a guy who tried to kill him?

Téa: I will hold this moment close to my heart and cherish it forever! But now you two need to get the hell out of here so I can get ready for Sam's party. The decorations still need to go up.

Todd: No, you don't have to be doing any of that kind of stuff.

Téa: Oh, really? Who's gonna do it? You?

Todd: No. Tomás. He volunteered earlier because he's the artsy type. Isn't that right?

Tomás: Yeah. Of course.

Todd: Yes. You see?

Téa: Ok.

Todd: You go make yourself pretty now.

Téa: Blair and Sam will be here soon--oh, and the entertainment is on its way.

Todd: I'll keep an eye out.

[Door closes]

Tomás: Lovely apology, Todd. Didn't know you had it in you.

Blanca's voice: Manning's irresistible attraction to danger came to a head in 2003 when he ran afoul of cult leader, Mitch Laurence. Manning went missing as a result of that feud and, subsequently, Blair Cramer, the mother of two of his children, arranged for Manning to be legally declared dead.

John: So the man in the picture--tell me again, what did he try to do?

Sam: He had a gun. He tried to shoot me.

John: Ok, Sam, but, hey, you're safe here. All right? All you have to do is tell me what happened.

Sam: My friend saved me. He shot the bad man.

John: Ok. And you're sure your friend--he never told you his name?

Sam: I'm sure. He never told me. Can we go to the party now?

Blair: Come on. Let me just have a few more words with John, and then I'm sure we can go. Ok? Be right there. Ohh. Oh, my God, John, somebody tried to shoot my little boy.

John: Let's not get ahead of ourselves, all right? More than likely, he just witnessed the confrontation that ended up in our John Doe's death, all right? He wasn't the target.

Blair: But you can't be sure.

John: I understand, all right? Just answer one thing for me. Has he ever talked about this friend of his before? Has he ever said anything about him?

Blair: Just that, well, according to Starr, that this guy had a line on his face.

John: A line on his face? Like a scar?

Blanca's voice: The presumption of Manning’s death had proved premature, however. Shortly after his disappearance, an unfamiliar face began to insinuate himself into the lives of Manning’s loved ones--Walker Laurence, supposed brother of cultist, Mitch. But it wasn't long before Walker was unmasked as Todd Manning himself, wearing a face drastically reconstructed as a result of plastic surgery made necessary by beatings at the hands of Laurence's henchmen. Many wondered at the extent of Manning’s transformation, but Llanview was soon to discover it was only skin deep.

Blair: I know what you're thinking, John--I thought it, too--Todd had a scar on his old face. But obviously Sam's imaginary friend can't have Todd's old face. I mean, right?

John: There's one way to find out. Hey, Sam, buddy, I want you to take a look at something. Take a good, long look and you tell me, is this your friend? Is this the guy that saved you from the bad man? They're two of a kind.

Starr: I don't know what to make of all this. I guess my Dad has been a little off ever since he woke up after the shooting.

Baz: I guess any normal person would be.

Starr: Except my Dad's anything but normal.

Baz: I'm beginning to think my Dad's as screwed up as yours.

Starr: I don't think the CIA has files on normal people.

Baz: The CIA has a file on my Dad?

Starr: Ok, I don't know much about it, except for John McBain, this detective, said that it was very similar to the documents that they found hidden in my Dad's desk.

Baz: What was in those documents?

Starr: Something about my Dad! Look, I have--other than that, I have no idea, except that they've both been encrypted. Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, my Dad. I have to get to my Dad's house. It's my brother's birthday party! I forgot about that! Are you coming?

Baz: Hell, yeah. Maybe I can figure out what's going on with my Dad.

Destiny: You thought Nate was hooking up with Deanna?

Dani: I kept seeing them together, and then he'd always be in a mood with me. I didn't know what was going on. It turns out it was because he knew I was keeping that huge secret from him, and he finally blew up at me.

Destiny: Is he still mad?

Dani: We talked things out. I think he's ok, now that we don't have any more secrets.

Deanna: Maybe Rick's right. Maybe porn's not as bad as we think. I almost did it before.

Nate: So you can let yourself do it now?

Deanna: Nate, I've been searching for my Mom for years. And to just let it go because of sex?

Nate: It's not just sex, Deanna.

Deanna: Yes, it is. Look, what about you?

Nate: What about me?

Deanna: You're gonna be a lot worse off if you don't do what Rick wants.

Destiny: I'm glad you and Nate are ok.

Dani: Me, too.

Destiny: But wait. Where does all this leave Matthew? If Nate knows that Matthew killed his father, what's to stop him from telling the whole world?

Nate: Deanna...

Deanna: If you don't come through for Rick, he's gonna tell Matthew's parents what you did to him. You could go to prison, Nate.

Nate: So I'm supposed to get naked on camera and have sex with you? I haven't even had sex with my girlfriend yet! I cannot betray Dani like that.

Deanna: I know. I get it. It's your choice, but you really need to think about this, Nate, because it's either making Rick's movie with me or losing your freedom. What's more important?

Nate: Dani. She's more important.

Deanna: But you wouldn't be hurting her. It's just what Rick said--it's business. And you wouldn't be doing it because you had feelings for me or to get off. She wouldn't even have to know.

Dani: Look, don't worry. Nate won't say anything.

Destiny: And what about Deanna? The only thing we know about her is that she used to go out with James.

Dani: Nate trusts her.

Destiny: Does that mean we should, too?

Dani: Yeah.

Destiny: Are you sure?

Dani: Look, she has no reason to talk. And what would be the point of Nate saying anything? It's not like they can arrest Matthew while he's... in his condition.

Destiny: What about when he gets better? He is going to get better.

Dani: I think Nate will just drop it. You know what? No. I know he will, and you should, too. Ok? Huh. Oh--your turn.

Destiny: For what?

Dani: You said you had something that you wanted to talk to me about.

Destiny: There's no way. I didn't read this right. It's positive.

Dani: Des? What do you need to tell me?

John: Is this the man that helped you?

Blair: Come on, Sam, it's ok. You can say.

Sam: Yeah, that's him. Don't tell him I told you.

John: No problem, buddy. Shake on it.

Blanca's voice: After several tumultuous months, Manning and Cramer got engaged and planned a wedding, but Manning was abducted by Margaret Cochran. Manning had used Ms. Cochran as a pawn in one of his schemes to thwart rival, Kevin Buchanan of Buchanan Enterprises. Unfortunately, Cochran became obsessed with Manning, holding him captive for months, and forcing him to impregnate her, finally resulting in the birth of his fourth child, Sam.

John: Good job, buddy.

Blair: Wow. So what do you think all this means?

John: It means we don't go jumping to conclusions.

Blair: My son witnesses a murder, now he's seeing things?

John: What he saw was his father.

Blair: But Todd hasn't looked like that since before Sam was born. Unless it--unless Sam saw Todd kill that man, and he's covering for him? Do you think that's what Sam's trying to tell us, that Todd is a murderer?

John: It wouldn't surprise me. But at the same time, it doesn't hold up.

Blair: Why not?

John: When John Doe was getting killed, Todd was in police custody. Whoever Sam saw, it wasn't his father.

Todd: Ok. I don't know what's going on with me, or with you...but you don't mean a thing to me. But he means something to you.

Todd: So, Tomás, are you enjoying yourself? You having fun making me jump through all these hoops?

Tomás: No. I have much better things I'd rather do than yank your chain.

Todd: Good. Then stay away from me.

Tomás: I will, for now. Besides, I got to deal with all these party favors, right?

Todd: And also remember that I can hurt you every bit as badly as you think you can hurt me.

Tomás: I'm more than well aware of that. The difference between me and you, Todd--based on my experience, I have a very high threshold for pain. Do you? Because if you threaten or hurt or even raise your voice to Téa or her daughter again, we'll definitely find out.

Todd: Yeah, that's right. My daughter, my wife--I'm never gonna lose them, Tomás. Tsk.

Tomás: Yeah, my sister, my niece.

Nate: But what if I do this and Dani finds out?

Deanna: But how would she? I mean, Dani doesn't exactly seem like she's into porn.

Nate: She isn't.

Deanna: Then how's she gonna know? It's not like I'm gonna go around advertising it.

Nate: But all it takes is one, one person to see it. How am I ever gonna look at Dani or my mother or my brothers again? Once we're on camera, it's out there, Deanna. There's no taking it back.

Deanna: I get that. But wouldn't it be better for you to be out in the world, living with that risk, than locked up behind bars?

Rick: It's decision time, kiddies. What's it gonna be?

Dani: Whatever you wanted to tell me, it sounded like it was important.

Destiny: Yeah. Right. The thing is...

Starr: Hey, guys.

Dani: Hey, Starr. Oh, Des, you remember my cousin Baz, right? You met him at Nate's graduation.

Destiny: Yeah. You were the DJ, right?

Baz: It depends. Did you like the music?

Destiny: Yeah. That was a sweet song you played for Starr and James.

Starr: Where is everyone? It's almost time for Sam's party.

Destiny: Oh, I didn't realize I was interrupting a family event.

Dani: No, you're not. It hasn't even started yet.

Destiny: I should go.

Dani: What for? You're family. Besides, we never got to finish our talk.

Destiny: It's ok. We can talk later.

Dani: Des...

Destiny: Wish Sam happy birthday for me.

Sam: Mommy, come on. It's time for my party.

Blair: It sure is. Let's ask the detective if we can go, ok? What do you say, detective? Can the deputy go?

John: I just want to know why I wasn't invited. Hey, for now, yeah. Ok. Whoever this guy is, it looks like he had every chance to hurt Sam and he didn't. In fact, it looks like he was trying to protect him.

Todd: Hello. Mr. Todd Manning, please. It's--I'm calling on behalf of Victoria Lord and "The Banner." She'd like to set up a meeting with Mr. Manning as soon-- he's not? He's not in the office at all today? Of course it's his son's birthday. How could I forget? Could you do me a favor, please, and remind me where it is? My boss will kill me if I send her to the wrong place. "Mr. Manning's house"? No. You know what? You have a beautiful day.

Téa: Why aren't you downstairs?

Todd: Oh, Tomás has got it all under control. Hey. Wow. You look beautiful.

Téa: You're in a strange mood.

Todd: Why? Because I gave my wife a compliment?

Téa: That, the apology. What's next, flowers?

Todd: I want you to believe that I don't take you for granted. That's all. No matter how crazy I get, I think about you guys, you and the family, and appreciate you every day.

Téa: Is something wrong?

Todd: No. Everything's fine.

Téa: Then why are you...

Todd: It's--I don't know. I don't want to lose you.

Téa: Why would you say something like that?

Todd: You know how it is. The things in your life that you hold most dear you're the most afraid of losing.

Téa: Don't be afraid of losing me, ok? Just try not to be such a jackass. Ok?

Todd: I'll try. We all have internal plumbing.

Rick: Do we have a deal?

Deanna: One scene, and I get everything in that file.

Rick: Excellent! Hmm! And, Nate? Does this beautiful, little lady speak for you, too?

Nate: Yeah.

Rick: Ah, great! Hmm! Ok. You will not regret this. I'm gonna head back to the motel, get set up. I want you two there in a half an hour. A half an hour, and then we're gonna make movie magic.

Deanna: Hey, I know how hard that was for you.

Nate: Not as hard as this is gonna be.

Deanna: Wait. What?

Nate: I'm calling Dani. Ohh.

Starr: So is Nate coming?

Dani: He's supposed to. Actually, I thought he'd be here already.

Todd: All right, people, let's move! I just got a text from Blair saying they'll be here any second!

Starr: Whatever you do, do not push too hard, ok? For all we know, the conversation between our dads could've been completely innocent.

Baz: Yeah. Right.

Tomás: I didn't think my son would be caught dead at a little kid's birthday party.

Baz: Oh, I wouldn't miss this for the world.

Blair: All right, everybody, ready for...

Todd: That's him right there! Is that you?

Sam: It's me.

Todd: It's you!

Téa: Are you ready for your piñata?

Sam: Yeah!

Téa: Yay! Come on!

Todd: Piñata! All right.

Téa: Piñata! Come on in here.

Todd: You were supposed to be here a while ago. What was the holdup?

Blair: I'll explain later. Where's the entertainment?

Todd: Should be here soon.

Man: I know it's good money, but I'm a serious actor. After this no more children's parties, Bev. Did the have-a-seat people call back about my audition? Fine. But the next time I put on tights, it better be for "Hamlet."

Todd: So much for your "Spidey sense."

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