OLTL Transcript Monday 7/11/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/11/11


Episode # 10976

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David: Dorian, I'm back. I know you told me to go, but I'm not ready to give up on us yet. Would you please turn around so we can talk about this like the adults other people expect us to be? Easy, now. You don't want that thing to go off.

Dorian: Don't I?

David: What's that saying... "Make love, not war." That's a pretty good motto--

Dorian: Yeah, pretty good. If the other person deserves to live, and you don't.

David: Come on, baby. You don't mean that.

Dorian: Ho ho ho. How easy-- easy it would be to pull this trigger and shoot you like the cur you are.

David: I'm only half cur. The other half--you know, I've never really looked into the other side of my family. So what does that make me?

Dorian: Worm meat! Which is what you're gonna be when I'm through

Jessica: what did you just say?

Natalie: Brody and I are together. We want to make a family for Liam.

Jessica: Really? Is there anything else you want to throw in my face?

Natalie: I haven't been looking forward to telling you this, but I thought you should hear it from me.

Jessica: Oh, of course. That way you could see how much you hurt me. I'll make it easier for you, Natalie. I'm hurt. But if you're expecting tears, you can forget it.

Natalie: I owed you the truth. That's all.

Jessica: The truth? That's never meant a damn thing to you. Why start now?

John: Just reviewing the evidence in Gigi's case and there's something missing. You recognize it?

Brody's voice: She did it. She changed the test. Liam's not my son. He's John's.

Brody: Yeah, I recognize it.

John: According to the log, you were the last person in the room with the evidence. What happened to the tape recorder?

Jack: Did you tell that guy what I did?

Todd: Why would I do that?

Jack: What secret are we keeping from McBain?

Todd: The kind I'm not telling you.

Jack: Why not?

Todd: Because you'll spill it. Yeah, I know you promise not to say anything, but you'll spill it. Before I know it, the secret's not a secret anymore. Sorry, buddy. Can't risk it.

Téa: Our hearts were in the right place.

Blair: Yeah, but you know what we did? We made a total mess of things, because that man is nowhere near ready to move on.

Starr: Who are you talking about?

Blair: Rex Balsom.

Rex: By the time I'm done, Jack will know how it feels to lose his mother and Todd will know how it feels to lose his wife. Then we'll be even.

Jack: I won't tell anyone, Dad. You can trust me.

Todd: Yes. Famous last words.

Jack: I didn't cave in front of John McBain, did I?

Todd: Because I showed up in time to stop you. Sorry, buddy. I'm not gonna tell you anything. Not until you prove you're my kid.

[Door closes]

Viki: Hello? Hello? Is someone here? I know someone is here. Who are you?

Jessica: So when did you and Brody--I mean, how long have you guys-- forget it. I don't want to know.

Natalie: This is all really...

Jessica: I said forget it, Natalie.

Natalie: I know this is hard for you to hear, and I'm sorry.

Jessica: You're sorry? You stole the man I love.

Natalie: No, no, no, no, no. I didn't steal anybody, ok? You gave Brody up.

Jessica: And the minute I was gone, you just swooped right in. You didn't even wait for the body to get cold.

Natalie: That is not how it was.

Jessica: Then how was it, Natalie? John didn't want you so you just hopped on the next available man? It didn't matter who he was?

Natalie: All I can say is what I've been saying. I never set out to hurt you.

Jessica: Which time? So was it worth it? Are you two so in love?

Natalie: I can't answer that. I don't know.

Jessica: But you're gonna try for a relationship anyway?

Natalie: We're in a relationship. Brody's the father of my child.

[Jessica scoffs]

Brody: The tape recorder?

John: Yes. The tape recorder. It's also evidence in Gigi's death. There might be something in that tape that connects Jack Manning to where she was or what happened to her.

Brody: Right.

John: So where the hell is it?

Brody: Right here.

Jack: This is bull!

Todd: Excuse me?

Jack: I thought the point of me working with you was for us to, like, bond or whatever.

Todd: No, the point of you working with me--so I can keep an eye on you so you don't screw up your life anymore.

Jack: Ok. One question. If you're looking over my shoulder 24/7, how do you get any work done?

Todd: Let me worry about that. How about you look over my shoulder? That's how you learn a business. Which is what we're supposed to be doing here, not grilling me about John McBain.

Jack: Fine. Don't tell me what you know. It's probably lame anyway. Like he smokes up or something. Who cares?

Todd: Ha! Sorry, buddy. You're gonna have to work on your entrapment skills.

Jack: So teach me! Show me how you do it.

Todd: You want lessons on how to be like me? Is that it?

Jack: Why not? Everyone in this building has to listen to you. You're not scared of anyone. And you deal with anyone stupid enough to cross you. What's wrong with wanting to be like that?

Echo: I hope you don't mean that.

Rex: I thought you were upstairs with Roxy and Shane.

Echo: I was. But Roxy's decided she's going to be decorator-in-chief, and she kindly asked me to butt out.

Rex: Yeah, Roxy gets a little touchy when it comes to her leopard print.

Echo: I don't want to talk about Roxy. Did you mean what you said, that you think the way to get back at Todd and Jack is by going after Téa and Blair?

Blair: So when Rex was finally done, we didn't know what else to say, so we left.

Téa: We weren't expecting him to welcome us with open arms. We just wanted to tell him how sorry we were.

Blair: But he didn't want to hear it. He was angry.

Starr: I wish he hadn't taken it out on the two of you.

Blair: He's grieving, Starr. He lost the love of his life and he has to have somebody to blame.

Starr: Jack's friend wasn't enough?

Blair: Well, Rex claims that he accepts that Jack wasn't involved.

Starr: But he doesn't want to believe that, though?

Téa: Would you?

Blair: Listen, sweetie. I don't want you to worry about it. Téa and I are big girls. We can take care of it. And time is gonna take care of this. Eventually, things will calm down.

Téa: But until they do, we have to keep a low profile. Rex and Shane have a lot of healing to do.

Blair: I'm gonna keep Jack away from them. That's my job.

Starr: Ok, that's a good idea, but Mom, I'm afraid Jack isn't your only problem right now.

Viki: I'm not going to leave until you come out. Now, who are you? What do you want?

Old Todd: You have a sister. Her name is Viki and you trust her above all others. So stop talking to yourself and trust her, all right?

Viki: [Gasps] Oh, I'm sorry, darling. You made me jump. Sorry. What's up?

Bree: Mommy and Aunt Natalie are fighting. Please make them stop.

Viki: Oh, God, yes. Ok, honey, yes. I'll take care of it. Come inside. Sorry. Come on.

David: I know you're angry about the affair I didn't have.

Dorian: Oh, that pathetic refrain again?

David: It's the truth. Look, even if Ionia and I had--which we didn't, --would you really shoot me?

Dorian: Oh! Of course! Karma and justice--after what you two had planned for me?

David: What are you talking about? I don't have any idea what you're talking about.

Dorian: Don't try and lie when I've got the evidence right in front of me. Yes, I intercepted the Pandora's box.

David: Pandora? I thought you said it was from Ionia.

Dorian: It is from I-- a package from her. With a love note and this gun. What were you planning to do--shoot me so that you could live revoltingly ever afterwards on my money?

David: Where are you getting all this?

Dorian: Well, so much for the best laid plans of beasts and men.

David: There were no plans.

Dorian: Too late! I'm on to you now. Sayonara, Vicker Man.

David: Dorian, please, don't. Oh! Dorian, could you come here a second? Who the hell is that? Come on up. Come on up.

Rex: I thought we agreed you wouldn't interfere.

Echo: Just asking a question.

Rex: What if you don't like the answer?

Echo: I may have to interfere.

Rex: I have a better idea. Leave.

Echo: I already did that. When you were too young to know any better. And I vowed never to do it again, so you better get used to it, Rex. I'm here, whether you like it or not.

Rex: I don't like it.

Echo: You know what? It wasn't all that hard to read between the lines of that little speech that you made to Téa and Blair. You might as well have painted targets on their backs.

Rex: What should I do? As long as they refuse to admit the truth behind what Jack and Todd did, they're co-conspirators.

Echo: That's a little harsh.

Rex: You think? Let's ask Shane. Losing a mom when you're young-- that's harsh. Jack still has a mom. Actually, he has two. What's fair about that?

Echo: If life were fair, I wouldn't be standing here without Charlie.

Rex: Well, what's the deal, Echo? Because an hour ago, you stood here and promised me you would help me get back at whoever had a hand in Gigi's death.

Echo: Just saying there are other ways to get back at people that don't involve physically hurting them, or worse. Is that what you have in store for Téa and Blair?

Blair: Oh, no. What now?

Starr: Don't you think Sam's been acting a little weird lately?

Blair: Weirder than looking at himself in the mirror and licking his reflection?

Téa: He does that? Can I have some more?

Blair: I don't think that's what Starr's talking about.

Starr: No. It's not that. I'm talking about the guy that he found out by our pool.

Téa: What guy?

Blair: Sam's imaginary friend.

Starr: Is that what you're calling him?

Blair: Come on. It's so common. It's completely harmless.

Starr: Doesn't seem harmless to me.

Blair: This from a girl who dumped Piranhas in Max Holden's bathtub.

Starr: Ok. The other day, I heard Sam having this long conversation with someone out by the pool. When I went out to see there was nobody.

Téa: Listen, a lot of kids have imaginary friends. Dani certainly did. I think I did. What makes you suspicious of Sam's?

Starr: Because Sam said this guy had a line on his face.

Téa: A line?

Starr: Like this.

[Cell phone ringing]

Old Todd: Yeah.

Baker: This is Baker. Who is this?

Old Todd: Kent. Agent Kent.

Baker: Why haven't you reported in?

Old Todd: I've been kind of busy.

Baker: You were due here yesterday.

Old Todd: Yeah, I got bumped from my flight, and then... you still there?

Baker: Identify yourself.

Old Todd: I just did.

Baker: Code. Please. Code. Now.

Old Todd: Ok. Ok. Um... what are you wearing?

Baker: Ok. Where's Kent? What have you done with him?

Dorian: Do you think he's taking a nap?

David: Yeah--a dirt nap.

Dorian: Check his pulse. His ankle. I'm a doctor.

David: You're a doctor? You haven't mentioned that before. There's no pulse. He's dead.

Dorian: Oh! How did that happen?

David: Well, when you pull the trigger, this little piece of metal comes out and it goes really, really fast...

Dorian: David. Oh! I don't even know that man. I've got no reason to kill him.

David: Didn't stop you from threatening to blow me away.

Dorian: You have absolutely no clear logic going on, do you?

David: I hope you have a better explanation for the police. I'm calling 911.

Todd: Listen, I understand if you want to be rich and powerful and all that. That's fine. But you don't have to be like me.

Jack: What's wrong with being like you?

Todd: I've done a lot of stuff, some bad stuff, and a lot of people hate me for it. Trust me, you don't want 90% of the population wishing your head was on a platter.

Jack: So I just won't make the

Todd: Not off to a good start, are you?

Jack: So teach me what not to do. You at least have to be able to give me some pointers. Or maybe some ammunition?

Todd: Some ammunition?

Jack: John McBain's got it in for me. For both of us. If there's anything I could use in a negotiation, wouldn't it be good for me to know what it is?

Todd: You don't give up easy, do you?

Jack: No, and neither do you, which is why we make a good team. I know you've got my back. And I'll have yours. But Dad, you've gotta trust me.

John: Why is this in your pocket?

Brody: I took it out of the evidence room.

John: Why?

Brody: I didn't like the confession Jack Manning's friend gave us. You and I both know it was bogus. So I went back to look at the evidence. I couldn't figure out why Gigi was carrying around a tape recorder the night she died. But when I took a closer look at it, it hit me.

John: What?

Brody: It's exactly the kind of tape recorder that Natalie had on her when she fought with Marty, before Marty pushed her off the roof.

Natalie: Sharing a child changes things. There's this connection.

Jessica: A connection? Really? Brody and I had a connection. Remember--we were gonna get married, we were gonna build a life together, but that was until you decided to crawl into bed with him.

Natalie: Please, Jess, seriously. You don't need me. You destroyed your family all by yourself.

Jessica: Excuse me?

Natalie: Yeah. Brody was going to raise Ryder as his own. He was going to marry you, but you, you couldn't get past his mistakes. It was too hard for you, so you dropped him and your kids and took a nice, long vacation from reality.

Jessica: That's not what I wanted, Natalie. I didn't bail on purpose.

Natalie: Really? Because someone let Tess out and I know it wasn't me. And then you come back and you expect everything to be just as it was when you left. But guess what? Life doesn't stop just because you can't deal with it.

Jessica: Sounds like you have things all figured out.

Natalie: Jess, you're my sis and I love you. I do. And I will love you till the day I die, but I'm sorry, I'm not gonna let you make me your excuse for every miserable thing that happens in your life and I'm not sacrificing my happiness because I'm afraid you're gonna fall apart.

Jessica: Give me a break, Natalie. You want me to fall apart. Because if Tess comes back, you don't have to feel guilty anymore.

Natalie: Go ahead. Seriously. I like you better as Tess anyway. Oh!

John: You think this tape recorder's the one Natalie had?

Brody: I know it sounds crazy, but the thing disappeared. Natalie never knew what happened to it. So I wondered if maybe Gigi somehow ended up with it.

John: So you took it from the evidence room and you did what?

Brody: Played the tape.

John: What was on it?

Brody: Find out for yourself.

[Tape whirring]

Viki: Jessica! Heavens, what are you doing?

Jessica: She deserved it. She's a little bitch.

Viki: Jessie!

Jessica: She's in a relationship with Brody now. Did you know that?

Viki: I'll tell you what I know. Your daughter's window is open-- was open, and she heard you and Natalie fighting, and she came downstairs to ask me to make it stop.

Jessica: Oh, my God. Bree--where is she?

Viki: She's back in her room. With the window closed.

Jessica: Ok, ok.

Natalie: I'm sorry. I can't deal with this right now. I've gotta get to work.

Viki: No. No. Honey, you're not driving anywhere, as upset as you are. Darling, we need to talk.

Natalie: I tried to. I tried to talk to Jessica, but she just says what she always says, that I am a selfish whore who lives to hurt her.

Viki: She doesn't mean that.

Natalie: You know what? I am sick and tired of always-- everything that goes wrong is my fault, and I'm not gonna let it happen anymore. Brody and Liam and I are a family and nobody can do anything to stop that.

Todd: It's not bad. I guess maybe you do have some powers of persuasion.

Jack: So are you gonna tell me the secret?

Todd: I'm gonna let you in on lesson number one. When in doubt, shut the hell up, especially when dealing with cops and chicks. Information is power.

Jack: Right. So give me the information.

Todd: Not so fast. Never give up what you know unless you know that what you get in return is of greater or equal value.

Jack: So you want to know what you get from telling me the dirt on McBain?

Todd: I already know.

Jack: Is it of equal value?

Todd: It's of greater value. I get an ally.

Jack: What is this?

Todd: Something John McBain would die to have if he knew it existed.

John: The tape's blank.

Brody: I couldn't believe it myself. First time I played it, 45 minutes, complete silence. Not one word. If there was ever anything on there, it's gone now.

[Knocking on door]

John: Yeah. Come on in.

Cop: Sorry to interrupt, lieutenant. Just got a priority call from dispatch.

John: What's up?

Cop: Mayor's husband found an unidentified body at their house. Guy had been shot.

John: Does he know who did it?

Cop: He thinks maybe the mayor.

Baker: Answer me, damn it. What the hell happened to Kent?

Old Todd: I killed him. It was practice... for when I get my hands on you.

Blair: I think you're making too much of the line thing. Are you gonna...

Téa: No, no, no. I'm done. Wait. Hold on. A line like this?

Starr: Yup.

Blair: Come on. It's no big deal. Kids come up with stuff like this all the time. The line could be anything.

Téa: Or it could be something very specific, and I think we both know what I'm talking about. Todd had a line on his face. A scar.

Baker: You shouldn't have done that. Kent was one of our best.

Old Todd: You're right. I should totally have just let him kill me.

Baker: Where are you?

Old Todd: Where am I? I'm in a sleepy, little town. Really nice community. I met this little kid. His name is Sam, and check it out--he's got a sister named Starr and a brother named Jack and a mother named Blair, and wait--you're never gonna guess what his father's named. Go ahead. Guess. Go ahead. You know what? You're never gonna get it. He says his father is named Todd Manning, and I'm like, no way. His father can't be Todd Manning. Because I'm Todd Manning.

Jack: So McBain has no clue Liam's his kid?

Todd: No. And that's the way it's gonna stay, right? Unless someday we need a get- out-of-jail-free card.

Jack: But what do we do in the meantime? He's gonna keep coming after us.

Todd: Yes, he'll try, but all he's got is Brad's confession. He's got nothing on you. And until he does, we've got other fish to fry, right?

Jack: Like what?

Todd: This Japanese company has outbid me for the satellite, so we have to neutralize them. Yesterday.

Jack: And how do we do that?

Todd: Find out everything there is to know about their company. So I want you to get on it.

Jack: Me?

Todd: Yes, you. Are you familiar with computers? You know how to operate one? Do some research. They're called Origami Cogs. You need to take them to task, man, ok? Show them that if they mess with a Manning...

Jack: We mess back.

Rex: What--you think I'm gonna put a hit out on Blair and Téa? Come on. I'd be no better than Todd and Jack.

Echo: It's just the way you made it sound.

Rex: When I said I was gonna hurt them? I'm gonna hurt them. Definitely. Blair and Téa are gonna see Todd and Jack ruined. And it won't be pretty.

Echo: By ruined, you mean what?

Rex: Don't worry. I won't do it with bamboo shoots under their fingernails or water-boarding, if that's what you mean. I have something else in mind.

Starr: That is exactly what I thought. Sam traces a line right where Dad used to have his scar. That's gotta mean something, Mom.

Blair: Here's what I think it means. I think that Sam has not seen his father, because Todd's been too busy dealing with Jack, so I think it makes complete sense that Sam would come up with an imaginary friend that looks so much like his dad.

Téa: Except Sam didn't know Todd when he looked like that.

Blair: But Téa, wait, wait. Girls, he's seen photos. In fact, I was looking at a photo of Todd and me at our wedding the other day out by the pool, and that's exactly where you said Sam was talking to his imaginary friend. Right?

Starr: Yeah, but--

Blair: But nothing, sweetheart. It makes sense. I bet you Sam has that picture with him right now.

Old Todd: So you tell me something. You tell me who is this guy that's walking around town telling everybody that he's Todd Manning, and how come nobody has figured out that he's a fake?

Baker: Who says he's a fake?

Old Todd: What does that even mean?

Baker: I'll tell you everything you want to know. Just come in.

Old Todd: No. I come in, you kill me.

Baker: You're paranoid.

Old Todd: No, I'm alive, and I'm gonna stay that way. But I want answers. So I'll ask Viki.

Viki: How is Bree?

Jessica: She's better. I told her I was sorry and I am. I'm really sorry. I have to figure out a better way to deal with things with Natalie.

Viki: Darling, you're angry, and you cannot hide from that.

Jessica: That's not Tess' job to deal with it either.

Viki: Exactly.

Jessica: Tess isn't coming back. Ok? If someone's gotta deal with Natalie, it's gonna have to be me.

Viki: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Jessica: Did Tina try to do these things to you, try to take someone away from you?

Viki: Tina and I had an awful lot of problems, honey. A lot. But one thing will never change. We will always be sisters.

Jessica: Well, I'm not sure that's enough for Natalie and I. It's like she was just waiting, waiting for me to step away for a second so she could swoop in and take what was mine. I just-- you know, Mom, I thought that sisters were supposed to look out for you.

Viki: Darling, it's not as simple as that, ok? It takes two, as well.

Jessica: I understand that Brody has his share of the blame, but why couldn't Natalie just have left him alone?

Natalie: Hey, did somebody move the duty roster? I can't-- What is that? What's my tape recorder doing here?

[Camera's shutter clicking]

Brody: So neither of you recognizes the victim.

Dorian: Never saw him before in my life.

Brody: Do you have any idea what he was doing at your house?

Dorian: Not the vaguest.

Brody: When you arrived on the scene, what was the first thing you saw?

David: My wife holding a gun, and then I saw the dead man in the bushes.

Dorian: Are you trying to send me back to death row?

David: I didn't say you shot him. I am simply stating facts.

John: Whoever shot him, it wasn't Dr. Lord, not with this thing.

Brody: Something more powerful.

John: Oh, yeah. A lot more powerful.

David: So you haven't found the murder weapon?

John: No. Not yet.

David: Since I didn't do it, and if Dorian didn't do it, then who did?

Baker: Don't involve Todd Manning's family in this. If you do, I can't guarantee their safety.

Old Todd: If you hurt them, what I did to Kent, I'll do to you. I promise.

Rex: The first step is to hit Manning's wallet. Go after his holdings. Take away his toys.

Echo: Starting with?

Rex: A TV station here, a satellite there. Now that I'm head of B.E., I can buy up whatever I want. And I want what Todd wants.

Echo: Todd's had money for a long time. He's used to high stakes poker. You're not.

Rex: You think I can't handle it?

Echo: No, I'm just saying that what you're talking about takes experience. If you get in Todd's face--

Rex: I won't. Every move I make is gonna be done through a new subsidiary of B.E., which I set up. Manning will never have a clue who he's dealing with.

Echo: Wow. I give you credit. That sounds pretty smart.

Rex: I hired a specialist. I worked with her all night to make sure that Todd started feeling the pain the day Gigi was buried.

Echo: And there's no way it can backfire?

Rex: My tracks are covered. Origami Cogs will never be traced back to B.E. or to me.

Echo: Origami Cogs? That's your subsidiary? Where'd you come up with that name?

Rex: I had some inspiration. The letters in "Origami Cogs" are an anagram... for Gigi Morasco.

Starr: Sam could've seen that picture.

Blair: Of course, he could've, sweetheart.

Starr: And if he is missing Dad, then it would make sense for him to turn the old version of him into his imaginary friend.

Blair: Did you hear that? Want you to write that down. My daughter just said that I made sense.

Starr: I still think we should talk to Sam about this.

Blair: We will, sweetheart. I don't think there's anything to worry about. Sam just has a wild imagination, and I believe you did, too, when you were his age. You remember the man on the wheel? Great story.

Starr: Ha! Apparently, you don't remember it as well as I do.

Blair: What do you mean by that?

Starr: The man on the wheel was real.

Todd: Vik. Don't you have people on the payroll to clean up? You smashed a picture of the two of us together. What'd I do to piss you off this time?

Viki: Nothing today. Yet. And if you had, I don't think I'd be smashing your picture. Yeah. You make me nuts sometimes. But you're my brother, and I will always love you.

Dorian: John, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that innocence.

David: This time.

Dorian: What about David?

John: What about him?

Dorian: Is he going to be arrested for conspiracy to commit murder?

David: Excuse me?

Dorian: You see, ahem, that gun which was just taken away by officer Lovett, was actually intended for David along with this.

John: May I?

Dorian: Yes. Absolutely. It was written by this second-rate pole-dancing slut David's involved with, and clearly, they are plotting to kill me.

John: Or plotting to make you jealous.

David: I'm not plotting anything, except the natural trajectory of my career. Someone is setting me up.

Dorian: Oh, David, it's never your fault, is it? No. Interrogate the strumpet, will you? Her name is Ionia Masters, and as if that wasn't crime enough, she's trying to get my husband to kill me.

John: That might be a bit of a stretch, but I will look into it.

David: And when you do, you'll see that I'm innocent, and this whole issue will be settled.

John: Yeah. Speaking of issues, the two of you have a couple you may want to sort out. I'm just saying. I'm gonna go.

David: The nerve.

Dorian: Huh. One man's opinion.

Natalie: How did this get here?

Natalie's voice: Ok, Marty. What did you do that was so bad that you don't want anyone else in the world to know? Forget the high road. I am going to listen to every single world that psycho Marty said to her therapist. She didn't want the wrong person to hear it? Well, too damn bad. Oh, my God. It's finally coming back. I remember.

Dorian: Ok. The cops and the dead guy are gone. We're not a crime scene anymore.

Dorian: There are other crimes, David. Crimes of the heart.

David: Oh, come on. Don't be that way.

Dorian: You accused me of murder.

David: You were about to shoot me full of holes, weren't you? Waving that gun around.

Dorian: A gun that was sent to you by a--

David: By someone who was trying to split us up. That is not gonna happen. I love you, Dorian. You're my precious passion flower found only in the deepest jungles of South America where none of the people speak English. They don't bathe very often. They're prone to dysentery. I'm pretty sure I lost my train of thought. But I'm not gonna sleep alone without you, and I'm certainly not sleeping outside to be a mosquito buffet.

Dorian: No. No. My dear David, you're not.

David: Finally. Something said with sanity.

Dorian: [Giggles] Because you are gonna pack your bags and get out of my house!

David: But you're my passion flower.

Dorian: You're evicted!

Natalie: I was at home. I found the tape recorder. I put the tape in it and then-- and then what?

Natalie's voice: Ok. Here goes nothing. What was on it? What did I hear? This is evidence in Gigi's case? Why?

John: You recognize it?

Natalie: Yes. I had it with me on the roof when Marty pushed me. We were fighting over it. John, why do you have this? Why is this here?

John: Gigi had it with her before she died.

Natalie: How did she get it?

John: I wish I knew.

Natalie: What was on the tape?

John: Maybe you should ask Brody.

Echo: Well, I stand corrected. What you're lacking in experience, you're making up for with killer instinct.

Rex: Think I inherited that from you?

Echo: Let me know if you need any help. I think I'm gonna go check on Roxy and Shane again.

Rex: Echo, thanks.

Echo: For what?

Rex: For threatening to interfere. It's nice to know somebody's thinking about me.

Echo: Get used to it.

Rex: I hope she bought that. Because you and me, we know the truth. One way or another, Blair and Téa are gonna feel what you felt.

Starr: At first, everyone thought I was making up that story about the man on the wheel because I'd made up stories before, but that time, I wasn't. This thing with Sam could be more than we think.

Blair: So what are you saying? Sam's imaginary friend is real and has a scar on his face like Todd used to? Really?

Téa: It's a little out there.

Starr: Ok, no, you know what? I don't know what I'm saying. I just--I have a bad feeling about this and I'm not going to ignore it. The next time Sam has a discussion with that Scarface man, I am going to make sure that I am there to talk to him myself.

Todd: Why don't you just use this frame but swap this picture out for this one? Look at this. So much better looking.

Viki: If you do say so yourself, huh? I liked the old face, too.

Todd: You're kidding.

Viki: No.

Todd: So who broke it, anyway?

Viki: I don't know. No one has owned up to it yet.

Jack: "Did you mean Okinawa Dogs?" No! I meant Origami Cogs! They're a real company, and they're going after my dad. Why has no one heard about them? This job sucks. I'm outta here.

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