OLTL Transcript Friday 7/8/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 7/8/11


Episode # 10975

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Echo: Yes?

Old Todd's voice: I have a sister. Her name is Viki.

Vimal: Let me go. This is harassment.

John: What did he do?

Cop: Failure to signal.

Vimal: And for that, I'm arrested?

John: Officer Hasdons takes traffic violations very seriously. Thank you, Officer. However...

Vimal: Yes?

John: Well, perhaps we could overlook all that.

Vimal: And how might "we" do that?

John: Let's talk about your buddy Todd Manning.

Todd: Hey, sis. See my headline?

Viki: Good morning, Todd. Yes. I have the "Sun" right here.

Todd: Oh, you can't stand it, can you? My circulation is up. Reminds me--how's the "Banner" doing? Still hemorrhaging readers?

Viki: The "Banner" is just fine, thank you very much. Fortunately I don't need sleaze to sell newspapers, and I actually save a great deal of money by not having to defend libel suits such as the one David is going to slap on you.

Todd: Never gonna happen. Dorian's gonna kill him first.

David: Ow! Stop it!

Dorian: Pleasant dreams, dear?

David: Dreams? Are you kidding me? I didn't sleep at all. You locked me out of the house. I'm eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Dorian: Oh, I would think you enjoyed that, given the way you like to be feasted upon, huh?

David: "Vickers in her knickers"? Actually, that's pretty funny. Knickers rhymes--wait a second. Who took this photo?

Echo: Yep. I still got it.

Roxy: How come you're so pleased with yourself? Wreck another marriage?

Brody's voice: She changed the test. Liam's not my son. He's John’s.

Natalie: Brody.

Brody: Hey, Natalie.

Natalie: What's the matter with you? You look like you were a million miles away.

Téa: Hey, Blair. I got your message. You wanted to see me?

Blair: Yeah. Where the hell do you get off helping my son get away with murder?

Todd: Hey, what are you looking at?

Jack: Um, nothing.

Todd: Hey. You know, this is a place of business. If you want to play video games or watch porn, do it on your own time. Get out of here.

Rex: Hey, buddy. You ok?

Shane: I guess.

Rex: It was a nice service, right?

Shane: How long do we have to stay here, Dad?

Rex: Yeah, it's not home, is it? No place is home without your Mom. Pretty soon we can leave here and go anywhere we want.

Shane: Why wait?

Rex: Because Todd and Jack have to pay for what they did to your Mom, and they will, starting today.

Old Todd's voice: I have a sister. Her name is Viki. I can trust her above all others.

Brody: You do?

Natalie: Yeah. Besides Rex, you.

Brody: Yeah, I'm sorry. I was just--

Natalie: No, no. I'm sorry. You don't have to say anything. I know what you're thinking.

Brody: You do?

Natalie: Yeah. Besides Rex, you knew Gigi the longest, and you must be as upset as I am.

Brody: Gigi and I were tight.

Natalie: Yeah. I almost lost it at the funeral, and, I don't know, I just hope I don't fall apart in front of Rex and Shane.

Brody: I wish I could go with you.

Natalie: Yeah, me, too, but there's already so much bad blood between Jessica and me, and I don't want us spilling any more with us showing up as a couple to mourn over Gigi.

Brody: It's not like it would come as a shock. I mean, Jessica knows we're together. You told her, didn't you?

Jessica: Mom!

Viki: I'm in here. Oh. Are you coming with me to see Rex and Shane?

Jessica: Well, I wasn't planning on it, but I was at the park today with Ryder and Bree, and I got to thinking. As disappointed as I am with Rex about how he handled Dad's transplant, he's family, and I don't want to deny Ryder and Bree a relationship with their uncle just because my relationship with him right now is strained.

Viki: That's very kind. Dare I hope that that kindness extends to your sister?

David: "Sources say the costars' torrid affair is heating up right here in Llanview as depicted in this poolside pic showing masters hanging on to Vickers' love handles for dear--" love handles? I don't have love handles. I paid good money to have that sucked out.

Dorian: And I would pay even more to have you sucked out of my life.

David: You actually believe this tripe? You had all night to think it over, and you still haven't figured it out?

Dorian: You are a liar and a cheat!

David: How dare you. A liar, yes. A cheat, never.

Dorian: It's right here... in the newspaper.

David: That's not a newspaper. That's the "Sun." And I didn't tell you about Ionia coming over here last night because I didn't want you to do what you're doing. I wanted to spare you.

Dorian: Oh, spare me. Spare me.

David: Dorian, this is a setup. Would you look? There is a photo of Ionia throwing herself at me. What there is not is a photo of me throwing her off. But that's not helping my argument.

Dorian: There are no pictures of that second scenario you're describing because none exist!

David: I love you. I endured a hellish imprisonment with the only thought that maybe I'd be able to make it back to you one day. I would never cheat on you. I would never cheat on you, no matter how much someone else wants you to believe that I would.

Roxy: Oh, so this is what you were cackling about. Other people's problems.

Echo: Well, it's no big secret that I dislike our mayor. And what, you've become so enlightened that you don't enjoy a little Schadenfreude every so often?

Roxy: I never touch the stuff.

Echo: Well, I find that having a little every now and then helps take your mind off your misfortunes and those of the people you love.

Roxy: Yeah, I think we could all use a little help with that.

Echo: So what do you say we put aside our differences for today and join forces to help Rex and Shane? Our boys need us, Roxy--both of us.

Shane: I am sick of Jack and his Dad. I don't even want to think about them. I wish you'd forget about them and think about Mom.

Rex: I do think about her. I never stop.

Roxy: All right, guys. I don't know who to hug first.

Shane: Hi, grandma.

Echo: How you holding up? Roxy and I are both here for you, whatever you need.

Rex: Thank you for coming, both of you.

Echo: Where else would we be?

Roxy: You know, you could have given me a little heads-up. I could have helped you move, baby. Listen, Nigel said that Clint gave you all his money and stuff for that transplant.

Rex: He did?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Nigel moved into the hotel, and we were just sitting around, and we were, like, spewing the fat. He also said that you gave him his pink slip.

Rex: Yeah. What about it?

Roxy: Well, you know, nothing, except I was a little surprised because he knows every inch of this place, and he could be a big help.

Rex: Well, Nigel was Clint’s employee. I don't trust him.

Roxy: Well, Clint ain't giving the reference. I am, and I say that Nigel is good.

Rex: Then somebody else can hire him! If you have a problem with that, you can leave.

Téa: Look, Blair, I don't know where you're going with this--

Blair: You can cut the crap, Téa. Todd told me that Jack caused Gigi’s death and you helped cover it up.

Téa: I was defending your son. What did you want me to do--throw him to the wolves?

Blair: I want him to face up to what he did and not have his innocence bought and paid for by Todd.

Téa: Well, then maybe you should have been there. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know that Todd probably was lying to me when he told me he reached out to you. This isn't your fault.

Blair: Yes, it is my fault.

Téa: Honey, this is on all of us, but for the record, I had no idea Todd was bribing Brad's father. And by the time I confronted him about it, it was too late.

Blair: Well, you know what? It may be too late for Jack, too. He's slipping away from me, Téa, and there's nothing that I can do to stop it. Every day he seems less and less like the boy that I raised and more and more like Todd.

Todd: Jack, you have to stop doing this, man.

Jack: What? Is reading against the law now?

Todd: The last time you read about Gigi Morasco, you almost confessed to Rex and Shane. You're lucky you're not behind bars, ok? Just forget about it. Put it behind you.

Jack: How am I supposed to forget? Did you forget what you did to Marty Saybrooke?

Todd: I'll tell you what. If you start to feel the pressure again, you let me know, and we'll deal with it together, ok? We're in this together, and I'm not saying that just because I'm your father. You know, I covered for you. If you confess, McBain will nail us both, right?

Vimal: I'm not here because I failed to signal, am I? I think--I think you brought me here to enlist me in your vendetta against Todd Manning.

John: Sit your ass down. There's no vendetta. I'm a cop. He's a sociopath. There's the conflict. But you know, you said you wanted to tell me something about Manning. Coffee?

Vimal: No, thank you.

John: I just want you to know that I know that he probably promised you something. Maybe he even threatened you. But you know, Manning’s all talk, all right? You can say anything. You can do anything. He can't hurt you, and he can't stop you.

Todd's voice: Bad things happen to people who make me angry. I thought you knew that.

John: So...what is it I should know, and why doesn't Manning want me to know it?

Todd: Ok? We understand each other?

Jack: Yeah, but Mom always says--

Todd: Uh uh uh. Why would you listen to what your mother has to say? Was she there when you got arrested? Did she keep you out of jail? No, she did not. Listen, I am the only person in the world you can trust. I'm the only one who can keep you safe. You understand me?

[Computer beeps]

Todd: What's this? No, no, no, no, no.

David: Dorian, I am begging you. You've got to believe me.

Dorian: I wish I could, David. I wish I could just dismiss this whole horrible incident and things would go back to the way they used to be for us, but I cannot ignore what's right in front of my two eyes.

David: I'm right in front of your two eyes, begging you to trust me.

Dorian: Trust you? I've trusted you, David. I trusted you twice before, and you made a fool of me the same way that Charlie is with Viki.

David: Charlie cheated on Viki. I'm not cheating on you. We're being played.

Dorian: By whom and for what reason?

David: Oh, for crying out loud.

Dorian: What's that? Oh. Oh. Barf. Ok, tell me again one more time how you are not having an affair.

David: In my defense, I forgot that was there.

Dorian: In your defense?

David: I can explain.

Dorian: Oh, you can. Ok, David. No explaining, all right? Just get the hell out of here. Oh!

Blair: I think maybe I wouldn't feel so lost if Jack just showed the slightest sign of remorse, but he doesn’t. I just feel like maybe, you know, he just needs something to jump-start his heart.

Téa: Do you have something in mind?

Blair: Well, I was thinking maybe I would take him over to, you know, Gigi's funeral. But then I thought, well, you know, that's just gonna cause a big scene.

Téa: Yeah. I don't think that would be such a good idea. Probably do more harm than good. But, uh...

Blair: What?

Téa: Well, maybe if the two of us went to offer our condolences, it might make us feel a little better.

Shane: Don't be mad at Dad.

Roxy: Who said I'm mad at Rex?

Shane: He didn't mean to yell at you about Nigel.

Roxy: Oh, baby, I've taken worse flack for screwing up a perm, believe me. Listen, he's hurt. You're hurt. He was letting off a little steam. Believe me, I can take the heat, and the same goes for you.

Shane: I think the only thing that's gonna make him feel better is getting revenge on Jack and his Dad.

Echo: I know this is a horrible day, but maybe you could go a little easy on Roxy.

Rex: Since when do you care about Roxy?

Echo: I care about you, and I don't think now is the time to be alienating the people who love you and Shane.

Rex: Thank you, but I think I have everything under control.

Echo: By using Clint’s money? I thought your goal was to stop Clint from getting Gigi's heart, not use it to get rich.

Rex: Do you think that's why I did this--to profit from Gigi's death?

Echo: Rex--

Rex: Bargaining with Clint was the only way to get justice for Gigi. Thanks to Todd Manning, Jack will never have to pay for what he did. Not by the justice system anyway, but there are other ways to make them pay.

Echo: You think using Clint’s money is the way to help make that happen?

Rex: Why not? Right now I have just as much power and influence as Todd. Pretty soon I'll have the upper hand.

Jack: What's wrong?

Todd: I was about to close a deal, and some company stole it right out from under me.

Jack: Well, who? Who stole what--

Todd: Shut up! Clean that stuff up! Hey, some Japanese company took a satellite I wanted. So I want you to find out what the hell Origami Cogs is--who owns them, ok? So we can start paying them back.

Rex: Is it done? Good. Who cares what happens to it? It can fall out of orbit, for all I care, just as long as Todd Manning doesn't have it.

Vimal: I'm sorry, but I can't help you.

John: No? So why were you so eager to tell me last night?

Vimal: I was drunk last night. I was so drunk that I blacked out. I don't even remember going to Rodi’s.

John: I never said we were at Rodi’s.

Vimal: But Rodi's is your establishment. Therefore it would be logical to conclude that that is where I encountered you.

John: Thanks, Spock.

Vimal: If that's all...

John: I'll tell you what. If you remember what it is you want to tell me, you know where to find me.

Natalie: With everything that's been going on with Dad's transplant, I haven't had a chance to tell Jessica that we're together now. But I will. Soon. Ahem. I will. I just hope that she takes it as well as John.

Brody: You wanted to see me?

John: Yeah, I do.

Natalie: Just don't forget about Liam’s appointment later.

Vimal: Detective.

John: Hmm.

Vimal: Pleasure to see you as always.

John: Mm-hmm. In my office?

Brody: You said he took everything well, right?

Natalie: He seemed to.

Brody: Then I'm sure it's nothing.

Jessica: Rex acted out of grief. Natalie acted out of her own desire. She had an itch that needed to be scratched, and she didn't care who she hurt.

Viki: Ok, you know that that's not fair, Jessie. Both Natalie and Brody were grieving you.

Jessica: You know what, Mom, I am sick of that excuse. I can forgive Rex for what he did, but Natalie...

Viki: As I recall, you've forgiven others much worse. Your Uncle Todd, for instance.

Todd: I have a niece. Her name is Jessica.

Viki: And you also sought forgiveness from Natalie, coincidentally, for something you did to her when you were grieving Nash.

Jessica: When I let Tess out, yes.

Viki: Yes, and I know it wasn't you. It was Tess, but Natalie almost died and she forgave you. That's all I'm going to say on the subject, ok? Now I'm going to visit your brother Rex and I'm going to mourn my friend Gigi.

John: Have a seat.

Brody: I'm fine standing.

John: Ok. Is there a problem?

Brody: You tell me, John. Why did you call me in here? Is this about Natalie?

Natalie: Jess.

Rex: Looks like you disapprove. You mind doing it over there?

Echo: After all the things I've done, I'm not in the position to disapprove. And I didn't mean to imply that you sold Gigi out.

Rex: I didn’t.

Echo: I know that, but experience tells me that people have a tendency to do drastic, impulsive, sometimes self-destructive things when they lose a person that they love.

Rex: What I am doing is a very carefully thought out, appropriate response to what was done to Gigi. I'm going to take down Todd and Jack.

Echo: You're really gonna go through with this?

Rex: And don't try to stop me. I don't need to remind you that you forged Gigi's signature on her health care proxy. You get in my way, I'll take you down, too.

Echo: Your grandpa Asa would be so proud of you. And, Rex, you don't have to blackmail me. I'm already on your side. And believe me, I know what it's like to need revenge.

Maid: Mayor Lord. Sorry to interrupt.

Dorian: Ah! Dites seulement "Madame, Madame." Yes, what is it?

Maid: Madame, this package arrived for Mr. David. It was left on the step with no return address. Should I leave it inside, or...

Dorian: No, no. C'est pour moi. Merci. C'est tout. Mm-hmm.

David: Help me, Viki Lord Buchanan. You're my only hope.

Old Todd: I do have a sister.

Jack: Why do we want a satellite? We sell newspapers.

Todd: Newspapers are not gonna be around forever. That's why I want to buy into something a little more permanent.

Vimal: I'm so sorry! Mr. Manning, I--

Todd: Oh, Vimal. So nice you could join us.

Vimal: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

Todd: Not a great way to start a new job, is it?

Vimal: No, but I was detained by John McBain.

Todd: Yeah.

Vimal: Sir, he's after you.

Todd: Seems he's not the only one.

Echo: I just want you to know that whatever you have got planned, I'm at your disposal.

Rex: Really? Why?

Echo: Because I know a little something about payback, and I want to help you deliver it to Jack and Todd and anyone else who helped that little bastard get away with killing your girl.


Brody: With all due respect, John, I don't think it's appropriate for us to discuss personal issues at the workplace.

John: I agree.

Brody: You do?

John: But since you brought it up, Natalie told me the two of you are together.

Brody: You're ok with that?

John: I know you're trying to make a family with Liam. Family's everything, so, um... you and Natalie, you won't be a problem for me. Will working with me be a problem for you?

Natalie: Jess, I didn't know if I'd see you here.

Jessica: What do you want here?

Natalie: To talk.

Jessica: Here? With Rex and Shane mourning Gigi?

Natalie: After. What I have to say can wait, but not for long.

Jessica: I'll think about it.

Blair: Rex, could we have a word with you, please?

Téa: Listen, we just--

Echo: You know something, I cannot believe the audacity of the two of you coming here today of all days.

Rex: Echo.

Echo: What makes you think that my son would have any interest in anything that you have to say to him?

Rex: It's all right. Blair and Téa came all the way over here. I might as well hear them out.

Echo: Whatever you want.

Téa: We just wanted to tell you and Shane and Roxy how deeply-- and

Echo--how deeply sorry we are for your loss.

Blair: And if we could do anything to change what happened, we would.

Rex: Thank you for your condolences. What would you change?

Blair: Excuse me?

Rex: What would you change? It's not like you're responsible for what Jack's friend did, right?

Viki: Not today.

David: I assume you haven't seen the cover of the "Sun" today, because if you had, you'd be as livid as I am!

Viki: Ah. Are you referring to those photographs of you draped all over that actress?

David: Oh, then you did see it. Why aren't you as livid as I am?

Viki: Because I have more pressing matters today.

David: Look, I understand you're here for your friend Gigi. And what happened to her, it's truly, truly tragic.

Viki: Well, thank you.

David: But you have all the time in the world to memorialize her. My marriage may not last till the end of the day.

Dorian: "Dear lover, last night was bliss and worth every bite--yours and the mosquitoes. Enclosed in the package is a gift. Make good use of it. Then we can be together. Itching to be yours." Ah! Oh! Ohh!

David: Dorian was furious. And believe me, I've seen her furious. She's even more furious. She thinks those pictures are real, but they're not. They're fake.

Viki: Well, they don't look altered.

David: They're not altered. Ok, they're not fake, but they're not accurate either.

Viki: David, what are you saying?

David: Somebody is trying to sabotage my marriage, and it is working. Look, you gotta talk to Dorian. She'll listen to you.

Viki: No, I'm sorry. Dorian and I have had a very serious falling out after I found out that she almost left Clint here to die right here in this house.

David: He didn't die, unfortunately. He even got a new heart in the bargain.

Viki: David, I'm sorry for your troubles. Honestly, I am. I cannot help you fix them. Not today.

Rex: It was very nice of you to come by, but it really wasn't necessary. You're not the ones who raised the sociopath who killed Gigi. You're not the ones who failed to teach your son the value of human life or notice that he didn't have a conscience. Your son isn't a killer, which is a good thing, right? How could you live with yourselves if he was?

Blair: You know, we're just gonna let you spend some time with your family.

Téa: Yeah, I think that's a good idea. If you'll excuse us. Bye.

Blair: Ok.

Rex: Give my regards to Todd and Jack.

Todd: I want you to photocopy every single page of this.

Jack: Ok, so who do I give it to? Oh, no, no, you--

Todd: Do it! Tell me everything.

Vimal: Well...

Brody: I'm cool working with you if you're cool working with me.

John: Ok. 'Cause I'm putting together a task force, and I want you on it.

Brody: Who's the target?

John: Todd Manning.

Téa's voice: He's the same man who almost burned to death in that cabana. He hasn't changed one bit.

Blair's voice: Just got me to wondering if maybe the one great love of my life was your father.

Jack's voice: All my life, I've heard I'm just like Dad. Then when I am just like Dad, everyone just freaks out!

Viki's voice: The "Banner" is just fine. Thank you very much. Fortunately, I don't need sleaze to sell newspapers.

[Voices echoing in his head]

Téa's voice: He's the same man who almost burned me to death in that cabana. He hasn't changed one bit.

Old Todd's voice: I have a sister. Her name is Viki. Starr has a mother. Her name is Blair. I have a niece. Her name is Jessica.

[Voices continue echoing]


Viki: Anything either one of you needs, anything at all, please just call.

Rex: I will, thanks.

Viki: And I know you don't live at the carriage house anymore, but you are so welcome to come by any time at all, ok?

Jessica: You should really get to know Bree and Ryder. They are your cousins.

Rex: I might take you up on that. Thank you again.

Viki: Ok.

Natalie: Ok, I think it's time for a Balsom family meeting. Come on, huddle. All right, listen. Gigi was the best. Her love was bigger and better than anyone else's on the planet, and we are so blessed that she gave that to all of us. So we owe her big time. We gotta make her proud so that when Gigi looks down from heaven, she's gonna see all of us picking up the slack and taking care of each other, just the way she took care of us. Promise?

Roxy: Promise.

Shane: Promise.

Rex: Promise.

Vimal: The officer took me into the police station, and he set me down in front of John McBain, who offered to let me go if I revealed to him what I was going to tell him last night but didn't.

Todd: And you said...

Vimal: Nothing. I swear. Not even that I work for you now.

Todd: You must have said something.

Vimal: No, I claimed I was drunk, which I was, and that I don't even remember seeing him last night much less wanting to tell him anything.

Todd: Ok, you did good.

Vimal: Thank you.

Todd: The next time you cross paths with John McBain, you call me, ok?

Vimal: Right. Will do. But if I may be so bold... you would save yourself a lot of trouble if you just told John McBain your secret.

Todd: Vimal, what did I tell you about offering your opinion?

Vimal: Right.

John: Vimal Patel. That's the guy who messed with the paternity tests. Vimal knows something about Manning. We get Patel, we get Manning.

Todd: Who are you? Who am I?

Roxy: Hey, kid. You gotta help me pick out a room in this joint.

Rex: Really?

Roxy: Ha ha! Just joking with you. We gotta funkify this place. We'll start with your room. Ok, I can see it now. You know what we need? We need animal prints.

Echo: You want me to keep an eye on them?

Rex: Thanks, yeah.

Echo: Yes? The package was delivered? Ok, great. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the fireworks. Thanks for a job well done, Ionia.

David: Dorian, I'm back. I know you told me to go, but I'm not ready to give up on us yet. Would you please turn around so we can talk about this like the adults other people expect us to be?

Rex: I made Shane a promise, Morasco, and I'm gonna keep it.

Téa: I can't believe we thought it was--I thought it was a good idea to show our faces--

Blair: You did think it was a good idea.

Téa: It made us look and feel more guilty.

Blair: That's because we are guilty.

Téa: I know that, Blair.

Blair: Rex might have gone on--

Téa: It doesn't matter what Rex said--

Blair: But what Rex was really saying...

Téa: Yeah, is that we're guilty!

Blair: Yeah! You and me.

Téa: Cheers.


Rex: By the time I'm done, Jack will know how it feels to lose his mother, and Todd will know how it feels to lose his wife.

Todd: You find me another satellite to buy.

Vimal: You got it, boss.

Todd: I'm gonna tie a cowbell to your ass.

Jack: Did you tell that guy what I did?

Todd: What? No, of course not. Why would I do that?

Jack: Then what secret are we keeping from McBain?

Brody: The tail you pinned on Patel just called in. He followed him to the "Sun." Get this. Vimal's car has a "Sun" employee parking pass on it.

John: So he's working for Manning now.

Brody: I'll see what else I can dig up.

John: Yeah. Hey, before you go, Brody, maybe you can help me with something.

Brody: Yeah, what's up?

John: I was just going over the evidence in Gigi's case, and there's something missing. You recognize this?

Natalie: Jess! Wait. We need to talk.

Viki: I'll see you both inside.

Jessica: Do we really have to do this now? It's been a hard morning, and I--

Natalie: It really can't wait any longer. Did you mean what you said to Rex? About forgiveness?

Jessica: Well, I wouldn't lie to him, not now.

Natalie: Think maybe one day you could feel that for me?

Jessica: This is what you want to talk to me about? Me forgiving you?

Natalie: No. No, I have to talk to you about me and Brody. We're a couple.

Viki: Hello? Hello? Hello? Is anyone here?

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