OLTL Transcript Thursday 7/7/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 7/7/11


Episode # 10974

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Dr. Lawless: I'm sorry. I'm afraid there's nothing more we can do for Matthew.

Nora: What does that mean?

Dr. Lawless: I can't help your son progress any further. We're out of options here.

Nate: Why didn't you tell me that Matthew killed my father? Huh? Why didn't you tell that?

Dani: What are you--why would you--

Nate: Do not pretend like you don't know.

Dani: How did you find out?

Nate: I heard you and Destiny talking about it.

Dani: That was weeks ago. Why didn't you tell me you knew?

Destiny: "Results will appear in 3 minutes." Ok. Let's get this over with.

Dorian: Viki.

Viki: Dorian, what are you doing here?

Dorian: A small get well token from the Mayor's office. I understand Clint’s transplant was a great success.

Viki: It seems to be, yes.

Dorian: What a relief.

Viki: Oh, I'll bet it is. Oh, it's ok. I know. I know that you are the reason that his heart attack nearly killed him.

Echo: Roxy, li--listen to me. We'll figure all of this out after Gigi's funeral. I will. I just feel like we need to give Rex some breathing room right now. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Bye-bye. Ionia, you ready to go to work?

Ionia: Oh, please. Kissing David Vickers is not exactly work.

Echo: Ah! Then you won't mind kicking your performance into high gear, huh?

Ionia: Well, let's say I can't wait.

[Cell phone rings]

Tomás: Yeah. Don't worry. Everything's under control. No, I didn't expect Sebastian to show up, but it won't be a problem. No, neither will my relationship with Blair.

Blair: Just call me if Jack gets back here.

Todd: Where you going?

Blair: I'm gonna go find him, Todd.

David: You all right, Blair? You look horrible.

Blair: Shut up, David!

David: You're missing the peak tanning rays of the day. What's up with her?

Todd: Our son just took my car.

David: Sam? How can he drive a stick shift? He's too short--

Todd: Jack, you idiot.

David: Oh, right. That's even worse.

Todd: Yeah, no kidding.

Shane: What do you want?

Jack: I just wanted to say--

Rex: What the hell you doing here, Jack? You got away with murder. Wasn't that enough?

Old Todd: "No charges have been filed against the initial suspect Jack Manning, son of "Sun" publisher, Todd Manning. I have a son. His name is Jack. Except I don't have a son. He has a son named Jack and a daughter named Starr and an ex-wife named Blair and a wife named Téa and a house and a car and a newspaper and a boatload full of money because that son of a bitch stole my life! You know, Agent Kent, I'm sorry that I killed you, because maybe you could have explained to me what the hell is going on. I'm gone for 8 years. I miraculously wake up and some loser has stolen my life? And the thing is, nobody noticed? Not Blair? Not Téa? Not Starr? And who the hell are Sam and Dani? Somebody's gotta help me out. Someone's gotta help me make sense of this. "Victoria Lord, Publisher."

Dorian: I am the reason that man is alive. Why, if I hadn't walked in, in the middle of his heart attack--

Viki: Oh, save it! You know, I always thought your version of events was a little fishy. Echo finally told me what happened.

Dorian: And Echo is so trustworthy.

Viki: Dorian, you left that man on the floor, suffering, dying!

Dorian: He's all right now.

Viki: Yes, he's all right now because it was a miracle he got a transplant.

Dorian: It's a miracle that man wasn't already in prison for the crimes he committed.

Viki: That's your justification?

Dorian: And for all I know, he-- he may be wishing he was dead because of where he is going to go now.

Viki: Also your doing. He wouldn't have confessed to anything if he hadn't thought he was dying.

Dorian: Oh, Viki, where is that famous moral compass of yours? He should have confessed because Clint is guilty of every single one of those crimes.

Nate: How could you keep a secret like that from me, Dani?

Dani: Destiny begged me to. Ok? She begged me to.

Nate: Oh, ok, and you just went along with that.

Dani: It was really important to her. She and Matthew were just getting together. She didn't want to lose him.

Nate: Mm-hmm.

Dani: God, Nate, Destiny's my best friend.

Nate: And I'm your boyfriend. So what, Dani? You're gonna choose her over me?

Destiny: "Plus sign means you're pregnant." Please be negative.

Nora: What do you mean you're out of options? He's getting better.

Dr. Lawless: He is. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear.

Bo: You said you're out of options here.

Dr. Lawless: Yes. Matthew needs to be in a specialized facility.

Nora: But he had a seizure.

Dr. Lawless: And it's highly possible he'll have more. They won't all be dangerous or big setbacks.

Nora: But why can't he be treated here. My God, he's in ICU.

Dr. Lawless: Matthew's condition is no longer in need of intensive care.

Bo: Then move him to another part of the hospital.

Dr. Lawless: Matthew will be moved to a post-acute phase. We need to place him in a long-term rehab facility that specializes in his condition.

Nora: Where would that be? Do you honestly expect us to send him away from home?

Dr. Lawless: There's a center in Philadelphia. It's one of the best in the country. They have great results with their rehab, and they also do cutting-edge research on improving cognition in head trauma cases. Matthew--he'd be first in line for any new therapies.

Bo: That sounds perfect. They would be able to help Matthew?

Dr. Lawless: There are no guarantees, but I believe this is the best chance he could get. If this is your decision, we need to move quickly. The sooner Matthew gets in there, the sooner Matthew can start treatment.

Bo: So it sounds like we don't have much time to decide.

Dr. Lawless: Talk together about it and then get back to me today. If you have any other questions, just page me.

Bo: Thank you. What do you think?

Nora: I don't think there's really a question, is there? We have to do what's best for Matthew.

David: I guess the felon doesn't fall far from the tree, huh?

Todd: Don't talk about my son, David.

David: What are you still doing here, anyway? Shouldn't you be out tracking the kid before he runs over a basket of puppies?

Todd: I can track him.

David: Oh, you're welcome. Don't mention it. I live to serve. What the hell are you doing here?

Ionia: What do you think?

David: My mind's drawing a total blank. Oh, hey.

Rex: What are you doing here, Jack?

Jack: I don't want this to be a big deal or anything.

Shane: What does that mean?

Jack: I just wanted to say what happened to your Mom was--

Shane: What happened? Like you just watched?

Jack: No! That's not what I meant.

Shane: My Mom walked into a trap that you set up. You made it happen.

Jack: I know. I'm sorry!

Rex: Was that a confession?

David: Wait. What are you doing?

Ionia: Your mind can't be that blank, David. I'm a woman, you're a man.

David: Yep. I'm a married man who's very much in love with my wife.

Ionia: I'm not gonna hold that against you.

David: Dorian's gonna be back here any second. She can't find you here wearing that bikini.

Ionia: Ok.

[Shutter clicks]

Dorian: Oh, Viki. If Clint’s guilty conscience caused him to confess, then justice was served.

Viki: You have absolutely no idea what happened.

Dorian: Clint locked David up in a Moroccan prison to rot and die. We both know that's true.

Viki: So you decided to leave him to die. That's justice for you?

Dorian: I didn't say that.

Viki: Dorian, you are a doctor!

Dorian: Which is precisely why I saved the man's miserable life in the end.

Viki: In the end. In the end!

Dorian: I gave him an aspirin. I called 911. I monitored his condition.

Viki: Yes, after you made sure there was enough damage done that he wouldn't survive.

Dorian: You should be grateful that I was there and I took care of business. I did it for you, Viki.

Nate: Dani?

Dani: Sounds really bad when you say it like that.

Nate: So that's not how it is?

Dani: No.

Nate: What part did I get wrong, huh? Matthew didn't kill my Dad? You didn't keep it a secret with Destiny?

Dani: Look, when she first told me, I said I had to tell you.

Nate: But you didn’t.

Dani: Yes, because Clint Buchanan confessed before I could.

Nate: You still could have told me the truth.

Dani: Ok, I know, but Destiny was afraid of what you'd do when you found out, and she was right.

Nate: What?

Dani: Come on, look at what you did the minute you found out about Matthew.

Nate: You know?

Nora: Wish he hadn't tried so hard to talk.

Bo: He's just fighting what happened.

Nora: I know, and that's probably what made things worse. That's probably what set him into the seizure.

Bo: We don't know that. The doctor didn't say that that's what caused it.

Nora: I can't believe they'd throw him out.

Bo: He didn't say that either.

Nora: I know. Isn't the best place for him.

Bo: Exactly. Come on. What is it?

Nora: I don't know. I just kept thinking that he got better when they said he couldn’t. And I just expected him to keep getting better and better until we took him home.

Bo: But we will be bringing him home. It'll just be from Philly and not here. I thought that you wanted him to go.

Nora: I do, I do, I do. I just...and I know we'd have to let go of him pretty soon, but I thought it would be to go to college, to classes, and to parties and dates and... possibilities, not to a life where he can barely string two words together. And we have to leave him alone so he can do that?

Bo: No, he won't be alone. Philadelphia is not that far away.

Nora: We can go all the time, right?

Bo: One of us can be there every day. Matthew will never feel like he's all alone.

Nora: Ok. It's just so unfair, you know? How many impossible battles does one kid have to fight?

Bo: As many as it takes for him to win. And luckily for Matthew, he's just as stubborn as you are. And one of these days, soon, we'll be able to walk in there. He'll be sitting up. He's gonna be talking and he's gonna be ready to go home.

Nora: From your lips...

Bo: Hmm. It'll happen.

Destiny: Ok. That's it. [Exhales]

Blair: Yes, Todd, I got your message. I'm glad you know where Jack is now. Now can you tell me--no, listen. It's important to me, all right? When are you gonna let me raise my own son? All right, ok. I'm at Capricorn. You call me when you have my son, all right? And then I want you--you did not just hang up on me!

Tomás: Should I ask?

Blair: What are you doing here?

Tomás: I just came out to check out the stuff that Sebastian and Starr recorded today.

Blair: How was it?

Tomás: I don't know. Guess I was late. They were already gone.

Blair: It's probably better off anyway. Your son didn't probably want to compete with his father, the genius musician.

Tomás: Right. I was kind of looking forward to it, my big chance to be a supportive Dad.

Blair: Hmm.

Tomás: Sure you don't want to tell me what's going on?

Blair: Sure.

Tomás: I do read the papers, Blair. I know that Jack was arrested for that woman's death. That was Shane Morasco's Mom, right?

Blair: Yep.

Tomás: So you must be relieved that he was released. Hello? McBain's quote sounded like Todd might have been involved--

Blair: You know what, Tomás, I really need to set up.

Tomás: Right, need to focus on this. Blair, please. I can see that you're hurting. Why don't you let me help?

Blair: Because you can’t.

Tomás: I can listen. You can tell me anything you want.

Blair: Really? Now, why would I do that? Because you've been so open and honest with me?

Jack: Look, I want to explain.

Rex: We're listening, Jack.

Jack: This was all a mistake. None of it should have--

Todd: Jack!

Jack: Dad, how'd you find me?

Todd: Gps on your phone.

Rex: You knew he was coming here?

Todd: This is between me and my son.

Rex: No, actually, it isn’t. What are you doing here?

Todd: Let's go, Jack.

Jack: Wait.

Shane: He came here to tell us something.

Todd: We're late for work.

Jack: I can't go yet.

Todd: Yeah, you can.

Rex: Let him talk.

Todd: We already talked about this, didn't we? About your job. It's never too early to think about your future.

Jack: No, Dad, I want to tell them. I have to say this. Look, I'm sorry--

Todd: He's sorry about your loss. We're both sorry about your loss even if it had nothing to do with us. Come on.

Rex: Is that what you came here to say?

Todd: What do you want from him? He told you he's sorry, right? Which is very nice of you, Jack. It really is. But it's not gonna help them, so let's go.

Rex: Wait. I have something to say to you.

Tomás: I'm sorry. I can see that you're having a hard time.

Blair: Yep, I am, but I don't want to talk to you about it.

Tomás: Why not? I don't understand--

Blair: You haven't been straight with me since the day that I met you.

Tomás: Excuse me?

Blair: You really expected me to believe that you found a picture of me in Paris and decided to paint it?

Tomás: We're back to that?

Blair: I know the CIA has a file on you, but you don't want to talk to me about it. And suddenly you're best friends with Todd? Why? You can't stand him. He accused you of trying to kill him.

Tomás: I explained that.

Blair: And then there is that wife and son you neglected to tell me about.

Tomás: All right, so that's what this is about.

Blair: No, this is about you and what you're hiding. You want a relationship with me?

Tomás: This minute.

Blair: You can forget about it. How do you expect us to be close if you don't even trust me enough to tell me about things?

Tomás: Why wouldn't I trust you? You follow me to New York. You sneak into hotel rooms trying to catch me at something.

Blair: Maybe that's the only way I can get a straight answer, Tomás.

Tomás: What do you want, Blair, right now? What do you want to do?

Blair: What do you want to?

Todd's voice: I have a sister. Her name is Viki.

Viki: You did it for me? You expect me to thank you for nearly killing the man?

Dorian: I was never going to let him die. I just wanted him scared enough to hand over the proof that Echo duped Charlie into thinking that Rex was his son.

Viki: So that is how you got the recording of Echo confessing.

Dorian: Exactly. You're welcome.

Viki: Dorian, I never asked for that.

Dorian: But you didn't give the tape back to me either, did you?

Viki: No.

Dorian: Right. You went straight to Charlie with it, so he would break things off with Echo.

Viki: Yes.

Dorian: You're welcome. Again.

Viki: Yes, I was quite happy to use what you gave me, but I wouldn't have killed to obtain it.

Dorian: I didn't either.

Viki: In fact, I'm not so sure that it was smart of me to use it at all.

Dorian: Charlie had a right to know.

Viki: That's what I told myself, but no. Truth is, I wanted Echo to pay.

Dorian: Of course, you did.

Viki: I really should have let the whole thing go, you know. My marriage was over. There wasn't any saving that. But now I'm afraid I've made a bad situation much, much, much worse.

Dorian: Don't you think you're being a little melodramatic?

Viki: Where Echo is concerned?

Dorian: Please! Ha ha! The woman's a falling-down drunk. What can she possibly do to us?

David: Let me rephrase. When I said you couldn't be wearing that bikini...

Ionia: I think you had the right idea. This is two hours of Pilates and yoga every day.

David: Wow. I certainly can't knockers--knock your workout regime. My dedication to exercise has really gone down the boobs--down the tubes lately. Look, would you just--get out of here. We have to get you out of here before Dorian sees you.

Ionia: Suburban life has made you so tense, David. Come on, it's a beautiful day. Let's go skinny dipping.

David: No, the only person I want to go skinny dipping with is my wife.

Ionia: Since when does Dorian skinny dip?

David: You only read the pg-13 version of our life. Believe me, you have no idea.

Ionia: It seems to me you have no idea, and why is that?

David: Dorian has started to doubt me, thanks to you.

Ionia: You are a very attractive man, David.

David: I know. I am, but you have to find a way.

Ionia: I think the attraction is so strong. Why don't you just admit it, you feel the same way?

Dani: Wasn't that hard to figure out what you did. Nate, every time I've seen you with Deanna these past couple weeks--

Nate: Deanna?

Dani: Please! You were mad at me, so you told Deanna about it instead. It's so obvious. Whenever I see you guys, your heads are totally together, and then when you see me, you both get all quiet.

Nate: Yeah, you're right. I told Deanna everything.

Dani: Ok, and maybe, maybe I deserve that since I didn't tell you what I knew. How did this get so messed up?

Nate: I don't know.

Dani: We should always just be straight with each other, right?

Nate: Yeah.

Dani: I'm sorry. I kept thinking--

Nate: No, don't apologize.

Dani: I kept thinking I should have said something to you, but once Matthew was in a coma, what difference did it make? It's like fate had already punished him.

Destiny: Oh, my gosh. What happened?

Bo: Nothing.

Nora: Sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Destiny: What did the doctor say?

Bo: Matthew had a pretty serious seizure and it set him back a little bit, but that can happen.

Destiny: So is there any good news?

Nora: There's a place in Philadelphia that can help Matthew recover.

Bo: And they have experts there in the injury that Matthew had. So they'll be able to do things for him that this hospital can’t.

Destiny: Matthew's going away? To Philadelphia?

Nora: Yes, but we'll be going to see him almost every day, and you're more than welcome to join us.

Destiny: When's this gonna happen?

Bo: As soon as possible.

Nora: Today, if they can make the arrangements.

Destiny: Can I see him alone for a few minutes, just to say good-bye?

Nora: Go ahead.

Destiny: Thank you. Hey. It's Destiny. Can you hear me? I can't believe you're going. I'm pregnant. I'm so scared, Matthew. I don't know what to do or what you want me to do. But I'm not sorry that we were together. I'll never be sorry for that. I was just hoping that maybe... but there's no way I didn't read this right. It's positive.

Nora: What's positive?

Dani: So can we just say that we both kind of messed up and forget it? I mean not forget it, but you know not do it again?

Nate: I wish I could.

Dani: Listen, I really am sorry. Nate, I should have said something.

Nate: It's not that. It's not that. There's something else I--

[Cell phone buzzes]

Dani: I'm sorry.

Nate: Yeah, I think that's you.

Dani: Yeah, I just--I didn't even notice anyone was calling. It's a message. Can I-- it's Destiny. She's at the hospital. She was pretty upset before.

Nate: Then you should go.

Dani: I don't want you to think--

Nate: No, it's ok. She's your friend. She needs you.

Dani: Just tell me what you wanted to say before I take off.

Nate: It's nothing. I'll see you later.

Dani: Ok. Later. You're the best.

Old Todd's voice: I have a sister. Her name is Viki. I can trust her above all others.

David: When are you gonna get it, Ionia? There's nothing between us.

Ionia: Ooh, I beg to differ.

David: Look, you're delusional. You know that? You're crazy. Either that or you're setting me up.

Ionia: What?

David: That's what I told Dorian. You're setting me up. Who are you working for?

Ionia: I am here for you and only you.

David: Who hates me?

Ionia: Oh, come on; let me make it all better.

David: Uncle Clint. No, he was too busy dying. Tuc Watkins. He was begging for my part in "Vicker man." Maybe he wants revenge. Come on, woman. Spit it out! Who's trying to ruin my life?

Ionia: Oh, darling David, just admit it. You want me. It's time to face reality.

David: Oh, I can face reality. What I can't face is my wife if she comes back here and catches you.

Dorian: Viki, if you cannot bring yourself to thank me, at least spare me your judgment.

Viki: I realize you thought you were being helpful.

Dorian: Oh, and such a pity I don't know right from wrong. Don't worry. I'm not gonna try and help you again.

Viki: I think that's probably best.

Dorian: What was I thinking?

Viki: I promised the children I would give them updates on Clint’s condition. He's asleep now, but I'm sure when he wakes up, he'll be happy to have your plant. I'll give it to him.


Blair: So...that is your answer?

Tomás: It's not everything.

Blair: You didn't like it?

Tomás: Oh, ho! You think I'm falling for that?

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Tomás: No. The chemistry--that we have naturally, but that can't be everything, and it's not for me. I care about you, Blair. A lot. So I can respect it if you don't want to tell me everything about your life.

Blair: Oh, I bet you can.

Tomás: Isn't that what you want?

Blair: You're happy to walk away so you can politely ask me to walk away, too, right?

Tomás: You think I'm keeping you out, but I am doing my best to let you in.

Blair: This is your best?

Tomás: Yeah, I'm working on it, more than you know.

Rex: You're right, Manning. I saw your friend at the door and I didn't want to hear anything he had to say. All I could think about was everything he had done to Shane this year.

Todd: He said he was sorry.

Rex: No, that's what I mean. He came here, he said that he was sorry, and I believed him. That had to have been hard, especially because of the way I went after you after they dropped the charges against you. I wasn't thinking straight then.

Todd: Well, that's understandable.

Rex: The truth is, John McBain would not have let Jack off the hook if he thought there was any chance that he could have committed that crime.

Todd: No, no, he wouldn’t.

Rex: So this Brad kid took responsibility for what he did, and it's done. Nothing can bring Gigi back. You know, all Gigi ever wanted was to end all these problems between our kids. What do you say we end it now? Huh? Manning?

Destiny: Uh, it's positive that Matthew’s going to this Rereb place.

Bo: Good news. The center can take Matthew today. So Dr. Lawless is coming in. He's gonna get him ready to move.

Nora: My God, that was fast.

Bo: Yeah. Destiny, I'm sorry to cut your visit short.

Destiny: No, it's fine. It's fine. I'll see you.

Dani: Des, sorry. I just got your message. What happened?

Destiny: I decided to take the pregnancy test.

Dani: Oh, God. Good. That's good. That's the smart thing to do.

Destiny: Yeah.

Dani: Are you ready? Let's go.

Destiny: No. No. Dani. I already took it.

Dani: And?

David: It is time for you to go.

[Cell phone beeps]

Ionia: Oh, oh, it's--my agent just got a meeting for me in the city. That is the only thing that would tear me away from you.

David: Oh, believe me, Dorian could tear you away, and then she'd tear you up into a bunch of little pieces. And she'd throw those little pieces on the pile of little pieces she tore me up into.

Ionia: Au revoir.

David: No, no. Don't speak French. Dorian owns French. Don't do that again! For crying out...

Dorian: Goodness, who was that racing out of the driveway just now?

David: That was the pool guy. He wanted to make sure that there was ph in the water.

Dorian: Who cares? I just need a swim to rinse off this abysmal day.

David: Baby, what happened?

Dorian: Oh, someone just betrayed their true colors. Why should I even be surprised?

David: I'm so sorry.

Dorian: You are, aren't you? Despite how awful I was last night?

David: Oh, come on. That's already forgotten. You tell me what happened.

Dorian: Darling, I never should have doubted you. Forgive me?

David: Of course I do.

Dorian: Mmm.

Blair: So you're really trying to be open and honest with me?

Tomás: That's right.

Blair: What's stopping you?

Tomás: It's complicated.

Blair: Ok.

Tomás: Ok?

Blair: Ok. You can work on all that complicated stuff of yours.

Tomás: And what about us?

Blair: We'll take it day by day.

Tomás: I can do that.

Blair: Good.

Tomás: Day's half over.

Blair: Is it now?

Tomás: So what are you doing tomorrow?

Todd: That's good, Rex.

Rex: Yeah. Gigi was tough, but she had a big heart. She was fair. She believed in giving people second chances, even if they screwed up before. She understood people made mistakes.

Todd: Yes, well, we should get going.

Jack: Bye.

Shane: How could you do that?

Rex: Shane.

Shane: Jack is the reason Mom's dead. You know that! The only reason he's walking around is 'cause his Dad has money.

Rex: That's right.

Shane: Isn't that why you accepted Clint’s money in the first place so we can fight them?

Rex: Exactly.

Shane: Then how could you say that--

Rex: Shane, I didn't mean a word of that, except for the part about how great Mom was.

Shane: How could you suck up to that jerk?

Rex: Because it puts Todd Manning exactly where I want him.

Ionia: I thought the dip was inspired.

Echo: Yeah, that was a great shot. And the look on David’s face...

Ionia: His lips said no-no, but he couldn't tear his eyes away.

Echo: We got the picture, and that's all that really matters. I just wish we could have hung around for the fireworks.

Ionia: I expect it's gonna be quite the scene. Dorian seems the type, and she scratches.

Echo: Tell me about it. Well, any minute now.

Ionia: Mm-hmm.

Dorian: Maybe we should cool off with that swim we didn't get to have last night.

David: In broad daylight?

Dorian: Ha ha! Live dangerously.

David: We could live even more dangerously upstairs in our own bedroom.

Dorian: Oh, that sounds wonderful!

[Applause and cheering]

Dorian: What is that?

David: It's the alert that I get when there's something new about me on the Internet.

Dorian: Oh, really?

David: See what I'm up to now.

Dorian: Buzz about the movie?

David: No. Nothing, uh, buzzy.

Dorian: Really? What is it?

David: Hey, I tell you what. Let's race. I'll race you upstairs.

Dorian: Why are you hiding it from me?

David: I'm not hiding anything. I have a mysterious aura. Don't let that fool you.

Dorian: Oh, why would I let it--

David: Don't take that. Don't ever snatch stuff from me.

Dorian: Who... "Stars caught in the act," hmm?

Viki: David! Oh, David. For heaven's sake!

Old Todd: Can I trust you, Viki? I guess I'm gonna have to, 'cause I need someone to make sense out of all this. About to lose my mind. And I want my life back. And I know how I'm gonna get it. I have to find Viki.

Nate: I'll tell you about Matthew. All of it. Someday.

Bo: It's gonna be a good move for you, son.

Nora: We'll be there to cheer you on every step. Anything you need, we'll make sure you've got it. Ok? We're gonna keep this tuxedo hanging in your closet.

Nora: Yeah. Because you're gonna need it. You've got high school graduation and proms and other weddings.

Bo: Yeah, and you're gonna have one of your own someday.

Nora: That's right. You believe it, because we do. Ok?

Bo: And we're gonna be there to remind you. But for now, you'll just have to take us.

Dani: Destiny? What did the test say?

Destiny: It was negative. I'm not pregnant.

Jack: Dad, why are we here?

Todd: Because your mother would have a conniption if we didn't show her that you're fine. But you are, under no circumstances, to tell her what you did, you understand me?

Jack: Dad, I didn't steal your car. I borrowed it.

Todd: Right, without a license. But I'm not talking about the car. You were about to confess just now, weren't you?

Jack: So?

Todd: What did you think Rex was gonna say? "Hey, man, it's cool. No problem."

Jack: I don't know.

Todd: I do. You'd go to prison, Jack. You know, I'm not certain you understand how lucky you are in this situation. Anyway, no one's gonna know what you did, right? Rex and Shane want to move on. So do we.

Rex: It's all part of the plan, Shane. I want Todd and his evil little spawn relaxed. I want them to think that this is over.

Shane: But it's not.

Rex: No. They look at us, and they think that they've won, that we can't touch them.

Shane: Because that's what you want them to think.

Rex: Right. And now Jack and Todd will never see us coming.

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