OLTL Transcript Monday 6/13/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 6/13/11


Episode # 10957

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Todd: So this guy right here, this guy--his name is Todd Manning?

Sam: Yeah.

Todd: And he's your dad?

Sam: Yeah, he's my dad.

Todd: So who's your mom?

Starr: Sam? Sam. Who were you talking to? Did you hear me, Sam? Who's out here with you?

Brody: I just hope the ECT worked and Tess is gone.

Viki: The last thing I ever wanted to do was try anything this risky, but if it brings Jessie back, I guess it was worth it.

Brody: What do you think is happening in there? Excuse me, Sister?

Viki: Oh, here she is.

Brody: Did it work?

Viki: Jessica?

Dr. Pryor: I conferred with your brother's doctor. He only has a few days left, but it's possible Matthew's heart could save him.

Bo: Doctor--ahem--I want to be sure that I understand exactly what you're saying.

Dr. Pryor: All tests indicate that your son would be a match for Clint.

Nora: Are you suggesting that we kill our son to save my brother-in-law?

Rex: I have something to say to you.

Clint: I think you said quite enough the other day.

Rex: That's what I want to talk to you about. I think I might've gone too far with the things I said.

Clint: Far enough to bring me one step closer to my grave. And I see that you're already dressed for my funeral.

Rex: My wedding, actually. Gigi and I are getting married today.

Gigi: I'm almost ready, kiddo.

Shane: Just like you were last time you called?

Gigi: I'm almost out the door. I swear.

Shane: Relax. You still got at least an hour before it starts.

Gigi: Yeah. It's just I couldn't find my other earring, and that held me up.

Shane: Don't worry. Dad's not even here yet.

Gigi: Ok. Good. Just sit tight, ok? I'll be there soon. I just have one more thing I have to take care of.

Jack: Are you sure this place is empty?

Brad: Positive. It's my dad's rental property. It's been vacant for months.

Girl: Looks like it's going to storm.

Jack: Perfect. Wheezy's gonna be scared out of his mind.

Gigi: You got those rings, right?

Shane: [As Gollum] The precious? They're ours.

Gigi: See you soon, Gollum... as soon as I go all murder on Jack Manning, make sure he leaves you alone once and for all.

[Knock on door]

Gigi: Huh?

Roxy: You're already in your party dress? How did you know about the shindig that I was throwing for Natalie?

John: What's wrong? Is it Liam?

Natalie: No, no. Liam's fine. It's--it's my father. He's dying.

John: Are they sure?

Natalie: Apparently Dad's been keeping his condition from us, and it's--it's a lot worse than anyone thought. He... he needs a transplant, or he is--he's gonna die... soon.

John: I'm sorry, Natalie.

Natalie: You hate my father.

John: No, I don't. I believe that the things that he did, he did them because he thought he was helping his family.

Natalie: My dad accepts me for who I am, and he loves me unconditionally. And no matter what crazy stuff I do or trouble that I've gotten into or cause, he always forgives me, and I don't know what I'm gonna do without him.

John: Hey. You know what you're gonna do? You're gonna hope he gets that transplant. You don't give up on people. It's not in your DNA.

Girl: This place is creepy.

Jack: Duh. That's the point.

Brad: She just means it's perfect. It's totally gonna work.

Jack: Not if we waste time talking. Come on. Let's get set up. Wheezy's gonna be here soon for his date with comicgurl. Come on! Let's go! Hurry up!

Gigi: What shindig for Natalie?

Roxy: We're gonna celebrate her recovery and finding her kid.

Gigi: That's a great idea.

Roxy: Oh, it is. But if you didn't know about it, then how come you're so dressed up?

Gigi: Rex and I are getting married.

Roxy: My Rex?

Gigi: Roxy...

Roxy: Did my invitation get lost in the mail?

Gigi: No. We did not forget about you, really. It's just the timing of it all is very sudden, and we're keeping it very small--microscopic, actually. Just the bride and the groom and Shane, of course.

Roxy: Oh, I see. So sons rate an invitation, but mama bears don't?

Gigi: Shane's not just our son. He's Rex's best man.

Roxy: So you got a maid of honor?

Gigi: No, I don't...

Roxy: You got one now.

Gigi: Roxy, really, I don't-- you don't have to.

Roxy: No, I have to be there when Rex says "I do" to the woman that he loves, the love of his life. We may not be flesh and blood, but he is my son. DNA--that's just diddly. Besides, I couldn't think of a better daughter-in-law.

Gigi: Aw.

Roxy: So it's gonna kill me if I'm not there to see the smiles on your faces when you say "I do." So what do you say, huh? Am I in?

Gigi: You're in, definitely. I would be honored to have you stand up for me.

Roxy: All right! Let's rock!

Clint: So how long have you and Gigi been planning this wedding?

Rex: We've been talking about getting married for a long time, but we just made the decision now.

Clint: Is that so?

Rex: Anyway, I thought you might want to know.

Clint: Why is that?

Rex: I've been doing a lot of thinking, and despite everything, we're family.

Clint: Not too long ago, you wouldn't acknowledge that. Is it because I'm dying?

Rex: Yes.

Bo: Honey, let's just hear what the doctor has to say.

Dr. Pryor: No one is suggesting that you seek end-of-life measures for Matthew. But we need to discuss his prognosis and the possibility that he could be a donor. I just thought you should know that not only could Matthew save another life, but it could be the life of his own uncle. I thought that might inform your decision.

Nora: It might if my son was dead, or if he was brain dead, but he isn't. Matthew's alive.

Viki: Jessica? Sweetheart?

Dr. Levin: With ECT--

Tess: Don't "sweetheart" me, you bitch. You tried to fry my brain.

Brody: Tess.

Tess: Yeah, that's right, Dudley. You two can zap me every way to Sunday, and I'm still gonna be Tess, now and forever.

Starr: I heard you talking. Is someone out here with you?

Todd's voice: I have a daughter. Her name is Starr.

Starr: Sam, answer me.

Sam: I was talking to the homeless man.

Starr: What homeless man?

Sam: See, Starr? He ate my snacks.

Starr: Where is he?

Brody: I don't understand.

Tess: Let me spell it out for you, soldier boy. Jessica's over you.

Viki: How could the ECT not have worked at all?

Dr. Levin: In many patients, repeated electroconvulsive therapy may be necessary to yield the desired results.

Viki: What are you saying?

Brody: Viki--ahem--I think he wants to do it again.

Nora: Can you believe the gall?

Bo: No, it's like she said. She's passing on information.

Nora: Oh, I'm talking about Clint. He obviously heard about Matthew and their matching blood types, and he's swooping down like a vulture. God. As if we would ever sacrifice our son to save the life of a man who tried to ruin ours.

Bo: I don't know what Clint knows. I don't know what he doesn't know.

Nora: Oh, you kidding me? He's got spies all over this place. Of course, he knows something.

Bo: Honey, maybe you're right. But this is about Matthew. We have to consider what the doctor just told us about his condition. Now, whatever we do, we do because it's right for Matthew and not to punish Clint.

Rex: I know you've gotten worse.

Clint: Picked up on that, did you?

Rex: There might not be enough time for us to have any kind of relationship--not that either of us wants it--but Gigi and Shane are your extended family now. I thought you might want to know about the wedding so you could have some kind of connection with them before it's too late.

Clint: You just wanted me to know? That's bull. I know what this is. You think if you present to me your ready-made family, things will change--that just because I don't care about you, I will care about your wife and your son, and then I will turn around and include them in my will.

Rex: You think that's what I want?

Clint: I think you want what you've always wanted: My money.

Roxy: What am I standing around here for? I got to get on the stick.

Gigi: What are you talking about?

Roxy: Maid of honor has a lot of responsibilities--cakes, balloons, something old, something borrowed, something blue--that kind of thing.

Gigi: Wait. I don't think I need any of that.

Roxy: Most important thing, we got to get strippers.

Gigi: I definitely don't need strippers, Roxy.

Roxy: You didn't have the bachelorette party without me, did you?

Gigi: No! Roxy, we're just trying to get married. Ok? No bells, no whistles, no gyrating naked men. Just me, the man I love, my son, and you, of course. So what do you say? Can you handle that?

Roxy: What do you think, baby? I can handle anything.

Gigi: Ok. Good. So all you have to do is show up.

Roxy: Ok. All right. But I still think you need that something old, something borrowed, something new--something old, like, for good luck. Damn, I must have something old in here. I think this will work. Look at this. This is like the trifecta. This is the whole shebang. It's something old, but of course, it's new to me, and it's something borrowed, but it belonged to somebody else, and-- look at that--ah! Something blue!

Gigi: Let me see that.

Natalie: No. What I mean is that is not Shane's therapy session.

Rex: But it says...

Natalie: No, I know. I know what it says, but it's labeled wrong or something.

Rex: So you didn't hear Shane spill his guts?

Natalie: No. No. That is Marty's therapy session, and I was just getting to the good part.

Rex: Come on, Nattie! What do you think you're gonna hear anyway?

Natalie: Maybe what Marty did. She said she caused our breakup. What does that mean?

Gigi: No way. This can't be the same tape. Rex put it back.

Roxy: Rex? I found it in Angel Square. It's got music on it or something.

Gigi: "Or something."

John: You never gave up when Liam was missing.

Natalie: Yeah, I had faith that I would get him back, and I did. And you're right. I don't give up easily. But even I understand that there are some things that I can't control.

Roxy: Wait a second. I got new batteries for it. I didn't have a chance to put it in yet. But let's load and lock and listen, and maybe there's something good that we could play at the wedding.

Gigi: Roxy, we're gonna have to do it later. I really need you to get to the courthouse and tell Shane that I'm on my way. I will be there soon. I just have a quick errand I have to run first.

Roxy: Oh, no errands for you. That's what a maid of honor is good for. We don't want you being late for your own wedding.

Gigi: I still got plenty of time, and this won't take long. I swear.

Roxy: Ok. Listen. I just want you to know I'm so glad that you and Rex are gonna have your happily ever after.

Gigi: Me, too. Me, too.

Roxy: It's beautiful. Ohh.

Gigi: First things first.

Natalie: You know what I was reading right before I ran into you? I was scrolling through my phone. Because I just found out that my dad was dying, and I wanted to talk to my best friend. And I... and I stopped at your name. Crazy, huh? It's probably because of what my dad said.

John: What was that?

Natalie: He said that I shouldn't give up on you.

Starr: Sam, there's no one out here.

Todd's voice: I have a daughter. Her name is Starr.

Starr: You're making this up. You are, aren't you?

Sam: No! There really was a man! He had a line on his face!

Tess: You're not zapping me again, you sick freaks!

Viki: Dr. Levin, may Brody and I speak with you alone, please?

Tess: No, you can't speak with him alone!

Dr. Levin: Would you please take the patient to her room?

Tess: Niki! Viki!

Dr. Levin: I know this isn't the outcome you hoped for.

Viki: Do you really think repeated treatments are gonna work?

Tess: Get out of here, you creepy virgin...

Ford: Tess, it's me.

Tess: Ford?

Dr. Levin: As you know, there are no guaranteed results. But based on my experience treating your daughter, I feel confident the ECT will access the part of her brain that's preventing Jessica's recovery.

Viki: How many treatments are we talking about?

Dr. Levin: It could be several more rounds...

Brody: If it'll bring Jessica back, we have to do it.

Dr. Levin: I agree, but I need your permission to proceed.

Tess: What are you doing here dressed like that?

Ford: I had to make sure you were ok. Did they hurt you?

Tess: No. And I sure as hell don't want to go through that again.

Ford: I promise, Tess, I won't let you.

Bo: What if it was someone else who needed a transplant, who was a match for Matthew?

Nora: No. I'm not dealing with hypotheticals, Bo. It's Clint. Clint is the one that's waiting for our son to die.

Bo: I wonder what Matthew would have to say about all this.

Nora: He'd want to live. He'd want us to fight for him. End of story.

Bo: But what if that wasn't possible? What if there's nothing we could do?

Nora: Of course, there's something we could do! He's not gone! Matthew is still in there! My God, he still needs us!

Bo: What if what he needs is for us to let him go?

Nora: No, no. No. I can't. I am not sacrificing Matthew for Clint. Clint is not getting a happy ending on the back of our son.

Bo: He looked up to his uncle. He did. He looked up to him as much as he looked up to you and me. He loved him.

Nora: Yeah, and he killed Eddie Ford because of that.

Bo: It's ironic, isn't it? Clint took the rap for that. He was willing to sacrifice himself for our son.

Rex: I'm not after your money!

Clint: I am so far gone that I can't see through this--the sudden apology, the rushed wedding. At the very least, you probably expected a really big wedding gift from me. You think I've gone soft in the head because I'm dying?

Rex: No!

Clint: It was probably your plan all along. As you unleashed your verbal assault on me, you wanted to drive me into this position so you could move in for the kill.

Rex: What the hell is the matter with you? Even now you're so full of hatred for your own son, you can't see him trying to do something good for mine!

Roxy: Yo, Shane! You ready to rock this wedding joint with your grandma?

Shane: I thought it was just gonna be Mom, Dad, and me.

Roxy: Your mom had to invite me. She's gonna be here any minute.

Shane: Yeah, Dad, too. He probably got caught up somewhere.

Roxy: Oh, this is so exciting. You must be so happy.

Shane: Yeah.

Roxy: I know things have been a little tough for you lately.

Shane: It's getting better.

Roxy: If I could've gotten my hands on those punks...

Shane: It's cool, really. I'm getting things under control.

Roxy: Yeah? How? A couple of knuckle sandwiches?

Shane: Not exactly. I just figured out how Jack was trying to mess with me.

Roxy: You really flipped the script on him, didn't you?

Shane: I was going to. I was actually really excited to beat Jack at his own game, but then Mom found out and stopped me before I could figure out what he was planning.


Gigi: Thank you, Shane, for not taking this out of the car when I asked you to.

[Rings doorbell]

Jack: What's going on?

Brad: He's here.

Singer: Shut 'em down

[Rings doorbell]

[Music plays]

Natalie: When you came to see me after you found Liam, I swear there was--there was something there. And not just for me, but for you, too. I felt like-- I felt like we shared a moment. Uh, I guess it's all in my head.

John: It wasn't.

Natalie: That was unexpected.

John: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that.

Natalie: Because of Kelly?

John: No. No. Kelly and I are just friends, that's it.

Natalie: Oh.

John: I shouldn't have kissed you.

Natalie: Why not?

John: Because it makes me want to do it again.

Tess: What are you doing here? What the hell is going on?

Ford: Viki said that they were gonna try electroshock. I had to stop them.

Tad: You're a little late, Sister Roberta.

Ford: I know. I'm sorry about that. I hate that you had to go through that, but somehow I knew that they couldn't get rid of you. You're too tough for them, aren't you?

Tess: That's me--takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

Ford: If something happened to you and you were gone...

Tess: You wouldn't get your kid back, right?

Ford: Right.

Tess: That's what you were gonna say, wasn't it?

Brody: How soon can you do the next treatment?

Viki: No. No. Absolutely not. I cannot authorize any more ECT.

[Phone rings]

Brody: But, Viki...

Viki: I'm sorry, Brody. No. No.

Dr. Levin: Excuse me.

Brody: Viki, you have to give him permission.

Viki: Brody, I didn't want to do this in the first place. I was just desperate to get my Jessie back, and so I agreed to let them try it once.

Brody: But you heard what Dr. Levin said. He needs more time for it to work.

Viki: It didn't work, did it? And there's no guarantee that it will ever work, and I will not put my child through this again!

Brody: Then we might not-- we might not ever get Jessica back.

Rex: I honestly don't get it. Why are you so hell-bent on taking your hatred of me to the grave?

Clint: Because I still have family to protect after I'm gone.

Rex: From me?

Clint: Yep. And I'm not gonna let you worm your way in the way Vickers did to Bo.

Rex: David's Bo's son.

Clint: It takes more than blood to be a Buchanan! Joey and Kevin are proof of that. As far as I'm concerned, you're still the grifter that came into town intent on stealing Jessica's money.

Rex: I should've known it was a waste of time to try to make peace with you.

Clint: Your whole life has been a waste.

Rex: I have made some mistakes, but my family isn't one of them. Whatever you think of me, your life--whatever's left of it-- would've been made better if you had gotten to know Gigi and Shane before it was too late.

Singer: I would lie if it would make you want me push and shove until you love me don't just stand there

Gigi: Hello?

Brad: Wheezy sounds like a girl.

Gigi: Hello?

Girl: Down here.

Singer: Don't just stand there watching

Gigi: Hey!

[Pounding on door]

Gigi: Hey! Let me out of here, you little brats!

Starr: What do you mean, the homeless man had a line on his face?

Sam: He had a line on his face like this.

[Pounding on door]

Gigi: Come on! Open up! Please?

Brad: Let's go.

Jack: Did you hear Wheezy shouting?

Girl: Come on, Jack.

Jack: She's got to be freaking out there in the dark.

Brad: Duh! That's the point!

Jack: Maybe we shouldn't be keeping him there as long as we planned.

Brad: Fine. If you think 5 minutes is enough to make up for Wheezy crushing your toes and turning you into gimpy McGimpster...

Jack: Excuse me?

Brad: I'm just saying if you let this go, Shane's gonna be running around telling everyone that you wimped out.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, you're right. Let's go.

Gigi: There's no other door, no windows. Come on. Damn it. There's no signal. Ok. I'm gonna need more light if I'm gonna find a way out of here. Is that a generator? Yes. It's just like the one we had back home in case of an outage. Ok. I just got to find the switch.

[Generator turns on]

Gigi: Whew. Please let there be light. Oh, thank God! Ok. Ok. Now that I can see, I just have to find a way out of here so I can get to my wedding.

Roxy: So you really dropped a weight on Jack's toes?

Shane: Pretty much.

Roxy: You should've broken his kneecaps, but I am so proud of my grandson. And, baby, I got to admit something. I was a little worried when Echo DiSavoy came into your life that I was gonna lose you.

Shane: No way. I mean, Echo's cool, but you're Roxy!

Roxy: I am. And I'm so glad, because in my book, you really are a true Balsom--even if you really are a Buchanan.

Clint: You've said your piece. I think we're finished here.

Rex: Yeah, we are. Well, this is probably the last time I'll ever see you alive. Maybe I will keep this suit out, wear it to your funeral.

Clint: Don't bury me so fast. I'm not dead yet!

Rex: You are to me.

Ford: When I came here before...

Tess: You were supposed to bust me out.

Ford: Yeah, and I got caught. Ok. But I went home, and I was talking to James, and he accused me...

Tess: So where's Dr. Evil, huh?

Viki: There will be no more ECT.

Tess: Really? You're giving up trying to get your sweet, precious Jessica back?

Viki: Oh, never. I'm just gonna hope and pray that with traditional treatment we'll be able to get through to Jessie and bring her back to us.

Tess: I wouldn't hold my breath on that one--you either, Dudley.

Brody: I'll never stop loving Jessica. I know she's in there somewhere, and maybe I've hurt her too bad to ever win her back, but she will always be in my heart.

Tess: Sounds like good-bye.

Brody: I'm not doing either of us any good coming here. So as long as you're Tess, I guess it is.

Natalie: What's--what's wrong with kissing me again?

John: Not a thing. But maybe this isn't the time. Maybe this isn't the place. How's Liam doing?

Natalie: I see the way you look at him, and I know you love him. I know that you could love him as your own.

John: Yeah, there are times I think I could, too. There are times I think I could get past all of it. I even tried to understand why you did what you did, and sometimes I get it.

Natalie: You do?

John: Yeah. Yeah. That's why I tried so hard to find out what Marty knew about our breakup. I thought that maybe... but at the end of the day, Brody is Liam's father and I need to respect that. And no matter how much I'd like to get past it, it's there. I'm sorry.

Natalie: Yeah. I'm sorry, too. I guess that means that it's-- it's really over for us.

Gigi: There's got to be something in here. Ah. Perfect.

Natalie: At least you don't hate me anymore.

John: I never hated you. I just went off my meds for a few days or something. Kelly forgot her laptop. I told her I'd come by and get it. Don't give up on your dad. He's a hard old boy. If anybody could survive this, it's him.

Natalie: Thanks.

Brody: Natalie.

Natalie: Brody. What's going on?

Brody: Forget about me. How are you doing?

Natalie: Just take me home.

Ford: I had to wait till the coast was clear. We need to get you out of here.

Tess: Yeah, no kidding. So you were gonna tell me something before about a conversation you had with your brother?

Ford: James told me he thought that I was falling in love with you, and he was wrong-- I already have.

Viki: Bo? Hi. Any news?

Bo: Yeah, there is. Matthew's condition hasn't changed. But his heart could save Clint's life.

Nora: If you think you're getting Matthew's heart, you are out of your mind!

Shane: Say "cheese."

Roxy: Formaggio.

Rex: Oh! Shane, thanks for holding down the fort. I was delayed unnecessarily. Roxy, what are you...

Roxy: I'm here for the bride.

Rex: Who's not here. Where is Gigi?

Gigi: Of course, this didn't work. Why would this work? Oh, God, those kids are gonna get it. Ooh. They're gonna come back. They have to come back. They weren't gonna leave Shane locked in here forever. Hello! Anybody up there?! Yeah. I have a wedding to get to! Mine.

Starr: What are you talking about, Sam? There's no one out here.

Sam: But he was.

Starr: You know what I think? I think that you are not supposed to be out here by the pool, so you made up a friend.

Sam: But, Starr...

Starr: No, no buts about it. Come on. No, no buts.

Todd's voice: I have a daughter. Her name is Starr.

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