OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/9/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/9/11


Episode # 10955

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Tess: Well, who died and made you God, huh? Just because I'm not your favorite flavor doesn't give you the right to lock me up.

Bess: You'll never learn. You can't have Jessica's life.

Tess: Who asked you? Get out of here, anyway.

Bess: I'm locked in your head, remember?

Tess: Then help me find a way out of here.

Bess: You can start by resisting the impulse to bite the medical staff.

Viki: What's so urgent? Is Tess all right?

Tess: Let me out of here!

Viki: I thought we had agreed to allow Tess some freedom in the hopes that she would release Jessica.

Dr. Levin: We tried that. She bit me.

Viki: Oh, my God, I'm so sorry.

Dr. Levin: We had to eject one of her friends.

Viki: Who?

Dr. Levin: Robert Ford. Ms. Lord, the methods we've used in the past to integrate your daughter simply aren't working anymore. If you want Jessica back, I'm afraid we need to do something drastic.

Tess: I'll bite every finger off that quack's hand before I ever let Jessica out. News flash, people. I'm here to stay. I'm not going anywhere!

Bess: And why is that?

Tess: Because I want to be with--

Bess: With who, Tess? Robert Ford?

[Weights drop]

James: Hey, watch it. That's somebody's ceiling. All right. What's going on?

Ford: You were right. I made a big mistake.

Jack: Like some girl would ever contact you. It's me, bonehead. I'm comicgurl15, but you're never gonna figure that out, will you, Wheezy?

Shane: I'm onto you, Jack. You're gonna fall right into your own trap.

Gigi: Shane.

Rex: Shane, what are you doing on the computer?

Jack: "I had fun 2. Thanks for reaching out." Awesome.

Starr: Jack, what are you doing?

Deanna: Hey, I thought you drowned in there.

Nate: I was trying to relax, but I just keep seeing it, you know, the punch I gave Matthew and his head hitting the floor, and, Deanna, this is my fault. I put Matthew in that hospital bed.

Dani: I really wish you'd let me take you home.

Destiny: I need to be here, but you should go. Shaun will be back soon. I won't be alone.

Dani: Are you sure?

Destiny: I'll be fine.

Dani: Ok. You call me if you need anything, if anything changes.

Destiny: Ok.

Dani: Ok. Bye.

Nora: Bo, I got another patient who's just like Matthew.

Dr. Pryor: Good morning.

Nora: Hey, good morning. Do you have the results of the tests you took last night?

Dr. Pryor: Yes. We do.

Nora: And? And they're better, right? I mean, they show more brain activity than he's had the last few days?

Dr. Pryor: The latest tests indicate that there's been no change in Matthew's brain function.

Nora: But the surgery was days ago. He looks better.

Dr. Pryor: He's stable, but we're still only detecting minimal brain activity, and I'm afraid the prognosis hasn't changed. There's very little hope that he'll improve.

Nora: You know, I found two cases that had the same prognosis as Matthew, and they just snapped right out of it. They did, and that's Matthew because Matthew is not a quitter.

Dr. Pryor: I'm sure he's not, and Matthew deserves a quality of life that-- these machines can keep him alive, but they can't give him the kind of life you want for him. Do you really want him to linger like this, maybe for years?

Deanna: You don't know for sure that you're why Matthew is in the hospital.

Nate: I decked him. He hit his head, and a couple hours later, he was having brain surgery. Come on. What else could it have been?

Deanna: Ok, but maybe he's better now. Have you talked to Dani?

Nate: Not since yesterday.

Deanna: So call her and find out.

Starr: I thought Mom impounded your computer.

Jack: I borrowed Brad's.

Starr: You were banned from going on-line because you cyber-bullied Shane Morasco.

Jack: Shane Morasco dropped a weight on my foot and almost broke it, no, not that you care.

Starr: What are you doing?

Jack: Homework.

Starr: So you've got nothing to hide?

Rex: Shane, this whole thing with Jack started on-line.

Shane: It started in school.

Rex: Ok, but it blew up on MyFace. We agreed you shouldn't go on-line.

Shane: I know. I was just trying to do my homework. My tutor said that I had to take the same finals as everyone else in school. So I was just downloading the tests.

Gigi: Oh. That's good.

Rex: All right. You think you can take a break? We need to talk to you about something.

Shane: What?

Gigi: Our wedding. Remember we talked about it.

Shane: Yeah. I remember. What about it?

Rex: It's off.

Starr: Jack--

Jack: You get knocked up in high school and expect me to listen to you?

[Knocks on door]

Jack: You better get that.

Starr: Ooh...

Dani: Nate, Nate, I really have to go, but I'll let Destiny know you called. Ok. Bye.

Starr: Dani, come on in.

Dani: Hi.

Starr: What's going on?

Dani: Listen. I have something to tell you. It's not good.

Starr: If it's about Dad, I already know that the police brought him in for questioning.

Jack: Oh, yeah, like he'd ever help Marty Saybrooke get away with--

Dani: No. It's not Dad.

Jack: Oh, what? Who died now?

Dani: It's Matthew.

Starr: What is it? Is he ok?

Dani: No.

James: What mistake? What do you mean?

Ford: You warned me.

James: What, about the car? Dude, that only had, like, a year or two--

Ford: No. The car is fine.

James: Ok. What, then?

Ford: You're not gonna like it.

James: If you tell me that Tess is moving back in here, I'm gonna be re--

Ford: No. I wish.

James: You wish?

Ford: You were right. I'm falling in love with her.

Tess: Who said anything about Ford?

Bess: You don't need to. I can hear in your thoughts...

Tess: Yeah? Well, maybe you need your ears checked.

Bess: Not to mention, you lit up like one of your beloved slot machines when he was in here. You're falling in love.

Tess: Ok. Fine, fine. I'm falling for Ford. So what?

Viki: What do you mean, drastic?

Dr. Levin: I want to try electroconvulsive therapy.

Viki: ECT? Oh, you cannot be serious.

Shane: Are you calling off the wedding because I said that it wouldn't make the bullying stop? Because I didn't mean that.

Rex: No, no, no, no, no. We're still getting married. We just decided that it wouldn't be cool to have a huge wedding with Matthew so sick and Natalie in the hospital. We decided to just go to City Hall.

Gigi: Just the three of us.

Rex: If that's ok with you.

Shane: Yeah. It's cool.

Gigi: Ok. Well, if you don't mind taking a break from studying, we'd like to do it today.

Shane: Twist my arm.

Gigi: He's smiling! Oh, my-- I haven't seen him smile in I don't know. Oh!

Viki: Dr. Levin, I thought I was very clear--no ECT.

Dr. Levin: I understand your reaction, but ECT is not the hellish treatment it used to be. Tess will be given a general anesthetic while we administer a mild electrical stimulus. Think of it as rebooting the brain.

Viki: With all due respect, when Mitch Laurence subjected her to ECT, she regressed. She thought she was a teenager.

Dr. Levin: Unfortunately, Mitch Laurence's treatment was only one of the circumstances that led to Jessica's regression. He used an antiquated device with too much voltage, and who knows if he used anesthesia? This will be nothing like that.

Viki: But there are side effects.

Dr. Levin: Yes. Undoubtedly, there will be some confusion, some temporary memory loss, but we need to weaken Tess' hold on Jessica, and, quite frankly, we have no other options. Why don't you discuss this with Jessica's father?

Tess: Well, you can forget that because I'm never going back!

Dr. Levin: She's been like this all day. We sedate her, and she wakes up kicking and screaming. I'm afraid she's gonna hurt herself.

Viki: The thing is that Clint is in the hospital. He's had heart failure, and I can't burden him with this now.

Dr. Levin: I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

Viki: Are there no other options?

Dr. Levin: We could move her to a more secure wing and keep her heavily sedated, but you'll never see Jessica again.

Ford: I can't help it. I've got feelings for Tess.

James: Bobby, come on.

Ford: I'm not saying I wanted it to happen. It just did. I even ended up at St. Ann's again.

James: Are you kidding? You went there again after they threw you out?

Ford: There was a blind nurse on duty.

James: Oh, wow. That's even a new low for you.

Ford: Hey, come on. You would've done the same thing if Starr had been locked up.

James: Look. I'm not saying that I don't understand the feelings. It's just, Bob, what are the odds that this is gonna work out in your favor? She's mentally ill.

Ford: See, yeah, I think she's crazy like a fox.

James: Ok. So you know better than her shrink?

Ford: Maybe. Like, I know that she's opened up to me more than she has to any doctor, and yesterday when I saw her, I could tell that she was really excited to see me--no, seriously--and so I told her that I had something I want to talk to her about.

James: Oh, now you guys are going steady?

Ford: No, they kicked me out before I could do anything.

James: Well, good, because she just would've used it against you. "Oh, come on, Bobby. Bust me out," and then you would have broken the law, and she would've gotten free and dumped you faster than you can say, "alter ego."

Deanna: So? What did Dani say?

Nate: That Matthew is not any better and how I am such a great boyfriend to be worried about a kid I don't even like. I hate lying to her, Deanna.

Deanna: Like you said, she lied to you first. She knew Matthew killed your dad and didn't tell you.

Nate: I don't care about that anymore. I punched Matthew. That's why he's lying in a hospital bed. It's my fault. I've got to fix this.

Deanna: How? I mean, if he's hurt, he's hurt. What can you do about it, Nate?

Bo: We can't just keep doing what we're doing?

Dr. Pryor: It won't change the outcome.

Nora: Maybe if we got a better doctor or different hospitals--

Dr. Pryor: That is, of course, up to you.

Bo: Doctor, what is your recommendation?

Nora: We know what she wants.

Bo: Honey--

Dr. Pryor: It's not what I want, Mrs. Buchanan, but unfortunately, there's nothing more that we can do for him here, so you either move him to a long-term care facility--

Bo: Or?

Dr. Pryor: While Matthew isn't technically brain dead, there's so little neural activity, it's as if he's not there anymore. I think we need to talk about taking him off life support and letting him go.

Destiny: No. No. You can't let Matthew die. You can't let him die. Please, Ms. Buchanan. Please don't let him. Please don't let him die.

Nora: Destiny, nobody is gonna let Matthew die. Please just-- please.

Dr. Pryor: I've been doing everything in my power to keep him alive in the hopes that his brain would respond. Failing that, there's nothing more that we can do, which is why I want you to think about Matthew, about what's best for him.

Nora: What's best for Matthew is that we make him better.

Dr. Pryor: And if that's not possible, do you really want him to continue like this?

Nora: My God, I want him to have a chance to recover.

Dr. Pryor: Even with all this technology, it's possible he could still succumb, and in that case, it's my responsibility. There's an opportunity to do something positive, to donate Matthew's organs to patients who'd otherwise die. There's a need for B negative donors.

Nora: I'm not sacrificing my son.

Dr. Pryor: No one is talking about sacrifice.

Nora: Then what do you call it? My son is not gonna die from a bump on the head, so no. We're not going to donate his organs, all right? I'm not giving up on my son.

Dr. Pryor: And, Mr. Buchanan, is that how you feel?

Starr: There's nothing that they can do?

Dani: They're just waiting right now, I think, you know, for more test results or if something changes.

Starr: I've known Matthew for forever. He was such a sweet little kid. He used to follow me around like a puppy.

Dani: Yeah. I keep remembering how we met at the Warwick School. He was in a wheelchair, and we escaped together. I still don't know how we managed to do that.

Starr: He was, like, 8 when I talked him into helping Dad escape from a prison van, and I ended up getting him kidnapped.

Jack: Seriously?

Starr: Yeah, seriously.

Jack: All I want to do is go on MyFace.

Starr: Jack, you're a genius. Dani, we could start a MyFace page for Matthew just like we had for Dad when he was sick. It'll be great.

Jack: No, no, no, no...

Starr: Who's comicgurl15?

Shane: Sorry if I was acting like a jerk before.

Gigi: It's ok, honey. I know it isn't easy.

Rex: But you're feeling better?

Shane: Yeah. I am.

Gigi: All right. Just, it's really important to put as much distance as you can between you and Jack Manning.

Shane: I'm gonna be ok, and it's not like you guys haven't been through a lot, either, with everything with Aunt Stacy and you finding out that Clint is your real dad.

Rex: Hey, we are the lucky ones. We get to go to City Hall and make it official. We are a family, and nobody is gonna take that away from us--not Stacy, not Clint, not Jack Manning.

Jack: She's just this girl.

Dani: A girl?

Starr: A girl that you're talking to on-line?

Jack: No. I mean, yeah, but it's not what you think.

Dani: She's not your girlfriend?

Jack: No. She's not my girlfriend.

Starr: Oh, what? Has she met you?

Jack: No. It's not funny. She's dating some other guy, so can we just drop it and not say anything to Mom?

Starr: Ok. Fine. As long as you're not bullying Shane Morasco, then it's fine. Move.

Dani: Go.

Starr: Dani, do you have pictures of Matthew on your page?

Dani: Yeah, tons.

Starr: Ok. Good. Then I'll ask Matthew's parents for some. I'm gonna go visit them later. Do you want to come?

Dani: Actually, are you ok here? I have to go see Nate. He's really upset about Matthew.

Starr: I thought they didn't get along.

Dani: Well, they don't, but Nate was over at the hospital, and he saw Matthew right after surgery. It was bad. Anyways, Nate said he wouldn't even wish it on his worst enemy.

Starr: Got to love those Ford boys.

Ford: Could you be any less supportive?

James: Hey, I just don't want to see that bitch hurt you.

Ford: She's not a bitch.

James: Oh, please, Bobby. I've seen her in action. She used to live here, remember?

Ford: Oh, that's just an act. That sarcastic, obnoxious, aggressive, hostile personality, it's all a front.

James: For what? She's an alter ego. She's not real.

Ford: Oh, I wish people would just understand. She's not some one-dimensional fragment. She's a real person.

James: With a lot of problems.

Ford: Nobody is perfect, ok? She really cares about me.

James: Ok. Ok. Let's say she does and that you really care about her, but she's at St. Ann's. They're gonna do whatever it takes to put Jessica back together, which means Tess is gonna disappear, which means you're guaranteed to lose her.

[Cell phone chirps]

James: Hold on a second. All right. Bob, I've got to go do something. Are you gonna be ok?

Ford: Yeah.

James: Are you sure?

Ford: Yeah. I'm gonna be fine. Go, go.

Tess: You're wrong. Bobby is not like that. He may have taken advantage of Jessica that night--

Bess: Something you two have in common.

Tess: But he's changed. He cares about me. He knows that I'm not just an alter, that I'm a real person.

Bess: Only you're not a real person. You're a fragment that Jessica summons when she's unable to cope. You're a piece of her, and no matter what you want, you're gonna end up back inside while Ford will be in the real world looking for a woman who's not strapped in a straitjacket waiting to be destroyed.

Tess: I hate you. Get out of here. Leave me alone.

Viki: I don't understand this. Why is it so different this time? You'd think that Tess being here in restraints would make her capitulate, and yet she's fighting harder. What is it that she wants?

Dr. Levin: We don't know, and the longer that she stays in control, the harder it will be to access Jessica and sustain her.

Viki: Do you really think that the ECT will work?

Dr. Levin: I'm just concerned that if we don't get through to her soon, you could lose your daughter for good.

[Door opens]

Tess: I told you to leave me alone.

Viki: I'm not going anywhere. Here's your choice. Either you give me back my daughter or I'm going to agree to Electric Convulsive Therapy.

Rex: Well, I'm gonna go see Bo, and then I will meet you guys at the courthouse.

Shane: See you there.

Gigi: Hmm.

Shane: Oh...

[Computer pings]

Jack: "No way! Thought about u all nite!" Thought about you, too, Wheezy, how much I love making a fool out of you.

Gigi: Are we really doing this?

Rex: We're doing this.

Gigi: I have been waiting to marry you since high school.

Rex: I am just so sorry it took us so long to get here.

Gigi: Mm, but we're here, and we know it's right.

Rex: I have never been more sure of anything in my life. I love you so much, Morasco. I want to spent the rest of my life with you.

Gigi: I love you, too, Balsom. I always have, and I always will.

Rex: For better or worse.

Gigi: For richer or poorer.

Rex: Richer is good, too.

Gigi: Till death do us part.

Dr. Pryor: I'm so sorry. If I thought there was any hope--

Nora: When she asked you what you thought in Matthew's room, why didn't you say something?

Bo: I can't. Seeing him lying there in that bed, I don't have any words.

Nora: Have you given up?

Bo: Dr. Pryor said something... that Matthew isn't there anymore.

Nora: Of course, he's there. Where else would he be? He's just recovering. That's all. He's had a rough time, you know? First, he got hurt, and then he had the surgery and all the tests and stuff. He just needs time. That's all. He's coming back to us. I know it.

Destiny: Oh, Matthew, don't listen to that doctor. She doesn't know you. I know you. Your mom knows you, and we know you're gonna come out of this. You have to. I can't lose you, not now, not after what happened in your bed. You said it meant something to you. It meant something to me, too. I feel like we're connected, and now you're so hurt. [Gasps]

Starr: I'm--

Destiny: Oh, my gosh, I thought you were Matthew's mom. Did you hear?

Tess: You're bluffing. You would never risk frying your precious Jessica's brain.

Viki: That's all right.

Dr. Levin: All right.

Viki: Apparently, ECT has come a long way. The doctors have assured me that there is no more frying. They give you a very controlled dose, and you would be anesthetized.

Tess: Oh, yeah. That's right. Anesthetize me, Viki, because me awake just reminds of you everything that you've lost.

Viki: You mean my daughter.

Tess: No. I mean your soul or what's left of it. I mean, look at you. You act all prim and proper. When is the last time you really felt good?

Viki: At my daughter's wedding watching her walk down the aisle on her father's arm.

Tess: Yeah. Well, I feel that way every day. Just taking a hot shower makes me feel good, dancing to loud music, driving a fast car, kissing a hot guy.

Viki: Can't be much fun for you in here, then, can it?

Tess: I won't be here for long.

Viki: No. You won't. You're going to cooperate, and you're gonna let Jessie come back.

Tess: Well, why would I do that? What's in it for me?

Viki: Tess, you have no future. You're a defense mechanism. You're a fragment.

Tess: And Jessica? There's a good time.

Viki: Jessie has a very full life. She has two beautiful children, a man who loves her. Jessie has a career as a journalist.

Tess: Really? Well, then where is she?

Viki: You are preventing her from coming back.

Tess: I am not preventing anything. I'm living my life.

Viki: Tess, you would continue to exist as a part of Jessica.

Tess: As what? As what, an occasional wisecrack, some cleavage on New Year's Eve? No. No. I go back, I lose everything.

Viki: What do you mean? What do you lose?

Tess: You think that Jessica is the only person with a life? People love me. You said that you love me.

Viki: You're a part of my daughter. Of course, I love you.

Tess: I'm not a part of anything. I'm me. I am the reason that Jessica created Ryder. I am all of her wants, her needs, her fighting. Don't you get that? If you get rid of me, you kill everything, everything in Jessica.

Viki: I won't lose my daughter. I can't.

Tess: I am your daughter.

Viki: No. You are not. You are a part of my daughter. Jessica is my daughter, and unless you give her back to me, I'm going to have to take her by force. It's your choice. What will it be?

Tess: I choose life, my life. The hell with Jessica.

[Buzz buzz buzz]

Viki: Oh, God.

Dr. Levin: Are you all right?

Viki: I miss my Jessie. Please bring her back to me. Do the ECT.

James: Ok. Well, hey, I just talked to my boss at the car wash. They lost their cashier, and he said he's willing to give you a shot.

Deanna: Oh, my God, really? Thank you.

James: Yeah, and if you want, I can take you over there myself to meet him and get situated.

Deanna: Yeah. Just let me get my bag.

James: Sure.

Deanna: Great.

James: So how is this all working out with Deanna living here?

Nate: Fine.

James: You ok? I mean, you don't look so good.

Nate: I'm just bummed about Matthew Buchanan.

James: Yeah. Starr just called me. She's pretty upset about it. So, man, all this stuff--

Deanna: Hey, all set. Ready to go.

James: You ready?

Deanna: Yeah, yeah.

James: All right.

Deanna: See? Things are starting to work out for me. You've just got to be patient, ok?

Nate: Ok.

Deanna: All right.

Destiny: Please don't tell anyone about me and Matthew.

Starr: No, no, no. I won't.

Destiny: Thank you. I had to tell Dani, but I don't want Matthew to think I'm a blabbermouth.

Starr: I don't think he'll mind me knowing. Are you ok, Destiny? That's a really big step.

Destiny: I know, but when you're with the right person-- he has to wake up.

Starr: No. I know. You know, when Matthew was younger, he had a crush on me, and I told him, "One day, you are going to meet the right girl," and it looks like he did.

Destiny: Matthew didn't think so. So we were just friends, but then he needed me, and we got really close, and it just happened. What am I gonna do if he dies? I can't lose him, Starr. I can't lose him.

Nora: Look. I don't know. I know the things that the doctor says sounds logical. I do, but we've been down this road before. You know, how many times the doctors say he'd never walk again, right? He's coming back to us. I know he is, and don't ask me how I know. I just do. I know. I know. So we have to give him all the support that he needs, whether it's a new doctor or a new facility, whatever, whatever it takes, because he's coming back to us, ok?

Bo: Ok.

[Nora sobs]

Rex: Hey, am I interrupting?

Nora: Talk to Rex. He knows all about fighting for his son.

Rex: What's going on?

Bo: What's with the suit, Balsom?

Rex: Forget the suit. How's Matthew?

Shane: Ah, real cute, Manning. "Not cute. Hot."

[Computer pings]

Jack: Whoa, take it easy, Wheezy. Ha ha!

Gigi: Shane Morasco, what are you doing? Are you IMing with someone?

Ford: Ms. Lord, is everything ok? Is Ryder all right?

Viki: Ryder is fine. Mr. Ford, I want you to stay away from Tess, and I mean it. After she saw you yesterday, she had a terrible setback.

Ford: What kind of setback?

Viki: To begin with, she bit her doctor.

[Ford chuckles]

Viki: I'm so glad you think it's funny. Because of you, she is back in a straitjacket and locked in a padded room. She absolutely refuses to cooperate. She will not give up her hold on Jessica, and that has forced me to make a decision that I did not want to make.

Ford: What are you talking about? What kind of decision?

Viki: It's not your concern.

Ford: She's my-- she's the mother of my child. I have a right to know.

Viki: The doctors want to give her something called ECT.

Ford: Electroconvulsive Therapy?

Viki: Yes.

Tess: Oh, no, no. She's bluffing. She had to have been. There's no way she would do that. What the hell do you want?

Dr. Levin: We're taking you for treatment.

Dani: Hi.

Nate: Hey.

Dani: You look horrible. What, are you sick or something?

Nate: No. I just feel sick all the time.

Dani: Why? What's wrong?

Nate: I don't know. Think I'm coming down with something.

Starr: Have you had breakfast yet? Why don't we go grab something to eat?

Destiny: No, no, no. I can't.

Nora: You're not gonna be any good to Matthew if you don't take care of yourself.

Destiny: Well, can we get you something, a muffin?

Nora: Sure. Thank you, Starr, for setting up that site.

Starr: Oh, it's no problem.

Nora: Just tell people to pray, because I think that's what Matthew needs right now.

Starr: Well, I will. Come on.

Rex: Organ donation? You're kidding me. It's only been a few days. They're already giving up?

Bo: Nora isn't. She's convinced. She knows that he's gonna come out of this.

Rex: But they told her to give up hope.

Bo: Do you think that she's gonna do that? No. God, you know, I wish I had what she-- and I don't even know what it is, but she won't accept-- she can't.

Rex: Is there anything I can do?

Bo: You're doing it right now, Balsom, you know? It's hard to talk to Nora right now, and I don't want to dump all of this on Clint because he's got enough problems. I wish I could understand why all this happened. Matthew, he's just been through too much already. Balsom--

Rex: Clint had a setback. They did this procedure. They've got him hooked up to this device that's keeping his heart going. He's at the top of the transplant list, so he gets the next B negative heart that comes along, except they don't come around too often.

Bo: What?

Rex: I shouldn't have told you. I'm sorry.

Bo: No, no, no. It's not that.

Rex: Then what is it? Bo?

Gigi: You lied to me? You said you were doing your homework.

Shane: I was, Mom. I'm sorry.

Gigi: I told you not to be on-line with anyone, and I don't mean to yell at you, but it leaves you wide open to Jack Manning or anyone.

Shane: I know. That's just it.

Gigi: Who are you chatting with? [Sighs] Oh. Comicgurl? She's flirting with you... and you're flirting back. Shane...you have a girlfriend?

Jack: Brad, you're got to see this. Wheezy is crazy in love with comicgurl15. Oh, just wait till he finds out it's me.

Gigi: She really seems to like you. Where did you meet her, at that comic book convention?

Shane: No.

Gigi: But you have met her, right? It's not just a person that you met on-line? Oh, Shane. Oh, my God, this could be anyone. This could be some sicko trolling around for kids.

Shane: Yeah. He is sick.

Gigi: What--he? What do you mean, he? It's a guy posing as a girl?

Shane: You got it.

Gigi: Who?

Shane: Jack Manning.

Nora: As long as I have a breath left in my body, so will you. I will never let them take you off of life support. I will not let them pass out your organs to everyone. I won't. As long as I have a heartbeat, you will, too.

Rex: Bo, what is it?

Bo: You said my brother is at the top of the transplant list.

Rex: Right, but it could take a while. They have to wait for a B negative donor.

Bo: That's Matthew's blood type. He's B negative.

Ford: No. You can't do that. You can't do that.

Viki: Well, it's not your decision.

Ford: That's Tess' biggest fear, is that they're gonna do ECT on her.

Viki: She has left me no choice, and the doctors feel that is the only way to reach Jessica, and I want my daughter back.

Ford: Tess is your daughter.

Viki: No. She is not my daughter. You do not understand this disease.

Ford: Like hell, I don't. You just want her to disappear, because she's not the one you want.

Viki: Oh, you couldn't be more wrong. Look. Tess is a part of Jessica, but she is only a part, and I want the whole person back.

Ford: So you would sacrifice Tess? Is that what you're saying?

Viki: Yes, and you stay away from her.

Tess: No! You can't do this! No! No! No! No! No! Bobby!

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