OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/8/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/8/11


Episode # 10954

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Natalie: It's ok. It's ok, Liam. Daddy will be here soon. John. I wasn't expecting to see you.

John: I wanted to make sure everything was ok with Liam.

Natalie: Yeah, he's fine. He's wonderful...thanks to you.

Gigi: Oh, you're home.

Rex: Finally.

Gigi: Did you see Clint?

Rex: Yeah. So what have you guys been up to? Oh, man, I don't think I like that look.

Gigi: There was another incident with Jack Manning.

Rex: Again? What is wrong with that kid? Why the hell won't he leave you alone?

Gigi: You don't understand.

Rex: Just tell me, what did he do?

Gigi: Nothing.

Rex: Nothing?

Shane: It was me. I kind of busted his foot.

[Knock on door]

Jack: Come in.

Brad: I got your text. What's going on? What are you reading, dude?

Jack: It's Dani's.

Brad: Whatever. How's your foot?

Jack: It kills! But not as bad as Wheezy's gonna hurt when I'm done with him.

James: I was just trying to call you. I couldn't believe it when I turned on the news.

Starr: That they found Liam at my dad's? I couldn't believe it either. I don't think they should've gotten arrested, though.

James: I thought you'd be down at the police station.

Starr: I needed to see you first.

Tomás: I am not complaining, but where the hell did that come from?

Blair: You're a hero.

Tomás: Since when?

Blair: You found Natalie's baby, didn't you? That makes you the hero in anybody's book!

Tomás: No, Blair. I'm not a hero. I'm anything but a hero.

Todd: Whoa. Look at my wrists here. They're bruising.

Téa: Can we stop pretending that you have told me everything? I know you. You haven't even scratched the surface.

Todd: Then you know I'm gonna sue this department for pain and suffering--cuffs too tight.

Téa: The cuffs are the least of your worries. Do you understand me?

Todd: Ok.

Téa: You can stonewall McBain, all right, and as your lawyer, I congratulate you on that. But as your wife, I need to know the truth. Tell me what happened between you and Marty Saybrooke.

Natalie: You're the one who found Liam. I don't even know how to thank you.

John: Doing my job. I'm just sorry it took so long.

Natalie: No. You're not apologizing. John, I am holding my son, and I wouldn't have him if it weren't for you.

Téa: We're gonna be here all night unless you start talking. What aren't you telling me?

Marty: I have to tell John that Liam isn't Brody's son, he's his.

Téa: Todd?

Todd: Ok, ok! It's about that kid Liam.

Brody: What about Liam?

Rex: You dropped a weight on Jack's foot?

Shane: Yeah. He cried like a baby.

Gigi: Shane Morasco, wipe that grin off of your face.

Rex: Yeah, your mom's right. This is not how we solve our problems.

Gigi: See? I told you your father would support me on this.

Rex: I do. But if Jack has finally gotten the message that Shane cannot be bullied anymore, I have no problem with that.

Gigi: Oh, I don't think we need to get ahead of ourselves. I don't think Jack Manning gives up that easily.

Jack: Just wait till you hear what I've got in store for Wheezy this time.

Brad: Sounds good already.

Jack: Oh, better than good. Dude, we're talking diabolical. And the best part, no fingerprints.

Starr: I don't know why my dad got arrested. But my dad needs a lawyer right now more than he needs me, so I'm going to let Téa deal with that part.

James: Which part are you gonna deal with?

Starr: Marty escaped, and if no one finds her, she's going to be gone for a long time--possibly forever--and what does that mean for Cole?

James: I hadn't even thought about that.

Starr: I have to go back and tell him.

James: Go back?

Starr: To Statesville. James, that's where I was before. I took Hope to see Cole. Usually Marty does it, but now it's up to me.

James: So how's Cole doing?

Starr: When he's with Hope, he's great. When we were about to leave, it was like something in him changed, like he remembered there's something to live for.

James: Seeing Hope would do that to anyone.

Starr: It's the same thing for her. She was so happy the whole time we were there.

James: Starr, isn't that a good thing?

Starr: Yeah, in some ways. But in others, I think I've got a real problem.

Blair: Come on. Don't you spoil it. Every girl needs a hero. Besides, I don't know what else you would call someone who wrestles a baby from a crazy woman's arms.

Tomás: That's not exactly how it happened.

Blair: Well, how did it happen?

Todd's voice: Marty saw us talking, and she's got ahold of that disc that you were showing me--the one that has all the information that could bring us both down. We're gonna put you on a plane, get you out of the country so you can be with Patrick.

Tomás: My friend from France has already lined up a chartered plane. He's gonna pick you up at a private airstrip. He has connections there. Everything will stay under the radar. I didn't have to fight off any crazy ladies. When I found the baby, Marty was gone.

Blair: You happen to be at the right place at the right time, so that's heroic enough for me. Hmm. Gosh, how long do you think Marty was there in the pool house? We were there just hours ago. She could've been steps away from us the whole time.

Tomás: That's very likely.

Blair: Oh. It's all over the news that Todd may be guilty of aiding and abetting. I still can't figure out why he would help kidnap an innocent baby. You're observant. What do you think? Do you think Todd knew that Marty was out in that pool house all along?

Todd: I was just saying that kid Liam--he's back with his mom, with Natalie, right?

Brody: I took him to her hospital room.

Téa: Is he ok?

Brody: Yeah. I don't know how, but, yeah, he's fine. Not a mark on him.

Téa: Oh, God. Natalie must be thrilled.

Brody: We both are. When I think about what could've happened to our son...

Todd: Yeah. A lot can happen that you don't expect.

Natalie: I owe you so much. So does Brody.

John: I thought maybe he'd be here.

Natalie: He went to see what was happening with Marty. Did they take her to the police station or did they put her back in St. Ann's?

John: Neither.

Natalie: What do you mean?

John: Apparently, she got away.

Natalie: I don't understand. When you found Liam...

John: He was with Tomás Delgado.

Natalie: Téa's brother?

John: Yeah. He was staying with Todd and Téa. He said something about hearing a baby crying in the pool house.

Natalie: Then where was Marty?

John: I tracked her to a airstrip on the outside of town, but when I got there, the plane had already taken off.

Natalie: What plane?

John: A private jet. It didn't file a flight plan. At this point, we have no idea where that's headed. When I asked Todd...

Natalie: My uncle was at the airstrip?

John: Some coincidence, huh?

Natalie: What did he say?

John: Not much. I took him down to the station. Maybe it'll change his mind.

Natalie: Why would Todd help Marty get away?

John: That's what we're gonna find out.

Brody: Whatever else Marty did, she drew the line at hurting Liam. She's probably so far gone, she thought she could raise him as her own.

Téa: That's a chilling thought. Thank God that Liam's back with his parents.

Todd: Except he's not.

James: What is it, Starr? Why are you so worried?

Starr: Remember when we were at the hotel, and I got a call from my grandma that Hope had a nightmare?

James: You went home to take care of her.

Starr: When I finally got her to settle down, she kept asking for her daddy.

James: That's understandable.

Starr: Yeah, um...today when we were getting ready to leave, when it was time for Hope to say good-bye to Cole, she threw a total tantrum. She was screaming and crying the whole way home.

James: And what did you do?

Starr: I told her the same thing I did when Cole left. I said that Daddy has to live somewhere else, he's gonna be there for a long time, but she kept shaking her head "no."

James: So all of this is, like, brand new?

Starr: Just in the last week or so.

James: You think it's because of me?

Tomás: I may live here, but it doesn't give me any special insight into Todd. I still don't really know the guy.

Blair: You know what? I think he'd like to keep it that way.

Tomás: But I tell you, I don't think he had any grand scheme to hide Marty here.

Blair: God, I hope not. Because if he had, I don't know how my kids would live it down, especially Jack. He has enough excuses for his bad behavior.

Tomás: Still having problems with Jack?

Blair: I thought he would've learned his lesson by now. With everything that happened with Shane Morasco, it should've been a wake-up call.

Tomás: Sounds like things haven't gotten any better, huh?

Blair: Actually, I think things might've gotten worse.

Rex: Has Jack been making more threats?

Shane: No. But he didn't like getting his toes crushed. He's just not gonna forget about it.

Gigi: See, that's the problem with trying to play his game. You get back at him, then he gets back at you, and before you know it...

Shane: Just don't worry about it, ok? It's not like before.

Gigi: Really? What's changed?

Shane: Me. I'm in counseling. I've been going to the gym. I can handle Jack.

Gigi: How? By getting in his face and making him come after you?

Shane: No. By being prepared for whatever happens. I'll be fine.

Gigi: Where are you going?

Shane: Grandma Echo gave me a gift card. I'm gonna go download some music.

Gigi: Ok. But no MyFace.

Shane: No problem.

Gigi: Ohh. You're being very quiet.

Rex: Sorry. It's just been a long day. But, look, I think Shane was right when he told us that we don't need to worry. He seems a lot better now, right, a lot more confident.

Gigi: Yeah, but I hope it's not just an act.

Rex: He fought back and liked the way it felt to win for a change. I understand that.

Gigi: Sure. Me, too. But fighting back against a sociopath can be dangerous.

Rex: Come on, Gige. The kid's just a bully.

Gigi: I don't think that's possible when you're Todd Manning's son.

Jack: So what do you think?

Brad: You're an evil genius, my friend. That's the sickest idea ever.

Jack: I know, right? How can it fail?

Brad: It can't. It's foolproof.

Jack: And we know just the fool to use it on.

Natalie: I was starting to feel safe, but now knowing Marty's still out there...

John: The only way Marty's coming back is in handcuffs. The plane she took off in had enough fuel to cross the Atlantic. Whatever she and Todd cooked up, I don't think it included a return trip.

Natalie: I hope you're right.

John: We alerted all the international authorities, Interpol. One of them will pick her up. You and Liam are safe. I'm gonna make sure it stays that way.

Natalie: Because it's your job?

John: And I owe it to you.

Téa: Why would you say that? Liam is back with his parents. Natalie's his mom, Brody's his dad.

Todd: What about John McBain?

Téa: McBain?

Brody: Because for a long time John thought he was Liam's father. He and Natalie are supposed to be the right parents.

Téa: Oh, is that what you meant?

Gigi: I want Shane to feel like he can defend himself, but we don't want him to do a complete 180, so he turns into a bully, too.

Rex: Couldn't happen.

Gigi: How do we know?

Rex: Shane is not a bully. He's got too much heart. It's why we love him. It's why we're lucky to...whew.

Gigi: Rex, what's going on? Something happened at the hospital, didn't it?

Rex: You could say that.

Gigi: You saw Clint.

Rex: I managed to make a bad situation worse.

Gigi: How?

Rex: His heart is shot. The doctors have told him he doesn't have long to live. What do I say? "I hope you die."

Gigi: Oh, Rex.

Rex: Just as I shoot my mouth off, the alarms go, like, crazy. The doctors rush in. They manage to save him, at least for a little while, but it does not look good.

Gigi: And how are you dealing with that?

Rex: To tell you the truth, I really haven't thought about it. Something else happened. It's not me. It's not Clint. It's Matthew.

Gigi: Matthew Buchanan?

Rex: He had some kind of brain injury.

Gigi: Oh, my God.

Rex: Bo and Nora have no idea what happened, but he...oh, God, I can't even say it.

Gigi: Why? He's gonna come out of this, right, eventually?

Rex: I don't know, Gige. Right now he's being kept alive by those machines. It almost makes me grateful for Shane's problems.

[Laptop pings]

Shane: "New e-mail on MyFace"? Well, I'm not really going on MyFace, right? I'm just checking my e-mail. Who's "comicgurl15"? "Hi, Shane. You don't know me, but I saw some of your comic books at the convention last month. They're so ill. Maybe we could be friends." Cool.

Jack: "You and Shane M are now friends." Score!

Brad: So he has no idea that we scanned that picture from your sister's magazine?

Jack: Oh, no way. He took the bait, just like I knew he would. Now all we got to do is reel this sucker in.

Tomás: Has something else happened between Jack and the other boy?

Blair: Yeah. Today Jack told me that he was gonna go to the library to study. But did he? No. He went to the gym instead, because he heard that Shane was gonna be there.

Tomás: Was there a fight? Did Shane get hurt?

Blair: No. Jack actually was the one that got hurt, and I think it came as a huge surprise to him.

Tomás: Hmm. So what happened?

Blair: Shane "accidentally on purpose" dropped this big weight right on Jack's toe. Yeah. You know what? I was glad. I was actually glad that some boy stood up to my son. Isn't that awful? What kind of mother does that make me?

Tomás: No, you are a great mother, Blair. You love your son very much.

Blair: I love him, yeah. I love him to death. But how do I trust him, Tomás, when he lies to my face over and over again?

Téa: You can't stand John McBain. Why this sudden burst of compassion?

Marty: You'll tell John the truth about his baby. You promise me, Todd!

Todd: Don't worry. Yes, you are right. I cannot stand John McBain. But that doesn't mean that he deserves to get his kid taken away from him.

Brody: No, you're right. Losing Liam was huge for John. I know because when Jessica's DNA test results were changed, and I found out I was not Ryder's father, I felt like my whole world had been ripped apart. Then I found out Liam was mine, and my world changed. I wish it hadn't been at John's expense, but I will never regret having another chance to be a father.

Téa: It's a special gift.

Brody: That kid is everything to me. I don't know what I would've done if I'd lost him.

John: I've been thinking about something that Brody said: When Marty took Liam, it was my fault.

Natalie: He didn't mean that. That was emotion talking.

John: No. This one's on me. The doctors told me she was better, but I should've seen how close she was to the edge.

Natalie: You weren't the only one.

John: I should've seen the signs. I guess maybe my judgment was clouded by circumstance.

Natalie: How much I hurt you?

John: It wasn't just that. I was lost, I wasn't acting like myself, and Marty--she seemed to have all the answers. She would say things like she was the reason that we broke up. Why would she say something like that?

Natalie: Maybe because she's crazy.

John: Maybe.

Natalie: Ok. So suppose there's something to it. Suppose there was truth in what Marty said, that she had something to do with breaking us up. Would it make a difference? I mean, would we be able to go back and start over?

Jack: "Hi, Shane. So cool we're friends now. We've got a ton of stuff in common, don't you think?"

Brad: Can I just ask one question?

Jack: What?

Brad: There's no way someone can trace this to my computer?

Jack: Dude, I would never do that to you. Besides, all they have is an e-mail address from comicgurl15. They can't trace it anywhere. Anyway, I'd be on my own computer if my mom hadn't confiscated mine.

Shane: "What's your fave?"

Jack: Look up comic books, fast!

Brad: Ok.

Jack: Come on! I need something now!

Brad: I'm on it, ok? The first thing to come up is "Ferocious Five."

Jack: "Ferocious five." Perfect. "I'm way into 'Ferocious Five.' Totally rad."

Brad: "Totally rad"?

Jack: Totally. Ha ha.

Shane: "Ferocious Five"? Kind of old school, but who cares? You're cute.

Starr: Why would you think that Hope's acting up because of you?

James: Just timing, I guess. She wasn't having nightmares before or calling out for her daddy, so what's changed?

Starr: Maybe she sees us spending more time together?

James: Yeah. Maybe it's not an accident that she had a nightmare when you were planning on spending the night with me. Maybe she feels like I'm trying to replace her dad.

Starr: I think she's too young to understand that.

James: Maybe. But, Starr, kids feel things, even at her age.

Starr: She could just be confused, like something's not right.

James: Yeah. If that's what's happening, there's only one thing we can do about it.

Natalie: Never mind. Whatever Marty did, I know that the real problem is that I--I lied to you about being Liam's father.

John: You know what? It's done now. Let it go. Do you ever ask yourself what Marty meant?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, all the time. I just wanted to know if there was any truth to it.

John: I never thought she'd do something like this. I thought I'd keep my eye on her long enough just till she'd led me in the right direction.

Natalie: I know. That's why I was up on the roof. I wanted answers. Then I remembered that I had something with me: The tape to confront Marty.

John: What was on the tape?

Natalie: I don't know. I keep trying to remember, and I'm sure that it had something to do with what Marty said, that she broke us up. I guess I was hoping.

John: What?

Natalie: Forget it. We have different reasons for wanting answers.

John: Tell me yours.

Natalie: Ok. I hoped that the truth would bring us back together.

Brody: I didn't mean to start making speeches about fatherhood. It's been a long couple of days.

Téa: Endless, especially for someone with a missing child. Huh. I'm just glad it ended in the best possible way.

Brody: I promised Natalie I'd give her an update about Marty, so I'm gonna get over to the hospital.

Todd: Hey, wait a second. You obviously got your family back and that's all that matters, right? So why don't you go ahead and uncuff me and let me get back to my family?

Brody: Sorry. That'll have to be John's call.

Todd: To hell with John, man. He's always had it out for me. And he knows that I did not help Marty escape, and he's--he's not gonna pass up a chance to rattle my chain.

Brody: I read the report.

Todd: Make up your own mind. What do you think?

Brody: I think Marty's lucky I didn't find her with my son. I don't know what I would do if I came face to face with the person that took my child away from me.

Starr: What do you think we need to do?

James: We can do more things where it's the three of us so Hope can get to know me better.

Starr: Oh, that's a great idea.

James: Yeah. We could go to the zoo, or this water park, or the aquarium, or, hey, even this kids' show. The thing is we could spend the whole afternoon together instead of just a couple of minutes here and there.

Starr: James, that might be able to make a big difference. If Hope has a relationship with you, then maybe it won't just be about me seeing someone besides Cole, and she'll still have all of her regular visits with Cole, too.

James: Right. Yeah, exactly.

Starr: That's going to be my permanent responsibility for now on, now that Marty's gone, but it could be a good thing. If I'm the one making sure that Hope stays close to her dad, maybe she'll be more ok with me seeing someone new.

James: I can't be Hope's father, but I can do everything to make sure she feels safe.

Starr: You already are.

James: Doesn't hurt to get a head start. I expect to have a long relationship with Hope, because I expect to have a long relationship with her mom.

Rex: You know those pictures you see of soldiers in the battlefield when their eyes are all hollowed out, like they've seen things they'll never be able to talk about? That's what Bo looked like. What am I supposed to say to him?

Gigi: Nothing. There are no words. How'd we get lucky and they...

Rex: I don't know. It's not fair. All I can do is thank God that I have you and Shane. I will never take you for granted.

Gigi: Ditto.

Shane: "Do you collect? Or are you just a fan?"

Jack: "A fan...especially of you."

Shane: "Which one of my books did you see?"

Jack: Damn. I don't the name of anything that geek wrote.

Brad: So just say "all of them."

Jack: Right, right, right.

Shane: "I'm a big fan of 'Y-guys.' How about you?"

[Laptop pings]

Shane: "Love it."

Brad: I got to say this is fun.

Jack: Oh, please. This is nothing. Just wait till we get to phase two.

Blair: I just thought that maybe it would make a difference if Todd talked to him. It's one thing for him to blow me off, but he worships his father. I thought if Todd just came down on him hard, then maybe it would've gotten through to him.

Tomás: Sometimes it takes more than one lecture.

Blair: How's Todd gonna follow that up in prison, huh? I'm just--I'm so tired. I'm feeling like I'm the only one here. This is such a lonely place.

Tomás: Blair, I am so sorry...

Blair: No, I don't need you to feel sorry for me.

Tomás: No, I'm sorry that you're going through this.

Blair: Listen--ok, stop! I'm Blair Cramer. I should be able to handle my own son.

Tomás: You're damn right.

Blair: Why isn't it working?

Tomás: Because from the little bit I know about parenthood, there's no magic bullet... especially with Jack, right?

Blair: You're damn right.

Tomás: Maybe I can't do anything for him, but you need to know that I will do whatever I need to for you.

Blair: That means a lot to me. I want you to know that I don't-- I don't cry in front of anyone.

Tomás: Then, Blair Cramer, I guess that means I'm not just anyone.

Blair: I'm gonna go--I'm gonna go freshen up.

[Phone rings]

Tomás: What do you want?

John: I should let you get some rest.

Natalie: Yeah. I don't know if I could really do much of that. I can hardly keep my eyes off this one.

John: I don't blame you. I'd be doing the same thing. I got to get back to the station.

Natalie: John? I know that you don't want me to, but I have to. I have to say it one more time: Thank you...so much.

[Liam cries]

Natalie: Hmm. There goes our peace and quiet.

John: Is he--is he hungry?

Natalie: No. I think maybe he just needs his pacifier. Where's your binky, Liam?

John: His binky? This it?

Natalie: Yeah. Thank you.

Natalie: Here you go, sweetie. Here you go.

[Liam stops crying]

Natalie: In a different world, this would just be another moment in our day of... of us taking care of our son.

Brody: Hey. How's Liam?

Natalie: He's good. Just a little fussy. I had to give him his pacifier.

John: Looks like everyone's in one piece. I'll get out of your way.

Brody: Did I interrupt something?

Natalie: No. It was nothing.

Gigi: I think we need to do some rescheduling.

Rex: Of what?

Gigi: Our wedding plans.

Rex: No!

Gigi: Rex, there is a lot going on with people that we really care about. I just don't think this is the best time.

Rex: Hey, we've put this wedding on hold long enough. Ok? It is time to get something positive, something hopeful, now more than ever.

Gigi: You really think so?

Rex: I am not waiting any more to make you my wife. You and Shane and me, we are a family, and I know getting married isn't gonna make us any more of one, but it is time to tell the world that we don't have an expiration date. This is forever.

Gigi: And here I thought you were gonna choke when it came time to writing our vows.

Rex: Are you kidding? This is gonna be the wedding that ends all weddings. I've got the most beautiful bride. I've got the coolest best man.

Gigi: Shane is gonna be so proud to stand up for you.

Rex: I am proud that he is standing up for himself.

Shane: "Cool that we both like 'Y-guys.' I think we could be good friends."

[Laptop pings]

Jack: "Aw. Me, too." Exclamation point, exclamation point, exclamation point.

Brad: This girl is seriously in love.

Jack: Too bad she's not real.

Brad: What real girl would want to be friends with Wheezy?

Shane: There's no "Y-guys," genius. I made it up, just like you made up comicgurl15...Jack.

Brad: He's not writing back.

Jack: He's too busy thinking. Come on. Every word's got to be cool to impress his new girlfriend.

Brad: Right. He's probably already planning the wedding.

Jack: Oh, no doubt. But what we've got planned is so much better.

Shane: You're laughing now, Manning, but just wait. The last laugh's gonna be mine. [Types]

Starr: I cannot wait to tell Hope about our picnic in the park.

James: Oh. You trust me with another picnic, even after what happened the day we met?

Starr: Oh, please. It wasn't that bad.

James: I didn't bring any food.

Starr: Ok. If you could whip together that Italian restaurant like you did, dude, I think you can do a picnic in your sleep.

James: That's true, and I do whip together a mean fluffernutter.

Starr: Oh, those are Hope's favorite.

James: Who said they're for Hope?

Starr: Oh! How did I get so lucky?

James: I can teach you how to make it if you want.

Starr: No, really. You understand everything, and then you do something about it. Most guys--if they would hear my daughter had a tantrum, they would run out as fast as they can on a girl with all that baggage.

James: Hey. Hope is not baggage. She's a part of you.

Starr: I know. And this thing that she's going through--I know it'll pass, hopefully soon.

James: Yeah.

Starr: And then we can have that night together, alone like we've been wanting for so long. James, I really do want that.

James: Me, too.

Starr: I wish it could be tonight, but I got to get home just in case Hope has another bad dream.

James: Yeah. She'll feel better as soon as you get there. Ok? So go. Come on, let's go.

Starr: OK. Right.

Tomás: All right. The sooner we do this the better. I'll meet you in New York, that hotel in SoHo.

Blair: What was that about?

Tomás: That was Calmar--arranged a meeting for me in New York with a gallery owner.

Blair: Oh, that's great. When?

Tomás: I actually have to leave now.

Blair: Oh. That's too bad.

Tomás: Don't worry. I haven't forgotten I owe you a date. So when I get back...

Blair: You can call me. Thank you for letting me cry on your shoulder. I won't make a habit of it.

Téa: Ahem. We need to start talking strategy. Todd? What's bothering you?

Todd: Sitting here in the police station with handcuffs. Is that not enough?

Téa: You're being held for questioning. If you behave yourself, you'll be out of here in a few minutes, so that can't be it. You were about to tell me something earlier. What was it?

John: Say good-bye to Téa. He's sleeping here tonight.

Brody: So you know Todd's being held in connection with Marty's disappearance?

Natalie: Yeah, I know. John told me. And I told him some things, too, about the tape.

Brody: Did you finally remember what was on it?

Natalie: Nope. No. And now with Marty gone, I may never know.

Brody: Now that we got Liam back, maybe it doesn't even matter anymore.

Todd: I don't think you want to lock me up, John.

John: Sure, I do. Will you show Mr. Manning to his accommodations?

Téa: He hasn't been charged with anything. Question him and let him go, or I'll be the one filing charges.

John: For what? We can hold him for 48 hours. Maybe then he'll be more inclined to talk.

Officer: Let's go.

Todd: Maybe I'll be more inclined to talk. Maybe not.

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