OLTL Transcript Wednesday 6/1/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 6/1/11


Episode # 10949

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Cutter. I'm coming for you! Do you hear me? And when I find you, I'm gonna cut you up in so many pieces, they're gonna have to bury you in 6 states. You came.

Ford: Who were you expecting? Husband number two?

Aubrey: Just go. Just take your money and get out of here.

Cutter: See, that's the thing. I'm not gong anywhere. You are.

Aubrey: What are you talking about?

Cutter: This is my house, so get the hell out.

Aubrey: There's no way in hell Clint sold you this house.

Cutter: True. He didn't sell it to me. He gave it to me. It was part of the deal. I get the money and the house, he gets his daughter back. Everybody walks away happy. Except maybe Tess.

Tess: I can't believe that you're here.

Ford: You actually look happy to see me.

Tess: Of course, I'm happy to see you. You're busting me out. Now hurry up. Untie this thing. The sooner I'm free, the sooner I can give Cutter Wentworth a shave he'll--

Ford: First things first.

Cutter: So now that I'm home, everybody out.

Rama: Surely you don't mean me.

Aubrey: There is no way Clint would give up this place. It's been in the family for decades.

Cutter: Not anymore.

Aubrey: You seriously strong-armed him into giving up his home?

Cutter: Well, it's not like he's coming back. The dude just had a massive heart attack. He's gonna be lucky if he gets out of the ICU, much less walk up those stairs.

Rex: I don't want you to acknowledge me. In fact, all your flashy TV confession is gonna get you is a really long stay in Statesville prison for killing the only man in Llanview who's a worse father than you. Maybe if we're all lucky, you'll die in there.

[Machine beeping rapidly]

[Machine beeping steadily]

Viki: Oh, my God.

Rex: He was fine a minute ago, and then he just passed out.

Viki: We need a doctor! Here! Now!

Destiny: Can you see what's happening?

Dani: The doctor's talking to Matthew's parents.

Destiny: Can you tell what they're saying?

Bo: What do you mean he's not ok?

Dani: No, I can't. Des...

Destiny: What?

Dani: This just doesn't look good. Come here.

Nate: What's going on? Dani?

Dani: Matthew's in trouble.

Dr. Pryor: The trauma of the subdural hematoma along with the surgery caused Matthew's brain to swell, and it may well herniate.

Nora: What does that mean?

Dr. Pryor: I'm sorry, but your son--

Bo: He's still alive.

Nora: Yeah, his heart's beating. It's beating really well.

Dr. Pryor: Yes, but we're not seeing brain activity.

Nora: I don't know what that means. What does that mean? What are you saying?

Bo: Are--ahem. Are you saying... our son is brain dead?

Rick: Man. You have got to get yourself outta this low-rent rut. You're never gonna get your film career off the ground at this rate. You need something special. You need an angle. Hello. Ye ask and ye shall receive.

Deanna: Hey, Nate. I was just hoping you might have word on Matthew by now. But since your phone's off, I'm guessing you're still at the hospital. Anyway, I'm at the Buenos Dias just grabbing a cup of coffee. It's all I can afford these days. So yeah, come over when you're done, and we'll celebrate. I'm sure Matthew's gonna be fine. Ok. Bye.

Dani: What are you doing here?

Nate: I came here to be with you and Destiny and see how Matthew's doing. How bad is it?

Dani: We don't know yet. His parents are still in with him and his doctor.

Nate: I thought he had surgery.

Dani: He did. They brought him back just a little while ago.

Destiny: His head was all bandaged up. He had all these tubes and wires. It was like he wasn't even there.

Dr. Pryor: The swelling damaged the area of the brain that controls his breathing reflex. If we disconnected the respirator, his organs would shut down. He'd die.

Bo: You don't know Matthew. He's a fighter. You gotta give him a chance.

Dr. Pryor: I know what a shock this is. It's almost impossible to accept. But the EEG shows almost no activity in Matthew's brain.

Bo: But maybe it's some kind of a coma. Maybe it's temporary.

Dr. Pryor: It's not a coma.

Nora: Two years ago... Matthew was in a car accident. He was paralyzed. And when you doctors said that it was hopeless, that he would never walk again, I believed you. But Matthew didn't. He begged us to support him. And he ran away to get the treatment that he needed. And then he proved us all wrong. Because he walked... he ran... he played basketball. So I am not going to let you try to talk me out of believing in my son again. Because he is a survivor. And he will survive this.

Bo: My wife's right. We want another test.

Rex: He was fine and then--

Dr. Gangemi: I need to shock him.

Rex: We were arguing. We were kind of going at it. And then he passed out. The machines went crazy. He's gonna be ok, right?

Dr. Gangemi: Let's go again. Charge 300. Clear.

[Machine beeping]

Joey: Don't you dare stand there and insult my dad.

Cutter: Why not? It's my house.

Rama: You know, it does seem to be his.

Aubrey: Why? Because he says so?

Joey: Because my father gave it to him.

Aubrey: What?

Joey: Cutter wouldn't commit Tess until Dad gave him the house.

Aubrey: Why would you do that? With the money he gave you, you could buy 10 houses.

Cutter: I didn't want 10 houses. I wanted this one.

Aubrey: Why? What's so special about this one?

Cutter: You and your husband live here. And now I can throw you out.

Tess: What are you doing?

Ford: Something I've been waiting to do for a long time.

Tess: What the hell? What the hell?

Ford: Come on. You would've done the same thing. It's something to remember you by.

Tess: I would've gotten you out first.

Ford: Nobody's going anywhere until I get what I want.

Aubrey: So this is revenge, huh? Because I fell in love with Joey?

Cutter: If I can't be with you, why should he?

Joey: You don't have to worry about that, Cutter. Aubrey and I are through.

Aubrey: I'm very sorry that I hurt you, Cutter, but this doesn't change anything. I love Joey.

Joey: Leave me out of this.

Rama: I warned you to be careful with Cutter's heart.

Aubrey: All these years I had your back. Now you have what you always wanted--walk-away money.

Cutter: That's not all that I wanted, and you know it.

Aubrey: Well, I'm not that girl anymore. I just wanted out. Is that too much to ask? I fell in love.

Cutter: With the mark. You've got an hour to pack. So do you. Don't forget the kid. I'm turning his room into a sauna.

Joey: So you just want us to wake up Ryder?

Cutter: Not my problem. If you guys are sick of playing Mommy and Daddy, maybe you should just give the baby back to Tess. A little baby-sitting might snap her out of it.

Tess: What exactly do you want?

Ford: Information.

Tess: From Tess? Because if you waste any more time, she's not gonna be here.

Ford: What are you talking about?

Tess: We're in the Psych ward. Any second, they're gonna come in and start hitting me with the drugs and the electroshock. They want their precious Jessica back.

Ford: Then if you want to stick around, you better start talking.

Tess: How can you be so cruel?

Ford: I don't want Jessica back any more than you do. But I've got my son to think about. You made me a deal when Cutter brought you in here. You said if I got you out of St. Ann's, you would tell me something about Joey and Aubrey's marriage that would make the judge reconsider custody and give my son back. Well, I'm here, so start talking.

Dr. Gangemi: Clear!

Rex: Oh, my God.

Viki: Rex, Rex, let's go outside. Outside. Sit down. Sit down. It's gonna be ok. They're gonna take care of him, ok? Listen, hey, I'm surprised to see you here.

Rex: I came to see Natalie. Clint made the TV confession. I should've stayed away. I couldn't have. Maybe this wouldn't have happened.

Viki: Why? What do you mean? Doctor, how is he?

Dr. Gangemi: Alive. We were able to get him back into a normal sinus rhythm, but his heart, it's too damaged. I'm sorry. I ordered an O.R. and he needs an L-vad.

Viki: That's a ventricular assist device. It's gonna take some of the pressure off his heart.

Dr. Gangemi: It'll buy him some time while we wait for a suitable donor.

Rex: Donor?

Viki: Do whatever you have to do, please.

Rex: What are you saying? Clint needs a transplant?

Viki: Yeah. I'm so sorry. He didn't want anyone to know. Anyway, but you're his son, and you should know the truth.

Rex: What truth?

Viki: He's dying.

Dr. Pryor: I can do a CPS-- a cerebral perfusion scan. It'll give a more detailed picture of the blood flow to the brain.

Nora: Why didn't you do this test before?

Dr. Pryor: The apnea test is generally accurate.

Nora: Generally?

Bo: This other test--is it dangerous?

Dr. Pryor: No, it's relatively non-invasive and very reliable. It'll confirm one way or the other.

Nora: Then do the test. Do it.

Nate: Everybody looks kind of scary after an operation, and he's still unconscious, right? As soon as he wakes up, he'll be fine. He'll probably lay me out just for being here.

Destiny: I hope so.

Nate: Me, too. As long as it means Matthew's ok.

Destiny: I'm gonna go call Shaun. He'd want to be here.

Dani: Ok. We'll be here. Hey, thank you.

Nate: For what?

Dani: For being here. It's not like you're friends with Matthew.

Destiny: Guys, guys. Come here. Come here.

Dani: What?

[Elevator dings]

Nurse: Cerebral profusion?

Dr. Pryor: The parents insisted. I can't blame them. I'd demand the same thing if it were my kid. How do you accept that your child is never coming back?

Dani: Oh, my God. Matthew looked worse than I thought.

Nate: Yeah.

Dani: Where do you think they were taking him?

Nate: For tests? Maybe surgery?

Dani: No, Nate, he just got out of surgery.

Nate: I don't know, Dani.

Dani: His parents will know.

Nate: Maybe we shouldn't bother them.

Dani: But Destiny's gonna want to know what's up. We could ask a nurse or something. Come on.

Nate: They're not gonna tell you anything if you aren't family.

Dani: Maybe you could pretend to be his cousin.

Nate: I'll see if I can find a nurse.

Dani: Hey, hey. When Matthew wakes up, I'm gonna tell him how great you were with this.

Nate: Let me do this.

Dani: I'm gonna go find Destiny.

Viki: The last heart attack was much worse than anyone knew. And without a new heart... he'll die.

Rex: He never said. I thought he was getting better.

Viki: No, he didn't want anyone to know. He thought that the last few months had been so hard on everybody, and so he was trying to spare us.

Rex: If I had known, this wouldn't have happened.

Viki: No, Rex, no.

Rex: No, we were arguing, Viki, or I was. I screamed at him. I told him that I'd rather see him dead. I did this. I did this to my own father.

Viki: No, you didn't.

Rex: The same thing happened with you and Tess. That's what brought on your own heart attack.

Tess: Should've known you weren't here for me.

Ford: What does it matter? As long as you get out of here, right? Look, you got yourself into this mess by marrying Cutter, and I'm not going to lose Ryder because of it. You need to tell me what you know about Aubrey and Joey right now.

Tess: So you can sell me out the way Cutter did? Hell, no.

Aubrey: Where are we supposed to go?

Cutter: There's a decent shelter in Angel Square. You better hurry. All the best beds fill up fast.

Joey: I'll get Ryder. I'll take him to Mom's.

Aubrey: We have to stay together. Otherwise, we'll lose custody of Ryder.

Joey: Fine. Then we'll stay together. For now.

Rama: But what about me?

Viki: Well, yes. Obviously, I was under a lot of stress at the time, and that didn't help. But, Rex, this situation is completely different. Clint's heart was already failing.

Rex: And I pushed him right over the edge.

Viki: But you didn't mean him any harm. What he did to you was--God, it was vicious. It was cruel. You had every right to be angry.

Rex: I guess.

Viki: You know, I was married to that man for many, many years. We raised our children together.

Rex: It's kind of hard to believe.

Viki: Yeah. Ever since his father died, he's just become more and more like him. But you have to know that underneath, somewhere, there's a really good man. And I saw a glimpse of that today when he made his confession, you know. I hope you get to see it, too, before it's too late. I need to call Joey and let him know his father's in surgery. Dani, hi. What's wrong?

Dani: Have you seen Destiny?

Viki: No. Why? What's the matter? Is it Todd?

Dani: No. No, it's Matthew.

Nora: Where's the list of neurologists?

Bo: It's on your computer.

Nora: Ok.

Bo: Station called.

Nora: Go. Matthew's gonna be a while. I'll be fine. Hey. What are you gonna say when they ask you where you've been?

Bo: I'm gonna tell them the truth. Matthew got hurt, but he's gonna be fine.

Nora: Love you. Destiny. Destiny, what is it?

Destiny: I heard her.

Nate: Who?

Destiny: The doctor. She was talking about Matthew.

Nate: What'd she say?

Destiny: He's not coming back. [Sobbing]

Rick: Hey, you.

Deanna: Deanna. What? You don't remember my name?

Rick: Ha ha! Yeah, Deanna, I remember your name. You should've let me put it up there in lights. Everybody would know it. How you doing?

Deanna: Good. Good. I thought you were headed back to L.A.

Rick: Yeah, I should be out there in post on "Hold the Pepperoni IV," but I lost my lead actress, and without her, I just lost the will to go on.

Deanna: Mm. Good luck with that.

Rick: Hey, where you going? Where you going? Where you going? Why don't you sit down? Keep me company. Who knows--maybe, just maybe I'll let you buy me dinner. It's the least you could do after leaving me high and dry.

Tess: The old bait and switch? No way. That's what got me in here in the first place.

Ford: What got you in here in the first place was Cutter Wentworth.

Tess: So I should trust you instead? You already tried to sell me out. If you want the dirt on Aubrey and Joey, fine-- after I'm free.

Ford: Unless, of course, you knock me out and take off.

Tess: I wouldn't do that... again.

Ford: Yeah, and I wouldn't have you committed--again.

Tess: Why can't you just trust me?

Ford: How about you trust me!

Aubrey: Well, enjoy your house and all your money, because I never want to see you again.

Cutter: What did you think was gonna happen? We'd just be friends? I loved you.

Aubrey: I loved you, too.

Cutter: I gave you every chance. We could've walked with the Buchanan fortune together. But no--you wanted to play house with--

Aubrey: I didn't mean to hurt you, Cutter, ok? Can't you just give them back the house? It's not like you need it.

Cutter: And make you the hero? No. No, you deserve this for making me look like a fool. I wish I could be there to see his mom's face when you walk in the door. I'm sure she's gonna make things really cozy for you. The girl who lied to her son and cost her family half its fortune. Good one.

Rama: It won't last long. With Tess back in therapy, Jessica will be home in no time. She'll take Ryder--and Joey will have no use for you. He'll throw you out, which is what you deserve for betraying Cutter.

Ford: Fine.

Tess: You'll get me outta here?

Ford: No, I think I'm just gonna have to find another way to get Ryder. Say hi to Jessica for me. Actually, wait. Never mind. I can do that because I'm sure I'll be seeing her soon.

Tess: Joey and Aubrey's marriage is a fraud.

Rick: Oh, come on. Come on. Sit with me. I'm not gonna bite. Come on! So you look great.

Deanna: Thanks.

Rick: You do. You look great. So are you with... the boyfriend?

Deanna: No. That didn't work out.

Rick: Did he at least float you the money to help you look for your mom?

Deanna: He's not rich, and I'm not a charity case.

Rick: See? That is the proud girl that I know and love. You want to work for it. There's nothing wrong with that. You just need a break.

Deanna: Well, not a lot of those around.

Rick: There is always a spot for you at Rick Powers Productions. I'm just saying you can make bank in just one scene.

Dani: Des, what happened?

Nate: She overheard Matthew's doctor talking to someone.

Destiny: The nurse. He's never gonna get better.

Dani: What? I don't understand.

Nate: I'm gonna call work and tell them I'm not coming in.

Dani: No, hey, don't call out of work. Go to work. I'll stay with Destiny. Des, I'll be right there.

Nate: You sure? I don't feel right leaving you.

Dani: No, no. We'll be fine, ok? We have each other. We probably need to talk some stuff out.

Nate: Ok. She needs tissues.

Dani: I'll get some. Just go to work, ok? You've done enough.

Nate: You killed my father, you son of a bitch! I am so sorry.

Dani: Des... it's ok.

Nora: Hi, Rachel, honey. It's Mom. I need you to call me as soon as you get this, ok? It's very important. It's about your brother.

Rex: Bo? They took Clint in for a procedure. What is it?

Bo: It's my son. They're taking him in for a test. Something to do with blood flow to the brain. He's strong.

Rex: He's a fighter.

Bo: And he's gonna pull through this.

Rex: You know, when Shane was so sick from cancer, I felt helpless. My kid needed me, and I couldn't fix it.

Bo: They brought Matthew in after his surgery, and when they brought him back into his room...

Rex: Yeah?

Bo: The doctor wanted to-- she opened his eyelids so that she could check his pupils, and then I could see them, and... they were blank. It's like the lights were off. Ahem. I can't get that out of my head.

Ford: So Cutter's not her brother?

Tess: He's her lover. They're scamming Joey. You give that to the judge, she'll revoke temporary custody and give you a chance to state your case.

Ford: Tess, why didn't you say something in the hearing?

Tess: Because I made a deal. I keep my mouth shut, and they give me half of what they're taking from Joey.

Ford: From your brother.

Tess: He's not my brother.

Ford: I don't understand. Weren't you getting enough from Ryder's trust fund already?

Tess: Think of it as insurance.

Ford: How's that working out for you?

Tess: It's getting me out of here, now, isn't it?

Aubrey: Who asked you?

Rama: You did, when you used me to get back at Clint. I did everything you asked, Aubrey, and what did it get me? My husband's in jail, and nobody cares, not even my good friend Aubrey.

Aubrey: We stopped being friends the day you blackmailed me into taking you in here. Nobody forced you to abandon your husband. You saw an easy payday, and you took it.

Rama: I love Vimal, ok?

Aubrey: Oh, really? Then I feel sorry for him. How do you think he's gonna feel when he finds out you've talked him into going into jail so you could be rid of him? And then you lied about being pregnant so he would be out of the way and you could sleep with Cristian Vega.

Rama: Oh!

Tess: Come on. I ponied up. Now untie me.

Ford: Tess, I'm sorry. I can't.

Rama: Unlike you, I never betrayed my husband. And I refuse to discuss my marriage with a woman who uses sex to make money. Oh!

Ford: You have to understand. I finally got a shot at getting my son back. I bust you out of here, and the judge is never gonna give me custody. I made a promise to my son.

Tess: You made a promise to me.

Cutter: Ok, ladies, the fun's over. Let's not--

[Rama and Aubrey screaming]

Ford: I'm sorry, but once I get custody--

Tess: It'll be too late. Please. They're gonna erase me.

Ford: You know I don't want that, but I've got my son to think about right now.

Tess: You're only thinking about yourself. Your son is in a mansion with a ton of people taking care of--

Ford: He doesn't have me. And I made a promise not to abandon him.

Tess: What about me? You made a promise to me, Ford. Please, please don't leave me. You're gonna miss me. You're gonna miss me. Bobby! Bobby! Don't leave me here! Please!

[Rama and Aubrey screaming]

Cutter: Not the lamp! Not the table! Guys, are you-- not the china! Girls.

Tess: Ok, ok, think, think, think. There's gotta be a way out of here.

Ford: Me. I'm your way out. We don't have a lot of time, so let's go.

Cutter: Don't tear it!

[Rama and Aubrey screaming]

Aubrey: You crazy bitch!

Rama: Better a bitch than a dyed blonde whore!

Aubrey: I do not dye my hair!

Joey: Enough! I need help with Ryder.

Cutter: Ahh. Rama, the Brahmin Brawler. Almost sad to see you go. That was hot.

Rama: I'm not going anywhere, Cutter--not if you want me to keep your dirty little secret.

Ford: This is impossible.

Tess: Close your eyes.

Ford: How is that gonna help?

Tess: Just do it. Now undo my bra.

Ford: The mechanics are completely different.

Tess: I have faith in you.

[Buckles rattling]

Tess: See? Maybe I should trust you.

Ford: We should go.

Tess: Yeah. Let's go.

Orderly: What's going on here?

Viki: I...I saw my niece Danielle.

Nora: Oh, my God, those kids. Oh, they must be wondering what's going on.

Viki: She just said that Matthew was hurt.

Nora: We don't even know how it happened. One minute he's fine, and then he's got a headache, and then he passes out. We bring him to the hospital, and they find a bump on the back of his head. We have no idea how it got there. Matthew can't help us. He comes to, he's so confused and disoriented. They found some bleeding on the brain, so they took him to surgery.

Viki: Were they able to repair whatever that was?

Nora: Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah, that's not the problem. The problem is that he is... he has some swelling on the brain and the doctors say that-- you know, they don't really ever know. You know, they're not right all the time.

Viki: Where's Matthew now?

Nora: He's having tests. He's gonna be fine. Oh, my God. Look at everything he's survived. He's a miracle.

Bo: I'm sorry, Balsom.

Rex: No, don't worry about it. What can I do for you?

Bo: You're doing it. The rest is up to Matthew.

Rex: Yeah, he's tough. He takes after his old man.

Bo: I hope not.

Rex: I'd say he's a lucky guy.

Bo: They're doing another test and--

Nurse: Mr. Buchanan? Your son's being brought back to his room.

Bo: How'd it go?

Nurse: I couldn't say. The doctor will meet you in your son's room and discuss the results with you.

Bo: Thank you.

Rex: Do you want me to come with you?

Bo: I think Nora and I better handle this alone. But thanks, Balsom.

Rex: I'm here if you need me.

Bo: What are you doing here? No, it's not Shane, is it?

Rex: No, no, no. Shane's ok. Gigi's fine. I'm fine. We're all fine. I'm gonna stick around in case you need me.

Bo: Thanks.

Cutter: What secret? Everybody already knows that Aubrey and I aren't related.

Rama: I'm talking about your other secret, Cutter--the one that not even Aubrey knows.

Aubrey: We're leaving.

Joey: Rama, can I give you a ride?

Aubrey: Are you serious?

Joey: Don't start.

Rama: Thank you, Joey. As always, the gentleman. But you know what? I think I'm gonna be staying here.

Aubrey: What?

Cutter: Yeah. Anybody who can take a piece outta you has gotta be good company.

Joey: Are you coming?

Aubrey: Yeah. Nothing for me here. I'm so sorry about all of this, Joey--for bringing Cutter into your lives and for losing you your house.

Joey: Yeah, well, you're sorry about a lot of things.

Aubrey: Not about meeting you. Or that we have Ryder. I am going to make this up to you. I promise.

Orderly: Who are you?

Ford: I'm new here. My name is James.

Orderly: This is a restricted area.

Ford: Yes, I know that, but I was told to come in here and remove the patient's bindings.

Orderly: Who told you that-- Sister Sheila?

Ford: Yes. Sister Sheila said that I should remove her bindings and take her for a walk around the grounds to calm her down.

Orderly: Except there's no Sister Sheila.

Tess: Ford! Ford!

Ford: Tess, I'm sorry! Ok, all right, all right.

Viki: Rex? I got your text. Clint is out of surgery?

Rex: The doctor's in with him.

Viki: Did you speak with him? Is Clint--

Rex: He's alive. That's all Gangemi would tell me. He's waiting to talk to you.

Viki: I was with Nora.

Rex: You heard about Matthew?

Viki: Yeah.

Rex: Any word?

Viki: No. They've taken him for more tests. That's all I know.

Dani: Hey, we know how doctors are, the way they talk. Maybe it didn't mean what you think it means.

Destiny: She meant it.

Dani: Ok, but you remember when they all said that Matthew was never gonna walk again? Doctors--doctors don't know everything. This is Matthew. We can't give up on him. Is Matthew gonna be ok?

Dr. Pryor: I'm sorry. I can only discuss my patient with the immediate family.

Dani: I may not be family, but you definitely are.

Destiny: Dani, I'm not family.

Dani: Des, you know how much Matthew loves you. That makes you family.

Bo: How'd it go?

Viki: No one seems to know exactly how Matthew even bumped his head. Doctor, how is Clint?

Dr. Gangemi: The operation went smoothly. I got the L-vad attached. It's working properly.

Viki: Well, that's good. That's very good news.

Dr. Gangemi: I wish it were.

Dr. Pryor: The CPS showed more brain activity than we first thought.

Nora: I knew it. I knew it. He's gonna be ok. Oh, yes.

Bo: Is he, Doctor?

Dr. Gangemi: During the surgery, I was able to get a good look at Clint's heart. This last attack was catastrophic. Even with the L-vad, he won't last long.

Bo: Does it mean that he's gonna be ok?

Dr. Pryor: Not necessarily. There's been a substantial decrease in the blood flow into his brain.

Bo: You mean...

Dr. Pryor: There's only a minimal chance that he will recover.

Destiny: How did this happen?

Rick: I'll clear the set. It'll be just you and me. You can audition the talent. You can pick anyone you want. Come on. So what do you say? You want to give this Hollywood thing another shot?

Deanna: Nate!

Rick: You want Nate? You can have Nate. Hey. What about dinner?

Deanna: What's wrong?

Nate: Matthew's dying, and it's my fault. I killed him.

Rex: So what happens now? We just wait for a donor?

Dr. Gangemi: There is a silver lining here. With the L-vad, Clint moves to the top of the transplant list. With a little bit of luck, he could come out of this ok. All he needs is a heart.

[Machine beeping]

[Respirator hissing]

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