OLTL Transcript Friday 5/27/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 5/27/11


Episode # 10947

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Kent: He still out of it?

Baker: He's talking.

Kent: Nobody can take that amount of pain and --

Baker: I said he's talking.

Kent: But is he making any sense?

[Man whimpering and crying]

James: Are you ready?

Starr: Yes.

James: Ok.

Vimal: Rama. Beloved, what is it?

Rama: Vimal, there's something I need to tell you.

Vimal: What's that?

Rama: It's about the baby.

Nora: I'm sorry, I just can't stand this. Why is Matthew's surgery taking so damn long?

Bo: I don't know. Honey --

Nora: Thank you.

Bo: Dr. Pryor is the best neurosurgeon in Llanview. I'm sure she's doing everything she can for him.

Nora: I feel so responsible.

Bo: What are you talking about?

Nora: We put so much pressure on Matthew just to hide everything that happened with Eddie Ford, and he was dealing with so much anyway as it was.

Bo: Nothing we did could have caused this. You heard the doctor -- the bleeding in Matthew's brain is the result of a recent impact injury. But I don't know. I just can't figure out how it happened.

Nate: There's nothing about Matthew coming forward and saying he killed Eddie. It's still all about his uncle's confession.

Deanna: Yeah? And?

Nate: Why did Dani act like she believed Clint Buchanan was guilty? Why didn't she say anything about knowing Matthew did it?

Destiny: Dani, I owe you big-time for going along with that story -- that Clint Buchanan shot Nate's dad.

Dani: I don't like keeping things from Nate. He and his brothers have the right to know who killed their father.

Destiny: If Nate knew it was Matthew, he'd kill him.

Nora: He has to pull through this, Bo. He has to pull through this.

Bo: He will, Red. He's gonna make it.

[Cell phone buzzing]

Todd: Hey, Tomás. It's Todd. We have a problem. There's someone hiding out in my poolhouse, and she's threatening to blow our whole deal, so give me a call as soon as you get this.

Téa: Hey.

Todd: Hey. I thought you were at Statesville.

Téa: I was. I'm back. Is something wrong?

Tomás: Wow.

Man: [Crying] I have a daughter. I have a daughter. Oh! Her name is Starr. I have a daughter. Her name is Starr. I have a daughter. Her name is Starr.

Baker: What was that?

Man: [Crying] I have a daughter. Her name is Starr.

Baker: You want to see her again?

Man: Aah! Aah! Oh!

Baker: Tell me what I need to know.

Man: Starr has a mother. Her name is Blair.

Blair: Ooh. What are you doing behind my back?

Tomás: You -- you are like a fine musical instrument waiting to be played. Can you hear the music?

Blair: No.

Tomás: How about now?

Blair: A dream of my own am I dreaming now?

Tomás: I certainly hope not.

Blair: Why don't you prove it?

Todd: What are you talking about? Nothing's wrong.

Téa: Are you sure?

Todd: Yes. Except that Kelly's run my newspaper into the ground while I was in the hospital.

Téa: I can't imagine what Natalie's going through. Her baby off who knows where with Marty? This woman has lost her mind.

Todd: Yeah, it's tough.

Téa: I still can't believe Brody Lovett thought you were hiding Marty here.

Todd: Like I said, she's out of her mind. Mm.

Téa: What are you doing?

Todd: What do you mean? I mean, I'm a man. You're a woman. I love you. I'm trying to do what a man would do to a woman he loves. Ha!

Starr: Ahem.

James: What's wrong?

Starr: Nothing. Nothing, nothing. I've only ever been with one guy my whole life, and it's been a really long time since then.

James: Do you still want to do this?

Starr: Of course. Of course, I do. I'm just a little nervous, that's all. It just feels like my first time all over again.

James: Starr, hey, I've only been with one other person, too, and that was a long time ago, so I know how you feel. And it is the first time. It's our first time.

Starr: So you're a little nervous, too?

James: I won't lie, I have been thinking about this moment a lot, and I want everything to go just right. Perfect. And I want to make you happy. Not just tonight. Starr -- I love you.

Dani: You're right. I mean, even though Nate pretty much hated his dad, he would totally flip if he knew that Matthew was the one who killed him.

Destiny: But since Matthew's uncle confessed --

Dani: Besides that, you're my best friend, and I know the last thing you want is Matthew going to jail.

Destiny: I really owe you. Not just for this, but for covering to my brother about when he was asking about the girl Matthew's having sex with. If Shaun found out --

Dani: Wait, what do you mean? Did you and Matthew do it again?

Destiny: No, no, like I told you. Just the one time. I mean, it kind of just happened because Matthew was really upset and, you know, one thing led to another. But after, he told me it meant something to him.

Dani: Of course, it did.

Destiny: And now, thanks to Clint Buchanan for confessing to the murder, and to you for not telling anyone it was Matthew -- we might have a chance at being a real couple, like you and Nate.

Nate: I cannot believe Dani would keep such a big secret from me.

Deanna: You didn't tell Dani you overheard her talking with her friend about Matthew being guilty.

Nate: Because she made the decision to keep me from knowing first. I don't understand -- I thought that we were supposed to tell each other everything.

Deanna: Maybe Dani was afraid of what might happen if you knew the truth. I mean, you went over there and decked Matthew, right? Or maybe there was another reason Dani felt like she just couldn't tell you.

Nate: Like what?

Deanna: You said Destiny and Matthew were tight. Maybe Dani did it for her friend.

Nate: But I'm her boyfriend.

Deanna: Then you better clear this up fast if you want to stay her boyfriend. Don't just waste time sitting around being mad. Life's too short.

Nora: I always thought the worst that could happen would be Matthew going off to prison for Eddie Ford's death, and now --

Bo: He's tough. Red, look what he's already come through. All right? He's a fighter. He's already beat the odds, so he's gonna pull through this.

Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan?

Bo: Is it over? Is he ok?

Nurse: It'll be a little longer. We're going to be using more anesthesia. Matthew's records didn't indicate any allergies, but --

Nora: No, he doesn't have any. None. Nothing. He's good.

Nurse: Ok.

Bo: Nurse, what's going on in there? I need to know.

Nurse: It's a little more complicated than Dr. Pryor anticipated. Excuse me.

Nora: Did she say anything more?

Bo: No. Nothing useful.

Nora: I can't stand this. I can't stand it, Bo. I wish there were something I could do.

Bo: I know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna find out how Matthew got an impact injury to the head.

Nora: How could that have happened? And why didn't we know about it? The doctor said it had to have happened in the last couple of days.

Bo: So we have to think about everything that Matthew did.

Nora: Basketball. He could've fallen at basketball. Maybe he got an elbow to the head.

Bo: I doubt it. If it was serious enough to cause a brain bleed, the coach would've called us.

Nora: I guess you're right. You know something had to cause it.

Bo: Or someone.

Vimal: What about the baby?

Rama: It's that I --

Vimal: What is it? Is there some kind of problem? Is there something wrong with our child?

Rama: No, not exactly.

Vimal: Rama, Rama, you're scaring me. Whatever it is, just tell me. Now.

Téa: Kissing is one way to show a woman that you love her.

Todd: What? You didn't like it?

Téa: I didn't say that. It's just -- not exactly your style.

Todd: Well, it is now. Get used to it.

Téa: I'll see what I can do.

Todd: Where are you going?

Téa: To the poolhouse.

Todd: No, no, no. No, no. You can't go swimming now.

Téa: Why not?

James: This is the best I can do.

[Slow song playing]

Starr: Me, too. So much for me looking sexy.

James: You look incredible.

Starr: Oh. Very nice. [chuckles]

James: Ooh. Sorry. Sorry.

Singer: Face is always come and gone can't always tell the right from wrong as days go by, it's hard to see that you're the --

Nora: Are you saying that Matthew's injury was caused by a blow to the head, that someone did that on purpose?

Bo: I'm looking for answers right now. Was it an accident? Did he fall? Was there a fight? I just want to know why my son's lying on an operating table right now having brain surgery and fighting for his life.

Nora: Matthew said that Destiny was at the house before we got there. Maybe she knows something that we don't.

Destiny: I never thought Matthew and I would end up together.

Dani: Yeah, right.

Destiny: I mean, after he fell for you, I kind of just put it out of my head.

Dani: You know, when I met Matthew, I had no idea.

Destiny: I know. I know. It's ancient history. Obviously, or you and I would never have become BFFs.

Dani: I'm your BFF?

Destiny: Duh. You and Matthew. But that's all I thought he'd ever be -- one of my best friends. I guess I never got over wanting more. That's probably why Darren and I never totally connected. And now Matthew likes me.

Dani: He really, really likes you.

Destiny: Right?

[Cell phone ringing]

Destiny: Hold on.

[Cell phone ringing]

Destiny: Hello?

Nora: Hi, Destiny. It's Nora Buchanan.

Destiny: Mrs. Buchanan? What's going on?

Nora: I understand you were at the house with Matthew today.

Destiny: Yeah, I was.

Nora: Did anything happen?

Destiny: What do you mean?

Nora: Well, I mean, like, did Matthew hit his head or fall down or anything?

Destiny: No. Why?

Nora: Destiny, Matth --

Bo: Destiny, Matthew's in the hospital.

Destiny: The hospital? Why? What happened?

Bo: That's what we're trying to find out.

Nate: Listen, Dani and I will talk about this later. But right now, Matthew's time is up. I warned him that if he didn't turn himself in, I'd do it for him.

Deanna: Ok, hold on a second. I get why you want this Matthew kid to pay. I do. Not just for killing Eddie, but for almost letting you get sent up for it. But Nate, don't you still have a problem that somebody else confessed? And that the D.A. and the police commissioner are Matthew's parents?

Nate: You're right. You're right. It probably won't do me any good to go to the cops. They'll never listen to me.

Deanna: No.

Nate: But I know someone who will.

Man: Starr's mother -- her mother is Blair.

Baker: What is this? Are you trying to convince me you're back now?

Man: [Crying]I have a daughter. Her name is Starr. Starr has a mother. Her mother is Blair.

Baker: Did you give it to Blair?

Man: Another wife. Blair was my wife. Another wife. Her name is Téa. Ha ha!

Téa: Why can't I go for a swim?

Todd: I got a better idea. Got the house to ourselves. Might as well take advantage of it.

Téa: Are you suggesting we make love?

Todd: Yes, I am. Why are you looking at me like that? It's been a long time. In fact, I think the last time was at Viki's cabin when we found Nate and Dani together, and let's just say it wasn't exactly romantic.

Téa: But it was good, though, wasn't it?

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: Ha ha! I have missed having you in bed next to me.

Todd: What about the sex?

Téa: Oh, I've missed that, too, believe me. But you just got back from the hospital, Todd.

Todd: They released me 'cause everything's working good.

Téa: You're still recovering. Your body's still healing.

Todd: Yeah, isn't there a song about that? What's that called?

Téa: Oh, so the sex is just to heal you?

Todd: Do you have a better reason?

Téa: You sure you're up for it?

Todd: Oh, I'm up. Ha ha! Why don't you go upstairs and get yourself ready. I'll get us some tequila. Ok?

Téa: Ha ha! You're on! Ho!

Todd: Damn it, Tomás. Why haven't you called me back? What the hell are you doing that's so important?

[Cell phone buzzes]

Blair: You -- are vibrating.

Tomás: I think the term you're looking for is vibrato.

Blair: I'm talking about your phone. It's vibrating.

Tomás: Yeah. I'll turn it off.

Blair: Ok.

Tomás: Oh --

Blair: Something wrong?

[Starr chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Starr: I should probably see who that is. Ok.

James: Go ahead.

Starr: Grandma? Nightmares? Let me talk to her. Hi. Hi, sweetie. Is everything -- it's ok. It's ok. Hey, Great-grandma's there with you. Where's Mommy? Mommy's right here.

Rama: Vimal, I'm not sure how to tell you this.

Vimal: Just say it. Are you sure there's not something wrong with the baby, and you're just afraid to tell me?

Rama: No.

Vimal: I love you. I love you. Whatever it is, you can always be honest with me.

Rama: Vimal, honestly, there is nothing wrong with the baby --

Vimal: Oh, thank goodness! 'Cause I've already written my parents in Mumbai to tell them they're gonna be grandparents.

Rama: No!

Vimal: Yes, they're so excited.

Rama: Vimal, why would you do that?

Vimal: Do what?

Rama: Why would you tell your parents that I'm pregnant? I thought we were gonna keep this between ourselves for a while.

Vimal: I know, my poppy, but this news has lessened the blow of my unfortunate incarceration. I felt such shame in disappointing them, but now, even if I were to die in this miserable place, our name, our legacy will live on. It'll be made even more magnificent, because the perfection that is you will be a part of it. The news of our child -- it's been my lifeline. Now it's the same for my parents, my entire family. Surely, you understand that.

Rama: Yeah --

Vimal: They're thrilled for us, Rama, and the life that the three of us are gonna have together. I just can't wait for it to begin. So, my love, what were you gonna tell me?

Dani: What's wrong?

Destiny: Dani, Matthew's in the hospital having brain surgery.

Dani: What? What happened?

Destiny: I don't know. His parents said he had some kind of injury. They think he fell or hit his head or something.

Dani: What?

Destiny: Dani, I was just with him. He said he had a headache, so I got him some aspirin. I should have taken it more seriously.

Dani: How could you know? Did they say how serious this is?

Destiny: It sounded bad. I have to go. I have to be with Matthew.

Dani: Yeah, sure. Call me when you know something! What's going on?

Bo: Didn't seem like Destiny had any idea about what happened to Matthew.

Nora: So now what? We work our way backwards?

Bo: Before Matthew collapsed, he said that he had to confess to Eddie's killing. He wanted to do that because it was the right thing, but also because someone else knew the truth.

Nora: He must have meant Destiny. He did tell me that she accidentally let it out there that he was guilty.

Bo: Yeah, Matthew and Destiny, they are close, so he might have told her.

Nora: But he trusts her completely. He would never be afraid that she would turn him in.

Bo: It was like Matthew was saying if he didn't come forward, the other person would.

Nate: I will tell my story to the lady from "Access Llanview."

Deanna: Wait, who?

Nate: Check it out.

Deanna: Ah, I know this show.

Nate: They love digging dirt on people.

Deanna: Yeah.

Nate: And the son of the police commissioner and the D.A. getting his rich, powerful uncle to cover for the fact that he killed my father? "Access Llanview"'s gonna eat it up.

Deanna: Yeah.

Nate: Just need to figure out how to get to them.

Deanna: Hey, if you really want to do this, that's the easy part. E-mail your tips to "Access Llanview."

Tomás: I just received a message from my friend Calmar. He says it's urgent.

Blair: Then you better take it.

Tomás: Just take me a minute.

Blair: All right. I'll hold you to it.

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: Hey, what took you so long?

Tomás: I'm busy.

Todd: Did you get my message?

Tomás: No, what do you want?

Todd: This crazy woman Marty Saybrooke is holed up on my property with someone else's baby and a gun.

Tomás: My sister and my niece live there.

Todd: Yeah, no kidding! They're also known as my wife and daughter. But I don't think she wants to hurt my family. She just wants me to hide her.

Tomás: It sounds like you have a problem.

Todd: No, we have a problem. Marty saw us talking, and she's got ahold of that disk you were showing me, you know the one that has all the information that could bring us both down. If she gets it into the wrong hands, we could lose everything that we hold dear and everyone.

[Clinks glasses]

Blair: Shall we?

Todd: Tomás? Tomás!

Tomás: I'm sorry.

Blair: About what?

Tomás: I have to go. Phone call. Calmar -- he's in the hospital.

Blair: Is he all right?

Tomás: They don't know. It's just that I'm his only friend in the States. He doesn't know how to --

Blair: No, I understand. You have to go.

Tomás: Hey -- I'm really sorry. I will make it up to you.

Blair: I'll hold you to it.

Tomás: I have no idea how long this is gonna take, but why don't you enjoy the wine, stay here. Room's ours for the night.

Blair: Actually, that sounds like a very good idea. You know what, you're sweet.

Tomás: That's not exactly what I was going for tonight.

Blair: Me either, but I meant you're sweet to go take care of your friend like that, especially a friend who warned you to stay away from me, because I would hurt you.

Tomás: I'm glad I didn't listen to him.

Blair: And I'm glad I decided to trust you. Mmm! Girl, is the universe trying to tell you something?

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: What the hell was that?

Tomás: I'm on my way.

Man: Blair was my wife. I had another wife? I -- aaah! No! No! Starr is my daughter! I have a daughter. Her name is Starr. Starr has a mother. Her name is Blair.

Kent: It was too much.

Baker: We had to try.

Kent: 8 years we kept him alive.

Baker: It would have been worth it.

Kent: What are you saying?

Baker: If he hasn't told us by now, he never will.

Man: Noooo! Starr. I have a daughter. Her name is Starr. I have a daughter. Her name is Starr.

Starr: I'm so sorry.

James: It's ok. Your daughter needs you. I'm just glad it was nightmares, and she's not sick or anything.

Starr: Me too. I just feel terrible leaving you right now. We were just about --

James: Hey. You know what I love most about you?

Starr: Besides that I know everyone in this town?

James: Yeah, besides that. The way you are with your daughter. She's who you need to be with right now. We'll have other nights.

Starr: How did I get so lucky to get a guy like you?

James: Well, I could tell you, but you'd never get out of here, so come on. Let's go.

Starr: I'm sorry you blew your credit on a room.

James: You are officially not allowed to say sorry anymore tonight, ok? I don't know about you, but I enjoyed every minute we had.

Starr: Me, too.

James: So, go, be with Hope.

Starr: Ok.

James: I'm gonna hang out here and watch some cable TV and maybe take a nice shower with that rain thingamajig.

Starr: Ok. You have a nice shower.

James: I will. It's gonna be a cold one.

Nate: Ok, ok. How does this sound? "My father Eddie Ford was murdered, but not by Clint Buchanan, but -- "

[Knock on door]

Deanna: I'll get it.

Dani: No job yet?

Deanna: No, not yet.

Dani: Nate, I need to talk to you.

Nate: Hey, what's up?

Dani: I was just with Destiny. Something's going on with Matthew.

Nate: Yeah? What's going on?

Dani: He's in the hospital in surgery.

Nate: What? Why?

Dani: I don't really know what happened, but it sounds bad. He's bleeding in the brain. The doctors are saying that somehow he got hit in the head.

Nora: Maybe it's not Destiny, but who else could it be? Who else knew that he killed Eddie Ford?

Bo: I don't know.

Destiny: Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan, how's Matthew? Is there any news?

Nora: I really wish there was.

Bo: He's still in surgery.

Destiny: But he's going to be ok, isn't he?

Destiny: He has to be all right.

Nora: Well, that's what we're praying for.

Destiny: That is all I've been doing, the whole cab ride over here, asking God to keep Matthew safe.

Nora: Thank you, that's sweet. You care a lot about Matthew, don't you?

Destiny: Care about him? We've gotten as close as two people can get!

Bo: Destiny, is there something you want to tell us?

[Music playing on TV]

Blair: "Julia Roberts stars as a woman who decides her life must take a new direction and embarks on a journey to find herself." Hmm.

Téa: What are you doing?

Todd: I just got off the phone with Briggs. He's been covering for Kelly down at the "Sun" while she's been in the hospital.

Téa: So he calls you on your first night home?

Todd: I know. He's so terrible. He's worse than Kelly. You have to hold his hand through everything, so I have to go down there and make sure that everything's under control.

Téa: You're going to work?

Todd: I know, I'm sorry. I promise, though, it won't take very long. Ok? Bye-bye. It's about time. Marty's in the pool house.

Tomás: So you said. What do you expect me to do?

Todd: Anything you have to.

Rama: Vimal, I need to tell you that -- the doctor wants me to get an amniocentesis, and I'm really very nervous about it.

Vimal: Oh, I understand, but it's a very common procedure.

Rama: Yeah, but still --

Vimal: Oh, you're not much for needles. I'm sure they'll allow you to bring somebody in with you. Maybe your friend Aubrey or maybe I'll be out of jail in time to hold your hand. Won't that be wonderful? We'll see our baby together.

[Cell phone rings]

James: Hey.

Starr: Hey.

James: How's Hope?

Starr: Out like a light. No more bad dreams.

James: Well, good, I'm glad.

Starr: Wanted to thank you for being so understanding.

James: You don't have to thank me for that.

Starr: Well, and for everything else -- romantic dinner that you cooked at your apartment, a little trip to Rome, the hotel, our dance.

James: Oh, yeah. I'm sure my dancing was the highlight.

Starr: Well, all of it was. I'm sorry things didn't turn out the way we'd hoped. I wanted tonight to be perfect.

James: Well, like I said, we'll have other nights, lots of 'em. And we said we love each other tonight. So as far as I'm concerned, it was perfect.

Téa: I was just calling you, telling you I was gonna go to bed.

Todd: Not without me, you're not. Ohh --

Téa: Everything ok at the paper?

Todd: Oh, yeah, everything's fine. All right. Let's go upstairs and make up for lost time, hmm?

Téa: Todd, wait, wait, wait. All that time you were in the hospital -- those were the worst weeks of my life. Not knowing if you'd ever wake up, thinking I'd lost you forever. Don't do that to me again, Todd, ok? Don't leave me ever again.

Todd: Ok.

[Téa crying]

Todd's voice: We could lose everything that we hold dear and everyone.

[Cell phone rings]

Blair: [Sniffling] Tomás?

Tomás: Blair, are you crying?

Blair: Oh, it's Julia. She's on her journey.

Tomás: Um, I'm sorry. I'm not gonna make it back to the hotel.

Blair: Is Calmar all right?

Tomás: No, I'm confident everything's gonna be all right. Just wanna stick around, make sure things stay under control.

Nate: How bad is Matthew's condition?

Dani: I don't know. I need to call Destiny.

Deanna: You're taking this pretty hard.

Nate: I punched Matthew. He hit his head pretty hard when he went to the ground. Deanna, I think what happened to Matthew is my fault.

Destiny: What do you mean?

Nora: You and Matthew share a lot.

[Cell phone rings]

Destiny: I'm so sorry.

Nora: Oh, go ahead.

Destiny: Hey, Dani.

Dani: Hey, Des, what's going on with Matthew?

Destiny: He's still in surgery. The connection's bad in here. I'm gonna go outside.

Nora: Ok. I don't know, Bo. Maybe it doesn't even matter how he got his injury.

Bo: Doesn't change the fact that he's still dealing with it, but it would be good to know.

Nora: Bo.

Bo: Hmm?

Nora: Is he out of surgery?

Nurse: Yes, he is.

Bo: And?

Man: I had a wife! Her name was -- Blair! I had another wife! Her name -- ohh! Her name was Téa! Aah!

Kent: What are you going to say?

Baker: We did what we had to do. This was our last chance.

Kent: And now what happens?

Baker: We take it all apart, get rid of any trace.

Kent: You mean --

Baker: Dispose of him.

Man: Starr has a father! Starr's father is Todd! Ha ha ha ha! I'm Todd! I am Todd!

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