OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/26/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/26/11


Episode # 10946

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Blair: Uh... what are you doing here?

Cristian: Want a refill?

Rama: Huh?

Cristian: Rama.

Rama: I'm sorry. What did you say?

Cristian: Do you want more coffee?

Rama: Yes, please. It's really very good. Does your mama have a secret recipe or something?

Cristian: Yeah, probably. My mom's got a secret recipe for just about everything.

Rama: She must be very grateful that you're able to fill in for her tonight.

Cristian: I just try to help whenever I can.

Rama: You know, I don't usually drink coffee at night, but with Vimal in prison, I just can't get any sleep.

Cristian: Isn't that about to change?

Rama: Why?

Cristian: Well, Clint Buchanan confessed to half the crimes committed in Llanview, including the whole DNA test-switching thing. That's gotta be good news for Vimal, right?

Vimal: Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Téa: I'm your attorney, Mr. Patel. If you tell me it's urgent, I show up.

Vimal: It's about Mr. Buchanan's confession.

Téa: You saw it?

Vimal: The whole prison saw it. Everybody was cheering. And nobody louder than I did.

Téa: Why was that?

Vimal: He came clean. He finally admitted that he ordered me to change those tests. So now you can get me out of here.

Téa: Mr. Patel, I'm afraid it's not that simple.

[Natalie sniffles]

Roxy: Baby, I got the first flight that I could from Vegas, and I got you a little something something from the gift shop. Your own poker chips, because I know as a kid, you used to like to have your own. Thought maybe that would make you feel better. Honey, what kind of world is this, anyway? I turn my back for two seconds and that sicko throws you off the roof. Aww. Come here.

Brody: I don't care if somebody's already been questioned. You question them again. Did they see anything out of the ordinary? Did they hear a baby crying? And you pin them down on what time it was.

Cop: We're on it.

Brody: All right. John.

John: Yeah.

Brody: Anything?

John: Thanks to Clint, we got every crackpot in the area calling that hotline.

Brody: That's what you get when you go on TV, and you offer up a check for a million bucks.

John: Yep. You get anything out of Tess?

Brody: A name. Todd Manning.

Marty: Hello, Todd. It's a beautiful night, isn't it?

Roxy: I was on such a hot streak, let me tell ya. I couldn't lose. I didn't even hear my phone ring. The guy at the table with me had to dig into my bag and give it to me.

Natalie: Rex shouldn't have called you.

Roxy: What, and let me continue shooting craps and go to a Barry Manilow concert? I don't think so. Not when my kid is lying in a hospital bed. I was right all along. That Marty Saybrooke is a head case. And she's got your son. But not for long. Because have no fear, because Roxy's here.

Natalie: Ooh.

Roxy: I'm sorry. And I know just how to find him.

Todd: You know, the cops were just here looking for you.

Marty: I know.

Todd: Then why would you come here?

Marty: Come here, sweetie. Liam and I, we were just hoping for a little hospitality. Huh? Weren't we, Liam? A little hospitality.

Rama: I don't know what Clint Buchanan's confession means for Vimal.

Cristian: But it's gotta help. Maybe he served enough time where they can let him out.

Rama: I'm hoping that's true.

Cristian: So why don't you look happy?

Rama: I'd be overjoyed if Vimal was released, but that just solves one problem, Cristian. There's still another one, and it's staring at me right in the face.

Téa: Clint Buchanan's confession might help us build a case for coercion, but a judge could still rule against us.

Vimal: On what grounds?

Téa: On the grounds that no one put an actual gun to your head, Mr. Patel. You could've refused to commit that crime in the first place.

Vimal: Clint Buchanan would've hunted me down. You must make that clear.

Téa: I will try, but I--

Vimal: No buts! I have to get out of here. My wife Rama is expecting a baby.

Cristian: You haven't told him yet, have you?

Rama: No. Vimal still has no idea that I'm not pregnant, and if he gets out, there'll be no way around it. I'll have to tell him and, Cristian, I just don't know how.

Blair: So I asked you first. What brings you to The Palace?

Starr: James did some work on Renee's car, so she gave him a discount.

Blair: Ah. On what?

Starr: On soda and stuff.

Blair: What stuff?

Starr: You know how they have amazing appetizers here. You know that mushroom thingie? Yeah. What about you guys?

Tomás: We were just...

Blair: We're here to do exactly what you're here for, actually, yeah.

Starr: Really?

Blair: Drinks. We-- we thought we would have drinks.

Tomás: We did?

Blair: Yes, we did. Guys, have a fabulous night. Come on, let's go have our drinks.

James: You, too. Bye. Yeah, so much for our great plan of some alone time. Mushroom thingies? Is that the best you could come up with?

Starr: She's my mother. What do you expect me to say? "James and I are here to have sex"?

Tomás: You afraid your daughter's gonna ground you if she finds out why you're really here?

Blair: Will you just humor me? It's embarrassing.

Tomás: Why?

Blair: I don't want it to be obvious why we're here.

Tomás: You don't want what to be obvious?

Blair: What we're doing here.

Tomás: Then tell me what we're doing here. In very slow, graphic details, since it looks like it's gonna be a long time before we actually get to do any of it.

Blair: Just one drink, ok? Can you wait that long?

Tomás: I will try. That dress is not making it easy.

[Blair chuckles]

Todd: I thought Lovett was crazy when he came here and accused me of hiding you. Now you want to make him right. I think maybe we should just get you a cell at Statesville right now, Marty.

Marty: If you don't want to do it for me, at least think of the baby.

Todd: Right, like you've been doing. Throwing his mom off a roof and dragging him all over town.

Marty: I had no choice, believe me.

Todd: Believe you? After you cut up Kelly Cramer and murdered your shrink? I gotta tell you, you sound pretty crazy. Wait a minute, you are crazy, aren't you? Always have been.

Natalie: You know how to find Liam?

Roxy: Guaranteed.

Natalie: How?

Roxy: Madame Delphina.

Natalie: Roxy, I thought you were serious.

Roxy: I am serious.

Natalie: Rox, I need law enforcement, not a psychic.

Roxy: Yeah, but you need to find your kid. And Delphina's the one to do it. She's got mental telegraphy and extrasensory conception. She got it all.

Natalie: John and Brody are on the case.

Roxy: Listen, Johnny is the best of the best, but he doesn't have what Delphina has. He can't see through walls, and he can't bend spoons just by thinking about it.

Natalie: I doubt that she can, either.

Roxy: Yeah? Well she put Rex and Gigi back together again, didn't she?

Natalie: Oh, God, Rox. I love you for trying to help.

Roxy: And you love your baby, and we are gonna find him. And there's nothing wrong with giving Johnny and Brody a little helping hand, right?

Brody: It wasn't Tess that told me about Todd. It was Bess. She said she heard about Todd from Wes.

John: And we know Wes was covering for Marty.

Brody: That's why I thought it was worth following up. So I went over to Todd's.

John: Let me guess. He denied knowing anything about Marty or Liam.

Brody: Yeah. Got a little ugly.

John: How so?

Brody: Let's just say Téa and Todd ended up in handcuffs for a little while, so I could search the house without a warrant.

John: I'm guessing you didn't find anything. You would've said something.

Brody: I turned that place upside down. No sign of Marty or Liam.

John: Mm-hmm.

Brody: What's up?

John: If what Bess said was true, it wouldn't be the first time that Todd hid Marty Saybrooke in his house.

Marty: What are you doing?

Todd: Well, I was thinking of making a telephone call.

Marty: No, no, no, you're not turning me in, Todd.

Todd: I'm not gonna go to jail for you, either, Marty. I don't really like it there.

Marty: Nothing's gonna happen to you. No one's gonna know we were even here.

Todd: I'm not running a bed and breakfast for criminals. I'm gonna call Lovett, tell him to pick up his kid, and drop you off at the funny farm.

Marty: I'd think twice about making that phone call, if I were you.

Waiter: There you go--our savory mushroom bites. Let me know if you need anything else.

Starr: Thank you.

James: Gross. Are we really gonna eat these things?

Starr: After that Italian feast you made? I would throw up.

James: Now that's romantic. Yeah.

Starr: It was before my mom got here. How are we gonna get that back?

James: We make a break for it.

Starr: You want to just go upstairs?

James: Why not?

Starr: It feels awkward with my mom staring at me.

James: Starr, you have a daughter. I think your mom knows you're not a virgin.

Starr: Ok, I'll make a deal with you. We'll just wait a few more minutes, ok? By then, my mom and Tomás will be done with their drinks and then they'll leave, and we can go upstairs without anybody seeing us.

James: Uh-uh.

Starr: Come on, James. Tonight's gonna be our first time. I just want it to be about us.

James: I think the romance is back. Ok, deal. We'll wait them out, ok?

Starr: Thank you.

Tomás: Do you think your daughter disapproves of us dating?

Blair: Starr? Just the opposite. She pretty much told me to go for it.

Tomás: I knew I liked that girl. So what are we waiting for? We got her approval.

Blair: What, I'm gonna go over there and say, "Oh, excuse me, honey, I'm just gonna go upstairs and have sex with a guy I barely know"? Huh?

Tomás: You got a point.

Blair: Ok.

Tomás: So you want me to do it?

Blair: No, just let them finish their little mushroom thingie.

Brody: You seriously think Todd could be hiding Marty again?

John: Last time he hid her, he convinced himself he was in love with her and...she thought she felt the same way about him.

Brody: A guy who raped her.

John: She lost her memory. So even when she found out, he didn't look the same, so she didn't know.

Brody: Now, she knows who she's dealing with. He knows what she's capable of. So why would he agree to help her now?

Marty: I'm giving you a chance to change your mind. Put that phone down or you're going to regret it.

Todd: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna shoot me? It's what you've always wanted, Marty.

Marty: For a long, long time.

Todd: You know, someone just put a bullet in me the other day. Didn't kill me. They were a lot further away than you are, so you'd have a better shot at me. Although I must say it wouldn't be very sportsmanlike to shoot me at point-blank range like that. Might take all the fun out of it.

Marty: I don't care if it's fun.

Todd: Ok, then. Go for it. Give it your best shot.

John: Oh, no. Manning can't stand Marty. He even got a court order to keep her away from her own granddaughter. Why he'd be helping her now is anybody's guess.

Brody: You still want to check him out.

John: Yeah, I'd like to have a conversation with the guy.

Brody: While you're doing that, I better go see Natalie. I promised her I'd bring our boy back. How am I gonna tell her we still haven't found him?

John: You're gonna bring him home, all right? In the meantime, she's strong. She'll deal with it.

Natalie: Rox, I believe in science. I believe in things that you can measure, like fingerprints or fibers, not thought waves.

Roxy: Not in front of the hoo-ha, because she's very sensitive--oh, Delphina, thanks a million. Natty was just saying that it's so great that you want to help us.

Delphina: My pleasure. And gesundheit.

Roxy: Huh? [Sneezes] See? She knew I was gonna sneeze before I did.

Delphina: I'm sorry to hear about your kid.

Natalie: You really think you can find him?

Delphina: I can't promise anything. All I can do is watch and listen. I know, I know. I was getting to that. Jeez.

Natalie: Who are you talking to?

Delphina: My consultants from the spirit world. They tell me things. And some of them can be a little pushy. Now. As I was saying. Is there anything that you have that belongs to your little boy?

Natalie: Yeah, this was left behind when he was taken.

Delphina: Ok. Hmm. Cute kid.

Roxy: Oh, my God. You can see him?

Delphina: Sure.

Natalie: How is he?

Delphina: Uh-oh.

Natalie: What?

Roxy: What?

Delphina: There's something else. A gun.

Marty: I'm not going to shoot you.

Todd: How come?

Marty: Because I have better ways of keeping you from calling the police. I don't always have to resort to violence.

Todd: Ok, what does that mean?

Tomás: Put yourself in my shoes. I follow you all the way here from Paris. I finally convince you that I didn't try to kill the father of your children. Slowly, you start to trust me. You follow with me here?

Blair: I like this story. How does it end?

Tomás: That's what I'm trying to find out.

Blair: I want to kiss you right now.

Tomás: Then why don't you?

Blair: Are those kids' butts glued to those chairs or what?

Tomás: All right, here's a plan.

Blair: What is it?

Tomás: Keep your eyes on them. I'm gonna sneak over to the desk and register. Go upstairs. I'll text you the room number. After that, pretend like we're saying good-bye, and you sneak over to the elevator, and you meet me upstairs.

Blair: Mm. Are you always this cloak-and-dagger on a date? Because I gotta tell you, it is hot.

Marty: You want to know why you won't call the police, huh?

Todd: Yeah, ok. Why won't I call the police?

Marty: Because if you do, I will have to reveal everything I know about you and Tomás Delgado.

Natalie: Wait. What do you mean there's a gun? What's happening to my baby?

Roxy: What's going on?

Delphina: He's ok. It's just that I don't like to see guns and kids in the same room. That's all.

Natalie: But Liam's ok? He's not hurt?

Delphina: He's got a wet diaper, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him.

Natalie: Thank God.

Roxy: So what about that gun?

Delphina: Funny, that. I'm not really seeing that anymore.

Natalie: It was probably Brody's gun, because Marty stole it when she knocked him out. Can you tell us anything else, like do you see where Liam is or who he's with?

Delphina: Yeah. No, me neither. I can't really give you a place, but there is someone with him, a woman. Whew. A lot of static coming out of that head.

Roxy: Marty Saybrooke. Anyone else?

Delphina: Yeah.

Roxy: Man or woman?

Delphina: Weird. I can't see the face, and--right. Whoever it is is wearing a mask.

Todd: You're talking about Téa's brother, right?

Marty: I don't know any other Tomás Delgado, do you? But he knows you. Better than you wish he did.

Todd: I'm sorry, am I supposed to know what that means? Because I have no idea. And if you're trying to blackmail me, then you're gonna have to come up with...

Marty: Don't lie to me, Todd. I know the truth.

[Glasses clink]

Starr: I can't believe this. What are they still doing here?

James: Ok, all right, listen. Listen. What do you think about this? I am gonna pretend to leave and sneak onto the elevator, and then you are gonna say good-bye to your mom, and you're gonna pretend to leave, but you're gonna turn around and meet me up in room 603.

Starr: I think you are a genius. Go.

James: Good.

Starr: Good.

Blair: Well...

Blair and Tomás: Good night.

Blair: Mwah.

Starr: Mm. Did you guys have a good night?

Blair: We sure did. Just so sorry that Tomás had to go home. Where's James?

Starr: He went to go get the car. I'm gonna meet him out front.

Blair: Oh. Mm-hmm.

Starr: Yeah. Ok.

Blair: Have a good night.

Starr: Yeah, you, too.

Blair: Ok.

Starr: I will.

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: Good night.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

[Cell phone chimes]

Starr: [Gasps] Oh.

Blair: Oh.

Téa: Mr. Patel, you never mentioned that your wife was pregnant.

Vimal: It's the main reason I agreed to plead guilty.

Téa: Uh-huh.

Vimal: Rama convinced me that if I got Clint Buchanan off the hook, then he would be generous to us and maybe even give me my job back. And since we needed to provide for our beautiful child, I agreed. Otherwise Rama would never have been able to talk me into it.

Téa: Wait, wait, wait. Your wife convinced you to take the rap for Clint Buchanan?

Vimal: Yes, but I understood why. It was all for the baby.

Roxy: I don't like hearing about a masked man around my grandbaby.

Delphina: Sorry. Calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Natalie: Ok, please, can you tell us anything more about where he's at. Like, I don't know, the color of the walls, a piece of furniture, something.

Delphina: Yeah. I only read people's energy. Not to worry, though, because, uh-huh. Getting some Daddy energy now, and it's off the charts.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Delphina: The baby's father is looking for him--uh-huh--and he's not the type to give up easily.

John: I'm heading to Manning's.

Brody: Hey, John. I know this can't be easy, looking for Liam and hearing me talk about him. I still can't believe I told you this was all your fault.

John: We covered that. Forget about it.

Brody: I was just--I was freaking out. I didn't know what I was saying.

John: I get that, man.

Brody: I just want you to know I'll never forget how hard you've been working to find Liam.

John: Just doing my job... just like you. Let's move.

Marty: You want to know how I found out, don't you? I've been staying in your pool house.

Todd: The pool house?

Marty: Mm-hmm. I know your property very well, remember? I've been staying there since you got out of the hospital.

Todd: Really?

Marty: That's when I saw you talking to Tomás Delgado through the window. You were holding a gun on him, and you were arguing about a disk, and I heard Tomás say that what was on that disk didn't need to come out as long as he stayed alive, but if he died, a copy would go to Téa. Now, obviously that is a very important disk to you, isn't it, Todd? Toddy. Just how important is that disk?

Todd: What did you do with it?

Marty: What?

Todd: What did you do with the disk, Marty?

Marty: I thought you didn't know what I was talking about.

Todd: Just give it to me.

Marty: Don't worry. It's in a safe place, and that's where it's gonna stay as long as you hide me. Come on. It shouldn't be that tough.

[Knock on door]

Marty: You've done it before.

Todd: Who is it?

John: Open the damn door, Manning.

Delphina: The dad is a good guy. Uh-huh. And he's working his butt off, but this is not really easy on him.

Roxy: Yeah, no kidding. But Brody loves that kid.

Delphina: Brody?

Natalie: That's Liam's father.

Delphina: Yeah? I know. Me, too. Huh.

Natalie: What was that?

Delphina: Oh, I'm not really sure. There's something screwy going on here, and we can't put my finger on it.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, there is something screwy, and that screwy is Marty Saybrooke.

Delphina: Oh, is that static? At least we know she didn't hurt your kid. At least we know that.

Natalie: Yeah.

Roxy: Yeah, but she hurt Natty. She threw her off the roof.

Natalie: Yeah. I can't seem to remember it. I have this huge blank space in my head, and--do you think you could help me with it?

Delphina: I can try.

Natalie: Thank you.

Delphina: Hello! Anybody getting anything off that roof? Right. Uh-huh. You and static-head, arguing. Uh-huh. About the baby. Oh. Something to do with the father.

Todd: Hey. What do you want?

John: I think you know.

Téa: Your wife must have made a good case to convince you to go to prison, Mr. Patel.

Vimal: Oh, she can be very persuasive.

Téa: Uh-huh. I just hope she's right about Clint Buchanan.

Vimal: You don't think that Mr. Buchanan will find a way to repay me for my sacrifice?

Téa: I don't think anyone can figure out Clint Buchanan these days. He's quite a mystery. But I will do all I can to help you, Mr. Patel. 

Vimal: Thank you. I'll be counting the days until I can return to my wife and my unborn child.

Cristian: When your husband finds out he's got a shot at getting out of prison, he's gonna be way too happy to stay mad at you.

Rama: You think so?

Cristian: Of course. It's not like every guy has someone like you to come home to. He's got to know how lucky he is.

Rama: You're making me feel better already.

Cristian: You sure it's not the soup? Listen, the only way you're really gonna feel better is if you talk to him, so why don't you go to Statesville right now?

Blair: Didn't Starr tell me that you went to get the car?

James: Oh, yeah. Yeah, and then the parking--

Blair: Attendant.

James: Yes, he said that there was this great view from the roof, so I just thought I'd check it out, you know?

Blair: Yeah, I know.

Starr: What are you doing here? My mom told me that you had to go home.

Tomás: I thought you were having drinks and mushroom thingies.

Starr: I was. I--you know, we--

Tomás: Yes, I know.

Starr: Yeah, well, I know, too.

Blair: Well, I won't ask. Just be good to my baby, and I certainly hope you're using--

James: Oh, oh, yeah, definitely. Definitely using it. No worries.

Blair: Ok.

James: Yeah. Oh, by the way, I never saw you, ok? Ok.

Starr: My mom has been through a lot lately. It is hard for her to trust anyone. I really hope that you're everything you say you are.

Tomás: You don't have to worry, Starr. I'm not gonna hurt your mom. I promise. And for the record, I never saw you.

Starr: Oh, jeez.

James: Well, Starr, it looks like we made a clean getaway.

Starr: Hopefully.

James: What, you don't think so?

Starr: I'm just going to close my eyes and count to 10 and just wait to hear a knock at the door.

James: There's no knock.

Starr: No knock. And what my mom doesn't know won't hurt her. That's a good thing, right?

James: That's a very good thing.

Blair: Ooh. Oh.

Tomás: Enough cloak-and-dagger for you?

Blair: Yeah. Listen, worked like a charm. What my daughter doesn't know won't hurt her.

Tomás: Everyone's entitled to a few secrets, right?

Blair: Yeah, and I think you have a few, but who's counting?

Natalie: Great. Ok, that's a really good start. Can--so Marty and I were arguing about the baby's father. Can you tell me what she said about him? Can you tell me--Brody, did you find Liam? Did you?

Brody: I'm sorry. Not yet.

Natalie: Oh, my God.

Brody: Hey, don't lose hope, ok, Natalie?

Natalie: I'm trying not to, but it's been so long. It's been too long.

Brody: We've had to run down a lot of false leads. There's a lot of people trying to get that reward. We're gonna find him. It's just taking a little bit longer than we thought. And you. You are...

Delphina: Madame Delphina.

Brody: The psychic. I remember, but what are you doing here?

Delphina: No, what are you doing here, Officer Lovett? This situation has nothing to do with you.

John: I heard things got a little heated earlier when Officer Lovett was here.

Todd: Heated? I'll say. Try unauthorized use of excessive force. I'd say your Officer Lovett needs some face time with Internal Affairs.

John: Well, he's under a lot of pressure lately. His son was kidnapped.

Todd: Oh. I don't really care if his whole family's been kidnapped. He has no right to handcuff my wife and me to the railing of the stairs and search our house without a warrant.

John: I'm sure he'd be the first to admit that, and he will. In the meantime, I hope you'll accept my apology on behalf of the department.

Todd: Is that really why you're here? To apologize on behalf of the department?

John: Yeah. You got a problem with that?

Todd: Yeah. It's bull.

Roxy: You know, Del, maybe you'd better take it down a notch, because he's got a right to be here. He's Liam's daddy.

Roxy: Are you sure?

Brody: Yeah, of course, I'm sure. And if you can't see that, maybe you need to take your little supernatural powers in for a tune-up.

Delphina: Ha! I know. Right?

Brody: Excuse me?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. She hears voices. They tell her stuff.

Delphina: Yeah, and when they tell me where to find your kid, maybe you won't be such a smart ass.

Natalie: I gave Delphina Liam's sock, and when she touched it, she said that she could see him and that he was ok.

Brody: I'm praying that she's right.

Roxy: Of course, she's right.

Brody: Ok, so where is he?

Roxy: She can't tell us that part.

Brody: Of course, she can't.

Roxy: You know, Delphina, maybe you'd better go back to the part where you and Natty were talking before.

Delphina: Uh-huh.

Natalie: Um, I asked Delphina to see if she could help fill in the blank space in my head about what happened up on the roof.

Roxy: Yeah, before Marty threw her over the building like a sack of potatoes.

Natalie: She said that Marty and I were arguing. Look, maybe if you just concentrate a little harder, you could tell us why.

Delphina: Sorry. When he came in, it threw me off.

Brody: I didn't throw you off. You're just a fake.

Delphina: Oh, you've got it all figured out, don't you? Well, tell me, if you know so much, why were you kissing your fiancée's sister, hmm?

Roxy: You know, Del, maybe you do need a little tune-up because you're, like, cross-eyed. The two of them weren't smooching. Oh, boy.

Starr: We're finally here, finally alone.

James: Yeah. Yeah, definitely looks that way.

Starr: So this is it.

James: This is just the beginning.

Téa: No more for me, Cris. Thanks.

Cristian: Working late tonight, huh?

Téa: Yeah. I got a client in Statesville who's trying to catch a break. I promised I'd try to help him.

Cristian: Vimal Patel? Sorry. The name just kind of jumped out at me.

Téa: You know him?

Cristian: His wife was here. She was wondering if Clint's confession will change things for her husband. So if you have the case, does that mean he's gonna be let out?

Téa: I didn't realize you were so close to the Patels.

Cristian: Just Rama. It would be nice to see her get some good news.

Téa: Well, I'm hoping to get the case reopened. It does look like there was a lot of coercion involved, and I hate to see a man in prison whose wife is pregnant.

Cristian: Wife is pregnant.

Téa: Cristian.

Cristian: What?

Téa: Is something wrong?

Cristian: It's just something that's--it's between Rama and her husband.

Vimal: I knew it! I knew you would come! You saw it, didn't you? Mr. Buchanan confessing on TV.

Rama: Yes, I saw it.

Vimal: I called Téa Delgado right away. She just left. She said she's gonna do everything she can to get me out of here. Isn't that wonderful?

Rama: God, that is wonderful. It's a dream come true, Vimal.

Vimal: It's been torture being in here without you. Pregnancy is something no woman should have to go through on her own. You need somebody by your side to share your anticipations and soothe your doubts. Soon I'll be able to do that. Soon I'll be able to hold you and put my hand on your belly and feel our child leap with joy that his father will finally--Rama, beloved, what is it?

Rama: Vimal, there's something I must tell you.

Roxy: Wait a second. For real? You two kissed, like, recently?

Delphina: Yeah. Better go. Wouldn't want to be late for that tune-up.

Brody: Wait. Can I ask you something?

Delphina: Oh, so now I'm not a fake?

Brody: When you were looking for Liam, did you see Todd Manning?

Natalie: Todd? I don't understand. What does he have to do with anything.

Brody: I'll explain in a minute.

Roxy: Ok, you know, she just doesn't pick it up, like, out of nowhere. She needs something--you know, like a sock or something. Wait a second. That newspaper from Todd. Ok. Maybe this will work.

Delphina: Yes. I see Todd Manning.

Todd: You're not here to apologize. You're here to check up on me, just like Lovett. Did he tell you he didn't find anything?

John: Yeah, he mentioned that.

Todd: Yeah? Then get out of my face. I've already been accused of harboring a fugitive--Marty Saybrooke--and I have been harassed more than enough for one day, and if you don't back off, I'll bring a lawsuit so big on you and the department, I'll bury you.

Delphina: Yeah, I see Todd Manning but not your kid. I'm sorry.

Natalie: What about Marty Saybrooke?

Delphina: Todd's alone, and my voices are telling me to call it a night, so I'm gonna hit the road.

Natalie: Madame Delphina, thank you for coming, because just you saying that Liam's ok--it helped.

Brody: Yeah. Thanks.

Roxy: Ditto on everything they said, and my kid is gonna get a great night's sleep tonight. You're better than knockout drops.

Delphina: Well, just let me know how it turns out. And you really should do something about that cold.

Roxy: What cold? [Sneezes]

Natalie: I know this sounds crazy, but she really did give me hope.

Brody: Then you hold on to that.

Natalie: What were you saying about Todd?

Brody: There's a possibility Todd's involved with Marty.

Marty: Hey, nice job. Keep up the good work.

Todd: Yeah? For how long, Marty? Sooner or later, this thing's gonna start wailing. You know, that's what they do. What then?

Marty: Don't worry. We'll be in the pool house. It's very private out there. So just keep up your end, and we'll all be fine.

Todd: You've got a strange definition of "fine."

Marty: Keep your mouth shut, Todd, or your secret little deal with Tomás Delgado will be all over town, and you'll wish you were dead.

Tomás: This is what we were doing a million years ago. Remember? Capricorn? When we almost made love on the piano?

Blair: Except I think this is better.

Tomás: Why? Because a bed is softer than a baby grand?

Blair: I think so. But also, I know you a lot better now, which leaves me free to do whatever and go wherever it leads me. You just wait right there. I'll be right back.

[Cell phone vibrates]

[Telephone ringing]

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