OLTL Transcript Wednesday 5/25/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 5/25/11


Episode # 10945

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Brody: Where's my son, Todd?

Todd: Which son are you referring to? The one that your fiancée had with Robert Ford or the one you had with Natalie?

Brody: We can do this here, or we can do it at the station.

Téa: Officer Lovett, I suggest you dial it back.

Brody: Dial it back? My son's missing.

Téa: And we sympathize with you. But threatening my husband is not going to bring Liam back.

James: You're early. Whoa. Hi.

Starr: And you have been busy.

Blair: So, you out of jail?

Tomás: Yeah. The charges were dropped.

Blair: Good. You here to celebrate? Need a table for one?

Tomás: Not here for the food.

Blair: Drinks?

Tomás: Not thirsty.

Blair: What are you here for?

Tomás: I think you know.

Starr: I could come back later.

James: No, no, no. I just need to put some clothes on, but everything else is ready.

Starr: I thought that we were just hanging out tonight.

James: We are. Come on.

Starr: Oh, my God. What did you do?

James: I just felt like taking you to Rome.

Blair: I'm glad Todd finally came to his senses.

Tomás: Me, too, and I hope it's catching. Got a minute?

Blair: I'm working.

Tomás: Take a break.

Blair: I can't. Actually, my bartender called in sick, and this guy doesn't know the difference between lemons and limes.

Tomás: Blair. I need you.

Brody: I'm looking for Liam.

Todd: Good luck with that.

Brody: Where is he, Todd?

Téa: Hey.

Todd: How would I know?

Téa: I'd like to know why you're questioning my husband, Officer Lovett. What makes you think Todd has any knowledge as to Liam's whereabouts?

Brody: Because Bess said so.

[Music playing]

Emma: Not what I expected.

Ford: What do you mean?

Emma: The hottest guys usually have the worst technique.

Ford: You have no idea how much I've needed to hear that.

Tess: Ugh.

Emma: Something wrong?

Ford: Nope, not a thing.


Cutter: Oh, good. You're both here.

Clint: You had better be here to talk about having Tess committed.

Cutter: Hey, I'm ready to roll on getting Tess into St. Ann's ASAP. All we have to do is talk about how much it's gonna cost you.

Viki: Who the hell are you to march into an ICU room and start making demands?

Cutter: I'm sorry. I was under the impression you wanted to help your daughter and get her committed. I guess I'll just take my power of attorney and just go. You guys can let Tess have her fun in Llanview.

Clint: Wait! Wait. Let's talk.

Cutter: Excellent. I can't wait to see how much you think your daughter's worth.

Todd: So Bess is back, huh? Well, this keeps getting better and better.

Brody: She was here long enough to answer a question.

Todd: Well, maybe she'll come back and tell me where my remote control is.

Brody: You think this is funny?

Téa: Todd, this man is looking for his son.

Todd: Whose side are you on?

Téa: Yours, so don't be a jackass.

Todd: Oh, come on. Am I supposed to take this stuff seriously? So Jessica had another meltdown and now everything she says is the gospel truth?

Brody: Bess is the gatekeeper personality. She's logical and truthful.

Todd: She's the one that dresses like a librarian.

Brody: Bess spoke to one of the other alters. Said you were involved.

Todd: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Hold on. There's another alter? I thought there were only two--uh, Tess and Bess.

Brody: A third one showed up the other day--Wes.

Viki: Have you no shame? Jessica is mentally ill. She needs help, and you want to trade her sanity for money?

Cutter: Not all of us are born rich. Some of us have to work for it.

Viki: Work? Oh, what kind of work is it that you do?

Cutter: If you don't think your daughter is work, you don't know her.

Viki: You're asking for sympathy?

Cutter: Oh, maybe a little gratitude.

Viki: Gratitude?

Cutter: Hey, I'm here, aren't I? I'm willing to work things out, all right? My predecessor, Robert Ford--he was on Tess' side. He was after your grandson and your money. He never wanted Jessica to come back. He needed her to stay crazy.

Viki: Oh, but you have Jessica's well-being in mind.

Cutter: Hey, I'll take her down to St. Ann's right now, for a fee.

Clint: What if we decline your generous offer?

Cutter: Then I'll just sit on my hands, and Jessica can raise a whole army of alters, one for every mood.

Ford: I'm busy.

Tess: Busy? Spreading your STDs?

Ford: Nope, no STDs. I'm perfectly healthy, I promise. Good-bye, Wes.

Tess: Oh, has it been that long? You can't tell the boys from the girls? It's me--your wife. Wes went AWOL.

Emma: Your wife?

Ford: Actually, my ex-wife. Listen, whatever you're selling, I'm not buying. I'm on a date, so get lost.

Tess: Oh, this is a date? I thought this was a business transaction. I was gonna tell your girl here to get her money up front, because Ford is one wiener away from the welfare roll.

Ford: All right, what do you want?

Tess: Not you. This guy has the sexual technique of an amoeba. It's like he's having sex with himself.

Ford: Look, I said--

Tess: Excuse me? A year ago? You, me, and that soggy mattress? I can't believe that we made a baby. He had liftoff for, like, 30 seconds.

Emma: And you're still talking about it? Sounds like someone's jealous.

James: I thought about Starr Beach, but then I thought we needed a new place.

Starr: And what is this, exactly?

James: Benvenuto a Chez Fordolini.

Starr: Oh. Parlate italiano?

James: Nope. You heard the extent of--well, I mean, except for "Linguini Alfredo." But that is not what we're having tonight.

Starr: And what are we having?

James: You'll see. But Bobby is out of the house all night, so it's just us.

Starr: James, why did you do all of this?

James: Do I need a reason? Starr, I just wanted to show you how important you are to me. Besides, it's our anniversary.

Blair: Well, I'm glad you got your life back and the charges were dropped.

Tomás: You know, it's funny, when I was in that little cell, it was kind of like my life before you walked into it. Hiding from the landlord, shades drawn, the door locked. And there you were with your beautiful eyes and your crooked grin.

Tomás' voice: I cannot believe that it's you.

Blair's voice: Do I know you?

Tomás' voice: Whoa.

Blair's voice: Oh!

Tomás' voice: You're even more beautiful in person.

Blair's voice: So you did paint this?

Tomás: You ruined everything.

Blair: Oh, yeah? What does that mean?

Tomás: I thought I was content in that little cell, not wanting anything, and you ruined that. I want you, Blair. I want a life with you, and I think you want that, too.

Starr: James, that's impossible. It can't be our anniversary. We've only been official for a few months now.

James: No. That's not the anniversary I'm talking about.

Starr: Is there an anniversary that I'm unaware of?

James: No, you're definitely aware of it, but at the time, you probably didn't feel like celebrating. The first day we met.

Starr: That was a year ago today?

James: Yeah. You and Hope were spending some quality time in the park, and I came up and ruined it.

Starr: You didn't ruin everything. Maybe just my car.

James: No, no. That was later. I'm talking about the very, very first moment that we met--you know, when you needed all those tissues.

Starr: Oh, yeah. That was me--a bundle of laughs.

James: Yeah.

Starr: But you were not--you were not the reason for my problems, though.

James: Well, you've got a big life. You can't help it. It makes sense, you know, with all your family and your friends. But, Starr... before I met you, I didn't trust anybody. I mean, who was I gonna trust? My dad? And both my brothers were gone, so really I didn't have anyone. Then I met you with a baby and all this extended family and friends. And I--I never knew what that felt like--to feel like you are a part of something. Starr, you changed my life, so I mean, if I can hang up a few silly posters and make you half-decent spaghetti and meatballs, then--

Starr: You made spaghetti and meatballs? They're my favorite.

James: I know. I know. You hold that thought. I'm gonna go get dressed, ok?

Starr: James. You've changed my life, too.

James: I'll go get ready.

Blair: A lot has changed since I met you in Paris.

Tomás: No, it hasn't. You're still scared of me.

Blair: I am not scared of you.

Tomás: No? Your pulse says you're lying. At least I'm honest about how I feel.

Blair: What I meant was--

Tomás: I keep thinking about our time--you know our date? You didn't trust me. I didn't trust you, but that changed. Maybe you don't remember.

Tomás' voice: What are we doing?

Blair's voice: Do you want to stop?

Tomás' voice: Do you?

Blair's voice: I don't hear the music.

Tomás' voice: Are you sure? I can hear it.

Blair's voice: Mm-hmm.

Blair: I remember.

Tomás: I'm thinking about that night. I just keep wondering what would have happened if you hadn't gotten that call.

Blair: But I did. Todd woke up, and everything changed.

Todd: So Jessica has another alter named Wes?

Brody: Like you don't know. The two of you are hiding my son.

Todd: I would never play fast and loose with the safety of one of my niece's kids.

Brody: No, just the safety of your own.

Todd: All right, get him out of here.

Téa: Ok, listen. Brody--Brody, could you fill me in a little? Who is this Wes character?

Brody: He's modeled on a buddy of mine from the Navy.

Téa: Uh-huh.

Brody: I introduced him to Jessica and told her some stories about him.

Todd: Wes is a man?

Téa: So Wes knows something about Liam?

Brody: He ran into Marty last night at the Minute Man. She had Liam with her, and I don't know if you've seen, but on TV, there's a reward out.

Todd: Oh, really? How much? I just want to know how much. Who's paying it?

Brody: Clint.

Todd: Oh. What is it? 10 bucks? 20 bucks? Ha ha ha! He's not exactly the model grandfather.

Brody: A million dollars, but since you've been implicated, you can forget it.

Todd: Oh, well.

Téa: Wait, wait. You were saying that Marty was at the Minute Man with Liam and Wes.

Brody: Yes, and we got a call putting Marty at the motel--someone looking for the reward. John and I went over there, but she had already taken off.

Todd: Llanview's finest.

Téa: So--so Wes--Wes was there still?

Brody: Yes, and we questioned him, but we didn't get much out of him, and then Bess surfaced and said that she'd spoken to Wes and only got two words out of him: Todd Manning.

Téa: Ok, all right. Ok. Let me get this straight. One of Jessica's alters told another one of Jessica's alters--stop it--who told you that Marty said the words "Todd Manning"?

Todd: You know what? I would almost love to drag you in front of a judge, Brody, just to see the look on his face when you told him this.

Tess: Jealous? Of you?

Ford: Emma, I think you may be on to something. You can't stand to see me with another girl, can you?

Tess: You can date any pre-teen you like or a girl who's as stupid as one.

Ford: Hey.

Tess: I dumped you, ok? I traded up for a new and improved version.

Ford: Tess had our marriage annulled and then married some gigolo--

Tess: He's not a gigolo.

Ford: All I know is, he's not here. What, did he get sick of you already, Tess, huh?

Tess: For your information, Ford, Cutter is in the middle of closing a very important business deal. I'm gonna start my marriage off right, and when I say right, I mean rich. Then we'll see who's jealous.

Cutter: You are both aware that Jessica just sprouted a new alter, some guy named Wes?

Clint: Yes, we are aware of it. We know all about it, and if the stories about this Wes character are true, I have my doubts about you being able to deliver.

Cutter: Lucky for you, Tess is back, and she is a big Cutter fan. She's back at the Capricorn right now, planning a little celebration. She thinks I'm gonna whisk her away to someplace courtesy of this new deal I've been working on. She has no idea about any of this.

Viki: Oh, but you've got it all planned out, hmm?

Cutter: You better hope so, because you're not gonna get another chance. So what'll it be, Clint?

Clint: That's my offer.

Cutter: This will do nicely.

Clint: The funds can be transferred to your account at a moment's notice--the minute we get Jessica.

Cutter: There's, uh, one more thing that I want.

Todd: You're so pathetic. Get out of here.

Brody: No one's going anywhere until I get my son back and Marty Saybrooke's in custody.

Todd: Marty hates me. Why would she come here?

Brody: You hid her once before, right upstairs.

Téa: Listen, I understand that you are anxious and frustrated about Liam, but Todd just got back from the hospital, ok? And I can assure you, Marty has not called. She hasn't stopped by, all right?

Brody: Then why would Jessica try to give me that message that Todd has Liam?

Téa: You want to hear my hypothesis? Marty told Jessica that--if in fact she did tell Jessica that--because she was trying to get the police off her trail. She had to have heard on TV about the appeals and rewards, and she knew you were after her.

Todd: You see? That's why I married her.

Téa: No, you married me, because I'm the only woman in town who will put up with you.

Todd: Anyway, say good-bye, Officer.

Téa: Look, I can assure you Marty's not here, all right?

Brody: Well, if that's the case, then there should be no problem with me searching the premises.

Téa: Do you have a warrant?

Todd: Of course, he's got no warrant. He's got nothing. Can you imagine a judge--the judge would just laugh him out of court. "Yes, the alter of my alter says that the crazy woman is at Todd's." Come on.

Brody: So that's how you want to play it? Ok, because I got to tell you, Téa, if Marty is here, you're just as guilty as Todd.

Todd: You're not threatening my wife, are you?

Brody: She's a lawyer. She knows when she's breaking the law.

Todd: Get the hell out of my--

Téa: Hey! He just got out of the hospital!

Brody: You are under arrest for assaulting a police officer. And now I don't need a warrant.

Téa: Hey. Hey! Did you hear me? He just got out of the hospital!

Brody: That goes for you, too, Téa.

Todd: Wait a minute. On what grounds are you arresting her?

Brody: Interfering with an officer in the pursuit of his duties.

Todd: I think you made that up.

Brody: You better stop worrying about yourself and start praying that my son's all right. Because if he isn't...

Ford: Why you trust Cutter, I--

Tess: He's my kinda people. Unlike you.

Ford: He only married her for one reason--the money.

Tess: Like you didn't?

Ford: I was trying to get custody of my son.

Tess: And the money to raise him. Admit it. You were gonna be evicted.

Ford: Thanks to you.

Tess: Wiener boy here doesn't even have the money to buy diapers, let alone pay the rent. Even the court wouldn't grant you custody of your own son.

Ford: I didn't get custody of my son because the judge didn't believe that you were Jessica.

Tess: Thanks to you!

Ford: At least I was trying to make it work.

Tess: By having me committed?

Ford: It was the only way to get my son.

Tess: So you get to go off and play Daddy and I what? Crochet potholders?

Ford: And once Cutter gets what he wants?

Tess: Oh, baby, he gets what he wants every day, over and over and over.

Ford: You are lying.

Tess: He's the best I ever had.

Ford: He's using you! And once he gets what he wants, he's gonna leave and you're gonna be back in St. Ann's.

Viki: You can't be serious.

Clint: You want my house?

Cutter: I need a place to live.

Viki: I am quite sure that with whatever Clint offered you on that piece of paper, you can buy any house in the county.

Cutter: Yeah, but this is the one that I want.

Viki: It's not on the market.

Clint: Viki, it doesn't matter.

Viki: Yes, it does matter. This was your father's house. It's your home. I'm not gonna stand by and watch this leech bleed you dry. I don't know what kind of resistance you've met with in the past when you have pulled this sort of thing, but I will not allow you to waltz into our lives and make off with whatever you want.

Cutter: That sounds like a "no."

Viki: You bet it's a "no."

Clint: Viki, stop, please.

Cutter: Ok. I tell you what. You guys can keep the house. And I'll keep your daughter. For better or worse, right?

Starr: James, that was so good.

James: There's a ton left if you want some more.

Starr: I couldn't.

James: Ok, well, are you ready for gelato, because I got chocolate...

Starr: No. Maybe later.

James: Cappuccino?

Starr: You did not go out and buy a cappuccino machine.

James: No. I was gonna go around the corner if you wanted some.

Starr: James, now you're just making me feel bad.

James: Why? Because somebody's doing something for you for a change?

Starr: Yeah, I guess.

James: Why?

Starr: I don't-- I guess I'm just used to being the one that worries about everything, you know. That's bad. That's bad, isn't it?

James: Not as long as you're willing to kick back and let someone else do the heavy lifting once in a while.

Starr: Ok. Ok, I'll have some gelato, but just a little later.

James: Ok. Deal.

Starr: But I want to do something for you.

James: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Starr: I don't know. This evening is already kind of perfect.

James: Yeah?

Starr: And we're alone, and we had an amazing dinner. And we're alone.

Tomás: He gave you an out.

Blair: Who?

Tomás: Todd. He gave you the perfect excuse to walk away.

Blair: I am not walking away.

Tomás: You didn't?

Blair: No. Look whatever is going on between us...

Tomás: Our connection?

Blair: Whatever you want to call it.

Tomás: Sparks, chemistry, magnetism.

Blair: Ok, ok. We're attracted to each other. It doesn't mean that--

Tomás: Speak for yourself.

Blair: You can't deny that you want me.

Tomás: Why not? You're trying to deny you want me.

Blair: I am not.

Tomás: No? Good. So we're agreed. You do want me.

Blair: What I'm trying to say is just not that simple.

Tomás: Because you're attracted to dangerous men.

Blair: Yeah, I am, Tomás, and look where it got me.

Tomás: Todd gave you two beautiful children and Eli...

Blair: What?

Tomás: Gave you a story to tell for the rest of your life. I'm sorry. Me, well, that's up to you.

Blair: You know what? This is what I hate about you.

Tomás: That I'm right?

Blair: You know what? Forget it. I give in.

Tomás: What does that mean?

Blair: It means you need to shut up and kiss me before I change my mind.

Tomás: Gladly. I talk too much.

Blair: Yes, you do. But I like it when you talk. I like it when you play the piano. I like it when you paint. I like just about everything you do.

Tomás: And you don't know the half of it. The last time we kissed like that, we almost had sex on the piano.

Blair: Maybe we should get outta here.

Tomás: No floor show?

Blair: I want you all to myself.

James: You. Want to take a walk?

Starr: A walk?

James: Yeah. The Spanish stairs are right over here.

Starr: Uh, sure. Oh.

James: I know. It's nice and quiet up here. Yeah. You hear that music?

Starr: What music?

James: The music.

Starr: Oh, the music.

James: Yeah, it's playing something nice and slow and sweet.

Starr: Ooh, James.

James: You hear that fountain?

Starr: What fountain? And it better be in Llanview. Because everything is just perfect right now.

James: Except it's not. It's not perfect.

Blair: Wait, wait. Wait. Where are we going?

Tomás: I don't know. Someplace private. Your house?

Blair: Not unless you want my Aunt Dorian sitting on the foot of the bed.

Tomás: Really? An audience with the mayor? Hmm.

Blair: I'm not ready to have that discussion with my boys, either, so where are you staying these days?

Tomás: That's not a good idea, unless you want to have that conversation with your ex-husband and my sister.


Todd: Hey, you break it, you pay for it!

Téa: You should've given him the key to the attic.

Todd: Why?

Téa: Because then we'd still have a door.

Todd: Ok, then we'll just add a contractor bill to the lawsuit.

Téa: What lawsuit?

Todd: The one you're gonna file against him and the whole department. The mayor, the city itself. Yeah, what's so funny?

Téa: I'll be a busy girl.

Todd: Yeah, you will. By the time you're done with them, I'll be the commissioner of police.

Téa: Oh, God help us all. There's not gonna be a lawsuit, Todd.

Todd: Hello, we are handcuffed to the railing of our stairs.

Téa: Yes, hello, we lost our tempers. We should've had some compassion for this man. He's missing his child. We both know what that's like.

Todd: So we're just supposed to let him rifle through our stuff?

Téa: Well, why not? It's not like he's gonna find anything. Is he?

Tess: Cutter would never sell me out. We're too much alike.

Ford: Keep telling yourself that.

Tess: What is with you and your sudden interest in my welfare anyway?

Ford: You want to pretend like I don't give a damn about what happens to you? That's your problem.

Tess: You do care?

Ford: You're the mother of my son. I can't let you go off half-cocked.

Tess: And you'd know what that's like.

Ford: You know what? You're right. Go destroy your life. I've got other plans.

Tess: Really? With your date? You're gonna have to find her first. I guess she got bored of looking at your back. Oh! But there's my handsome husband.

Cutter: And how is my beautiful bride?

Tess: I am glad to see you.

Cutter: Mwah.

Tess: So are we as rich as Clint? Richer? You'll have to excuse us, Ford. We're gonna go book the honeymoon suite at The Palace and celebrate in style.

Viki: I don't think so, Tess.

Blair: You were living at Todd's before he had you arrested.

Tomás: I'm still there--for now.

Blair: Don't tell me Todd and Téa broke up.

Tomás: No. Unfortunately, they're happier than ever.

Blair: See, this is what I don't understand, because you hate Todd, Todd hates you.

Tomás' voice: In front of Téa, you're going to encourage me to stay here. And while I'm here, you're gonna be a very gracious host, because you have no choice in the matter.

Todd's voice: I don't know. I could kill you.

Tomás' voice: Why don't you have a good, long look at this... then you can decide if it's worth the risk trying to kill me.

Tomás: We've agreed to table our differences--at least until they catch whoever tried to take a shot at him.

Blair: Ok, this is what I don't like hearing.

Tomás: Todd will be fine.

Blair: What about you? You're gonna put yourself in the line of fire.

Tomás: Better me than Téa or Danielle.

Blair: And that's supposed to make me feel better?

Tomás: Why don't we stop talking about it and go someplace?

Blair: Where?

Tess: So I guess you heard the good news. Cutter and I hit the jackpot.

Viki: Yes, yes. Your husband's very clever.

Tess: I'm glad you approve.

Viki: Well, I wouldn't go that far.

Tess: Well, this is it. Time to say good-bye, and don't bother writing, because I probably won't write back. Actually, I hope I never get to see you again.

Viki: I understand why you feel that way, Tess, and frankly, the sooner you're gone, the happier I will be.

Ford: No, no, you can't let this happen. You can't let her ride off into the sunset with this con artist. He's gonna hurt her.

Viki: No, he won't. I've taken care of that.

Tess: What the hell are they doing here?

Viki: I think you know.

Tess: No, you can't. Cutter?

Viki: He can't help you anymore. Gentlemen, please take her.

Tess: No! You have no right. Tell her, Cutter.


Concierge: May I help you?

James: Yeah. We'd like a room.

Téa: What are you afraid he's gonna find, Todd?

Todd: Who said I was afraid of anything?

Téa: Me. Because I know you.

Todd: Maybe I just don't like the idea of some stranger going through your underwear.

Téa: Oh, so this is all about me?

Todd: You are my wife, aren't you?

Téa: Right. You are hiding something.

Todd: Wait a minute. Where's Marty? Where's Liam? Did you check the dungeon? I'll take that as a no.

Téa: As your lawyer, shut up, Todd.

Brody: Téa, I'm sorry.

Todd: Not sorry enough.

Téa: No. We're the ones who are sorry. Ok? We should've been more compassionate. We both know what it's like to have a child missing.

Brody: I was just so sure. Bess is the gatekeeper. She tells the truth. She questioned Wes, he mentioned Todd's name. It was the only lead I had. Now I've got nothing. My son is missing, and I have nothing to go on.

Todd: Well, Marty can't have gone too far. She's after John. Sooner or later, she'll make contact.

Brody: If she contacts you...

Téa: We'll let you know.

Brody: Thank you.

Viki: Tess, this nonsense has gone on long enough. It's time for you to go back to St. Ann's.

Tess: Lady, did you have another stroke? You don't have the right to commit me to St. Ann's. Only my husband does.

Viki: Exactly.

Cutter: I'm sorry, Babe. Your mom's right. It's time for you to get the help that you desperately--

Tess: You son of a bitch! You didn't care about me.

Cutter: I married you, didn't I? Viki, do you have the paperwork?

Tess: Get your hands off of me!

Ford: Don't hurt her!

Viki: Please, Tess, if you don't stop struggling, they're gonna sedate you. Calm down.

Tess: No!

Cutter: That should do it.

Tess: What is wrong with you? We had a deal.

Cutter: Ah ah ah.

Viki: All right, he signed the papers.

Clint: Look, Viki, I know you didn't want to do this.

Viki: No, but you are absolutely right. He gave us no choice.

Tess: This was your idea?

Viki: We both know that this is not over for him.

Clint: Ok. It's done. Tell him to check his e-mail.

Tess: What is the matter with you? What happened to your deal--

Cutter: This is the deal. I sign you into St. Ann's and your parents pay me for my trouble.

Tess: Your trouble? What about me?

Cutter: Tess, you're a lot of fun when you're you. As soon as this Wes guy came out, sorry. Not gonna go there. Whoa. Easy.

[Cell phone chimes]

Cutter: Huh. Look at that. One wire transfer and I'm a millionaire.

Tess: You paid him a million dollars? Are you crazy?

Cutter: And the deed?

Tess: What deed?

Viki: The deed to your father's house.

Cutter: Pleasure doing business with you.

Viki: I have commitment papers.

Tess: Get me out of this, or I promise you will never see Ryder or me again. I'll get you your son back, ok? I'll tell you all about Aubrey. Get your hands off me! Get your hands off me! Somebody help me!

Cutter: Yikes. Ok. Next round's on me!

Starr: Hey. Come here. We didn't have to come here, ok? We should've just stayed at your place.

James: Oh, yeah, with our track record? I've had it with people walking in on us. If it wasn't Bobby, it was somebody else, and with our luck, a pipe would've burst, and we'd have to call a plumber.

Starr: Still, Babe, it's pretty expensive here.

James: Well, you're not the only one with connections.

Starr: Is that right?

James: Yeah. The owner of this place? She has a car, and I'm the only one allowed to work on it. So she gave me a discount.

Starr: Renee?

James: You know her?

Starr: I used to live in her house.

Concierge: Will that be two queen beds or a king?

James: King's good.

Concierge: Then you're all set.

James: Ok, isn't this a little weird, you knowing the owner? I mean, I should've figured that you knew her already. You know everybody else in this town.

Starr: I thought you loved that about me.

James: I do, most of the time. Look, Starr, we can always go to Cherryvale.

Starr: I hate to break it to you but I know people in Cherryvale, too. Look, this hotel, you know what? It's great. And it's late, ok? It's not like we're going to run into anyone that we know here, and even if we do, we have nothing to be ashamed of.

James: No. No, we don't.

Starr: Come on.

Téa: Thanks. I'll be right there. I gotta go. Client needs me up in Statesville.

Todd: Yes. You know what?

Téa: What?

Todd: You are a great lawyer.

Téa: Since when?

Todd: You just handled all that stuff with Lovett so brilliantly.

Téa: A great lawyer wouldn't have gotten herself cuffed to the stairway of her own house. That was your wife coming to your rescue.

Todd: Lucky I get two for one. Want me to drive you?

Téa: No, no. I don't know how late I'll have to be there.

Todd: Ok. Well, I want you to be careful, because I don't want you to get shanked without me.

Téa: [Chuckles] Thanks for the visual. And if Brody comes back with some cockamamie story...

Todd: I'll call my wife, who'll call my lawyer.

[Téa chuckles]

Cop: You get anything outta Manning?

Brody: No. And there was no sign of Marty or my son.

Cop: Did he make any kinda statement?

Brody: Just that he doesn't have any idea what Bess is talking about and that he hasn't heard anything from Marty or Liam.

Cop: You believe him?

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