OLTL Transcript Thursday 5/12/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 5/12/11


Episode # 10936

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Clint: Viki. I didn't expect you today. Thanks for dropping by.

Viki: I just saw your doctor leaving.

Clint: Oh, yeah. Dr. Shen. He just left. Yeah. He says I'm getting a little bit better.

Viki: No, he didn't. I heard him. I heard you. You said you're dying.

Brody: I can't believe Tess gave us the slip.

Cutter: She's not Tess anymore. She's Wes, so what does that mean? Is she like a Navy SEAL now, too?

Brody: I don't think it works like that.

Cutter: She went out a window. Isn't that like a commando move?

Brody: No, she's just putting together things that Jessica knows about Wes, but it's not like she is Wes.

Cutter: Well, then what is she like?

Brody: I have no idea. Wes is a new alter. There's no telling what he's capable of.

Wes: Somebody get a fire extinguisher because you two are smokin'.

Cristian: Hey, pal, you took somebody else's drink. Jess?!

Aubrey: Or Tess.

Wes: Who are Jess and Tess, and please tell me that they're twins.

Aubrey: No, not exactly.

Wes: Well, if they're half as fine as you two, then bring them on.

Aubrey: Oh! Rama: Who are you again?

Wes: I'm Wes. And like I said, there's plenty of me to go around.

Dorian: I'm absolutely delighted that you and Aubrey are so happy together. Oh! Yes, it must be in the air. Don't be surprised if you hear wedding bells for Kelly soon.

Joey: With who? John McBain? That can't be serious.

Dorian: And why, Joey, would you care?

John: Hang in there, all right? The ambulance is here. You're almost to the hospital. You hear me?

EMT: We gotta keep pressure on it or we won't make it to the ER.

Natalie: Marty? Uh! Marty?

Clint: You heard wrong.

Viki: No. Don't do that.

Clint: That's what you get for eavesdropping.

Viki: You know, a lot of the people that I love have been lying to me recently, and I don't--I don't think I can take it anymore. Please just tell me. Is it true?

Clint: It was a bad heart attack.

Viki: Are you dying?

Clint: The doctor doesn't think I can come back from this. Yes. I'm dying.

Viki: Oh, my God.

Clint: Viki, are you ok?

Viki: There must be something they can do.

Clint: A heart transplant, but there's no way that's gonna happen.

Viki: Don't say that. That's what they said to me. There was no chance, but--

Clint: But you had Ben and Ben loved you, and you got the miracle that you deserved.

Viki: But you see, miracles do happen.

Clint: I'm not sure I rate one of those.

Viki: You're gonna give up?

Clint: I'm being realistic. Don't get all weepy on me now. I'm sorry that you even heard.

Viki: Well, I'm not. Who else knows?

Clint: Nobody else, except Bo. And that's the way it's gonna stay.

Viki: What?

Clint: I haven't told the kids and I don't plan to.

Viki: Ok, well, that's probably the worst idea I have ever heard.

Brody: Manager said he didn't see any woman--or man-- fitting Jessica's description leave here.

Cutter: And Wes isn't answering Tess' phone. What are we gonna do now?

Brody: We?

Cutter: I want to get my wife back just as badly...

Brody: You want the Buchanan money. That's all you're interested in.

Cutter: That's not true.

Brody: Save it. I know exactly why you married Tess. You don't know anything about the real person in there.

Cutter: I want to find her. I don't know about you. But I think we should team up. That way we can cover more ground.

Brody: Here.

Cutter: Bars?

Brody: Wes said he wanted chicks and beer. Start dialing.

Cutter: And say what, exactly?

Wes: I wasn't sure about this place when I first walked in.

Aubrey: Why not?

Wes: Seems a little trendy. But I gotta tell you, I'm liking the view.

Cristian: Hey, come on.

Wes: She yours?

Cristian: No.

Wes: You sure?

Cristian: She's a married woman.

Wes: What about you, Blondie?

Aubrey: I am married, too.

Wes: It's not a problem for me if it ain't for you.

Joey: I just can't believe John would move on to somebody else so soon. Just a couple months ago, he was getting ready to marry Natalie.

Dorian: Some people move quickly.

Joey: I gotta take these to my wife.

Dorian: Hmm. Ooh, speaking of people moving quickly, I think you've got some competition. Look who's moving in on-- oh, my.

Joey: Jessica?

Aubrey: Joey, this is...Wes.

Wes: This is the old man?

Aubrey: Yes, Joey and I are married.

Wes: Happily?

Kelly: John?

John: I'm here, sweetheart. We're gonna get you in the ambulance, ok?

Kelly: Don't go.

John: I'm not leaving you. I'll be in the car right behind the ambulance, and I'll meet you at the hospital.

EMT: Ok. Let's go! Come on!

Second EMT: What did that had a real wide blade.

John: I think it was a kitchen knife. She's gonna make it.

EMT: They're pretty deep wounds.

John: She's making it. Go. It's McBain, all right? Get me every available unit and CSU team to the Angel Square Hotel. And put out an APB for Marty Saybrooke. Consider her armed and dangerous.

Natalie: Liam? Liam. Liam. Oh, God. Glad you're ok.

Marty: Help!

Natalie: Marty?

Marty: Help me!

Natalie: Marty. Marty. You're alive.

Marty: I can't hold on much longer. You have to help me.

Natalie: Do I?

Viki: You seriously think that you can just disappear and the kids are gonna be fine with that?

Clint: They don't need to see this.

Viki: See what? The father that they love? They're gonna want to be with you.

Clint: What for? So they can just come over here, sit down, and worry? What good does that do anybody? And besides, all of our kids, they are up to their eyeballs with their own problems. I mean, Joey's got a wife who's--

Viki: Who's what?

Clint: Who's very busy taking care of Jessica's kids, and Natalie, well, she's caught between Brody and John. She's there with her own son right in the middle, and Jessica's-- Jessie's not even there, so I'm--I'm just trying to protect them.

Viki: Oh. The way you did before when you changed the results of the blood test so Jessie didn't know who the father of her baby was? How did that work out?

Clint: If you recall, everybody was happy.

Viki: Yes, until the truth came out, and it always does. There's no way to hide the truth on this one, Clint. If you're-- if you're gone, and your children find out that you purposely kept them in the dark, it's going to be that much worse than losing you. Look what happened when Jessie found out about Ryder. That's a big reason that Tess came out.

Clint: I just don't want to make things even worse for Jessie now.

Brody: Thanks. Wes didn't show up at Rodi's.

Cutter: Thank you. Yeah, no go on my end, either. What are we gonna do--check every bar in a 20-mile radius?

Brody: Wes can only go places Jessica knows. After the wedding blew up, Jessica turned into Tess, she went straight to Capricorn.

Cutter: That's where we met, too.

[Telephone ringing]

Cristian: Capricorn.

Brody: Hey, Cristian. It's Brody Lovett. Listen, this is gonna sound weird, but Jessica--

Cristian: Is a dude.

Brody: She was there?

Cristian: Still is. She told me her name was Wes, and he's hitting on every woman in here.

Brody: Can you keep her there for me?

Wes: Come on. Just because you got a ring on your finger doesn't mean you're out of the game.

Cristian: Shouldn't be too hard.

Brody: Got her. Let's go.

Wes: Just saying. You looked pretty single before your husband showed up.

Aubrey: Joey and I are very happily married.

Wes: I'm not trying to mess up your thing here. It's just been a while, you know? Seems like all the good ones are married.

Dorian: Yes. I'm too old for you, and I'm married.

Wes: Bummer. Hey, can we get some drinks over here or what?

Cristian: Working on it.

Dorian: Cristian, no matter what she or he are saying, do not give her liquor.

Cristian: I know. That's why I'm taking my time with the drinks.

Dorian: Do you think that Viki knows about this new alter?

Cristian: Wes?

Dorian: Exactly. I mean, if anybody knows how to handle the situation, it would be Viki. I'm gonna call her.

[Cell phone ringing]

Dorian: Oh, damn it. Ah. Mayor Dorian Lord here. What can I do for you, Lieutenant?

John: Come to the hospital now.

Dorian: What's wrong?

John: Kelly's been hurt.

Dorian: What happened to her? Oh, my God. I'm on my way over.

Joey: What's going on?

Dorian: It's Kelly. She's been brought by ambulance to the emergency room. She's been stabbed.

Joey: Oh, my God. I'm gonna go with you.

Aubrey: Joey!

Joey: Aubrey, I can't deal with that, ok? I gotta go. I gotta go!

Wes: Hey, can I get a drink over here or not?

Rama: Are you all right?

Aubrey: Yeah, whatever. We can deal with "Wes."

Rama: I wasn't talking about that...person. I'm just--aren't you concerned your husband ran off to his ex-wife?

Aubrey: Why should I be?

John: What do you got, Doc?

Dr. Campbell: We've called in a second surgical team. As soon as we can clear an O.R., we'll take her up. Let's get her admitting bloods and find out if CT can take her on our way up. We need to know what we're dealing with before we go in.

John: I called Dorian.

Kelly: Thank you.

John: Even like this, you look real pretty. You think you remember what happened? You said Marty did this to you?

Kelly: She was waiting for me.

Kelly's voice: Aah!

John: She was waiting for you? In my room?

Kelly's voice: Ooh. I'm sorry. I was looking for John McBain's room. Didn't realize I walked into the Twilight Zone by mistake.

Marty's voice: It's not a joke, Kelly. We need to get a few things straight. Apparently, I didn't make myself clear in your office. I am with John now.

John: Kelly. Hey. You said Marty was upset?

Kelly: She's crazy. She--I asked her to calm down but she heard me.

Marty's voice: I heard you making fun of me, belittling me. But you know what? John, he's just too nice to kick you out. He's too nice to tell you to her face that he's done with you, that he doesn't want you anymore.

Kelly: She wouldn't back down.

Marty's voice: That John is done with Natalie. John is done with Kelly. Because John's with me.

John: Did she have a knife?

Kelly: No, I did.

Kelly's voice: I am just gonna go ahead and take the knife here.

Marty's voice: What you doing? What you doing? What you doing? You think you're gonna use that? You think you're gonna use that to get rid of me?

[Bottle shatters]

Marty's voice: Think again, baby!

John: Easy.

Kelly: She wouldn't back down. She attacked me.

Marty's voice: I know what you're capable of. I can write a book! And I am not gonna let you hurt me!

Kelly: She grabbed my knife, and she pulled me into the bathroom, and I started feeling all this pain.

John: Ok. Shh. You know what? That's enough, all right? That's plenty.

Kelly: No. No.

John: You don't have to remember all of this, all right? Ignore all this, ok? Hey. Slow down. You just gotta take care of yourself, all right? Do you know where Marty went?

Dr. Campbell: Lieutenant, she needs her rest.

Kelly: No. I heard--

John: What'd you hear?

Kelly: I heard someone coming.

John: Who came in? Who was it? You heard someone come into the room. Who was it?

Kelly: Natalie.

Marty: Natalie, please.

Natalie: Please what? Hand you back the knife so you can come after me again? You tried to kill me.

Marty: I wasn't--

Natalie: No, don't. You wanted to kill me. Just like you tortured me for months. You knew that John was the father of my baby. You broke us up. You destroyed our relationship.

Marty: I'm sorry.

Natalie: No. No. No. You don't believe that. You're not sorry, Marty.

Marty: Natalie, please. I can't hold on much longer!

Marty: Natalie? You can't leave me!

Natalie: I'm not. You deserve it. But your son doesn't.

Marty: Where are you?

Natalie: I'm gonna call for help if I can find my--

Marty: Aah!

Viki: So you think you're being noble, that you're protecting your children?

Clint: I'm trying.

Viki: No, you're not, Clint. I'm sorry, but this is selfish. You've got to let them tell you how they feel.

Clint: They have. They've all taken their shots at me.

Viki: Come on! I know you can deal with their anger. That's the easy part. You don't want to see their grief. You don't want to see the pain that they're gonna feel when they know they're losing you.

Clint: I don't think there's gonna be much of that.

Viki: Oh, for heaven's sakes, will you stop it? They're angry with you. They don't want you to die. They're your children. They love you, no matter what. So do I.

Wes: Hey, bro, where's my drink?

Cristian: I can't serve you, bro.

Wes: Why not, bro?

Cristian: If you drink, a woman named Jessica gets really sick. You know--Jessica?

Wes: No, but this just got way too freaky for me, so I'm outta here.

Cristian: Wait. Hold on a second.

Wes: I'm gonna go somewhere they want to take my money, ok? Good night, ladies. Another time. Yo, Lovett, you found me.

Brody: Yeah. Why'd you climb out the window?

Wes: Just wanted to get a head start before you and that pretty boy here got all the ladies. I know what you're thinking, but those two over there? They're married.

Cutter: Yeah, actually, I am, too.

Wes: That doesn't sound too good.

Cutter: My marriage isn't exactly working out like I hoped. Excuse me.

Wes: What's his problem? Forget it. So what's been going on with you? Working hard or hardly working? You breaking hearts all over town?

Brody: No, there's only one woman for me.

Wes: Seriously? I want to meet her.

Brody: I wish you could but it's not possible.

Wes: Why not? Where is she?

Brody: That's what I'd like to know.

Rama: So--ok. I think I'm gonna get another drink.

Cutter: Hey.

Aubrey: What do you want?

Cutter: Just wondering what happened with Joey after I left.

Aubrey: We spent an hour agreeing that my brother is a horrible excuse for a human being.

Cutter: That's a little harsh.

Aubrey: You married a sick woman to sell her back to her father. Obviously, that plan didn't work out too well, did it?

Cutter: She was Tess when I married her.

Aubrey: She must've really wanted to get away from you.

Cutter: No. Brody and I kind of got into it in front of her, and she had a meltdown and this Wes guy came out. I'll get Tess back when I have some time alone with her. How about you? Where's your ball and chain?

Aubrey: At the hospital.

Cutter: Is it Clint?

Aubrey: Kelly. She got injured or something. Dorian was here. Joey gave her a ride.

Cutter: Oh, so your husband's with his ex-wife, and you're here all alone? Looks like you might have backed the wrong horse, lover.

John: Kelly.

Dr. Campbell: I'm gonna need you to wait outside.

John: Hey. You're gonna be ok. What just happened?

Dr. Campbell: Detective, she must have left 4 units of blood at the crime scene. I still can't believe she even made it to the E.R. Please, let us do our work.

John: Natalie, it's John. Look, call me when you get this, all right? It's important. Marty stabbed Kelly. We have an APB out for her, but obviously we don't know what she's gonna do next. Kelly said something about she thought she heard you come into the room after she was stabbed. If you are anywhere near Angel Square, get the hell out of there, all right? Go somewhere safe and call me when you get there. Just...just call me.

Marty: Natalie! Natalie, help me! Come on, Natalie, help me!

Natalie: Just hold on!

Marty: I can't! My fingers are slipping. Call someone!

Natalie: I can't. It's gonna take 'em way too long to get here. So I'm just gonna pull you up. Ok, just grab my arm, ok?

Marty: Don't let me--

Natalie: No, no, no.

Marty: Don't let me fall.

Natalie: Come on! I'm not gonna let you fall.

Marty: How do I know that?

Natalie: How do I know that you're not gonna pull me over?

Marty: I don't wanna die.

Natalie: Ok, that I believe, ok? So please just grab my arm, Marty. I am not gonna let you fall. I can't. You're just gonna have to trust me. Come on.

Viki: You're the father of my children, and you were such a good father for so long.

Clint: Past tense.

Viki: What happened? Was it Nora and Bo?

Clint: All right, here. This is why I don't want to tell anybody--this conversation right here.

Viki: But I care about you.

Clint: Well, if you do, then you won't analyze me.

Viki: Ok. Ok. I know you were never one for talking. You just do. Your love was always an action. I had two little boys who needed a father. You adopted them, no question. You loved them. You treated them as if they were your own.

Clint: Well, they were.

Viki: You took such good care of them.

Clint: It was easy. They're good boys.

Viki: When we found out about Jessie's illness, you hardly blinked.

Clint: I wouldn't say that.

Viki: Well, I know. You were heartbroken. So was I. The point is, you focused on Jessica and getting her well.

Clint: That's what you do.

Viki: No, it's what you do! You focus on your children. When we found that Natalie was ours, you gave her all the love she had never had from a father. And even now, you don't think that that's extraordinary? That's the man that your family loves. I'm not giving up on him, and you mustn't either.

Natalie: Ok, there should be a toehold or something. Can you find one? Get your foot in it?

Marty: Yeah.

Natalie: Ok, I'm gonna pull you up. On the count of 3, ok, Marty?

Marty: Uh-huh.

Natalie: 1, 2, 3!

Marty: Uhh! Aah! Aah! [Panting]

Natalie: Are you ok?

Marty: Yeah...thank you.

Dorian: John, how's Kelly? Where is she?

John: Doctors are working on her in there.

Dorian: What did they say?

Joey: Is she gonna be all right?

John: I think so, but she lost 4 units of blood.

Dorian: Oh, dear God.

John: Yeah. It's bad.

Dorian: And Marty Saybrooke did this?

John: That's what Kelly said. She was gone when I got there.

Dorian: Where did this happen?

John: My place. Kelly went over there, and Marty was waiting.

Joey: So, you're the reason Kelly's in there?

Dorian: Joe.

Joey: No, it's true. Marty never would have gone after Kelly if it wasn't for him.

Dorian: This isn't going to help.

Joey: Kelly has to be all right. She has to be.

Aubrey: I'm not worried about Joey and Kelly. He still cares about her. He's always been honest about that.

Cutter: And that makes it ok?

Aubrey: They were married once. It says good things about him that he can still be friends with her.

Cutter: You don't believe a word of that.

Aubrey: You don't know me anymore.

Cutter: I will always know you, Aubrey. And this domestic goddess thing you got going on right now, it's not gonna last. Joey will figure it out if he hasn't already.

Rama: I have now met 3 different people who live inside that one poor girl.

Cristian: This time last year, she thought she was a teenager who had a crush on me.

Rama: What?

Cristian: Don't ask.

Rama: Listen, I hope you're not embarrassed that he/she thought that we were a couple.

Cristian: No, I didn't think anything of it. I mean, I think about you, but...I didn't mind.

Rama: I mean, it is funny, though, that he/she would think that you're my husband.

Cristian: Yeah?

Wes: So, tell me about this mystery woman.

Brody: She's an angel. She's beautiful, kind, generous, so smart, and you know what, I have a picture of her. What is that? It's you!

Viki: Please let the children be with you. Let them see the father that they love. Let them help you.

Clint: I don't think it would help.

Viki: Clint, I've been there. It was so important to me to have all the people that I love around me when I'm sick.

Clint: Well, that's how you are.

Viki: Oh!

Clint: Ok, if I promise to think about it, can we just drop it for now?

Viki: For now, yeah.

Clint: [Sniffles] What's happening with Charlie?

Viki: Uh...let's get back to you, ok?

Clint: See? Not much fun, is it? I would like to run that bum out of town for breaking your heart.

Viki: It's too late for that. He left.

Clint: What?

Viki: Yeah, we signed the divorce papers, and he left Llanview. He's gone for good.

Clint: Where did he go?

Viki: He said he was going back to Paris, Texas. A tornado destroyed the Bon-jour Cafe. He's gonna rebuild it. It's where we met.

Clint: He's a jackass. Any fool who would lose you deserves what he gets. Believe me, I oughta know. I'm sorry, Viki.

Viki: Don't be. This one wasn't your fault.

Clint: Well, that makes one. Did he take Echo with him?

Viki: Oh, no, no. Echo's still our problem. When he found out that she had known all along that you were Rex's father... he ended things with her.

Clint: Ok, then he's not a dumb jackass.

Viki: God, I wish you'd warned us, Clint. You knew from the beginning what a manipulative liar she is.

Clint: So did you. You didn't need any help from me.

Viki: But you had proof.

Clint: Yeah, but not until it was too late to do anything for you.

Viki: Look, I can guess why you recorded Echo incriminating herself.

Clint: I like insurance.

Viki: But why would you agree to keep her secret?

Clint: I was trying to be... decent. You and Charlie, you were already through. That horse was out of the barn, but Echo thought she and Chuckles had a chance. When I looked at them, I thought they deserved each other, so I figured, why go out of my way to hurt them?

Viki: I don't even know what to say to that.

Clint: Neither do I. That's why I just let it go.

Viki: Until you didn't. You gave Dorian the tape.

Clint: I wouldn't exactly put it that way.

Viki: How would you put it? She had the tape. You knew she was going to use it. Did you change your mind?

Dorian's voice: I'm going to help you in exchange for a little information.

Clint: Not exactly.

Cop: So far, no sign of Dr. Saybrooke.

John: Expand the perimeter. Drop a net over the city if you have to. Every bridge, every highway out of town. I'll clear it with the commissioner. Get a unit over to Llanfair. Marty might go after Natalie Banks. You got my cell phone number? All right. I want you to check in every 15 minutes. Get everyone not working another case, get them in here tonight, all right? Everyone on the street until Marty Saybrooke is in custody. All right, turn and burn. Go.

Dorian: Doctor, how is she?

Joey: Is she awake?

Dr. Campbell: She's stable. We're giving her blood transfusions now. As soon as the O.R. calls, we'll take her up.

Joey: Can I see her?

Dr. Campbell: She's not conscious.

Joey: I just want to be in there.

Dr. Campbell: Ok.

Dorian: I am going to need a full report.

Dr. Campbell: Mayor Lord--

Dorian: You can make that Dr. Lord, a medical doctor, so don't sugarcoat it.

Dr. Campbell: There are two abdominal stab wounds. We'll do a CT scan to get a better picture before we go to surgery. Given the blood loss, we could be looking at a grade 2 liver lac or it could be the kidney.

Dorian: Oh.

Joey: Hey, Kel. I'm here.

Aubrey: Worry about your own marriage, Cutter.

Wes: Yeah, it's that crazy girl from St. Ann's. Well, if she's an angel to you, that's all that matters. I'm out of here.

Brody: Where you goin'?

Wes: Somewhere where the beer's cold and the ladies are hot.

Brody: I'll come with you.

Wes: Great! Wing man. What about your, uh, friend?

Brody: Looks like he's doing just fine right here. Besides, he's a civilian. We don't want to bore him with our war stories, huh?

Wes: So what are we waiting for? You remember where I parked my bike?

[Cell phone rings]

Brody: I gotta take this. That was work. I caught a case.

Wes: I can't believe you're a cop now. Gotta get used to that. So I guess I'm gonna party on my own.

Brody: No, just hang out here, and I'll be back.

Wes: I told you, the bartender won't serve me.

Brody: I know the guy. I'll talk to him. Be right back. Hey, Cris, I gotta take off to work a case. Do me a favor and keep Wes here. Don't let him leave with Cutter.

Cristian: I'll try, Brody, but she really wants a drink.

Brody: You can cover it. I trust you. You're all good.

Wes: Line 'em up!

Cristian: How am I supposed to cover this? Jessica has Hepatitis C. I can't just give her water and tell her it's vodka. She'll know the difference.

Rama: Haven't you ever had a virgin?

Dorian: Kelly lost 4 units of blood?

Dr. Campbell: She's lucky Detective McBain found her when he did. She could have bled to death.

Dorian: John. John, I'm so grateful that you got there in time.

John: Yeah, I don't think Kelly's feeling too lucky right now.

Dorian: John--

John: I gotta get out of here. I gotta go back to the scene. I gotta find out where Marty went before she hurts someone else. Call me the minute you hear anything about Kelly, please.

Dorian: I will.

Natalie: I'm coming, sweetie. Mommy will be right there. I just gotta find that tape.

Marty: Tape?

Natalie: I am going to tell John, Marty. I am going to tell him what you did, that he has a son that he wanted and a son that he loved. It's time to make it right, Marty.

Marty: Yes, it is!

Natalie: Aah!

Rama: You know, a virgin margarita or a virgin Delhi belly taste basically the same.

Cristian: I don't think Wes is a Delhi belly kind of guy. But there is non-alcoholic beer.

Wes: That better be for me.

Cristian: Yep. This one's on the house.

Wes: I have money.

Cristian: No, really. It's on me.

Wes: What's up with this place? You drink your beer out of a glass? Yeah, it's good stuff. You ever want to dump your husband, this guy's a good guy. So are you out for the night, or you gotta get home to the wife?

Cutter: I'm out.

Wes: What about you, Blondie? Your husband went AWOL. Let's say we teach him a lesson.

Aubrey: Thanks, but I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Wes: Better be important to leave a woman like you waiting.

Joey: You gotta stick around, Kel, 'cause I can't picture a world without you. So don't make me try. I don't know what I would do if you weren't in my life.

Viki: I've been wondering how Dorian got a hold of that tape, because it's all just a little too perfect. Echo confessing that she'd been duping Charlie all along about Rex, and that is exactly what Dorian has been trying to prove.

Clint: Every once in a while, the wicked get really lucky.

Viki: Why did you do it? Given how you feel about Dorian, I doubt it was out of the goodness of your heart.

Clint: Well, these days, nobody can count on the goodness of my heart.

Viki: Oh, God, I'm sorry. That was terrible.

Clint: That's all right. It's all right. It's hard to avoid all the bad "heart" references.

Viki: Dorian told me that when she asked for the tape, you were in no position to refuse.

Clint: You could put it that way.

Viki: What did she do? Wait a minute. No, don't answer. I don't really want to know.

Dr. Campbell: I'm sorry I can't be more optimistic.

Dorian: What's your prognosis?

Dr. Campbell: It depends on what we find when we open her up. How much organ damage, how well we can control the bleeding. It could go either way.

Dorian: I swear, Marty Saybrooke's gonna pay for what she did.

Marty: No one can take John from me again, especially not you. Wah!

John: Natalie!

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