OLTL Transcript Tuesday 5/3/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 5/3/11


Episode # 10929

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John: Hey, Bo, I just wanted to thank you again for calling in all those favors over at Langley. Yeah. Unfortunately, the same question remains--why does the CIA have a classified file on Tomás Delgado?

Téa: You saw who shot you? Can you describe them?

Todd: It was Tomás. It was your brother.

Téa: You think Tomás shot you?

Todd: I know he did. I saw him. He tried to kill me, Téa.

Blair: I'm glad the kids could finally get a break. You've been here a lot. Dani has been here a lot, right?

Shaun: Every day.

Blair: Yeah. Well, now we can possibly get our lives back to normal. I just can't believe he's awake. It's a miracle, isn't it, Tomás?

Tomás: Yeah, definitely.

Shaun: Yeah. Nothing keeps Mr. Manning down--not a bullet, not a shot of lethal drugs--right, Tomás? Standing right there. God, why the hell hasn't McBain arrested him?

John: It's too bad the whole thing is encrypted. Well, I assume we're dealing with some high-level stuff. Thanks again, Bo. I'll be in touch. What are you doing here so late?

Kelly: Oh, my goodness. Ha ha! I am working on a breaking story for tomorrow's edition.

John: Nice.

Kelly: Yes. How was your dinner with Marty?

John: Weird.

Kelly: Ok. Can you expand on that, please?

John: I could. I could.

Kelly: Mm-hmm.

John: All right. I was there. Marty was there. Dr. Buhari was there at first.

Kelly: Yes? At Marty's house?

John: Mm, yeah. Doc kept trying to get Marty to tell me something, but she stayed pretty quiet.

Kelly: Ok, but it sounds like you're sure there's something there to find.

John: I'm still no closer to finding out what it is.

Kelly: What are you gonna do next?

John: I am going to do nothing tonight.

Kelly: Hmm, but Marty is hiding something.

John: I'm feeling so are you.

Kelly: Did you just compare me to someone who is mentally ill?

John: 4 out of 5 doctors say Marty isn't sick.

Kelly: Ha! Oh, well, now I feel so much better about that. Thank you.

John: Maybe you will if you tell me about it. Something is on your mind, or someone.

Cutter: Back to finish him off?

Dorian: I have no idea of what you're talking about.

Cutter: Decided to stonewall. Guess there's no way to dress up the truth. You left Clint to die on the floor.

Dorian: What do you want?

Cutter: You could play nice, or I could call John McBain. What do you say, Madame Mayor?

Kelly: I got a lot of someones on my mind.

John: Hmm, how aloof of you. What are you working on?

Kelly: I am working on the story about Ryder's custody hearing.

John: Viki get custody of the kid?

Kelly: Nope.

John: The judge gave him to Tess and Ford?

Kelly: Wrong again.

Dorian: I'm absolutely astounded that you and Aubrey, your sister--ha ha!-have survived all these years as grifters.

Cutter: No need to resort to name calling.

Dorian: You want names? How about amateurs? Because that's exactly what the two of you are--amateurs. You think you've got me? All you've got is a lot of confusion around timelines and Clint's heart attack, just confusion, but it is fact that you and your so-called sister are getting it on together. That is a fact, so don't you dare try and blackmail me, or I will go to Joe, and I will tell him exactly what you and Aubrey have been-- hello, Joe.

Joey: Dorian? I didn't think you'd stick around.

Dorian: Of course, I did. Is the hearing over?

Joey: Yeah. Yeah. It's done.

Cutter: Did Tess get custody?

Dorian: Fool. Ha ha! What judge wouldn't give custody to Viki?

Aubrey: Actually--

Joey: Neither one of them got custody of Ryder. Aubrey and I did.

Ford: It's ok. Don't cry. It's ok. It's ok. I know.

Inez: There had to be something we can do.

Ford: It's a court ruling.

Inez: Can't you appeal?

Ford: Not today. It's ok.

Inez: What if you're not here when they come to pick him up?

Ford: You want me to run? What are my chances of getting him back for good? It's ok, buddy. It's all right.

Inez: I don't understand how they can take Ryder from you in the first place. You're his father.

[Knocks on door]

Ford: They're early. Can you take him for a second, please? It's all right.

Inez: And you're a good father. Why shouldn't you get custody of your own son?

Ford: I can answer that in one word--Tess.

Blair: What are you talking about?

Shaun: Tomás didn't tell you?

Tomás: Tell her what?

Shaun: About the empty syringe that Dani found in Todd's room.

Blair: What's suspicious about that?

Shaun: Someone already tried to kill Todd once.

Blair: I don't understand what you're talking about.

Tomás: Shaun thinks someone tried to poison Todd.

Shaun: Not someone. You.

Todd: Where the hell is McBain?

Téa: He is working on the case. He hasn't settled on a suspect yet.

Todd: There's only one suspect. He's standing right there.

Téa: McBain actually looked at Tomás, but there wasn't sufficient evidence, all right?

Todd: Well, there is now. There's an eyewitness.

Téa: Are you sure? Because you didn't remember anything until I just walked you through everything right now. Maybe seeing Tomás, you mixed that up.

Todd: Téa, I remember. I saw him... but you don't believe me. You'll let your brother get away with murder.

Kelly: "Joey and his bride Aubrey promised little Ryder a happy home filled with love." I think that's what she said, but I do have to check the quote. Anyway, that's it.

John: So the judge wasn't fooled by Tess and Ford.

Kelly: Uh-uh. If Viki had it a little more together, I'm sure she would have won, but considering the circumstances, Aubrey saved the day.

John: Think Joey can handle it?

Kelly: I think Joey is great. I think that he is responsible. He's enough of a kid himself that he will be fun. He's always been great with Zane. Zane is crazy about him. Yeah. I always thought he'd be a perfect dad.

John: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah.

Dorian: What judge wouldn't give custody to Viki? Though I'm sure you would take wonderful care of your nephew, Joe.

Joey: Mom would've won except for the fact that Niki Smith showed up to court instead.

Dorian: Oh, no. Niki is back.

Joey: Yeah, just for a few days. She made a deal with Tess to throw the hearing.

Dorian: By pretending to be Viki?

Joey: Mm-hmm. Mom got control, but not after all of her alters put on a show.

Dorian: Oh, poor Viki.

Joey: The whole thing freaked the judge out, and at that point, he's not gonna send a baby home with her.

Cutter: All right. So what about Tess and Ford?

Joey: What? Are you serious? No. The judge saw right through that one, too.

Dorian: So the baby should've been sent to Children's Services.

Joey: And he would have been, except Aubrey stepped in and stopped it.

Cutter: Really?

Joey: Yeah. She asked if we could take custody of Ryder.

Cutter: Did she?

John: You know it's temporary.

Kelly: Joey and Aubrey?

John: No. The whole custody thing.

Kelly: Well, Joey wouldn't be doing this if he wasn't sure about Aubrey, his wife. She's his wife. You know, I need to just get over this. Sorry.

John: For what?

Kelly: Well, I'll shut up, because I can't imagine how sick you are of hearing about this.

John: I don't mind hearing what's bothering you.

Cutter: So this was all your idea.

Joey: Yeah. I'm glad she spoke up.

Aubrey: Well, you would've. You wanted to. I could tell. If you hadn't been so worried about your mom--

Dorian: Aubrey, what did you say to convince the judge?

Aubrey: We're family. It didn't make sense for this innocent baby to be sent off to foster care when there are some many people who love him and want to take care of him. Joey and I just made the most sense as guardians.

Dorian: How lucky the judge saw it that way.

Joey: Oh, luck had nothing to do with it. I mean, you should have heard Aubrey. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. The judge ruled on the spot.

Dorian: Oh, I had no idea that you were so maternal.

Cutter: Neither did I.

Joey: Yeah. Well, I'm not surprised. Aubrey is the complete opposite of Tess.

Ford: What are you doing here?

Tess: I wanted to see you.

Ford: Why? There's nothing left to say, so--

Tess: Well, you know me. I always have something to say.

Ford: Get out.

Inez: Bobby? Shh. Could you just not upset--

Ford: Sorry. Could you just please spit it out, please?

Tess: Forget it.

Ford: All right. So you don't always have something to say.

Tess: I feel bad, ok?

Dorian: I knew something was wrong the last time I saw your mother. Is Viki at home now?

Joey: Yeah. She's had some sessions with the doctor. Now she's just resting. She needs a night off.

Dorian: Oh. I'll wait until tomorrow to call on her.

Aubrey: How's Clint?

Cutter: He woke up.

Joey: What? Wait. Why didn't you say so before?

Cutter: I'm sorry. You guys had big news. I'm sorry.

Joey: Did you see him?

Dorian: Yes, a little while ago, but he's still a very sick man.

Cutter: But he is talking up a storm. He was actually asking for you, Joey. It's like he has something to tell you.

Joey: Really? All right. I'll be right back.

Aubrey: Ok. Take your time.

Dorian: Joe, do you mind if I go in with you? I want to check on him myself, and besides which, I'm sure you two could use some family time.

Aubrey: She is just trying to torture us, isn't she? Do you think that's why she hasn't blown the whistle?

Cutter: I shut her up.

Aubrey: Really? How?

Cutter: Doesn't matter. I took care of business while you were adopting a baby.

Aubrey: Cutter--

Cutter: How, exactly, does getting Tess' kid get us any closer to the Buchanan money?

Ford: Could you give us some time alone, please?

Inez: I could go to the market if you're sure.

Ford: Thank you. Turns out, Tess and I might have a lot to say to each other.

Starr: Why do you think someone would try to poison my dad?

Blair: Sweetheart, I didn't know you were gonna be back so soon.

Starr: I forgot my phone in Dad's room. Why would you think that?

Tomás: Because he's a good bodyguard looking out for any sign of trouble.

Blair: It really doesn't make any sense. I'm sure Todd gets all kinds of injections every day.

Tomás: Yeah. The nurse probably left the syringe behind.

Shaun: The hospital doesn't use that kind. Someone brought it in.

Tomás: Why does that mean I tried to poison him?

Shaun: You were the only visitor before we found it.

Tomás: Look. If I was trying to hurt Todd, why is he awake and looking perfectly healthy? This is crazy. I'm no threat to Todd.

Todd: Come on, Téa. You know me.

Téa: I do.

Todd: You know when I'm lying. Hell, I don't even try with you anymore.

Téa: Like hell.

Todd: I know what I saw. Your brother tried to kill me.

Téa: I understand you believe that.

Todd: Oh, but your brother couldn't possibly do it. How long had it been since you've last seen him? Years? Decades? You don't know him anymore. You don't know what he's capable of.

Tomás: Blair, this makes no sense. How many times do I have to say it? I did not try to kill Todd.

Téa: Todd says you did.

Todd: Don't worry about it, Téa. I can handle this myself.

Ford: Ok.

Tess: Ok what?

Ford: You said you feel bad. Let's hear it.

Tess: Hear what?

Ford: Why you feel bad.

Tess: Ohh...you just looked so pathetic in court and not your usual loser pathetic, but, you know, really sad.

Ford: Sorry. Are you apologizing?

Tess: Well, I'm trying.

Ford: And this is it? Ok. Thank you for your nonapology, Princess. You can go.

Tess: Hey, come on. I didn't know that Niki was gonna buckle in court. She's usually stronger than that. I thought it was gonna work. This isn't my fault.

Ford: You're right. It isn't.

Tess: See?

Ford: It's mine. I should've never believed in you.

Aubrey: Money is not the only thing that matters.

Cutter: It is the only thing that matters here. It's the reason why we're stuck in this town. It's the reason why we targeted Joey. It's the reason why we put up with being apart for so long.

Aubrey: Well, look how far we've gotten.

Cutter: How far? I'm living in a fleabag motel, and we are no closer to payday than we were months ago. Are you even looking for security codes or access clearance?

Aubrey: I have to be careful, ok? Clint is onto me. Yes. He may be letting me live in his house, but it doesn't mean I get to see anything financial.

Cutter: So have you even tried?

Aubrey: It's gonna take a little bit of time, ok?

Cutter: Hey, why don't you throw a baby in the mix? How does that fit into our plan, or do you have a different plan, Aubrey?

Ford: Everybody warned me--Jessica's family, James, Langston--but all I wanted was my son, and you were the only person that could get him for me.

Tess: Well, I wanted to.

Ford: Yeah, yeah. You were gonna take care of it. So I ignored everybody, but then you took off, and you hit on the first guy that you saw.

Tess: I didn't.

Ford: You took stupid risks, and I put up with them because you said we couldn't lose. I thought you wanted what I wanted. Funny thing is, the whole time, I knew you didn't give a damn about Ryder. You just wanted the money, and you knew you didn't have the money without Ryder. So the whole time while you were laughing and carrying on and partying, going after anything with a pulse, I thought you'd keep your eye on the prize and that I would get my son, but life is one big party to you, isn't it? It doesn't matter what happens as long as you get what you want. It doesn't matter what happens.

Tess: Yes, it does matter.

Aubrey: This doesn't change anything for us.

Cutter: You took Tess' baby. You took her payday away.

Aubrey: I kept Tess' baby from going to a foster home. She will be grateful.

Cutter: She didn't care about the kid. She cared about the money. What if she blames you for losing her trust fund?

Aubrey: Oh, that's crazy.

Cutter: So is she, all right? Now what's to stop her from outing us just to get revenge?

Ford: So...what mattered, Tess, the money?

Tess: Uh, yeah. Hell yeah. Money will buy you a whole lot of fun, and it'll give you breathing room. It will keep you safe. That wasn't... the only thing.

Ford: Ok. Well, then what else mattered--the baby? Me? No. Why would you care? I'm just your husband...

Tess: Ugh, don't remind me.

Ford: Until I divorce you, and then there's nothing standing between you and the Buchanans and their power of attorney...

Tess: Wait. What?

Ford: And then they can put you in St. Ann's and have you treated until Jessica comes back.

Tess: No. They can't. I'm not ready to go.

Ford: Oh, yeah? Isn't that why you're here, to save yourself?

Tess: No. I really felt bad for you.

Ford: Prove it. Prove it. Tell me what you know about Aubrey and Joey's marriage.

Aubrey: Tess does not get anything out of exposing us. She's not stupid.

Cutter: How do you know?

Aubrey: She almost said something in court, but I convinced her that she's better off with me as a friend, because without that baby's trust fund, she's gonna be broke.

Cutter: All right. So now do we get a crack at the trust fund?

Aubrey: That'll be tricky.

Cutter: Great. So we just have another person to pay off and no money to do it. This is a mess, Aubrey.

Aubrey: No. I don't think it is.

Cutter: Why's that? You've got a husband. Now you've got a kid. Is that what you really want?

[Cell phone ringing]

John: Excuse me. That's a little strange. Starr?

Todd: Guess again.

John: Hey, Manning.

Todd: Yeah. I'm back. Now get over here and do your job.

Aubrey: I can't believe you're jealous of a baby.

Cutter: Give me one good reason for taking custody.

Aubrey: Because that little baby was gonna be taken away from the people who love him and given to complete strangers.

Cutter: You care about a kid you don't even know.

Aubrey: I'm human. Sue me.

Cutter: So what happens when you finally do know him? How attached do you get? Then when it's time for us to take off, I mean, if you think we're taking a kid on the road with us--

Aubrey: No. I wouldn't do that.

Cutter: So you'll dump him? Or maybe you weren't planning on leaving, Aubrey.

Aubrey: Hey, how's Clint?

Joey: Dad was asleep, so we just sat with him.

Aubrey: Ok. Well, why don't we come back later? We should probably go get Ryder.

Joey: Yeah. Yeah. You're right. It is late. Is everything ok?

Aubrey: Yeah. Fine.

Cutter: Look. I'm just worried for Aubrey. I'm proud of her for stepping up, but this is a big commitment, right?

Joey: Yeah, and we can handle it.

Aubrey: Yeah. That's what I told him, too, ok? So please don't worry.

Joey: We'll see you later.

Tess: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ford: No, no. You started to say something in court about Aubrey and Joey.

Tess: I was just trying to rattle her chains.

Ford: No, no. You know something. I could see it. Whatever it is, it's bad enough that the judge might not have given them custody of Ryder. What do you know, Tess?

Tess' voice: You guys can rip off Joey and take the entire Buchanan fortune, but I want in on the deal.

Cutter's voice: Which means what?

Tess' voice: Simple. I want half.

Ford: You really feel bad? Then help me get my son back. Tell me what you know.

John: When did you wake up?

Todd: A little while ago. Guess who's lurking outside my door all unhappy to see me alive. Tomás Delgado.

John: Yeah, yeah. I'm on my way.

Todd: He's the guy that tried to kill me. I saw him. Bring your cuffs.

Téa: Todd says you shot him.

Tomás: Well, that's impossible.

Téa: I asked him again and again. He's sure.

Tomás: He can't be. It didn't happen. What did he say?

Téa: He says he saw you in the window where the shots came from.

Tomás: Did he actually say that I shot him? Did he see me with a gun aimed at him and pulling the trigger?

Téa: No, Tomás, but he puts you at the scene.

Shaun: And you're not denying it.

Tomás: You know this whole thing is ridiculous. Téa, you know before this whole thing happened, Todd tried to have me deported. He wants me out of your life. He thinks he's figured out a way to make that happen. I'm sorry, but I've had enough. I'll see you soon.

Blair: Ok. Um...

Shaun: Stick around.

Téa: Shaun, put the gun away. That's not necessary.

Shaun: Yeah, it is. I'm calling the cops.

Todd: Nah. Don't bother. I already did.

Kelly: Todd is awake?

John: And apparently picking fights.

Kelly: Oh, he is back to his old self.

John: Well on his way.

Kelly: This is incredible. Why did he call you? Did he remember anything from the shooting at all?

John: You know I can't tell you that.

Kelly: What are you ta-- so now I'm press?

John: Yes. Now you're the press. I need to get over to the hospital.

Kelly: Ok. All right. I'm right behind you.

John: Hey, listen. Look. It sounded like it was a bad situation over there.

Kelly: And I am the press.

John: Yeah. Look. I'm sure you won't have any trouble getting an exclusive from Manning, but right now, I'm asking for a little space just so I can do my job.

Kelly: Ok. Are you asking for professional courtesy or personal favor?

John: Let's say it's personal.

Kelly: Well, all right, if you put it that way.

John: Thank you.

Kelly: You're welcome.

Dorian: I, for one, am not convinced. I think you've got a lot to worry about. Did you see the look in her eyes when they welled up with tears when she talked about the baby? That's new, isn't it? She never used to care about anything except your splendid 6 pack and bundles of unmarked bills. Can't be good for you, can it? Hmm.

Tess: Enough with the puppy dog look.

Ford: Just help me out, Tess. Tell me what you know about Aubrey and Joey.

Tess: It's not that simple.

Ford: Yeah. It is. You either help me, or you don't. Now, what's it gonna be? Get out.

Tess: Oh, Bobby, come on.

Ford: Get out. I need to say good-bye to my son. piece of change with no prints on it. That is not a piece of evidence.

Tomás: Thank you, hermana. There's no proof for a reason. Did you even consider that he might be lying?

Ford: You're early. I was supposed to have two hours.

Joey: Yeah, and actually, it's been a little bit longer than that, ok, Ford? It's pretty late.

Aubrey: We want Ryder to have time to get settled.

Ford: Well, he's already settled. He's asleep.

Joey: And he'll go back to sleep in the car.

Ford: Can we just talk about this for a second?

Joey: We have a court order.

Ford: Forget that for a minute.

Joey: Ford, it's time. Please, let's not make this any harder on Ryder than it has to be.

Dorian: Congratulations, Uncle Cutter--ha ha!-Though your sis is gonna be quite busy now with the baby. It's gonna be a lot harder to find time for those matinees, shopping sprees, or whatever excuses you used to make. Yeah. Those trysts were hard enough to plan as it was, weren't they? Heh heh heh. How long has it been since you've had quality time with your girlfriend?

Ford: Hey, buddy, it's your dad. I love you. These people are gonna take care of you, ok? They promise me that they're gonna love you, ok?

[Ryder fussing]

Ford: It's ok. It's ok. Shh. And they're gonna put the lion mobile over your head, and they're gonna bring you your bottle, and they're gonna rub your back when you can't sleep. It's ok.

Aubrey: We got it. We've got it all.

Ford: Ok. Shh.

Joey: I think it's pretty late.

Ford: You're enjoying this a little, aren't you?

Joey: No, I'm not. This is how you chose to play it.

Ford: No. I didn't play anything. This is my son.

Joey: Yeah, and the only reason you have a son is because you took advantage of Jessica when she did not know what she was doing...

Ford: Shh shh shh.

Joey: All right? It's late.

Ford: God...

Joey: Hey, buddy.

Aubrey: It's ok.

Joey: It's ok. Ok.

Aubrey: Good night.

Ford: Do something, Tess. All right. I'll make you a deal.

Joey: This isn't a negotiation.

Ford: No. You give me my son, and I'll give you Tess.

Dorian: I take it from the resounding silence it's been quite some time. Hmm. Not even time for a quickie, eh? Oh, dear, I suggest you settle in for a nice, long wait, maybe even get a job, because Aubrey looks far too happy with the status quo to risk disturbing it. She might even forget all about stealing Joe's money or even leaving Joe, hmm? Ciao, bello.

Joey: I'm sorry. What?

Tess: Yeah. What?

Ford: You all want Jessica back, right? I can give her to you.

Joey: How?

Ford: You give me my son right now, and I will commit Tess to St. Ann's.

Todd: I'm the liar?

Tomás: There's a surprise, with your resume.

John: All right, both of you. Enough bickering.

Tomás: You know what he's done.

John: I do, but for one day only, he's the victim.

Tomás: He probably really believes it. He's hated me since the moment we met, right, Todd? Lying in that bed unconscious, who knows what you dreamt up?

[Cell phone rings]

John: Oh, thank God. Yeah.

Todd: Starr, do you believe me?

Téa: Doesn't matter what any of us believe, Todd. It's about what can be proven.

Todd: No, no. I'm a liar, like you said.

Blair: No. That is not what she said, Todd.

Téa: Thank you, Blair. If there were any proof, I'd be the first one to take Tomás in.

Tomás: But there isn't. I'm innocent.

[Cell phone rings]

Kelly: Dorian.

Dorian: Kelly, darling, are you sitting? Because I've got news about Joe.

Kelly: Joey and Aubrey have custody of Ryder.

Dorian: Oh, you know.

Kelly: Yes. I know. I was in the courtroom when they came out of the hearing. Just wrote a story for tomorrow's paper.

Dorian: It's temporary.

Kelly: Why does everyone keep saying that?

Dorian: Because it is.

Kelly: No. It's practice for when Joey and Aubrey have their own children.

Dorian: Maybe not.

Kelly: Dorian, he's happy. He has a family. I should be happy for him.

Tess: Very funny, Ford.

Joey: Are you serious?

Tess: No. No. He's not serious. He's mad at me, so he's just having some fun.

Ford: Think about it. I can have Tess committed tonight, and the doctors could start treatment, and you could have Jessica back before you know it. Just sign over my son to me.

Joey: We can't do that, ok? There's a court order. Shh shh.

Aubrey: Ok. Come on. Let's go.

Ford: Forget that for a second. You give him to me. You can give him to me.

Tess: You can't trust him.

Joey: Well, she's right.

Ford: All right. Fine. You don't believe me? I will call right now. You can watch me.

Joey: All right. Do it. Call St. Ann's.

Tess: Joey. Are you sure that you want to make me this mad?

Joey: Call St. Ann's and have Tess committed tonight...

Ford: Ok.

Joey: All right, and then we'll talk, but for right now, we need to get Ryder home. Come on. It's ok, buddy. It's ok.

Tess: What the hell was that?

Aubrey: That's ok.

Joey: Hey, easy there, big guy. Easy. It's ok.

Aubrey: Ok. That was intense.

Joey: Yeah. I know.

Aubrey: What do you think?

Joey: It was the first smart thing Ford said since he married Tess. Hey, buddy. If he commits her to St. Ann's, we'll get Jessica back.

Aubrey's voice: Mm.

Tess' voice: Whoa, I've heard of kissing cousins, but this is ridiculous.

Aubrey: So what does that mean, exactly, for Jessica? Is it like she was asleep, or does she remember everything that Tess went through?

Joey: It depends. Why?

Aubrey: I was just wondering.

Joey: Ok. Hey, bud, come on.

[Cell phone rings]

Aubrey's voice: It's Joey.

Cutter's voice: Just let it ring.

Aubrey's voice: I can't. Hey.

Cutter's voice: Damn it.

Aubrey's voice: You should see how he defends me. It's actually kind of sweet.

Cutter's voice: Don't let it get to your head.

Aubrey's voice: What do you mean?

Cutter's voice: I didn't know better, I'd swear you were starting to care about the guy.

Aubrey's voice: I'm thinking, what if I actually went through with the wedding?

Cutter's voice: Have you completely lost your mind?

Aubrey's voice: No. It's you and me, Cutter, like it's always been.

Cutter's voice: Then let's cut our losses and get out of here.

Aubrey's voice: And just walk away?

Cutter's voice: Why not? There's always another mark.

Joey's voice: Thank you for being here.

Aubrey's voice: You're my husband. I love you. I want to be by your side. I wouldn't leave it.

Tess: What was that?

Ford: Business.

Tess: You are out of your mind.

Ford: Look who's talking.

Tess: If it weren't for me, you wouldn't have gotten close to that kid. If you weren't married to me--

Ford: Then I might've looked like a decent father in court.

Tess: You wouldn't have stood a chance against the Buchanan lawyers. You just would've looked like the guy that took advantage of a little girl. I helped you.

Ford: Helped me? Helped me? How? Where is my son?

Tess: It's a setback, Bobby, ok? We'll get it back. We're in this together.

Ford: No, no, no. There's no we here. You could've really helped me in court or just now. I saw the way you were threatening Aubrey. You got leverage on them. I don't know what it is, but you could've used it.

Tess: I told you, it's not like that.

Ford: You could've gotten me my son just now, but you don't trust me.

Tess: Gee, I wonder why. Look what you were just about to do.

Ford: Hey, you pushed me.

Tess: And I push back. Listen. That's what I do. That's how I survive, ok? You threaten me, you don't get my help. You get nothing.

Ford: Right, nothing. So why should I protect you?

Tess: We can fight them, Bobby. We just got to be smart about it.

Ford: You're right. Yeah, yeah. You're right.

Tess: What are you doing?

Ford: What I should've done as soon as I saw you in that shredded wedding dress. No. You don't protect Jessica. You keep her prisoner.

Tess: Uh! Damn it. Look what you made me do.

Tomás: You know what? There's no evidence. I've had enough.

Shaun: You're not leaving.

Tomás: I'm not under arrest.

Shaun: You're not gonna get another crack at Todd.

John: No. He's not. That was the lab. They were able to pull a set of prints off the syringe that Dani found, and they match yours.

Todd: Oh, did you want evidence?

John: You know the drill, Tomás. You're under arrest for the attempted murder of Todd Manning. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Dorian: You don't have to be gracious, Kelly, not with me, and you certainly don't have to be happy for Aubrey and Joe.

Kelly: Ok.

Dorian: I wish I knew what to say to make it better.

Kelly: You can't.

Dorian: But you could change it yourself. Just tell Joe about this little con artist that he's married.

Kelly: Look, Dorian. He doesn't want to know, and I can't, especially now that they have a baby to take care of.

Dorian: If you're sure, then there's only one course of action. I'll meet you at home, and we'll have a good, old-fashioned cry.

Kelly: Butterscotch ice cream and a gallon of rum?

Dorian: Just for two days-- that's the limit you gave me-- and then shake it off, and you go out into the world with your head held high.

Kelly: Like any good Cramer woman.

Dorian: Forget about Joe. Move on.

Kelly: That is easier said than done.

Inez: Bobby! Bobby, wake up. Bobby!

[Pounding on door]

Cutter: Aubrey?

Tess: Hide me. I just killed my husband.

On the next "One Life to Live"...

Viki: You knew that Charlie was sleeping with Echo weeks ago?

Brody: You're falling for her.

Tess: Now this.

Todd: What's been going on with you since I've been dead to the world?

Echo: What the hell does that mean?

Matthew: He could die, Dad.

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