OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/27/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/27/11


Episode # 10925

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Niki's voice: Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!

Viki: Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. No. Oh, God, no.

Joey: We're looking for Mom.

Tess: Oh. She's not here, so you two can run along.

Natalie: Mom's not anywhere, is she, Tess?

Tess: I'm sorry. I don't speak bimbo.

Ford: What are you talking about?

Joey: Tess, Niki Smith is back.

Tess: Niki Smith? She hasn't been around forever. Get real, Joey.

Joey: You're lying, all right? She's back, and you know it.

Niki: Ok! Here we go again. Man, the stuff I got to do! Oh, Vik. Whoever told you this was a good idea? God, you got no taste! I got to jazz this up. Huh. Not with that. [Scoffs] It's like a punishment. Of course, you always hated yourself, didn't you? Obviously you still do.

Viki: How did you get out, Niki? I had you under control. [Echoing laughter] I thought I had you under control. You have to come back and let me out. I -- I need to go to the hearing. I need to get custody of the baby. I need to convince Tess to go away and Jessie to come back. Do you hear me, Niki? You have to let me out now!

Tess: Natalie, I thought you understood. What did you tell him? Ok, the truth is Mom tried to scare me into letting Jessica out by pretending to be Niki Smith. That trick only worked once -- I saw right through it -- and Mom even copped to it. But this little one has always been a little slow on the uptake, haven't you?

Joey: Will you give it a rest, Tess, all right? We're on to you. You and Niki obviously have some plan to get custody of Ryder. It's not gonna happen.

Natalie: Where is she, Tess?

Joey: Tess, where is she?

Niki: You must be rubbing off on me, Vik. I should've hightailed it out of here when I had the shot. Ohh. Ick. But I promised Tess, didn't I? And Niki Smith is no welcher! Ha ha! She thinks I owe her. I don't owe her squat! But I'm gonna do her a little favor, and then she's gonna owe me. Yeah! So I'm gonna pretend to be you, Miss Viki, so Tess can get Jessie's kid and the money. And then I am on the first plane to Vegas! Bye-bye, Viki! That is the last you gonna see of me, the very last!

Viki: No! You will not hurt my daughter! Not again! You owe Jessica big time, and you will not take Ryder away from her! Now, let me out of here!

[Keys jingling]

Tess: What is up with these two, huh? Do we have to go through this again? Ok. Niki is Viki's alter, so Niki's in Viki's head.

Natalie: So then where is Viki, because the hearing's about to start.

Tess: Yeah. You'd think she'd care enough about her grandchild to make an appearance, right?

Viki: Jean. Oh, thank God.

Jean: Really, Victoria, was all that caterwauling really necessary?

Viki: Apparently it worked, because you're here. You're the gatekeeper. Now, open this gate and let me out of here. Jean? Let me out of here. Jean, will you hurry up? Niki is in cahoots with Tess!

Jean: Calm down.

Viki: You don't understand! I'm suing Tess for custody of Ryder, and Niki is planning on impersonating me at the hearing to make sure that the judge finds me incompetent and gives Tess the baby!

Jean: It's interesting, isn't it? It sounds as if that hearing is rather important to you.

Viki: "Important"? It is crucial! That's why I have to get there! Now, unlock this gate!

Jean: No, Victoria, I can't do that.

Niki: Ok. Tess gets the kid, and I get out of here! You know, I was thinking Vegas, but now I'm thinking -- agh -- Monte Carlo. Monte Carlo's better. It's a lot further. What do you think, Vik, huh? Vegas? Monte Carlo? Atlantic City? I don't know. Ha ha. I do know I ain't ever gonna wear anything this ugly again. Ok! Showtime!

Viki: Jean?

Niki's voice: Showtime!

Viki: Jean, do you hear that? She is laughing at us. You cannot leave me in here.

Jean: Me? Leave you?

Viki: Ok, fine. Fine, it's my fault. Obviously I let my guard down, but that's no reason to punish Jessica and Ryder or little Bree. Tess doesn't care about those children! They need someone to protect them, and someone needs to get Jessica into treatment. Please, Jean. I have to get to the courtroom before Niki speaks to the judge.

Ford: Ok. So where is she?

Tess: Relax.

Joey: And that's all the proof you need that Niki is back. There's no way Mom would Miss Ryder's custody hearing.

Tess: She'll be here.

Natalie: You sure about that?

Tess: Absolutely positively.

Natalie: Really? And why is that?

Joey: Because she's already made a deal with Niki.

Tess: There's just no talking to you people, really. Ow!

Joey: Stop it. Admit it.

Tess: Let me go.

Joey: You're using Niki to get custody of Ryder.

Ford: Get your hands off my wife.

Jean: It certainly sounds as if you should be at that hearing. Jessica's children clearly need their mother back. Tess would no doubt leave Ryder in a coatroom if she could, and Robert Ford's paternal qualifications are as yet untested. So that leaves the question, why are you still here?

Viki: Because you won't let me out.

Jean: Pay attention, Victoria. I never I said I won't let you out. I said I can't let you out.

Viki: You're the gatekeeper. You have a key.

Jean: Yes, I am the gatekeeper. However, I don't have a key.

Viki: Why not?

Jean: Because you gave it to Niki.

Joey: Stay the hell out of this, Ford.

Ford: Ryder is my son, Tess is my wife, and you assaulted her.

Joey: She's not your wife. She's not even a real person.

Tess: Hey! I resent that!

Natalie: Get used to it.

Joey: Tess is an alter, ok? You're only using her to get ahold of Ryder's trust fund --

Ford: That's not true! Come on!

Joey: So don't go ahead and just pretend that you love her or respect her, because if that were true, you'd already have her in a hospital. This marriage is a total fake.

Ford: And your marriage is perfect? You know why Aubrey Wentworth married you? Because you're a Buchanan.

Joey: That's not true.

Ford: Were you with us at the Venice Film Festival? No. Do you know how many rich jackasses she threw herself at before she finally settled down with you?

Tess: Great! Thanks a lot.

Natalie: This is my fault?

Tess: You came and sicced your big bully brother on us. What is the matter with you, Natty? Are you jealous that I have a man and you don't?

Natalie: Shut up, Tess!

Niki: Children! Children! What is going on? I'm waiting for an answer. Gracious! This is hardly the way to behave in a court of law! What were you thinking?

Tess: See? It's Viki, right down to the pole up her --

Natalie: Mom, is it really you?

Niki: Is it me? Of course, it's me? Who else would it be? Ha ha!

Joey: Niki, working with Tess.

Natalie: We think that you're pretending to be Viki to ensure that Tess gets custody.

Jean: Now, your children are on to Nicole. Ordinarily, that would be enough to send her packing, and yet there she is.

Viki: I don't understand any of this. How could I have given her the key? You're the gatekeeper.

Jean: But I'm only as strong as you are, Victoria, and lately you have been less than 100%.

Viki: Yes, I know, and clearly, that's why you're here. You take charge when I can't. So take charge! Bring Niki back!

Jean: I can't.

Viki: Why not? It's not as if I consciously let her out.

Jean: No, it wasn't conscious, but it was intentional.

Viki: That's not possible. I would never intentionally let Niki out.

Jean: And yet you did. You're in a weakened state, Victoria. You've had several serious setbacks lately -- Tess has replaced Jessica; Natalie told a terrible lie, which caused her to lose the man she loves; and you cannot shake the image of that blowsy slattern Echo DiSavoy -- the name alone is enough to give one pause -- in the arms of your husband. Actually, any one of these circumstances would have been enough to summon Nicole or me, but altogether it was just too much. You couldn't face it, and so you chose to hide here, and you let Niki take your place. This was your doing, Victoria, not mine.

Niki: I'm not sure I entirely understand this. You think that I am pretending to be me?

Joey: We think Niki got out.

Tess: They think Niki and I cut a deal.

Niki: Niki Smith and Tess? Oh, don't be ridiculous. Ha ha ha! Look, I haven't had any trouble from Niki Smith in years. I'm completely integrated. Natalie, darling, I told you all of this last night.

Joey: We don't believe you. Mom? Mom, I know you're in there. We're here. It's safe to come out.

Niki: Joey, this is not necessary. Really --

Joey: I know how much stress you're under, ok, and we're here. We're not gonna let Niki get away with this.

Viki: That's Joey. He needs me. They all need me!

Jean: They have always needed you.

Viki: That proves it! I would never have deliberately chosen to come here!

Jean: And yet you did.

Viki: No!

Viki: Sweetheart, I appreciate your concern, really, I do, but I'm fine. I'm here, aren't I, and ready to do battle for Ryder. I don't want you to worry. I will never let you down. I love you.

Ford: This is your secret weapon?

Morgan: Judge is on the way.

Tess: About time.

Morgan: It's not Rousseau. He had a family emergency of some kind.

Ford: So is the hearing canceled?

Morgan: No. The court felt there had been enough delay. We've been assigned Judge Massicotte.

Ford: So what does that mean for us?

Morgan: Massicotte's conventional. She likes things simple, no problems.

Tess: No problems, huh?

Ford: All right. We won't give her any.

Morgan: Good. So, perfect couple, right?

Tess: That's right. Right, honey?

Ford: Are you sure we can depend on her?

Tess: Niki? She's got as much riding on this as we do.

Viki: There has got to be a way out of here.

Jean: You can't walk away from the truth. And you won't find a way out that way.

Viki: Watch me. Niki Smith will not help Tess get that baby. Never!

Natalie: Mom, listen.

Viki: Look, I appreciate the show of support from both of you. I really, really do. But I also know that you both feel your place is really with your father at the hospital, and I understand that, so off you go.

Joey: We're staying right here.

Niki: Joey, darling, I am so worried about Clint.

Joey: Aubrey's at the hospital. She'll call if anything changes.

Natalie: Mom, where is Nora? Isn't she representing you?

Niki: Yes, she was. She had some sort of a conflict and the judge removed her.

Natalie: What? What about Téa?

Joey: I'll call.

Niki: No! Don't call Téa. No, I've already spoken to Téa. She was very clear. She has to be with Todd.

Natalie: We just heard there's a new judge. Judge Massicotte has all of Rousseau's records, and that means they're working from the same information.

Niki: Then there's no problem. All we're doing is listening to the judge's decision, right? I don't need a lawyer for that.

Bailiff: All rise. This hearing is now in session.

Jean: You chose to hide, which is understandable, given your circumstances.

Viki: Even if that's true, I can't hide anymore. There is much too much at stake. It's Jessie's future and the baby's.

Jean: Oh, unfortunately, it may be too late.

Viki: What do you mean?

Jean: The hearing is in session. Look.

Judge: I apologize for the disruption this late in the proceedings, but I've read Judge Rousseau's notes and have familiarized myself with the various claims of the parties and am ready to proceed with the decision. Will Mrs. Buchanan be joining us?

Viki: No, no. She had a previous engagement. I'm gonna represent myself.

Judge: We'll accept that. As we're through the evidentiary phase of this proceeding, it shouldn't be a problem. But where's Mr. Banks?

Niki: Charlie? Charlie's in -- disposed.

Judge: That's surprising. The last time you convened, he made an impassioned speech on your behalf. I expected him to be here.

Niki: You're not the only one.

Judge: I'm sorry?

Niki: It appears that Charlie Banks has finally shown his true colors.

Judge: Again, Mrs. Banks --

Niki: You know what? Don't call me that.

Judge: I beg your pardon?

Niki: Ok, the truth is that Charlie Banks is a lousy cheater, and I am lucky to finally be rid of him.

Judge: I don't understand. You asked him to join you in the suit.

Niki: Yeah. Now I'm un-asking him. Ok? Oh, come on, Judge. Don't tell me you don't watch "Access Llanview"? There is a picture of Charlie Banks kissing another woman, which is why there is no way that I can take care of my grandchild. I mean, not now.

Tess: Told you not to worry.

Judge: I'm sorry, Mrs. Banks. Let me get this straight. You're no longer pursuing custody of Ryder?

Viki: Nope. I am withdrawing my suit. It's the right thing to do. The kid belongs with his parents, with -- what's his name -- Ford, and of course, with my daughter Jessica Brennan -- uh, Ford.

Viki: No! She cannot do that. Now, make her stop!

Jean: If only I could.

Viki: Tess cannot win custody of Ryder. It would be disastrous! Do you hear me?!

Jean: Very well.

Viki: Then do something! I have to get out of here!

Jean: As we have discussed, I don't have the key.

Viki: I know. I gave the key to Niki. I understand, but there's got to be another way. Joey and Natalie -- they're at the hearing. Where are they? Where are they? Joey? There they are. Joey, Natalie, that's not me. It's Niki!

Joey: It's definitely Niki.

Natalie: Yeah, because there is no way that Mom would abandon Ryder, not in a million years.

Morgan: Your honor? As Mrs. Banks has made it clear that she no longer wants custody, I'd like to ask that you adjourn this hearing and allow my clients to get home to their child.

Judge: Mrs. Banks, are you sure this is what you want? Because once your petition is withdrawn, I will not allow you to reinstate it. The minor will remain with his biological parents.

Joey: Your honor, I'm sorry. That woman must not be allowed to withdraw my mother's suit. That is not Mrs. Banks. That is not my mother.

Viki: Oh, thank God. Thank God Joey knows it's Niki. Now the judge is gonna have to put an end to this travesty.

Jean: I would not underestimate Niki Smith.

Judge: If this woman isn't Mrs. Banks, then who is she?

Judge: She's another personality, your honor, an alter.

Natalie: Our mother, much like our sister Jessica, has dissociative identity disorder, D.I.D.

Joey: Which basically means the psyche fractures and --

Judge: I've read the literature. I'm aware of the disorder.

Natalie: Ok. Our mother has been under a tremendous amount of stress, and she has fractured into this personality.

Niki: Excuse me? It's not polite to point, darling. My children are very, very protective. What they're saying, your honor, is simply not true.

Tess: They're just jealous. They've always known that Mom likes me best.

Natalie: That is so -- it's not true, your honor. We love our sister Jessica. But this is not Jessica. This is Tess, and this is Niki Smith.

Joey: The two of them are trying to fool the court into awarding custody of Ryder to Tess so that she can steal his trust fund.

Niki: You know what, Joe-y, I think -- she's right. I do like her better. You know what? You and the redhead, you're royal pains in the butt.

Judge: Now, let's settle down here, and I need some answers. You -- who are you?

Niki: You got me, Judge! I'm Niki Smith! Ha ha ha! And trust me, I'm a lousy mother -- just ask her. I can't stand kids. Do you know what? I could really use a drink right now. I just want to have a good time. You know what I mean?

Judge: I get the idea.

Niki: Ok, long story short, you'd be nuts to give me that kid. Nuts.

Jean: So the good news is that Niki has been outed. The bad news is --

Viki: I'm still in here. So you have to stop this, Jean. Just because I'm locked up doesn't mean we're helpless. You said that the reason Niki got out and I'm locked in here is because of me. It was my choice. I am choosing to order you into action. Now!

[Keys jingling]

Niki: Come to think of it, Viki's no great shakes as a mother either.

Joey: That is not true.

Niki: Oh, yeah. Listen to him. What, is he, like, 12 years old? He's already been married three times. Over there we got loony tunes. And let's not forget miss hot-to-trot, huh?

[Keys jingle]

Niki: Do you know what she did? She got knocked up by her sister's fiancé, and she lied to her own fiancé, told him the kid was his. Huh. Sweet, huh? Look at them, the bunch of them. What a bunch. See, I think --

[Keys jingling]

Ford: What's going on?

Niki: Uh, I think, your honor, that you gonna have to give the kid to, uh, Jessica.

Judge: Mrs. Banks, are you all right?

Natalie: Is she --

Tess: Don't tell me Viki's coming back just when we were gonna get what we want.

Judge: Mrs. Banks? Do you need a recess?

Jean: No.

Judge: Are you all right, Mrs. Banks?

Jean: Mrs. Banks? No. I'm quite all right. I'm always all right.

Judge: Uh, Bailiff --

Jean: No, it's all right, your honor. Ah. I need these. Thank you.

Niki: Hey, what gives? I was having fun.

Viki: And now it's over.

Niki: You?!

Tess: Not her.

Ford: Why? What's happening? Who is she now?

Joey: It's Jean Randolph.

Natalie: This is really bad. This means that Mom totally fragmented.

Judge: Mrs. Banks -- or should I say Niki Smith?

Jean: Rest assured, your honor, Niki Smith has left the building.

Niki: Yo, Jean? Jean Randolph! Where the hell are you?

Viki: She can't hear you.

Niki: Why not? Where is she?

Viki: Right there, trying to clean up the mess that you made.

Judge: If you're not Niki Smith or Victoria Banks, uh, Madam, I --

Jean: Your honor, I am one of --

Morgan: Your honor, if I may? While our hearts certainly go out to Niki Smith, or whoever it is she chooses to call herself --

Jean: Niki Smith's appearance in this courtroom today was unfortunate and should be disregarded, your honor.

Morgan: Be that as it may, your honor, Mrs. Banks made it very clear she is no longer seeking custody of the child.

Jean: Mr. Guthrie, your diligence on behalf of your clients is admirable. However, we all know that the woman who made that request was not Victoria Banks and, therefore, has no standing in the matter.

Morgan: Your honor, I don't know if you're keeping score here. How am I supposed to know who is standing and who doesn't?

Ford: What is she doing?

Tess: Winning our case for us.

Jean: She's a dreadful mother. However, Ryder would be perfectly safe with me.

Joey: If I may, your honor? This person isn't my mother either. It's another one of her alters.

Judge: And you are?

Jean: My name is Jean Randolph. But I can assure you Nicole is gone, and the child will be well cared for.

Judge: So unlike Niki Smith, you're fond of children?

Jean: Not in the least.

Niki: Ha ha ha ha! You thought it was a good idea to let her out? Hoo-hoo-hoo! You must be desperate! That judge gonna get a good look at miss "wrapped so tight her eyes don't work," and you can kiss old Ryder bye-bye!

Viki: No. No.

Jean: Children are messy, your honor. They smell. They're noisy and demanding and completely self-centered. However, it can't be much harder caring for one of them than caring for a household pet. They need feeding and cleaning -- and clothes. In that respect, I suppose a pet has the advantage. In any case, I'm quite sure I'll be able to manage. I've read many books on the subject. I know all about sleep schedules and bath temperatures.

Judge: Excuse me, Ms. Randolph, what about love? Where will you learn about love?

Jean: You mean bonding?

Judge: No. Love.

Jean: Attachment?

Judge: Love. Children need love, Ms. Randolph.

Jean: I'm sure I can find a book on the subject.

Niki: Hee hee hee! You tell them, Jean. Ha!

Viki: Be quiet.

Niki: What? I think she's doing a hell of a job. Don't you?

Viki: Give me the key.

Niki: Oh. You mean these?

Viki: No. The key I gave you.

Niki: Eh, you never gave me squat. I busted out of here on my own.

Viki: Oh, really? And why now? What enabled you to "bust out of here"?

Niki: It was, like, you know, time. My turn.

Viki: No. I gave you the key.

Niki: Yeah? That was stupid.

Viki: It was shortsighted, perhaps, but apparently necessary. Now you've had your fun, and it's time for us to trade places. So give me the key.

Niki: So you can get out? Fat chance, pal! My key is safe and sound. And as soon as Miss-know-it-all Randolph screws up, I am out of here.

Viki: And then what? Back to court? You didn't want Ryder.

Niki: Tess does.

Viki: All Tess cares about is the money. All you care about --

Niki: Is having a good time, which I ain't having with you. Pfft! No wonder Charlie left you. You are a real drag lately.

Viki: Compared to Echo, perhaps I am. But you know what? Too bad. I am not going to allow you to steal what is left of my life. Now give me the key!

Niki: Hee hee hee hee! Catch me if you can!

Viki: Niki, you give me that key!

Niki: Do-da-da-do da-day

Viki: Niki, I want that key! Give me the key now!

Jean: Was conducted among 32 infants, all under the age --

Niki: You can't catch me! You'll never catch me here!

Jean: For approximately 11 minutes 4.5 times a day developed just as successfully as those who were held at random intervals! In fact, their S.A.T. scores were 3.8% higher.

Natalie: Your honor, I'm sorry, but our mother needs help, and she is in no condition to be fighting for custody.

Morgan: I couldn't agree more, your honor. And it seems to me you've heard more than enough to make an informed decision as to Mrs. Banks' competency.

Joey: Can we come back to this, your honor? We need to get our mother to the hospital. You're coming with us.

Jean: Don't touch me!

Viki: Niki, give me the key! Niki! Let me out of here, Niki!

Niki: Nope. You gave me the key, and I'm getting out of here.

Viki: You will not leave me in here! Now give me the key!

Jean: I don't want to be touched. Don't touch me.

Joey: It's ok. I won't touch you.

Natalie: Jean, you're gonna have to come with us now.

Jean: Don't touch me.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: Order! Order now, please!

[All shouting]

Niki: Ooh! Look what you did.

Jean: What I did? No, this was your doing.

Natalie: Mom?

Tess: Oh, my God. What next?

Natalie: Mom? Mom, wake up. Come on, Mom.

Joey: What happened?

Natalie: I don't know. Mom, please come back to us. Mom?

Jean: Victoria?

Niki: You killed her.

Jean: I killed her? You killed her.

Joey: Mom? Mom, can you hear us?

Natalie: She's breathing, but she just won't wake up.

Joey: We need a doctor!

Judge: Bailiff, call the E.M.T.

Morgan: I'll go downstairs and wait for them.

Ford: Has this ever happened before?

Tess: How should I know?

Judge: Under the circumstances, we'll take a recess until Mrs. Banks -- or whoever she is -- has recovered.

Natalie: Mom? Jean? Niki? I don't understand.

Joey: What, is it her heart?

Natalie: No. She's got a pulse. It's slow, but it's steady.

Tess: You know what? I'm thirsty. Let's go grab a drink of water.

Niki: What did I do?

Jean: You were alone with her, Nicole. Something must've happened. She was fine when I left.

Niki: Ok. So we had a little argument. Ha ha! I wouldn't give her the stupid key, and she freaked out. Except you're the one who really scared her. What was all that talking about pets and S.A.T. scores? Do you ever listen to yourself, Jean? You sound like a robot with PMS.

Jean: No, it was your incessant howling that was obviously too much for her. You never should've come out, Nicole.

Niki: Hey, her highness gave me the key.

Jean: Because your friend Tess provoked her.

Ford: What the hell happened in there?

Tess: Shh! We're good. Hello.

Ford: You want to tell me what happened in there?

Tess: Viki short-circuited.

Ford: What a freak show.

Tess: Looks like we found Niki's stash.

Ford: So how many personalities do you have?

Tess: I'm the only one that matters.

Ford: Hey, hey, hey. We still got to go back in there.

Tess: Like anyone's gonna notice after that meltdown.

Ford: Why couldn't she have just waited? We were so close.

Tess: Are you kidding me? This is the best thing that could've happened! There's no way the judge is gonna give that three-ring circus custody of Ryder.

Ford: Wait a second. Are you saying that we won?

Tess: That's what I'm saying.

Ford: Ha ha ha ha!

Tess: We better get back in there.

Ford: Hey, wait a second. Here.

Tess: Right.

Niki: So what? Tess got to Viki, and I wound up with the key. Viki even said so, huh? What was I supposed to do, say no? I'm out of here.

Jean: Oh, think, Nicole. You're not the only one with a key. Where are you planning to go? Our host is somewhat indisposed at the moment. You unlock that door, and you'll be in the same state she's in. You see, without her, we are nothing.

Joey: Mom, open your eyes.

Natalie: Mom, please come back to us. We will protect you.

Joey: So no matter what's going on in your head --

Natalie: Yeah, if you're worried about Jessica or Joey --

Joey: Or Natalie or if it's Charlie, ok, you can get through it.

Natalie: Yeah, we will help you, just like you've always helped us.

Joey: You remember, Mom? Jessica needs you now more than any of us, Mom, even though she won't admit it. And not just her, ok, her son, too. I know you're scared, ok, but, Mom, you're not alone.

Natalie: We love you, Mom.

Joey: We love you.

Natalie: Please don't leave us.

Morgan: In here!

Natalie: She's got a pulse, and she's breathing, but I can't get her to wake up!

Joey: Natalie! Natalie, look.

Niki: Attagirl, Viki! See? We knew it wasn't gonna be the end of us. Didn't we, Jean? Huh? Huh?

Viki: As if you two could finish me off. I had a weak moment, and that's all it was. The loss of another marriage, a man I thought I could trust. Yes, it threw me seeing Charlie in that girl's arms, but I'm only human. And Clint playing God, destroying our daughters' happiness, and Tess coming back to torment us. And Natalie...all I ever wanted for Natalie was to see her happily married to the man she loves, and look what happened instead. Yes, I faltered. So what? I admit it. Despite all the marriages and the deaths and the shattering losses of the men I loved, of a child, of my beloved mother-- who left me far too soon. And despite my father, who betrayed my trust in the worst way imaginable. Despite all of that--no, because of it, because of everything that I have suffered, I am stronger than you, and all of you. I have survived, and I will continue to survive. And I will walk through hellfire if my children need me!

E.M.T.: Pulse is stronger. She's picking up.

Viki's voice: Joey, Natalie, Jessica, I'm coming back. I promise you, I will never allow Niki or Jean or any of them to take my place in the world. Yes, I share aspects of their characters, but I'm better than you, Niki. You're selfish and you're sloppy and you're devious. And I'm better than you with your cool precision and your relentless logic. I am a whole person, and I deserve to be with the people I love. There's no more hiding. There's no time for that now. I have only my one life, and I intend to keep living it now!

Natalie: Mom? Mom, it's us. Hey, hey. Do you know us? Mom?

Niki: No! No!

Jean: It's for the best, Nicole. Everything is now as it should be.

Niki: No! No!

Viki: Hello, darling.

Joey: Mom, is it you?

Natalie: Is it really you?

Viki: Yes, it's me.

Natalie: Viki?

Viki: Yes, Viki.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Judge: Mrs. Ford, do you know something about the Buchanans' marriage?

Cutter: Because I've got something you want.

Clint: You could've killed me.

Marty: Either keep your mouth shut or you lose your career!

John: I need to find out what it is before she hurts somebody.

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