OLTL Transcript Thursday 4/21/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 4/21/11


Episode # 10921

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Blair: What are you waiting for? Get started.

Jack: You want me to fill all of these?

Blair: Jack, you need some instruction? You pick up the salt shaker. You turn the top counterclockwise.

Jack: Mom. I'm not an idiot. I know how to fill salt shakers.

Blair: Really? I'm a little shocked here, because every time I look over at you, you're just playing around. You're setting them down with the top half-off like you want the salt to fall out all over everybody.

Jack: You know it's April vacation, right?

Blair: Would you rather be in school?

Jack: I'd rather be in Aruba. You know I could've gone with Brad's family. But no. I'm stuck here doing stupid jobs for my mom.

Blair: That's right. Because you're grounded until further notice, because of what you did to Shane Morasco. You're not going anywhere.

Jack: Look, I said I was sorry, ok? What more do you want from me?

Dr. Buhari: Thanks. I'd like to know a little bit more about your family before we begin Shane's therapy. I always tape my sessions. Is that all right with you, Shane?

Shane: Yeah, I guess.

Dr. Buhari: So. What can you tell me about the composition of your household? How long have you been married?

Gigi: Actually, we're not. But...should we?

Rex: Why not?

Gigi: Shane, honey, we have some good news that we want to share with you.

Rex: I'd say it's great news.

Shane: What is it?

Gigi: Your parents... are getting married.

Blair: You're lucky filling salt shakers is all I'm having you do--for now.

Jack: What's next? Pepper shakers?

Blair: Try me. You got a toothbrush? I have toilets to clean.

Jack: This sucks!

Blair: You think I'm being tough on you, Jack? You wait till your father gets better. He's gonna be way tougher than I am.

Jack: Don't you mean if my father gets better? If he doesn't die?

[Machine beeping]

Tomás: Hey, Shaun.

Shaun: Tomás.

Tomás: I'd like to see my brother-in-law.

Shaun: I guess I have to let you in.

Tomás: I'm on the list.

[Cell phone ringing]

John: Hey, listen, Scoop, if you're looking for information on the Manning shooting, I got nothing for you.

Kelly: Oh. That's too bad and also not why I called.

John: Well, if you want something on the Eddie Ford killing, I got nothing for you, either.

Kelly: Hey. You. Me. Dinner. Your place. I'm cooking. What time?

John: Are you trying to soften me up, so I'll give you a story?

Kelly: I offer you a home-cooked meal, and you're giving me a hard time?

John: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Fine. I'll take my chances. I'll see you later at my place.

Brody: Natalie. I'm so sorry. I was working graveyard at the station. I didn't get the message about your dad till just now. He had a heart attack?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, it's really, really serious. They've had him doing an MRI right now. Joey's with him.

Brody: That's good.

Natalie: Why did you bring Liam? Is the baby nurse sick?

Brody: No. Liam was missing his mom, and I figured she might be missing him, too.

Marty: John.

John: Hi.

Marty: Hi.

John: How are you?

Marty: You tell me. Is tonight good?

John: Tonight?

Marty: I called you. Didn't you get my message?

John: Yeah, I did. I'm sorry. I got it. I just-- I've been so busy.

Marty: Oh, no, that's ok. I'd expect nothing less from the chief of detectives. So is dinner tonight good?

John: Unfortunately, I have-- I have other plans, all right? Another time?

Natalie: Brody, you were exactly right. Liam is exactly what I need right now. Brody, I am so scared.

Brody: I know.

[Knocking on door]

Bo: Yeah. What's this?

John: This is about Todd Manning's case.

Bo: Classified? Whose print is this?

John: Tomás Delgado.

Dani: Uncle Tomás?

Tomás: Daniella, I'm glad you're here. I was hoping I'd find you.

Dani: Yeah, we were just visiting. Uncle Tomás, I want you to meet my boyfriend Nate.

Nate: Dani has been telling me all about her cool uncle.

Tomás: She told me all about you, too. All good. How are you holding up?

Dani: I don't know. I just keep coming back here hoping the next time I see my dad, he'll open his eyes.

Nate: He will. Soon.

Dani: So what were you doing when we showed up?

John: I've been looking at Delgado for the Manning shooting.

Bo: Do you have anything solid?

John: No. Just a Euro we found at the scene. There was some blood, but the building's industrial and the chemicals apparently compromised the sample.

Bo: Does he have a record?

John: He's clean. Ran his prints anyway. I got one hit. Problem is, his file's classified.

Bo: What database turned up the hit?

John: How about the CIA's?

Tomás: I was just...

Shaun: Only two visitors at a time.

Dani: Shaun, could you just make an exception just this once?

Shaun: Sorry. Rules are rules.

Tomás: Stay. Spend some time with your father. You can pick up where I left off.

Dani: Doing what?

Tomás: Just encouraging him to wake up so he wouldn't miss another day with his beautiful daughter. Nice to meet you.

Nate: So that's your uncle?

Dani: Isn't he the best?

Blair: Jack, I know that this has been very, very hard on you, but...your father is gonna get better. Last couple of years have been hard on all of us, with Eli and--

Jack: I told you that guy was a homicidal maniac.

Blair: Yes, you did. Everything that happened with Téa and then with your father hurt.

Jack: Mom, he didn't fall off a ladder. Somebody shot him.

Blair: Ok.

Jack: Now he's in a coma.

Blair: Listen. I need to apologize to you.

Jack: Does that mean I'm not grounded anymore?

Blair: Would you just listen to me, all right? Hear me out. I don't know if it's because you're so smart and independent, or that you take care of your brother, do whatever you need to do. I don't know. I just know that I have not--I haven't been paying enough attention to you, Jack, and I'm very sorry about that. Because you must have just an enormous amount of anger to be built up in you for you to harass Shane like that.

Jack: Oh, please.

Blair: No, no. That's gonna change, all right? Starting with my life. I am going to make better choices with the men that I date, better choices for my family so I can be a better parent. And I'm certainly gonna keep a better eye on you, ok?

Jack: Ok, Mom.

Man: Can you sign for these glasses?

Blair: I didn't order any glasses.

Man: Says here someone did.

Shane: That's great. Congratulations.

Rex: That's all you have to say?

Shane: What's wrong with it?

Gigi: Nothing. Nothing. To be honest, we just were expecting a bigger reaction. I mean, this is what we've all wanted, right?

Rex: For a long time, right?

Gigi: I know that we're already a family, but this just makes it official.

Dr. Buhari: Congratulations to all of you.

Gigi: Thank you.

Rex: Thanks.

Dr. Buhari: Now I'd like to speak to Shane alone.

Gigi: Alone? No way.

Rex: Geeg...

Gigi: No. I'm not going anywhere. Whatever she has to say to Shane, she can say it to me, too.

Natalie: What if my dad doesn't make it? Brody, what if Liam doesn't get to know his grandfather?

Brody: Clint's gonna pull through this.

Natalie: You don't know that.

Brody: Yeah, I do. Your dad is the toughest guy I've ever met, and I've been to war. Trust me--Clint is gonna outlive us all.

Natalie: You don't have to say that. I mean, I know what you must be thinking right now, that he deserves this because-- I don't know, karma or something. Changed the DNA tests, tried to control our lives.

Brody: You said that. Not me.

Kelly: Salad issue. Ooh. Beet shooters. That sounds deli-- wait a minute. How do you know McBain likes beets? You don't. Steak. Steak, steak. My kingdom for a steak Marty.

Marty: You're making a big mistake.

Kelly: Marty. What are you doing here?

Marty: You're making a big mistake with John.

Kelly: John McBain?

Marty: You are seeing him, aren't you? Which, I must admit, came as quite a surprise to me.

Kelly: Why is that?

Marty: I want you to take this the right way, because I'm actually trying to do you a favor.

Kelly: Ok. I'm listening.

Marty: John's only with you for one reason.

Kelly: Which is what?

Marty: He's using you... to hurt Natalie.

Brody: What I think of Clint doesn't matter. You love him. That's what's important.

Natalie: But after what he did--

Brody: It doesn't change the fact that he is our son's grandfather. And that makes him my family, too. So I want him to make a full recovery. Because, like it or not, you don't get to pick your family.

Blair: I guess Cristian ordered these.

Man: So do you want the glasses or--

Blair: Yeah, sure. We can always use more glasses. So you guys just bring them on in here and unload them, and I'm gonna head over to the bank, so I'll be right back, ok?

Jack: I finished the salt shakers. Can I go now?

Blair: No. You can't. You still have pepper to do. In fact, why don't you help these guys unload these, and I'll be right back.

Jack: Mom, come on. You can't be serious.

Blair: As a heart attack.

Jack: Fine. I guess we could put these in the cabinet over there--

[Glass breaks]

Man: Me and my friend got a message for you. Stay away from Shane Morasco.

Dr. Buhari: I understand your concern, and I will be meeting with all three of you regularly. But today, I do need to meet with Shane alone.

Gigi: Shane, could you please wait outside for a minute?

Shane: Yeah, ok.

Gigi: With all due respect, Dr. Buhari, I think that being alone and not talking to his parents is what got Shane here in the first place.

Rex: Gigi--

Gigi: I don't think it's a good idea to give him one more way to keep secrets from us, because keeping secrets almost killed my son.

Rex: Geeg, we need to trust Dr.-

Gigi: Rex, our son almost died. He almost jumped off of a roof while we watched.

Rex: I know that. That is why we're here. Shane needs to see a professional and Dr. Buhari is the professional.

Gigi: Ok. Whatever.

Rex: We'll get Shane.

Gigi: Ok. Shane, you can go in now. Ok, now you can go in.

Rex: I think I'm gonna hit the cafeteria. You want anything? How about some of that delicious vending machine cocoa you like so much?

Gigi: No. I'll get some coffee. Thank you.

Rex: You want to come?

Gigi: I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying right here.

Dr. Buhari: How do you feel about your parents' engagement?

Shane: I know what they're doing.

Dr. Buhari: What's that?

Shane: They think getting married will fix everything.

Dr. Buhari: And will it?

Shane: Some things just won't ever be fixed.

Jack: Who the hell are you?

Man: It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is we know who you are, and now it's time you got a taste of your own medicine.

Jack: Get the hell off me!

Man: Yo, give me a hand here. Hey, give me--

Tomás: Picking on a little boy? Tough guy?

Man: Aah!

Bo: So Tomás Delgado has no record, but the CIA has a classified file on someone who has the same fingerprint as his.

John: Delgado must've used an alias at some point. We don't know why. We don't know why the CIA has a classified file on him.

Bo: I don't get it. I thought Téa said that her brother was a classical pianist or a painter.

John: He is. He apparently has traveled, you know, all over the world, playing the piano.

Bo: That's what he says. You think it could be a cover? Tomás Delgado is some kind of an international criminal?

John: We've seen the answer to that. It's classified.

Bo: How do we find out?

John: I did some digging but I came up empty. They're playing it pretty close to the vest at Langley.

Bo: It probably doesn't help that you used to be a fed yourself. The FBI and the CIA, they aren't famous for sharing information.

John: I wasn't exactly their favorite person back then, either.

Bo: Big surprise.

John: That's why I was hoping maybe you could get in touch with some of your contacts at the agency, see if they had a look at this and maybe they can get us something on the file.

Bo: I'll see what I can do.

Tomás: You come near the kid again, and I will end you. I swear. Both of you.

Blair: What's going on here? My God. Jack. Sweetheart--

Tomás: Get out of here! Don't come back. Ever.

Blair: What happened? Jack, let me look at this. Are you all right? My God.

Jack: I'm fine.

Blair: Who were those men?

Tomás: I don't know. When I walked in, they were roughing up Jack.

Blair: What do they want with Jack?

Tomás: I have no idea.

Jack: I do.

Dr. Buhari: When you say some things can never be fixed, are you referring to something specific? What do you think your parents are trying to fix by getting married?

Shane: Everything.

Dr. Buhari: Like what?

Shane: They think that getting married will just magically change everything, and I'll be happy.

Dr. Buhari: So you won't be happy if they get married?

Shane: I guess I will, but it's not gonna change anything. People are still gonna hate me. I'm still gonna be Wheezy, the kid with the inhaler. They're still gonna think I'm a loser.

Dr. Buhari: You told me that's what you were thinking about when you went up on the roof, that everyone hated you and that you were a loser. And do you still think about killing yourself?

Jack: Ow! Ow!

Blair: Come here, come here, come here.

Jack: It was that loser. Shane Morasco.

Blair: Shane? Why do you think he would do this?

Jack: Because they said so! They told me to stay away from Shane...or else.

Blair: What? Ok, you know what? We gotta call the cops.

Tomás: No, no. Don't call the police.

Blair: Why not?

Nate: Your uncle seems pretty awesome. Glad I finally got to meet him.

Dani: Yeah. Me, too.

Nate: And I think he was on to something. If there is anything that can get your dad to open his eyes again, it's hearing about his kids.

Dani: Or his daughter's boyfriends.

Nate: Um, your dad can be a little over the top sometimes.

Dani: A little? Sometimes?

Nate: All right. I just think it's cool how much he loves you guys. Seriously, you're lucky.

Dani: You're right. I am. And I'll even tell him that when he wakes up. You know, I'm pretty lucky to have you, too.

Nate: Uh, is this ok? I mean, kind of awkward.

Dani: Well, maybe if we kiss in front of him, it'll get him so mad that he'll wake up.

Nate: Well, it was worth a try. It was a long shot anyway.

Dani: It was still nice, though. We should go. Oh. What's that doing there?

Nurse: I need to check your father's vitals.

Dani: Oh, hi. I'm actually glad you're here. I just found a syringe on the floor. I don't know if someone dropped it.

Nurse: Huh. I didn't think we used this type anymore. Must be more budget cuts.

Natalie: Shouldn't Dad be back from his MRI by now?

Brody: Did they tell you how long it would take?

Natalie: No. Joey said he would call.

Brody: I wish I could wait with you, but I have to get back to the station.

Natalie: No, no, no. No, it's ok. No, go. I'll be fine.

Brody: Do you want me to take Liam home? I think your mom's there.

Natalie: No. No. He's exactly what I need right now. And, Brody, I'm really lucky to have you, too.

Brody: For showing up late with a baby?

Natalie: No, no. For so much more than that. You're amazing.

Brody: Hey, Rex.

Rex: Hey, Brody.

Brody: See you.

Natalie: Hey.

Rex: So, Natalie--

Natalie: I--you're here. I know how hard this must be for you.

Rex: You do?

Natalie: Yeah, but you're here. That means a lot.

Rex: Natalie, what are you talking about? I'm just here because Shane--he had a doctor's appointment.

Natalie: He's not sick again, is he?

Rex: No, no, nothing like that. Why are you here?

Natalie: You haven't heard? You don't know what happened to our father?

Rex: What about him?

Natalie: He had a heart attack.

Kelly: You know, I appreciate your concern, Marty, but I don't really know why me seeing John is any of your business.

Marty: Well, John was on the rebound, and you just happened to be at the right place at the right time for him to be able to hurt Natalie. It really had nothing to do with you.

Kelly: And what is this to you, exactly?

Marty: Well, John and I are gonna be spending a little more time together. We've talked about dinners, things like that, and now with Natalie out of the picture...

Kelly: You're telling me to bow out. Is that what you're telling me to do?

Marty: See, when Natalie slept with Brody and lied about it, John was devastated. He was hurt and betrayed, and now he's trying to heal, just like I am.

Kelly: Ok. So you want me to back off, so you and John can be together.

Marty: Well, I think it would be the best for everyone, don't you think?

Kelly: And what if I don't agree with that?

Marty: Oh, I would advise you to think again.

Kelly: Is that a threat? I'm not wild about threats. John's not wild about threats, either.

Marty: Oh, God. Don't be silly. It's not a threat. I just thought you should know that it would be easy to put an end to you and John, almost as easy as ending John and Natalie.

Kelly: What the hell are you talking about, Marty?

Marty: You heard me.

Kelly: I don't know if I did, because I could have sworn you just took credit for breaking up Natalie and John, when in reality--remember reality? John left her because she slept with another man, and she had his baby.

John: Thanks for looking into this, Bo.

Bo: It's no problem.

John: Ok.

Bo: Hey, John.

John: Yeah?

Bo: How you doing? It can't be easy working here with Natalie and Brody.

John: I'm fine.

Bo: Really?

John: Just as long as we stay away from each other.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Yeah.

Marty: Believe what you want to believe, but for your own sake, take my advice. Stop throwing yourself at John, because if it comes down to a competition, you will not win. I will not allow it.

Kelly: You know what, Marty? I have given you a little leeway--a lot of leeway, actually, because obviously you are a very sick woman.

Marty: On the contrary, I have never been better.

Kelly: Really? Because you're sounding a little crazy to me right now. You're deluding yourself. What are you gonna do? You gonna kneecap the competition? Not to mention sticking your nose in where it doesn't belong?

Marty: Oh, no, no, no. You do not belong.

Kelly: Ok, you know what? You know what the truth is? I think John has been feeling sorry for you.

Marty: John does not feel sorry for me.

Kelly: Ok, Marty. I'm gonna give you some advice for your own good. You do not have the power to come between me and John. Whatever happens between us, whatever that is will be entirely up to us, and it will have absolutely nothing to do with you. You can go now.

Marty: Ah. Ok. Whatever you want. I was just trying to, um, spare you from another broken heart.

Brody: Sorry, Bo. I didn't mean to interrupt.

John: I was just leaving.

Bo: What is it, Brody?

Brody: Natalie--I was just with her at the hospital.

John: She all right?

Brody: Natalie's fine. She's not the one who--

[Cell phone rings]

John: Excuse me. I need to take this.

Bo: Brody, why were you and Natalie at the hospital?

Brody: I thought you should know, in case no one's told you yet.

Bo: Told me what?

Brody: It's Clint. He's had a massive heart attack.

Bo: What?

Natalie: So they keep running all these tests. They say it's serious, not that I need them to help me figure that one out.

Rex: I'm sorry about your dad.

Natalie: Rex, will you stop this, please? Whether you like it or not, he is your father, too.

Rex: Natty, look. I'm sorry, ok? I feel for you. I really do. But I have a family, and Clint Buchanan is not part of it.

Gigi: Are you ok, sweetie?

Shane: Can we go home now?

Gigi: Sure. I just need to talk to Dr. Buhari for a minute.

Shane: Whatever.

Dr. Buhari: What can I do for you?

Gigi: Tell me what happened. What did Shane say?

Dr. Buhari: I'm sorry. I can't tell you anything Shane tells me in therapy.

Gigi: What? But--are you kid--that's just wrong.

Blair: Two goons come into my business and attack my son, and you don't want me to call the cops?

Tomás: Of course, I do, but Jack's hurt. You need to take him to the hospital.

Blair: Oh, God. All right. Go grab your jacket.

Jack: Mom, really--

Blair: I'm gonna take you to get you checked out.

Jack: Fine.

Blair: All right. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't have shown--I mean, what were you doing here?

Tomás: I just came to follow up on our date. It doesn't matter now. Take Jack.

Blair: I don't know--I mean, he's just a boy, Tomás. He could have--

Tomás: But he wasn't. It's just a bump on the head. Go. I'll clean up this mess.

Jack: Thanks.

Blair: Thank you. Come on. Put your jacket on.

Nate: Is it just me, or was that weird? Finding a strange needle under your dad's bed?

Dani: Yeah, that was definitely weird. But I mean, it is a hospital. Maybe the girl is new. She just didn't know types that they use.

Nate: Maybe...

Dani: What?

Nate: Do you think it's possible your uncle might have dropped that syringe?

Dani: My uncle? No. That's insane. Why would my uncle be carrying around a syringe?

Nate: I don't know, but he was standing really close to your dad when we came in.

Dani: Yeah. He was talking to him.

Nate: So why did he look like that when you called out to him?

Dani: Maybe we surprised him?

Nate: Maybe that's when he dropped the syringe.

Dani: Ok, how would he even have something like that in the first place?

Nate: I don't know, but it's worth checking out, right? For your dad's safety. What if somebody's trying to hurt him?

Dani: And you're saying it's my uncle.

Nate: No, not necessarily, but better safe than sorry, right?

Shaun: Everything all right in here?

Brody: Natalie said they're running some tests.

Bo: Is he gonna be ok?

Brody: They don't know yet.

Bo: When did this happen?

Brody: Last night.

Bo: Clint and I had a knock-down, drag out last night.

Brody: This isn't your fault, Bo. I'm sure Price or John can hold down the fort if you want to get over to the hospital.

Bo: It won't be necessary.

Natalie: Rex, our father had a heart attack. I mean, what if he died? Does that not matter to you?

Rex: It would matter because it would make my sister sad. It wouldn't matter to me.

Natalie: So that's it?

Rex: Look, I'm sorry, ok? I have to go. Shane and Gigi are waiting.

Natalie: Oh, yeah. No, go, go be with your family. Not that you care, but I'm gonna go check on our father and see how he's doing, ok?

Dr. Buhari: Therapy sessions are confidential, and it's important for Shane to know he can trust me, that nothing he chooses to tell me will be repeated.

Gigi: Not even to his parents?

Dr. Buhari: Especially not his parents.

Gigi: What if--what if he tries to kill himself again?

Dr. Buhari: I know you're scared, but try to trust the therapeutic process.

Gigi: How can I just sit back and trust the process when I'm just waiting for--just--I don't know what to do. Please tell me. Just tell me what to do. I have to do something.

Dr. Buhari: All you need to do is listen to him and love him.

Gigi: I've been doing that his whole life. Oh, God. At least, I thought I was listening. How did I--how did I miss this?

Dr. Buhari: This isn't about being a perfect parent. That's impossible, no matter how much you love your kids.

Gigi: Well, I don't think I can ever stop trying.

Dr. Buhari: I'll be here for you, too, if you need me.

Gigi: Just-- just help Shane, please. Just keep him from--just keep him from ever doing something like this again. Ah. Ok, kiddo. Let's go find your dad.

Blair: Hello. My son fell and hit his head. He needs to see a doctor.

Nurse: Someone will be with him in a few moments. Do you have your insurance card?

Blair: Yes, I--don't.

Jack: What? Why not?

Blair: Because we changed carriers, Jack. But my ex-husband's office is just across the way. I'll be right back. So come on. It'll take me a few minutes, and I'll be back. You sit here, and you wait. Do not move, or you will be grounded until the next century. Got it?

John: Hi, what's up?

Kelly: Hey. Sorry to bother you, but Marty just showed up at my office, and it was weird, to say the least.

John: What happened?

Kelly: You know what? I'm really not sure, but it was like she was staking her claim on you. She told me that I was making a huge mistake and that you were having dinner together, so apparently you're hers for life.

John: Oh, boy.

Kelly: Yeah, and then there was another really weird thing that happened.

John: What?

Kelly: Maybe she was just blowing smoke, but it was as if she was taking credit for breaking up Natalie and you, and you know, that was about Brody and the baby. I mean, Marty had nothing to do with that.

John: Right.

Kelly: So for Marty to say it was her--does that make any sense to you?

John: None. None at all. Thanks. Kelly, I'm gonna pay Marty's doctor a little visit.

Dr. Buhari: You're early.

Marty: You're not with a patient, are you?

Dr. Buhari: Is something wrong?

Marty: Yeah, something's wrong. I asked John to dinner tonight. He said yes, and now he's blowing me off. I think he's having dinner with another woman. And--and I don't think he's really that interested in me.

Dr. Buhari: Marty, we talked about this.

Marty: This isn't right. I don't deserve this, not after everything I did to put an end to John and Natalie. I deserve to be with John.

Dr. Buhari: What does that mean, Marty? What did you do?

Blair: Ok, now where would--

Kelly: Aah!

Blair: Oh! I didn't mean to startle you. I'm not really even here, ok?

Kelly: It's all right. I just thought you were another insane person, though come to think of it--

Blair: No. I just need to find Todd's insurance card because I left Jack over in E.R.

Kelly: What?

Blair: Where would it be?

Kelly: What are you talking about? Is he ok?

Blair: Oh, he's fine. It's a long story. He's fine. I just--

Kelly: Blair, what are you--

Blair: What's this?

Kelly: What's what?

Blair: This is weird.

Kelly: Just when I thought my day couldn't get any weirder.

Blair: It's something taped to the top of this desk. I'm telling you right now, something is seriously hiding.

Kelly: Why would Todd be hiding anything in there?

Blair: I don't know. Maybe we should open it up and find out.

Dani: We just found it on the floor. We don't know how it got there.

Nate: Right, we don't.

Dani: Ok, so what should we do?

Shaun: No question, you've got to tell the cops.

Tomás: I had Manning alone, but I couldn't finish the job.

Gigi: There you are.

Rex: Hey. So are we ready to go.

Gigi: Yeah. Are you ok?

Rex: Yeah, fine. Let's get out of here.

Gigi: You know what, Shane? I'm gonna have a little chat with your dad. Could you wait--

Shane: Yeah, yeah. I'll be here.

Gigi: Come on.

Shane: What happened to you?

Jack: Oh, you know what happened to me, jackass.

Gigi: What's wrong? You look white as a sheet.

Rex: Clint had a heart attack. Natalie's worried he might not make it.

Brody: I just thought you'd want to know.

Bo: How's Natalie?

Brody: She's pretty upset right now. I'm trying to be there for her.

Bo: Good. I'm glad that she has you to lean on right now. It seems like you two are getting closer.

Brody: We are. I think that makes sense after all with Jessica, and we do share a child.

Dr. Buhari: Didn't you say John and Natalie broke up because she was having another man's baby?

Marty: Yes, I may have said that, but that's not the whole story.

Dr. Buhari: Marty, what are you getting at?

Marty: Natalie didn't have another man's baby. She had John's.

On the next "One Life to Live"...

Tomás: There's no way that Blair is gonna find out anything.

Kelly: Why is Todd hiding a picture of the way he used to look?

Dr. Buhari: Tell me what you did, Marty.

Marty: You may want to sit down.

Shane: How could you tell Jack that I tried to kill myself?

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