OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/19/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/19/11


Episode # 10919

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Rex: Gigi Morasco, will you marry me?

Gigi: Are you serious?

Rex: I'm on my knees, Morasco. What do you say?

Deanna: Thanks for dinner, Starr.

Starr: No problem.

Deanna: Now I remember what that place reminds me of. Astros?

James: No.

Deanna: Oh, come on. The menu? The fries. The neon sign by the door?

Starr: There are a lot of restaurants with a neon sign at the door.

Deanna: This place was special. We went there all the time. Anyways, it's late. I'll be in your room getting ready for bed.

Starr: I don't think so. James, there's no way she's spending another night here.

[Door opens]

Tomás: We need to talk, Lieutenant.

Nadia: I'm sorry, Lieutenant. This man just barreled past me.

John: It's all right, Nadia. It's only a police department. Have a seat.

Tomás: Why are you telling my sister and Blair Cramer I'm a killer?

Téa: I feel like someone should be there with Todd.

Blair: No. You have been living at the hospital, Téa. You need to get out, get some fresh air, get some real food. Come on, sit down. Shaun will call you if there's been any change.

Téa: Todd's condition hasn't changed since the surgery. John's no closer to finding out who shot him.

Blair: I think he has a suspect.

Téa: Yeah, my brother, which is ridiculous.

Blair: Is it?

Charlie: Where does Dorian even come up with an idea like that, that you and Clint are in this together. That's crazy, that you knew all along that Clint was the father, and you were, what, just lying to me? How cruel does she think you are?

Echo: Charlie, you know I'd never do anything to hurt you.

Charlie: Now she's going to talk to Clint. What the hell does she think he's gonna tell her?

Echo: All I can say is, she's going to be disappointed.

[Glass breaks]

Clint: God! Nigel... Nigel. Oh, God! Oh! Aah!

Dorian: Clint?

Clint: Oh! Uhh...

Tess: Bye-bye, Viki. Don't cry, Viki. Hope you die, Viki.

Niki: Oh! God, you're annoying! Oh, and the name's Niki Smith, bitch. And I'm not dying. Niki is alive! Whoo hoo hoo!

Tess: Niki?

Niki: Yep. See, that's what happens when bad little girls try to give their mama a heart attack. They get me! They get Niki Smith! Where do they hide the booze around here?

Téa: You think Tomás had something to do with Todd's shooting?

Blair: I'm just saying John's been asking a lot of questions. Then there was that Euro that he found at the crime scene.

Téa: Right. Euro. Which our detective assumes fell out of the shooter's pocket, because it's impossible that anyone from Europe has ever been to Llanview. Do you know how many foreign students go to L.U.?

Blair: Said the same thing to John.

Téa: Come to think of it, Blair, didn't you and Cristian and Gigi all just get back from Paris?

Blair: Would you just take it down a notch?

Téa: Someone has to point out to the detective that he's jumping to conclusions.

Blair: Do you trust John?

Téa: That's not the point.

Blair: No, actually that is the point. Just forget that Tomás is your brother for one second.

Téa: Lots of people have access to Euros, ok?

Blair: But did they have a reason to shoot Todd? Gigi didn't. Cristian didn't. I had a hell of a lot of reasons to shoot Todd, but I didn't do it.

Téa: Neither did Tomás. He swore to me he didn't.

Blair: You asked him?

Téa: Yes, I did.

Blair: Really? Téa, why would you do that if you were so sure he was innocent?

John: Just asking questions, man. It's my job. No one's accusing anyone of anything.

Tomás: You're implying that I'm involved. That's very upsetting to my sister Téa. She's got enough on her plate right now without having to deal with your allegations. I'd like it to stop.

John: Can't always get what you want. Look, your sister's husband--he's been shot, right? I got an eyewitness that puts you at the scene right before the incident. You argued with Manning. It got heated.

Tomás: Yeah, it did. Guy's a rapist. Add that to everything else I've read about him... I want him away from my sister.

John: How bad?

Gigi: You're asking me to marry you? Now?

Rex: Well, that was kind of the point here.

Gigi: Well, don't get all pouty on me. I asked you to marry me a year ago, and you said no.

Rex: Because it would have been for all the wrong reasons. You don't get married to convince a court to give you custody of your niece.

Gigi: Yeah, and you don't get married because you're jealous of Schuyler, which is why I said no to you.

Rex: Ok, we weren't ready, but that was a year ago and things have changed. We would be doing this for all the right reasons.

Gigi: You sure?

[Clint gasping]

Dorian: The mighty Clint Buchanan has fallen and can't get up.

Clint: I'm having a heart attack.

Dorian: I'm going to be very disappointed if you're wrong. Are you in pain?

Clint: Yes.

Dorian: What's it like?

Clint: Like a mule kicked me.

Dorian: When did it start?

Clint: Couple minutes ago.

Dorian: And you're pale and clammy. And you're right. You are definitely having a heart attack.

Clint: Do something.

Charlie: The funny thing is that Dorian can't even stand Viki. I've been caught in that cross-fire more than once. And all of a sudden, she's on her side.

Echo: Yeah, well, it's probably because of me. Enemy of my enemy. Those two--they hate me more than they hate each other.

Charlie: I used to think that was impossible.

Echo: What can I say? I inspire a particular brand of rage.

Charlie: Not in everyone.

Echo: I hope that means you. And I'm glad that Dorian is there for Viki. I'm sure she could use a friend right about now.

Charlie: Yeah. Can't be very easy.

Niki: Damn. I should have known. Viki's husband's a lush. Probably got the stuff locked up, right?

Tess: What are you doing here?

Niki: Right now, I'm trying to find a drink. Oh, what, me? You let me out.

Tess: Really?

Niki: Yeah, really! Come on, you know that Viki goes nuts whenever you're around. And then you sent her the picture of Charlie and Echo kissing. That was like a 5-alarmer! Ha ha! And then you tried to give her a heart attack, so here I am. Niki Smith. I guess I owe you.

Tess: Niki Smith. I hope I don't regret this.

Deanna: I'm so sorry. I should have realized this would be hard on you having me here.

James: No, wait. Deanna is only staying here until she can raise enough money to go back to Dayton, Starr.

Starr: James, no. I totally get it. Just like I get that you two aren't together any more because we are together. And I think it is so sweet that James wants to help you. I just think it would be better for all of us if you came and stayed with me.

Charlie: I just wish--

Echo: What?

Charlie: Don't get me wrong. I am so grateful that I've found you again, but I just wish that it could have happened without hurting Viki in the process.

Echo: I know.

Charlie: And how "Access Llanview" ever found us...

Echo: Dorian probably thinks I leaked the story.

Charlie: There's only one other person who knew about you and me and is cruel enough to want to humiliate Viki. That's Tess. That girl doesn't care who she hurts.

Niki: You want Viki back? Didn't think so. Whatever you got against me, whatever your beef is, get over it.

Tess: Whatever I got against you?

Niki: Yeah.

Tess: You dragged me off to bars when I was no older than Bree.

Niki: Whoever asked me if I wanted to be saddled with a kid?

Tess: It's called a baby-sitter, Niki! Look it up. But no, that was too hard for you. It was easier just to prop me up on a barstool while you entertained the troops in the back room.

Niki: Yeah!

Tess: I'm just curious, Niki. What did you think when you came back and you saw me on that guy's knee? I was a child, and he molested me.

Niki: What the hell are you whining about? I am the only reason you exist! Jessie couldn't handle things, so she called you up. Just like Viki couldn't handle things, she called me up. You should be thanking me! Oh, you know what, we should stick together. Let's go get a drink.

Tess: I'm not going drinking with you, Niki. I have a custody case.

Niki: Oh, fine! I'll go find the booze myself and celebrate by myself. Gotta be something in this house. And by the way, about that S.O.B. at the bar-- men are pigs. It's really a good thing I love bacon! Ha ha ha! Oh, God, this is great! I love being out. I really do owe you. Tell you what, you say the word, 'cause Niki always pays her debts.

Téa: I wasn't interrogating him. I was telling him about my conversation with the detective, and Tomás immediately reassured me that he had nothing to do with Todd's shooting. He admitted that, yes, he and Todd don't like each other for obvious reasons, but that the file he has--

Blair: Wait. What kind of file?

Téa: It's just a bunch of clippings. After Tomás met Todd and had heard some things about his past, thank you very much--

Blair: Well--

Téa: He did some research online, and the file is full of things from the web.

Blair: Hey--

Téa: Pictures of him before his surgery, articles about the rape--stuff that's in the public domain.

Blair: It's one thing to read the stuff, but to actually download it, print it out, and make a file--that's weird.

Téa: He wanted to convince me that he's right. He's worried about--I don't want to talk about this anymore, Blair. He is my brother, and I know him.

Blair: Yeah, like you knew Eli, like I knew Eli?

Tomás: I'm Téa's brother. I'm concerned about her. Wouldn't you be if she was your sister? She's married to a convicted rapist.

John: Absolutely. All the more reason to get him out of the picture.

Tomás: All right, so I've got motive, opportunity, and what, Euros? Let's see... so, uh...1, 2, 3--what does this make me? A serial killer?

John: Where were you living before Paris, Tomás?

Tomás: All over the place. You know what, check that out. Take a look at my passport. Ask me anything you want. My life's an open book.

John: Ok, well, I'll tell you what, I'll take the abbreviated version. What are you doing with this?

Deanna: I can't ask you to let me stay with you.

Starr: Why not? There's plenty of room at my Aunt Dorian's.

Deanna: But I don't even know you.

Starr: But we wanted to get to know each other better, right? We got through dinner, didn't we? I think we can survive a couple of nights down the hall from each other.

James: Starr, hey, you sure about this?

Starr: She can't stay here. Ford has his baby here, and that crazy girl that's trying to get into your pants. It's Ford's wife. It's a long story. But there's no need for you to have to sleep on the floor when she can have her own room at La Boulaie.

Deanna: Wait, La Boulaie?

James: Yeah, rich people name their houses.

Starr: My Aunt Dorian does, anyway.

Deanna: And she won't mind having a total stranger just move in with her?

Starr: No, my Aunt Dorian's house is so big, she probably won't even notice. And even if she does, I'm sure she'll be fine with it. My Aunt Dorian is always ready to help someone in need.

[Clint gasping]

Dorian: Oh, you should get to the hospital just as fast as possible and an aspirin to help dissolve that clot that's forming in your artery. Let me see... oh, yes. I just happen to have aspirin right here and a phone to call an ambulance.

Clint: Give me the aspirin. Call 911.

Dorian: It's true. I could help you, Clint, and yet...

Clint: Dorian!

Dorian: I don't think that I will. I don't think that I'm gonna do anything to help you at all. Payback is a bitch.

Gigi: I know you love me, Balsom, but look at the timing. Shane is in the middle of a huge crisis. And maybe it would look better to the therapist if his parents were married, but it's just no reason to have a wedding.

Rex: Look, I admit that I will do whatever I can for Shane, but it's not because of how it will look to his therapist. I want him to know that he can count on us and that we're a family and that we're always gonna be there for him.

Gigi: I think he knows that.

Rex: Why didn't he call us? Why did he end up on that roof?

Gigi: So you think that if we were married that Jack Manning wouldn't have bullied our kid?

Rex: I just keep thinking that if anything happened to you or Shane that... I need to stop taking you for granted. And I need to let you know, both of you, how I feel. I know who I am now. And I don't just mean that I'm Clint's son. That doesn't matter. It never did. I know that now. I am who I am because of you. You are such an amazing person and mom and friend. And just trying to be half as amazing as you has made me a man--that and trying to be a decent father for Shane. You guys have taught me everything I know--how to listen, how to be honest, just to show up. I swear, I'm going to do whatever I can to keep you two happy, healthy, and safe. So what do you say? Let me do this. Let me be your husband.

Gigi: Ok.

Rex: You'll marry me?

Gigi: Oh, yeah.

Téa: Look, I understand why you're gun-shy, ok? Eli pulled the wool over your eyes and mine.

Blair: He tried to kill us, Téa.

Téa: But to suggest that Tomás is anything like him--

Blair: I never said he's a-- I did not.

Téa: You seem to think he shot my husband.

Blair: No, I just said that we don't know him.

Téa: He's my brother, ok?

Blair: I know he's your brother, but where has he been all this time? Do you know? Do you have any idea what he's been up to?

Téa: He has been painting and making music.

Blair: Do you have any evidence of that? Have you seen anything? Or are you just believing everything that Tomás tells you?

Téa: I saw the painting he made of you.

Blair: That was a long time ago.

Téa: He does not need to convince me or prove anything to me.

Blair: I tell you what, I'm not gonna be that trusting. If John questions it, that's good enough for me. Besides, I'm not gonna date your brother until I know who he is and why he's here.

Téa: Well, fine. That works out just fine for me. I prefer it that way.

Blair: And what is that supposed to mean?

Téa: That my life is complicated enough without my husband's ex-wife dating my brother.

Blair: So now I'm not good enough for him, right?

Tomás: I gave this to Blair.

John: Somehow it ended up with me. Where did you get it?

Tomás: I'm a painter, a poor one at that. I can't always afford a model, so sometimes I use photographs instead. I found this one at the Marche-- the flea market in Paris.

John: Yeah, it's a story I heard, too. You found it in Paris, and then you followed the woman in the photo to Llanview, where your sister happens to be married to that guy in the photo...who amazingly gets shot shortly after you arrive in town. I don't know. It just all sounds somewhat made up.

Tomás: And yet, that's what happened.

Starr: So you can come home with me, and James can get a good night's sleep. It'll work out for everyone.

James: Sounds pretty good to me.

Starr: Great. Why don't you just pack up so you can get going?

Deanna: Mmm, great.

James: "Dorian's always ready to help someone in need"? Seriously?

Starr: It was one of her campaign slogans. Ok, so it wasn't exactly true, but I'm sure my aunt won't even know that she's there.

James: Ok, listen, I'm all for helping out Deanna, but why are you making this your problem?

Starr: Becau-- ok, the truth is that I hate the idea of her staying in the room with you. You guys have had a full relationship. You've probably had sex a million times, and...what am I supposed to do with that?

Clint: You're a doctor. I'm dying.

Dorian: Not yet, but if we don't dissolve that clot, it'll block off the oxygen. Your heart muscle will start to die off, and then it's bye-bye, Clint.

Clint: Aspirin. Now.

Dorian: Not yet. First, you confess to me that you made it look like David had abandoned me at the altar, when, in fact, you had him kidnapped.

Clint: God, I'd rather die.

Dorian: Oh! Have it your way.

Clint: Dorian.

Dorian: You've expressed your wishes. However, to prove that I'm not entirely heartless, I'll leave these aspirin here for you. Yes, right here. Bye-bye, Clint.

Clint: Dorian!

Niki: Ta-da!

Tess: Where did you get that?

Niki: What, the clothes? Not from Viki. Man, you think with all her money, she'd buy something a little fun. Stuff she wears is like dead on a hanger. Natty's not gonna miss this.

Tess: Where did you get the bottle?

Niki: I found it in one of the guest rooms. Do you know where they keep the shot glasses?

Tess: No.

Niki: Hey! That's mine!

Tess: I need to talk to you. I need you sober.

Niki: Man, you are still such a drag!

Tess: Be nice to me, Niki. I let you out. You owe me. You said so yourself. It's time for me to collect.

James: Deanna and I were over a long time ago. Starr, she's gonna be out of here before you know it.

Starr: You're right. I'm just overreacting because of Hannah.

James: Deanna's nothing like Hannah.

Starr: Hannah wasn't Hannah until she decided to go after Cole.

James: Right, and who was with you through all of that? Who got buried alive? Me, Starr. I want to be with you.

Starr: I'm not being jealous. I have no right to be. I was with Cole the same time you were with her, but at dinner, having to listen to that. "Hey, James, remember when we shared onion rings on the Fourth of July?"

James: Yeah, we had such an exciting life.

Starr: It's that you had a life together at all, James, together. That's the point.

James: No. No, the point is... I want to be with you.

Starr: We just started dating. You know, we haven't even slept together yet.

James: It's not like we haven't tried. Like you said, this apartment is insane.

Starr: I know. And I have a kid and school.

James: Yeah. We're gonna get there on our own time. And I'm ok with that, because I will enjoy every minute.

Starr: I can't even imagine it. Us spending the night together?

James: It's gonna happen. Just stop worrying about Deanna, ok? She's not a problem.

John: Yeah, it's a nice photo. Look at that. It looks like you are who you say you are.

Tomás: Thanks. I think we got off on the wrong foot. My sister respects you. So does Blair. I know you're just trying to do your job, but if you're looking for the man who shot Todd manning, don't look at me.

John: Yeah? Where should I look?

Tomás: I wish I knew.

John: Do me a favor, shut the door on the way out. Nadia. You call Forensics. I want to lift a fingerprint off this doorknob.

Téa: Don't put words in my mouth.

Blair: Don't pretend you didn't say what you said.

Téa: That I didn't want you dating my brother? I'm married to your ex-husband--

Blair: I wasn't good enough for him.

Téa: I did not say that.

Blair: Yes, you did.

Téa: For all I know, you're too good for him.

Blair: Now, that is my point. You don't know him. See?

Téa: You're not his type.

Blair: [Talking with mouthful] What is his type? You ever met any of the women he's dated? No, because he's been gone--

Téa: Why are we even discussing this? You just said you don't trust him. You think he's some sort of ninja assassin.

Blair: Fine.

Téa: Salad is delicious.

Blair: We won't talk about it. It's pretty good.

Téa: Great. I wish John would call. I'd give anything to know who shot Todd.

Echo: Well, so now that we've gone public, what now?

Charlie: Guess we're gonna have to live with all the gossip and the cold shoulders for a while.

Echo: Wonder how Rex is gonna react? I know he loves you.

Charlie: He won't love what I did. He's very protective of Viki, and Viki and Gigi are very close. I just don't want them to blame you. I don't want to get in the way of your relationship.

Echo: If breaking up your marriage is the worst thing he ever finds out about me, then I'm a lucky girl.

Charlie: What do you mean?

Gigi: Shane's asleep. So we'll tell him first thing in the morning.

Rex: Could we tell him tomorrow night?

Gigi: Why?

Rex: So I can get you a ring.

Gigi: I don't need a ring...yet. Besides, we have to make sure we can pay for all this therapy first.

Rex: You are getting an amazing ring, end of story.

Gigi: You're not gonna get an argument from me, but we have to tell Shane.

Rex: First thing tomorrow morning. Really married! We have to celebrate.

Gigi: I think we have light beer in the fridge. Where are you going?

Rex: There is a light on at the house, so I'm gonna go tell Viki the good news and "borrow" a bottle of champagne.

Tess: I'm in the middle of a custody battle, and the judge could rule as soon as tomorrow.

Niki: Yeah, I know that. Don't worry. Viki will get the kid. She'll get the kid, and you'll be rid of him.

Tess: I don't want Viki to win, Niki. I need the kid, and you're gonna help me get him.

Niki: No way.

Tess: You owe me.

Niki: So what? I just got out.

Tess: And I'll call Joey or Charlie or Natalie, and they'll ship you off to the looney bin and bury you so deep--

Niki: No, you wouldn't!

Tess: Try me.

Niki: Ok, tell you what. I'll disappear. Then the judge will have to give you the kid, right?

Tess: No. That's too obvious. I have a better plan. If you do what I tell you to do, I'll get Ryder and every cent of his trust fund.

Dorian: I'm back. And you're still on the floor.

Clint: Damn you, Dorian.

Dorian: Is that any way to greet the cavalry? I just remembered the oath I took. "First, do no harm." And although I did not cause your heart attack--

Clint: Dorian--

Dorian: Relax, Clint. I'm going to help you in exchange for a little information.

Clint: I already told you.

Dorian: This is about Echo DiSavoy.

Clint: What?

Dorian: I need to know. When did she discover that you were Rex's father?

Clint: Why?

Dorian: Because she claims that you deceived her, that she is your victim. But that's how she landed Charlie. And I think she knew all along. So for Viki's sake, I need to know the truth.

Clint: I promised I wouldn't.

Dorian: Oh, please, Clint. We all know what your promises are worth.

Clint: Echo knew all along.

Dorian: Ha! I knew it!

Clint: I told you.

Dorian: Yes, that Echo knew all along. But what's to keep you from denying it once you're better?

Clint: Oh, God. Proof is in the desk drawer.

Dorian: Oh? Which drawer would that be? The one...

Clint: On the right.

Dorian: A-ha. Oh, you mean this little--

Clint: Play it!

Dorian: Ok.

Clint's voice: What, you want my blessing?

Echo's voice: No, Clint, I want your silence. Charlie believes that you tricked both of us into thinking Rex was his son, and I want it to stay that way.

Dorian: That sleazy, lying slut.

Charlie: What else have you done?

Echo: All I mean is that, having been a drinker, you're always bracing yourself for the worst. And if breaking up your marriage is the worst of it--and I'm not trying to minimize what I've done.

Charlie: It wasn't you. It was me. I'm the one who messed things up.

Echo: We did the best we could.

Charlie: Maybe.

Echo: And I wouldn't worry about Rex and Gigi. They've made their share of mistakes. They'll forgive us in time.

Charlie: I hope so.

Echo: Besides, they've got so much going on right now. They don't need to be worrying about us.

Gigi: We don't need champagne.

Rex: Guess we could find another way to celebrate.

Blair: At least the hospital hasn't called. That's some good news.

Téa: Is it? The doctors say that every day Todd stays in a coma--

Blair: Listen, Todd's probably having this big laugh on us. He's laid back getting his beauty rest, while we're out here running ourselves ragged, right?

Téa: Why would someone shoot him, Blair?

Blair: Yes, that is the question. Why?

Tomás: Hello, ladies.

Téa: Hey!

Tomás: How you doing?

Téa: Happy to see you. You hungry?

Tomás: Oh, not really.

Téa: Mmm...

Tomás: Mmm...how did things work out with your son?

Blair: Oh, he's on total lockdown.

Tomás: At least that'll give you a chance to spend some time with him.

Blair: If he'll let me.

Tomás: I have a feeling you know how to break through his defenses.

Téa: Blair was just saying that she thinks--

Blair: You've spent way too much time alone. Maybe we should go out on a date, have dinner.

Téa: I'm sorry?

Tomás: Blair, you're asking me out on a date?

Blair: I guess I am.

[Knock on door]

John: Come on in.

Nadia: The lab is analyzing the fingerprints. They'll e-mail you the results.

John: Thanks.

Nadia: You've already run the name Tomás Delgado. It came up empty.

John: Yeah, I know. Humor me.

Echo's voice: You are the bad guy! I never wanted to lie to Charlie, but you're the one that wouldn't claim your own son!

Clint's voice: You were more than willing to go along with that because you wanted Charlie.


Dorian: I knew it!

Clint: Help me.

Dorian: Oh, goodness. You do look ghastly.

[Glass clinking]

Dorian: Ok. Here we go. Open wide... oh, no! Again! There. Ha ha ha! That'll make it all better.

Clint: Call... call.

Dorian: Honestly, how Charlie fell for that two-bit, chiseling liar. Viki is twice the woman that she is. Let's see...

Clint: Uh!

Tess: And the judge will have no choice but to award me custody--

Niki: That's a pretty good plan.

Tess: If you do your part.

Niki: Are you kidding. I do Viki better than Viki.

Tess: So we have a deal?

Niki: Yeah. Yeah, we got a deal.

Deanna: All set.

Starr: That's all you have?

Deanna: That's it.

Starr: Ok, well, I will call home and tell them to get your room ready.

Deanna: This feels a little weird.

James: You need a place to stay. I think it's pretty great of Starr to offer.

Deanna: I was just hoping we could finish our conversation. You need to know why I broke up with you.

James: Why? Why, Deanna? What difference does it make?

Deanna: All the difference in the world.

Starr: Ok, ready to go? I will see you tomorrow morning after bio, ok? Get a good night's sleep. Come on, Deanna.

Téa: What happened to you thinking my brother is Todd's would-be assassin?

Blair: You know what, you talked me out of it. Your sister is an amazing lawyer, plus the fact you offered to take your clothes off for me.

Téa: What?

Blair: Yeah. I'll call you tomorrow with the details, ok?

Tomás: I'm looking forward to it.

Blair: Yeah, me too.

Téa: Yecch!

Blair: Bye, Téa.

Téa: What was that about?

Tomás: I wanted her to know I didn't shoot your husband.

Téa: By taking your clothes off?

Tomás: Thank you for defending my body. Seriously. You don't know what it means to me that you believe me.

Téa: Of course, I believe you.

Tomás: Thank you. Now thanks to you, Blair does, too.

Blair: You got something to hide, Tomás Delgado, I'm gonna find it.

[Computer beeps]

Nadia: That'll be the report from the lab.

John: Yes. Forensics found a match for the prints, which means he used an alias. Well, that's strange.

Nadia: Does he have a record?

John: Apparently.

Rex: Hang on. Wait. Oh, God. Next time, we need to celebrate right with champagne.

Gigi: I don't think anything could improve this moment. I love you.

Rex: I love you...

[Beer pouring]

Rex: My little fiancée.

Gigi: Ha! Oh, I like that! Fiancée. Little fiancée.

Niki: Tell you what, let's go get a drink, and we can toast to you and me and our awesome future!

Tess: Niki, for the last time, you cannot drink until after this custody hearing is over.

[Cell phone rings]

[Second cell phone rings]

Tess: It's my lawyer.

Niki: Who's Arnold Wintergreen?

Tess: That is the judge's clerk. You know what to do.

Niki: Yes, ma'am.

Tess: Jessica Brennan.

Niki: Victoria Banks. How may I help you?

Tess: Yes. Thank you. I'll be there.

Niki: Oh, you're ever so kind to have called. Yes, of course, I'll be there. Bye-bye! Ha ha ha!

Tess: The custody hearing picked back up tomorrow morning.

Niki: Yeah, that's what Arnold said. And all because of me. You're gonna have that little snotball all to yourself by lunch.

Charlie: And I just hope all this coming out the way it did doesn't hurt Viki's chances of getting custody of Ryder.

Echo: Oh, no. The court is going to award Viki custody. She's an amazing woman.

Charlie: I really appreciate you saying that, because I know how hard it's been for you. She's been pretty angry.

Echo: I understand how she feels.

Charlie: You know, you're pretty amazing yourself.

Echo: Oh! What do you say we go home?

Charlie: Oh, gee. That's right. That little room is our home now, isn't it?

Echo: Yes, but now we can hold our heads high as we walk by the disgusting clerk because we've got nothing to hide.

Charlie: Nope. Not after "Access Llanview" got through with us. Everyone finally knows everything.

Dorian: This is Mayor Dorian Lord. I need you to send an ambulance over to the Buchanan mansion. Clint Buchanan has had a heart attack. And I suggest that you hurry them up.

On the next "One Life to Live"...

Viki's not gonna be a problem.

Starr: Why did you break up with him?

Natalie: Niki?

Rama: If Mr. Buchanan dies, he takes the truth about you and Cutter with him. [Crying]

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