OLTL Transcript Monday 4/4/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/4/11


Episode # 10908

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Viki: Oh, God. Isn't this cozy.

James: Deanna... what the hell? No. Stop. I'm with someone.

Starr: Hey, Shaun.

Shaun: How's it going, Starr?

Starr: Depends. How's my dad doing?

Shaun: No better, no worse.

Starr: Is my mom in there?

Shaun: Yeah.

Starr: Alone?

Shaun: Téa just left.

Starr: Good, because I need to talk to her.

Shaun: You okay?

Starr: It's Jack. She needs to know what's been going on with him.

Blair: Todd, please. Just wake up. I need you to wake up. Dani said some things about Jack, and I don't even know if it's true. He's so much like you. He doesn't know where to draw the line, you know? You don't think he's capable of real cruelty, do you?

Boy: Wow. Did you see this?

Girl: Oh, my God. You can see everything.

Brad: Just wait till it goes viral!


Gigi: Oh, my God.

Rex: All we know is he left us a note.

Gigi: That says good-bye! He's saying good-bye!

Rex: Maybe he's running away. After everything that happened with Jack and his little friends, he's upset. He just needs some space.

Gigi: After everything that happened? He was humiliated in front of everyone he knows.

Rex: Let's just look at the note again, all right? "Mom and Dad." That's good, right? He's talking to us?

Gigi: If he was talking to us, he'd answer his phone!

Rex: "Mom and Dad. I'm sorry. This isn't your fault. I love you."

Gigi: Oh, you know what this is? You know what this is? He doesn't want us to suffer. He's planning--he's planning--

Rex: We can't think like that.

Gigi: He's saying good-bye, Rex. He's saying good-bye.

[Kids laughing]

Destiny: You watching that nasty video of Shane Morasco?

Matthew: No.

Destiny: It's all over the place. You know who did it?

Matthew: No.

Destiny: I heard it was Jack Manning. They need to put that boy in jail. I don't care who his daddy is.

Matthew: Can you give it a rest? Shane is the last thing on my mind right now.

Clint: You didn't kill Eddie Ford, and neither did I. Matthew did.

Bo: You're blaming our son for a murder you committed?

Nora: You are such a bastard.

Clint: It's the truth. Matthew murdered Eddie Ford... and I can prove it.

Viki: How could you-- how could you do this?

Echo: Viki--

Charlie: I--I thought you were at the courthouse.

Viki: I was, um... and then Tess... oh, God. Tess sent me a little present. It's a picture of you... kissing that piece of trash.

Nora: You have proof that Matthew killed Eddie Ford?

Bo: That's some trick. He didn't even know the man, let alone shoot him.


Lawyer: Sorry I'm late. Traffic.

Clint: That's okay. District attorney was not feeling very well and arraignment got delayed. What we were talking about--did you bring it?

Lawyer: Yes. Right here.

Clint: Thank you.

Bo: What's that?

Clint: Proof. You can wait outside.

[Telephone ringing on tape]

Recording: Tuesday, December 14th, 2010. 1:33 A.M.

Clint's voice: Clint Buchanan.

Matthew's voice: Uncle Clint, it's Matthew.

Clint's voice: Matthew? What is it?

Matthew's voice: Uncle Clint, I need your help, please.

Clint's voice: What happened?

Matthew's voice: I just shot Eddie Ford. He's dead.

Destiny: Why did you just snap at me?

Matthew: I'm sorry.

Destiny: Matthew, what's going on? Fine. You don't want to talk to me, whatever. Look, I was just bummed about Shane. I thought you were watching his video.

Matthew: Look, Destiny, wait. Sorry. I was just trying to find out what time my uncle's being arraigned. He's being charged with killing Nate's dad.

Destiny: Oh, gosh. Shaun told me. I'm so sorry. I know how close you were to your uncle, and with your parents on the other side, that's hard.

Matthew: Yeah.

Destiny: Well, at least you can go visit him. Statesville's not that far away.

Matthew: He's not going to prison. That can't happen.

Destiny: But Shaun--I mean, it's just that he told me there's a video of your uncle leaving Mr. Ford's room with the gun.

Matthew: That doesn't mean anything. I'm telling you, it's not what it looks like.

Shaun: Yeah, Jack's a handful. My little sister's the same way. Ever since she's been living with me? I just wait for the phone call.

Starr: But Destiny stands up for herself and the people that she cares about. I'm worried that Jack is not going to have any friends at all with the way he's going. I really don't want to tell my mom. With my dad being sick, she's barely keeping it together as it is.

James: Deanna, you were wrong about the baby. He's not mine. He's Bobby's. But Starr is my girlfriend, okay? We're together.

Deanna: What about us? You said you loved me.

Blair: I think that Dani's completely wrong about Jack. She said that Jack--

Starr: What did Dani say?

Blair: She said that your brother stole Shane Morasco's asthma inhaler, and I said that was completely impossible...

Starr: Mom, Mom, Jack is out of control. He's out of control, and I am sorry to have to tell you this right now, but you have got to do something before Shane gets really hurt.

Rex: Let's not jump to conclusions. We don't even know what this note means.

Gigi: We know how hurt he is, how upset--

Rex: But he's a level-headed kid.

Gigi: Who can only take so much.

Rex: But if we think like that, if we panic, you know, we might miss something. Maybe he's at the airport.

Gigi: Going where?

Rex: Back to Texas? Kids run away all the time. It's what they do.

Gigi: You really think that's what this is? That he's run away?

Rex: Yeah. Definitely. Try him again. I'm gonna call Bo.

[Telephone ringing]

[Laughter, indistinct chatter]

Shane: Don't stop watching on my account. It's hilarious.

Jack: I thought you took off after gym class.

Shane: Yeah. I did.

Jack: And now you're back?

Shane: I have something for you.

Jack: What's in the backpack, Morasco?

Echo: Viki, can we at least talk?

Viki: Shut up. I knew this was gonna happen. I knew it. The second you slithered back into town, I knew it was gonna happen. You said you were coming back to apologize for sleeping with Clint. You came for Charlie. What is it with you? You can't get a man of your own so you have to steal mine?

Echo: Charlie was mine first.

Viki: He married me! He didn't marry you, did he? God, you're such a slut. A married man. That's just catnip to somebody like you, isn't it? "Oh, Chuckles, Chuckles, Chuckles, I need you. Chuckles, Chuckles, Chuckles!"

Charlie: Let's not--

Viki: Let's not what? I knew this wasn't gonna end until she got you in her bed.

Echo: We never set out to hurt you, Viki.

Viki: Okay, that's the biggest lie of all! Of course you set out to hurt me. That's what you do! God! You pig!

Destiny: So I'm sorry--how is a video of your uncle leaving the scene of the crime with the murder weapon not what it looks like?

Matthew: I'm telling you, it's not what you think. That's all I can say.

Destiny: Matthew, you've been crazy jumpy for, like, weeks. Look, I know you've had all kinds of stuff going on with your folks, but they're back together. So what's up? Is it because we kissed that one time? Is that what's making everything weird?

Matthew: It's got nothing to do with that.

Destiny: Then what is it? What--you can't talk to me? Matthew, this is me. The girl who stuck by you when you were being a jerk to Nate and Dani? I don't care what you do. I'm your friend. Talk to me. What's going on?

Clint: That was Matthew calling me from Eddie's room just after he shot him.

Bo: The hell it was. Where did you get that?

Nora: That's a fake. That is a fake. You've got someone who sounds like Matthew or you doctored the tape and you strung together a bunch of his words.

Bo: Did you pressure him to make that?

Clint: No, I did not.

Bo: Did you pressure him to shoot Eddie?

Nora: He wouldn't shoot anyone. He doesn't even know Eddie Ford, for God--this is ridiculous.

Clint: I didn't want to believe it, either, but Matthew called me. Not on my cell phone, but on B.E.'s landline and the company automatically records all my calls for business purposes.

Bo: Then why didn't you say something when I arrested you?

Gigi: Honey, please call us when you get this message, okay? We love you. He's still not picking up.

Rex: Bo's not answering his cell.

Gigi: Did you try the station?

Rex: He's in court. His brother's arraignment.

Gigi: You know, I was thinking about what you said, about how teenagers run away, and I was thinking that maybe--maybe he went someplace to talk to someone.

Rex: You think he'd reach out to a friend?

Gigi: That's what I would do.

Rex: Who would he call?

Gigi: That's the thing. I don't know. He doesn't hang out with any of his old friends anymore. I don't know who he talks to anymore.

Rex: Echo! He talks to his grandmother.

Charlie: Okay. Come on. Viki, that's enough. That's not gonna change anything.

[Cell phone ringing]

Echo: I have to take this. Shane's been having some trouble at school. Yes. Rex?

Charlie: I'm sorry, okay? I never meant for this to happen.

Viki: Then you shouldn't have slept with her. Should you? I don't know how you could do this. You know, I warned you, Charlie. I warned you. I told you. Because of her, there would be trouble, big trouble, for you and for me. And I knew it wasn't gonna end until she got her claws in you.

Charlie: It wasn't like that.

Viki: Really? What was it like?

Echo: I have to go. Shane's missing. I have to go be with Rex.

Charlie: What do you mean he's missing?

Echo: I don't know. There was some trouble at school. He was humiliated and now he's disappeared.

Charlie: Make sure you wear something warm, just in case there's a search party. I mean, I don't think it'll ever come to that.

Echo: Charlie...

Viki: Okay. Are you serious? You are going to ask my husband to go with you?

Echo: No. I can't ask that.

Viki: No. You can't.

Starr: I went to the school so I could get Jack, and I walked in on something at the gym. Shane Morasco was naked.

Blair: In the gym?

Starr: And Jack and all of his friends were laughing, and then Shane's parents showed up. They showed me Shane's MyFace page, Mom, and Jack had posted all these horrible things.

Blair: Wait. How do you know it was Jack?

Starr: Because he admitted it. He called Shane "wheezy" and said that he was better off dead, and it was horrible.

Blair: Now, wait a minute. Shane stole from the booster club and blamed it on Jack.

Starr: No. That's just it. Rex and Gigi think that Jack stole the money and planted it in Shane's locker.

Blair: That's a little far-fetched here.

Starr: Is it?

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: Is it? You know Jack.

Blair: Okay, you know what? If he's teasing him, I will talk to him.

Starr: You have to do more than talk to him.

Blair: I'll punish him, all right? But you have to understand that this man right here is your little brother's hero.

Starr: Well, maybe that's what the problem is.

Blair: What?

Starr: Do you want Jack to turn out like Dad?

Blair: This is not the time.

Starr: I'm serious about this, Mom. Do you want Jack to go to jail, or to have no friends, or for the whole world to hate him?

Blair: Your father can hear you right now, and this is--Starr, this is about your little brother, and everything that he's gone through. Ever since your father's been shot, he hasn't been the same.

Starr: Mom, this started months ago. It was way before Dad was shot.

Jack: What do you got, Shane?

Shane: Here.

Jack: I don't want this.

Shane: Oh, you don't? Why not? You stole one from me the other day.

Jack: I thought you had asthma. Don't you need it?

Shane: Not anymore.

Echo: Hey. Did you find him? Is he home yet?

Rex: No. I called the police. They're gonna keep an eye out for him. He could be anywhere.

Echo: Okay. You said there was a note. Did it give any hint at all about where he might have gone?

Gigi: Not that we could see.

Echo: Oh, my God.

Rex: Maybe he posted something on his MyFace page.

Blair: How do you even know when it started?

Starr: It's all over Jack's MyFace page.

Blair: Well, you know he wouldn't let me be a friend. He says it's not cool to have mom as a friend.

Starr: Look. Mom, it started months ago.

Blair: Oh, my God.

Starr: Wait.

Blair: What is it?

Starr: Wait, there's something new that he posted.

Blair: What?

Deanna: You said you loved me.

James: That was before you dumped me. Deanna, you ended this. You said you didn't want anything to do with me anymore. What was I supposed to do? Just sit around and wait for you? No. No, I found someone and I am happy. And all of a sudden you show up here? Why, Deanna, why?

Starr: Jack just posted a new video.

Blair: Just now?

Starr: I just left him at the gym. How stupid could he be? Rex and Gigi were just yelling at him and he goes and posts something new?

Blair: How do you know what it is here?

Starr: There's only one way to find out.

Boy's voice: Oh, look at him.

Blair: Oh, my God. Jack posted this?

Starr: Well, it looks that way.

Blair: Who else can see this, Starr?

Starr: Everyone.

Jack's voice: Hey, where you going, wheezy?

[Laughter on video]

Boy's voice: Oh, man. Glad I'm not that guy.

Girl's voice: Oh, my God. How embarrassing. He's naked.

[Laughter on video]

Echo: Where is that?

Gigi: The gym at school. Oh, God, they stole his clothes. Oh, my God, Rex, that's-- that's why he left the note. They posted that online and he saw it.

Shane's voice: I hate all of you.

[Laughter on video]

Shane's voice: I hope I never see any of you ever again.

Echo: Poor child.

Boy's voice: You promise?

[Laughter on video]

Jack: What do you mean you don't need your inhaler anymore? Don't you need it to breathe?

Shane: Yeah. I do.

Brad: So he needs it to breathe but he doesn't need it? What the hell?

Matthew: Look, I'm sorry, but I can't talk about it to anyone.

Destiny: But why not? I mean, I've helped you before.

Matthew: Yeah, well, not this time.

Destiny: How do you know?

Matthew: Look, I just told you. I can't talk about it to anybody. It will just get us both in trouble.

Destiny: Why?

Matthew: Look, I've got to get down to the courthouse so I can find out what's going on with my uncle. Hopefully my parents will drop the charges and this'll all be over with.

Destiny: Look, Matthew, I know that's what you want.

Matthew: No, it's not what I want. It's what has to happen.

Nora: Timing is a little suspect. You spring this on us just minutes before you're about to be arraigned?

Bo: We've been looking at you for weeks, and you knew it! You had every chance to bring us this tape. And now we're supposed to believe that you sat on evidence that could exonerate you?

Clint: Believe it or not, I was trying to protect you. I never dreamt that it would get this far. But damn Balsom comes up with this footage of me coming out of Eddie's door. Even then, I warned you, begged you just drop the charges and all of this will go away, but you didn't. Now I have no choice. I had to give this to you.

Nora: It's very convenient.

Clint: Incriminating Matthew was the last thing I wanted to do. He called me for help. That's what I was trying to do. I was trying to cover for Matthew. I was trying to protect the family in my way. That's all I've ever tried to do.

Bailiff: This hearing will be called to order.

Judge: Be seated. Are we ready to proceed, Counselor?

Lawyer: Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: In the matter of the "Commonwealth vs. Clint Buchanan"...this is the Edward Ford murder again. Yes. The charge is murder in the first degree. How do you plead, Mr. Buchanan?

Judge: Mr. Buchanan, your plea. Counselor, it was my understanding you were ready to proceed.

Lawyer: That was my understanding, Your Honor.

Judge: So, what's the problem? People, I don't have all day.

Clint: Your Honor, I feel compelled to present--

Nora: Your Honor, the Commonwealth wishes to withdraw all the charges against Mr. Buchanan at this time.

Judge: You're dropping the charges?

Nora: Yes, sir.

Judge: Why?

Echo: So Todd's son, Jack Manning--he's the one that did this to my grandson?

Gigi: We already talked to him and his mom, but Jack's evil. Blair doesn't see it, so there's no point. It's not gonna help us find Shane.

Echo: I'm sure you're right.

Rex: What are you thinking?

Echo: Nothing. It's just knowing Shane, maybe after he saw the video, he went to confront him.

Rex: You're thinking he's with Jack?

Echo: Or maybe Jack's seen him.

Destiny: Hey, Shane, wait up. Are you okay?

Shane: Did you see the video?

Destiny: No, but I heard about it.

Shane: Then you know how I am.

Destiny: Yeah. When I was a freshman, I was a target because I was fat. They used to call me "Density."

Shane: I'm sorry.

Destiny: It sucked, but you know what, you can get through it. Really. You just have to hang in there. It'll change.

Shane: Destiny, there's a video of me naked on the internet. That'll never go away.

Shaun: My man Jack. What's going on?

Jack: What's it matter to you?

Shaun: I'm just checking in. You were a little bent out of shape last night.

Jack: Yeah, 'cause you wouldn't do your job and bounce that dumb-ass James Ford from my dad's room.

Shaun: Yeah. I think there's something else going on.

Jack: I don't care what you think.

Blair: Poor Shane. How could Jack be so cruel, Starr?

Jack: What a surprise. Dad's still the same.

Blair: Starr, will you excuse me? I need to talk to your brother, please.

Jack: Did you rat me out to Mom?

Blair: She's worried about you, Jack, and so am I.

Jack: I didn't ask you.

Starr: Don't be hard on Mom--

Jack: I don't care--

Starr: Stop it! Do not talk to your sister like that.

Jack: Is there anything I do that doesn't tick you guys off?

Blair: I saw what you posted-- the nasty comments, that video of Shane.

Jack: You and a million other people.

Blair: How would you feel if somebody did that to you, Jack?

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Gonna get that?

Blair: Don't you move!

Jack: Like I'm afraid of you.

Blair: You better be. Hello?

Gigi: Blair, it's Gigi. Do you know where Jack is?

Blair: Yes, Gigi. We're at the hospital. He's here. I saw the video, and I'm so sorry.

Gigi: Shane's disappeared.

Blair: Oh, my God.

Gigi: Could you please ask Jack if he has seen him?

Blair: Yeah, sure. This is serious. I want you to tell me right now if you've seen Shane Morasco.

Starr: Poor Mom. She's got so much going on with Dad still in a coma.

Shaun: Starr, you know your dad. He likes to make everybody sweat.

Starr: What did we ever do without you? Thank you for not kicking James out last night.

Shaun: James is okay.

Starr: I will tell him that you approve...if I can ever get ahold of him.

Deanna: It doesn't matter why I'm here. You're with Starr now.

James: So after you find out I'm with someone else, that's when you decide to have sex on camera with a stranger?

Deanna: No. It has nothing to do with you.

James: Great. Good. So why did you do it?

Deanna: I made a mistake, okay? It's no big deal.

James: Deanna, are you in trouble?

Deanna: No.

James: Do you have enough money to get home?

Deanna: I'll be fine.

James: I talked to the motel manager. He said if you don't pay up, he's gonna kick you out.

Deanna: So? I'll find somewhere else to go.

James: Like where?

Deanna: I'm not your responsibility, okay?

[Cell phone rings]

James: Hold on. I gotta answer this. Starr.

Starr: Hey! Finally. I've been trying to reach you all day. Where are you?

Charlie: Why don't we get out of here?

Viki: Why? This place is perfect. It's a pig sty. From the time I got this picture, I've been trying to call you. But I guess you were much too wrapped up in Echo to answer the phone of your wife. What did you do? You came here right after you left the custody hearing? Oh! That must have been why you were late coming. Guess I'm lucky you showed up at all, huh? That lovely little speech you made to the judge. "I will always be there for Ryder. God, I love my wife."

Charlie: And I do love you.

Viki: Oh! You got a mighty funny way of showing it. When did this start?

Charlie: It was the night of the wedding, the wedding that didn't happen, after Clint admitted that Rex was his... I don't know. I took off and... somehow I ended up here.

James: I'm in the middle of something. I'll tell you about it later. Is everything okay? It's not your dad, is it?

Starr: No. He's the same, but Jack's gone off the deep end.

James: Do you need me?

Starr: Always, but my mom is dealing with it. Jack's in there with her now. How are you?

James: I'm okay. Can I call you later?

Starr: You better.

James: So, you were about to tell me where you're gonna stay.

Deanna: Don't worry about it. Go see your new girlfriend.

Nora: I'm sorry, Your Honor. We discovered that a key piece of evidence is not as it appears. It does not implicate Mr. Buchanan.

Bo: It was my mistake, Your Honor. Rush to judgment.

Judge: We've been here before, Commissioner-- your unsubstantiated case against Nathaniel Q. Salinger. So that's twice you've wasted the court's time and the taxpayer's money, twice you've ruined the reputations of innocent men. You're free to go, Mr. Buchanan, with the court's apologies. As for you, Commissioner, Madam D.A., The next time you walk into my courtroom, you'd better make damn certain you have the real killer, or I will go public with this mess and you'll both be looking for new jobs. Court is adjourned.

[Bangs gavel]

Bailiff: All rise!

Matthew: Uncle Clint, you're free to go? It's over?

Clint: I'm free to go.

Matthew: Good. So, why did you drop the charges?

Destiny: You're right. I don't know what it's like to have my private stuff out on the internet, but I know your life will change. You'll get past it. You're talented. You can draw. You can write stories. You make those amazing comics. All Jack Manning knows how to do is spend his dad's money. You just have to hang in there. You'll get through it.

Shane: Or not.

Destiny: What do you mean?

Shane: I gotta go.

Destiny: Shane, wait. You have to tell the principal what happened or talk to a guidance counselor. I used to talk to Mr. Summers. He ran that assembly we had the other day about bullying.

Shane: It'll just make things worse.

Destiny: No. It'll put a stop to it. That's what you want, right?

Jack: How am I supposed to know where Shane is?

Blair: Because you posted a very hurtful video. And you're gonna make it right, do you hear me? Where is he?

Jack: I don't know. He was at school.

Blair: When?

Jack: Before.

Blair: Afternoon? Dinner? When?

Jack: Like 10 minutes ago, right before I came here.

Blair: Did you get that, Gigi?

Gigi: Yeah.

Blair: Gigi, I am so sorry. If there's anything we can do to--[Click]

Blair: Gigi?

Gigi: You were right. He went back to the school.

Rex: School?

Gigi: The building's still open. There's sports practice. Let's get over there.

Rex: What if he's headed back-- can you wait here?

Echo: Of course I will. Please call me when you find him. You are gonna find him. I know he's gonna be fine!

Viki: You left the church that afternoon and you were gone all night and most of the next day. I was so worried about you that I left my heartbroken daughter and two newborn babies at home alone, and I went looking for you most of the night. I went to that bar where you met Dorian. I went to every AA meeting in town, and I went to all the other bars I could think of. I went to the morgue. I was so afraid that you were hurt or drunk or dead, but you were here. And it never occurred to me to look for you here, because I never thought you would leave me to sleep with Echo.

Charlie: Viki--

Viki: Don't touch me! Oh, God, don't touch me. You stink of Echo! Don't touch me.

Bo: I'll need that. I think you and your lawyer should celebrate somewhere else.

Matthew: Mom, Dad, what's going on? It's good that Uncle Clint got off, right? He didn't do it.

Nora: Matthew, don't.

Matthew: Don't what? What's going on?

Bo: I think you know. We're gonna go home, talk about it.

Matthew: Talk about what?

Bo: Eddie Ford...and who really shot him.

James: Come on. Have a seat. Sit down, Deanna. Look, I'm not gonna just leave you here with no money and no place to go. I'm broke, but Bobby and I have an apartment. You can stay there until we figure out how to get you home, okay?

Deanna: You don't have to do that.

James: I know, I know. Come on, you can meet the baby and Starr. It'll all be fine.

Deanna: You sure I won't be in the way?

James: You're definitely gonna be in the way, but I'm not gonna take no for an answer. So, come on.

Deanna: Thank you, James.

Shaun: You reach him yet?

Starr: Yeah, but it was sort of a weird call. He was in the middle of something.

Blair: What do you have to say for yourself, Jack?

Jack: Not much.

Blair: Jack. Hey, hey! Do not walk away from me! What's that?

Jack: Nothing.

Blair: Got it. This is Shane Morasco's. You stole this from him!

Jack: No!

Blair: Stop lying to me!

Jack: I'm not lying. He gave it to me after school.

Blair: Why would he hand you his inhaler, Jack? He has asthma. He needs this to breathe.

Jack: That's what I said. He said he doesn't need it anymore.

Gigi: Destiny? Hi. Have you seen Shane?

Destiny: Yeah, he was just here a minute ago.

Gigi: How was he?

Destiny: I tried to get him to talk to a guidance counselor, but he didn't want to.

Rex: Where is he now?

Jack's voice: Hey, where you going, wheezy?

Girl's voice: Nice ..., wheezy.

[Kids laughing]

Shane's voice: I hope I never see any of you ever again!

Jack's voice: You promise? Ha ha ha!

Destiny: He took off through there.

Rex: What's through there?

Destiny: Nothing, just stairs.

Gigi: To where?

Destiny: I don't know. I think maybe--oh, my God, the roof.

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Viki: Do you not trust me?

Téa: Does that mean you have a suspect?

Blair: This garbage has got to stop before it goes too far, you hear me?

Gigi: Shane, nooo!

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