OLTL Transcript Thursday 3/24/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 3/24/11


Episode # 10901

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Starr: "Starr Manning in a relationship with James Ford."

[Knock on door]

James: Yeah. Coming. Hey.

Nate: Hey. I had a break from school. Do you need any help?

James: Come on in. How did you know I was babysitting?

Nate: MyFace. Haven't met my nephew yet. Oh, he's pretty cute.

James: Trying to get him to go to sleep.

Nate: Oh, sorry.

James: No, it's okay. Once he's up, he's up. Stick around.

Nate: So I saw you updated your page. Relationship status...

Dani: Jack, what is the rush?

Jack: I'm late for class.

Dani: Since when do you care?

Jack: The teacher's hot.

Destiny: Your father may be in a coma, but your brother's got his priorities.

Dani: Yeah, I guess. [Coughing]

Gigi: There's a bank a couple blocks down if you need.

Tomás: No. No, I have dollars.

Gigi: Oh, thanks.

Tomás: Sorry.

John: You getting a good exchange rate on those Euros?

Tomás: It's pretty good. Works well.

Blair: Tomás just got in from Paris.

John: Interesting, you just... showing up.

[Knock on door]

Nora: Hi.

Rex: Oh, hi. I was looking for Bo.

Nora: He's out.

Rex: Want a shovel?

Nora: What? Oh, yeah. This is everything the police have on the Eddie Ford murder.

Rex: Any connection to Clint?

Nora: Nothing. Nothing so far.

Rex: Too bad.

Nora: Yeah.

Rex: Can I leave this here for Bo?

Nora: Sure. Do I smell coffee?

Rex: Wow. You're good. Yeah, dark chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Nora: Oh. Oh, my goodness. No one sells these in town anymore. [Sniffs]

Rex: Yeah, I found them in Cherryvale. I know how much Bo likes them when he's trying to concentrate.

Nora: That's so sweet of you.

Rex: Ah, it's no big deal.

Nora: Well, he'll be very appreciative.

Rex: I'm not so sure. Nora, do you think that Bo will be able to forgive me for what I did to David?

David: Nigel!

Bo: No, David! Hold on.

David: What, are you kidding? I'm getting married today, and I get to solve a real-life crime with my pa?

Bo: Just remember your part.

David: There were lines?

Bo: No! No, that's my job.

David: I'll melt him with a piercing glare. He'll break like a bowl of gruel that falls off the top of a prison wall. My room didn't have a TV.

Bo: Can you do this?

David: Absolutely. Mum's the word.

Nigel: I'm sorry. I was on the 3rd floor. What can I do for you?

David: Your boss kidnapped me. He threw me into a Moroccan prison. He forced me into a 3-way that was totally hot on Alex Olanov's island. He set me up. He left me for dead. And then my pa and I are gonna get revenge. So start talking, Smythe. We know what you did last summer.

Bo: Mum's the word?

Bo: I have a few questions for you, Nigel.

Nigel: I don't know anything about a Moroccan prison or Miss Olanov's actions--

Bo: Nobody is accusing you of anything.

Nigel: Mr. Vickers seems to have something to impart.

Bo: No, he doesn't. But everything that David just said happened, it did happen. Now, you've been loyal to this family for many years, Nigel.

Nigel: It's my privilege, sir.

Bo: Has it been a privilege lately? You must have noticed what Clint has become.

Nigel: It's been a most difficult year. Your brother has done his best, I'm sure.

Bo: Yes. He's protected the family.

Nigel: He believes in family at all costs.

Bo: Enough to commit murder?

Nora: I can't speak for Bo, but personally, I kind of understand why you kept quiet about David. Clint can be very threatening.

Rex: It's no excuse.

Nora: No, it's not, but you thought you were protecting your family. So...

Rex: I will do whatever it takes to make up for it. This was just a...good idea to stop by.

Nora: You were in Cherryvale?

Rex: Yeah. I've been trying to track down all of Eddie's movements since he got to Llanview. He called an escort service a few days after he got here. The girl they sent was in Cherryvale, lived there. I was hoping maybe Eddie said something to her.

Nora: Did you find her?

Rex: No luck.

Nora: Oh. You've gone above and beyond on this one.

Rex: I won't stop until we have the evidence that puts Clint away for Eddie's murder.

Nora: Really? Well, then. Want to give me a hand right now?

Gigi: Can I get you anything else?

Starr: No, thanks.

Gigi: I did that, too, when Shane was sick. I'd do a mass e-mail every day.

Starr: And people keep writing me messages, and I'm trying to respond to all of them, but--

Gigi: No, you can't have that same conversation over and over. It'll wear you out. Everyone means well, but it's too much.

Starr: Yeah, it is.

Gigi: And I'm bugging you, so I'm gonna go away.

Starr: No, I don't want you to. I mean MyFace is great, but it's good to have live people to support you, too.

Gigi: Speaking of...is James gonna finish this, or did he leave?

Starr: He had to go home.

Gigi: Are you and James...

Starr: We're together.

Gigi: Hmm!

James: I guess MyFace makes it official.

Nate: Nice you went public.

James: It's not like we were keeping in on the dl or anything. Yeah, well, except for Starr's dad.

Nate: Not like he's gonna do anything about it now.

James: Dude, come on. He's in a coma.

Nate: I know, and I'm sorry for Dani and Starr. But it's kind of hard to cry for someone when they hold you at gunpoint.

James: Fake gunpoint.

Nate: Yeah, but who knew that? But you've been shot so maybe it's not a big deal.

James: No, it's a big deal.

Nate: Oh, see, that's what I'm saying. Manning's scary.

James: Not now.

Shaun: Don't worry, Téa, whoever did this to Todd won't get a chance to finish the job. Not while I'm on it.

Tomás: What's so interesting about my coming to Llanview right now?

John: Téa must be grateful having family here with Todd in the hospital.

Tomás: Just glad to be here so I can look out for her.

John: Yeah. You two close?

Tomás: Yeah, we have been.

John: I don't think I've ever heard her mention you.

Tomás: Well, I was gone, doing my own thing for a long time. Family didn't hear from me.

John: Ah. So, what's your thing?

Blair: He's a very talented artist, musician, very good at both, actually. So no need to interrogate here, John.

John: I'm sorry. I've been trying to work on that. It's an occupational hazard being a cop.

Blair: Oh, yeah. Chief of detectives. He still calls himself a cop.

Tomás: So you're John McBain?

John: Yeah.

Tomás: I've heard a lot about you.

Blair: You didn't see him on the front page this morning spread all over the newspapers? He was with Todd when Todd was shot.

Tomás: It's lucky you didn't get hurt, too.

Blair: Yeah.

John: Yeah, it is. Then again, I wasn't the target. I guess it's lucky for me the shooter was a professional.

Blair: You know that for sure?

John: I just came from the scene.

Tomás: Come up with anything?

John: Yeah. As a matter of fact, we got a big lead, got a big clue.

Blair: So, what kind of clue?

John: The shooter left something at the scene.

Tomás: Well, Téa will be relieved to hear you're getting somewhere. What did you find?

John: Oh, I can't get into details. You understand.

Tomás: Yeah, of course.

John: You okay, man? You look a little pale.

Tomás: No. I've just been at the hospital a lot.

Blair: Yeah, we know there's no fresh air there.

Tomás: Look, I gotta get this food to Téa before it gets cold. Coming?

Blair: Yeah.

John: Hey, actually, do you mind if I borrow Blair for one minute?

Tomás: Of course. Nice to meet you.

John: Yeah, you, too.

Tomás: Good luck with the investigation.

Blair: I'll catch up with you later. Okay, you want to tell me what's up?

John: Well, just, uh...

Blair: What?

John: Been a hell of a week. What do you know about this guy?

Blair: Tomás?

John: Mmm. Tomás.

Blair: He's very charming, very smart. A real artist.

John: And he lives in Paris.

Blair: Well, he did when I met him. He speaks a bunch of languages, so I'm sure he travels. Why are you so interested in Tomás?

John: This is what we found at the scene.

James: When you go out with one of the Manning girls, their dad's part of the package, man. Sorry.

Nate: I know.

James: At least he cares about his kids. That's more than we can say about our dad.

Nate: Yeah. It's not like I want Todd dead...exactly.

James: Right?

Nate: No. Dani wants him to live. I want her to be happy.

James: I know. I want him to stick around for Starr's sake, too.

Nate: But we have got to be ready when he's on his feet.

James: Why? I'm not worried. Starr and I can take him. What?

Nate: Love is making you totally dopey.

James: Yeah? Well, it's been a long time since I felt this way about a girl.

Gigi: Looks like that computer's been around.

Deanna: I hold my breath every time I boot up.

Gigi: I know that one.

Deanna: Is it okay if I just hang out for a while? The Wi-Fi at the Minute Man is kind of sketchy.

Gigi: No problem. Can I get you anything else to go with your coffee?

Gigi: They're baked fresh by Noelle every day.

Deanna: That's okay. I'm good. Are refills free?

Gigi: They are.

Starr: Where did you come from?

Jack: The back. McPain and Mom are out front.

Starr: Didn't Mom tell you to go to school?

Jack: Hello! Why do you think I had to come in the back? What? You're not gonna rat me out, are you?

Starr: You should be in school.

Jack: Like I can focus on anything with Dad in the ICU.

Starr: Jack, you can't help Dad. And what if you miss something really important?



Destiny: Who is that?

Dani: Shane? Oh, my God. Shane, are you okay? What? Are you choking? You're choking? Des, go get help.

Destiny: I'll go get the nurse.

Dani: Shane, listen. It's gonna be okay. We're gonna get you some help.

Nora: This is the timeline of the night that Eddie Ford was murdered. See? James showed up at the Minute Man motel here and Eddie was still alive. And then later--well, earlier in the morning--Nate came by, and Eddie was dead. And then Brody Lovett shows up and makes the official phone call.

Rex: It's not that big of a window. Just a couple hours. Do you have anything that puts anybody else in the room that day?

Nora: No. Absolutely not. James, Nate, Eddie. Only 3 people that were in the motel room that we know of.

Rex: Except you and me.

Nigel: You believe Mr. Buchanan has committed murder? It can't have gone that far.

Bo: What can't? Nigel, over here. Look, I know you want to help Clint, and so do I.

Nigel: Indeed, sir.

Bo: The only way that we can do that and protect this family is to be honest about what Clint has become.

David: Yeah, honest!

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan is not a monster. When I spoke to him about my concerns, I could tell he's haunted by the things he's done.

Bo: What things?

Nigel: I believe there have been some rather unethical acts.

Bo: Such as?

Nigel: I don't know.

David: We do. Clint hired Eddie Ford to kidnap step-Nora to ruin Pa's marriage. Then he killed him to cover it up.

Nigel: No. It can't be.

David: "Mom" just doesn't work for me.

Bo: I know.

Nigel: Surely you don't believe your brother capable of--

Bo: Joey saw Clint and Eddie Ford together here the day that Nora was kidnapped.

David: A-ha! You got yourself an alibi for that evening?

Bo: He doesn't need one. You've never seen Clint and Eddie Ford together?

Nigel: No, sir.

Bo: Do you remember where Clint was the night that Eddie Ford was murdered?

Nigel: As a matter of fact, I do.

Rex: I found you tied up about here. Do you remember?

Nora: Of course I remember. I just didn't have a handle on the time.

Rex: What about the rest of it? I'm sure they probably asked you this a hundred times, but do you remember anything that Eddie said while he had you prisoner? Did he talk to anybody? Did he talk about anything, anything at all about Clint?

Nora: Oh, he left and came back. Oh, damn it.

Rex: It's okay.

Nora: No! I want to put the guy in prison! Eddie's dead, and I want to lock him up. Is that crazy?

Rex: I get it.

Nora: Well, at least we can account for our whereabouts, right? You were, after the accident, unconscious in the car, and I was lying by the side of the road somewhere.

Rex: What we need is somebody who was at the Minute Man motel. If we can find somebody that can put Clint at the motel, we got him.

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan called to say he would be working late at Buchanan Enterprises the evening of the murder.

Bo: And did he?

Nigel: He didn't come home until the next morning wearing the same clothes he'd left in the day before.

Bo: Are you sure it was that same night?

David: Yeah, are you sure?

Nigel: Yes, I'm quite sure. I was watching the morning edition of "Access Llanview."

David: Oh, I hate that show. Hey, is Phyllis still the host, with her teeth and hair?

Bo: David.

David: I should have been the host of that show, Pa. I got teeth and hair without the air quotes.

Bo: You were watching TV.

Nigel: There was a bulletin about the murder. Mr. Buchanan arrived in the middle, so I wasn't able to hear the details.

Bo: And you're sure, positive, that he came here from the office?

Nigel: That's what he said.

Bo: And that's what you're going on, Nigel, right? Clint's word. You don't really know where he was.

Nate: There was someone else before?

James: Yeah. You had a girlfriend before you dated Dani.

Nate: No, it's not that. It's just it makes me realize how much I don't know about my brothers. You guys had this whole other life without me.

James: Yeah. Dayton. My life back then, it feels like... 100 years ago.

Deanna: I didn't order that.

Gigi: I know. I messed up an order, and if you don't eat it, I'll have to throw it away. It's on the house.

Deanna: Thanks.

Gigi: No, thank you. Hate to waste food.

[Cell phone rings]

Gigi: Excuse me.

Starr: You can't stay out of school forever.

Jack: You think Dad will be in a coma forever?

Starr: I didn't say that.

Jack: Did you think it?

Gigi: What? Is he okay? I'll be right there. Balsom, Shane had a bad asthma attack. No, I don't know. Just meet me at the school. I need someone to cover for me.

Starr: I hope Shane's okay.

Jack: Yeah, me too.

Blair: Come on, John. You're suspicious of Tomás just because he has a euro? You go to all the hotels in this town, you're gonna find hundreds of people that have Euros.

John: You know, you're right.

Blair: I know I am.

John: He just showed up out of the blue to visit his sister, right?

Blair: Actually, he came here to see me.

John: Oh?

Blair: You remember the box that you brought over? Eli's box?

John: Mm-hmm.

Blair: The only thing in it was a portrait of me. Cristian and I traced it to Paris. Tomás happens to be the artist. He said that he copied it from a photograph that he found of Todd and me at a flea market in Paris. What?

John: That doesn't sound a little strange to you?

Blair: I think it sounds like a lot of coincidences.

John: Yeah, too many.

Blair: So, what do you think, Tomás came here to shoot Todd? John, they never even met before he got here.

John: Okay.

Blair: Okay.

John: Okay. Okay. Were he and Téa really close?

Blair: You heard him. And I've seen him be very protective of her.

John: What?

Blair: It's nothing unusual, just normal stuff.

John: Blair.

Blair: He was upset when he read about Todd's past. Actually, he wanted Téa to leave Todd.

John: Did he confront Todd?

Blair: I don't know who confronted who, but Todd threatened to have Tomás deported.

John: All right, now we're getting somewhere. They didn't exactly get along.

Blair: No, they argued, and it's silly anyway. Tomás is an American and he can't be deported. And Tomás has no reason to hurt Todd. Besides, you said that the shooter was a professional, so there!

Shaun: I'm ready for you this time.

Tomás: I didn't come back for seconds.

Shaun: I know. You're like family now.

Tomás: Where's Téa?

Shaun: I think she's up on the 4th floor lounge.

Tomás: She finally get some rest?

Shaun: Nah, I doubt it, but she promised me she'd close her eyes.

Tomás: Do me a favor. Take this food to her. Gonna pop in and see Todd.

Shaun: I promised your sister I wouldn't leave Todd alone.

Tomás: You won't. I'll be here. You know I can take care of anybody who tries to get in there.

Shaun: I pity the fool who would try. I'll be right back.

Tomás: Thank you. Take your time. You could use a break yourself.

John: Yeah, Todd's shooter is a professional.

Blair: All right, then.

John: But I got a piece of him. He left blood at the scene.

Blair: Well, if he was wounded, then he should be easier to find, shouldn't he?

John: Mm-hmm.

Blair: That's why you asked Tomás if he was okay.

Blair's voice: Tomás, thank you so much for just helping me keep my feet on the ground.

Tomás' voice: Any time.

[Tomás grunts]

Blair's voice: Is something wrong?

Tomás' voice: Nope. Nothing at all.

John: Hey, look. If you don't mind me asking, is there something going on between the two of you?

Blair: No, John, there isn't.

John: Okay.

Blair: He asked me out a couple times, but I turned him down. It's too soon after Eli.

John: Do you mind if I say something to you as a friend? Just for the time being, why don't you keep your distance from this guy, all right? The last thing you need right now is another nut--

Blair: I'm going to the hospital.

John: Please, wait. One more thing. Who has that picture of you and Todd that this guy supposedly found at the flea market?

Blair: You don't think he's telling the truth, do you? I have the photograph, okay? Tomás gave it back to me.

John: I'd like to see it.

Blair: Why?

John: I bet you look real pretty in it.

Blair: I'll get you the photo.

John: Thank you, Blair.

Blair: You're welcome, John.

[Cell phone rings]

Tomás: Yeah. I'm with him now. It wasn't easy. He's got people around him day and night. No. He's in a coma. Could go either way. Yeah. Yeah, I know what to do.

Nate: It is so weird. Ford's a dad.

James: I know. Tell me about it.

Nate: When I met him, he was such a player. I thought that's all there was.

James: Well, he changed a lot. We both did. I used to be that guy who boosted cars and stole money to get away from my dad.

Nate: You went on the run.

James: Yeah. Yeah.

Nate: Is that when you left the girlfriend? What happened with that?

James: Uh...

[Ryder cooing]

James: Hey...

Nate: Hey.

James: Yeah. Come here. Yeah.

Nate: Hi. Hi.

Starr: Mom left.

Jack: Thanks.

Starr: Don't. This is the last time I'm covering for you. Now get your butt to school.

Jack: Can you seriously think about anything but Dad?

Starr: Look, Jack. I know that it's hard, but Mom has a lot going on right now. The last thing she needs is a call from school about you.

Gigi: Oh, God! Honey! Are you all right?

Nurse: Yeah, he will be, thanks to Dani and Destiny.

Rex: Thank you.

Dani: It was nothing. We heard him fall and called the nurse.

Gigi: Can you talk yet?

Shane: Yeah.

Nurse: Luckily, I had the extra inhaler your mother left in the office at the beginning of the year, but it was nearly expired.

Gigi: I'll bring you a new one.

Nurse: And Shane, remember to carry your own medication.

Gigi: He will. Thanks. You sure you're okay? Deep breaths.

Rex: Why didn't you have your inhaler?

Shane: I must have left it at home.

Gigi: What are you talking about? I gave it to you this morning. I checked it and I put it in your pocket. We talked about it even.

Shane: Oh, yeah. It must have fallen out on the bus.

Dani: Hey, Shane. I'm really glad you're okay.

Gigi: Thanks again, girls.

Shane: Thanks.

Dani: Bye.

Gigi: Honey, that inhaler is the most important thing you have. Got it? That inhaler is more important than money, your house keys, anything. That inhaler--

Shane: That inhaler is ruining my life!

Nora: Hey, Rex. It's Nora. I'm just calling to check on Shane. I hope everything's all right. Will you give me a call when you can and let me know? And thank you again for your help today, really. I think I almost have a handle on this timeline. Okay, stay in touch and I'll talk to you soon. Okay, so Rex found me here...

Rex's voice: What the hell are you doing here? Sorry.

Nora: Who knows when it was, but it was after we left.

Nora's voice: Rex! Aah!

Nora: It was so soon after we left. So Eddie must have still been alive. Eddie had to have died sometime between then...

Bo's voice: Honey, oh, my God. Thank God. Thank God you came back to me.

Nora: Eddie died after the crash, but before I found Bo.

Nigel: I simply took Mr. Buchanan at his word. I had no reason to believe he wasn't at the office.

Bo: Well, yes, and thank you, Nigel. Believe me, you've been very helpful. Let's go. Come on.

David: Why are we leaving? I had 5 more glares I could have used.

Bo: You used plenty, believe me. Let's just get back to the station.

David: Pa, you go on. I got a few errands I gotta run before the wedding. You'll be there, right?

Bo: I'm the best man. Of course I'll be there.

Nigel: I won't abandon your son, sir. I owe you that.

David: You talking to a picture, Smythe?

Nigel: I thought you were gone.

David: Not yet. You and I got a couple things we gotta get straight.

Shane: Stop staring at me.

Gigi: Shane, your inhaler saves your life.

Rex: What is it?

Shane: You don't get it.

Rex: So, tell us. What don't we get?

Shane: Forget it.

Rex: That's not gonna happen, kiddo. Please help us. What's going on?

Gigi: Shane, what really happened to your inhaler?

Shane: Fine! You really want to know?


Shane: I threw it out.

Gigi: You threw it out? As in away? That's 55 bucks. Why?

Shane: So I wouldn't look like such a loser.

Rex: You're not a loser. Why would you think that?

Shane: I don't know.

Gigi: It just popped out of your mouth for no reason?

Shane: Never mind.

Rex: Shane, look at me. You're not a loser.

Gigi: You're not.

Shane: Whatever. Just stop staring at me.

Gigi: Honey, did someone call you a loser?

Dani: What are you doing here? I thought you had the hots for your teacher.

Jack: Please, I already got the lecture from Starr. And what are you doing here in the middle of a school day, young lady?

Destiny: We got a free period for being total heroes.

Dani: Yeah, your friend Shane, he had a bad asthma attack in the gym.

Jack: That's brutal.

Dani: Yeah.

Jack: Is he okay?

Dani: Yeah, he's okay now.

Destiny: I'm gonna go order.

Dani: That's good. It was really scary. I don't even want to think about what would have happened if we hadn't found him.

Jack: You're a total hero.

Dani: You know that Shane could die from an asthma attack? If he doesn't have an inhaler, he could die.

Jack: Intense.

Dani: Yeah. You know, Shane didn't have his inhaler today. Do you know anything about that?

Starr: I thought maybe you could use some help with--

James: Nope. We're all good. We just ate and burped.

Starr: Well, you definitely are good.

James: Yeah. So, any word on your dad?

Starr: No change.

James: Sorry.

Starr: I can't get over how good you are with the baby.

Nate: Yeah, James. You should get a job as a manny.

James: Oh, ha ha!

Starr: He's too busy being an uncle. He is so beautiful.

James: Oh, please! He's handsome boy. He's rugged.

Starr: Sorry. You're right.

Nate: Everybody smile.

James: Oh. Come over here.

Starr: Okay. Oh, smile.

Nate: Smile.

David: Let's say you're innocent this time.

Nigel: This time?

David: You never had to answer for the first time you tried to keep me away from my family. Now you're gonna!

[Cell phone rings]

David: David Vickers Buchanan productions. David Vickers Buchanan speaking. Oh, hey, baby. How are you? I can't wait, either. Well, I promise if you promise. The next words you're gonna hear me say are "I do." Sorry, Nigel. Where were we?

Nigel: You were just leaving.

David: Right. I'm going to my wedding, and you're not invited.

Nigel: I'm duly crushed.

David: You and your boss tried to ruin my life. Well, you didn't do it, and you're never gonna do it. I survived. I'm gonna marry Dorian. There's nobody who can stop me.

Nigel: With your track record, it's amazing you still hope.

David: Okay, so I stood Dorian up at the altar twice. 50% of that was not my fault, and I'm not gonna screw it up this time.

Nigel: Don't be silly. I have faith you'll manage to somehow.

Bo: Hi.

Nora: Hey.

Bo: Hey, where did you find these? Thought they quit making them.

Nora: I didn't. Rex did. He was in Cherryvale doing some investigating on the Eddie Ford murder case.

Bo: He doesn't have to do that.

Nora: You can't stop him. He's really trying, Bo.

Bo: Yeah. You know, I found something. Clint doesn't have an alibi for the night of the murder.

Nora: Yeah, but that doesn't place him at the Minute Man motel.

Bo: Well, he could have been there. We just have to find the person that might have seen him. Fleabag motel like that, that place rocks around the clock. So somebody had to have seen him from the parking lot, from that walkway. Somebody had to see something. Are you okay?

John: Hey. I need you to run a background check for me.

Cop: What's the name?

John: Tomás Delgado.

Blair: Tomás? What are you doing in here?

Nate: Great shot, right?

James: Let's see. Yeah, it is.

Nate: Kind of like looking at your future.

James: Come on. Don't you have to get back to school or something?

Starr: Yeah, you can go now, Nate.

Nate: On my way, soon as I post.

Deanna: They have a baby?

Jack: Why would I know anything about Shane's inhaler?

Dani: I saw you running out of the gym. Remember? You said that you were late for class.

Jack: I was.

Dani: Okay, but Jack, you didn't go to class. You came here. So why would you--

Jack: Please. You're worse than a cop...or Mom. I'm gonna go see Dad.

Shane: Nobody called me a loser. It's just how I feel sometimes.

Rex: You sure?

Shane: Yes, just forget about it. I'll even pay for a new inhaler out of my allowance.

Rex: It's not about the money, okay? Your mom was just scared.

Gigi: You know how I get sometimes. We'll go to the pharmacy right now and we'll get you a new one.

Shane: Now? Like I can't have a single minute without it? Fine!

Rex: What do you think?

Gigi: I don't know.

Rex: We didn't get the whole story, did we?

Gigi: No.

Rex: There's something Shane's not telling us, huh?

Gigi: Probably. I can't believe I said that thing about the money.

Rex: It's okay.

Gigi: That's not the point right now. I'm a horrible mother.

Rex: Hey. We're learning this as we go along, okay? You are a great mom.

Gigi: Then what happened to my sweet little boy who couldn't wait to tell me everything about his day?

Rex: He became a teenager and decided we're the enemy. I think that's the law.

Gigi: How can we help him if he won't tell us what's going on?

Tomás: I was getting to know my brother-in-law.

Blair: Todd's unconscious.

Tomás: Yeah, I figured while it's quiet like this, I could see him the way the rest of you all see him.

Blair: Did it work?

Tomás: Looking at him now, it's hard to believe this is the man I read all those bad things about.

Shaun: Hey, Blair, is everything okay?

Blair: Yeah, everything's fine, Shaun. Thanks.

Shaun: The nurse is on the way in, all right?

Blair: Okay, thanks.

Shaun: All right.

Blair: Let's go.

Tomás: You were with Detective McBain for a long time. What did he want?

Blair: Just the usual stuff. Asking about Todd's enemies.

Tomás: I'm sure that was a long list.

Blair: Just narrowing down to those who tried to kill him.

Tomás: If you need anything, I'll be upstairs with Téa.

Blair: Okay.

John: I need you to find everything you can on Delgado.

Cop: What are we looking for?

John: I don't know. Just run the check.

David: Don't you get cheeky with me, Nigel. You want to try and stop me from marrying Dorian?

Nigel: I wouldn't dream of it. You are the perfect couple.

David: We are, aren't we? Oh, and just for the record, you ain't gonna be buttling for us. And Clint? He's gonna lose all of his money in a ginormous civil suit I'm about to file.

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan will fight you--

David: Mr. Buchanan is gonna be in the slammer, 'cause my pa is gonna do whatever it takes to bring him down.

Bo: Red, are you okay?

Nora: You said that there had to be someone at the Minute Man motel that saw something the night that Eddie Ford was killed.

Bo: Yeah. What's going on?

Nora: I was there. I can see it.

Bo: You can see what?

Nora: I didn't wander off after the accident, Bo. I went to the Minute Man motel that night.

On the next "One Life to Live"...

Ford: Give the baby to your parents right now.

Nora: What if I killed Eddie?

Dorian: Be my matron of honor.

Aubrey: We may have a problem with Joey.

Man: What took you so long? Get in there, take your clothes off.

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