OLTL Transcript Friday 3/18/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/18/11


Episode # 10897

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Bo: Yeah. We'll need to take off in the next half-hour.

Rex: Look. Just for the record, Dorian hasn't been involved with anybody since you disappeared.

David: Now you want to make me feel better after you leave me to rot in the Moroccan jail cell. Could've died, you know, and if Dorian is in bed with the latest bachelor, I might as well have.

Dorian: We are going to use this to make a funeral pyre in case you doubt my resolve.

Cutter: Me? Never.

Dorian: Good, because I am going to burn all unpleasant memories. Yes. I am going to burn this image of this overcoiffed, overdressed gigolo and make him...turn into dust.

Viki: Clint, look at Tess. She's working very hard to convince everyone she's Jessica.

Bailiff: All rise. This hearing is now in session. The Honorable Judge Russo presiding.

Russo: Please be seated. It's my understanding that Nora Buchanan is sitting in for Téa Delgado, due to a family emergency involving your brother.

Viki: Yes, your honor. He was shot.

Dani: Dad! Dad?

Téa: It's ok. It's ok, mija. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Dani: How long was I asleep for?

Starr: About a half an hour.

Dani: Is Dad still not out of surgery?

Téa: Honey, these things take time.

Dani: Oh, my God, he's dead. Mom, he's dead. They just don't want to tell us.

Téa: No, honey. He's not dead.

Dani: Mom, he could be laying on the table right now with--

Starr: He's not, Dani. He's going to be fine, and if you keep talking like that, you sound just like him, and that's not helping anything.

Téa: It's all right.

Dani: You're right. I'm sorry.

Téa: It's ok. It's all right. It's all right. We're all scared, but we just got to stay calm, ok?

Dani: Why, in case he dies?

Téa: Honey, he's not gonna die.

Blair: There they are.

Jack: What happened? Did Dad die?

Russo: I'm sorry for your family's troubles, Mrs. Banks.

Viki: Thank you, your honor. Thank you.

Russo: Let's get started. This is a hearing to determine the custody of one Ryder-- what's the child's last name?

Morgan: Your honor, that's why we're here.

Tess: Your honor, if I may.

Russo: Yes?

Tess: I'm Ryder's mother Jessica Ford, and this is Ryder's daddy Robert Ford. So Ryder's last name is Ford. He's our little bundle of joy, isn't he, Bobby?

Russo: I'm sorry. I don't understand. The infant has married parents that appear to get along? Why are the grandparents filing for custody?

Viki: Your honor, may I? This young woman standing there, she's not my daughter.

Téa: Todd is still in surgery.

Sam: Thought we were going to see Dad.

Blair: Hey, babe, we are. We are. We're going as soon as Dad gets out of surgery, all right?

Jack: And when's that supposed to be? How long is it supposed to take?

Dani: Not this long.

Starr: Ok.

Téa: Um, Doctor, is my husband out of surgery yet?

Dani: Is he gonna be ok?

Doctor: I'm afraid I have bad news.

Dani: Oh, my God, I knew it.

Téa: Shh shh shh, mija. Dr. Gangemi said they were trying to repair the damage from the bullet.

Doctor: We did. There were complications.

Jack: So is he dead?

Blair: Jack!

Doctor: He's in a coma.

Téa: Oh, dear God.

Starr: He's going to come out of the coma. He has to, right?

Téa: You mentioned that he had a lot of blood loss. Does that mean-- was his brain affected?

Doctor: We won't know that until he wakes up.

Blair: Well, can we see him?

Doctor: Absolutely. I'm hoping his family will bring him around.

Jack: Where is he? I'm going in.

Blair: Jack, will you just-- Jack, Téa is gonna go first.

Tess: Mom, why are you doing this to me?

Russo: No more outbursts, Mrs. Ford. Please be seated. Mrs. Banks, why do you say Jessica Ford is not your daughter?

Nora: Um--

Viki: Thank you.

Nora: If I may, your honor, Jessica Buchanan suffers from dissociative identity disorder, D.I.D., Also known as multiple personalities. She was healthy when she gave birth to Ryder but subsequently fragmented into this woman known as Tess. Tess is unstable at best. The history is in the file. Her doctor thinks she's a genuine danger to her child. His statements are in the file, and also there's documentation in there about previous violent incidents. This is why Ryder's grandparents are pursuing custody--not in any way to deprive their daughter, but out of genuine concern because the sooner Tess receives psychiatric evaluation and treatment, the sooner Jessica can re-emerge and the family can be united. That's all that Mrs. Banks and Mr. Buchanan want, to protect their grandchild while their own child receives appropriate care.

Russo: Mrs. Ford, I'd like to hear from you. Will you please take the stand?

Cutter: Out with the old, in with the new.

Dorian: Yes.

Cutter: Yes.

Dorian: Yes. The jackass is gonna burn now. Ha ha ha! Lust into dust. Ha ha! There we go. Nicely done. Ok, and since you are the one who helped me see the light, I am going to give you, sir, the honor of bearing witness to the ceremony.

Cutter: Dorian, it would be my honor to help you burn that playboy out of your system any way you like.

Dorian: Ha ha ha!

Rex: Look. Do you want me to talk to Dorian? I know we're not really the best of friends, but it could help. I will do whatever you--

David: I don't want anything from you. Look at you--nothing but a con man, complete phony, all those years sucking up to Pa, so you could worm your way into our good family. You're not worthy of the name Buchanan.

Rex: You're probably right, but the thing is, I am a Buchanan.

Tess: I promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

Nora: Your honor, just for the record, every word that comes out of this woman's mouth is a lie.

Morgan: Objection. There is no evidence of that.

Russo: Counselors, please. I have the file. I've heard the complaint, and I will listen to the witness. Mrs. Ford, why are your parents insisting that you're someone they call Tess, and why would they petition this court for custody of your son if they didn't believe you were a threat to him?

Tess: To punish me.

Russo: For what?

Tess: For marrying the man I love.

Dani: When? When are we going to know something?

Starr: Dani, relax. Dad is going to be fine.

Jack: Would you stop that?

Dani: What?

Jack: Staring at me.

Dani: Jack, I wasn't staring at you.

Jack: You were looking right at me.

Starr: Jack, sit down and shut up!

Dani: I'm sorry. I-- hey, it's ok to cry. I won't tell anyone.

Blair: What are you doing here?

Cop: Lieutenant McBain wants a guard on Mr. Manning 24/7.

Blair: Well, does he have any idea who did this?

Cop: All I know is, whoever did it knew exactly what he was doing. Mr. Manning is lucky to be alive.

Blair: Well, does John think that he's gonna come back and do it again?

[EKG beeping]

Téa: Don't you dare die on me.

Tess: Mom, Dad, I am so sorry that you're mad at me, but I love Bobby. You see, my parents wanted me to marry this former Navy SEAL--you might know him. He's a police officer-- Brody Lovett. But I fell in love with Bobby last spring when we made Ryder.

Clint: Your honor, I've got nothing against Robert Ford. In fact, I helped him get his job back at L.U. after he got fired for having sex with one of his students.

Ford: No. The only reason you did that was to get leverage over my mother.

Morgan: More to the point, your honor, when Clint Buchanan found out that Robert Ford had had sex with his daughter, he had him beaten so badly that he was in the hospital for days. In fact, opposing counsel's husband opened an investigation into the matter. Isn't that right, Ms. Buchanan?

Cutter: Whoa! Ay! In this sacred vessel. Yes!

Dorian: Which is really just a punch bowl.

Cutter: But we sanctified it.

Dorian: Oh, yes. We sanctified it. We are going to burn...

Cutter: Burn, burn David.

Dorian: Burn, burn the memories of a man who would be so stupid as to leave a woman who looked like that at the altar, huh?

David: You're no Buchanan. That's the most pathetic thing I've ever heard. You know, Rex, I'd feel sorry for you if I didn't already despise you, loathe you, hate you a really, really lot. Pa, did you hear that? Balsom here thinks he's a Buchanan.

Bo: Well, I hate to break it to you, David, but he's as much a Buchanan as you are.

Nora: Your honor, when Mr. Ford came to our office and filed a complaint, yes, we did open an investigation, but there wasn't enough evidence to substantiate the charge, so the matter was dropped. Now, can we get back to the case at hand and an observation that you made earlier that Mr. and Mrs. Ford appeared happily married? In point of fact, she just married him a few days ago after she abruptly left town, leaving her baby in the care of her parents without ever giving them any idea where she was. She just left her son.

Russo: Téa Delgado has submitted proof to that effect, that Jessica abandoned her child. What about it, Mrs. Ford?

Téa: Hey, Todd, guess what. Nate and Dani are at the Minute Man Hotel alone about to have sex. How about this? Starr is pregnant again. Ha ha! This time, it's James Ford's. Oh, God, now I know we're in trouble.

Blair: So when Téa comes out, Jack, you'll all go in and see Dad, ok? Sam, I just want to give you a heads-up that Daddy is sleeping and he's got some tubes attached to him and some wires and might have a little mask on, and it might seem a little scary, but Dad is ok, all right? It's all gonna make him better, so don't be scared. What you need to do is, you just need to grab his hand, and we need to tell him that we love him and that we want him to wake up so he can make pancakes for us, ok?

Jack: Sam is cool. I got his back.

Blair: Well, just in case, I got yours.

Dani: What if Dad dies and I don't get to tell him that I'm sorry? I was so mean to him.

Starr: So was I.

Dani: Yeah, but you kept telling me to go home and to call him and to stop torturing him, but I wouldn't.

Starr: Dani--

Dani: I wanted him to suffer, but not like this.

Starr: I know that. I know that, and so does he, ok? I mean, you have to remember that he's tough, right? I mean, come on. You know his temper and how unbelievably annoying he is when he thinks that he's right, ok? He never gives up. That's how I know that he's coming back to us.

Tess: My Aunt Nora is right. I did leave my baby boy with my parents, but it's only because I was in shock. I had just found out that my father had altered my baby's paternity test to make him look like he was Brody Lovett's. You can ask my Aunt Nora. You tried to prosecute him for that, too, didn't you?

Russo: Ms. Buchanan?

Nora: Well, actually, as it turns out, Vimal Patel has confessed to altering the paternity tests. He's now serving a lengthy sentence at Statesville Prison.

Morgan: Yes, but isn't it also true that your office is currently investigating Clint Buchanan for hiring Eddie Ford to kidnap you and then killing him to cover his tracks?

Nora: Your honor, no matter how many charges are lobbed at Jessica's father, the point is, he has provided for her son a generous trust fund which Tess and Mr. Ford are desperate to get their hands on. That's why they want custody of Ryder. It's not because they care about the welfare of the child. They want his money.

Clint: That's the truth. He will do anything to make a buck. Last year, he blackmailed a murderer who was a danger to everybody in town. All he could think of was a payoff, and a payoff is why he's after my grandson. This is all about the money.

Ford: That's not true! Your honor, sorry. Ryder is my son. I love him. You can ask Tess. I've done everything possible I can for him.

Morgan: Mr. Ford, you just called your wife Tess. Are you saying that the woman before us isn't Jessica, that she's taken on another personality?

Jack: I'm sorry I upset you back there.

Sam: No wonder I'm Dad's favorite.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Sam: I'm his favorite son.

Jack: You wish. I'm his favorite.

Sam: He told me.

Jack: He told me.

Sam: Whatever.

Dani: Starr, you didn't see him. Dad almost died in the E.R. He almost died. What if they just can't save him? Mom, is he-- is he ok? Did he wake up?

Téa: I need a minute.

Blair: Look at you lying there, center of attention. You proud of yourself, hmm? Got your kids out there scared to death. Téa looks like she's seen a ghost. I swear, Todd, if you're doing this to pay her back, I'm never gonna forgive you. You hear me? So why don't you just cut it all out and wake up? All right. You know what? I'm gonna count to 3. You can just stop and just wake up, all right? You ready? One... two... come on, Todd. Don't-- don't do this to me. I know I've always wished the worst for you, but I never meant it. Come on. There's so many people that are depending on you. Téa is, your kids. Look. I can't raise them. I can't raise them by myself. I need you. Todd, just wake up.

Russo: Mr. Ford, are you saying your wife Jessica is really the woman called Tess?

Ford: Uh, your honor, I'm sorry.

Tess: It's all right, sweetheart. I'll take care of this. Your honor, the truth is, after my father betrayed me, and I found out at the altar that he lied, that Ryder was Bobby's, and not Brody's, son, I had a small relapse for one or two days, but I'm ok. Thanks to Bobby's love, I quickly reintegrated, and I'm fine now. You have to understand. I should've brought this up before, and I'm sorry that I didn't, but this is extremely difficult for my parents to talk about. Actually, they don't like talking about my D.I.D. at all because the truth is, it's my mother's fault. Her alter Niki Smith left me alone with a pedophile, and he molested me.

Dorian: And this is the invitation to our most recent almost-wedding. Hmm. Here we go. Oh, that.

Cutter: Yeah.

Dorian: Pardon me. Pardon me. Pardon me. That story is best left untold.

David's voice: And you thought I'd shown you everything.

Dorian: Ok now. The beginning of the best part of our ceremony. Oh, wait, wait, wait.

[Cutter humming]

Dorian: Oh, thank you. Oh, yes. Give me that.

Dorian: [Hums] See David's picture

Cutter: The picture we will light it both: Ooh --

Dorian: Burn, baby. Oh...

David: So Rex is my brother. How biblical, Cain to my Abel. Wait. Which one died?

Bo: It doesn't matter. Look. He's your cousin. He's Clint's son.

David: So that's why you left me in a prison to rot. You were doing his dirty work.

Viki: Jessica is very aware of how incredibly sorry I am about what happened to her when she was a little girl because of my illness, but Tess will use anything to get what she wants.

Tess: My mother is right, your honor. D.I.D. is a horrible disease. Actually, I'm scared for her. She could relapse at any moment.

Viki: Oh, for heaven's sakes--

Russo: Mrs. Banks--

Tess: Is this hearing confidential?

Russo: Yes. Of course.

Tess: Good, because I know my mother would not want this to get out, but the fact is, her marriage is in trouble.

Viki: That is absolutely not true!

Tess: I happen to know for a fact, but she's in denial. Her husband has actually gotten very, very close with his ex-- Echo DiSavoy. They thought they had a son together, Rex Balsom, because my father lied, and Rex is really his son, but he didn't want him, so he changed the paternity test to make it look like--

Nora: Your honor--

Tess: This is the kind of terrible things that my father does. This is why I am so scared. What if he decides that he doesn't want Ryder anymore?

David: You are exactly like your father.

Rex: No. I am nothing like him, ok? Clint changed a DNA test to make it look like I was somebody else's son. That's how much he hates me, and I hate him right back, ok? I'm gonna do whatever I can to nail that son of the bitch.

David: Yeah? Well, I'll believe that when I see it. Pa, I'd like to go home now.

Bo: Got us on the next flight.

Rex: Look, David. You have to know, we are cousins now, ok, and the 3 of us--you, me, and Bo--we are gonna nail Clint for what he did to you.

David: Revenge on Clint is number two on my list. Number one is getting back to Dorian before I lose her to a lesser man.

Tess: Mom has an excuse-- D.I.D. What's your excuse, Daddy?

Nora: All right. Your honor, none of these allegations have been proven.

Russo: I'm aware, Mrs. Buchanan. Mrs. Ford, so it's your testimony that you're not currently suffering from the effects of D.I.D.

Nora: Your honor, with all due respect, we would like her to be seen by her doctor.

Tess: What about my mother? Does she have to see a doctor, too?

Nora: Mrs. Banks has not suffered from D.I.D. for years now.

Tess: She wants custody, your honor. It's only fair. What if she finds out that Charlie and Echo aren't just friends? She could snap, and I don't want my child left with Niki Smith.

Nora: Well, luckily, it's not your call, Tess.

Russo: That will be all, Mrs. Ford. Mrs. Banks, would you please take the stand?

Sam: Mommy?

Blair: It's ok, sweetheart. See Daddy? See all those tubes I told you about? Looks kind of funny, doesn't he? He's gonna be ok now. We can make fun of him when he wakes up, all right?

Jack: If he wakes up.

Blair: He's going to wake up, Jack. So what we need to do is, we need to take Daddy's hand right here like that. We need to tell him that we love him and that we want him to wake up, so he can take us all to get some ice cream. Can you do that?

Sam: Wake up, Daddy.

Jack: So, Dad, is it really true that you told Sam that he's your favorite? Because I know it's a lie. I'm your favorite. You swore to me.

Sam: You just told him that to make him feel good, right, Dad? And it's ok to cry, right, Dad? Because Jack doesn't think so.

Russo: Mrs. Banks, you're the only person here today that hasn't leveled any accusations, and I appreciate your composure, but as to your conviction that Mrs. Ford isn't your daughter and that she may harm the baby, do you really believe that?

Viki: Yes. Yes. I do. As much as it grieves me to say this because God knows I love my daughter, and I want her to be well, she is not well. She's clearly had a major relapse, and as a result of it, I am very afraid for her sanity and for the safety of her child. Unfortunately, we've had cruel experience with this. Jessica a few years ago was pregnant, and her husband at the time, Nash Brennan, he died tragically. She relapsed, which we didn't realize because she worked very hard to hide it, as she's doing now, and she went on the warpath against her twin sister, my other daughter.

Tess: I was in mourning.

Viki: No one is denying that, Tess. It's the fact that you took over. You tried to kill your sister Natalie and Jared, and then you let your baby die.

Tess: That's a lie.

Viki: No. It is not a lie. You refused prenatal care, and when you went into labor, you ran away, and your baby died. Your little girl Chloe, my granddaughter, died because of you, Tess. I cannot-- I will not let that happen again.

Cutter: Done. Are you all right?

Dorian: Never better. Onward, upward. Don't we have a French impressionist exhibition to go to?

Cutter: Ah, oui. We do. We're gonna go out and celebrate on the town.

Dorian: Oh, but first, just one thing I have to do. Pardon me. Very important.

Cutter: MyFace?

Dorian: Well, yes. I have to-- defriend, is it called?-- Defriend David, don't I? Oh!

Cutter: What?

Dorian: What? What? That louse! That gigolo! Oh, no!

Cutter: What?

Dorian: David has changed his status to-- he's in a "hawt new relationship" with Ms. Alex Olanov! Alex Olanov? That cochon, that pig! That woman is a gold-digging--

Cutter: Remember, you're over David. You don't care what he does now.

Dorian: Right.

Bo: David?

Rex: Hey, are we gonna be able to make these charges against Clint stick? I mean, we don't have any real proof that he kidnapped David or that he threw him in that prison. It's just our word against his. He's gotten out of everything else. What if he gets out of this, too?

David: I got a banana and a mango. I'm ready now, Pa.

Bo: We got a flight to catch.

Russo: I appreciate your concerns, Mrs. Banks. I'll review the file carefully. Counselor, is Dr. Levin's number in the file?

Nora: Yes, it is. He's expecting your call.

Russo: Good. The court stands in recess until further notice.

Bailiff: All rise.

Dani: How is he?

Starr: Ok. Come on.

Téa: Anything? Thought he would wake up for you just to spite me. Ha ha ha! You know, we've been fighting recently about Dani and my brother. It'd be just like him to respond to you and not me.

Blair: He is going to make it.

Téa: You don't know that, and neither do I. I'm losing him, Blair.

Blair: No.

Dani: Dad? Dad, can you hear me? It's Dani. Squeeze my hand.

Starr: Keep talking to him.

Dani: Dad, listen to me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for disappearing on you like that with Nate. I'm gonna make it up to you, ok, I promise. Just-- just wake up, and I'll never see Nate again.

Starr: Hey, you better watch it. Knowing Dad, he'll hold you to it.

Dani: I don't care. I just want him to wake up. Starr...

Starr: What?

Dani: I think he just squeezed my hand. Come on, Dad. Do it again. Dad, squeeze my hand.

Starr: Dani, are you sure that--

Dani: Well, maybe it was just a twitch or something, you know, like he didn't know he was doing it. Dad?

Starr: Ok. Let me try. Let me try. Dad, Dani said that you squeezed her hand. If you did, squeeze mine, ok? Dad, I told her that you were going to pull through. Don't you make a liar out of me. Squeeze my hand. Please?

Jack: Look. The only reason I cried was because I thought it'd wake up Dad.

Sam: If you say so.

Jack: I swear, if you tell anyone I cried, I'll hang you out the window by your ankles like I did last winter.

Sam: Can I tell Dad?

Jack: Especially not Dad.

Blair: Téa Delgado, you are the strongest woman I know, and that's what Todd loves about you. He nearly lost it when he thought that you were dead.

Téa: Lot of good that does him now.

Blair: Listen. You're so wrong about that. He needs you now more than ever. That's why he's in that coma. You need to get in there, and you need to boss him around. You go boss him around and tell him to wake up, ok?

Morgan: I'll call as soon as I hear from the judge.

Clint: Well, you blew it, kid. There's no way that judge is gonna give my grandson to you, not after you called my daughter Tess.

Ford: Ryder is my son. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to keep you away from him.

Clint: Oh, I don't think you want to go another round, do you?

Nora: Excuse me, Mr. Ford. Excuse me. Can I talk to you for a minute? What the hell do you think you're doing?

Clint: I was telling him he blew it. He called her Tess.

Nora: Well, let's just hope the judge sees it that way, but after what you've done, I wouldn't blame him if he gives her a restraining order.

Clint: Whose side are you on?

Nora: Viki's, and if she wins custody, I'm gonna do everything I can to make sure that you go to jail and stay far away from that little boy.

Tess: That was quite the performance, Mother.

Viki: Well, it was hardly a performance, and you know it. I was watching you, you know? I saw how hard you struggled to keep Jessie from coming back.

Tess: Well, I see how hard you're struggling to deny the truth about your marriage.

Viki: Oh, Tess, what is this nonsense about Charlie and Echo?

Tess: What makes you so sure it's nonsense?

Viki: If you have something to say about them, why don't you say it?

Tess: Why don't you ask your BFF Dorian Lord?

Dorian: If I had any feelings for that bounder, Alex Olanov would kill it, absolutely kill it, all feeling. No. The man is out of my heart, out of my bed, out of my cyberspace.

Cutter: Ok. Lunch break, Palace. Champagne is on me.

Dorian: You-- you just want my money.

Cutter: I don't need your money, Dorian.

Dorian: You want to use me. I want to use you. So why spoil it by lying about it? You are exactly what I need to help me forget David Vickers Buchanan.

Blair: So I'm gonna take the boys home, and then I'm gonna come back, ok?

Téa: Thanks, Blair.

Blair: You guys ready to go?

Jack: Hey, I was actually thinking.

Blair: What?

Jack: Well, before big soccer games, Coach has us do this totally dorky thing, but we're undefeated, so maybe it works.

Dani: What is it?

Jack: It's like this dopey prayer or something.

Starr: Well, whatever it is, I'm sure it could help.

Jack: All right. Everyone on the team gets in a circle...

Blair: All right.

Jack: And then the captain puts out his hand. Fight hard, fight clean, and fight till the finish. As long as our hands are together and our hearts are full, no one loses.

Blair: Amen.

Viki: Oh, Tess, come on. You're making this up.

Tess: Maybe. Maybe not. Let's go, dear.

Ford: Hey, where you going?

Tess: Out.

Ford: Are you kidding me? You're gonna ruin the case.

Tess: You've already ruined it by calling me Tess, so what difference does it make?

Viki: What's all that stuff she was saying about Charlie and Echo?

Nora: Oh, you can't listen to Tess.

Viki: No, but she just told me to go and ask Dorian about it. Now, what would Dorian know?

Nora: Ask her.

Viki: I fully intend to.

Dorian: Nice... very, very nice. Ok. Make me forget all about David Vickers Buchanan.

Cutter: David who?

David: Dorian!

Viki: Clint, I'm going to leave. Nora said she'd call us when the judge comes back.

Clint: All right. All right.

Nora: Bo.

Bo: Clint Buchanan, you're under arrest for the kidnapping and false imprisonment of my son, your nephew, David Vickers Buchanan.

Téa: All right, Todd. Blair had a good idea, believe it or not, so here's what's gonna happen next, all right? You are going to wake up and come back to me. Do you hear me?

Dani: I didn't tell my mom about Dad maybe squeezing my hand. I don't want to get her hopes up, you know?

Starr: We should probably wait until it happens again.

Dani: Yeah, and it will, right? Starr?

Starr: I just wouldn't have been able to go through this without you.

Téa: Well, obviously Blair doesn't know you the way I know you. I'd have to hit you over the head with a vase, knock you out, and tie you up for you to listen to me, but even then... but we had fun, didn't we, in that cabin. Come on. Admit it. Please don't let that be the last time you ever make love to me. Open your eyes. I can't lose you. Please come back to me.

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