OLTL Transcript Thursday 3/10/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 3/10/11


Episode # 10891

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Todd: What do you want?

Blair: I left you about 4 messages. I'm glad you actually called me back.

Tomás: Todd, thought you were living across town with my sister, or is this your house, too?

Todd: Well, let me put it this way. If you want to come in this house, you have to go through me.

Tomás: Why is that? You Blair's new bodyguard?

Todd: Let's start with why you're still in Llanview.

Tomás: Nobody told you? I'm here because of you.

Téa: Where have you been? Skid row? If you're looking for Natalie, she left.

Brody: Whoa, whoa, keep it down. I just got Liam to go to sleep. What's wrong?

Natalie: John McBain.

Viki: It's completely my fault. I should've told Natalie that Tess had taken control.

Clint: What happened? Is Natalie all right?

Viki: Natalie is fine. The problem was, she was alone with Liam and Ryder when Tess showed up.

Clint: Natalie didn't know?

Viki: No. She didn't know. She assumed it was Jessica, and, of course, Tess was pretending to be Jessica, and you know how clever Tess can be when she wants something, and by the time Natalie figured it out it was too late. Tess had Ryder.

Clint: So Tess and Robert Ford have our grandson?

Viki: Yes.

Clint: I'll kill the son of a bitch.

Ford: Don't you worry. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, all right? I'm your daddy.

Tess: Caught you.

James: Tess.

Tess: Hey, it's not my fault you're even hotter when you're wet.

Langston: Hi, guys.

Ford: Oh, hi. I didn't think you were coming.

Langston: Well, here I am.

Ford: Ryder, this is Langston. Say hi. Say hi.

Langston: Oh, he's beautiful.

Ford: Yeah, and he's so smart. You can see him figuring things out, and everything goes in his mouth, right, buddy? Just got to take a big chomp out of life, huh?

Langston: Yeah, just like his daddy. You know, seeing him, I can almost understand why you married Tess.

James: I thought you were asleep.

Tess: I was, and I was having the most wonderful dream--you, me, bottle of baby oil.

James: Okay. I've got to go get dressed.

Tess: But, hey, I like what you're wearing.

[Knocks on door]

James: I've got to get that.

Tess: Or you and I can just go and hide out in the bedroom.

James: Tess, it's not gonna happen. What--

Starr: I'll help you—

Ford: Ryder is the best, and with Tess out of the picture--

Langston: So you're gonna go through with it?

James: I'm having Tess committed to Saint Ann's this afternoon.

James: This is not what it looks like.

Tess: I don't know. Looks pretty good to me. What do you think, Starr? Do you know what to do with all that? That's okay. You can join me in the bedroom tonight instead of sleeping on that cold couch.

Starr: Tess, I know that you are the more promiscuous side of Jessica's personality, but no one is interested. Do yourself a favor. Give it a rest.

James: Couldn't have said it better myself.

Starr: Could you help me?

James: Yeah. Starr, I'm sorry about that.

Starr: She's sick.

James: I know.

Starr: Anyway, I brought over some supplies for Ryder--food and formula and diapers. You have no idea how fast you will go through these.

James: Oh, thank you. Bobby is really gonna appreciate that.

Tess: Hey, where's that brother of yours?

Ford: Listen. When I found out Ryder was mine, I couldn't walk away from that, not after what happened with James. I don't want to run away from my responsibilities anymore. I don't want that to be who I am, and so even this little guy is keeping me up late at night, becoming a pain in the butt. You can't do that anymore. You got to let daddy get his sleep. I'm a father, and because of you, that means something. I can go the distance.

Clint: Well, I'm gonna send him a little message, and Ford will never know what hit him.

Viki: Oh, I see. Would that be those two thugs that you had beat him up when you found out he'd slept with Jessica? Clint, you put him in the hospital.

Ford: I thought making movies was hard. Now I'm getting two hours of sleep, and the wrap party is 18 years away, and I got to feed him and bathe him and diaper him all while keeping Tess under control. That's not easy, but the hardest part, Langston, has been losing you. Please forgive me. I know I handled this really badly, and I promise that I won't make any more decisions without you on board. Just take me back.

Brody: What happened?

Natalie: I just ran into Gigi, and she said that John found out that she knew about you and me, and he fired her.

Brody: What? That's not fair.

Natalie: No. Tell me about it. So I went over to Rodi's because I was gonna have it out with him, and then I find him in the storage room all over Kelly Cramer.

Brody: What do you mean?

Natalie: What do you think I mean?

John: I am not looking for Natalie.

Téa: Yeah. I've been there. Todd and I, we broke up dozens of times, but--guess what--we're still together.

John: It's not too late to change that.

Todd: You're in Llanview for me.

Tomás: That's right.

Todd: Huh. Well, then I guess you haven't talked to Téa lately because your sister and I worked things out. So you can go back to Paris or wherever.

Tomás: Not going anywhere. After what I witnessed the other day, I had you checked out. I know every last sordid detail. So I'm gonna stay right here and make sure that you don't hurt my sister like you've hurt every other woman in Llanview.

Todd: You don't know anything about me or my relationship with Téa.

Tomás: Maybe not, but I'm her brother, so I'm staying right here to make sure nothing happens, all right?

Todd: Then we're gonna have a problem.

Todd: I'll get rid of you myself if I have to.

Blair: Would you let the man go? Stop.

Todd: How about I check into your past? Would you like that? No. I didn't think so.

Téa: I'm a lawyer, John. I know all about people and their lies and why they lie. Without exception, it's because they're afraid. I lied to Todd about Dani, and for some reason, he chose to forgive me. Now, not to knock my husband, but he's not the most evolved specimen of mankind. So if he can do it, you can do it.

John: Dani is Todd's kid. Liam isn't mine.

Brody: John is having an affair with Kelly Cramer? Since when?

Natalie: Since the night of the wedding--the nonwedding.

Brody: Natalie, why didn't you tell me?

Natalie: Because you were busy looking for Tess, and--I don't know--I didn't quite understand it myself. I just went looking for John, and I found him with Kelly.

Brody: And they were--

Natalie: Yes. Yes. They'd slept together, and I just thought it was payback for me sleeping with you. He was just trying to even the score, and I guess I really just didn't want to believe it, even after Roxy told me that they were together the next day. I don't know. I was trying to believe that they were just trying to comfort each other because Kelly just lost Joey and I hurt John, but I don't know, Brody. I got to think John wants a relationship with her.

Langston: Don't get me wrong. You still owe me big time.

Ford: I know, and I promise I'm not gonna make any more decisions with--

Langston: Let's just do this together from now on, okay?

Ford: You got it. Hey, Guthrie. Hi.

Morgan: Who's this?

Ford: Langston, this is Morgan Guthrie. He's my attorney. He's drawing up the papers to get Tess into Saint Ann's. Morgan, this is Langston Wilde. She's a friend.

Langston: Hi.

Morgan: Just so we're clear, I'm not gonna be a party to institutionalizing your wife just so you can be with your friend.

Ford: No. That's not what this is about.

Langston: No, no. Jessica is mentally ill. Tell him. There's documents.

Ford: Jessica has D.I.D.- that's multiple personalities-- and she's kind of fallen off the wagon. You can call Dr. Levin at Saint Ann's. He'll back all of this up.

Morgan: Look, Ford. By signing these papers, you are swearing to the fact that your wife is a danger to herself and to others. Unless you can do that--

Ford: Not a problem. My wife is definitely dangerous.

Tess: Where is he?

James: Out. I was on my way to the shower, and he said he was taking Ryder for a walk.

Tess: A walk?

James: Yeah. Babies need fresh air.

Tess: Then maybe we can hang your little girlfriend outside.

Starr: That's not funny, Tess.

Tess: Oh, come on. No sense of humor. Well, I'm gonna go wax what needs waxing. If you're bored, you can come join me.

Starr: James, what are we going to do about her?

James: She's not gonna be a problem much longer. Bobby is meeting with a lawyer right now. He's gonna have her committed.

Starr: Good, because she's not gonna let up, and that towel thing, even though I liked it, it was only the beginning.

James: You don't have to worry, though, because Bobby is gonna handle it. Starr, hey, you know that I don't want any part of her.

Starr: Of course I know that. I just feel sorry for Jessica. Could you imagine being trapped inside Tess? And her family-- my Aunt Viki must be losing her mind.

Clint: This is all Ford's fault. Jessica wasn't in her right mind. He took advantage of her.

Viki: Yes. I agree, but this is not the time to talk about that, okay?

Clint: Well, he's doing it again.

Viki: Exactly, which is why we need to get Jessica into Saint Ann's and under a doctor's care.

Clint: Viki, that's what I'm trying to do.

Viki: By committing another felony? Robert Ford is Ryder's father, as you, of all people, should know. You have no authority to take that baby away from him.

Clint: Oh, we'll see about that.

Viki: No, no, no. No. You'll do nothing of the kind. Please just listen to me, okay? Now, I've been to see Robert Ford. I saw him earlier today, and I talked to him, and I tried to reason with him. I explained the situation and Jessica's desperate need for care, and he understands. All he wants is access to his son, because whether we like it or not, Ryder is his son, okay? Now, I promised him that he would have access to his son, but he doesn't trust you, not after that beating. Why would he? Clint--I don't know, after all the years I've know you and everything we've been through together, I don't know who you are anymore.

Starr: Why did your brother change his mind?

James: What do you mean?

Starr: I thought the whole reason he married Tess was to keep her out of Saint Ann's.

James: He married her so he could have Ryder. I mean, he would've promised her anything to get to his kid, and now that he has him--

Starr: He thinks he can pull one over on Tess?

James: Exactly.

Tess: Did I just hear my name?

Todd: You disappeared for years, right? Must be a reason.

Blair: Just leave him alone, Todd.

Todd: Now, you checked me out, yes? So you know how far I will go to protect what's mine.

Blair: Just--would you go? Agh! Are you all right?

Tomás: Really need to ask?

Blair: Tough guy, huh?

Tomás: Eh, I can hold my own.

Blair: So can your sister, and I know you're staying here to protect her, but you might be making things worse, and Todd, he can be very possessive.

Tomás: Hmm, even over a woman he's no longer with?

Blair: As much as Todd tries, he could never control me.

Tomás: And yet you're the one Téa is worried about.

John: Natalie slept with Brody. I mean, I get past that, but the lies didn't stop there. She did everything in her power to get me to fall in love with this kid.

Téa: And why do you think she did that?

John: You know something? In my line of work, I don't ask why. It's my job just to bring in the bad guys.

Téa: So Natalie is a bad guy?

John: It was just an analogy, all right? If you want to defend her, go right ahead. I don't buy it.

Téa: Then you're gonna lose her.

John: There's nothing to lose. Why did you and Todd get back together, hmm, I mean, beyond the twisted love, all right? It was Dani, right? I mean, kids bring people together. Well, Natalie and I don't have that. We never will.

Brody: John loves you. There's no way he's moved on to someone else this fast. He's just reacting.

Natalie: Yeah. I know he's reacting, but you don't understand. John opened up to me in a way that I never thought he could, you know? You should've seen him when he came back from Seattle. At the airport, he was holding this teddy bear in public, and he agreed to a church wedding, and I just stomped all over that. I don't know if he's ever gonna be able to forgive me, and you should see the way he looks at me. It's like I'm the dirt on the bottom of his shoe.

Brody: He's angry, okay? This might take some time.

Natalie: I don't have time, not with Kelly ripping his clothes off every chance she gets. She won't even let me near him, and, Brody, if he starts to get feelings for her, it's over, and I love him. I still love him, and Liam loves him, and I don't know what we're gonna do without him.

Téa: John, what do you have a problem with? Everybody is human. Everybody makes mistakes. You should know that by now. Is your problem loving another man's son? Is it that for the first time in your life, you didn't break the case? Oh, what do you know? The brilliant detective John McBain is also human.

John: I'm sorry. Weren't you just leaving?

Téa: I thought so. Well, you sit here with your pride and your bottle. You see how far that gets you, okay? You know what? You should talk to Todd. He is an expert at screwing up his life. Bottoms up.

Todd: Hey.

Téa: Hey.

Todd: Hey. Hey, listen.

Téa: Yeah?

Todd: I think I'm gonna have your brother deported.

Téa: You can't because he's an American citizen.

Todd: No, no. I really am. I'm gonna call the state department.

Téa: Honey, just stay out of his way.

Todd: Well, I try to stay out of his way, but I can't. He's trying to hook up with Blair.

Téa: Well, she's a grown woman, so--

Todd: Think he's having me investigated, too.

Téa: Ah. You're probably having him investigated, as well, hmm?

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: Is he trying to convince you to leave me?

Téa: Keep acting the way you're acting, and I'll start to agree with him. Listen. I'll see you later, and get a grip, okay? You're starting to wear me out.

Todd: Mm.

Todd: Hey, there, barkeep. Pour me one of those?

Brody: You can't give up on John, and I can't give up on Jessica. The last time we did that--

Natalie: Okay. I know. I know. This is what started this whole mess.

Brody: And we got them back.

Natalie: Brody, it's different for you. Jessica doesn't hate you. She's just sick. So when she recovers, you'll get her back, but John--

Brody: There is no guarantee that Jessica will ever recover and, even if she does, that she'll ever forgive me.

James: I was complaining about you.

Tess: Hmm. Well, that'll change.

James: Let's get out of here.

Starr: And not come back till she's gone.

James: Yes, please. Let's go.

Morgan: Okay. Once you get these signed, I can get the ball rolling.

Ford: All right. Just give me a pen.

Morgan: All right.

Ford: Thank you. I really appreciate how quickly you've gotten all this done.

Morgan: Don't thank me till you get the bill.

Ford: The bill. Yeah. How much are we talking about so far, ball park?

Morgan: Couple of grand so far.

Ford: Uh, okay. Yeah. Not a problem. All right. All set. Thank you.

Morgan: Tess should be on her way to Saint Ann's by the end of the day.

Ford: Ah, thank you, Morgan. Appreciate it.

Morgan: Mm-hmm.

Langston: Ford, you can't afford him.

Ford: I can't afford Tess.

Langston: I know, but still--

Ford: I'll live in that hot dog costume if I have to, anything to keep him safe and you in my life. I want you in my life.

Langston: Mm. Oh, and I want to be alone with you.

Ford: Oh, you have no idea, but I need to get home and make sure that Tess doesn't have a chance to bolt before my overpriced attorney has the chance to serve her those papers, and when I'm done, we'll celebrate, I promise.

Langston: Oh, finally.

Ford: It'll be worth it, okay? Come on, Ryder.

Tess: Yes?

Landlord: Oh. Um, I just wanted to let you know, you're gonna be out of hot water for a bit.

Tess: Oh, no. I was just about to take off all my clothes and have a nice, hot bath.

Landlord: Is your husband home?

Tess: Nope.

Landlord: Well, look. When he gets home, just remind him that I've cut him a break on the rent. He can deal with no hot water for a bit.

Tess: What break on the rent?

Landlord: He still owes me two months.

Tess: Really? Well, why don't you come on in here? We'll see just how generous you are, and who knows? Maybe I'll even let you scrub my back.

Clint: So you don't trust me, either?

Viki: After that disaster with the paternity tests?

Clint: That wasn't me. That was Vimal Patel.

Viki: Oh, please, please do not insult my intelligence. Now, look. For Jessica's sake and Ryder's sake, I would like to include you in this process because you are Jessica's father, right? Robert Ford wants a guarantee that he will have access to his son, so I've decided to have a very formal contract drawn up.

Clint: Fine. I'll get that barracuda at B.E.

Viki: No. You're not running this show. I've already hired an attorney, someone I trust, to handle this carefully and with compassion.

[Doorbell rings]

Clint: I have to get that, Nigel's day off.

Tomás: I heard about yours and Téa's unique relationship.

Blair: Ha! Well, that's one way of putting it.

Tomás: Had your differences, huh, thrown each other out of a window or two, but you're fiercely loyal.

Blair: That's true, although apparently, she thinks I can't hold my own.

Tomás: No, no. Those are my words.

Blair: Really?

Tomás: She's just being protective. She told me that you had a hard year and that I was to stay away, that I was-- she's afraid I'm gonna hurt you. Why, I don't have any idea. I haven't seen her in years, but she insisted I stay away from Blair.

Blair: Yet you are still here.

Tomás: I have a hard time doing what I'm told.

Todd: Excuse me. Aren't you the bartender, or is this pour your own night? Come on, man. I need a drink.

Todd: Thank you. Here's to you. You dodged a bullet when you didn't get married.

Natalie: Look. Jessica has to get better. She has to recover. She will recover as soon as we get her to Dr. Levin.

Brody: I sure hope so, but there's no guarantee that she's ever gonna take me back. The last time I saw her, she was destroyed.

Natalie: So what are you saying, Brody? You're gonna give up on Jessica?

Brody: Never.

Natalie: All right. So what are you gonna do?

Tess: So glad we could have this little chat.

Ford: What's going on?

Landlord: The rent you owe me. I need the money.

Ford: But we talked about this. You said you were cutting me some slack.

Landlord: Yeah. Look. I'm sorry. The building needs repairs. I need you guys to pay up or move.

Langston: You guys just missed Ford and Ryder.

Starr: Oh, how cute is that baby?

Langston: No. I know. He's adorable, and Ford is so smitten, it's the cutest thing ever.

Starr: I take it you guys made up.

Langston: We're getting there. He's having Tess put away, so it's a start.

Starr: Good thing. When I got to the apartment today, I walked in on Tess with a naked James.

James: Okay.

Langston: Oh.

James: I was on my way out of the shower, and she snatched my towel.

Langston: Uh-huh.

James: No. Trust me, I want her gone.

Langston: Yeah. Is today soon enough?

Tess: Pay the man, honey.

Ford: You did this.

Tess: What?

Ford: Listen. Listen. Whatever this bitch told you--

Tess: Language.

Landlord: Look. You guys need to talk, but I need the money by the end of the day, all right?

Ford: Why would you do this?

Tess: What about what you're doing to me, throwing me in the loony bin?

John: So the honeymoon is over?

Todd: Well, not with Téa. With her family, her brother, this guy Tomás--Tomás Delgado. Just comes suddenly into town and starts digging into my past.

John: Well, if it doesn't bother Téa--

Todd: Yeah. I know, but here's what's interesting. I threaten to dig into his past, and he nearly wet himself, which means he's hiding something, right?

John: Or he just doesn't like you.

Todd: I think it's and he doesn't like me. No, but he's hiding something. I can just feel it. Here's a thought. How about you dust off your detective shield and pick up some dirt on this guy?

Blair: Your sister isn't the only one who doesn't trust you. My good friend Cristian Vega says that I need to keep my distance from you, too.

Tomás: Really? Why's that?

Blair: Well, something about you traveling all the way to Europe to do your music. There's got to be more to it than that.

Tomás: Heh. Sounds like you got a lot of people looking out for you.

Blair: Doesn't bother you, does it, what other people think.

Tomás: I care what you think. So what do you say, Blair Cramer? You ready to go on a proper date with me?

Clint: All right. Fine. You two want to give away the store, be my guest.

Téa: We need you to sign off on this deal, Clint.

Clint: Not going to happen.

Viki: You're just gonna let Tess run rampant and abandon Jessica?

Clint: I am not abandoning her. I am fighting for Jessie.

Viki: No, Clint. You're making things much worse. Why do you think Robert Ford married Tess in the first place? It's because he doesn't trust you.

Téa: And he needs legal assurances you won't attempt to block his access to his son.

Viki: He's going to give us everything we need, okay? He's agreed to have Jessica committed, and he's giving us physical custody of Ryder.

Téa: In return, you need to agree to liberal visitation rights.

Brody: Your parents are talking to an attorney. They're gonna try to get custody of Jessica so they can get control of Tess, but I'm not sure if that's gonna work. I think I need to do something bigger to shock her back to reality.

Natalie: Like what?

Brody: I don't know. I just know I need to prove myself to her.

Natalie: Me, too. I'm gonna go check on Liam.

Brody: Hey, Natalie, whatever mistakes we've made, Liam is a beautiful, amazing kid.

Natalie: He is.

Ford: What loony bin? I don't even know what you're talking about.

Tess: God, you are so useless. You can't even lie.

Ford: I'm not lying, Tess.

Tess: I checked your phone, genius. I scrolled through your life when you were asleep. You called a lawyer, and then you snuck out this morning to meet him. Don't try and deny it, okay? I've been on the lookout for something like this since we got back from Vegas. Your little girlfriend put you up to it, didn't she? She couldn't stand the fact that we got married, so you promised her that you would get me out of the picture just as soon as you could.

Ford: Yeah. I did, and not just for Langston. You're sick, Tess. You belong under a doctor's care and as far away from Ryder as I can get you.

Tess: Really? And what you gonna live on, wiener boy? Starr Manning, she brought over formula and diapers, but how long is that gonna last? You need baby supplies and food and a roof over your head. I know that you're "top dog" at the mall, but how far is that paycheck gonna get you, huh? Ryder is gonna be homeless if you don't pay the landlord. So where are you gonna get the money?

Ford: I'm gonna get it.

Tess: You're right. You will... from me. Thanks to Clint, I'm never gonna have to worry again, and neither will you.

Clint: Liberal visitation rights? I don't want that creep anywhere near my daughter.

Viki: And he doesn't want you anywhere near his son. So what are we going to do? He's the father, okay? He holds all the cards.

Clint: I wouldn't go that far.

Viki: All the legal cards. Clint, please. Jessica needs our help. She's got to get back to Dr. Levin. It's her only hope, and he cannot commit her without Ford's permission.

Téa: It's in your hands, Clint.

Viki: Are you just going to say good-bye to Jessie and Ryder, or will you please, please swallow your pride and sign the agreement?

Tess: Your financial problems--gone. Even the rent is considered a baby-related expense. That little brat of yours will have everything he ever wanted... if you play your cards right.

Starr: I'm so happy things are looking up for you.

Langston: Well, thank you, but I am so sorry that I rained on your parade.

Starr: What? You didn't.

Langston: No. I did. You were so happy about James, and all I could do was complain about Ford.

James: Listen. I was just blown away by his marrying Tess as you were, but Brody Lovett and Clint Buchanan are so determined to keep him away from Ryder, I don't think he had a choice.

Langston: No. I know.

Starr: But it seems like Ford has things under control.

Langston: Yeah, except for the lawyer. I have no idea how he's gonna pay him.

Tess: Clint knew what he was doing. He didn't want Jessica's baby dad to be in charge of the family fortune. Jessica is in charge of the money, which works out really well for me, but you know what the problem is? I can't sign checks if I'm locked up. Oh, face it, Ford. You need me. The rent is due. The baby is a money pit. You can't afford to send me to Saint Ann's.

Clint: If you ask me, Ford is the reason that Tess came back because he forced himself on Jessica...

Téa: And...here.

Clint: But that's just okay, isn't it? Everything is fine. Let's just turn everything over to this kid.

Viki: Clint, please. He's giving us back our daughter and her son.

Téa: Thank you.

Clint: Yeah.

Téa: I think we should make this offer as soon as possible.

Viki: Absolutely, before Tess has a chance to do something worse.

Tess: Without me and my money, well, you're just gonna have to be forced to give Ryder back to Clint and Viki and big, bad Brody. Well, you know what that means. You can say, "Bye-bye, baby," because they are never gonna let you near him.

[Knocks on door]

Langston: So now that it looks like Ford is a free man, I want a do-over.

Starr: What? No. Don't worry about--

Langston: Uh-uh. Let me do it, please, okay? Starr and James, I am very happy for you two.

Starr: Thank you.

James: I appreciate it, your being on our side. It means a lot to us.

Langston: Good, but just so you know, if you hurt her, you'll have to answer to me.

Starr: Get in line with my dad on the warpath.

James: Listen. No worries, okay? I'm never gonna hurt her.

John: I'm a cop. I'm not a private investigator.

Todd: Oh, come on. This means I have to hire Rex Balsom again. Come on, John. I need a real detective with one of those really nice leather jackets, you know? This guy is bad, man. He's hiding something. I can just feel it. I mean, he disappears for years and then suddenly shows up? What's his game? What's he want?

Blair: I'm sorry. I can't go out with you, and it's not that I'm not attracted to you. You know that.

Tomás: So why is it? My sister scare you off?

Blair: No. No, but she's right. I'm not ready to start anything with anyone.

Tomás: I guess I have to accept that. Sorry. I thought there was something there.

Blair: I'm just not ready yet.

Tomás: You don't need to be afraid of me, Blair. I'm not the one who's gonna hurt you.

John: Here's the thing. I'm gonna be taking some time off. Here's how it works. Cops can't get involved until someone commits a crime, all right? Otherwise, it's a violation of civil rights and all that.

Todd: So?

John: So until this guy Tom Delgado commits a crime, cops can't do anything for you.

James: So my brother really thinks that Tess could be going as soon as today?

Langston: Yeah. I mean, the lawyer practically guaranteed it. For all we know, Tess could be getting hauled off to Saint Ann's as we speak. Ford and I can finally be together.

[Knocks on door]

Tess: Answer the door, wiener boy.

Morgan: It's all set. These two gentlemen are here to transport the patient back to Saint Ann's.

Brody: Oh, God, just tell me how I'm gonna get through to you.

Natalie: Brody! The baby. Something is wrong with him.

Brody: What's wrong?

Natalie: I don't know.

Todd: What about crime prevention? Isn't that part of the job description? Oh, come on. That's pathetic.

John: Yeah. Well, that's the way it works.

Todd: Well, thanks for nothing. You know... you better just hope he doesn't hurt anybody while you're sitting here licking your wounds.

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