OLTL Transcript Wednesday 2/23/11

One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 2/23/11


Episode # 10880

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Blair: So do we have everything? We've got burgers, shakes, fries, oh, and extra pickles.

Waitress: That be all for you?

Blair: Wow. This is looking really good. You know what? I will have a complete lemon meringue pie. That should hold me and the boys over for tonight.

Waitress: They on a football team?

Blair: As much damage as they do, you'd think it.

Waitress: Your order will be up in a few minutes.

Blair: Thanks. Well. We're gonna have to stop meeting like this.

Tomás: Be careful what you wish for.

Blair: Why? Because it might come true?

Tomás: I just checked out of the hotel. I'm leaving Llanview in an hour.

Téa: Any luck?

Starr: James doesn't know.

Téa: And you believe him?

Todd: I do. He doesn't have a death wish. Because he knows what I will do to him if he lied to me. Okay. This has been a waste of time. Ha ha! I'll put my people on it.

Téa: No, you're not. I am sorry about him.

Starr: Well, unfortunately, I'm used to it, but don't-- don't worry about Dani. She'll be okay. She's fine.

Téa: Yeah, except when she's angry, and then she can't think straight. I wonder where she gets that from.

Starr: Call me if I can help with anything else, okay?

Téa: Thank you, Estrella.

Starr: James?

James: Shh. Are they gone?

Starr: Yeah. I just heard the car. Why are you sneaking in the back door?

James: Uh...Starr, when I said that I didn't know anything about Dani and Nate... I lied.

Starr: You know where they went?

James: Yeah, I might've told them a place they could hide out for a while.

Starr: You what?

James: I didn't mean to. It just sort of slipped out.

Starr: You're helping your brother and my sister hide from my dad? What are you thinking?

James: Well, to be honest, I was thinking of you.

Nate: I can't believe your aunt has this awesome place and nobody's using it.

Dani: Yep. Well, we're using it now. My dad probably doesn't even think I know this place exists. He's not gonna find us here.

Nate: He's probably going crazy worrying about you by now.

Dani: And that's exactly what I want.

Todd: I don't know what the hell you want from me. It's not my fault Dani ran away.

Téa: Oh, really? Then whose fault is it?

Todd: I was trying to protect her.

Téa: No, you were pushing her away by bullying her boyfriend! I know the real story now because Starr told me.

Viki: Todd?

Todd: What the hell do you want?

Viki: I'm looking for Jessica. No, actually, I'm looking for Tess.

[Cell phone ringing]

Ford: I got it.

Tess: Put it down. You can call her in a little while, okay? I'll even call her for you. I'll tell her how much you love her and how she'll always be your sweet, little Langston bear. It's just--after the wedding. When it's too late to stop us.


Tess: Oh!

Ford: Hello?

Tess: Idiot!

Langston: Ford?

Brody: Is he with Jessica?

Ford: Langston?

Langston: Yeah. It's me.

Ford: Listen, I am so sorry about our date.

Langston: No, no, no. It's okay. I get it. I saw you leaving Capricorn with that blond girl. It was Jessica, wasn't it?

Tess: Will you just get rid of her already? We have business to do.

Langston: Is she there with you now?

Ford: Yeah, I'm with Jessica, but she's not Jess right now. She's--

Langston: Tess. I know.

Ford: You do? Wait, you know about Tess?

Brody: Where are they?

Langston: Ford, what's going on?

Téa: Tess? Isn't that--

Viki: She's one of Jessie's alters. Jessie had a breakdown.

Téa: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry, Viki. We heard about what happened at the wedding, that Jessica found out that Brody isn't the father of her child.

Viki: She found out a lot more than that, I'm afraid. Turns out that Brody is the father of Natalie’s child.

[Todd snickers]

Téa: Oh, my God.

Todd: Oh, man. I wish I could've seen the look on John McBain’s face when he heard that.

Viki: I need to find Tess, okay? The police are looking for her, but--

Téa: What can we do?

Viki: Well, it's a long shot, but I thought since Todd had once protected Tess before--

Todd: You go find your own daughter. I gotta find mine.

Nate: I know you want to punish your dad for the way that he reacted when he caught us about to have sex.

Dani: Hey, he had no right to do what he did.

Nate: From everything you've told me, we got off easy.

Dani: Easy? Nate, he threw you against a wall. He almost beat you up.

Nate: I'm not saying it was right.

Dani: No, and after everything that he put my sister and Cole through when they got together? When is he going to learn?

Nate: I know you want to teach him a lesson, and I agreed to come along.

Dani: But?

Nate: How long do you plan on staying away?

Dani: Long enough for my dad to really suffer. Let him think that I took off with you for good and that he's never gonna see me again. Then when we do get home, he's gonna feel so bad about what he did that he's gonna accept our relationship.

Nate: You really think so?

Dani: Yeah. I know it. Not only that, he's gonna treat you with respect because he knows that next time I really will run away for good.

Nate: I hope you're right, Dani, because if it doesn't work--

Dani: It will.

Nate: Okay.

Dani: I'm not about to let my father ruin my life the way he ruined Starr’s.

Starr: Cole and I ran away after my dad tried to tear us apart.

James: Yeah. You told me. So what?

Starr: Well, did I happen to tell you what happened when he found us? My dad went crazy, and he would've killed Cole if I hadn't stepped in the middle of it, and because of that, I almost miscarried, James. What?

James: I know. I know.

Starr: Why would you ever think that I would want to help them hide from my dad?

James: That's not what I meant to do.

Starr: What did you mean to do?

James: Dani and Nate came to me for help. They just wanted a safe place that they could lay low for a little while.

Starr: Oh, and you said, "I have a great place"?

James: No. I told you, I didn't mean to tell them. But, Starr, the way they were talking, needing to escape, someone following them...it kinda reminded me of how you hid me when I was running from Bull.

Starr: And you thought it was the same?

James: It is, isn't it? You took a chance on me, Starr. You risked everything to protect me so that I could figure out my next move.

Starr: I didn't want to see you hurt.

James: I know. Starr, maybe that's why I let it slip to Dani and Nate about that cabin you took me to.

Starr: My Aunt Viki's cabin? You told them where it was?

James: They told me not to tell anybody. I felt really bad about lying to you on the phone when you called, but I knew that your dad was over your shoulder, so I didn't say anything.

Starr: So you just sent your little brother and my little sister to a cabin the middle of nowhere?

James: It's not exactly in the middle of nowhere.

Starr: I can't believe this, James. You really know how to make a bad situation worse.

James: I don't see how, Starr.

Starr: You don't? You don't?

James: No. Your dad was gonna do whatever he had to to keep Dani and Nate apart anyway, no matter how they feel about each other. Come on, Starr, does that sound right to you? Don't two people who really care about each other deserve to be together?

Tomás: I had to make one last stop on my way out of town for the flan. It's the best on the whole east coast.

Blair: Now, how would you know that?

Tomás: I heard someone say so.

Blair: Well, then you heard right. Maybe you should stop by for some more flan when you finish your meetings up in New York.

Tomás: I'm afraid they're not gonna happen. Gallery owner canceled on me. I'm headed straight back to Paris.

Blair: Oh. That's too bad. Came all this way for nothing.

Tomás: I don't feel that way at all.

Ford: Things are a little complicated.

Tess: What is complicated? Hang up the damn phone.

Langston: Ford, I know that you're the father of Jessica's baby. I don't care about all that. I just want to know what's going on.

Ford: And I want to tell you, but things are just--

Langston: I know about Tess and I know that she's dangerous. So what happened? Did she trick you or something? Did she kidnap you? Is she holding you against your will?

Tess: Keep your eyes on the prize, daddy. You want your son, don't you? So don't do anything stupid.

Ford: No, she's not holding me against my will.

Brody: Langston, find out where the hell they are.

Ford: Wait. Is that Brody with you?

Tess: Brody? Brody will do anything to keep you away from your child, even use your girlfriend if he has to.

Langston: Yeah, I'm with Brody, and he's really frantic about Jessica.

Brody: Here. Give me that. Ford, listen to me. You have to get Jessica to come home. She is sick.

Tess: Don't listen to him, Ford. Brody's the last person you can trust.

Brody: Ford, Jessica's alter Tess is extremely dangerous. She is only out for herself, so whatever she is telling you, don't buy it. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, and she doesn't care who she hurts.

Ford: What about you, Brody? Do you care?

Brody: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Ford: About who you hurt to get what you want. If I bring back Jess--or Tess--am I gonna have rights to my son?

Blair: Well, your trip wasn't completely in vain, because you're gonna get an opportunity to taste Carlotta’s famous flan.

Tomás: That is lucky.

Blair: Yeah.

Tomás: I think Llanview holds far greater wonders than that.

Blair: It's not like we've got the Taj Mahal.

Tomás: I wouldn't be so sure.

Waitress: Enjoy.

Tomás: Thank you.

Blair: You know, it's funny-- we've met a couple of times, and each time we end up saying good-bye like we're never gonna see each other again. And after you finish this flan, here we go again saying good-bye, and this time it'll be for real.

Tomás: Then I shall eat slowly.

Starr: I am the last person who wouldn't believe in true love. All I'm saying is that sometimes, even people who care about each other just can't be together.

James: I know, Starr. But this, this is not about prison keeping you and Cole apart.

Starr: I wasn't talking about me and Cole, James. I was-- this has nothing to do with it. It doesn't even matter, James. You just shouldn't have gotten mixed up in all of this.

James: Well, maybe, but I'm not sorry that I did, Starr. Look, I really believe that you just have to follow your heart and do what it's telling you to do.

Nate: So I know everything your dad did to keep them apart. And I get why you think that you'd have to do something drastic to make your point to him.

Dani: But?

Nate: What about your mom? She must be worried.

Dani: Yeah, I did think about that. I know it's not fair to put her through any more worry after everything that we've been through.

Nate: So?

Dani: So I figured I'd call her when we got a safe distance away.

Nate: Oh. Like an awesome cabin in the woods.

Dani: Oh, subtle. Ha!

Nate: Call her.

Dani: No, I have a feeling my mom will understand what I'm doing.

Viki: Which daughter? What happened?

Téa: It's all right. We're taking care of it.

Viki: Is something wrong?

Todd: What do you care?

Téa: It's fine. We've got it covered. You have enough on your plate right now without worrying about our problems, okay?

Viki: Jessie's been gone the whole night and I'm frantic, and I thought maybe Tess would consider this house a safe haven...

Todd: Forget it. Tess is not here, okay?

Téa: You know what? I'm gonna check upstairs.

Todd: What, do you think I have her stashed somewhere?

Téa: I don't know. I was out all night. I don't know what you've done or haven't done, other than the damage that I already know about. Be right back.

[Cell phone ringing]

Téa: Oh, Dani.

Dani: Mom, it's me. I'm safe. But whatever you do, don't tell Dad I'm on the phone.

Ford: You made it very clear that you don't want me anywhere near my own son.

Brody: This has gone way beyond that, Ford. Tess is an attempted murderer. You have no idea what she's capable of. You have to bring her home.

Tess: Yeah. Head home. And when you ask for your son, see how that works out for you.

Ford: Put Langston back on the phone.

Brody: Look, don't do anything stupid.

Ford: I want to talk to Langston.

Brody: You get him to tell you where they are.

Langston: Ford?

Ford: Langston, I'm sorry. I did what I had to do. I have a kid now.

Langston: I get it.

Ford: You do?

Langston: I knew in my heart you wouldn't just blow me off.

Ford: We've come too far and I care about you too much to hurt you. Not on purpose.

Langston: I love you, Ford.

Ford: I love you, too, Langston.

Tess: Oh, gag me.

Ford: Listen, you need to trust me. I'm doing what I have to do, and things are gonna work out.

Langston: Wait--Ford, what are you talking about?

Ford: I'll explain everything when I get home.

Langston: Ford.

Tomás: Would you like the first bite?

Blair: Ahh. Mm.

Tomás: How is it?

Blair: Why don't you see for yourself?

Tomás: Mm.

Blair: Live up to its reputation?

Tomás: Most definitely. So what's next for you, Blair?

Blair: What do you mean what's next?

Tomás: Well, when you showed up on my doorstep in Paris--when that portrait brought you to me--you admitted you were on a journey. That you were looking for something that made you feel the way you felt in that flea market photo. I hope I'm not overstepping my bounds, but... I see it now.

Blair: What's that?

Tomás: The light from the photograph. The light I tried to capture in the painting.

Blair: You sure it's not the light coming through the windows behind me?

Tomás: No. This is a light that comes from within.

Blair: I'm starting to feel like there's some possibilities. Like there's something out there that can truly make me happy. Like Noelle’s lemon meringue pie. I mean, it's almost as good as Carlotta’s flan. Almost.

Tomás: Excuse me. Shayna. Could I have a cup of coffee, please?

Shayna: Coming right up.

Tomás: Thank you.

Blair: Thank you for talking to my cousin Langston last night. So how many languages do you speak?

Tomás: 5. My parents are from Puerto Rico, so I was raised with Spanish.

Blair: Huh! You know what? That's funny. The owner of this place--Carlotta Vega--is from Puerto Rico. She has two boys-- Antonio and Cristian--but they were raised here. I also have another friend--Téa--who's from Puerto Rico. I'm hoping that she will help my son Jack with his Spanish when he's with her. Téa Delgado is the stepmother to my children. She's married to my ex--Todd Manning.

Tomás: Married?

Blair: Yeah. Why are you interested in two people you don't even know?

Téa: Daniella, where are you?

Dani: I--I can't tell you, but I just wanted you to know that I'm all right.

Téa: Oh, thank God. Your father's gonna be so relieved.

Dani: No, Mom, you can't tell him!

Téa: Mija, he's been worried sick.

Dani: Good!

Viki: That was nice that Téa has gone looking. What was she talking about? What damage?

Todd: Who knows? You know Téa.

Viki: Yes, I do know Téa. What happened?

Todd: Dani's run off with her boyfriend somewhere. Don't look at me. It's not my fault.

Viki: I'm not even gonna deal with this now. The important thing is to find our daughters.

Todd: And the son of a bitch she ran off with. When I get my hands on him...

Téa: So you're gonna back your father up against a wall until he tells you what you want to hear? That sounds like--

Dani: What a lawyer would do? I'm not your daughter for nothing. Mom, please, just give me a little more time.

Téa: And let your father sweat this out?

Dani: Well, do you know any other way to get through to him? Seriously, if you could tell me that Dad would back down and let Nate and me be together, I would come home right now. So you do understand.

Téa: That doesn't mean I approve.

Dani: Look, I have to go, and I'm turning off my phone again so you can't track the GPS. Please, Mom, I love you, and I'm asking you to trust me.

Téa: I do trust you.

Dani: That's all I needed to hear.

Todd: Did you find Tess?

Téa: Sorry, Viki. There's no sign of her.

Todd: That's surprising.

Viki: Thank you for looking. Thank you.

Téa: I hope you get some good news about Jessica soon.

Viki: Thanks, and I hope you find Dani. Thanks. Bye.

Téa: Bye, honey.

Todd: Okay, that's it. We've looked for Dani everywhere we can think of. It's time to call the cops.

Téa: No, Todd, wait.

Dani: I know my mom saw my point. How could she not, right? She told me she trusts me. Okay. She also said that my dad is going crazy. Oh, my God. He has no idea that I am safe and sound in his sister's swank cabin and that we're just hanging out about to do homework. Probably thinks we're having sex all over the place.

Nate: Which is how all of this got started.

Dani: That was the plan on Valentine’s Day, before my dad went all Neanderthal on us. Nate, I'm really sorry our night got ruined.

Nate: No. Don't be. I'm sure we'll have another chance to be alone.

Dani: Nate... we're alone now.

Starr: Like I said, no matter how much two people want to be together, sometimes it is just impossible.

James: Come on, Starr--

Starr: Especially if there's a third person involved.

James: Oh, so you're really just gonna let your dad bully Nate and Dani? You know, Starr, of all people, I thought you would understand.

Starr: I do understand, more than you know. Dani's phone went right to voicemail. It must be off.

James: Yeah, my brother's phone's off, too.

Starr: I have to go.

James: What are you gonna do?

Starr: What I have to.

Langston: Ford. Ford!

Brody: What happened?

Langston: I don't know. There was a sound, and the phone went dead.

Brody: What sound?

Langston: It sounded like a shout.

Brody: Okay, but did Ford tell you where they are?

Langston: No, but it sounded like he was about to.

Brody: That's the last thing Tess would've wanted.

Langston: What are you saying? Do you think that Tess hurt Ford?

Ford: What the hell are you doing? You probably just fried my phone!

Tess: Please. You can buy another one in the lobby. That's what you get for telling Miss Teen America and Jessica's bonehead boyfriend where we are and what we're doing. You could've ruined everything.

Ford: For you, maybe.

Tess: For you, too, Ford.

Ford: This isn't about me. This is about you, what you want, your freedom, and Jessica's money, and the money that Clint earmarked for her baby. Sorry--my baby. You don't care about anything or anyone but yourself.

Tess: Really? Really? Is that what that fur ball told you? And you're actually gonna listen to him?

Ford: Because it makes so much sense to listen to you? Damn it!

Tess: Where are you going?

Ford: You can't destroy every phone in this hotel.

Tess: Ford, wait!

Ford: No! I may not have done what I was gonna say to Langston, but hearing her voice made me realize...getting married might not be a big deal to you, but it is to me, so I'm gonna go downstairs and I'm gonna call her and I'm gonna tell her that I'm coming home. And I'll find some other way to get what I want.

Tess: As much power as the Buchanan money can buy?

Ford: You know what? It's gonna take me some time to save up for a lawyer on my money at the hot dog stand, but I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get what I need. I'm gonna get rights to my son Ryder.

Tess: Ryder... my baby... Bree--my baby girl. My mom. Brody. What's going on? What am I doing here? What am I doing here with you?

Ford: Jessica?

Brody: Listen. We can't worry, okay? For some reason, Tess needs Ford, and that'll keep him safe.

Langston: Well, what do we do now?

Brody: You go home. Keep trying to call Ford back, and if you get through to him, you call me right away.

Langston: Okay, and you call me if you hear from Jessica...or Tess.

Brody: Let's hope it's Jessica, that she's strong enough to break through.

Ford: Jessica...oh, thank God you're back.

Tess: Wrong. Still Tess. You bought that little act, huh? I'm sure Clint will like it, too. "Oh, Daddy, I was so scared. It was so awful. Ford fought with Brody, and then he dragged me off to this hotel, and I was so alone and so vulnerable, just like the last time, and then he tried to--"

Ford: I get the picture.

Tess: Really? Because I was there. I was there when Jessica told Clint what you did to her. You took advantage of his little girl when she couldn't think straight. I saw the look in his eyes. Good, old cowboy Clint. I'm surprised he didn't try and kill you.

Ford: He came close enough.

Tess: Oh, yeah. Mr. Black and Mr. Blue. So you know what he's capable of. Still want to find a dry phone?

Brody: Can you check again, please? Try Jessica Buchanan. Jessica Brennan. Robert Ford. What? When?

Viki: Hey, did you find her?

Brody: I think so.

Tomás: Thank you. I'm just surprised you refer to this woman--Téa, is it--as a friend, seeing as she's married to your ex-husband. I haven't lived here in a while, but that seems kind of like an unusual relationship for an American.

Blair: Well, believe me, nobody was more shocked about it than I am because there was a time when I totally hated Téa. It took her death for us to get close.

Tomás: Her death?

Blair: That's a really long story, but Téa is alive. She's kicking, and she's happily married to Todd now.

Tomás: I have to go.

Dani: This place is pretty romantic.

Nate: You're right. It is.

Dani: So?

Nate: So?

Dani: Are you prepared for this?

Nate: I mean, the shadow of your father threatening to have me charged with statutory rape is kind of looming over my shoulder.

Dani: Oh. Actually, by prepared, I meant--

Nate: Oh. Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Dani: Okay, and you know what? As far as that shadow looming, it's just a shadow. My dad has no idea where we are.

[Pounding on door]

Tomás: I'm sorry. I forgot my watch is slow. I need to get to the airport.

Blair: Oh, sure. Okay.

Tomás: It's been a pleasure to know you, Blair Cramer.

Blair: The pleasure is mine, Tomás. Tomás. That's all I know. Your first name is all you signed on my portrait.

Tomás: Then that's how you should think of me.

Blair: Yes, the artist who speaks 5 languages, plays the piano beautifully, and knows his wine.

Tomás: And Blair the muse with the voice of an angel who's on a journey she can't quite fathom yet.

Blair: I guess that just about sums it up, doesn't it? Good-bye, Tomás.

Tomás: Good-bye, Blair.

Blair: Hey! You didn't finish all your flan.

Tomás: Oh, enjoy it. Consider it a gift to remember me by.

Blair: Wow. As if I could forget.

Dani: God, oh, my God, oh, my God. Oh! What are you doing here?

James: I told Starr you guys were up here.

Starr: I'm here to convince you to come home.

Dani: No. No way, Starr. I'm not coming home until Dad understands that he has to accept Nate, or else I'm out of his life for good.

Starr: This is not going to convince him to accept Nate, but it will convince him to kill him.

James: Starr has got a point.

Nate: I thought you were on our side.

James: Dude, I am, but I actually value your life, so--

Dani: No. We're not coming home until we're ready to. Starr, there's no way that I am going to go through what you had to with our dad threatening to hurt my boyfriend or threatening to move me away from the people that I love.

Starr: And what makes you think that it's going to be so different when you come home?

Dani: Well, because Dad missed out on most of my life, remember? You know how bad he feels about that. And he does everything he can to make up for it. So if Dad understands that he could push me away forever and that he could lose me all over again, he'll back down.

Starr: Okay.

Dani: What?

Starr: Oh, I mean okay. Good luck with that.

Dani: Starr, we haven't even really run away, okay? We're just here biding our time. This is gonna work unless you tell Dad where we are.

Téa: So wait. Remind me. How did you cover for Tess?

Todd: Our daughter is missing, and that's what you want to talk about?

Téa: Yeah. I want to know how you could do that to Viki, to someone you love.

Todd: Stuff happens.

Téa: "Stuff happens." That's your explanation? That's why you covered for your mentally ill niece?

Todd: Tess found out that I was hiding Marty here, and she threatened to rat me out if I didn't let her stay.

Téa: Ah, so in order to protect your bizarre relationship with Marty, you let Tess lock her sister up in a basement.

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: Uh-huh.

Todd: Well, I was different then, right? Isn't that what you said before? I'm a new Todd.

Téa: Yes. I have. So, new Todd, when Dani and Nate do show up-- they're both over the age of consent, by the way; you do know that, right?-Are you gonna let them do what teenagers are supposed to do?

Todd: I'm sorry. What are they supposed to do?

Téa: Teenagers are supposed to fall in love. They're supposed to learn about life.

Todd: Oh, do you mean the way Starr did? No. No way. Dani does not get to screw her life up. Over my dead body she does that.

Téa: Thanks, Todd. Told me all I needed to know.

Todd: What the hell does that mean? You know, I'm just protecting my daughter the way a father should. I don't know what kind of mother you are that you don't understand that.

Téa: A good one.

Brody: Robert Ford bought two plane tickets to Las Vegas.

Viki: Las Vegas? Well, that makes sense, doesn't it, because it's Tess' style--partying and drinking with no regard for Jessie's health.

Brody: I'm gonna catch the next plane and bring her back.

Viki: Well, do you even know where they're staying?

Brody: No, but I can use my connections with the L.P.D. to find out. Listen. I hope I'm not gone long, but if I am, could you please--

Viki: Oh, of course. I'll take care of Ryder...and Bree. Oh, that poor child. Look. I'm just gonna tell her her mother is away, okay?

Brody: I know that there's still a lot to work out, not only my relationship to Ryder, but also to Natalie’s baby.

Viki: There's time for that.

Brody: I know, but it's the reason Jessica broke down.

Viki: Just find her, Brody. Once we get Tess here, then we can work on getting Jessie back.

Tess: Ah, so we've booked the chapel. Now all we need to do is get a marriage license, huh? Hey, buddy, I don't want to be married to you any more than you want to be married to me, but the sooner we get this over with, the sooner I can be protected from a trip to Saint Ann’s by my sweet and loving husband, who makes all my mental health decisions for me, and you can be protected from Dudley do-good keeping your kid from you. So I'm going to get dressed. Even if I am marrying a beast, I'm gonna look like a beauty on my wedding day. Here comes the bride doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo.. 

Todd: But this doesn't make sense.

Téa: What doesn't?

Todd: Well, when Dani took off from that boarding school you had her in, you went crazy. You couldn't get to the cops fast enough.

Téa: That's because Ross was after her, Todd.

Todd: Yeah. Now Nate is.

Téa: Todd, no one is after our daughter. Dani loves Nate.

Todd: Yeah.

Téa: She does, and I trust her. I don't want to involve the L.P.D. in what I know isn't a missing persons case.

Todd: I have no idea where she is. That's a missing person in my book.

Téa: And I will notify the police if it comes to that.

Todd: So you're just gonna sit here and twiddle your thumbs. Fine. You parent your way. I'll parent mine.

Téa: Here's your phone.

Todd: Get my people on this.

Téa: Oh, Dani, I hope we both know what we're doing.

Starr: If I were going to rat you out, I would've called dad and told him where you and Nate are, but I thought I could come here and talk you into coming home.

James: And I didn't think it would be too cool if you were holding Dani's hand when she did confront her dad. So I came to give you a lift home. Now let's go.

Dani: No. Look. I'm sorry you both wasted your time.

Starr: Well, it's only a matter of time before Dad finds you here, and I'm not going to let you guys be sitting ducks.

Dani: What does that mean?

Starr: It means that if you're staying, I'm staying to do damage control.

James: Sounds like a plan.

Dani: Ugh...

Tomás: Long time, no see.

Téa: Oh...oh, Tomás.

Tomás: Hello, Téa.

Brody: I said good-bye to Ryder, told him I'd bring his mother back.

Viki: Please do that. Please. Please bring Jessie home.

Brody: Langston, it's Brody.

Langston: Did Jessica call?

Brody: No, but I know where she is. I tracked her and Ford to Las Vegas. I'm on my way there now.

Langston: Well, I'm coming with you.

Brody: No, Langston. That's a bad idea. You need to stay here and wait for word. I'll be in touch.

Langston: Ha! To hell with that.

Tess: Hey, come on out here. Zip me up...

Ford: Oh...

Tess: But keep your meat hooks off me, okay? Ooh, I can hardly wait till this is over and get a little tattoo, maybe a--oh!

Ford: I told you, you are not messing with Jessica's body.

Tess: You are so cute when you think you have control, really. Now let's go. We can go get wedding rings in the lobby. Let's go get married.

John: On the next "One Life to Live"...

Dorian: There's something I have to tell you.

Blair: You slept with someone?

Tomás: Ah!

Echo: You gonna arrest me?  

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