OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/22/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/22/11


Episode # 10879

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Ford: You seriously want to get married?

Tess: Hell, yes.

Ford: You want to marry me?

Tess: Hell, no. But that's how it worked out, didn't it? What's your problem?

Ford: This is--this is sick!

Tess: No, sorry. Sleeping with you in the first place. That's sick. A grown woman thinking that she's 17 and going back to high school? That's sick.

Destiny: Hey.

Matthew: Hey.

Destiny: Where have you been lately?

Matthew: Busy.

Destiny: Oh. Right. Shaun told me about what happened at your cousins' wedding. Sounds like your Uncle Clint is even worse than your parents thought.

Clint: If you think this is the way to get back at me, you're wrong.

Rex: I don't need to get back at you, but Bo should know what you did to David Vickers.

Clint: Oh, really? Why now?

Rex: You don't get to order me around anymore.

Clint: Rex, nothing has changed. I can still ruin you and everybody you care about.

Aubrey: Rama's gonna be here any minute, so think fast.

Cutter: You really think she's gonna let her husband take the rap for Clint Buchanan?

Aubrey: We just have to come up with the right words.

Cutter: You should've never told Buchanan that you were gonna take care of all of his legal problems.

Aubrey: It was the only way to keep him from showing Joey the footage. If Joey sees us plotting to take him for all he's worth, my marriage is dead in the water.

Boy: Hey. What's this?

Girl: A comic book? What are you--10?

Boy: It's hard to read a lot of words when you're gasping. Right, Morasco?

Shane: Give it back.

Boy: You cut gym again.

Shane: Yeah. I had a note.

Boy: Gets you out of everything. Doesn't it, wheezy?

Shane: Just give me back my comic.

Girl: This is so sad.

Shane: Give it.

Boy: Make me.

Todd: Hey, Jack. Why aren't you in school?

Jack: I took a mental health morning.

Téa: Is that allowed?

Jack: For our family? It's mandatory.

Todd: Have you seen your sister?

Jack: Starr's in there with Langston.

Todd: No, I meant Dani.

Jack: Nope. Maybe she got kidnapped again. You should really keep an eye on that girl.

Todd: I really should do something about that kid's mouth.

Téa: Not now. Right now we have to find Dani.

Langston: Okay, say you're right and Tess is in charge of Jessica. What would she want with Ford?

Starr: I don't know.

Langston: So what do we do? Call the police?

Starr: Langston! Having D.I.D. is not illegal. It's not like she's committed a crime.

Langston: Yeah, that we know of.

Starr: What we need to do is find someone who understands and who can help.

Langston: Like who?

Brody: I think Jessica's had a break. I'd bet anything Tess is back.

Viki: Well, no. No. I mean, there could be a lot of other reasons why Jessie didn't come home last night.

Brody: She hasn't called either of us back all night. You said you suspected this.

Viki: But that doesn't mean I was right.

Brody: I found evidence.

Viki: What evidence?

Brody: Tess is in charge now and she is off doing God knows what with God knows who.

Tess: Having a rocking body like this? Now that's sick.

Ford: Okay, can we cool it with what's sick?

Tess: I'm just saying. There could be worse things, so man up, because soon you and I are gonna be husband and wife, and we're gonna live happily ever after.

Tess: There you are again with that face. Or is it just stuck that way?

Ford: This is a bad idea, Tess. The more I think about it...

Tess: That's your problem. Stop thinking. You don't have the equipment.

Ford: Excuse me?

Tess: Excuse you. You see, a lot of your blood flows south of your belt buckle. I'm doing the thinking for both of us. Don't worry.

Ford: That's not very comforting.

Tess: Oh, come on. I've had nothing but time to work this whole thing out.

Ford: While you've been away or whatever?

Tess: There you go. You got it. But don't strain yourself, okay? And don't worry--all you gotta do is remember two words-- "I do."

Ford: You really think that's all it's gonna take?

Tess: Yes, I do. As soon as we get married, we'll have everything that we want, and no one's gonna stop us.

Viki: Brody, it's very possible, you know, that it was thieves that broke into Roxy's salon.

Brody: I found scraps of Jessica's wedding dress at the scene. That's what made me check it out in the first place.

Viki: Scraps?

Brody: Yeah, like she cut it up.

Viki: Well, Jessie could've done that if she were angry enough.

Brody: The place was trashed. Everything was on the floor. The mirror was broken. And--

Viki: And? And?

Brody: Someone left a message on the mirror in red lipstick. It said "I'm back." I sent a team over there to take prints and to get Roxy's statement, so we won't know for sure until after--

Viki: Oh, never mind. Never mind. You're right. Tess is back. Oh, my God. We have to find her.

Brody: I'll call in an APB.

Viki: All right. I'm gonna make some calls and I'm going to go out and look for her.

Brody: Somebody should stay here in case Jessica comes back. She'll come straight home to her kids.

Viki: Let's hope we're that lucky.

Starr: My Aunt Viki had D.I.D., too. She would know exactly what to do.

Langston: Perfect. I'll drive.

Starr: I'll ask my mom to watch Hope and--

Todd: Where is she?

Starr: What? What are you talking about?

Todd: I know you're hiding her.

Starr: Who?

Todd: Don't play dumb with me!

Téa: Hey, relax, Todd!

Todd: Like she doesn't know.

Michelle: I knew it. You're stalking me.

James: Looks that way.

Michelle: I'd think it was a sign, if you weren't already taken.

Gigi: Cristian, may I please have your professional opinion?

Cristian: Of course.

Gigi: Is this great?

Cristian: Is that original art?

Gigi: By none other than Shane Morasco. He got an "A" in art class, which I expected, but this is even better than that. Isn't it? You can be honest.

Cristian: Yeah. It is better than that. Kid's got talent.

Shane: Hand it over.

Boy: Or what?

Girl: He'll wheeze all over you.

Shane: Hey, give that back.

Boy: The comic or the squirt bottle?

Girl: Doesn't smell like anything.

Boy: Have a look.

[Girl squirting inhaler]

Shane: Stop.

Jack: What the hell's wrong with you guys? You know you can't go after Morasco...not without me.

Destiny: It must be so hard for your family to know that your Uncle Clint could be like that.

Matthew: Yeah. Kind of like as hard as it was for you to deal with what your parents and brother did. I mean your grandparents and father.

Destiny: What is wrong with you?

Matthew: Nothing. I just don't know what everyone's problem is. So my Uncle Clint lied. People lie all the time. At least he had a reason.

Destiny: He didn't want his own son?

Matthew: Rex Balsom has tried to weasel his way into my family for years now. Hell, I caught him red-handed trying to break into my uncle's desk.

Destiny: Oh. Right.

Matthew: My Uncle Clint was protecting my family, and that's all he did.

Destiny: Okay. I wasn't trying to start anything. I just wanted to talk to you about the other day.

Matthew: Come on, Destiny. Can't you see I have a lot on my mind right now?

Destiny: Oh. Sure.

Jack: Go long!

Shane: Come on. That's not funny.

Jack: Come on. That's funny.

Shane: Stop wasting it!

Boy: Shut up!

Jack: You mean you could, like, run out?

[Boy fakes gasping]

Boy: Help me!

Shane: Guys, stop!

Jack: Come on. You don't really need that thing. It just gives you an excuse to be pathetic.

Shane: Give it back.

Jack: Make me, bitch. Go ahead.

Shane: Matthew!

Cristian: You know, you should sign Shane up for art classes outside of school. They even have some that are especially for graphic novels. I'll send you some links.

Gigi: Thanks. Maybe that'll take his mind off things.

Cristian: Yeah. I heard about the wedding.

Gigi: It was something.

Cristian: How's Rex?

Gigi: Not great. You'd think finding out your father was a billionaire would be a good thing.

Cristian: I wouldn't mind it.

Gigi: Except when it's Clint Buchanan. Nothing makes it okay. Those two hate each other.

Clint: You want to go to jail for corporate espionage?

Rex: You mean that time that you found me at B.E.? That's my own family's company, Clint. How is that a crime?

Clint: Do you really want to find out? And meanwhile Gigi's job that's paying the tuition--gone?

[Rex fakes a yawn]

Rex: These threats are getting tired. Take nap now.

Clint: You don't think I'd do it?

Rex: I don't think you can. Not anymore. In fact, I bet the dean that you have in your back pocket won't even return your calls.

Clint: Now that you think it's safe, you've suddenly grown a conscience?

Rex: Yeah, I'm not too proud of that, but I won't let it stop me.

Clint: And do you think Bo will be grateful to find out that you're finally ready to share the news with him?

Rex: As long as he knows what kind of man you are.

Clint: What about the kind of man that you are? I may be the guy that put Bo's son behind bars, but you're the one who left him there.

Jack: You know Matthew?

Shane: Yeah. We're cousins.

Jack: Yeah, right.

Shane: It's true. Well, he and my dad are cousins, but that makes us cousins, too. You heard, right? My dad told me last night.

Matthew: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jack: Looks like you guys aren't too close.

Todd: Dani, get out here! Now!

Téa: She's not here, Todd.

Todd: Danielle?

Téa: Don't break the doors!

Starr: I better stay here and deal with him. Will you go to my Aunt Viki's?

Langston: I'll go. Don't worry about it.

Starr: Okay, just tell her what we think.

Langston: Okay.

Todd: Your Aunt Viki in on this, too?

Starr: In on what?

Todd: Hiding your sister. Where is she? Tell me where she is.

Starr: I'm sorry. I can’t.

Ford: Okay, if we do this...

Tess: "If"?

Ford: I'm considering it.

Tess: You got on a plane. We booked a chapel. The decision's been made, stud.

Ford: I can unmake it.

Tess: You could, and you just kiss Ryder good-bye. Oh, wait, scratch that, because you won't even get close enough to the brat to kiss him.

Ford: You don't know that.

Tess: Oh, my God. Okay, Ford, let me explain this to you one more time. Viki and Clint and Brody are gonna do anything possible to keep him away from you.

Ford: Mm-hmm. And you think that's gonna change because of some quickie wedding?

Tess: Absolutely. It's a total game-changer. You will get your kid, I will have my freedom, and we will both have a ton of cash.

Ford: They're gonna come after us.

Tess: Absolutely.

Ford: They're gonna be furious.

Tess: Absolutely they're gonna be furious. They're gonna have every nun at St. Ann's waiting for me with a straitjacket. But here's the deal--Viki and Clint, they're gonna lose, because they do not have the authority to sign me in. My medical decisions can only be made by my husband, and wait-- pay attention now--that's you. So they can't touch me. It's a perfect plan.

Viki: I've called Dr. Levin, okay? He's gonna call St. Ann’s.

Brody: Do you think she'll have to go back there?

Viki: Take it one step at a time, okay? First we have to find her. She shows up here, you call me.

Brody: Should it be me?

Viki: What do you mean?

Brody: If Jessica comes back, or maybe even Tess, maybe I'm not the one who should be waiting. I caused this. Maybe I would just set her off.

Viki: Look, you've managed to get through to Jessica before, okay? And if we're dealing with Tess, I trust you to deal with her.

Brody: Okay.

Viki: Brody, you didn't cause Jessie's illness.

Brody: But I did this. What Natalie and I did, we set this in motion.

Viki: Yeah, well, you can't take all the blame, all right? There's plenty of that to go around.

Cutter: Wait a minute. You're worrying about your marriage?

Aubrey: You know what I mean. The marriage is part of the whole thing. The way to Joey’s money. If we trash it now after everything we've done--

Cutter: Sometimes it's better to just cut your losses.

Aubrey: Not until we have to. Come on, Cutter. I'm not going to jail and neither are you. Ever since the wedding, you've just been in this mood. Nothing's changed. Everything is gonna be fine as long as you stay calm.

Cutter: The hand on my thigh is not too calm.

Rama: Well! If it isn't everybody's favorite brother and sister.

Aubrey: Rama. Hi. Cutter and I have been so worried thinking about poor Vimal in lockup. How's he doing?

Rama: Great, actually. He worked out a deal with the prosecution. He's getting full immunity.

Aubrey: Immunity?

Rama: Mm-hmm.

Aubrey: Really?

Rama: My husband will not go to jail but Clint Buchanan will.

Rex: I'm not the reason David Vickers is in prison.

Clint: You're the reason he stayed there. How do you think Bo's gonna feel when he hears that you let his son sweat it out in a Moroccan jail the last 6 months?

Rex: There were criminal charges. I couldn't have gotten him out, and neither could Bo. what?

Clint: There were no charges against David Vickers.

Rex: You lied.

Clint: You knew the truth. You had to. I just gave you a way out. A way to do what you were desperate to do in the first place. Now, don't pretend that you didn't take advantage.

Rex: Bo could've gotten him out.

Clint: Yup. And you knew that all along, but you were weighing your options. Wait a minute, now. This is not Matthew who's in trouble. It's David Vickers, for God's sakes, and who doesn't want David Vickers to spend some time in the gray bar?

Rex: He's Bo's son!

Clint: You think Bo wanted that? You think Bo was happy to have this little con man running around calling him "Pa"?

Rex: Just like me, huh?

Clint: If the shoe fits. You did Bo a favor. Rex...you took care of your family, just like I did.

Rex: I am not you, Clint, and I never will be. And I have to tell the truth now. Even if it hurts.

Aubrey: Can I just ask--has Vimal actually signed this immunity deal? I mean, is it final?

Rama: It will be once it goes before the court.

Aubrey: But that hasn't happened yet.

Rama: There's been a slight delay. Ms. Delgado had some kind of family emergency.

Michelle: You missed a great party. Next time, bring Starr.

James: I don't know about that.

Michelle: Hey. I'm totally fine with it. I thought you two were getting together.

James: We didn’t. There was this big thing with my brother and her sister and her dad and-- and there's no way you want to hear about it. I'm just gonna go.

Michelle: Hey. Hey, you're telling a friend. I thought that's what we agreed on, right? Friends?

James: Yeah. Okay. Sure.

Michelle: Good. So what happened?

James: Well, it is a long story but in the end, Starr’s dad turns out to be a total and complete psycho.

Todd: You don't think this is serious? You tell me where she is.

Starr: I didn't even know she was gone. Are you sure?

Téa: Yes. Sometime last night. I'm really worried.

Starr: I'm sorry. I honestly don't know where she is.

Todd: Oh. But you'd tell me if you did, huh?

Starr: No, I'd tell Téa.

Todd: You see? She helped Dani run away before.

Starr: Not this time.

Téa: I believe you. Maybe there's something you can tell us that'll give us a clue. You were there last night when Todd spoke to Nate, right?

Starr: "Spoke"?

Téa: Yeah.

Todd: This is a waste of time.

Téa: No, no, no. I want to hear the uncensored version.

Todd: Why? So I can be the bad guy? Listen, I stopped our underage daughter from having sex. I mean, look what happened to this one.

Jack: You have any more imaginary friends, wheezy?

Shane: Matthew is my cousin.

Girl: He left you here to get your butt kicked.

Shane: Leave me alone.

Jack: Or what? What are you gonna do? Hit me? Do it. I dare you.

Teacher: What's going on here?

Jack: I don't know. Shane just freaked out and punched Brad for no reason.

Shane: That's not true.

Girl: Don't lie, Shane. You'll just make it worse.

Teacher: Let's go.

Cristian: Did you tell Shane what happened?

Gigi: We had to. Poor kid has had to deal with so many lies about his family. I think he had honestly stopped caring. But then with Charlie, it was so great. They really loved each other. But now he has Clint, who doesn't care about him at all.

Cristian: Shane is stronger than you think. He'll be okay.

Gigi: Yeah.

Cristian: What?

Gigi: I wish-- for once that Shane didn't have to struggle, you know? He deserves better.

[Cell phone ringing]

Gigi: It's the school.


Gigi: Hello? What happened? Yeah, I'll be right there.

Cristian: What's wrong?

Gigi: Shane's in trouble.

Aubrey: It is so good that nothing has been signed. This could be a blessing in disguise.

Rama: Why would that be?

Aubrey: Rama, you and I, we go way back, so I hope you know that I am telling you this for your own good.

Rama: Telling me what?

Aubrey: You cannot, under any circumstances, let your husband take this immunity deal.

Clint: You're gonna tell the truth, no matter who gets hurt? Oh, please.

Rex: You don't believe me?

Clint: Rex, the only one you care about is yourself, and you're not ready to lose somebody else that loves you.

Rex: Gigi will understand.

Clint: I'm talking about Bo. You don't think Bo will turn on you? Oh, my brother will turn on anybody who doesn't live up to his high standards.

Rex: I guess I'll take my chances.

Clint: Okay. Don't say I didn't warn you.

[Cell phone rings]

Rex: Hey.

Gigi: Hey, meet me at the school right now.

Rex: What's wrong? Is Shane sick? Is he hurt?

Gigi: No, but the principal said come now. I didn't get details, but it sounded bad.

Rex: Okay. I'm on my way. I'll meet you in front of the school.

Clint: Something wrong with your kid?

Rex: What do you care?

Clint: Shane needs you, Rex. If you go to Bo with the Vickers story, you could end up in jail. What happens to Shane then?

Brody: Yeah. Take the picture from yesterday's "Banner." That's recent.

[Doorbell rings]

Brody: Call me if there's any sighting.

Langston: Hi, Brody. Is Mrs. Banks here?

Brody: No. She's not.

Langston: Is Jessica around?

Brody: What's this about?

Langston: I just really need to talk to Mrs. Banks. Will she be back soon?

Brody: I really don't know.

Langston: Okay. I'll just wait.

Brody: Langston, we're in the middle of something right now, so if this isn't urgent--

Langston: Okay. This is about the wedding and the baby.

Brody: Did your boyfriend put you up to this?

Langston: What?

Brody: I can't believe Ford would send you here to plead his case.

Langston: No. He didn’t. Ford doesn't even know I'm here.

Brody: You tell him he is not getting anywhere near Ryder.

Langston: Okay. I don't know where Ford is.

Brody: Then what are you doing here? Langston, I don't have time for this.

Langston: I think I saw him with Jessica.

Ford: Okay. So everything works out for you.

Tess: I'd say pretty good for you, too, Ford.

Ford: Uh-huh. Keeping you out of the hospital? Your family is gonna love me.

Tess: Who cares? You'll have your kid. That's all you really want.

Ford: They're still gonna fight me.

Tess: And you'll win. You're his father. I'm his mother. We'll be married, and, P.S., We'll have a ton of cash.

Ford: You don't think they're gonna cut that off? What the hell?

Tess: "Trust is to be controlled by the minor's parents," you and me, "effective immediately after their wedding in February." So unless you want to sit around here till March, we'll be just in time. Is that what you're gonna wear?

Ford: What?

Tess: To our wedding. Is that what you're going to wear?

Ford: It's all I have.

Tess: Well, then let's get a move on. I want to get a ring on my finger before the Buchanans get a clue. The sooner we get married, the sooner we can start spending daddy Clint's money.

Aubrey: So you see, if Vimal signs the deal, it only works for the short term.

Cutter: And you want more for your husband than that, right? You want him to have a future.

Rama: Yeah. Of course.

Aubrey: Getting out of jail is only half the battle.

Cutter: Right, because what happens after that?

Aubrey: After Vimal testifies.

Rama: Clint Buchanan is punished. That's what happens.

Cutter: And you think that's a good thing?

Rama: Yeah. Once that man is behind bars, my Vimal is safe.

Cutter: That's where you're wrong.

Aubrey: Vimal is only safe from jail, but he will never ever be safe from Clint Buchanan.

Clint: Pa, you'd do it all, too, to protect the family.

Viki: Is that what you were doing, protecting the family?

Clint: Yes, Viki. I tried to.

Viki: Ah. Well, it didn't work, did it, because what you did was destroy Jessica.

Starr: Great, Dad. Now I wish I was hiding Dani.

Todd: Oh, you know what I meant. You said so last night. Because of Cole, you did things you wish you hadn’t.

Starr: No. I said it was because of you.

Todd: But you did them with Cole.

Starr: And that gives you the right to beat him up and now to freak out at Nate?

Téa: You said it was a reasonable conversation.

Starr: After he went after him.

Téa: Oh, I knew it!

Todd: I didn't beat him up.

Starr: You didn’t. You threw him against the wall and said that you were going to have him arrested for rape.

Todd: Statutory rape.

Téa: Que idiota! Por supuesto que nuestra hija se afuera de tu casa.

Todd: Lo siento.

Téa: This isn't funny. I knew you didn't tell me the truth. No wonder Daniella left. Why are you surprised?

Todd: Well, because I thought that she would respect her father's wishes.

Starr: She probably went to Nate's. Did you check Nate's mom?

Téa: Yes. We checked Nate's and Robert Ford's, and no one was there.

Starr: Maybe they just didn't answer.

Téa: No. No, Starr. The super let us in.

Todd: Yeah. Not everyone is so cavalier about this.

Téa: The super let us in. No one was there. There's no trace that anyone was there.

Todd: My money is on your buddy James. He's the one that came up with the plan the last time that Dani ran away. Am I right?

Starr: Dad, no. He's doesn't have anything-- he probably doesn't even know that this happened.

Todd: I want you to call James and find out what he knows right now.

Téa: Please. We just need to know Dani is all right. Please.

Starr: Okay.

Téa: Thank you.

Michelle: I'm sorry you and Starr keep hitting a wall.

James: Yeah, but that's how it is.

Michelle: Are you giving up?

James: I don't know what to do.

Michelle: If you want my two cents, you keep trying.

[Cell phone ringing]

James: Oh. Sorry. It's Starr.

Michelle: Well, are you gonna answer it?

Rama: You're wrong. Ms. Delgado showed us that Clint Buchanan will serve a very long sentence. Vimal and I have nothing to fear.

Aubrey: You think jail stops someone like Clint?

Cutter: He has a whole network of people just waiting for him to snap his fingers.

Aubrey: Remember those guys that threatened to beat Vimal up?

Cutter: Those very large guys?

Aubrey: They're not just gonna beat him up this time, honey. If Vimal takes this deal, he's as good as dead.

Rama: Oh, no. Nothing is gonna happen to Vimal, nothing at all, because you're gonna protect us, Aubrey.

Aubrey: Me? How am I gonna do that?

Rama: That's your problem, but you'll do it, and you know why? Because I know all about Aubrey Wentworth. Namely, I know you're not really Aubrey Wentworth and Cutter isn't really your brother. So unless you want your husband to know what I know, you'll make my husband's safety your top priority.

Clint: Yes. I know. I am the scum of the earth for trying to protect Jessica from Robert Ford.

Viki: You were trying to protect your precious Buchanan money. That's all you care about.

Clint: Damn it, Viki. You can say a lot about me, but you know I love our girls.

Viki: I don't know anything about you anymore, and I didn't come here for excuses.

Clint: Are no excuses. I just wish Jessica hadn't found out.

Viki: That's right, because then you wouldn't have lost her.

Clint: I didn’t.

Viki: Yes, you did. She's gone. Tess is in control.

Ford: Okay. This plan makes some sense...

Tess: See? Did that hurt?

Ford: But you're forgetting one thing.

Tess: You, me, no nut house, a bunch of moolah--

Ford: Langston!

Tess: Who? Oh, God, your little girlfriend.

Ford: She's not little.

Tess: Excuse me. Your very young but I'm sure mature friend.

Ford: Okay. I'm just gonna call her, and I'm gonna explain-- God, will you quit it?

Tess: If you try that again, I am throwing this in the pool. You still haven't told me. What is it you plan on telling her?

Ford: She has to know that this is just an arrangement.

Tess: Trust me, there will be no doubt.

Ford: So why can't I tell her now?

Tess: Because there's no time, Ford, and what if she tells the Buchanans? They'll be on the first plane out here.

Ford: Okay. All right. This has to look real, right? We have to make this look real.

Tess: Got to make it look good. Yeah.

Ford: Okay. That's gonna be hard for Langston.

Tess: Oh, geez, I will swear to her that I won't touch you, okay, and I promise you, you won't touch me.

Ford: I get it.

Tess: I don't want you. I want a real man.

Ford: Like Brody?

Tess: Ugh, Jessica's knuckle dragger? No, thank you.

Brody: You've seen Jessica?

Langston: Maybe.

Brody: Where?

Langston: Outside of Capricorn last night with Ford, but, like I said, I'm not sure.

Brody: No. Just tell me what happened.

Langston: Well, Ford and I were supposed to have dinner at Capricorn. He didn't show, but then when he finally called, I didn't have any signal. So I went outside to talk to him, and I saw him leaving with some blonde girl in a white dress.

Brody: And you think that was Jessica?

Langston: Well, I didn't at first because she looked kind of trashy, no offense.

Brody: But she was in a dress, like a wedding dress.

Langston: Well, yeah, but it was a mini dress. I mean, I didn't even think it could be Jessica until I talked to Starr this morning. She told me all about the wedding and the baby and reminded me about Jessica's illness, you know, how it could be Jessica but not.

Brody: It's Tess.

Langston: You knew?

Brody: Not until a few hours ago.

Langston: But it's true? Jessica has turned into Tess again?

Brody: We're not sure, but you saw her leave with Ford?

Langston: Yeah. She was all over him. Sorry.

Brody: Don't be. This is our first real lead all day. We can track Ford, and that'll lead us to Tess.

Tess: Sorry. I'm not in for 'roid rage.

Ford: Ah, this is all natural. You want to see?

Tess: Oh, no, thank you. Oh, barf. What, did I hurt your feelings?

Ford: It's just that this is getting a little old, and for the record, I've never had any complaints.

Tess: Oh, I'm sure the little girls that you hang out with think they've died and gone to heaven, but then again, they don't know the difference between good sex and bad sex, now, do they?

Ford: You'd be surprised.

Tess: I'm sure you keep Langston very satisfied.

Ford: She is, but it's not just the sex.

Tess: So you keep on saying.

Ford: It's the truth!

Tess: So what is it about you, Ford? Is it your sparkling conversation that keeps her entertained and satisfied?

Ford: What Langston and I have is real.

Tess: Real what?

Ford: We exist out here in the real world. What do you get, Tess, except a little corner of Jessica's mind? What else do you have?

Tess: I have your son. I'm the only one that can give you your baby. That's all I need.

Ford: Mm-hmm. Well, you need me. So either change your attitude or the wedding is off.

James: What's up?

Starr: Dani ditched school, and I think it's probably because she's still upset about what happened last night. Have you talked to Nate?

James: Not today.

Starr: I think they might be together, and my dad and Téa think that maybe they took off. Do you have any idea where they could be?

James: Not really.

Starr: Okay. Thanks, anyway.

James: Sorry I can't help.

Starr: Yeah. Me, too.

Cutter: Hey, you're supposed to be Aubrey’s friend. Where the hell do you get off threatening her like--

Aubrey: It's all right. If my husband was in jail, I would be defensive, too, but, Rama, we can all win. We just have to play our cards right.

Cutter: All right. Think about this. If, and this is a big if, we are able to keep you and Vimal safe and he signs the statement and then Clint goes to jail...

Rama: Yeah. Right.

Cutter: Where does that leave Vimal after that? Broke and without a job, and Aubrey will be broke, too. I mean, with no Buchanan Enterprises--

Rama: There will always be a Buchanan Enterprises.

Aubrey: Have you seen the Dow lately? Now that everyone knows Clint is in trouble, the B.E. stock is plummeting.

Cutter: Anyone named Buchanan is gonna take it on the chin, and that includes Joey.

Aubrey: And without Joey’s money, how am I supposed to help you?

Rama: You think the company could really go under?

Aubrey: If Clint is thrown in jail, yes. It's just a matter of time.

Rama: So what do we do?

Aubrey: Someone is gonna have to take one for the team.

Rama: Like who?

Cutter: Vimal can't sign that statement. If he takes the fall for Clint, all of our worries disappear.

Rama: You crazy?

Gigi: So are you gonna tell us what happened?

Rex: Why are you fighting? What's going on with you?

Shane: Nothing!

Gigi: Is this about what we told you last night, honey, about Charlie and Clint Buchanan?

Clint: Just because we haven't found Jessica--

Viki: Brody found evidence that Tess is in control.

Clint: Where is she?

Viki: Who knows where she is? Out wreaking havoc somewhere for Jessica.

Clint: Have you called the police?

Viki: Well, of course I've called the police and dr. Levin, but we can't do a damn thing until we find Tess. So what you're gonna do is, you're gonna call all those sneaky little people you keep on your payroll, your private eyes and your spies, and you're gonna tell them to find Jessica, and I don't care if it costs you every dime you have!

Clint: It's done. Oh, God.

Viki: Are you all right?

Clint: I don't understand how this is happening. Jessie was all right. The doctors even said so. She was all right, even after everything that Mitch Laurence put her through.

Viki: That she survived what he did to her with just a memory loss was a miracle.

Clint: She's such a strong girl.

Viki: In many ways, yes, but the thing is, when you tear away at her reality, when you take away what she holds most dear, she is at risk, and that's what you did to her.

Clint: Don't you dare put this all on me. Jessica was fine when she found out about the baby. She was upset, but she was handling it. Brody, he's the one who blindsided her. If anybody is to blame, it's him.

Brody: All right. Thanks.

Langston: So that's it?

Brody: Well, if Ford used his credit card or made a phone call, they'll find him.

Langston: Do you really think Jessica is dangerous?

Brody: It's not Jessica. It's Tess, and she is capable of anything. Last time Tess was out, she almost killed Natalie.

Langston: Do you think she'd hurt Ford?

Brody: Langston, you need to call him.

Langston: What if that just upsets Tess?

Brody: No. I will talk you through it. Ford has no idea who or what he's dealing with.

Tess: Did you just threaten me?

Ford: Consider it a warning.

Tess: You don't want me as an enemy.

Ford: Oh, I don't want you at all, Tess.

Tess: Well, the feeling is mutual, but we need each other.

Ford: I need Langston.

Tess: And you can have her after the wedding, not before. Let me get dressed and get this show on the road.

[Cell phone ringing]

Ford: Ooh! I got it. I got it. I got it. It's Langston.

Tess: Ignore it.

Téa: Any luck?

Starr: James doesn't know.

Téa: You believe him?

Todd: Oh, I do. He doesn't have a death wish because he knows what I will do to him if he lied to me. Okay. This has been a waste of time. Ha ha! Gonna put my people on it.

Téa: No, you're not. I am sorry about him.

Starr: Well, unfortunately, I'm used to it, but don't worry about Dani, all right? She'll be okay. She's smart.

Téa: Yeah, except when she's angry. Then she can't think straight. I wonder where she gets that from.

Starr: Call me if I can help with anything else, okay?

Téa: Thank you, Estrella.

Starr: James?

James: Shh, shh. Are they gone?

Starr: What? Yeah. I just heard the car.

James: Okay. Good.

Starr: Why are you sneaking in the back door?

James: Uh, Starr, when I said that I didn't know anything about Dani and Nate, I lied.

Rex: Hey, Matthew.

Gigi: What was that?

Shane: Isn't it obvious? He hates us, just like Clint.

Rex: Let's go home. Maybe you feel like talking more there, okay?

Shane: Nothing to talk about.

Aubrey: Don't panic, okay? It's not as bad as it sounds.

Rama: You're telling me my Vimal is gonna rot in jail?

Cutter: Of course he won’t. You've got a great lawyer, right, the one that Aubrey is paying for. Téa Delgado will get him out on the streets in no time.

Aubrey: Yeah. Cutter is right. Vimal doesn't have a record. The whole DNA thing was not his idea.

Cutter: Plus, with time off for good behavior...

Aubrey: He'll be back in your arms before you know it, and B.E. will still be in business, so I'll be able to give you a nice chunk of cash to get you guys back on your feet again.

Rama: You'll have to be more specific.

Aubrey: About what?

Rama: The chunk. How large will it be? Could I have that in writing, please?

Aubrey: No problem.

Viki: Pass the buck? That's what you want to do?

Clint: No. I'm gonna make those calls. I'm gonna get Jessica back safe. You have my word.

Viki: Your word doesn't mean a damn thing anymore. You just find our daughter and pray that it's not too late when you do.

[Cell phone ringing]

Tess: You can call her in a little while. Hell, I'll even call her for you. I will tell her how much you love her and how she'll always be your sweet, little Langston bear, anything that you want, just after the wedding, okay, when no one can stop us.

Ford: Hello?  

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