OLTL Transcript Thursday 2/10/11

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/10/11


Episode # 10872

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Natalie: I slept with Brody. That's what Marty knew, that I had sex with my sister's boyfriend.

Brody: I slept with Natalie.

Jessica: I donít understand. Why are you saying this? Is it because I slept with Ford? Are you trying to punish me because Ford is Ryderís father?

[Xylophone chimes]

Langston: How do you know Michelle and James are having sex?

Starr: Because I saw them. Okay, not doing it, but after. I saw Michelle leaving his apartment buttoning her shirt, and I saw James standing in the doorway half-naked. It was obvious what had just happened.

Langston: I can't believe it.

Starr: Believe it.

Langston: Wow. Talk about terrible timing. When James was free, you weren't, and now you're free--

Starr: Breaking up with Cole, it was still the right thing because Cole had felt so guilty that I was waiting for him. We both need me to move on. I was just hoping that I was going to be able to move on with James.

Nate: Donít look so excited.

James: I'm sorry. I'm just--

Nate: Expecting someone else?

James: Yeah. I was hoping Starr would come back.

Nate: Oh, so you and Starr--

James: Never gonna be together. She's committed to Cole.

Nate: Man, that really sucks.

James: Yeah.

Nate: I guess you're just gonna have to find a way to move on.

James: Wish I knew how.

Cutter: All right. If this is how Llanview does weddings, I donít want to see a funeral.

Aubrey: Cutter!

Cutter: Too soon? Sorry. Sorry. I tend to make jokes in socially awkward situations.

Aubrey: We just feel so bad for your sister and her fiancť.

Joey: I just never thought my dad could do something like this.

Aubrey: Well, I suppose in his eyes, he was just trying to protect them.

Joey: Like he was trying to protect me from you? No. Compared to altering Jessicaís paternity test, what he did to us was child's play.

Cutter: No pun intended.

Aubrey: Cutter!

Cutter: Sorry.

Joey: No. doesnít worry about it.

Cutter: That just came out. Sorry.

Joey: It's all right. Donít worry about it. It's been an awkward day for all of us.

Cutter: Well, hey, why donít we just try and think about the bright side of things?

Aubrey: What bright side?

Cutter: Nothing worse could happen today, right?

Kelly's voice: "Son, you need to know the truth about Aubrey and Cutter. You won't listen to me, so you'll have to see for yourself. It's all in here on this drive."

Brody: I am not saying this to get back at you. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, Jess. That's why I didn't tell you before.

Jessica: This is true?

Brody: I'm so sorry. I would give anything if it wasnít. I wish it had never happened. I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but it's all gonna come out now, anyway, so I wanted to tell you first so I could try to make you understand.

Jessica: How am I supposed to understand? The man that I was going to marry cheated on me with my sister!

John: Ah. So that's what she wanted to tell me about you and Brody.

Natalie: Marty knew I was gonna tell you everything.

John: Everything? What else is there?

Dani: Wait. Wait. Really? Seriously, this is your big surprise--dinner at the Buenos Dias?

Todd: Well, I know how much you guys love Carlottaís flan.

Tťa: It's "flan," first of all. Second of all, I also like, you know, sesame-encrusted tuna, which is what I preordered on my RSVP and which is what I would be eating right now if you hadn't insisted on boycotting your nieces' weddings.

Todd: Reception food? Really?

Tťa: Yeah.

Todd: You're not missing anything.

Tťa: Everyone is probably over there right now. Couples are probably enjoying their first dances.

Kelly's voice: "You must look at this right away. Then you'll know everything you need to know about Aubrey."

Joey: Well, I donít know what to do now. Father has been arrested. My mother is out looking for Charlie. My sisters haven't come back. So I guess it's safe to say there will be no weddings today.

Aubrey: Do you want to go down to the police station and help your dad?

Joey: Help him? No. I can't even look at him. No. I definitely donít want to hear anything he has to say. Why donít we just get out of here?

Aubrey: Yeah.

Joey: Okay.

Kelly: Joey, wait. This is for you.

[Plays "Old MacDonald had a Farm"]

Ford: Hi.

Starr: What are you doing?

Ford: I was just cleaning up a little.

Starr: No, no, no. You do not have to do that.

Ford: I donít mind.

Starr: It was already enough that you were babysitting with Langston. I mean, Hope can wear anyone out.

Ford: Well, she likes to play. I can relate.

Starr: Thanks. I really appreciate that.

Ford: Sure.

Starr: I'll be right back. I'm going to go tuck Hope in. Hmm.

Langston: I still can't get over how great you were with Hope.

Ford: Well, like I said, I had a little experience with James.

Langston: Mm-hmm.

Ford: Speaking of which, why is Starr back? I thought that her and James would, you know, be off celebrating or, you know, getting back together.

Langston: Yeah. Well, they didn't get together, thanks to you.

Ford: What are you talking about?

Langston: You told James to move on, and your little brother couldn't keep it in his pants long enough to wait for Starr.

James: What kind of jerk am I waiting for something that's never gonna happen?

Nate: I know how you feel. Dani and I haven't, uh, done it.

James: Yeah. It's probably pretty hard to get some alone time with her dad being so overprotective.

Nate: No, no. It's not that. It's just, well, Dani hasn't-- uh, she's still a virgin.

James: Oh, but my little brother isn't? Right.

Nate: No. He's not.

James: Yeah? All right. Tell me. When did that happen?

Nate: It's a while ago, before we came to Llanview. Dani and I talked about it, and she said she wasn't ready, and I'm okay with that. It's just, it's still--

James: It's tough. Yeah.

Nate: So that's why I'm here. I thought Ford would give me some pointers.

James: On how to get Dani to have sex with you?

Nate: Um...

Tťa: I think Nate and Dani would've liked that wedding.

Todd: Eh, wedding schmedding. If you hear one set of vows, you heard them all.

Tťa: Even ours?

Todd: Oh, that's different.

Tťa: Why?

Todd: Because it was ours, but other people's weddings are snoozefests. Besides, they didn't even have fun with your stripper.

Dani: Stripper?

Todd: Yeah. How many of my dollar bills went into that guy's thong?

Tťa: Okay. First of all, they were my dollar bills, okay? Second of all, I can assure both of you that they were very well-spent, okay?

Dani: Okay.

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: Manning. Yeah. What do you got?

Tťa: Listen to me. What do you guys have planned for tonight, you and Nate? It's Valentineís Day.

Dani: I donít know. Just know that we're gonna be together.

Todd: Ha! You're kidding me. Well, donít go to press until I figure out the headline, all right? Cool. Yeah. I owe you chicks an apology.

Dani: For what?

Todd: Turns out, that double wedding was anything but boring.

Natalie: I need you to understand exactly what happened that night that Brody and I got together.

John: Yeah. I'm listening.

Brody: I would never, never cheat on you, Jessica. This thing with Natalie wasn't an affair. It was a one-time thing when we weren't together and I thought I'd lost you forever.

Jessica: Oh...

Natalie: We were not back together yet. It was the night that I wrote you the note to meet me at Rodiís at midnight if there was still a chance for us. And you didn't show up, and then I saw you with Marty, so I thought that our chance was over. I was leaving Llanview for good.

Brody: It was the night of the prom. You were still confused, and you were chasing after Cristian, and I was so desperate to get you back that I pushed you to remember what Mitch had done to you, but it backfired. You were so furious, you told me you never wanted to see me again. I believed you.

Jessica: Oh...

Brody: So I bought a bottle and went back to my room, and I drank a lot.

Natalie: I got really, really drunk, and I went to Brody's to say good-bye.

Brody's voice: Good-bye?

Natalie's voice: Yeah. I'm leaving Llanview for good.

Natalie: And he'd been drinking. I joined him.

Natalie's voice: John has been in my heart so long. I donít know how to get him out.

Brody's voice: Jessica was the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I lost her for good.

Natalie: We were just trying to make the pain stop, and then a kiss just happened.

Brody: One thing led to another, and when it was over, Natalie and I said good-bye. I thought we'd never see each other again.

Natalie: We were just lonely, and, John, it was one mistake. It was one horrible mistake. It was only one night. It never happened again.

John: That's not the end of the story, is it?

Natalie: No. It's not.

Natalie: And then I went to the airport. I was moving on with my life, and then you showed up, and you asked me to stay.

John's voice: I donít know what the hell we've been doing the last few years. Above all others, you belong with me.

Natalie: I was blown away. Oh, we had a future together. Everything changed.

Brody: And then a miracle happened. You showed up at my door.

Brody's voice: Jessica, are you okay?

Brody: You made me the happiest man in the world, Jessica, and I had you back, and nothing else mattered.

Jessica: Oh, and that night... prom...when I remembered, that was the night that I had sex with Ford and we conceived the baby.

Ford: James is a guy. He's got needs.

Langston: Yeah, but you put those needs aside for 3 months.

Ford: Hardest 3 months I've ever done in my life, but I will have a talk with James. I will tell him that Starr and Cole are over and--

Starr: No. No. No. You can't tell James. I've confused him enough.

Ford: Starr, how is telling him the truth gonna confuse him?

Starr: Because I donít want him feeling guilty or responsible for my decision, okay? He did what he had to do. He moved on with Michelle, and I am fine with it, so please do not say anything.

Ford: So you really donít think that James should know how you feel?

Starr: Ford, promise me, okay? I donít know if I could live with myself if I thought that I had wrecked James' chance of being happy with someone else.

Ford: Uh-huh, and how do you feel about this?

Langston: You know what? That is between Starr and James, okay? It is not our place to get involved. So if that's what Starr wants, we just have to respect that.

Ford: Okay.

Langston: All right. So you won't say anything?

Ford: I won't, but I donít really understand why, but I'll respect it.

Starr: Thank you.

Ford: You're welcome, and now I have a big date to get ready for, so I will see you.

Langston: Mm-hmm. Oh, wait. donít forget your hot dog suit.

Ford: Yes. I am looking forward to our date with relish.

Langston: You did not just say that.

Ford: Oh, I did. I did. All right.

Langston: Just get out of here.

Starr: Donít you want to ketchup with him?

Langston: Oh, you're funny, too, but donít change the subject.

Starr: What subject?

Langston: Starr, I am your best friend, and you know that I will support you, no matter what, but I actually agree with Ford.

Starr: Lang.

Langston: I'm sorry, but I think that you should tell James everything about Cole, even if he did sleep with Michelle.

Starr: Donít you understand that that would not be fair to him, okay? This is just the best way.

Langston: You are such a liar.

Joey: What's on this?

Kelly: Watch it. See for yourself.

Joey: What is this, Kelly? Fine. I'll take it home and watch it there.

Cutter: You know, I've got a better idea. I've got a laptop in my car. I'll go get it.

Kelly: That's a good idea. We can all watch together.

Tťa: What happened at the wedding?

Todd: Well, what didn't? Apparently, my friend Vimal caused quite a stir.

Dani: Who's Vimal?

Todd: It doesn't make any difference, but the point is that my friend Vimal apparently stood up at the church and claimed he had proof that Clint Buchanan messed with a bunch of paternity tests and that Charlie banks isn't Rex Balsom's father. Clint is.

Tťa: What?

Todd: And that's not all. Vimal also said he had proof that Brody Lovett isn't the father of Jessicaís baby. Robert Ford is.

Tťa: Oh, my God.

Todd: Yeah. It's a tough break.

Tťa: Jessica is your niece. You do know that, right?

Todd: Yeah. I guess I feel bad for her, but I'm not gonna stop the presses or anything.

Dani: Whoa, wait. Robert Ford, Nate's brother?

Tťa: Poor Brody.

Brody: You're right. The night you and Ford conceived Ryder, that was the night I was with Natalie.

John: How does Marty fit into all this?

Natalie: She blames me for Coleís arrest, and she blames me for losing you, and she just wanted to pay me back, so she just kept digging and digging until she finally found something because she saw me and Brody talking several times and then she had confidential information because of Brodyís therapy session with her. She put it together.

John: Marty also said, "There was something you need to know about the baby." "Natalie's son," she said.

Jessica: Natalie and I found out that we were pregnant on the same day. Our due dates were the same day. We might even have conceived on the same day.

John: What do I need to know about Liam?

Aubrey: This is a church, you know? I'm sure the priest doesn't want us all just sitting around watching videos.

Kelly: There aren't any services tonight. There was supposed to be a wedding. Since it looks like that's not happening, I'm sure they won't mind.

Cutter: My battery is kind of low.

Joey: Here. Let's see. That should be enough, and there's a table out in the hall.

Aubrey: What are you thinking? What if that's the footage from the hidden camera in my room?

Cutter: Donít worry about it.

Aubrey: Cutter, what are you doing? We confessed to everything--trying to clean Joey out, our relationship.

Joey: You guys coming?

Aubrey: Yeah. Be right there, babe.

Cutter: Everybody ready?

Nate: I'm not trying to convince Dani to do something she doesn't want to do.

James: So Bobby's advice comes into the equation where?

Nate: Well, I thought that if Dani does want to do it but she's just nervous or something, he could tell me what to do so she isnít. From what I hear, Ford has got a serious track record with the ladies.

James: Oh, yeah. He does.

Ford: Hey, Nathaniel. Is there some reason you and James are discussing my sex life?

James: Okay. All right. Easy, Don Juan. We were actually talking about our own sex lives, so--

Ford: Oh, really?

James: Yep.

Nate: Or lack thereof.

Ford: Oh, I get it. I get it. So you want to take it to the next step with Dani. Is that it?

Nate: Well, we talked about it, but I donít think she's ready.

Ford: Well, if you want my two cents' worth--and I've learned the hard way--if something is worth having, then it's worth waiting for, right, but it's easy for me to say. My wait ends tonight, boys.

James: Oh, hey, that's right. Starr came by earlier about those plans you wanted her to help with.

Ford: Plans?

James: Something about Capricorn.

Ford: Oh, yeah. I just saw her. Did you know she went to see Cole today?

Langston: You know, I think the person you're being unfair to is yourself.

Starr: I donít want to talk about that. I want to talk about your big night and help you get ready for it. Okay. So outfit?

Langston: Check.

Starr: Reservations?

Langston: Confirmed. Check.

Starr: And condoms?

Langston: Check, although I think Ford is gonna be bringing his own because he's had to wait for, like, 3 months.

Starr: I cannot believe that he's lasted this long. He has seriously surprised me these past few months.

Langston: I know. I mean, he's actually stepped up and proved that he wants a real relationship, and not just sex. He even got that job so he could make tonight really special.

Starr: He even wore that hot dog suit, which, I must say, is karma. That was really nice of him to help you watch Hope, though.

Langston: Starr, you should've seen him with her. He was so amazing.

Starr: I'm really happy for you. Seems like you and Ford are the only ones that can actually have a normal, uncomplicated relationship.

John: So Marty was telling the truth before. You're the one that dragged her up to the lodge. You're the one who had the shotgun. You kept her there.

Natalie: Yes. Yes, but I never was gonna hurt Marty. I just needed her out of the way for a little while so that I could tell you the truth.

John: I'm here now. Tell me now.

Natalie: Please, John--

John: Tell me now.

Natalie: Please--

John: Tell me. Come on. I want to hear you say it. I want to hear it. I want to hear you say it!

Jessica: That man Vimal, he said that both of Clintís daughters' DNA results were in that computer, Natalieís and mine.

Brody: We were worried Natalieís baby might be mine, so she had a paternity test. She got her results the same day you got yours.

Jessica: Oh, God!

Brody: Jessica, you donít know how happy I was when we found out your test results showed that the baby was mine, or so we thought.

Jessica: What about Natalieís? What about Natalieís?

Brody: Her test-- she told me that her test showed that John was the father of hers. You donít know how relieved I was.

John: Say it. Say the words.

John: Say it!

Natalie: You're not the father of my baby. Brody is.

John: Yeah.

John: Does--does Brody know?

Natalie: No. He and Jessica were so happy when they found out he was the father of Jessicaís baby, so--

John: But he isnít.

Natalie: We know that now, but, God, I didn't want to take anything away from him and Jess or you especially, so I just told Brody that the paternity test said that you were the father, and I wanted that to be true. I wanted it so badly. I even convinced myself sometimes that it was true.

John: But it isnít. You've been passing his kid off as mine since you got the results of that test. You made me go through all this. I went through it with you--the pregnancy and the christening and going to the classes. I fell. I took the bait. Every time, I took the bait, and like an idiot, I fell for it. I fell in love with that kid!

Natalie: I'm so sorry, John. I am so sorry. I didn't want this to happen.

John: You didn't want it to happen? You donít get to decide! You donít get to decide this. You're just like your dad, you know? You're not God, Natalie. You're not God, and neither is Clint.

Aubrey's voice: Joey, where are you? Please call me. I'm getting worried.

[Knocks on door]

Aubrey's voice: Joey? Oh.

Cutter's voice: donít look so happy to see me.

Aubrey's voice: I can't find Joey. He never showed up last night. I've left him a ton of messages.

Cutter's voice: Well, he probably went somewhere after the party and crashed someplace else.

Joey: This is your hotel room. How did you get this?

Aubrey's voice: I hope so, but it's more likely that he's with Kelly.

Cutter's voice: Kelly?

Aubrey's voice: She's in love with him, Cutter.

Cutter's voice: So?

Aubrey's voice: So despite all the things that Kelly has done to me, all the mean and manipulative things, sometimes I just think maybe I should give Joey back the engagement ring, give him and Kelly a chance to see if there's anything still there.

Cutter's voice: Even if there is, I mean, they couldn't make it work last time.

Aubrey's voice: I know. Kelly really hurt Joey. I mean, she fooled around with his brother behind his back. I could never do that to him. I could never betray Joey like that.

Cutter's voice: Of course you couldnít.

Aubrey's voice: I love him so much. I've never felt this way, and you know what? I was actually almost glad when his father disinherited him because it meant that it was just the two of us, that we only had each other, and that's all I need. It's all I want.

James: Wait. Starr saw Cole today?

Ford: Yeah. She went to Statesville.

Nate: Some way to spend your Valentine's Day.

James: Oh, that's why she seemed so scattered. It's probably pretty hard for her every time she says good-bye to him.

Ford: I think this time was a little harder than others, but maybe she'll tell you about it sometime. I'm gonna get ready to go.

Nate: At least someone is getting lucky tonight.

Jessica: Why didn't you tell me about Natalie?

Brody: I wanted to. I tried to, but you had just been to hell and back with Mitch, and I didn't want to--

Jessica: I had a right to know, Brody! Donít you think it killed me to tell you about Ford?

Brody: Of course. I know it did.

Jessica: I put our relationship at risk, and I hated myself for that, but I could not keep a secret like that from somebody that I loved!

Brody: I know how badly you felt, Jessica, but you didn't have to, and you shouldn't have, but--

Jessica: But what? What?

Brody: But this was different.

Jessica: How?

Brody: It wasn't just our relationship at stake. It was John and Natalieís, and more importantly, it was yours and Natalieís.

Jessica: Wha--

Brody: You are sisters. Natalie was afraid that if you knew she-- if we had been together, that you would never be able to forgive her.

John: Such an idiot. All those times Marty tried to warn me about the amnio, which you hid from me, now I know why, because you wanted to have a paternity test.

Natalie: John, I wanted to tell you.

John: But you didnít. You lied, Natalie, and you just kept on lying. You were never gonna stop lying. How could you say you love me and trust me so little?

Natalie: Trust? You're demanding trust and honesty from me?

John: Yeah. Right now, I think I deserve a little.

Natalie: Because that would make everything so much better, right, John? Come on. We both know that you wouldn't have been able to accept the truth.

John: What are you saying?

Natalie: If I had come to you and said that this baby was another man's baby, would you have welcomed him as your own?

Aubrey: I just donít understand. Someone has been taping me?

Cutter: Unbelievable.

Kelly: I thought--

Joey: You thought if you put a hidden camera in Aubreyís hotel room that you'd finally get some dirt on her?

Kelly: No. That drive was not--

Joey: No. This wasn't what you were hoping to find, was it? No. You were looking for something a little bit more damning.

Kelly: I think I better go.

Joey: Is that why you lured me into the storage room, so that Rex could come in and set that up?

Aubrey: Oh, my God, you had me so scared there for a second. How did you do that?

Cutter: I've been carrying around the drive that we made for damage control. I knew it was a long shot, but I was hoping I could switch it out with the original.

Aubrey: Oh, baby, that was more than a long shot.

Cutter: Yeah. I know. I saw Clint give Kelly a drive, and I knew it had to be the one that could take us down.

Aubrey: So it was Clint who was taping me, not Kelly.

Cutter: Obviously. Otherwise, Kelly would've known what was on the video.

Aubrey: Well, what she got should definitely keep her out of my hair from now on.

Cutter: There's still one more obstacle.

Joey: I never knew how manipulative you could be.

Kelly: Joey, please--

Joey: No. I'm tired of listening to you, tired of you trashing Aubrey, tired of your fake apologies. Those things you said to me in the storeroom--

Kelly: No. I meant them.

Joey: And they got to me. I started to think-- but now I'm glad I saw what I did. I was confused for a minute, but what you've done and what I saw remind me why I can never feel that way about you again and why I want to spend the rest of my life with Aubrey.

Todd: So I heard you ask Dani where she and Nate were gonna go for Valentineís Day. Did she tell you?

Tťa: She wasn't sure. I'm assuming they'll go out somewhere.

Todd: Hmm. Well, call her and find out. We'll make a reservation wherever it was.

Tťa: Oh, you mean, this isn't our entire Valentineís Day extravaganza?

Todd: I'm serious.

Tťa: Todd, Dani doesn't want or need us chaperoning her. She's not a child anymore, okay?

Todd: I must've missed the day she got her AARP card.

Tťa: Listen. We had a talk, all right? You can trust her.

Todd: I always trust my daughters. It's the men in their lives I donít trust.

Nate: I'm thinking of teaching myself poker.

James: Oh, yeah, to keep yourself distracted?

Nate: Distracted?

James: From wanting to do it with Dani. Dude.

Nate: What are you gonna do on Valentineís Day?

James: Well, I had plans with Michelle, but now I--

Ford: Hey, guys, help me out for a second. Which one?

Nate and James: That one.

Ford: You both are useless. Thank you. I'll be in the shower.

James: So what about you? Any plans?

Nate: I know what I'm not gonna be doing.

[Knocks on door]

James: Hold on.

Dani: Oh, I'm glad you're still here.

James: Okay. Come on in.

Dani: Sorry.

James: Oh, okay. I'll give you guys privacy. I know you have things to talk about.

Dani: Hey, is Ford here?

Nate: Yeah. He's getting ready for his date. Why?

Dani: Because I just found out that he's the father of my cousin Jessicaís baby.

Jessica: The thought of you and Natalie together-- I feel sick. And Marty, she was trying to tell me. She knew, and she was trying to tell me.

Brody: Jessica, I wanted to tell you. I didn't want you to hear it from Marty. I wanted you to hear it from me first. I didn't want you to be blindsided like I just was finding out our son isn't mine.

Jessica: I know, Brody. I know you're suffering here, too.

Brody: In a couple of minutes, I went from being a father to not being one. I had a son, and now I donít.

Natalie: When Brody didn't know whether he was the father of Jessicaís baby, you said you couldn't accept another man's child as your own. Those were your exact words.

John: Wow. You're actually gonna try to put this on me.

Natalie: John, I was scared. When I found out I was pregnant, I was so scared, I considered having an abortion because I didn't want to have the wrong man's baby, but I wanted this. I wanted us. I wanted this family, and I knew that you wanted a child, too. I knew how sad you were when you lost the baby. I love you. I wanted to give this to you.

John: He's not mine! He's not mine. You can't just give me another man's child.

Natalie: Liam is Brodyís child by blood. John, he's your son.

Langston: So what do you think?

Starr: Oh, I think he's not going be able to make it past the appetizers.

Langston: Yeah. Well, that's the plan. Starr, I'm really sorry that this night didn't turn out the way you thought it would. I still can't believe that Michelle and James are serious.

Starr: Serious enough that I donít want to get between them. I just want to get it out of my head, okay, because I donít want to be home thinking about James while he's out with another girl.

Nate: Wait. What? Say that again.

Dani: Ford, your brother, is the father of Jessica Brennan's baby.

Nate: But I know that there was a paternity test.

Dani: No. It was doctored.

Nate: How do you know?

Dani: Apparently, it all came out at Jessicaís wedding today. All this crazy stuff went down, and it's gonna be all over the news if my father has anything to say about it.

Todd: I especially donít trust those Ford boys. Look what the oldest one did to Jessica.

Tťa: Oh, I can't believe he's the father of Jessicaís baby. Oh...

Todd: Oh, I got to tell you, I feel a little sorry for him.

Tťa: It's a horrible situation for everyone, but that surprises me.

Todd: Why does it surprise you?

Tťa: That you feel sorry for him.

Todd: Well, some other man was gonna raise his son, call the wrong man daddy. Guess I can relate.

Tťa: Yeah.

[Cell phone rings]

Todd: All right. Perfect. Got the headline already.

Tťa: Oh, Todd, I really wish you wouldnít.

Todd: What? Yeah? What? Okay. Yeah. No. That's fine. Thank you.

Tťa: I thought you had the headline already. Todd?

Todd: Oh, no, no, no, no. Briggs can handle it. You know what? You're right. This place sucks. Llanview sucks. Let's get the hell out of here.

Tťa: What? Out of Llanview?

Todd: It's Valentineís Day, isn't it?

Tťa: Well, yeah, probably for another--I donít know--6 hours or so.

Todd: Well, let's get the hell out of here. I'll fuel up the jet. We'll go to New York. I'll be romantic. We'll kiss on the top of the Chrysler building.

Tťa: You mean, on the top of the Empire State Building?

Todd: Yeah, whatever. Let's just get out of here.

Tťa: Ha ha!

Nate: I can't believe this. Are you sure, Dani? Ford is a father?

Ford: Hey, James, you used all the body scrub. Oh, hey, Dani, what's up?

Cutter: Clint saw the original footage, which means he knows we're not brother and sister and he knows what we're up to. So once he cleans up his mess, he's gonna come after us.

Aubrey: Then we better hurry things along.

Kelly: You donít understand.

Joey: No. I understand. You're not the person I thought you were.

Kelly: I didn't do what you think I did. There's something you need to see, okay?

Joey: Mm-hmm.

Aubrey: Joey, I just had the greatest idea. Why donít we get married right now?

Brody: What are we gonna do, Jess?

Jessica: I donít know. I donít know. I can't even think straight. I have to go home. I have to go home to my baby.

Brody: Your baby...right?

Natalie: Liam is your son.

John: Natalie, I donít have a son.

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