OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/8/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/8/11


Episode # 10870

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["Wedding March" playing]

Starr's voice: When I was a little girl, I used to dream every night about my wedding day. I'd wear a big, beautiful, white dress, just like Cinderella, and my father would walk me down the aisle. And then he would kiss my cheek and hand me over to my Prince Charming. And all my family and friends would be there. Everyone I loved. The ceremony would be beautiful, and we'd be married, and we'd live happily ever after.

Starr: Except this was my version of Cinderella. So I would have snakes wrapped around my arms, but I don't think St. James would appreciate me walking down the aisle with reptiles.

Langston: Your dad would make it happen.

Starr: I used to think that, too, that my dad could do anything. And then I grew up. There's no such thing as happy endings.

Langston: You and Cole had a lot of happy moments. You have an amazing kid.

Starr: That's what makes this so hard.

Langston: I know. And this is probably gonna be the hardest thing you've ever done. That doesn't mean that you should give up on love. I mean, the whole reason you're breaking up with Cole--so you can get another shot. With James. Who knows? Maybe Cole was just your boyfriend and James is Prince Charming.

Michelle: What's this?

Starr: It's not that I don't want to be with James. I do. It's just that I have to talk to Cole about it first. It wouldn't be fair to him or anybody.

Langston: You don't want to hurt him. I get that.

Starr: It's more than that. And I know that you probably thought that we were going to break up before Cole got arrested, but I don't believe that. Because I know that couples go through tough times and they stay together because they love each other so much that they know that it can be the way it used to be or that they could even find something better.

Langston: I'm not saying it wouldn't be a loss. I mean, you and Cole, you had something really great. But the reality is, Starr, he's in prison.

Starr: That's what makes me feel so guilty.

[Door opens]

Starr: Yeah, I know. He wants me to have a life, and that I owe it to my daughter, which I know that I do, but what's going to happen to Cole? Look at this place, Langston. It's depressing.

Langston: He's being punished, Starr. He killed someone.

Starr: But he's not going to be in here forever. And I just want him to be okay when he gets out. But if he has nothing to look forward to, nothing to keep him going... he shot Eli because he thought that he lost me. What's gonna happen if I leave him?

Blair: So you came all this way to see a woman that you only know because you found a photograph of her at a flea market in Paris?

Tomás: I got a call from a gallery owner in Philadelphia. He wanted to see me.

Blair: So you were in the neighborhood.

Tomás: Your portrait brought me good luck. I wanted to thank you.

Blair: You're lying.

Tomás: You're right. I'm lying.

Reverend: Should there be anyone here with cause why these couples should not be united in marriage...

Rama: Now, Vimal. This is your chance. The truth must be told.

Reverend: Sir? Is there something you'd like to say? If not, I would ask that you please respect the sanctity of this ceremony.

Natalie: I think we're good to go.

Reverend: All right, then. Natalie, John, Jessica, Brody. We are gathered here today to unite you in holy matrimony.

Rama: Wait!

Vimal: Sit down, Rama.

Rama: I will not sit down, not after what they've done to you.

John: You know these people?

Natalie: No. I--no.

Reverend: May I ask who you are?

Rama: My name is Rama Patel. I am the wife of Vimal Patel.

Rex: I was wondering why that guy was here. He works for Clint.

Joey: That's your friend, isn't it?

Aubrey: Yeah. I don't know why she's here. Rama, this is not the time or the place.

Rama: This has nothing to do with you, Aubrey. My husband has something he needs to say.

James: It's kind of a souvenir.

Michelle: No, don't take it off. It's cool.

James: You know--are you thirsty? Why don't I get us something to eat? Yeah.

Michelle: No, I'm fine. Where are you going?

Langston: Cole's gonna have his daughter and his mom and John McBain. And it's not like you're gonna fall off the planet. You could still be his friend.

Starr: He's not gonna want to see me.

Langston: Of course he will. And you're both Hope's parents. You're gonna have to see each other. You could do this.

Starr: But should I do it? Is it the right thing, not just for me but for us? Is Hope going to hate me when she's old enough to understand what I did?

Langston: That depends. If you and Cole are still friends and you visit him and you let him know what's going on with his mother and hope, and you help him when he gets paroled and comes back into society--I think hope's gonna have a lot of respect for you. We all will.

Starr: What if he doesn't make it?

Langston: Starr, Cole's a grown man. You're not responsible for how he feels or what he does. He made a choice, and he faced up to it. He turned himself in. He pled guilty. Trust me, he's not expecting a fairy-tale ending.

Jessica: I think that we should just keep on going. I mean, we don't even know this woman.

Brody: Wait a minute--her husband. I've seen him before. Sir, you work for Clint, don't you? I met you at his office.

Viki: Clint, I saw you talking to these people before. Did you invite them?

Clint: Of course I didn't invite them. Look, everybody, I apologize to my daughters, to my family and friends. These people have no business here. They weren't invited and I'd appreciate it if you'd take it outside.

Rama: Or what, Clint Buchanan? You'll send your thugs to beat us up? Isn't that how you threatened Vimal?

Jessica: This is ridiculous. This is our wedding.

Natalie: Uncle Bo, can't you do something?

Clint: I didn't want to get into this, but this man--Vimal Patel--used to work at B.E. and I had to fire him. He wasn't very happy about that and that's why he's here causing trouble. But enough is enough. We're gonna take it outside.

Rama: Don't you dare touch my husband.

Vimal: No, Rama, it's all right. He won't hurt me. Not here, not in front of his family. I'm sorry. I apologize to everybody. I am not the kind of man who would ever interrupt a sacred occasion, but Mr. Buchanan is right. I am unhappy. I was a trusted employee-- top of my division--and he fired me. Not through any fault of mine but through something he made me do.

Bo: And what did Clint do to you, Mr. Patel?

Clint: Bo, this is my daughters' wedding. We're not gonna interrupt it with petty complaints. This has nothing to do with Jessica or Natalie.

Rama: It has everything to do with them, and you know it.

Jessica: How can this have anything to do with us? I don't work at B.E. And Natalie hasn't for a while.

Rama: It's not about B.E. It's about your family. The Buchanan family and the lengths to which your father will go to keep the legacy safe.

Clint: You better believe it, lady. I will do anything to protect my family.

Rama: Including breaking into a genetics lab?

Clint: I don't know what you're talking about, but you should think long and hard before you accuse me of anything.

John: What about the genetics lab?

Vimal: Mr. Buchanan forced me to break into the genetics lab at the hospital. He wanted me to access confidential test results.

John: What kind of results?

Vimal: DNA test results.

John: Whose? What was he looking for?

Gigi: Uh-oh.

Tomás: What can I say? I'm a bad liar.

Blair: You are.

Tomás: Although your visit did inspire me. I contacted some people I know in York--gallery owners. And I wanted to see you.

Blair: Why?

Tomás: You were looking for something in Paris. You were on a journey. I was inspired by that. And strangely enough, I've been thinking about you. Have you been thinking about me?

Blair: I've been busy.

Tomás: Well...

Tomás: That's the wine I brought you from Paris, the one we shared.

Blair: Really? You know, I just--I pulled that from my aunt's wine cellar.

Tomás: Now who's lying?

Starr: I think that you just want everything to go back to the way it used to be. Right? With you and me and our boyfriends. It's not gonna happen. Markko's gone, and Cole's in prison. And it's never going to be like it was with the 4 of us ever again.

Langston: I'm not saying that you should tell Cole the truth so we can double date. You have to tell him because you owe it to him. You keep talking about how special your relationship was--

Starr: It's still special--

Langston: Then show the guy a little respect. That's all he has left, Starr, that you respect him enough to be honest with him. And the truth is, you want to be with James. And I'm fine with that, but it's because I want you to be happy. And I think you have a real shot for that with James.

James: I'm not going anywhere. I'm just thirsty. I really like you. Why would I want to put the brakes on?

Michelle: Maybe you think we're moving too fast?

James: Too fast? Michelle, we've been on that couch for hours, and believe me, I've enjoyed every minute of it.

Michelle: Me, too.

James: Good. I'm really glad you came.

Jessica: Look, I don't know you or why you're here or what you've done, but saying that my father forced you to break into a genetics lab--it's crazy. Why would he do that?

Rex: You know what? I'm here to watch two couples I really care about get married.

Aubrey and Kelly: Hear, hear.

Rex: So I'm gonna help these people out to the parking lot and then we can get on with the wedding.

Viki: Rex, I think you should talk to them. Privately.

Clint: We don't need to do that. For once, Rex and I agree on something. Get them the hell out.

Rama: But this concerns you, Rex Balsom.

Bo: Why is that, Mrs. Patel?

Rama: Because of the DNA test.

Clint: Rex, what are you waiting for? Get them out.

Rama: You think if you push us out, you can keep your dirty, little secret?

Jessica: What secret? What is she talking about?

Brody: Ma'am, if you have something you'd like to say, you can say it at the station house later.

John: I'd like to hear what these people have to say. Spit it out.

Clint: John, this is my daughters' wedding. I don't want it interrupted with their complaints. Now get out.

Vimal: Don't you touch me. My wife is right. It's time for the truth to come out.

Charlie: What? The truth about what? My son? Is that what you mean?

Vimal: Rex Balsom is not your son, Mr. Banks. He's Clint Buchanan’s.

Viki: Clint, is that true? Did you force that man to break into the genetics lab?

Jessica: Mom, no. He couldn't have.

Natalie: Why wouldn't Dad want anyone to know that Rex is his son? It doesn't make any sense.

Jessica: Why are you here interrupting our wedding? For revenge because my dad fired you? What kind of people are you?

Bree: Mommy, don't cry.

Jessica: Oh, sweetie. It's okay. Mommy's not crying. I'm fine.

Bree: Are you still getting married?

Brody: Of course we are still getting married, and we are gonna be a family and everything's gonna be fine.

Joey: Can you take Bree outside?

Aubrey: Of course. Bree. Hi. You want to go for a walk? Maybe we could find some cookies or something.

Jessica: It's okay. You can go with Aubrey.

Aubrey: I'll be your Aunt Aubrey soon. Come on. Let's go.

Cutter: I'm gonna go help them find that cookie.

Joey: This is nothing but lies. And the two of you are gonna face charges.

Viki: Joey...

Joey: What? You don't really believe this fantasy, do you?

Vimal: It's not a fantasy. I saw the test with my own eyes. The real DNA test proves that Clint Buchanan is Rex Balsom's father. But Clint didn't want that to be true. So he forced me to change the result so that it named Charlie Banks.

Gigi: This doesn't change anything. Not really. Rex, you're still you. I still love you. Okay?

Langston: This is really hard. I understand that. But I can't let you sacrifice yourself, not when Cole has already let you go.

Starr: Do you promise that you'll always be this honest with me?

Langston: Always and forever. That's what it is to trust someone. Cole trusts you, so you need to trust him.

Starr: What do you mean?

Langston: Trust that he can deal with this, that all he wants is what's best for you and hope and that you can both get through this--together. Maybe it's not today. Maybe today is just about seeing him. You tell him next month.

Starr: I can't live like this for another month.

Prison guard: Starr Manning.

Starr: Oh, God.

Langston: Okay, no, no, no. It's gonna be okay. I promise. No matter what you decide.

Prison guard: Miss Manning?

Langston: She's right here. She's coming. You can do this. It's gonna be okay.

Cutter: She all set?

Aubrey: Yes. We found some dolls in the playroom. She's good.

Cutter: These Buchanans know how to throw a wedding.

Aubrey: Like Joey is ever gonna walk down the aisle now. Rama and her husband just cost us all our leverage.

Cutter: Not necessarily.

Aubrey: That's the only thing I had on Clint--that he switched the DNA tests.

Cutter: "Tests." They've only mentioned one--and it's about Rex Balsom.

Aubrey: Just wait. It's all gonna come out and then Clint is gonna show Joey the tape he made of us.

Cutter: That's why we've got plan B.

Charlie: Look, it doesn't matter what all these people are saying, because the fact of the matter is it's impossible. Rex-- my son--suspected that the test had been tampered with. He went out, had a second test done, and the results from the second test proved that he is my son. So Mr. Patel is--is wrong, is the long and short of it. I mean, tell them, Rex. Rex?

Rex: The truth is... I'm sorry. I lied to you. I didn't have a second test done. I just told you I did.

Langston: Did you tell him? Starr...

Michelle: So this a real bullet?

James: Yeah. The doctor who dug it out of me thought I might want it, and then I put it on the chain.

Michelle: Hmm. So you just kept it?

James: Yeah. I kind of wanted to remember. You know, that I almost died.

Michelle: Hmm, cool.

James: Yeah, it reminds me of what's important. What are you doing?

Michelle: I think you know what's important.

Starr: I didn't even have to say anything. He knew because he knows me.

Langston: And he loves you. He doesn't want you to suffer for his mistake.

Starr: I started crying and he comforted me. I was the one breaking his heart and he... was worried about me. I still love him.

Langston: I know.

Starr: Oh, my gosh, I thought that I could live like this, but I can’t. I just don't know if I'm strong enough.

Langston: Starr, are you kidding me? You're the strongest person I know. That's why you're here today. Most people would have checked out a long time ago, but you hung in there with Cole and you're going to keep on hanging in there.

Starr: That's what I told him. I told him that we're going to raise Hope together because I still love him. I'll always love him, and I...I want him to always be in my life and... we just have to be friends.

Langston: And was he okay with that? That's a good thing, right?

Starr: It just made me remember why I fell in love with him in the first place.

Tomás: This wine is almost impossible to find in the United States.

Blair: Well, my aunt, she just loves everything French. She imports a lot of wine.

Tomás: Well, you're a better liar than I am. I still don't believe you.

Blair: I like the wine. And I wanted more. Wine.

Tomás: Did you ever find out how your picture ended up in the Marche Aux Puces?

Blair: No. You know what? I just stopped looking.

Tomás: That's a shame.

Blair: Listen, um...Tomás, you are extremely charming, but I don't know you, and suddenly, this feels kind of odd to me and I'm being very cautious these days.

Tomás: Hmm. That seems out of character for you.

Blair: Well, it would have saved me a lot of trouble if I had learned that lesson a long time ago. Good-bye.

Charlie: Why would you lie to me?

Rex: Because I was happy. All my life, I've been looking for my father and I found him--you. A man who I respect, who accepts me. Maybe he's not perfect, but hey, neither am I. I wanted you to be my father, to be Shane’s grandfather. And I sure as hell did not want anything to do with Clint Buchanan.

Joey: Dad...is this true?

Clint: You heard what he said. He doesn't want anything to do with me. Just leave it alone.

Viki: You cannot be serious.

Clint: I have done nothing to be ashamed of. I love my family.

Viki: And Rex is apparently a part of your family. If you forced Mr. Patel to do your dirty work to erase the fact that Rex is your son, to mislead Charlie--how could you do that? How could you be so cruel?

Natalie: And why? Why wouldn't you tell me that Rex is my brother? I love him. I've loved him my whole life. I mean, he's Liam’s uncle. You just weren't going to tell me?

Bo: That son of a bitch.

Jessica: No, Dad. You wouldn't do this. I mean, you wouldn't deny your own family. I mean, you're ruthless in business, but... this is family. You're not capable of something like this.

Cutter: All right, let's just hope Plan B works. Clint's in trouble right now, and if he saves us from his family, they'll forgive him.

Aubrey: I don't know if breaking Joey's heart's the way to do that.

Joey: Where's Bree?

Aubrey: She's in the play room. What happened? Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost.

Joey: I had to get out of there. My dad, I...I can't believe the things he was saying.

Reverend: Jessica, are you all right? Natalie, if you just need a moment...

Cutter: What'd I miss?

Kelly: Whew. You kidding?

Cutter: Sorry. I've just never been to a wedding like this before.

Kelly: How's Bree?

Cutter: Oh, she's good. Aubrey got her some toys.

Reverend: Because if you and your sister would like a little time till we can sort all this out...

Kelly: Excuse me, Reverend. May I have a minute?

Jessica: Oh, hey.

Kelly: Hey. Do you want me to call the sitter, see if she could just sit with Bree until we are ready to have this wedding?

Jessica: Yeah, that would be great. Thank you.

Kelly: Okay.

Jessica: Okay.

Vimal: How did I let you talk me into this?

Rama: You told the truth. You have nothing to be ashamed about.

Kelly: Sorry. I was looking for Bree.

Jessica: I don't understand this. How--you can't just walk into a lab and change test results. Those computers are secure. What is this guy, some sort of...genius hacker? I mean, why are we letting this complete stranger accuse my father of doing this? Bo! Bring him in for questioning.

Rex: Jessica, I know--I know it's hard for you to picture your dad doing this, but he said it himself. He's proud of what he's done.

Natalie: Yeah, and why would Rex make something like this up?

Jessica: I don't know. Dad, say something. Tell them that you wouldn't hurt Charlie like that, or Rex.

Clint: Jessica, I know you want to believe the best of people, but don't you remember when Rex first came to town, what he did to you? He played you to try to get your money.

Jessica: You're saying that he is my brother?

Clint: He's going to bleed us dry. Can't you see that?

Joey: So that's what you're saying, Dad? That anyone who comes into the family is a gold digger? Rex? My fiancée? They're all just after one thing?

Clint: He's a con artist who would have dragged us all down.

Bo: Wrong! Balsom's changed, and you can ask anybody here.

Gigi: And if he's made some mistakes, maybe it's because of how he grew up. And he still turned into a wonderful man and an amazing father, no thanks to you.

Clint: All right, you can continue to believe that, young lady, but you'll see. And those mistakes that you keep talking about--well, he said it himself. He's not perfect. His words, not mine, because he knows exactly what he is. He is something that never should have happened. Roxy pawned him off. And his real mother couldn't wait to get rid of him. Why? Because he is a mistake! A worthless bastard.

Charlie: You son of a bitch!

Viki: No, Charlie! No, Charlie! Charlie, no!  

Charlie: You're the bastard!

Viki: Charlie, don't, please.

Charlie: Look, you lied to me! You let me believe that Rex was my son and then you took him from me!

Clint: I took nothing. You want him. You can have him.

Charlie: Well...you--you changed the tests?

Clint: Those tests were dead, buried, and forgotten. If those interlopers hadn't opened their mouths, none of this would have happened.

Bo: So you admit that you forced Mr. Patel?

Clint: Bo, I admit nothing.

Charlie: You're a coward, Clint. You did it, and everybody here knows that you did it. And why? Why did you do it? To protect a little cash, your house, your cars. You lied to me. You lied to Rex. You lied to Shane. What gives you the right to do that? Huh? You can't play with people's lives like that! Who the hell do you think--

Viki: No, Charlie, don't! Please, Charlie, please!

Rex: No, it's okay, Charlie. Okay. Easy.

Viki: Charlie, please.

Clint: He's the one who started all this.

Gigi: Are you serious? This was supposed to be a happy day, your daughters' wedding, and look what you've done.

Charlie: I'm sorry. I am so sorry that you are not my son. And...and Shane--what are we going to tell him? You--you are everything that I ever wanted.

Rex: Me, too.

Charlie: Look, everybody, I'm--I apologize for disrupting this occasion. I'm sorry. And...I can't stay here.

Viki: No, Charlie, please don't--don't go, Charlie!

Gigi: Viki, Viki, Viki--stay with your daughters. Rex and I will make sure Charlie’s okay.

Viki: Thank you. Who are you? How could you do this?

Starr: Oh, gosh. I'll definitely get that shirt washed for you.

Langston: Ha ha ha! Deal.

Starr: Oh, I'm so pathetic.

Langston: No. You are not pathetic. Please, I've cried on you plenty of times.

Starr: Well, I think I'm--I think I'm done. I think I've run out of tears.

Langston: Okay. So go and wash your face and we'll head over to Ford’s.

Starr: Why?

Langston: So you can tell James you're a free woman.

Michelle: When's your brother coming home?

James: I'm not sure. He's working.

Michelle: You want to take this in there?

Starr: I literally just got done telling Cole that it's over and you want me to go straight to James?

Langston: I thought the whole point of today was for you to get your life back.

Starr: It is.

Langston: So? What are you waiting for?

Rex: Charlie peeled out of here like he's never coming back.

Gigi: Well, that's how he feels now. Just wait till he calms down.

Rex: Nothing will have changed.

Gigi: Oh, it's so sweet. You thought you were his son for such a short time and he was so devastated.

Rex: I know how he feels.

Gigi: Here, put your coat on. Let's just go find him.

Rex: How long have I been looking for my father? It seems like forever. And now that I've found him, I wish I hadn’t.

Viki: I do not understand this. I do not understand how you could do this.

Bo: You don't know the half of it.

Nora: Bo, not now.

Bo: Let's just say that my brother has turned into a very selfish man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Clint: At least I'm not a sanctimonious ass.

Bo: No, no. You're a lost cause. You lost my respect, my affection, my loyalty, and you know why. Now you've lost your son. You know, Pa knew better than that. He never tossed one of his family. He even left David something in his will. But not you, no. No, you're not going to stop until you're all alone.

Clint: I'll tell you something, Bo. Somebody's got to protect this family.

Bo: From itself? Rex is your son!

Clint: Well, I'm not claiming him. So if you want him, be my guest. I'm just sorry that all of this had to come out and it spoiled my daughters' celebration.

Natalie: That's all you're sorry about?

Viki: Natalie, doesn’t, honey. Don’t.

Bo: Clint, I'm going to have to arrest you.

Jessica: No, Uncle Bo, wait, wait, wait. Please, please--look, I'm not excusing anything that he's done, but he's my father. This is my wedding day. I mean, he's family. Can't we just deal with this later?

Viki: Honey, I don't see how we could possibly do that.

Jessica: Mom, the damage has already been done. I'm really sorry for Rex and Charlie, but what does any of this have to do with me and Brody or John and Natalie? It has nothing to do with us.

Vimal: You're wrong, Ms. Brennan. It has everything to do with you. [ Sighs ]

Tomás: Could you spare me some cautious advice?

Blair: Depends.

Tomás: I'm...I'm not due in New York until tomorrow, so I need a hotel for the night. Anything you recommend?

Blair: Angel Square. They--well, a lot of artistic types stay there.

Tomás: You mean broke types. Sounds perfect.

Blair: Good luck. Oh...don't tell me that you read palms.

Tomás: A very noble profession in some circles. That line represents travel. Yours is very strong. There's a journey in your future. I'm sorry I won't be part of it.

[Closes door]

John: What do you mean? What does your break-in at the genetics lab have to do with us?

Clint: Why are these people still here? You're so hot to arrest somebody. Arrest them. Vimal has already confessed to breaking and entering and fraud. Get him out of here.

Rama: We're not going anywhere, not until everyone knows exactly what you've done.

Gigi: It's not all bad. Natalie is still your sister. And now so is Jessica. You've got the whole Buchanan family, not just Clint.

Rex: Yeah--I would trade them all for Charlie. Not Natalie, but--

Gigi: Now who's being picky?

Rex: If you ever say that I'm anything like Clint Buchanan--

Gigi: I would never say that. You are nothing like him. If anything, you're like your Uncle Bo.

Rex: Uncle Bo.

Gigi: Uh-huh, and you and Charlie--you can still be close.

Rex: It won't be the same, for either of us.

Gigi: Well...I wonder where he went. Viki's going to be worried.

Rex: I'm worried. Well, I can't go back in there now.

Gigi: So let's go find Charlie.

Rex: I wouldn't even know where to look.

Gigi: Balsom, I thought you were like the best P.I. in town.

[Indistinct conversation nearby]

Bartender: Hey, bud. What'll it be? Sir? What'll it be?

Charlie: Vodka, straight up. Make it a double.

Viki: I'm afraid that I have to agree with Mr. Buchanan. I think you two have said quite enough. So if you would have the courtesy to leave us in peace, we would appreciate it. My daughters want to get married.

Vimal: I'm sorry, ma'am. I can't do that. My wife is right. This is too important for all of you. You see, I changed more than one test that day.

Viki: What do you mean?

Vimal: Mr. Buchanan asked me to change Rex Balsom's paternity test and one other.

Brody: On the next "One Life to Live"...

Langston: James is taking you out for Valentine’s Day, right?

John: Talk to me, 'cause you know what? Lying ain't working anymore.

Vimal: The paternity test that I changed was...  

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