OLTL Transcript Monday 2/7/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 2/7/11


Episode # 10869

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Natalie: Hey, how are the boys?

Jessica: They're great. They're both sleeping with their same little fist like this up near their face. They’re like twins. They're so cute.

Natalie: Yes. They're equally cute.

Jessica: Can you believe this? We both have beautiful sons and handsome husbands waiting for us at the altar. We're the luckiest women in the world.

Natalie: You're right. We are.

Jessica: I'm so happy. Huh.

Clint: Agh!

Nora: No! Stop it! Just stop it, both of you! No! God, cut it out!

Blair: Just give it up, Blair. You told Kelly you were gonna give it up, so give it up.

Blair: Oh, no. No, thank you.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Coming.

Blair: Tomás... what are you doing here?

Kelly: Ooh.

Joey: Oh, hi.

Kelly: Hi.

Aubrey: We can stay, Cutter. I can make this work.

Cutter: How do you figure that?

Aubrey: If Clint is the one who planted the camera in my room, like I said, he's playing chicken. I have the bigger bargaining chip. I can blackmail him, and he knows it.

Cutter: Right, and if it's Kelly? You know she'd love to go to Joey with all that footage of you making out with your brother.

Aubrey: Oh, I hadn't thought of that.

Cutter: That's why you need me.

Aubrey: Oh, listen. We have to run--damn it--and all this time just wasted? No. There has to be a way.

Cutter: Relax. There is. I think I came up with a way to get us out of this.

Viki: Charlie, what are you going to do? Are you going to go to the Minute Man Motel and rescue Echo, or are you going to come to the wedding with me?

Charlie: I can't believe you're even asking me that.

Viki: You don't think it's a question?

Charlie: Of course I'm going to the wedding. I love Jessica and Natalie very much. They're my family, too.

Viki: I'm glad to hear you say that.

Charlie: What, does it surprise you?

Viki: Well, no. I mean, I know you care about the girls, but frankly, it's been a little difficult lately to tell where your loyalties lie--with me or with Echo.

Rex: I can't stand the idea that Clint might be my father. I hated lying to Charlie about that second test. Guess there's a lot of that going around.

Gigi: Yep.

Rex: Doesn't work.

Gigi: I never should've lied to you or anybody about Brody being Shane’s father.

Rex: That's not what I'm talking about.

Gigi: Oh, yeah. Natalie.

Rex: Brody doesn't get to know that she had his baby, not John’s. Brody and Jessica don't get to--

Brody: What about us?

Natalie: It's so beautiful.

Jessica: Oh, it's the least I can do after everything I owe you.

Natalie: Uh-uh. I thought we weren't gonna do that.

Jessica: You're right. Not gonna do it again, okay, but I have this, and I'm going to pin it to the inside of my bodice. That way, I have everybody close to my heart. I am not taking any chances today, not with Brody showing up and trying to jinx us. What was he doing here, anyway?

[Knock on door]

John: Pete.

Pete: You gonna let me come in?

John: Yeah. Come on in. Wow. Hey, how is it you always know just when to drop in out of the blue?

Pete: I was on my way to Philly to consult on a case. I thought I'd drop in and check out your son.

John: Oh. He's not here.

Pete: You're kidding me. Where is he, shooting pool or at the track?

John: Ha! He's at Natalie’s mom's with a sitter. Natalie and I are tying the knot today.

Pete: You're getting married?

John: Yeah.

Pete: Why don't you sound happy about that?

John: Here you go, Pete. Right here.

Pete: Ah. Thanks.

John: Wait till you meet this kid Liam.

Pete: Liam. Your father would've loved that name. Can you see any of him in your boy?

John: Think it might be too soon to tell.

Pete: No way your old man would let his grandchild come into this world without leaving a little mark on him somewhere.

John: He's got a great set of lungs on him.

Pete: Ha! That's Evie.

John: That's true.

Pete: Maybe he'll be a singer like her.

John: She'd love that.

Pete: Your mother is a real piece of work, always was. I remember when she and your father first met. She was like fire to his ice.

John: Sounds a little like me and Natalie.

Pete: There you are. Finally, I hear some happiness.

Natalie: I don't know why Brody was here.

Jessica: You guys seemed so intense when you were talking.

Natalie: He was just talking about you.

Jessica: What about me?

Brody's voice: I'm sorry, Natalie. If you don't want to tell John, okay. You do what you need to do, but I can't risk Jessica finding out from Marty that we slept together.

Natalie: Just that Brody loves you so much, he wants everything to go right today.

Jessica: Well, me, too, so we better get dressed, unless you want to get married in our robes.

Natalie: Oh, that's kind of tempting.

Jessica: No, it's not. Today we get to be princesses, so let's make it happen.

[Both laugh]

Gigi: We were just talking about how happy we are for you and Jess. And anyway, what are you doing here?

Rex: Yeah. I thought you got shipped off to John's last night.

Brody: I wanted to see Ryder. It was weird waking up this morning and he wasn't there.

Gigi: You were upstairs on the day of the wedding?

Brody: Not you, too. Look, I didn't see the dress. Jessica is not even close to being ready.

Gigi: Uh-oh.

Brody: Yeah. I think I might have screwed up the schedule.

Gigi: I'm on it. Honey, you go ahead.

Rex: You sure?

Gigi: Yes. I will catch a ride with someone here.

Rex: Okay. I'll see you there.

Brody: What?

Rex: You okay? You look a little shaky for a guy that went home sober last night.

Brody: Yeah. Yeah. I'm--it's--

Rex: Understood. You got a lot going on.

Brody: You have no idea.

Rex: Yeah, I do.

Brody: What do you mean?

Rex: Why don't I give you a ride? At least we'll get you to the church on time.

Charlie: You think I'm not loyal to you?

Viki: Judging by how furious you are with me for throwing Echo out, I don't know.

Charlie: Yes. I am angry, but those are two different things, and I still love you, and I still want to go to the wedding.

Viki: Good. Are you going to enjoy it, or are you just going to sit there thinking about Echo?

Charlie: You tell me. Is it over? Are you and Dorian done trying to make Echo out to be a liar? Will the two of you let me keep my son?

Joey: You get home okay?

Kelly: Yes, fine.

Joey: Look, about last night--

Kelly: Forget it. It was bad timing on my part.

Joey: No. No. Kelly, you weren't the only one--

Nora: Oh, Joey, Joey, come on. Please hurry. Help, help, help.

Joey: Dad!

Kelly: What?

Joey: Hey, knock it off, Dad! Uncle Bo!

Kelly: Bo.

Joey: Enough! What is wrong? What is going on with you guys?

Vimal: That's Joey Buchanan. That's the son Clint does acknowledge.

Rama: Aubrey's fiancé? He's hot.

Vimal: You think so?

Rama: But you're hotter. And once you make this brave action, baby, you'll sizzle. Tell the world what Clint Buchanan did to Charlie Banks and Brody Lovett. He made them fathers when they're not, but you-- you can make it right.

Gigi: Knock, knock.

Natalie and Jessica: Who's there?

Gigi: Oh, you two are so funny, and you're so not ready.

Natalie: Hey, we got our makeup on.

Jessica: That was a really big step.

Gigi: Natalie, sit. Let me do your hair.

Natalie: Okay. Fine.

Jessica: You do hair?

Gigi: Ah, learned a couple of things from foxy Roxy.

Natalie: Yes. So did I, and there is such a thing as too much glitter.

Gigi: I promise I'll keep it simple.

Natalie: Okay.

Gigi: Do you have any products?

Jessica: Yes. It's downstairs.

Gigi: I can go get--

Jessica: No, no. It's fine.

Gigi: Okay, and she's gone. Natalie?

Natalie: I can’t. I can't do it. I can’t. I can't tell Jessica. She is so happy--you saw her-- and she's being so nice to me.

Gigi: What's wrong now?

Natalie: Marty is getting better. She's starting to remember things, something about me and the baby.

Pete: These are big steps you're taking, John.

John: Yeah.

Pete: I'm glad you got over Caitlin. Not got over. I know that's not--

John: I know what you mean, Pete.

Pete: But now it's marriage, it's family.

John: That's right.

Pete: Is that what's worrying you so much? I see with my ears, you know. Something isn't sitting right with you.

John: I have some doubts about Natalie.

Tomás: I came to see you. Straight from the Marais.

Blair: You flew with that?

Tomás: Much harder than the last time I got on a plane. These regulations. I had to check my bag. I wasn't sure it was gonna make it through. Alas, it did.

Blair: So you flew all the way from Paris just to give me a bottle of wine?

Aubrey: I don't know. It's possible.

Cutter: I think the word you're looking for is "genius."

Aubrey: There's still a lot of what-ifs.

Cutter: Right. None of them are gonna matter if we don't get moving. We don't have a lot of time if we're gonna make this wedding.

Aubrey: All right. We'll do what we can, but if all else fails, we still have blackmail.

Cutter: I don't know. Clint's tough.

Aubrey: Trust me, the last thing he wants is for anyone to find out that Rex Balsom is his son. And if his daughter knows that he switched a paternity test to make Brody the father of her baby, so long, daddy dearest.

Joey: You're beating each other up in church on my sisters' wedding day? What is wrong with your guys?

Bo: We had a little bit of a disagreement, kind of got out of hand.

Clint: I'm marrying off both my daughters. I'm a little edgy.

Joey: All right. So shake hands and make up. Come on.

Viki: I do not want to take your son away from you.

Charlie: Well, then what did you want to happen with all this DNA testing, hmm?

Viki: I had nothing to do with the test.

Charlie: Okay. What did Dorian want, then? The only way she is going to make Echo out to be a liar is by taking Rex away from me. Is that what you want?

Viki: No, of course not. I don't want you to lose your son. I want Echo out of our lives. Charlie, from the minute that woman set foot in this house, there has been nothing but trouble.

Charlie: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Are we all right?

Charlie: Today is Natalie and Jessica's wedding day...

Viki: Yes?

Charlie: And I love you.

Viki: And I love you.

Charlie: Then I'd better get dressed.

Jessica: Mom? Mom, are you okay? I just saw Charlie--

Viki: Oh, no. No, no, no. Don't worry. We're fine. We're fine. Hey, it's your wedding day. You have to enjoy this.

Jessica: I am, and you're the only reason.

Viki: Ha ha ha! I think your husband-to-be and your little baby boy might think otherwise.

Jessica: Oh, I don't think they'd mind. I can completely enjoy today because I know for sure that Ryder is Brody's son, and if you hadn't convinced me to get that paternity test, I'd still wonder if Robert Ford was the father.

Rama: Expose Clint Buchanan right here in front of God and his family.

Vimal: How can you think this will do any good for us?

Rama: Tell me you'll do it, Vimal. The family will be grateful for the truth.

Vimal: I doubt that. Rex Balsom and Brody Lovett won't be too happy. They'll be...here. Yaah!

Rama: Oh, please excuse us. My husband has low blood sugar. He needs a snack.

Rex: Sure. Take it easy. Weird guy. He works for Clint. Must be kind of rough on the nerves.

Brody: Well...

Rex: I'm just saying...

Brody: Yeah, I'm not gonna work for him. He's gonna be my father-in-law.

Rex: Lucky you. Actually, Clint loves you, but, more importantly, so does Jessica. What?

Brody: You know, I was just thinking...how can you be so great to me after what I did to you?

Gigi: You're sure Marty is getting better?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah. I am definitely sure. Brody was just here. She's talking, and now Brody wants to tell Jessica that we slept together.

Gigi: Today? Before the wedding?

Natalie: Yeah. I mean, why not? He thinks that all he's telling her is that we spent one night together, but I think I convinced him that she wouldn't understand, and that stopped him because he doesn't want to risk losing Ryder.

Gigi: You think he'll stay quiet?

Natalie: I don't know. I don't know, but Marty won’t. That's for sure. I mean, if she's starting to remember things, she's just gonna start talking to whoever is around and tell them whatever comes into her head, you know, and then she could pick up the phone. She could call John. She could escape from Saint Ann’s. I mean, she could be at John's right now telling him that Liam is Brody's son.

John: Marty was trying to tell me something about Natalie.

Pete: Maybe she's still scrambled. Maybe she's got a grudge. She's your ex.

John: I know. I know, but I would've heard that in her voice, Pete. I think she just wanted to tell me something.

Pete: Ah, now that's eating at you.

John: Yeah. I can't put my finger on it... but I think Natalie has been lying to me.

Pete: Bottom line, John, do you love her?

Nora: Oh, my God, I'm getting some ice.

Joey: Guys, are we good?

Bo: Sure.

Clint: Yeah.

Kelly: What was going on between the two of them?

Joey: I don't know, but I don't think it started today.

Bo: You know, I haven't said anything to anybody in the family about what you did to Nora and me...

Clint: What I did to you?

Bo: And I sure don't want to wreck your daughter's wedding, but I'm real close to standing up in front of everybody here and letting them know what an empty shell of a bitter man you've become.

Brody: I look at my son, and now I know what I did to you when I pretended Shane was mine, what I tried to take from you.

Rex: You didn't take anything from me.

Brody: I shot you, Rex.

Rex: Okay. Yeah, you did, but that wasn't you. And all the time I missed with Shane, that wasn't you, either.

Brody: Some of it was. I kept you from your son, and that's unforgivable.

Rex: Hey, look, sometimes stuff happens for a ton of reasons, but it's okay. I'm healed. It's okay. Forget it.

Brody: I don't know how you can be so good about it. I look at my son, and I know I would do anything to keep from losing him. I mean, I would lie. I would cheat. I would steal, anything to hold on to him. Is that normal?

Rex: I don't know if it's normal, but that's fatherhood.

Jessica: I don't know if Brody could've handled raising another man's child. I know what he said, but it's a lot easier when it's an idea, not something you have to live with every day.

Viki: I think he would've risen to the occasion.

Jessica: Well, I'm glad he didn't have to.

Viki: Oh, me, too. Ha ha!

Jessica: I've never had this before.

Viki: Had what?

Jessica: Well, you know, a big day, a big step, a wedding-- a wedding without, you know, anything to be afraid of, any loose ends, any problems, anyone to be afraid of, you know? It's just fun.

Viki: And I think it's all the more special because of how hard you worked to get to this place.

Jessica: Yeah. I like this place. Ha! I don't think anything could make it any better.

Viki: I do. Turn around.

Jessica: Oh, my goodness, you look perfect. Come here, sweetie. Oh, you have officially just made this the best day ever.

[Viki laughs]

Jessica: Oh...

Gigi: Thank you, Sister. Marty is at St. Ann’s. They're sure. She just finished lunch.

Natalie: Okay, but she could still make a phone call.

Gigi: She doesn't have phone privileges. They just said.

Natalie: Oh, I don't know. This is so dangerous.

Gigi: Do you want to tell John?

Natalie: No, I don’t. I don't want to tell John. Are you kidding? I mean, Jessica is so happy. You saw her. We'd destroy her. But if Marty wants to tell John--

Gigi: He won't believe her.

Natalie: You don't know that.

Gigi: Natalie, I am not gonna let you ruin your own wedding day, all right? Stop letting this...distraction--

Natalie: Distraction? Are you kidding? I think this is a little bigger than that. John is not the father of my baby.

John: You know, Natalie hasn't always been honest with me in the past.

Pete: You ever cut corners on the truth with her? I hear a yes.

John: To protect her or for work. And I know she's gonna say she has good reasons to keep things from me.

Pete: So what's your beef?

John: I don't have one.

Pete: You love her, but?

John: I don't know.

Pete: Well, I know.

John: What?

Pete: You took some big hits here, John. You lost your father. You lost Caitlin.

John: I made my peace, Pete. I found their killers. I got them justice.

Pete: Yes, you did, and then nothing was wrong. Am I right? You loved Natalie. She gave you a son, who'll look like her if he's lucky. And all is well.

John: Yeah.

Pete: Only you're looking for ways not to be happy.

Gigi: I know you're afraid John is going to find out, and maybe someday you'll even decide to tell him yourself, but not today. This is your day, Natalie, and you deserve it. After everything you've lived through? Losing Jared.

Natalie: I know. I was just telling Jessica. I mean, who would have believed a year ago that we'd be where we are now?

Gigi: You're here with John.

Natalie: It's so right.

Gigi: Yes, and it's going to stay that way. Maybe Marty will even realize that it's none of her business and butt out. You don't know. All you do know is that you're this close to marrying John. Be happy, Natalie. You get to be happy.

John: Hey, Pete, I didn't go looking for this. It came knocking at my door, and it's sticking, you know, because something's off with Natalie. It has been for a while, and I thought it was because she was pregnant and all that, but it's still there. I mean, I can't see it, but it is right there.

Pete: You can't turn a blind eye to it? Come on, kid. You're killing me here.

John: What?

Pete: This thing, whatever it is--you're afraid it's going to change your life with Natalie.

John: That's the question, though, isn't it, Pete? I mean, if I can't answer that question...

Pete: Hold on. What are you telling me? You said the wedding was today.

John: It is.

Pete: So are you going to marry Natalie or not?

Tomás: It's a very good wine-- a 2005 Medoc.

Blair: Mm-hmm. I remember. You served it to me at your place.

Tomás: You looked like you enjoyed it, so I traded a painting for this bottle. That smile tells me I did the right thing. May I come in?

Joey: Forget about Dad and Uncle Bo for a minute.

Kelly: Don't you want to know what's going on?

Joey: Kelly, last night--

Kelly: There's nothing to talk about.

Joey: No. I--I told you I was happy with Aubrey, and then I turned around and almost kissed you, and--

Kelly: You didn’t. Nothing happened, okay?

Joey: Kelly--

Kelly: Joey, I can't talk about this anymore. I have to let go of you. Let me let you go.

Cutter: Come here.

Aubrey: Hi.

Cutter: How does someone spend the whole night locked in a storeroom and look this good?

Kelly: Well, cocktail peanuts will do it.

Aubrey: Ooh. I'll have to give that a try.

Joey: Well, if you ever need help with research...

Nora: Hey, here's your ice.

Bo: Honey, I'm okay.

Nora: Oh, come on.

Bo: No. Direct pressure. I don't want to be hugging an ice pack at my niece's wedding.

Nora: Well, then suit yourself. You know Clint was lying about Asa, right?

Bo: Sure.

Nora: No, I mean it. On any given day, who knows what would have come out of his mouth? But that man loved you, and he respected you. Clint's just a junkyard dog who got cornered and came out mean--so mean he knows how to fight.

Brody: Sorry I interrupted.

Nora: Hi.

Brody: Have you guys seen John?

Nora: No.

Bo: What, is he AWOL?

Vimal: I can't do it. You saw what happened when Rex Balsom and Brody Lovett showed up.

Rama: They surprised you. Now you're ready.

Vimal: I can never be ready.

Rama: Perhaps, but it doesn't matter. You just simply stand up and tell everybody the truth about Clint Buchanan’s crimes. I'll be right there holding your hand, sweetheart.

Vimal: You think this is my only problem?

Rama: What else can there be? You simply stand strong and denounce Clint.

Vimal: I incriminate myself. I'm the one who committed those crimes, Rama.

Rama: It was Clint Buchanan who forced you to.

Vimal: I don't even know if I committed the right crime. What if I changed the wrong daughter's paternity test?

Rama: As soon as you tell the truth, the daughters will sort everything out.

Gigi: John loves you. That's all you need to focus on. Forget everything else.

Natalie: Oh, my goodness. Jess, you have a princess in your room.

Jessica: I told you today was the day for it.

Viki: Yes.

Natalie: And this one's so--oh. Oh, my, this is Bree.

Viki: Yes, and Bree is wearing lipstick.

Natalie: Oh, my goodness.

Jessica: She's very pretty.

Natalie: She sure is.

Gigi: Yes, very nice.

Bree: Grandma's crying. Are you sad?

Viki: No, darling. No. These are happy tears because my babies have wonderful babies of their own, and that's all I ever wanted for both of you. And you're going to marry wonderful men.

Jessica: And here we are.

Natalie: Here we are.

Jessica: Best day ever.

Gigi: Let me take a picture.

Jessica: Oh, but we're not in our dresses yet.

Gigi: But you're all still so beautiful. Come on.

Viki: Come here. Turn this way.

Gigi: Cheese, princesses.

Jessica: You are so beautiful.

Viki: What a day for you, huh? What a day.

John: I don't know what to do.

Pete: I got a great idea. Cancel the wedding and start an investigation.

John: Yeah?

Pete: Sure. Open a file. Interrogate her friends and her known associates.

John: All right.

Pete: Yeah. Investigate her financials. Set up a little surveillance. That feel better to you?

John: No.

Pete: And maybe you find that secret. Then what?

John: Well, if it's something I can live with, then that's that. We're all good.

Pete: Yeah, until the next time.

John: Maybe there wouldn't be a next time.

Pete: You better hope there's a next time. A woman without secrets would bore you to death.

John: Maybe.

Pete: It's not gonna be black and white, John. We live in the gray. If you love Natalie, marry her. Raise your son. Pretty soon you'll forget you were ever worried about some secret.

John: You make it sound simple, Pete.

Pete: It is simple. You've got cold feet.

John: It's more than that.

Pete: You dress it up real well, John. I'll give you that much. But here's one for free. Your father did the same thing on his wedding day.

John: Really? He didn't--he didn't want to go through with it? What was he worried about?

Pete: Who remembers? He wanted to go down to the shore. We'd get on a boat and sail away.

John: Seriously?

Pete: I had to drag him all the way to the altar, and him cussing at me the whole way.

John: But he didn't stay mad.

Pete: He thanked me the next day.

John: And that's it? It all just went away?

Pete: The minute he saw Evie walking down that aisle, he decided to be happy, and he was. I got a train to catch.

John: You need some help getting where you're going?

Pete: Not as much as you do. You'll figure it out, John.

John: Thanks, Pete.

Jessica: Are they still curled up?

Natalie: Yes, except for this time, both fists up.

Jessica: They are more like twins than you and I are.

Natalie: Yeah. Liam is so easy. So is Ryder.

Viki: You girls are so lucky.

Jessica: And Ryder’s so calm. I don't know how your son ended up so calm, too.

Viki: I think we'll give John credit for that.

Natalie: Yeah.

Viki: Come on. Let's get you in your dress. Then I'll come back and get you in yours, okay?

Jessica: Okay.

Viki: Off we go. There we go. Ooh, heavy, heavy, heavy.

Bree: Is Brody my daddy now, too?

Jessica: He will be. You know you're always gonna have your daddy up in heaven, right? But right after the wedding, Brody and I are gonna sign some papers to make him officially your daddy, and that's all that he wanted for his wedding present. Is that okay with you?

Bree: Can I call him Daddy?

Jessica: He would love that. Me, too.

Bree: Me, 3.

Jessica: Oh, come here.

Brody: John, where are you?

Aubrey: Next time we're here, it'll be us up at the altar.

Clint: Joey, I need a word.

Joey: I'll be right back.

Aubrey: Okay.

Rex: Bo!

Bo: Huh?

Rex: What's that?

Bo: Oh. I, uh, got into it with Clint a while ago.

Rex: Here?

Bo: Yeah. Not one of my finest hours.

Nora: You were provoked. Clint hit below the belt.

Rex: Oh, what a surprise. I'm sorry I wasn't here to help you out. I would have let him have it.

Bo: Ah.

Joey: Are you gonna tell me what's going on between you and Uncle Bo?

Clint: This is way more important.

Joey: Okay.

Clint: I don't enjoy this, no matter what you think, and I wish it didn't have to be this way, because, Joey, you deserve so much better.

Joey: Than what?

Gigi: Look at you!

Charlie: Yeah. I clean up okay.

Gigi: You're the best-looking grandpa around.

Charlie: Tell me something. Did you ever guess, when you were serving me pie back in Paris, Texas, that your little boy would turn out to be my grandson?

Gigi: Let's see. No. But even back then, I knew you were a keeper.

Charlie: Is that so?

Gigi: Yeah. Ask Viki. I told her.

Charlie: Yeah, well, I can always use a good word.

Gigi: Anytime. You know, if I could hand-pick a dad for Rex and a grandpa for Shane, it would be you.

Charlie: Thank you for that.

Gigi: You're welcome. So listen, Viki is taking the limo with the brides, so what do you say? Can an old pal from Texas hitch a ride?

Brody: Whoa. You just made it.

John: Yeah. It was close.

Brody: Yeah, what happened?

John: Marty showed up.

Brody: At your place?

John: She said she had to tell me something.

Brody: About what?

John: About you. About you and Natalie.

Rama: The brides are arriving. Let's go inside.

Vimal: Uh--

Rama: Vimal, time to move. Come on.

Clint: You know I love you.

Joey: Yeah. You say it.

Clint: I do, Joey. I mean it. I don't always show it. I'm lousy at that, but that is why I'm-- oh, my God. Wait here. What the hell are you doing here?

Brody: What did Marty say about Natalie and me?

John: You know, it was like she was trying to put something together, but it didn't make a lot of sense.

Brody: She's still out of it, John.

John: Not entirely. Some of the things she said, I understood, but the rest of it--I'm not sure exactly what she was trying to tell me about you, but she was determined to get it out. Do you have any idea what it could have been?

Clint: Get out, or I'll have you tossed out.

Viki: Oh, hello. Clint, your daughters are waiting for their escort, okay?

Clint: Yes.

Viki: Excuse me.

Brody: I don't know what Marty was gonna say about Natalie and me.

Reverend: Gentlemen, your brides are here.

John: Thank you. I'm sorry. What were you going to say?

Aubrey: What is going on with your dad?

Joey: I don't know. It sounded serious, but he--

Bree: Uncle Joey, the wedding is starting.

Joey: Hey, I can't walk with you. You're the prettiest girl in the room. Come on. Where are your flowers? Right there? All right. Come on.

Kelly: What's going on with you and your sister?

Cutter: We got into a fight this morning.

Kelly: Oh. About what?

Cutter: You know, I--I just look at you, and I can't even remember.

Kelly: Oh. You know, my cousin told me that I might be able to find what I'm looking for tonight.

Cutter: And what's that?

Kelly: Maybe you can help me find that out?

Blair: They belong to my Aunt Dorian. This is her home, actually.

Tomás: She has good taste.

Blair: So why are you really here? I mean, it's--

Tomás: Intriguing?

Blair: Strange.

Tomás: Why?

Blair: Well, we met at your place, and you were hiding from your landlord because you couldn't pay your rent, and now suddenly you can afford a plane ticket from Paris to Pennsylvania?

Tomás: I had miles that were about to expire.

Blair: So you came all this way to see a woman that you only know because you found a photograph of her at a flea market in Paris?

Tomás: I got a call from a gallery owner in Philadelphia. He wanted to see me.

Blair: So you were in the neighborhood.

Tomás: Your portrait brought me good luck. I wanted to thank you.

Blair: You're lying.

Tomás: You're right. I'm lying.

[Organ music playing]

[Wagner's "Bridal Chorus" playing]

Reverend: We are gathered here today to celebrate one of life's greatest moments, to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words that will unite Natalie Banks and John McBain, and Jessica Brennan and Brody Lovett. Should there be anyone here with cause why these couples should not be united in marriage, they must speak now or forever hold their peace.

Blair: On the next "One Life to Live"...

John: Do you know these people?

Vimal: It's time for the truth to come out.

Charlie: The truth about what?

Starr: What's going to happen if I leave him?

James: I'm kind of glad you came.

Jessica: Why are you here interrupting our wedding?

Viki: How could you do this?

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