OLTL Transcript Friday 2/4/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/4/11


Episode # 10868

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Kelly: Don't ask.

Blair: Well, now, I always ask. Especially when someone staggers in the house wearing the outfit they wore the night before.

Kelly: It's not what you think.

Blair: Who were you with?

Kelly: Joey. Don't you...

Blair: Oh, Kelly Cramer. You are doing the walk of shame.

Aubrey: That thing's been recording our every move.

Cutter: Not anymore. It's off.

Aubrey: It was the maintenance guy. He said he was fixing the thermostat? Come on!

Cutter: And instead he was taking the footage on order of Clint Buchanan.

Aubrey: Or Kelly Cramer. Oh, my God, Cutter--one of them knows everything. Maybe both of them. That we're not brother and sister, we're--

Cutter: A little bit closer than that, and a lot more creative in the bedroom.

Aubrey: That's bad enough, but they heard all the stuff about Joey. They know now that we're planning to clean him out, take him for all he's worth. This is a nightmare, Cutter!

Joey: What's going on? What's a nightmare?

Clint: Smile, Aubrey Wentworth. You're on "Candid Camera."

Vimal: Rama, this is insanity. We can't crash this wedding.

Rama: We'll stay out of sight till the guests start arriving and once there's a crowd, we'll blend right in.

Vimal: The only place we'd blend in is at a state dinner for the Indian prime minister. Let's go. Now.

Rama: I'm not leaving, Vimal. Clint Buchanan fired you. No one does that to my man and gets away with it.

Vimal: I'm flattered that you're so outraged on my behalf, but--

Rama: Today, in front of the whole Buchanan family, we are going to make him pay.

Nora: Looks like we're the only guests here.

Bo: Yeah, well, if there's gonna be a scene with Clint, I just want to get it out of the way before everyone shows up.

Nora: I wish we didn't have to think about that today.

Bo: I know, and I'm so happy for the girls and John and Brody and--just wish we could celebrate, but it makes it a little tough when the brides' father is a prime murder suspect.

Nora: Maybe it's a blessing that we just don't have enough to arrest him yet.

Bo: Yeah, because if we did, then he'd miss his daughters' wedding.

Nora: That would be a shame.

Bo: How are we gonna handle Clint today?

Clint: Little brother, I think the question is how am I gonna handle you and Nora?

Viki: Okay. I will try and explain it to the girls. Well, the guest list is dwindling.

Jessica: Oh, well, if you mean Roxy, Natalie already told me that she's too hung over to make it to the ceremony, but she might make it to the reception.

Viki: No, actually, that was Todd.

Jessica: He's not coming?

Viki: No. No. He said, and I quote, "I would rather gouge out my eyeballs with a rusty nail than see John McBain happy."

Jessica: He always does take the high road, huh? Well, I mean, if it's just Todd and Roxy...

Viki: Yeah, I wish. Charlie's still sick in bed. I don't know if he's gonna be able to make it at all. Charlie! Oh, you're up.

Charlie: Yeah. I need to talk to you.

Brody: What else can Marty say besides that we slept together?

Natalie: She knows things.

Brody: She knows we had a one-night stand back before I got back with Jess and you got back with John. It's not a crime.

Natalie: No, no, it isn't, but we've just kept the secret for so long.

Brody: I'm not saying it's gonna be easy to admit, but it'd have been a lot worse if it had turned out that I was Liam's father. Luckily, we dodged that bullet. So what else can Marty hurt us with?

John: Sister, I am sorry I alarmed you. Dr. Saybrooke is here with me and... no, I'm fine. I'm at the Angel Square Hotel. I can handle it until then. Thank you. You're supposed to be at the hospital.

Marty: I had to leave, John. I had to see you.

Gigi: Honey, just so I don't put any feet in my mouth, Charlie doesn't know, right, that there's a chance Clint did something to the DNA test?

Rex: No. And you know what I told Dorian. I said that I had a second test done...

Gigi: But you didn't.

Rex: Exactly. Anyway, Dorian thinks that it confirmed that Charlie is my father, not Clint, and I really hope that's the last person I have to tell, because I sure as hell do not want to have to lie to Charlie, too.

Jessica: Well, I better get moving unless I want to get married in my robe. Knowing Natalie, she's probably zipping up her wedding dress now.

Viki: I'll be up to help you both in a minute, okay, honey?

Jessica: Thank you.

Viki: Okay, say what you have to say.

Charlie: All of Echo's things are gone.

Viki: That's right.

Charlie: So what happened? I know there's no way that she would've moved out without telling me.

Viki: Oh, no, wrong. Wrong. There's no way she would have moved out, period. Not voluntarily. No, Charlie, I threw her out.

Aubrey: I was just telling Cutter how worried I was about you. I was calling you all night. Are you okay?

Joey: I'm fine. I'm fine. Fine.

Aubrey: Where were you?

Joey: I was locked in the storage room at Rodi's.

Aubrey: Seriously? Oh, poor baby, locked in a dark room all by yourself.

Joey: Actually, I wasn't by myself. I was with Kelly.

Blair: How did you lure Joey away from that perky, little blonde girlfriend of his?

Kelly: It wasn't like that. Joey and I got locked up.

Blair: You got arrested? Now that is a bachelorette party I am actually sorry I missed.

Kelly: We weren't in jail. We were trapped in a storage room.

Blair: Accidentally on purpose?

Kelly: No!

Blair: Kelly, I'm gonna find out sooner or later. Come on. You found a way to get Joey right where you wanted him, didn't you?

Vimal: Taking revenge on Clint Buchanan is asking for trouble. He threatened to have me beaten.

Rama: All the more reason we should expose him. He's a violent man.

Vimal: He's a desperate man. He thinks I leaked his deepest, darkest secrets. I didn't, but he believes that I did, and that's all that matters.

Rama: So why are you the guilty party when he's the one who committed the crime? He forced you to change those paternity tests, and now one of his daughters believes that Brody Lovett is her son's father when he is not.

Natalie: Okay, maybe I'm just panicking. Marty's still in the hospital, so how much better could she really be?

Brody: All I know is what Starr told John.

Natalie: That Marty's remembering that she lost her baby.

Brody: Not just that. She's still confused about your baby, who his parents are.

Natalie: Marty's still in therapy, right? So that's gonna change things. She's not going to want revenge on anyone anymore, you know, so even if she does remember, she won't have any reason to tell anyone that we spent one night together.

Brody: I'm sorry, Natalie. If you don't want to tell John, okay, you do what you need to do, but I can't risk Jessica finding out from Marty that we slept together.

Jessica: Oh, my God. Brody, how could you do this to me?

John: I talked to Starr. She said you were doing better.

Marty: I started to remember, John. I remember... about the baby. I know that Natalie's son-- he's not mine. That you and I lost our baby when I fell.

John: I'm sorry you had to relive that. That's not fair that you had to go through that twice.

Marty: You're all dressed up. Going somewhere? Oh. Oh, your wedding is today.

John: Yeah.

Marty: You didn't want to tell me. You're afraid I might try to stop you again.

John: I wouldn't let that happen.

Marty: I had a reason, John. I had something I had to tell you. You needed to hear it. And I haven't said it yet.

Clint: The church we were married in, Nora. Ah, the memories. Last time I saw you two at the altar, you kids were getting ready to tie the knot yourselves. Remember?

Nora: I do, and you were the only guest thoughtful enough to bring a shotgun.

Bo: How about today, Clint? You packing?

Clint: I didn't think I needed to, but if you want to pat me down, Mr. Commissioner, be my guest. All I'm packing is a flash drive, and neither you nor the district attorney can arrest me for that or anything else that you claim I did.

Aubrey: Kelly was locked in with you? How did that happen?

Joey: Well, I was supposed to be loading the champagne for the wedding and Kelly went in there for something else. Party favors, I think. Anyway, the door shut behind us, and we didn't have our cell phones, and so we just had to wait it out.

Aubrey: What'd you do all that time?

Blair: So Shaun and Vivian took matters into their own hands. That's a good thing.

Kelly: I don't know how good it was.

Blair: Are you kidding me? It gave you a chance to tell Joey how you really feel. Right? Or did you get lemon in your eye again?

Joey: What do you think we did? We fell asleep.

Joey's voice: Kelly. Kelly.

Kelly's voice: What?

Joey: Yeah. When we woke up, we went looking for food. We had to wait for somebody to come into work and let us out.

Kelly's voice: The truth is, I...I've never gotten over you.

Aubrey: Joey? Is that all that happened?

Kelly: I told Joey that I never got over him.

Blair: Well, finally! So what did he say? Did he say he felt the same way?

Charlie: You threw Echo out? Why?

Viki: Echo has been pushing me to the limit for weeks, Charlie.

Charlie: Pushing you? How?

Viki: Are you kidding? I mean, are you really that blind? She baits me all the time about you. She acts as if she owns you in a way that I never will because you two have a son. And normally, I ignore her and I keep my mouth shut. But last night, I'd had enough. I told her to leave.

Charlie: You know something? We've talked about this before, that this is my house, too, now, and we're supposed to decide these things together.

Viki: Well, you weren't there, darling, were you? And frankly, if you had been there and heard what she had said--

Charlie: You know something? This is not just about me. There are other people involved here. Viki! Did you even think about them before you evicted Rex's mother? Before you evicted Shane's grandmother?

Gigi: Ahem.

Vimal: Everybody should know the truth of where they come from, but now two people-- Rex Balsom and Clint's grandchild--are gonna be denied that because of what I did.

Rama: No, it's because of what Clint Buchanan forced you to do.

Vimal: We can't go up against him, Rama. It's too dangerous. So as horrible as it is, we have to leave this alone.

John: Hey, look. I know you weren't yourself the night you stopped the wedding. That's why you knocked Natalie out and drove her up to the lodge.

Marty: No. That's wrong.

John: What's wrong? Marty, I think you just-- you're confused. When Natalie had the baby... you thought the baby was yours.

Marty: Yes. But no, that's-- not what happened. Natalie knocked me out. Natalie-- Natalie drove to the lodge. Natalie had the gun.

John: It may seem like that now--

Marty: No, no. This part I remember. She trapped me there. She was gonna leave me there.

John: Why would she do that?

Marty: Because she didn't want me to tell you.

John: Tell me what?

Marty: About the baby.

Brody: Jessica, I am so sorry.

Jessica: You know that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding! I mean, look at what happened to Natalie. She let John see her before their first ceremony and Marty stopped the wedding.

Natalie: Okay, but that was different. You have nothing to worry about.

Jessica: I know it's just superstition, but--

Natalie: But that is only if the bride is wearing her wedding dress. And you are not.

Jessica: You're right.

Natalie: So everybody just relax, okay? Everything's gonna be fine as long as Brody here lets you get ready.

Jessica: But Brody, why are you even here?

Viki: Rex. Gigi. I'm sorry. I did not want you to find out about Echo that way.

Rex: What happened?

Charlie: I've been trying to get an answer to that question myself.

Viki: Okay. It all started when Dorian came by with the news about the second DNA test.

Charlie: What test?

Viki: Okay. Rex suspected that Clint had tampered with the first DNA test, so he had another one done.

Charlie: You think that Clint would do something like that?

Bo: I'm not gonna frisk you. I was hoping that we could call a truce.

Clint: A truce?

Bo: Yeah. I just want to enjoy your daughters' weddings, and I figured that you wanted to do the same, so what do you say, Clint? Can we make peace for the day?

Rama: Don't you see? If you do the right thing, it will accomplish more than just easing your conscience. It'll earn you the respect of every member of the Buchanan family. They'll be grateful to you, Vimal. Grateful for the truth.

Cutter: Take it easy, sis. You're putting the guy on the spot.

Aubrey: I was just wondering how he and Kelly passed the time. You must've talked.

Joey: Sure.

Aubrey: About what?

Cutter: Aubrey...

Joey: Actually, about the two of you.

Aubrey: Cutter and me?

Joey: Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Aubrey: What did you say?

Kelly: Joey admitted that he was jealous of Cutter.

Blair: That's promising. What'd he say about Aubrey?

Kelly: He said that if he knew how I felt about him before he met her, it could've been the two of us.

Joey: Nothing much. Just, you know, how Cutter is dating Kelly and how I'm with you.

Cutter: See, sis? Nothing to worry about.

Kelly: Joey said that I was too late. And--

Blair: Hey, wait, stop. Don't leave me hanging here. And what?

Kelly: I'm probably making too much of it.

Blair: Too much of what?

Kelly: We came really close to a kiss.

[Blair gasps]

Kelly: Our faces were right there. I could feel his heartbeat and...then a janitor walked in and then it was over.

Blair: Wait, wait. It couldn't have been over. You almost kissed the guy. It was anything but over.

Kelly: It was an impulse. It didn't mean anything.

Blair: It could've meant everything. Come on. Joey cares about you and maybe still loves you the way that you love him.

Joey: And I've got two sisters who are going to kill me if I am late for their wedding, so I gotta go--excuse me-- hop in the shower.

Aubrey: He spends all night alone with his ex and nothing happened?

Cutter: What the hell is wrong with you? How can you even think about that right now?

Aubrey: I just--I can't...

Cutter: No. No. Who cares? Aubrey, we are caught on tape. What we need to do right now is stop wasting time and get out of town.

Rama: These are people with influence, Vimal--as much power and influence as Clint Buchanan ever had. Believe me, when his lies are revealed, they'll be indebted to you forever. And who knows how they may choose to reward you?

Jessica: What's going on? It must've been important or you wouldn't have come.

Brody: Jessica, I didn't want to upset you, today of all days.

Jessica: You're right. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I had this nightmare and I guess it scared me more than I thought. You know, I just--I love you so much, and I am so afraid of something happening and messing everything up.

Natalie: Yeah, me, too, me, too, but you know what? It's just nerves, you know? It's perfectly normal. Perfectly. Everything's gonna be fine. And you. I thought I made myself clear. Jessica here needs to get dressed. You need to get out. She'll see you at the altar.

Marty: See, I remember... something else, and Natalie--it's about Natalie's baby. She was hiding something about her baby. That's why she had the gun on me.

John: A lot has happened. Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what's real and what's not real.

Marty: Oh.

John: Listen--

Marty: No. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have come here. Just there was something I had to tell you, and I had it, and it's gone, and it's important. You need to hear it.

Natalie: You see how freaked out she got over nothing? Brody, if you tell her about us, she will never get over it. I'm begging you, let it go.

Brody: I would let it go, but what about Marty?

Natalie: Forget about Marty, okay? She is not going to show up today. Just get married. That's what's important.

John: Hey, look. Whatever it is you're trying to remember, it's not going anywhere. It's gonna come back. But you know, right now, I don't want to see you get in any more trouble. We need to get you back to St. Ann's.

Marty: John, wait. I know what it is.

John: What?

Marty: What I had to tell you. It's not about--it's not about the baby you and I were supposed to have. It's about--it's about Brody--Brody and Natalie.

Rex: Honest answer? I wouldn't put anything past Clint Buchanan.

Charlie: Okay, but when did you first suspect that he might have done something to the test?

Rex: As soon as we did it. He was acting all paranoid or something, and then Dorian was suspicious, too. Part of me just thought that she was blowing smoke, but part of me couldn't stop thinking that maybe she was right.

Charlie: You should have just asked Echo, then.

Rex: I did. I asked her if she thought that Clint could tamper with the DNA test, and she swore that she didn't know anything about it. But come on--the guy hates me. The last thing he wanted was to find out he was my father.

Charlie: Okay, so you decided you're gonna take another test. But I mean, how? What did you use?

Rex: I took your spoon the other day to the lab to get tested. I asked them to compare it with my DNA to see if they got a match.

Charlie: And, uh, so when do you get results?

Rex: They're in, and they're good news. The first test was right. You really are my father.

Charlie: Oh.

Clint: If you want a truce, stop trying to pin Eddie Ford's murder on me.

Nora: What about everything else that you've done, hmm? You coerced Inez Salinger into seducing Bo. You paid Eddie Ford to kidnap me.

Bo: And now he's dead. But today, none of that seems to matter. I can be here as an uncle to Natalie and Jessica and as a friend to Brody and John and as a brother to you, Clint, so what do you say?

Clint: I say go to hell.

Kelly: What is this?

Blair: Well, now, you remember the portrait that Eli left me in that box? I found the artist who painted it.

Kelly: Are you kidding me?

Blair: No. That's the photo he used to paint the portrait, and he found it at a flea market in Paris.

Kelly: How did it get there?

Blair: You tell me.

Kelly: That is strange. You must be going crazy trying to figure this out.

Tomás' voice: Maybe that's why you're here, looking for some answers to the questions.

Blair's voice: Well, I am.

Tomás' voice: Something answers to a riddle aren't going to solve.

Blair: I've been wasting a lot of time trying to find answers to those questions. You know what? I think you're right. I think you have the right idea.

Kelly: Alert the media. What idea is that?

Blair: It's time to give up gracefully. Maybe I should try it. Maybe I should just forget about the painting, Eli, and this worn-out old picture. It's time to move on.

Aubrey: We cannot panic. We can't afford to. Listen to me! If Clint is the one who planted that camera, I have just as much on him as he has on me.

Cutter: That's how you see it?

Aubrey: Yes. He hasn't used the footage, has he? Because he knows if he tries, I will blow him out of the water.

Cutter: Why would he plant a camera if he's not gonna use it?

Aubrey: Because he's playing chicken. He's hoping to get us out of town, which is exactly why we need to stand our ground. Cutter, come on. After all the work we've put in--

[Metal squeaks]

Cutter: Okay. All right, Joey's done with his shower. You get rid of him, and you text me.

Vimal: You make a good case, Rama, but for you to stand up in front of the church and tell Mr. Buchanan's family what he's done--it's suicide.

Rama: No. I'm not going to do it.

Vimal: Thank goodness.

Rama: You're going to do it. This must come from you.

Natalie: Okay, look. I am not asking you to keep the secret for me, all right? I am asking you to keep it for my sister. Don't hurt her if you don't have to, Brody. Just think what everyone will lose. Please.

Brody: How's Ryder?

Nurse: Nothing wrong with him that a visit with his parents won't fix.

Brody: Okay. Oh, come here, boy. I got him. There we go.

[Ryder fusses]

Brody: Oh, no, no, no. Aw, buddy.

John: Are you talking about Jessica? Jessica and Brody have a little boy. He was born--

Marty: No, this is not about Jessica's son. It's about Natalie's son and Brody.

John: You know, listen, the hospital has sent someone to pick you up, all right? Why don't we go wait for them downstairs?

Marty: No, no, because they can't help me. They can't help me, not like you can. I'm so close, John. Please help me remember.

John: I don't know how to do that, Marty.

Marty: Give me just a little more time? Just a little more time. Just something about being with you just makes things clearer for me, and I know if you give me just a few more minutes, it'll all come back to me. I promise.

Natalie: You guys make such a beautiful family.

Jessica: Well, look who's talking. What about you, John, and Liam?

John: You can't stay here, Marty. You need to go back.

Marty: But I--I remember. I mean, Jessica was a part of it. Jessica was a part of it. It was something I had to tell you, and I had to tell Jessica about the baby.

 [Knock on door]

Marty: Please don't. Don't answer it. Don't answer that.

John: Easy.

Marty: John, please don't.

Nun: How is Dr. Saybrooke?

John: She's fine. She's--she's right here.

Nun: Thank you for taking care of her. We were worried about you.

Marty: John, please don't make me go back.

John: Listen to me. You're getting better, but you've got to let the doctors help you, okay?

Marty: No. Don't make me go back there. It'll be too late. Don't. It'll be too late.

Orderly: It's okay. Everything's going to be--

Marty: No, it's not going to be okay because you'll be married then, and the baby, John--the baby. Please, please don't. Don't get married. Promise me you'll wait. John, please promise me. Please promise me, please. I wouldn't ask—

Natalie: You know, last year was so awful for both of us, and then now look at this year. We've got our babies, and we're getting married. I never thought I could be this happy.

Jessica: Me, too. And those wedding jitters? Gone. All you have to do is look at this sweet little face, and you don't have a care in the world, right? Right, Brody?

Joey: Shouldn't you be getting ready? We do need to get to the church. I promised my sisters I'd get there early.

Aubrey: No, no. You go on ahead. Cutter's meeting Kelly at the church, so I'll just grab a ride with him.

Joey: Okay. Something is bothering you. Is it Kelly?

Aubrey: No, no. I'm fine.

Joey: Oh, yeah, all right, and I have a bridge to sell you. Come on, Aubrey, tell me what's wrong.

Charlie: This father/son thing is just kind of new for us, and I mean, just now when I thought that I might be losing you, it was--it's like you've been mine for a lifetime, and I'm not ready to let that go.

Gigi: Well, luckily you don't have to.

Charlie: Good, because I swear, having Rex as a son--it means the world to me. And I know it means the world to your mother, too.

Gigi: Shane was asking about Echo earlier. Do you have any idea where she went?

Viki: No, I don't. No. She didn't volunteer the information, and I didn't ask, but I guarantee you, she's still in town.

[Cell phone rings]

Rex: Good timing. Hi, Echo. Yeah, I just heard. Where are you staying? Okay, thanks. Listen, let me call you back. Okay. Okay, thanks.

Charlie: So where is she?

Rex: The Minute Man.

Charlie: That dump where that guy was murdered just recently?

Rex: We are gonna check to see if Natalie or Jessica need anything. We'll see you guys later, okay?

Charlie: Hope you're happy.

Viki: Happy? Charlie, I haven't been happy since the minute you invited Echo to live in this house with us, which was not a decision we made together. So no, I'm not happy about this. None of this pleases me at all.

Charlie: You know you forced her hand. That woman is fighting one of the toughest battles of her life right now in that fleabag motel all alone, no support system, nothing. She's just sitting there, trying not to take a drink. I mean, how you could tear her away from her family at a time like this, it's beyond me.

Bo: You enjoy the day, because tomorrow the party's over.

Nora: Yes. The whole world's going to know every disgusting thing you ever did.

Clint: Well, Mrs. Buchanan, you know what you can do with your accusations.

Bo: You can go ahead and try to turn the tables, but that's not gonna help you when you lose your whole family's respect.

Clint: Respect? Okay. Let's talk about respect. Bo, when pa died, do you remember what an absolute mess you were, crying all over my shoulder about how Asa didn't respect you, he didn't respect your job? Do you remember what I told you?

Bo: Where are you going with this?

Clint: I told you that deep down, Asa knew that you had grown up to be the good man he wanted to be.

Bo: So?

Clint: So it was a crock. Pa never respected you, and he thought your police work was a joke, and so do I.

Blair: Whoo! If that's what giving up gracefully looks like, gimme some of that. You look beautiful.

Kelly: Thank you.

Blair: Wow. So this brother of Aubrey's--what's his name?

Kelly: Ha ha! Cutter.

Blair: Cutter. Cutter is gonna take one look at you and say, "Give me mercy. Have mercy on me." And Joey is gonna kick himself for letting that kiss slip through his fingers.

Kelly: Well, I doubt that, but that's very nice to hear.

Blair: You go find what you're looking for. You look beautiful.

Kelly: I'm on it.

Aubrey: Everything's fine. What could be wrong as long as you love me? You're a great guy, Joey Buchanan.

Joey: You're pretty amazing yourself.

Blair: Just give it up, Blair. You told Kelly you were going to give it up, so give it up.

Blair's voice: Oh, no, thank you. I'm not thirsty.

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Coming!

Aubrey: Tell me you thought about what I said. After all the work we've done, Cutter, please, we can't abandon it now. Tell me. Tell me we're staying.

Bo: Why did you go to all that trouble, Clint? Why did you think you had to lie to me after Pa died?

Clint: For one thing, I got sick of the whining. I figured it was the only way to shut you up.

Nora: Okay, don't listen to him, Bo. He's just rewriting history.

Clint: You can think whatever you want, but I know the truth, and the truth is, all that stuff about Asa wanting to be a good guy just like you--horse manure. He never wanted that, and you sure as hell never made him proud.

Nora: Okay, now you're lying. I know you're lying. You're just lashing out because you--

Clint: If Asa could see you right now, trying to do to your own brother, he'd be choking on shame, and, Bo, you know that is not a lie. He'd hate you for this.

Viki: Do you think, Charlie, that we could table this discussion until another day? Because right now, there is so much that is good and right here. Jessica and Natalie are both getting married. You have had a second confirmation that Rex is indeed your son. Can you not just be grateful for that? Can we not take one day and share the joy in it?

Charlie: I can't just forget about Echo. I'm sorry. Well, I'm not gonna let her live at the Minute Man.

Viki: Great. Good. Good. What are you going to do, then? You're going to ride to her rescue? Or are you going to come to your stepdaughters' weddings with me, your wife?

Rex: I feel sick.

Gigi: I know. It sucked having to lie to Charlie.

Rex: I'm glad that I didn't have the second DNA test done. Maybe it would have proven that Charlie was my father, but what if it didn't? It would have killed him.

Gigi: And you, too.

Rama: I believe in you, Vimal. I know you can do this.

Vimal: No. There's no way. I can't point the finger at Clint Buchanan on a day that's supposed to be one of the happiest in his life. I can't ruin that.

Rama: But it's all right for him to ruin the lives of his own son and one of his daughters?

Vimal: And we don't even know which one yet.

Jessica: This little sweetie is getting tired, so you have to get out of here so I can get dressed, or else we're never gonna get married. Natalie's right, you know.

Brody: About what?

Jessica: We both have the families that we've always dreamt of, and mine's because of you.

Brody: Well, I--

[Ryder cries]

Brody: Oh. All I did was fall in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. It wasn't exactly hard work.

Jessica: Careful. Save some of that for your vows this afternoon. I'm gonna go and put him down, or we're never gonna make it to the church on time. I'll see you at the altar.

Natalie: Brody, I need to hear it from you. Are you gonna tell Jess about us or not?

Brody: Okay. I won't tell Jessica that we slept together.

Natalie: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Brody: I just hope we're not making the worst mistake of our lives.

Rex: On the next "One Life to Live"...

Viki: It's your wedding day.

Blair: Tomás, what are you doing here?

Natalie: Marty's getting better. She's talking, and now Brody wants to tell Jessica that we slept together.

John: I think Natalie has been lying to me.

Aubrey: But if all else fails, we still have blackmail.

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