OLTL Transcript Tuesday 2/1/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/1/11


Episode # 10865

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Brody: You see that, buddy? Tomorrow, Uncle John is going to marry Aunt Natalie, and Daddy is finally marrying Mommy.

Jessica: Yeah, there were a lot of bumps along the way, but we made it. Things are finally the way they're supposed to be.

Joey: [As Marlon Brando] "I give you this justice as a gift on my daughter's wedding day."

Rex: Oh. I get it. We're godfathers.

Joey: [Normal voice] Yeah.

Rex: Marlon Brando, "Godfather." You sounded just like him.

Joey: Thanks. Thanks. Hey, Rex, actually, since we're both going to be godfathers to Natalie and Jess' boys, you know, what do you say we just put the past behind us and start fresh? I mean, after all, we are practically family.

Aubrey's voice: Give Joey back his rightful inheritance, drop the prenup, and life goes happily on. Or get ready to welcome Rex Balsom into the family. Oh, by the way, I'm really looking forward to the christenings. Those babies are darling. Of course, it would be a shame if your daughter found out that her baby daddy isn't who she thinks it is.

Clint: Damn you, Aubrey. How the hell did you find out? Only one person knew.

[Knock on door]

Vimal: Mr. Buchanan, I have something I need to discuss with you.

Man: What's this about?

John: Sit down and shut up.

Bo: Well...Mr. Bluestein, is it? Mark Bluestein?

Mark: Yeah.

Bo: I know that you work for my brother Clint Buchanan. What is it exactly that you do at Buchanan Enterprises?

Man: Security.

John: Security?

Man: You got a problem with that?

Bo: No. And, Mr...

Man: Schwarz. Andre Schwarz.

Bo: Mr. Schwarz. That means black, doesn't it?

Andre: What's it to you?

Bo: Can you read this?

Andre: Yes.

Bo: Good. Then let's just say that the commissioner of police finds all this very interesting.

John: I don't. The only thing I find interesting is, your boss said you beat up this guy Robert Ford because he might have got one of his daughters pregnant.

Jessica: I hope that you are going to take a nice, long nap today 'cause I've got a thousand things to do before this wedding. Yes, I do.

Brody: Oh. Yeah, but you don't have to worry about this guy. I'll just put him down in the crib next to Liam again. He loves that.

Jessica: Yeah, the boys really seem to get along, huh?

Brody: Yeah, more like brothers than cousins.

Clint: What is it you want to discuss?

Vimal: I will need two invitations to your daughters' double wedding.

Clint: You will?

Vimal: Yes, I will, Mr. Buchanan.

Clint: And why the hell should I invite you to my daughters' wedding?

Vimal: You know why, sir.

Dorian: Ah, I called Adriana in Paris again.

Kelly: And?

Dorian: And she swears that she had Ecole Madame Laurent send the yearbook from Paris two days ago.

Kelly: Well, that could take some time from Paris.

Dorian: Yes, but I've overnighted things before and they always arrive the very next day.

Kelly: You know what? Maybe it's fate telling us to stop looking up dirt on Aubrey.

Dorian: Nonsense, darling. I'm sure that this yearbook is going to prove that Aubrey is not who she says she is. The only thing, where can that yearbook be? I wonder what happened to it. Hmm.

Aubrey: Are you sure this is going to look real?

Cutter: When I'm finished with this, Kelly'll never know you're not really Aubrey Wentworth. Trust me.

Aubrey: Oh, believe me, I do.

Kelly: Even if this yearbook shows up, it's not going to guarantee that it will reveal anything nefarious about Aubrey.

Dorian: Honey, do you think that Aubrey and her so-called brother are up to no good?

Kelly: Yes.

Dorian: Well, then prove it. You have to. And I'm going to make sure that you do.

Kelly: May I ask when did my relationship with Joey become all about you?

Dorian: When I realized that you were never going to be happy until you and Joe were reunited.

Kelly: I'm not so sure that would make him happy.

Dorian: Of course it will. I know. You and Joe...that's one for the ages.

Kelly: And the reason it never worked out is because...

Dorian: Timing, that's all. You're not going to tell me you think Joe and this Aubrey person were meant for each other?

Kelly: Of course not. She's lying to him, and I know it.

Dorian: Exactly. You and I are so close to uncovering something really dark and sinister about this Aubrey. This is not the time to be giving up.

Kelly: You know what? It is all well and good that my instincts are telling me that Aubrey isn't worthy of Joey, but if I can't prove it, what does it matter?

Aubrey: She really was pretty mousy, wasn't she?

Cutter: Just a few minutes with me and she's getting a makeover.

Aubrey: We are about to get everything we want.

Rex: You know, we were basically kids when everything happened before. Now we're grownups and I don't hold grudges.

Joey: Great. Well, friends then. Yeah?

Rex: Friends.

Joey: All right.

Rex: So listen, about what Aubrey said at the christening...

Joey: Yeah.

Rex: About what your dad did...it really sucks.

Joey: Yeah, well, that's one way to put it.

Rex: So he was really going to disinherit you for marrying Aubrey without a prenup?

Joey: Mm-hmm.

Rex: That's cold.

Joey: Well, my dad is a little paranoid, so he tries to protect the family from interlopers--as he likes to call them.

Rex: Ugh.

Joey: Well, he can be a little extreme.

Rex's voice: There was a DNA test, remember.

Dorian: Right. But I know that DNA test was altered.

Rex: By who? Clint?

Dorian: Of course Clint.

Rex: Extreme?

Clint: Where do you get the audacity to pressure me into a wedding invitation?

Rama: Oh, wow, Vimal. Look at this. It's a double wedding. The social event of the season. We have to be invited.

Vimal: Well, I'm just an employee, Rama. Why would he invite us?

Rama: You're more than just an employee, Vimal. You broke the law for him. You broke into that lab and switched those paternity tests at Mr. Buchanan's bidding. He owes you.

Vimal: I don't think he's going to see it that way.

Rama: Well, you'll never know until you ask, Vimal. Don't be afraid to go after what you want, what you deserve. Stick to your guns, Vimal. You have to be strong. Now hold my ankles.

Vimal: It's what I deserve, Mr. Buchanan. For making Rex Balsom not your son. For changing those tests to say that your daughter's baby's father was Brody Lovett, even though he wasn't.

Jessica: It's like the babies sense their connection to each other. It's deeper than just cousins.

Gigi: Okay. Time to go, Mr. Lovett. You heard me. Get the hell out of here right now.

[Jessica chuckles]

John: Robert Ford's building has video surveillance. Your ugly mugs were caught on tape going inside.

Mark: I don't know any Robert Ford.

Bo: Well, now, see, that's interesting, too, because he picked you and Mr. Black out of a lineup.

Andre: He's Bluestein, I'm Schwarz. And I don't know any Robert Ford, either.

John: You know, you really are going to be black and blue if you don't start talking.

Bo: I think what my colleague is saying is that we have you on the hook for aggravated assault, if you don't tell us everything that we want to know about the murder of Eddie Ford--and how your boss was involved.

Brody: Why are they kicking me out? What did I do?

Gigi: Nothing, but I've got a rack full of wedding dresses for Natalie to try on, Jessica's needs alterations, and I'm not going to risk any bad luck at this wedding letting you have the chance to see them.

Jessica: I guess that just about covers it.

Natalie: Yeah, and Gigi's right. You know, we've had our share of bad luck around here.

Jessica: Enough said.

Brody: Okay, okay, I'm getting out of here already. I know better than to argue with a room full of women the day before a wedding. Remember that, my son. All right, have fun.

Clint: Vimal, are you threatening me?

Vimal's voice: Mr. Buchanan might not take too kindly to me asking to be invited to the wedding.

Rama's voice: But you don't just ask, Vimal, you demand. This is something you've earned--for your loyalty and dedication.

Vimal's voice: Rama...

Rama's voice: And this is something I've earned, too, for being your wife. Vimal, don't forget, you're the one with all the power. You hold all the cards. You know what Mr. Buchanan did. Now, march in there and demand those invitations. You hear me?

Vimal's voice: But I haven't even exercised yet.

Rama's voice: Go. Now.

Vimal: It's not a threat, Mr. Buchanan. It's a demand. I've earned those invitations, and you will give them to me.

Clint: Vimal, you're right. You've been a loyal and true employee to me, and I owe you for being so discreet.

Vimal: Thank you. Thank you. I tried.

Clint: And I know for a fact that you never told anybody about changing those paternity tests. As per agreement, you didn't tell a single soul. Did you, Vimal?

Cutter: What do you think?

Aubrey: You are a magician. It's perfect.

Cutter: There. As far as everyone else is concerned, you are the real Aubrey Wentworth, and we are still on track for the biggest score we've ever seen.

Aubrey: And I have to owe it to my old friend Rama for spilling all about Clint's DNA test shenanigans. We're going to have all our money. And Joey thinks I'm a saint for getting Clint to change his mind about disinheriting him.

Cutter: Poor Joey. What a little sap.

Aubrey: I asked you not to talk trash about Joey.

Joey: You know, fortunately, my father stepped up and made amends for trying to disinherit me. And it's all thanks to Aubrey.

Rex: Well, what she did was--

Joey: You know, kind of brave, right? And she put my dad on the spot and--and ultimately, that's what made him back down. I got to say, she is...Rex, she is one amazing woman.

Cutter: Do I need to remind you again that you going soft on Joey is not part of the deal?

Aubrey: I know.

Cutter: Doesn't seem like it.

Aubrey: Cutter, I am working my butt off here to make this happen for us. Please, just don't call Joey a sap. He is a smart guy who just wasn't expecting this--to be fooled by someone so...skillful.

Cutter: Well, you got that right. You know, I wouldn't mind seeing some of those skills right now.

Aubrey: Later. Is that glue dry yet? Because you still have to go over to Dorian's house and replace that yearbook.

Cutter: It's almost ready.

Aubrey: Thank God.

Cutter: I just can't wait to have you all to myself again. And that Buchanan money.

Kelly: You think maybe Aubrey's a con artist?

Dorian: Oh, absolutely, and worse. Meeting her so-called brother yesterday absolutely convinced me he's not interested in working for one of my charities. Honey, I want you to be very careful, okay, when you're on these "fishing expeditions" with him.

Kelly: Oh, it's all right. All right, nothing's happened so far. Just one dinner and a thwarted breakfast date, even if it was in Cutter's room.

Dorian: In his room? Well, what thwarted it?

Kelly: Joey. He walked in on us and he got upset because he thought I was cheating on Kevin.

Dorian: Oh. Yes, I had forgotten about that.

Kelly: I guess Joey didn't. But out of desperation, I had to tell him that Kevin and I broke up.

Dorian: You know, I saw Joe yesterday at the Palace. He rushed past me looking as if he had lost his best friend.

Kelly: What did he say?

Dorian: Well, he was just too upset to...oh, ha ha! Kelly...honey, do you think Joe was jealous?

Joey: I mean, Aubrey's just so incredible. To turn my dad around in the inheritance--I mean, not many people could have done that.

Rex: No, definitely not.

Joey: It's just like every day I learn something new about her that makes me realize how lucky I am to have found her.

Rex: You really love her?

Joey: Oh, yeah. Well, how can you tell?

Rex: You trust her?

Joey: Of course. Well, is there a reason why I shouldn't?

Vimal: I didn't tell a single soul about the DNA switches.

Clint: Oh...thank heavens for that. Because if you had done so, it would have been so very, very disappointing.

Bo: I can cut you both a deal, reduce the charges, if you tell us what we want to know.

John: That offer will last for exactly 10 seconds. 9, 8, 7, 6...

Andre: Two.

Mark: One.

Bo: The Rosemont High School blood drive.

Mark: That's where we were when that kid got beat up.

John: Robert Ford?

Mark: Whatever. We got our alibi.

Bo: Yeah, bought and paid for by Clint Buchanan.

Andre: Good luck proving it. We don't know Eddie Ford or anything connecting Clint Buchanan to his murder.

Mark: Well, if that's all, we got to go. P.T.A. meeting.

Bo: Hmm.

John: Okay, do you guys have kids together? Which one's the mom? I think it's you. Get the hell out of here.

Brody: What was that all about? Never mind. None of my business.

John: No, actually... actually, it is your business.

Gigi: I threatened your dressmaker's life if she couldn't get these alterations done by tomorrow.

Jessica: You are very take charge. I like it.

Gigi: Single mom for 10 years--not much choice. I'm going to head over there now and drop your dress off.

Jessica: Okay. Thank you again so much. We never would have gotten this double wedding done in record time if it hadn't been for you.

Gigi: Well, it's fun for me. Who knows--maybe I was an event planner in a past life. And you, Ms. Thing, start trying on dresses.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Jessica: Whew. You heard her. We better get cracking.

Natalie: You know, you are going to look so beautiful in that dress. Brody is just going to melt when you walk down the aisle.

Jessica: And I know that you're going to look amazing in any one of those dresses.

Natalie: I hope so, because we don't have much time.

Jessica: Are you kidding me? Come here. Would you look at yourself in the mirror? You have been glowing--glowing ever since Liam was born. You're going to look beautiful.

Natalie: Is this really happening?

Jessica: I know, right? I've had to pinch myself a couple times. I cannot believe I talked you and John into this whole double wedding thing.

Natalie: I know. It kind of surprised me myself.

Jessica: Yeah, but in a way, it's perfect, you know? We're sisters. We're twins, and in some ways, I feel closer to you than anyone else.

Natalie: It hasn't always been that way.

Jessica: I know. I am so sorry for everything that I've ever done to hurt you.

Brody: What's going on? What's my business?

John: He's about to marry Jessica. He's got a right to know.

Bo: Hmm. Well, go ahead. Tell him.

Brody: Tell me what?

John: Son, it's about your future father-in-law.

Vimal: I would never want to disappoint you, Mr. Buchanan.

Clint: Ah.

Vimal: So, um, I'll just take those wedding invitations and I'll be on my way.

Clint: No. You wait here. The timing is perfect. Mr. Black--

Mark: I'm blue. He's black.

Clint: Whatever. This is a good friend of mine, Vimal Patel. Vim, I'm going to ask you once again. Who did you tell about our private business?

Vimal: No one.

Clint: Well, that's--that's really odd, because somebody just blackmailed me with that very information, and you and I are the only two people who knew about it. Vimal? Gentlemen, maybe you can...stir his imagination and memory.

Cutter: I'm going to go make another date with Kelly.

Aubrey: Why? We're all set on plan A. We don't need to go after Kelly's money. We already have Joey's.

Cutter: Not yet, we don't. Besides, I need an excuse to sneak this over, right?

Aubrey: Keep your hands off Kelly, okay?

Cutter: You going to keep your hands off Joey? Right.

Rex: You have no reason not to trust Aubrey, it's just--

Joey: Okay.

Rex: Kelly and I are friends and she had issues with Aubrey for a while.

Joey: No, I know, I know. Kelly was very suspicious of Aubrey, but that's all good now. She's fine--we're fine. And besides, Kelly is dating Aubs' brother.

Rex: Aubrey's brother? Really?

Joey: Yeah. No, I know, it's kind of weird.

Rex: No, if you're okay with it.

Joey: You know, I wasn't sure, but...can I ask you something since you're Kelly's friend?

Rex: Shoot.

Joey: What's going on with her?

Kelly: I can't let myself believe that Joey is jealous. That would mean I still have a chance with him.

Dorian: The power of positive thinking. Try it.

Kelly: It's hard to be positive about Joey planning a wedding to someone else, or that he stood up to his father for her. And after that big stunt that Aubrey pulled at the church, he's even more gaga over her.

Dorian: Because she got Clint to back down.

Kelly: I think she's--I don't know--I think she has something on him.

Dorian: So you mentioned.

Kelly: Okay, stop doing that. Stop doing that. Every time I mention Clint, you're shutting down. What do you know?

Rex: I think maybe you just need to talk to Kelly about this. I really shouldn't say anything.

Joey: Oh, no, see?

Rex: What?

Joey: No, that means something's up.

Rex: You just need to...open your eyes. If you do that, you'll figure all this out on your own. Later.

Joey: Wait. Rex, wait. Rex? Figure out what?

John: We know he had the motive and the means to kill Eddie Ford.

Bo: Now we have to prove that he had the opportunity.

Brody: And you think...you think Clint did all this to break up your marriage to Nora?

Bo: It looks that way.

John: It's a lot to take in, I know.

Brody: Yeah. I mean, Clint's always been so good to me. With some of the mistakes I've made, I wouldn't have blamed him if he had given me a hard time about being with Jessica. He welcomed me into the family practically from the beginning. Not to mention, the trust funds he just established for Ryder and Liam. I don't want Jessica to know about this, at least not yet. She's crazy about her dad.

John: Natalie, too, but they're going to find out eventually.

Bo: I hate to destroy their images of their father...no matter what Clint's done. We're going to put a hold on this. At least until after your weddings.

Natalie: You have nothing to be sorry for. I am the one who needs to apologize to you.

Jessica: You know what? Let's both stop staying that we're sorry. Everything that's happened between us, it's ancient history.

Natalie: Yeah. Our future is all that matters.

Jessica: And from where I'm standing, it looks pretty darn good.

Natalie: Ha! No kidding. I just feel like my heart is going to burst.

Jessica: Well, welcome to motherhood. You think you know what love is, but then you create this perfect little miracle out of that love and then you realize...

Natalie: Your heart's much bigger than you thought it could be.

Jessica: And that's how it's going to be from now on for all 4 of us. Brody and I trust you and John with our lives and our children's life. I hope that you feel the same way.

Natalie: I mean, you really have to ask?

Jessica: I hope you know that we always have your back. We want to be like second parents to Liam.

Natalie: Nothing would make me happier.

Gigi: Hey! How can you sit around getting mushy when there are dresses to try on? And you! I thought I made myself clear. Strip!

Rex: Hey! I better see both you guys at Rodi's tonight.

John: That's the surprise? The bachelor party's at my own bar?

Rex: Hey, I had to figure out some way to make sure you'd be there.

John: Relax, Balsom. Just busting your chops, all right? We'll be there--both of us, right?

Brody: Mm-hmm. Hey, just no strippers, or I'll never hear the end of it.

John: Come on. We'll take you by Logan's. We'll get you a nice skirt.

Brody: You know, I actually had my eyes on those pair of heels...

[Rex knocks on door]

Bo: Yeah?

Rex: Bo?

Bo: Hey, Balsom. What's up?

Rex: Uh, well, I did come by for some advice, but...

Bo: But what?

Rex: You look like hell.

Bo: Well, thank you very much.

Rex: What's wrong?

Bo: You were right. Inez drugged me. She admitted it.

Rex: So that's great news. That means that--

Bo: It means that we didn't have sex.

Rex: Okay. Does Nora know?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. We're back together.

Rex: Bo, that's great news. You guys belong together.

Bo: Yeah. It's too bad my brother doesn't agree.

Rex: What? What does Clint have to do with this?

Bo: He's the one that set the whole thing up. My own flesh and blood.

Dorian: I will tell you what I know. Yes, I do believe that Aubrey has something on Clint. And believe me, there is plenty to get. I think she knows what I do.

Kelly: Why? What do you know? Come on.

Dorian: All right, I'm going to tell you exactly what I told Rex. Clint is actually Rex's father, not Charlie.

Kelly: What? What? What do you mean? There was a DNA test.

Dorian: Oh, I wouldn't put anything past Clint.

Vimal: Oh!

Clint: Have you thought of anyone who you might have told about the DNA test?

Vimal: No, no!

Clint: Then think harder.

Vimal: I...no, I swear. I didn't tell anybody. Only Rama.

Clint: Rama? Who's Rama?

Vimal: Oh, no, no. Nobody you would know. Rama is a Hindu God--the seventh avatar of Vishnu. I was--I was-- I was praying.

Clint: Are you sure you didn't mention it to anybody currently on this planet? Are you sure you didn't mention it to Aubrey Wentworth?

Aubrey: Aubrey Wentworth, you're going to have a much nicer life, now that you're me.

Vimal: Aubrey Wentworth?

Clint: Yes, Aubrey Wentworth.

Rama's voice: Vimal, this is my old friend Aubrey—

Aubrey's voice: Wentworth.

Vimal's voice: Hello.

Aubrey's voice: So nice to meet you.

Vimal: I never told Aubrey Wentworth anything. That's the truth.

Andre: Want us to apply a little pressure?

Clint: No. This carpet's real expensive. Let this be a warning to you. Don't mention this to anyone. And no more praying. Don't talk to the gods. Don't even talk to yourself.

Vimal: I won't.

Clint: All right, then get out of here.

Vimal: Hey...um, about those--those invitations?

Clint: There are no more. How about a pink slip instead?

Vimal: What?

Clint: You're fired.

Kelly: Why would you tell Rex that?

Dorian: Let's not talk about Rex anymore, all right? Let's talk about you, shall we?

Kelly: I don't want to talk about me.

Dorian: Okay, then. I have a suggestion. There is one way that you can resolve all of this confusion about you and Aubrey and Joe and Cutter.

Kelly: What's that?

Dorian: Just tell Joe how you feel about him.

[Knock on door]

Andre: Morning, ma'am.

Aubrey: I didn't call maintenance.

Natalie: Oh.

Natalie: This is it.

Brody: Hey, thanks for bringing me into the loop about Clint.

John: You deserve to know.

Brody: You know, I don't really...I don't have a whole lot of people here in Llanview. And you've really become my friend, you know, not just my superior and my future brother-in-law. I really appreciate it.

John: Same here, Brody. I just wish the news about Clint wasn't so grim, you know? I don't think either one of us want to be arresting our father-in-law for murder.

Rex: Bo, I am so sorry about Clint.

Bo: Well, that's why I don't want Natalie or Jess to know about this yet. I mean, imagine if it was your father. But you...you came here to see me. I've been doing all the talking. What's this advice that you wanted?

Rex: Hey, look, believe it or not, you already helped me figure out what I need to do.

Mark: We're replacing all the thermostats and you're next on the list.

Andre: It shouldn't take long, ma'am. Just the one in here and the one in the bedroom.

Aubrey: Okay.

Dorian: You know, once Joe's sisters are married, Aubrey is going to be pushing him to the altar. You said it yourself, darling--you haven't got much time.

Kelly: It could be too late already.

Dorian: No! Just tell him how you feel.

Kelly: You know, I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Dorian: Oh--yes, you should. You need to talk about this. You need to take action, you--

Kelly: No, end of discussion! That's it! I mean it.

Dorian: You win. Fine. Go ahead. I'm going to check on that package and find out where the heck it is.

[Loud knock on door]

Kelly: I'll get it. I'm coming! Cutter? I wasn't expecting you. Come in.

Cutter: I was in the neighborhood. I found this on your doorstep.

Kelly: Oh. My aunt was waiting for this. Dorian, guess what I found!

Dorian: Oh, good! Our package! Yes!

Cutter: I noticed it's from Ecole Madame Laurent. You know, my sister went to that school.

Dorian: Oh, really? Oh, what a surprise.

Cutter: What, may I ask, are they sending you?

Dorian: Just some information that I requested. Kelly--excuse us--we were in the middle of something. Just--

Kelly: Just a minute. It'll just take a minute.

Dorian: Close the doors. Okay? Close the doors. How I hate these--oh, they're--

Kelly: Open it.

Dorian: Open it...fake names. Okay, here we go. Now, what the heck is her last name?

Kelly: Wentworth, Wentworth.

Dorian: Wentworth, so we look at the W's. I'm not wearing my glasses. Find it. It's got to be here! Here--here are the girls. W...what?

Kelly: It's her. She's not an imposter. Aubrey Wentworth.

Dorian: That's her. She actually did go to Ecole Madame Laurent. Okay. All right. That doesn't mean she isn't up to something. Honey, this is just the beginning.

Kelly: No, it's the end. I give up. I'm done with Joey.

Joey: What the hell was Rex talking about? "Open my eyes"?

Joey’s voice: So you--you think he's still out there? "The one"? The perfect person for you?

Kelly's voice: I do. I believe it with all my heart. I mean, I'm in love.

Joey's voice: That's--that's great. Who's the lucky guy?

Kelly's voice: Actually, he's an ex of mine. Someone I've known for a long time. A lot's happened between us, but we always end up back together. I--I can't believe that after all this time, for you to be waiting--

Joey's voice: What? Oh, Kelly, no. No.

Kelly's voice: No...

Joey's voice: You didn't come down here thinking that I was going to propose to you?

Joey: Oh, my God. Oh, my God--is it possible? I mean, am I really--I am that blind. Oh, my God

Vimal: Rama...

Rama: Hey, did you get the wedding invitations?

Vimal: No! Did you tell your friend Aubrey about the DNA tests?

John: So Rex is organizing a bachelor party.

Gigi: Uh-uh, uh-uh.

Jessica: Well, too bad Natalie and I don't get a bachelorette party. Maybe when the babies are older.

Brody: Mm-hmm.

Gigi: Well, that's not true. New mommies get to party, too.

Natalie: Yeah, well, I think we're going to take a rain check on that. I think the boys are going to be partying enough for us.

Jessica: No strippers, though.

Brody: Oh, it's out of my hands. I don't have any say.

John: Brody's right. This is our last night of freedom, and we have to enjoy it.

Rex: Talk to you later.

Bo: Yeah.

[Door opens and closes]

Bo: What the hell happened to you, big brother? I just don't get it.

Rex: There's not going to be any DNA test. But Dorian doesn't need to know that.

Dorian: Honey, you can't mean that. You can't give up on Joe.

Kelly: Watch me.

Dorian: Kelly...you love him.

Kelly: I do, but he is in love with someone else and there's nothing I can do to change that. I have to accept it. I know when I've been beaten.

Dorian: Where are you going?

Kelly: To deal with Cutter.

[Phone rings]

Dorian: Mayor Dorian Lord.

Rex: Dorian, it's Rex.

Dorian: Have you given some thought to what we talked about?

Rex: Uh, I did more than that. I had a test done, and I just got the results.

Dorian: And?

Rex: Clint Buchanan is not my father.

Rama: Why are you asking if I told Aubrey?

Vimal: Because--because she might have tried to blackmail Clint Buchanan with that information.

Rama: Does that sound like something I would do?

Vimal: Well, I can't imagine how else the blackmailer would have found out. Or how they told Mr. Buchanan. He's convinced that I told somebody about the DNA tests. But you're right, you're right. I'm sorry. It couldn't have been you. There's something more, Rama.

Rama: More?

Vimal: Clint fired me.

Rama: He what? How could he do that to us? Clint Buchanan is an evil, evil man.

Clint: Gentlemen, I want to thank you for your loyalty. It couldn't have been very easy to get grilled by the commissioner and the chief of detectives.

Andre: We're not afraid of cops, boss, no matter how high up they go. They're just men like you and me.

Mark: We told them nothing.

Clint: Nice. Now, what about that one last thing I asked you to do?

Mark: Done, without a hitch.

Andre: And she was none the wiser.

Clint: Good. Because I've got to get something on Aubrey Wentworth before the little bitch marries my son.

Kelly: You going somewhere?

Cutter: Well, it started getting kind of lonely out here, so...I was going to send you a text.

Kelly: Ha ha. I'm sorry it took so long.

Cutter: Don't be. That's what I get for not calling ahead.

Kelly: I just had to talk to my aunt about something.

Cutter: I get it. But I do have to ask, is everything okay?

Kelly: Actually, in a way, yeah, it is.

Cutter: Good. Guess I'll see you.

Kelly: Wait a minute. What about our date?

Cutter: You mean, you want another one?

Kelly: Yeah. If you want one.

Cutter: I'd love one. When are you free?

Kelly: Actually, I'm totally free right now.

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