OLTL Transcript Friday 1/28/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 1/28/11


Episode # 10863

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[Cell phone ringing]

Clint: What do you want?

Aubrey: Just checking. Are you rethinking the decision to disinherit Joey if I don't sign a prenup?

Clint: Sorry, little girl. I don't scare that easily.

Aubrey: Okay. Well, you have until your grandsons' christening. If Joey's not back in your will by then, I will make a speech. I'll have to tell your entire family what you did to Rex Balsom's paternity test. Oh, hey. You disinherited him, too, didn't you? Before he ever even knew you were his father.

Gigi: Shane, buddy, get moving. Your dad and I have to get to the christening and you'll be late for school.

Gigi: Are you taking those to the lab?

Rex: If Charlie is not my dad, I'm not sure I want to know.

Gigi: You have to know, Rex. Okay, you hate Clint Buchanan for some reason, and if he were your father, that would definitely suck, but would it be worse than living a lie for the rest of your life?

Brody: All right, son. You ready for your big day?

Viki: He is now.

Jessica: Oh, it's beautiful, Mom.

Viki: This was Kevin's christening gown. I gave Joey's to Natalie and John.

Brody: We're gonna put Asa in a gown?

[Viki chuckles]

Clint: Asa?

Jessica: We finally decided. We're gonna name the baby after Grandpa.

Brody: We know they're big boots to fill, but I think our son is up to it.

Clint: Thank you. Pa would be honored.

Viki: Honored? Are you kidding? He'd take an ad out in the paper. It's a good, strong name, darling.

Jessica: Well, I can hardly wait to see what name John and Natalie chose.

John: Asa. What do you think of the name Asa?

Natalie: I was just gonna ask you the same thing.

John: Asa McBain. That's a big name for a little man.

Natalie: Look, I know that you had issues with my grandfather, so if you're having second thoughts...

John: I looked the name up in one of those books that you bought and it said that Asa was some sort of royalty.

Natalie: A king. Only the best for our little guy. Isn't that right, your highness?

John: Yeah, well, I'm not so sure about royalty, but Asa's a hell of a good name.

Natalie: Oh, my dad would definitely be thrilled.

John: Yeah, definitely.

Natalie: You're still having a problem with that trust that he set up, aren't you?

John: It's not gonna happen. I don't take money from other people.

Natalie: You know, my dad, that's--that's the way he shows love for his family.

John: No. That's how he controls you.

Joey: Aubrey?

Aubrey: Joey. Hey. I--when I woke up and you weren't there, I thought you were already on your way to Llanfair.

Joey: No. No. I just went for a walk. I figured since I have to see my father today, I might as well just try and clear my head.

Aubrey: Did it work?

Joey: Not exactly. My dad disowns me because I refuse to have my fiancée sign a prenup? How do I live with that?

Aubrey: We'll be okay, Joey. I don't care about the money.

Joey: I know. It's just--it's tough when the father you love and trust turns into someone that you don't even recognize anymore.

Aubrey: Hey. I told you not to worry. Your father's gonna come around and he's gonna go back to how he was before.

Joey: How can you be so sure?

[Cell phone ringing]

Kelly: Cutter.

Cutter: Calling to collect that rain check. Our breakfast date went way too fast.

Kelly: Whoo! Well, you are outta luck. I just finished breakfast.

Cutter: Actually, I was thinking dinner this time.

Kelly: Oh! Okay. Why don't I take you upstairs with me? We can look at my schedule and we can talk while I'm getting dressed.

Cutter: That's funny. You're putting your clothes on, I'm taking mine off.

Kelly: Oh, again? At least I don't have to turn my back this time.

Blair: Oh, so good to be home.

Todd: It's about time. Starr told me you were in Europe.

Blair: That's right. Paris.

[Knocking on door]

[Man speaking French]

Man: Tomás.

[Man speaking French]

Tomás: God.

[Man speaking French]

Man: Before you ask, the answer is no. I haven't sold any more of your work. I only came here to explain.

Tomás: Why you betrayed me by telling some woman where to find me and who I am?

Man: I didn't tell her your name. Only your address.

Tomás: Why?

Man: Because the very beautiful Madame Cramer was looking for something, and I believe you are, too.

Todd: So Téa wanted me to get rid of this. What'd you have to go to Paris for, anyway?

Blair: You.

Blair: So do you remember the painting that I showed you a while back?

Todd: You mean the one that your psycho husband gave you?

Blair: The one that you said that you didn't have anything to do with?

Todd: Right.

Blair: Wrong. I tracked down the artist who painted it. He copied it from a photo that he found in a flea market. So do you have any idea how an old wedding photo of us ended up in the hands of a complete stranger, Todd?

Rex: Dorian probably has her own reasons for saying the paternity test was manipulated. There might not be any truth to it.

Gigi: Then why did you collect those samples?

Rex: I don't know, Geeg. I've been jerked around so many times, I guess I feel like I just can't believe the search for my folks is finally over. I'm still waiting for another "gotcha."

Gigi: Maybe there won't be one this time. But if you're ever gonna get another decent night's sleep, you have to take that stuff to the lab. Shane, why aren't you ready for school?

Shane: I'm not going. I'm sick. Look.

Rex: 102?

Gigi: Oh, honey, why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well when I woke you up? I'm so sorry.

Viki: Sweetheart, we should be getting ready to go to the church.

Charlie: I can't. I feel terrible.

Viki: I know. So do I. I hate it when we fight, especially about Echo.

Charlie: No, no, I mean, I really feel terrible. I've got a headache and chills. I think I'm coming down with a cold.

Viki: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. What can I do for you?

Charlie: I guess you're just gonna have to tell everybody why I couldn't be there today, because I don't really think I should go to the christening and infect the whole family.

Viki: No. Absolutely not. Jessie and Natalie, I'm sure, will understand. You know what? You should--if you're not well, you know, you should just go to bed and take care of yourself.

Echo: You know what? Viki, don't worry. Really, if he needs anything, Nurse Echo will come to the rescue. It's not like I have to be anywhere else.

Viki: You expected an invitation to the christenings?

Echo: Well, it might have been nice.

Viki: Today is about my grandsons and I do not have to apologize to you for asking that it be a very peaceful event. Besides, it's just family, okay? So that's all there is to it.

Charlie: It's been a long and rocky road to this day, what with Jessica's tough pregnancy and both boys being born prematurely.

Echo: You know what? Don't worry. Don't--it's no big deal, really. Just know that if you do need anything, I'm here, and I do make a pretty mean chicken soup.

[Echo chuckles]

Natalie: So you're saying that you think my dad set up this trust expecting something in return?

John: You know, we don't have to talk about this now. Because today is... it's a day to celebrate, right? I mean, it is--it's all about this guy. Look at him. Is he beautiful or what?

Natalie: Yep. It's all about you and your little cousin. The miracle babies. Get their day in public. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky we are.

John: Me neither.

Clint: You know, I guess that we should start getting ready pretty soon.

Jessica: Yeah, but he should have a bottle before his big moment. Be right back.

Brody: That's my boy. Did you see that killer smile?

Clint: That was gas.

Brody: He's really good at that, too. Everything he does. He's the champ.

Clint: I knew that you would be a good father, Brody.

Brody: Well, if I turn out to be half as good as you, I'll be a happy man.

Charlie: Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm just gonna wait. Oh...

[Cell phone ringing]

Charlie: Oh, hey, it's Rex. Hey, son.

Rex: Hey. Sorry for the short notice, but Shane's home from school today and Gigi and I were wondering if maybe you could stay with him.

Charlie: I would love to, but I've got this cold.

Rex: So does Shane. He said everybody at school's coming down with it.

Charlie: Well, then I guess there's no harm in me spending time with my favorite grandson.

Aubrey: Like I said, the bottom line is your father loves you. That's why he'll change his mind.

Joey: You always see the good in people. That's gotta be why I love you. We should probably get over to Llanfair and help everyone get ready. I'll see you at church?

Aubrey: Wouldn't miss it.

[Knocking on door]

Cutter: Finally. I've been going crazy.

Aubrey: I'm sorry. I couldn't get away.

Cutter: Is it true Joey's father disinherited him?

Aubrey: Yes. That's why I had to spend the night. I couldn't leave Joey after he got news like that.

Cutter: Why not? He's no use to us broke. Besides, I found another mark, so...

Aubrey: We don't need another mark. I told you I have something on Clint Buchanan.

Cutter: What?

Aubrey: He altered some DNA tests, so if he doesn't make things right with Joey, I'll just have to let his family know all about it.

Cutter: So Clint's future son-in-law--Brody?

Aubrey: Right.

Cutter: He's not the father of Clint's grandson.

Aubrey: No.

Cutter: But Clint is the father of this Rex guy?

Aubrey: Right. Rex Balsom. Clint got Rama's husband to alter the DNA tests, both of them.

Cutter: Buchanan must've freaked when you told him you knew.

Aubrey: Yeah, it did take him a while to pick up his jaw off the floor.

Cutter: But he didn't promise to put Joey back in the will.

Aubrey: He will. Otherwise he knows I'll sing like a canary at the christening.

Cutter: No, Aubrey. We don't do blackmail.

Aubrey: There's always a first time.

Cutter: Just like there's always another mark. Joey Buchanan's not the only one with money.

Aubrey: No. I put too much time in on this. I don't want to start over with a new mark.

Cutter: You don't have to. It's my turn.

Aubrey: What are you talking about?

Cutter: Yeah, I'm talking about Kelly Cramer. She's loaded. And I'm already halfway there.

Kelly: You look absolutely wonderful. I can't wait to meet the new man in your life. Where is the little guy?

Clint: Lois is making sure he's well fed before the big show.

Kelly: Oh, you know what? I am so honored to be his godmother. Who's the godfather?

Joey: That would be me.

Kelly: Oh. You and I. Are gonna be...

Joey: Godparents. Yup.

Kelly: Together.

Jessica: I know it's a lot to ask. It's a lifelong commitment.

Rex: We are pretty psyched to be godparents. Thanks, you guys.

Natalie: Hey. You're my brother no matter what DNA says.

John: Truth be told, you're the two best parents we know.

Gigi: Okay, well, yeah, maybe we were until Shane became a teenager.

Rex: Yeah.

Gigi: Uh-oh.

John: Huh?

Gigi: I think someone's wet.

Natalie: Oh! Ooh.

John: I'll take him.

Natalie: Really?

John: Oh, yeah.

Natalie: Ha ha ha!

John: There you go. Come on, little man. Yeah, I've had a little practice.

Natalie: Yeah, one time with Hope.

John: You know, we're not even married yet. I learned everything I need to know. I got it covered.

Rex: Look at John. He's a natural at this father thing.

Natalie: It helps when you're crazy about your son.

Gigi: Oh, you are doing great, John. But just a little advice. With boys, you have to--

Rex: Whoa! Oh! Whoa! Kid's got good aim. Maybe he'll be a cop like his dad.

Todd: I'll tell you what I told Téa. I do not miss that old face. I'm so much better looking now.

Blair: And your ego is just as big, too. Look at all of these photos. No wonder Téa doesn't want this in her house. It's just you and me all the way through it. Wait a minute. This is missing from the photo album. Todd, are you sure that you didn't take this out...

Todd: Why would I do that?

Blair: I don't know, but-- well, I can't imagine who else would want this photo.

Todd: I can. 

John: Okay. I'm gonna go get ready, all right?

Natalie: You do that. Do you see how happy he is?

Gigi: It's kind of hard to miss.

Natalie: I just--I want you guys to be okay with everything today. You're gonna be standing up in a church swearing that something you know technically...

Rex: Listen, we would not have said yes if we weren't okay with it, Natalie.

Natalie: Okay. John--when I look at them, they're as close as any father and son could be. I mean, that's more important than a blood test, right?

Gigi: All that matters to us is seeing the three of you happy.

Natalie: We will be, as long as you guys can keep your promise.

Rex: You know we can.

Gigi: Honey, did you bring-- did you bring the present?

Rex: No. I thought you had it.

Gigi: I don't believe this. We have a gift for the baby, but I guess we left it back at the house.

John: All right, they're out as godparents. No, forget about it. Another time.

Gigi: No, no, no. Like you said, we're the godparents, so we're just gonna run home and grab it and we'll see you at the church, okay?

Natalie: Okay. See you guys later.

Natalie: So, now that you're a pro with the diaper, you want to give a bottle a try?

John: Why not? It's gotta be a lot safer than the one I just went through.

Natalie: Ha ha! Here we go.

John: There's my boy. Look at this guy.

Gigi: All that stuff I said about you not being able to live without knowing who your father is, and here I am about to keep the truth from this baby forever?

Rex: I know seeing John made me realize if the new test says that Charlie's not my father, I'm not the only one who's gonna be affected.

Gigi: It meant so much to Charlie. After losing Jared, to have a son again.

Rex: I don't know if I can take that away from him.

Charlie: [Sneezes] I'm just glad that your cold's not as bad as mine. What are you working on there?

Shane: Just some math homework.

Charlie: Huh. I wasn't too bad at math if you need any help.

[Knocking on door]

Charlie: I'll get it. [Groaning]

Echo: Oh! Hey. I thought I'd come by and see my two favorite guys. And I come bearing soup.

Viki: I think that Jessie made a very wise choice. Don't you, Clint?

Clint: Sure.

Viki: You two are gonna make wonderful godparents.

Joey: Even if I have no experience as a father?

Jessica: Oh, but you've always been such a great big brother and Kelly, you're a wonderful mother, and I know if anything were to happen to me, you guys would take care of him like he was your own.

Kelly: Don't make me cry, okay?

Jessica: The important thing is that godparents work well as a team. That's why I picked you two. You work really well together.

Joey: I just hope that you and Brody will return the favor when Aubrey and I have kids. I mean, there's nothing more important than family. Right, Dad?

Aubrey: When you said you were dating Kelly, I didn't think you were serious.

Cutter: Taking her out to dinner tonight. All in the line of duty. I mean, come on, have you seen Kelly? She has got a great... portfolio. Aah!

Aubrey: It's not funny.

Cutter: I'm just saying. Pretty much everything that Joey's family doesn't own, Kelly's aunt does. You've heard of Dorian lord, right?

Aubrey: It just seems a little crazy to switch targets right in the middle of everything.

Cutter: I'm just saying. You blow Clint Buchanan out of the water, he's gonna say you did it out of spite. You know, you weren't getting enough money because of the prenup. It's not gonna look good to Joey.

Aubrey: I thought about that. And I figured out a way to make it work.

Blair: You know who stole this photo and took it to France?

Todd: That's obvious. Eli Clarke.

Blair: Todd, I already told you. The painting was done in 2003. Got it? Way before Eli was ever in my life.

Todd: He could've been stalking you all that time.

Blair: Oh, sure, he could've been stalking me. But I think he was too busy stalking his other victims, you know, to steal a wedding photo of ours.

Todd: And this artist couldn't explain how that photo ended up at a flea market?

Blair: No. All he could offer me was some wine, pate, some very interesting music.

Todd: I don't know, Blair. Sounds like another weirdo.

Blair: No, Todd, actually, he was quite charming.

Tomás: You're wrong, Claude. I'm not looking for anything but next month's rent.

Claude: Tomás, you are young, yet you've shut yourself off from the world. What good is your art or your music if you have no one to share them with?

Tomás: You know what? I enjoy my life.

Claude: Alone. With a painted image instead of a flesh-and-blood woman.

Todd: I'm sure he wasn't really that charming. You're just a sucker for the accent.

Blair: He was American, Todd. He's been living in Paris a long time and actually, he's quite talented.

Todd: Is he? What, are you an art critic now?

Blair: No. He managed to capture something in the portrait. Even though he just copied it off a photograph, it--I don't know. He managed to paint the whole person. It's like he knew what was-- what was in my heart.

Todd: Huh. Come on. Give me a break.

Blair: You give me a break!

Blair: [Scoffs] It's like he just knew what this wedding meant to me. The day I married you was the happiest I've ever been.

Todd: Are you hitting on me, Blair?

Blair: What? Hitting? You know what? I give up.

Todd: Okay. I'm sorry. It's just the way you were talking about the wedding.

Blair: You know, excuse me for admitting that you made me happy at one time. I mean, truly happy. Granted, it didn't last, but the fact that it actually did happen, it makes me wonder if maybe it could happen again, and you know what, Todd? I would really, really like that.

Todd: Okay.

Blair: "Okay"? I don't need your permission, okay?

Todd: All right. I'm sorry. Jeez. Calm down.

Blair: You and Téa, you got a second chance.

Todd: Right, and maybe someday you will, too, huh?

Blair: That's what that artist, complete stranger, made me think. He captured something in that portrait that I've gotta get back.

Tomás: I get along fine by myself.

Claude: That, my dear Tomás, is a bigger lie than you telling your landlord you'll have the rent next week. But I suppose this is not my affair.

Tomás: No, it's not. And next time someone comes looking for me, I'll thank you not to provide them with my address.

Claude: Surely you did not object to spending a few moments with a woman as beautiful as Blair Cramer? Hmm? Did she find what she was looking for?

Tomás: No. She seems to be on... some kind of journey.

Claude: Hmm. Sounds familiar.

Tomás: Told her all I could. She still has many questions.

Claude: If you ever find answers, here is her address.

Echo: Here's one for you.

Charlie: I gotta hand it to you, Echo. You sure do have a way with chicken soup.

Shane: You made this?

Echo: Well, I cannot tell a lie. I actually ordered it from the Buenos Dias. Ha ha ha!

Charlie: It's the thought that counts.

Echo: Thank you.

[Computer chimes]

Charlie: What was that?

Shane: Just a message on my computer.

Echo: So did you need some Tabasco in it or anything?

[Door opens]

Rex: Hey. Everything all right?

Gigi: We forgot our christening gift. Um...I guess it's upstairs. Oh, hi.

Echo: Hi. I heard that the guys were feeling a little under the weather so I brought soup. I hope you don't mind.

Rex: Sure.

Echo: And as you can see, I'll do just about anything. Use any excuse to stay close to the guys I care about.

Gigi: How you doing, honey? See, you're not that hot. Maybe you're not getting a cold after all.

Shane: Maybe.

Gigi: I better get that present.

Rex: We are godparents for John and Natalie's baby.

Echo: Oh!

Charlie: I gotta admit, I'm just a little jealous of John and Brody, too. I think it's a very special day, the christening of your son. I just wish--and I'm not saying this to make you feel bad-- but I just wish I'd been able to have that with you, Rex.

Rex: Well, you're making up for it now, right?

Charlie: I'm trying. Ha!

Rex: You're doing way more than that. Ever since the paternity test, you've been there for me and for Shane, and don't think I don't appreciate it, okay?

Charlie: I guess this christening has gotten us all a little sentimental.

Rex: Yeah, I guess.

Cutter: You know that telling Joey the truth about his dad might backfire.

Aubrey: Not if I play it right. "Oh, Joey, I've been so upset about this. Maybe I shouldn't say anything. Please, can we just forget it? Well, yes, you do have the right to know if your sister's being deceived about the father of her baby, but Joey, you're being deceived, too. You have another brother out there. And if you think about what your father's done to him, we're lucky that he only asked me to sign a prenup. You know I don't care about the money. It's only your father who does, and he lied about his own son. Joey, I'm so, so sorry." Scene. How was that?

Cutter: Somebody get this woman an Oscar!

Aubrey: So? Putting Joey back in the will is the least of what Clint will have to do to make up for it.

Cutter: You know this is why I love you.

Aubrey: I know. I better get to the christening. See? Now you can stop dating Kelly Cramer. I've got us covered.

Cutter: Yeah, hi. I'd like to make reservations for tonight. Dinner for two.

Natalie: Reverend Dennis, how are you?

Reverend Dennis: Very well. And how is this handsome fellow?

Natalie: Oh, he's ready for his big day. His daddy's out parking the car.

Reverend Dennis: You and your sister have much to share today. I'm honored to welcome your children into our faith.

Natalie: Okay, little guy.

Natalie: I know that I probably don't have the right to ask for your blessing, but... and I know that I lied and a lie is a sin, but a lie out of love, maybe that's different? At least I hope it is. So I am asking for your blessing and your forgiveness for sealing this lie for all of eternity. And...in return, I promise I will spend the rest of my life trying to deserve the happiness you've given me.


Reverend Dennis: Welcome. Now that you're all here, I just have to know what you're naming these fine young men.

All: Asa.

Natalie: How could we come up with the same name?

Kelly: Has to be another twin thing.

Jessica: I should've checked with you first.

Natalie: What do we do now?

Gigi: Well, you can't call them both Asa.

John: Yeah. You take the name. We'll come up with something else.

Reverend Dennis: In a hurry.

Jessica: No. Um...

Natalie: Maybe we could just switch out the first name and the middle name?

Jessica: We could just switch the first and the middle names.

Gigi: Have you made a decision yet?

Rex: I was gonna go to the lab after the ceremony, but now...

Gigi: Hopefully you'll get some clarity being in a church, right? And hey. Whatever you decide, I'm right there with you.

Joey: I better see what's keeping Aubrey.

Clint: Joey. I see Aubrey's not joining you today.

Joey: She's on her way. So if you're hoping that she ditched me when I lost my inheritance, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Clint: Keep your voice down.

Joey: Don't worry. I won't tell my sisters what an S.O.B. their father is. At least not today.

Kelly: Hey. You'll be happy to know the names have been decided. Come on. Let's take our places up front, okay?

Aubrey: Do you have something you'd like to tell me?

Clint: Yes. Go to hell.

Aubrey: Watch your language. We are in a church. Which is lucky, because I might have a confession to make, although it won't be about anything I've done. It'll be about something that you've done.

Clint: I told you before--I don't respond to threats.

Aubrey: The clock is ticking. How this christening ends is up to you.

Viki: Hey, we're ready to begin.

Reverend Dennis: Dearly beloved, we are privileged to witness and support in faith the christening of two children. Do you present this child?

Natalie: Yes. Liam Asa McBain. "Liam" means strong-willed warrior in Gaelic.

John: And "Asa" needs no explanation. [All chuckling]

Jessica: We present Ryder Asa Lovett. Ryder Lovett was Brody's grandfather. He fought in the Korean War and won the Purple Heart. He taught his grandson about honor.

Reverend Dennis: Who will be responsible for supporting these children in our faith and our way of life?

All: We will, with God's help.

Reverend Dennis: Let us now pray for Liam and Ryder, who are about to receive the sacrament of new birth. Deliver them from the ways of sin. Open their hearts to your grace and truth. Bring them to the fullness of your peace and glory.

All: Lord, hear our prayers.

Reverend: Liam Asa McBain. Ryder Asa Lovett. I baptize you in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Todd: I'm sorry that I can't join you on your journey and your quest to find the meaning of life or whatever it is. I have a job.

Blair: Okay, well, I appreciate you bringing by the album. Very nice.

Todd: So listen. Paris is one thing. They've got the great food and the decent scenery and everything.

Blair: Yeah, but what?

Todd: I just don't want you flying off to Nepal or something like that, searching for whatever it is you're looking for.

Blair: Would you miss me?

Todd: Let's not go crazy. Hey. For what it's worth... when that photo was taken, I was very happy, too.

Tomás: Llanview, Pennsylvania.

Viki: Okay. May I officially congratulate Ryder's mother and father. Your son was nothing short of spectacular. And so was Liam, and I love those names. Both of them.

John: I think Lieutenant Liam McBain's got a nice ring for a police officer.

Clint: You're having him follow in your footsteps already?

Natalie: Not if I can help it.

John: My son can be anything he wants to be with my blessing.

[Natalie chuckles]

Rex: I think this day is trying to tell me something. I'm trying to figure out what it is.

Gigi: It's weird how similar your situation is, thinking one man is your father when it might be someone else.

Rex: There's a big difference, though. John and Brody, they're both good men. For me, it's between a good man and the scum of the earth.

[Charlie coughs]

Echo: That sounds terrible, Chuckles.

Charlie: I think this thing is getting worse. I'm worried I might even have the flu.

Echo: Go. Go. Go get into bed. I'll stay with Shane.

Charlie: I don't want to desert you. But at the same time, I don't want to give everybody...

Echo: Don't give it another thought. Please. Go. Go. Get into bed. I'll wait for Shane, and while I'm waiting, I'll check all of my new MyFace pals. You know? Don't give it another thought.

Charlie: Okay. Thank you, Echo.

Echo: You're welcome. Any time.

[Charlie coughs]

Echo: [Chuckles] Okay. Let's see. How do I get—

Cutter: I got it.

Joey: Hey, little man. Hey. You and me are gonna be best buds. You know that? I can't wait for you to meet Aubrey. You are gonna love her.

Aubrey: Hey, no time like the present.

Joey: Hey.

Aubrey: Hi.

Joey: Hey.

Aubrey: Hi, Ryder. It's nice to meet you. It was such a beautiful ceremony.

John: Thank you. Thank you very much for all coming. We think our sons got off on the right foot.

Natalie: Yeah, I think all of us did.

Viki: Well, I don't know about anybody else, but I'm quite ready to celebrate.

Brody: Ryder's been waiting to hear you say that all day. He's been waiting for this after-party.

Clint: Well, then let's get this show on the road then, huh?

Aubrey: Hold on. Before we start the party, there's something I need to tell everyone.

John: On the next "One Life to Live"...

Clint: You should hear the truth from me.

Echo: Are you being bullied?

John: You still think Marty's a threat?

Marty: I'm starting to remember.

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