OLTL Transcript Tuesday 1/25/11

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 1/25/11


Episode # 10860

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Téa: What'd we get? Bills. Bills. Bills. Oh. Something from Echo DiSavoy.

Echo: Wow. Thank you so much for helping me set up this page.

Shane: You didn't need me.

Echo: Right. I'm sure that you probably could set up an entire web site in your sleep, you're so smart.

Shane: Not that smart.

Echo: You are, too. I wish I had half your talent. I bet all the kids at school are jealous, huh?

Shane: All right, so you just need to hit "send" now.

Echo: That's it?

Shane: Well, yeah, if you want to friend the person.

Echo: Well, yeah. We're not exactly friends.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Dorian: Ohh.

Viki: Something wrong?

Dorian: Yes, actually. Echo DiSavoy has tagged me on MyFace.

Viki: And that's a problem?

Dorian: She knows. She's on to me that I am trying to get her to admit the truth about Rex's paternity, that Clint is Rex's father and not Charlie.

Viki: "What's Mayor Lord hiding?" Good question. Oh, my God. That's you. What are you doing in that get-up?

Joey: Kelly. Hey.

Kelly: Joey. Hi.

Joey: Hey, I'm glad I ran into you.

Kelly: You are?

Joey: Yeah. No I wanted to thank you. Aubrey told me that you called and apologized for the way that you acted towards her. I'm sure she'd thank you herself.

Kelly: That's completely not necessary.

Joey: Oh, no. She's on her way here now. She's meeting for dinner. She's--actually, she's a little bit late.

Aubrey: Ooh. I gotta get dressed.

Cutter: Oh, no, no. Not just yet. I'm glad you're not still mad at me for finding Kelly Cramer attractive. Anyway, she never got back to me, so maybe her apology was real after all.

Aubrey: I wouldn't know. I've had other things on my mind.

Cutter: Like what?

Aubrey: Like maybe we should abandon our plan to clean out Joey and run.

Todd: You gonna open that now?

Téa: You got a problem with it?

Todd: Can it wait? You're just driving me crazy with that pirate shirt.

Téa: Well, then I guess that means that you don't want to help me take it off?

Todd: Let's see what we can do with it.

Blair: So, Tomás, you painted that portrait from this photograph?

Tomás: Yes.

Blair: This is from my wedding.

Tomás: That's the psychotic husband you're talking about?

Blair: No. Not this one.

Tomás: How many psychotic exes do you have?

Blair: I have a bigger question here. How the hell did you get this photograph? 

Echo: You know what, Shane? I could friend you.

Shane: Um...

Echo: I'm sorry. It's probably so uncool to be friends with your grandma, right?

Rex: Who wants pizza?

Shane: Again?

Gigi: Hey. Your father and I are working crazy hours to make our family's life better. I got your prescription for your inhaler refilled.

Rex: Thank you for watching him.

Shane: I don't need to be watched.

Echo: No, no, you don't need to be watched, but I needed help with my computer. And I actually should be thanking you for giving me the chance to get to know my grandson.

Rex: Actually, why don't you join us?

Echo: Really? I'd like that.

Gigi: Bills, bills, bills. Honey, I think we're gonna have to get a third job.

Rex: After dinner. All right. Go wash your hands, buddy.

Gigi: Hold it right there, young man. Do you want to explain this?

Dorian: I went incognita-- undercover--to a meeting.

Viki: A meeting? An AA meeting? Oh, my God, Dorian.

Dorian: Echo uses her alcoholism as a way to get close to Charlie. So I just thought I'd beat her at her own game. And indeed...unfortunately, of course, she spotted me at the meeting just at the point where she was about to admit that she had lied about the paternity situation. She left but--oh, she must've snuck back in and taken this snapshot of me.

Viki: I can't believe you. Infiltrating Alcoholics Anonymous. I can't say I approve of your tactics.

Dorian: And that is why I never tell you about them first.

Joey: I know the issue you had with Aubrey came from that misunderstanding about that picture with her and her brother and....I just hate being mad at you, Kel. I was always just so appreciative of the fact that we could be friends despite the breakup.

Kelly: Friends. Yes, of course.

Joey: Hey, Mom.

Viki: Darling. How are you?

Joey: Good. Great.

Dorian: Hello, darling. Hello, Joe.

Joey: Dorian.

Kelly: Good night.

Joey: Good night.

Dorian: Have a good evening. Poor Joe. From what Robert Ford told me...

Kelly: You know, I talked to Ford after you left.

Dorian: And what did he tell you?

Kelly: Well, he recognized Cutter from the magazine photo, but he couldn't confirm whether Aubrey and Cutter were brother and sister or lovers.

Dorian: And he didn't tell you the rest?

Kelly: What rest?

Dorian: Aubrey went after Robert Ford like a shark going after blood in the water. Only, she pulled back when she found out that he wasn't a rich catch.

Kelly: Oh. That's what the relationship was about. Ford said that it ended abruptly. So I get it now. He wasn't wealthy enough for Aubrey. But Joey is. So that's what she's up to. Aubrey and her so-called brother are after Joey's money.

Cutter: We can't back out now. Joey's the big score.

Aubrey: I know. I'm not saying we should back out. Just that we shouldn't rush this. I've been thinking. What if I actually went through with the wedding?

Cutter: Have you completely lost your mind? The name of the game is smash and grab. We've done it before. It's in and out before the mark knows what hit him.

Aubrey: Yeah. Right. But think about it. As Mrs. Joey Buchanan, I would have legal access to all his assets. You wouldn't have to risk breaking into his accounts.

Cutter: So you're gonna marry him for our benefit?

Aubrey: Why else would I marry Joey?

Cutter: Maybe because you're falling for him.

Téa: Oh, I should wear that pirate shirt more often.

Todd: It's not just the pirate shirt that turns me on.

[Téa giggles ]

Todd: What are you doing? You're gonna look at the mail now?

Téa: Mm-hmm.

Todd: Oh, that's for me. I thought chicks dug snuggling after sex.

Téa: Sometimes we do. Sometimes we don't. Oh! Oh. There's the pictures from the wedding.

Todd: That's good. We'll have something to look at when we're too old to remember the real thing.

Téa: I'll never forget that night. Especially the moment when Viki pronounced us husband and wife. Only this time it's gonna last forever.

Tomás: I found it.

Blair: You found it? Where?

Tomás: The marche aux puce. The flea market. It's a hobby of mine. Combing the markets looking for pictures that would inspire me to paint. Like I said, it's much cheaper than hiring a model. I hope you don't mind that I removed the jewelry and changed some of the colors. Artistic license.

Blair: That was a long time ago. We were so happy then.

Tomás: I know.

Blair: I don't understand here. How do you know?

Tomás: How happy you were? It's radiating from that photograph. Look at you. You're glowing.

Blair: That's just the reflection of the gold balloons. That night, Todd told me he was gonna shower me with gold, and a million golden balloons rained down on me.

Tomás: It's not the balloons that set off the glow. It's you. It's what drew me to this photograph. It's inspired me to paint that. That painting? I wanted to capture that joy for all eternity.

Blair: For all eternity? Well, you might be able to paint an image that you think is gonna last forever, but you can't freeze time. Things change. Before you know it, what you think is gonna last forever is only a memory.

Gigi: This letter is from LHS. Apparently, Shane has been cutting math class.

Rex: Is that true, buddy?

Shane: What's the big deal? Mom didn't make it through a week of her math class.

Gigi: Excuse me? We are not talking about me.

Rex: Hey! You know you can't talk to your mom like that.

Echo: You know, my guess is that he's just bored with math. You know that your son is a bonafide computer whiz.

Shane: See? At least my grandma gets me.

Gigi: Your grandmother doesn't know what it means to be responsible for a child's future.

Shane: I'm not a child!

Rex: Okay, everybody just calm down. We're gonna deal with this rationally. The first thing we do is we set up a meeting with Shane's math teacher.

Shane: Why are you making such a big deal out of this? I won't cut anymore, okay?

Rex: Okay, if you can prove to us that you can turn this around, we'll let it go.

Gigi: I think for starters, you need to spend less time writing these comic books. You need to go online right now and get all the assignments you missed.

Aubrey: You've gotta stop with all this jealousy. Joey is nothing more than a means to our end.

Cutter: You sure about that? I saw you getting all googly-eyed with him over the babies in the nursery. Getting misty talking about your future, the kids you're gonna have. Sounded to me like you were falling for his fantasy hook, line, and sinker. If I didn't know better, I would've thought you were the mark.

Aubrey: Good.

Cutter: Good.

Aubrey: I had to make Joey believe that I want what he wants.

Cutter: It didn't look like an act to me.

Aubrey: Which is why we need to stick to our own jobs. Yours is breaking into bank accounts. Mine is breaking into hearts. I don't tell you how to do your job. Don't tell me how to do mine.

Viki: So I saw you talking to Kelly.

Joey: Don't go there, Mom.

Viki: And where would that be?

Joey: You were wrong. Kelly's not holding a torch for me. It was all a misunderstanding. But it's all good now. Besides, Kelly's with somebody else.

Viki: She is?

Joey: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Oh. I didn't realize that. Is it serious?

Joey: I don't know. And I don't care. I'm with Aubrey. I thought you accepted that.

Viki: I do, darling, I do, but you have to understand that I'm your mother, and as your mother, I'm always going to worry about my children, even when they are not children anymore. And honey, you were always, always looking for the next new thing and embracing that new thing with your whole heart.

Joey: You think I'm flaky.

Viki: No. No, I didn't say that. You have a great deal of passion. And you commit to things so quickly and so wholeheartedly.

Joey: Then what's the problem?

Viki: Darling, I think you're always looking for something new because you're afraid to stop and see what you already have.

Joey: Believe me, Mom, I have everything I want now.

Kelly: Okay. I'm gonna warn him. This is getting ridiculous.

Dorian: No. You are not. You're not gonna go storming over to that table and tell him that his fiancée is a gold-digger.

Kelly: Why not?

Dorian: Are you forgetting what happened when you went to him with evidence that she was unfaithful? Hmm?

Kelly: Yes. He shot the messenger. Okay. You're right. I won't tell him. Got a better idea?

Dorian: Darling, I always have a better idea.

Blair: You know, enough about me. Actually, I want to find the vendor who sold you this.

Tomás: I'm afraid that's not possible.

Blair: Why not?

Tomás: Died a few years ago.

Blair: Of course he did. Oh! I'm sorry if I sound so callous.

Tomás: Disappointed?

Blair: No, I just came all this way. I came to Paris to find out the truth behind that painting.

Tomás: Life's a mystery. Some things aren't meant to be known.

Blair: So you think I should just accept the fact that a photograph of me and my ex-husband just lands at a flea market here in Paris and then comes back to me in the form of this portrait, and it's all just some kind of strange coincidence?

Tomás: Some people would say there are no coincidences.

Gigi: You getting that homework done?

Shane: I said I was!

Echo: It's just a phase.

Gigi: How would you know?

Echo: You know, I think I'm gonna take a rain check on the pizza.

Rex: You sure?

Echo: Yeah. Yeah. I have a-- early meeting in the morning and so I should probably get going.

Rex: I'll walk you out.

Echo: Thank you, Rex, so much for having me over. It was nice.

Rex: Listen, Gigi didn't mean to snap. We've been under a lot of pressure.

Echo: No, it's fine. I totally get it. And Gigi's right. I wish I had been around for you when you were Shane's age. Maybe then you could've sassed me the way he just sassed you.

Dorian: So what do you know about this Aubrey?

Kelly: Well, that she wears expensive clothes, she travels a lot, and she did go to the same boarding school as I did.

Dorian: Ecole Madame Laurent? Did you know her there?

Kelly: No, I didn't.

Dorian: Oh, I'm gonna file that away. What else?

Kelly: There's her brother.

Dorian: Oh, the guy in the photo.

Kelly: Yes, who is incredibly arrogant.

Dorian: You've met him?

Kelly: Yeah. He hit on me at the gym.

Dorian: Cochon!

Kelly: And had the nerve to kiss me.

Dorian: That is so gauche. Knowing who you are? Knowing you're in love with Joe? Knowing that you have suspicions about his so-called sister? He goes and kisses you?

Kelly: Yeah, so what do you think all this is telling you?

Dorian: He's trying to distract you. And you need to fight fire with fire.

Kelly: Are you telling me I should go out with him?

Dorian: Why not? It's certainly a way of getting information. And if it turns out he and Aubrey are actually lovers, it may provoke the girl into showing her hand.

Kelly: It could work.

Dorian: You bet it would work.

Aubrey: Oh, hi, Kelly.

Kelly: Aubrey. You know, forgive me for bailing on tonight's dinner, but I just lost my appetite.

Aubrey: I'm so sorry I'm late.

Joey: Is everything all right?

Aubrey: Of course. I just got involved in a conversation with Cutter. My brother.

Viki: Yes, Joey mentioned he was in town. I hope we get to meet him.

Joey: Aubrey and Cutter have a complicated relationship.

[Knock on door]

Kelly: Can I come in?

Téa: What do you say we consolidate all these photos into one album? That way we'll have one whole album for our own wedding photos.

Todd: Now? You want to do this now?

Téa: Yes, I want to do this now.

Todd: I can never find the remote when I need it.

Téa: Oh, come on. Indulge me just this once. This is the first time we've been married long enough to have enough photos to fill a wedding album. I want to make sure they're, you know, protected before they get damaged.

Todd: Before they get damaged, or we do?

Téa: What?

Todd: You're not gonna get rid of me very easily. You're gonna have to suck it up. You're my ball and chain...forever.

Téa: Well, then you have plenty of time to help me with these photos. Um, any reason why you're keeping photos of you and Blair?

Blair: Some people believe in fate. I used to be one of them. Todd and I were outcasts, damaged goods. We found each other, and I thought that we were destined to be together. I guess that explains the 5 marriages to each other. But this one--it was the real deal.

Tomás: Are you still in love with him?

Cutter: What can I do for you?

Kelly: I was thinking about what you said. It's time to move on, to let go of Joey.

Cutter: Yeah?

Kelly: Yeah. You were right. There are other fish in the sea.

Cutter: Is this an invitation?

Kelly: I guess it is.

Viki: So, Aubrey, Joey said that you two are planning on making your home here in Llanview after you get married.

Joey: Which actually may be a lot sooner than we had hoped. We were waiting for Jess to get married first, and Jess said that she was gonna get married once the baby was born, so...

Viki: Well, we're planning the christening now, so she still intends to get married after that.

Aubrey: That's so exciting.

Viki: Oh, I know. This is a very blessed family right now.

Joey: Listen, I've been meaning to ask you. Since I'm staying in Llanview, I was wondering if I could take pictures for the "Banner" again--only if you could use me.

Viki: Oh, I think that could be arranged. I'm always looking for talent.

Joey: Sign me up as a stringer.

Viki: Aubrey, what about you? What are your plans after you get married? Do you know, I realized I never asked you what kind of work you do.

Aubrey: Well, I am--I've done a lot of charity work, mostly.

Joey: Aubrey's traveled around a lot. She's been to a bunch of exotic places.

Viki: That's a very interesting life. I hope you don't find it too mundane here in Llanview.

Aubrey: Oh, no. I'm sure I'll be happy here. This is where Joey's family is.

Viki: And yours. Your brother.

Aubrey: Oh, yes, of course.

Adriana: Bonjour?

Dorian: Bonjour, chérie.

Adriana: Mom?

Dorian: Yes, darling. I have a quick favor to ask. Could you stop by Madame Laurent?

Adriana: Kelly's old school?

Dorian: Exactly. I'm hoping they have a copy of the yearbook from when she was there. Cherie, could you pick one up?

Adriana: What's this about?

Dorian: Sweetheart, you are breaking up. Please, could you just do this for me?

Adriana: Fine. Sure. Hold on. What--what year? Okay. All right. Got it. But why--Mother, are you there?

Blair: I'm not still in love with Todd. That was a long time ago. I mean, I think we'll always be connected because of the kids, but Todd has moved on. He's got a new life, new wife, new family, even a new face. Don't even ask.

Tomás: Okay.

Blair: Gosh, I had almost forgot what he looked like, you know? Thank you. He's handsome, but...

Tomás: But?

Blair: I just wonder if I'll ever be as happy as I was in this photograph.

Tomás: What's stopping you? Don't you have a new life now?

Blair: Not really. I mean, don't get me wrong. I do have 3 children that mean the world to me, but I don't know. I tend to go from one disastrous relationship to another. It's like I'm trying to set some kind of world record or something. I don't even know why I'm telling you this. You're a complete stranger. Sorry.

Tomás: Maybe that's why you're here, looking for some answers to your questions.

Blair: Well, I am. I want to know the truth about that painting.

Tomás: I'm not talking about the painting. I'm talking about something much deeper than that--something answers to a riddle aren't going to solve.

Blair: Maybe you're right. Maybe I am here looking for something--you know, a new direction in my life. Maybe that's why I was compelled to follow that painting here--because it was some kind of adventure. Maybe I'm looking to find what I felt in this photograph.

Tomás: You never know where you'll find what you're looking for.

Todd: It's not like I'm keeping a shrine to Blair or something.

Téa: Yeah, no, just to her wedding photos.

Todd: It's not a big deal. I think that Starr and Dani were looking through these photo albums to find a picture for your memorial.

Téa: My memorial?

Todd: Yeah, I know. It's weird, isn't it?

Téa: I keep forgetting I was dead.

Todd: I don't.

Téa: Oh, my God. Look at this. Oh!

Todd: What an ugly mug. I'm so good-looking now.

Téa: Last summer when we got married, I was so confused. I remember being so confused.

Todd: Confused? Man, you were freaked out. You took one look at that picture, and you said, "Well, you're not Todd Manning."

Téa: Yeah, I remember. I remember.

Todd: It was just those drugs that Dr. Evans was pumping you full of. Didn't take you long to realize I was the same guy as in those pictures.

Téa: Except you're not.

Rex: How's the homework coming?

Shane: I'm done.

Gigi: Already?

Shane: What are you, the math police?

Rex: Hey, what did we say?

Gigi: Just come here. Sit and have something to eat.

Shane: I'm not hungry. Can I just go upstairs to study more?

Gigi: Okay, but if I hear any video games--

Shane: I know, okay? Jeez!

Gigi: Who took our sweet and innocent son and replaced him with this alien?

Echo: Good evening, Mayor.

Dorian: Good evening. Would you like to tell me what you're doing posting this picture of me?

Echo: Oh, yes. Well, I just thought you looked so fetching in your ensemble, Dorian. You know, I left, and then I thought, "I have absolutely got to go back and take her picture."

Dorian: And now you're going to blackmail me with it.

Echo: Oh, not yet, but if you keep going after me and keeping a file on me--

Dorian: What file?

Echo: You tell me. If you don't stop this harassment, I will tag all of Llanview and make sure that your constituents see that photograph and start questioning your drinking.

Viki: Would you excuse me a moment, please?

Joey: Sure.

Aubrey: Sure. Of course.

Viki: Thanks.

Joey: No problem. Are you okay?

Aubrey: Me? I'm fine.

Joey: Okay. You just--I don't know, you seem just a little distracted.

Aubrey: I was just thinking about Cutter. I know you want him to be there for the wedding, but it's still a ways off, and he can't just sit around doing nothing while he's in Llanview.

Joey: I'm sure he'll find something to occupy his time.

Cutter: Sorry the bed's a mess. I--

Kelly: Whoa, whoa, whoa, cowboy.

Cutter: What's the matter?

Kelly: I was thinking more like dinner.

Cutter: Oh. What about your faux boyfriend?

Kelly: What about him?

Cutter: Aren't people gonna talk if you're out to dinner with someone else?

Kelly: I can handle Kevin. Pretty easy to end things when the feelings were never real.

Cutter: What about your feelings for Joey?

Todd: What are you talking about? That's me. I'm the same guy, right?

Téa: No. No, you're not. That guy--that guy used to wake up in a cold sweat from nightmares or not--not go to sleep at all because he was haunted by the ghosts of his past. That guy couldn't give his heart to anyone because he was--he was scarred, deeply scarred. This man--he's learned to trust. He's learned to forgive other people, forgive himself. He's learned to love. You're this man, Todd. You're the man I love.

Blair: Thank you. Thank you so much for your time.

Tomás: You don't need to thank me.

Blair: Yes, I do. I really appreciate it. You actually answered all the questions that I had, except for how this photo ended up in Paris at a flea market.

Tomás: We have a half a bottle of wine. I could actually light that fire.

Blair: I--I can't. I'm meeting someone.

Tomás: Off to your next adventure.

Blair: A friend. Could I keep this?

Tomás: Of course. I guess I'll be a little upset I won't have anything to remember you by.

Blair: Actually, I would like for you to keep the portrait.

Tomás: No, no. I can't.

Blair: No. You have to. It's--it's yours. It represents your hard work and talent.

Tomás: Thank you.

Blair: You're welcome.

Tomás: I'll take good care of her.

Blair: Wait. The coast is clear.

Tomás: You can never be too careful.

Blair: I hope that you stay one step ahead of your landlord.

Tomás: And I hope you find that happiness again.

Blair: Bye.

Kelly: I'll call you tomorrow, let you know what time you can pick me up for our date.

Joey: Didn't Cutter say he was interested in a woman in Llanview?

Aubrey: Yes, he did, but he needs more than that. When Cutter has too much time on his hands, he tends to find new ways to prove that he is the black sheep of our family.

Joey: Well, we wouldn't want that.

Aubrey: No. He needs something more productive to do, you know? That's when he's at his best.

Joey: You heard my mom. She's always looking for new, talented people to come work at the paper.

Aubrey: My brother doesn't really have any journalistic skills. He's more of a businessman. Actually, B.E. is the sort of company that he's used to working for.

Joey: Oh, okay.

Aubrey: But what am I saying? Your dad would never hire Cutter.

Joey: Yeah, well, I'm still trying to get my father to accept the fact that we're getting engaged. But you know what? I will talk to my dad.

Aubrey: You don't have to do that.

Joey: No, I want to. I know it may be hard to believe, but my father and I relate really well when we're talking about the business and not my personal life.

Aubrey: That doesn't surprise me.

Joey: Look, I'm not gonna promise anything, but I will try.

Aubrey: I have the best fiancé in the world.

Echo: Hello, Viki.

Viki: Echo.

Echo: So nice to see you spending time with your son and your future daughter-in-law. You know, I was just with my own son and his family today. They're so special to me. And now that we have a relationship, I realize I'll do anything that I have to do in order to keep them in my life. Have a lovely evening.

Viki: Well, that sounded like a threat, albeit veiled.

Dorian: Oh, nothing veiled about it. She gave it to me with both barrels.

Viki: I'm sorry, Dorian. I'm really sorry that I involved you in my problems with Echo because now she's made it personal with you.

Dorian: No, no. Don't worry about me. Echo's a two-bit user, a charlatan, and a full-time slut.

Viki: You know, Dorian, I think that we have already spent enough time and energy and wasted it on Echo. She's never going to tell the truth about Rex's parentage, and she's never going to give us what we want, so I'm thinking maybe we should just let it go, okay?

Dorian: Okay.

Viki: Okay. Good night.

Dorian: Good night. Not by a long shot. We've just gone about this the wrong way. Mm-hmm.

Rex: Shane is a good kid. He's a great kid. Maybe this is just the wake-up call he needed.

Gigi: You think?

Rex: Sure. Now that we've said something to him, let's just give him a chance to student-up and see how it goes.

[Phone rings ]

Rex: Hello.

Dorian: Hello, Rex.

Rex: Dorian. What can I do for you?

Dorian: I want to hire you.

Gigi: It's just a phase.

Todd: You scared me there for a second when you said it wasn't me. I thought maybe you lost your marbles again.

Téa: I have never felt better in my life. That must have been a vestige of the old Todd, the Todd believed no one could ever love him. I'm your ball and chain, remember, okay? I'm with you forever. I'm not going anywhere, except to find a frame for this picture. I want to keep it on my nightstand.

Todd: No. Why do I need a photo when I got the real thing sitting next to me?

Téa: Ha ha ha!

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