OLTL Transcript Friday 1/14/11

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 1/14/11


Episode # 10854

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Todd: You called me, Price, remember? So whose print was on the cufflink box? No, no, no. I don't care about protocol. Somebody planted my cufflink at Eddie Ford's room to make it look like I killed him, and that print says who. Yep. No, no, no. No. Hey, you listen to me. Unless you want your picture plastered on tomorrow's "Sun" with a headline stating that you had some on-the-job transgressions with some of the working girls in lockup, then you give me a name.

Téa: Do you love your son, Ms. Salinger?

Inez: Of course, more than anything in the world.

Téa: Then why would you let him take the fall for a murder you committed?

Nate: What are you doing?

Judge: Order.

Téa: Answer the question, Ms. Salinger.

Judge: I said order. The witness will not answer the question. Ms. Delgado, this is a sentencing hearing, not the trial. The accused has entered his plea, and it was guilty. We're done here.

Téa: No, we're not, Your Honor.

Judge: Excuse me?

Téa: Begging the court's pardon, Your Honor, I do not believe that my client is guilty, and I am not the only one.

Roxy: Where's my grandson? Who the hell has got my grandson?

Marty's voice: Are you trying to bite a finger? Yeah. What do you think of that? Oh, wait. Okay.

John's voice: What are you doing?

Marty's voice: Oh, I'm trying to think of names for our beautiful son. Want to join us, daddy?

John's voice: Did you come up with anything?

Marty's voice: Oh, no. Look at this. Every time I look at him to try to come up with something, I can't stop staring.

John's voice: Hmm.

Marty's voice: Oh, my gosh, look at him. Look at him. He's so beautiful. He is. Yeah.

John's voice: He's our son. How could he be anything else?

Marty's voice: Our son. I like the sound of that. Oh...

Baby: Ga.

Jessica: Look at you. You're doing great.

Brody: Are you sure?

Jessica: Yeah. Of course. Besides, this isn't the first time you've held a baby.

Brody: I've never held one this small and never one who's our son. This is our son.

Jessica: I know. He sure is.

John: Hey, you up for visitors?

Jessica: You brought Natalie?

Natalie: Hee! Plus one. Someone wants to say hi to his Aunt Jessica.

Rex: I need to talk to you about the connection between you and Inez Salinger.

Clint: Then this will be a short conversation. I have no connection to Inez.

Rex: Really? Well, you dated her. You must have a few things to say about her.

Clint: Not to you, I don't. Now get out, or I'll throw you out.

Rex: And slip a disk? I don't think so.

Clint: Since when did my former relationship with Inez become your business?

Rex: When it became Bo's.

Nate: I don't care what anyone thinks. I killed Eddie. I confessed.

Téa: I don't believe that confession for a second, Your Honor.

Judge: That may be, but the time for arguing facts is over.

Téa: A boy's life hangs in the balance, Your Honor.

Judge: Your client's life, and if he wants to plead guilty, he can plead guilty.

Téa: Even if it means subverting the justice system? I believe that Nate Salinger was compelled to claim responsibility for killing Eddie Ford as a means of protecting the person he knows is truly responsible--his mother, and I intend to prove it.

Judge: Ms. Delgado, you are skating dangerously close to a contempt charge.

Téa: Your Honor, with all due respect, the only person here with contempt for this proceeding is Inez Salinger. She is sitting idly by while her son mortgages his future to pay for hers.

Nate: That is enough.

Téa: How could you let your son spend the prime years of his life behind bars for a murder you committed?

Nate: Your Honor, please do something.

Judge: Bailiff. Ms. Delgado, you are in—

Nora: Wait, Your Honor. Wait. I actually would be very interested to hear what Ms. Salinger has to say.

Jessica: How crazy is this? I mean, first, we get pregnant together, and then we end up giving birth to little boys on the same night.

Natalie: I know. It just further proves that our babies are gonna be best friends.

Jessica: Just like their moms.

Brody: Hey, did you get the stogies?

John: Hey, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Brody: Oh, thanks. Oh, thank you.

Natalie: I can't wait until we sign up for Mommy and Me classes for the 4 of us.

Jessica: I know. Ha!

Brody: Hey, well, we can't sign up for anything until our kid has a name.

Jessica: Oh, we'll figure that out.

Natalie: Yeah. Don't worry. We haven't named our son yet, either.

Jessica: You know, I don't want to rush it. It seems like that's all we've been doing lately.

Natalie: I was so scared when I found out that you had to have a C-section a month early.

Jessica: It was a bit rough, but the baby and I are fine. Brody really got us through it, but at least I was at the hospital with doctors. I hear you gave birth trapped in Dad's lodge. The only one there to help you was Marty?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, but everything turned out okay.

Jessica: Yeah. Well, thank god you two are okay, but I guess the same can't be said for Marty.

John's voice: Shh shh shh.

Marty's voice: Oh, okay.

John's voice: Here we go. Let me take him. You look like you could use a little rest, huh?

Marty's voice: Yeah, maybe a little.

John's voice: Yeah. There you go. It's not like you're gonna get any when you come home.

Marty's voice: Yeah. Neither will you. You know, I was thinking. Maybe we should get somebody to help out a little at home.

John's voice: Oh, don't worry. I already got it covered.

Marty's voice: Oh.

Jessica: I can't believe Marty actually kidnapped you.

Natalie: Yeah. I guess she just snapped.

Jessica: I should really go see her.

Brody: I don't really think that's a good idea, Jess. She's really not herself right now.

Jessica: Brody, she's my friend.

Brody: I know, but I went in to look in on her earlier this morning, and she didn't even seem to recognize me.

Marty's voice: Who is this?

John's voice: The babysitter. I have to go.

Marty's voice: Where are you going?

John's voice: I have to go to work.

Marty's voice: Well, then the baby can stay here with me.

John's voice: No. It's fine. Natalie loves this baby.

Natalie's voice: I do, with all my heart.

Marty's voice: No. No, no. Give me back my baby.

Natalie's voice: Don't worry. I'll take care of everything.

Marty's voice: Give me back my baby. Uh! Give me back my baby! John! I need my baby!

John: Yeah. Well, you'll have plenty of time to visit Marty later. Right now, they have her in isolation until they're done evaluating her.

Jessica: I can't believe it's come to this. I know that Marty was having a hard time since Cole went to prison, but I had no idea that she was so close to the edge. So she actually thought that Natalie's baby was the one that she was supposed to have with you?

John: Yeah. I think so.

Jessica: Wow. Well, I guess that's why she wanted to interrupt your wedding. Don't you think that's what she wanted to say?

Clint: If you want to ask me about Bo and Inez, forget it. I'm not getting involved in their private affair.

Rex: Hear me out.

Clint: No. Life is too short to waste even a minute with the likes of you.

Rex: Yeah. Ok. I get it. You hate me, all right? The feeling is mutual, but you do care about your brother, right?

Clint: And what did Bo need your help for?

Rex: Saving his marriage.

Clint: And he came to you? Talk about one step forward, two steps back. As far as I'm concerned, there isn't anything anybody can do to fix Bo's marriage. Bo's the one who cheated on Nora. He's the one who has to make up for it.

Rex: What if he doesn't have anything to make up for?

Clint: What are you getting at?

Rex: What if Bo never even slept with Inez?

Nora: Your Honor, the people have no objection to this line of questioning.

Judge: Well, I'm afraid I do, Ms. Buchanan. Ms. Salinger is here to speak to her son's character, not to implicate herself in a crime he's confessed to committing.

Nora: Well, that may be so, but if Ms. Delgado feels that there's a cover-up at work, isn't it in the Commonwealth's best interest to sort it all out before consigning a teenager to prison?

Téa: Ms. Salinger, if you love your son like you say that you do, then you would not allow--

Todd: Excuse me.

Judge: Mr. Manning, I've already warned you not to interrupt these proceedings.

Todd: Yeah. I know, but this can't wait.

Téa: No. It can wait. Ms. Salinger was just about to tell us how she murdered her ex-husband.

Todd: No, she's not. She had nothing to do with it. This kid, on the other hand, is guilty as sin.

Clint: Of course Bo slept with Inez. He told me so himself.

Rex: Actually, she told him so. Bo just took it for granted that she was telling the truth. He doesn't actually remember it.

Clint: Because he was drunk.

Rex: Or he was drugged out of his mind. Now, there's evidence that Inez drugged Bo and that she lied about having sex with him.

Clint: And why would she do that?

Rex: The way I see it, saying that you're at home in bed with the police commissioner is a pretty good alibi.

Clint: For what?

Rex: Murdering her ex-husband.

Dani: Dad, stop. Nate didn't do anything.

Todd: I know. I'm sorry, Dani. I thought he was innocent, too, but it turns out, we just scratched the surface of his little crime spree.

Téa: Your Honor, the defense respectfully requests that Mr. Manning be ejected from the courtroom and confined to a cell for defying a direct order from the bench.

Judge: I've got half a mind to send you with him.

Todd: Well, I'm not going anywhere until you've heard this.

Téa: Todd, listen to me.

Todd: Your Honor, someone planted a cufflink of mine at the scene of the crime to make it look like I killed Eddie Ford. The LPD dusted the box in which the cufflink came, and guess whose prints were all over it. You set me up.

Clint: Nate Salinger killed Eddie Ford. They found the murder weapon in his possession. The kid even confessed.

Rex: What if he's taking the fall for his mother?

Clint: Does anybody else subscribe to that theory?

Rex: You don't think that it's a possibility--

Clint: That Inez would let her teenage son go to prison for a murder that she committed?

Rex: Ok. I know it sounds--

Clint: Ludicrous. It sounds ludicrous, and I'm surprised that you would even float this possibility to Bo. Rex, come on. The femme fatale drugging a policeman, and now there's a cover-up?

Rex: It makes sense.

Clint: No. You aren't doing Bo any favors by encouraging him to buy into these dime-store fantasies.

Rex: So you think that Bo--

Clint: Look. Bo has got to face reality, own up to what he did. He cheated on Nora, and now he's gonna have to live with the consequences. End of story.

Marty: John! John, help me!

Security Guard: Easy, easy. Calm down. I'll get the doctor.

Marty: I don't need the damn doctor. I need John McBain.

Natalie: Yeah. You're probably right, Jess. I can't think of anything else that Marty would've wanted to tell you, but if she never recovers, I guess we're never gonna find out, huh?

Nurse: Ms. Brennan, I need to take your little one for some tests.

Brody: Is everything okay?

Nurse: Yes. It's just the routine after a difficult birth, and I'm afraid you two will have to go back to the nursery with your baby.

Natalie: I know. I know. We promise we'll go back in just a few minutes.

Nurse: Okay. Thanks.

Brody: Got him?

Nurse: Yeah. Thanks.

Natalie: I don't want to take you back. I don't want to take you back.

Security Guard: Lieutenant McBain, we need you. It's Dr. Saybrooke.

John: What happened?

Security Guard: She's upset. She'll only talk to you.

Natalie: Do you really think that that's a good idea?

John: Look. If I can calm her down, I should at least try, right? Look after my son for me. I'll be right back.

Natalie: Okay.

John: Okay?

Natalie: Okay.

John: All right.

Roxy: Congrats. Hey, Johnny boy, big daddy.

Natalie: I have to go to the little girls' room. You want to try holding him?

Jessica: Actually, I'm pretty exhausted, and why don't you let Brody calm him down? He's usually pretty good at it. He's been demonstrating excellent baby-handling techniques with our son.

Natalie: Let's try that.

Brody: You ready?

Natalie: Okay. Okay.

Brody: Here, young man. I got him. Yeah? How's that? Ha ha ha! Huh?

Natalie's voice: Oh, my God. My baby's father is Brody Lovett.

[Baby fussing]

Brody: That's okay. That's okay.

Roxy: Hey, Johnny, I would've been here sooner, but I was on this hot, juicy winning streak in Atlantic City, and--I don't know--I must've had too much tequila last night because I woke up this morning, and I was leg-chained to a llama, and I had cake batter all over me. Is the circus in town or something like that? Anyway, I got my head on straight, and I checked my messages. I found out the baby was here already. So where's the little mcbundle?

John: Inside with Natalie, all right? Go inside and get acquainted. I'll be right back.

Roxy: Sure. Okay.

John: Hey, Rox?

Roxy: Yeah?

John: You know we had a boy, right?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. No. I know that, but I had a little tussle with the guy in the gift shop. He snagged all the last boy balloons.

Vimal: Congratulations, Mr. Buchanan.

Clint: Vimal, don't you have work to do?

Vimal: Oh, of course, but I just wanted to tell you how happy I am to hear about the new addition to your family.

Clint: Thank you, but I'm in the middle of something.

Vimal: Oh, yeah, with Rex Balsom.

Rex: Do I know you?

Vimal: Uh, no, but I know about you.

Dani: Your Honor, it's not true. Nate would never frame my dad. Tell them. What are you waiting for? Tell them.

Nate: I can't.

Dani: Why not?

Nate: Because I did it, Dani. I framed Mr. Manning.

Clint: Vimal, don't worry about it. Just set them down.

Vimal: I almost got it. This low-tech stuff is surprisingly difficult.

Rex: Excuse me. Vimal, is it? How exactly do you know me?

Vimal: Oh, Mr. Buchanan talks about you all the time because I have been tasked with revamping security and I am to keep you removed from all things Buchanan.

Rex: I hope Clint pays you overtime.

Clint: Vimal is well-paid for his ability and his discretion.

Rex: Great. So how about Inez, huh?

Clint: That matter is closed. Now you get out, or Vimal is gonna test out his anti-Balsom capabilities.

Rex: Well, thanks a bunch. I'll be sure to let Bo know how helpful you've been right after I check in with my sister and my new nephew.

Clint: Natalie is not your sister, and that little baby is not your nephew.

Rex: Natalie says and feels different. Actually, when you think about it, Natalie has been my sister longer than she's been your daughter. That's got to burn.

Vimal: Boy, you and your son really don't get along, do you?

Roxy: Have no fear. Granny is here.

Jessica: Roxy, where have you been? I didn't think wild horses could keep you away.

Roxy: You know, it's funny you should mention that because it wasn't exactly a horse. Oh, never mind. It's a long story. Oh, I'm gonna take this kid with me to Vegas because he must be on a winning streak to come out so early all in one piece like that. I heard you had a Caesar section.

Jessica: Yeah. It's a--

Roxy: You know, I really wish I could've had one with Schuy because he took the long and scenic route. Oh, is this the little bugger?

Brody: Well, actually this one--

Roxy: Oh, you are so cute. Look at you, hot stuff. You know, they say that a parent of a newbie, you never know who he looks more like, but this one is a no-brainer...

Brody: Well, this--

Roxy: Because this kid is all Brody.

[Brody chuckles]

Marty: John! John!

Security Guard: One minute, she was okay, and the next--

John: You know what triggered it?

Security Guard: All of a sudden, she just started screaming for you.

Marty: John! Please help me!

Security Guard: I'll get a doctor and see if they want to sedate her.

John: Wait, wait. Just give me a minute here, okay?

Marty: Uh!

John: Marty, it's John.

Marty: Oh, hey. I'm so glad you're back.

John: I came when I heard you wanted to see me. You all right?

Marty: Yeah. I will be. Just bring me back our baby.

Roxy: Look at you. You got Brody's eyes.

Jessica: Uh, Roxy, it's--

Roxy: And you got Brody's little nose, and you're both cute as a bug.

Natalie: Okay. I'm gonna take him now.

Roxy: And look at you. You got your figure back almost.

Natalie: Roxy, he looks nothing like Brody.

Roxy: Oh, don't listen to her. He looks exactly like you.

Natalie: Roxy, this isn't Brody's baby. It's John's.

Bo: Mr. Manning's claim is legitimate. Forensics found Nate Salinger's prints on the cufflink box.

Todd: You believe me now?

Dani: I don't understand. How could you do that?

Téa: Your Honor, I would like to request a recess to consult with my client.

Nora: I have no objection, Your Honor.

Judge: Well, believe it or not, I do. I'm not gonna prolong this circus any longer. We're here to determine Mr. Salinger's sentencing, and I have more than enough information to render my decision.

Téa: Your Honor, if I could beg the court's indulgence just one more time, it is clear that there are extenuating circumstances in this case, and it is only fair that you hear those before sentencing.

Nora: Your Honor, I would be interested in hearing them.

Judge: Very well. The bailiff will swear in Mr. Salinger, and he'll tell us in his own words exactly what happened on the night of Edward Ford's death.

Nate: It was the night Eddie was supposed to fight my brother Ford at Rourke's gym. Eddie agreed to leave town if he lost, but he backed out at the last minute. He kept talking about how he wasn't gonna leave town. Then he said some threatening things about my mom and Dani.

Dani's voice: Wow, no wonder your wife left you. You're pathetic.

Eddie's voice: Just wait your turn, little miss sugar lips. You're next.

Nate: I couldn't just sit around and wait for him to do something to them, so I came up with a plan.

Nate's voice: I want him gone, Dani, just, like, press a button and edit him out of the movie.

Dani's voice: Too bad life doesn't really work like that.

Nate's voice: Maybe it does.

Nate: When I took Dani home that night, I snuck into her parents' bedroom. They were out. So I opened all the dresser drawers and dumped their jewelry and watches into my bag.

Nate: I said good-bye to Dani, and I left.

Dani: Was any of that other stuff missing?

Téa: What did you hope to accomplish taking these items?

Nate: I'd seen it in movies. You plant something on someone, and you call in a tip to the police, and they get arrested. I figured Eddie would go to jail, and you and Mr. Manning would get your things back.

Téa: But that's not what happened, is it?

Nate: No.

Téa: Tell us what happened.

Nate: I killed Eddie.


Vimal: What, you don't like the balloons?

Clint: No. I do not like the balloons.

Vimal: But they're the best the hospital gift shop had to offer. I had to fight off an angry woman who smelled vaguely like a llama.

Clint: Vimal, all I care about is that you never tell Rex what you did at that lab.

Vimal: I swear on my wife's life, your secret son is safe with me.

Clint: I'm gonna hold you to that. I just wish keeping that secret was the only thing I had to worry about, but Rex is now sniffing around another trail, and I'm gonna have to put him off of it fast.

Roxy: Are you sure that rug rat ain't Brody's?

Jessica: We're sure. Our baby is with the doctor, Roxy, getting some tests.

Brody: Just routine stuff.

Jessica: Ha ha ha!

Roxy: Oh, yeah. Well, you know, I can tell that's a McBain all the way. I mean, I can tell by his mane, you know, just like Johnny's. I can tell by his hair.

Natalie: He's wearing a cap.

Roxy: Yeah, but, you know, I'm a pro, you know, and so I can tell that, you know, he's gonna have quite a head of hair. You done good, girl.

[Knocks on door]

Rex: I heard the LPD had some new additions.

Natalie: Oh, like hell.

Jessica: There's no way any sons of ours are gonna be cops.

Roxy: Okay. Come on over and meet your nephew.

Rex: I can't believe I'm an uncle. This totally makes up for all the Christmases you were not around to give me a present.

Natalie: Well, you know what's gonna make up for all the Christmases that you didn't give me a present? Baby-sitting.

Rex: Deal. I will take all the time I can get with this little stinker.

Roxy: Look at how great the two of you turned out to be, you know, no thanks to me or nothing like that. I mean, just right out of the gate, you're gonna be better parents than I ever was when you were babies.

Rex: Roxy, come on.

Roxy: I know, but I was such a mess when you were growing up, and I was always lying through the ying-yang, but look at the two of you. You're not gonna make my mistakes.

Brody: Here, Roxy.

Roxy: Oh, God, I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry, and then-- could somebody distract me or something? Tell me how her labor was. Any good drugs or anything?

Jessica: Well, actually, drugs weren't really an option where Natalie gave birth.

Roxy: Where did she give birth, a cave or something?

Natalie: Close.

Marty: John, I don't trust that girl you got to watch our baby. I want him back right now.

John: Girl? No. The baby is with the doctor.

Marty: Why? Is there something wrong?

John: He was born early, remember? He just needs a little extra looking after...

Marty: Okay.

John: But he's fine.

Marty: Okay. Oh, when can I see him?

John: Well, I think right now, you just need to stay here and recuperate, and you've been through a lot. You want to get better, don't you?

Marty: Yes. Yes, for the baby. What are these? Why do I have to wear these?

John: I think the doctor thinks it's best for you right now, but I'll talk to him, and I'll see when they can come off.

Marty: Oh, thank you, because I can't hold our baby like this. When can I see him?

John: When you're better.

Marty: Oh, okay. Good. When is that gonna be?

John: Soon, I hope.

Marty: Okay.

Téa: I don't understand. You had a plan to deal with Eddie, but instead, you killed him. Why?

Nate: By the time I got to the motel, I realized my plan wasn't gonna work. I mean, look at all the stuff that Eddie got away with that he actually did. The only way I could protect the people I care about was to kill him.

Téa: Okay. So take us through it step by step. How did you kill him?

Nate: I went to the motel.

Téa: Mm-hmm. How'd you break in?

Nate: I didn't. It was unlocked.

Téa: Oh, so you just went in? How could you be sure that he wasn't there?

Nate: I listened. There wasn't a sound. He was asleep...

Téa: Uh-huh.

Nate: And then I went in. I saw the gun. I took it, and I shot him.

Téa: Uh-huh, but wait, wait. Eddie Ford wasn't found murdered in his bed. He was on the floor.

Nate: He must've rolled off.

Téa: But then he would've rolled to the side of the bed on the floor. He was found at the foot of the bed.

Nate: Well, it happened so fast, there's no way I can explain--

Téa: Well, I can explain it. I can explain it because when you walked into the room, you saw that someone else had beat you to the punch. You couldn't have killed your father. You couldn't have because when you walked in, Eddie Ford was already dead. You saw the body, and that was it.

Nate: No. That's not true.

Téa: No. That is the truth. You're lying! You're lying in a court of law, and there are--

Nate: You're right, okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't do it.

Clint: I need to do damage control before Balsom screws up everything.

Vimal: I know that you have a lot of fires to put out, but I do hope you take some time to rejoice in your situation, your good fortune. You're a grandfather again, you know? You must be very proud.

Clint: Yes. You're right. I am. With everything else that's going on around here, that's easy to forget.

Vimal: Well, now you have your remaining balloons to remind you.

Clint: Yeah. Vimal, I'm sorry I jumped down your throat earlier. It was very kind of you to think of me, and I hope I can return the favor when your children give you grandsons on the same day.

Vimal: Well, first, I would have to have chil-- wait. Did you say "grandsons"?

Clint: Yeah. Both of my daughters gave birth. Didn't you hear?

Vimal: Yeah.

Clint: Yeah. I've got two, remember?

Vimal: Right. I do...now. I got confused, you know? So many paternity tests.

Clint: Yeah, but only one of my daughters had a paternity test that you had to change, or did you think that both of my girls slept with two different men?

Natalie: Next thing we knew--hi--the baby was there, and John was there, and Marty just kept going on and on about how the baby was hers.

Roxy: Well, Nora better throw the book at her.

Brody: That'll depend on what the doctors say.

Roxy: So she's gonna get a pass after what she did to Natty and my grandbaby?

Jessica: Roxy, Marty is sick.

Roxy: Oh, she's gonna be a lot sicker when I get through with her.

Natalie: Roxy, I'd really rather you not get involved, okay?

Roxy: Listen. For many years, I was never involved with any of you, but that is over. Believe me, it is over.

Rex: Don't worry. She'll forget all about this by bingo.

Natalie: Yeah. Really hope so. Anyway, I probably should get my son back to the nursery.

Jessica: You like saying that, don't you, "my son"?

Natalie: I love it.

Rex: Come on. I'll wheel you over.

Brody: All right. Bye, kiddo. Your Uncle Brody will see you later. You see that? I got a son and a nephew.

Jessica: Well, I'm so happy that we finally got to meet him. I'm pretty sure our sons will be spending so much time together, they're gonna think of each other as brothers, not even cousins.

John: She's calmed down. I think she's gonna be all right, but I need to tell her doctor what happened.

Security Guard: I'll go find the attending.

John: Listen. Can you get someone to relieve you first? She shouldn't be left alone.

Security Guard: Yeah.

John: Okay.

Rex: So that story about you and Marty and the aborted wedding and getting kidnapped to the lodge...

Natalie: What about it?

Rex: That's the official version, right? How about you tell me what really happened between you and Marty?

Marty: John?

Roxy: Sorry. Not even Johnny can save you now.

Téa: Mr. Salinger, why don't you tell us what really happened?

Nate: I went to Eddie's motel room. I was just supposed to go in and drop off the stuff and leave. It should've been that easy. Door was unlocked. I thought he was asleep.

Téa: But he wasn't, was he?

Nate: No. He was lying on the floor. I just froze. There was so much blood. I dropped my bag. That's must've been when the cufflink rolled out.

Nate's voice: You got what you deserved.

Nate: It took me a second to get it together. I couldn't even think. I just knew that I had to get out of there. Somehow, I remembered to grab my bag. I didn't have time to think, so I ran. Later when I went to take Dani to school, I snuck back into your bedroom, and I tried to return the things that I took. I just tried to frame Eddie. I almost framed Mr. Manning instead.

Téa: I'm sure Mr. Manning appreciates his name being cleared, and I'm sure there are other people in this courtroom who are relieved to hear that you are innocent, but, Mr. Salinger, there's still one question that I need answered. Why did you say you killed Eddie Ford when you didn't?

Vimal: Mr. Buchanan, of course not. I would never suggest that your daughters are even capable of any impropriety. I'm sure that whatever made your one daughter get a paternity test was a simple misunderstanding.

Clint: That's exactly what it is. Now then, if you'll excuse me, I have a fire to put out.

Téa: Now you need to explain to the court why you confessed to a murder you didn't commit. Why take the blame? Is it cause you knew who had committed the murder and that you were trying to protect that person?

Judge: Ms. Delgado, I've heard enough. Counsel, in my chambers.

Téa: When the murder weapon was found at your mother's is when you realized it, wasn't it? That's when you realized the truth, that your mother had killed your father, and that's when you concocted your story.

Judge: Ms. Delgado--

Téa: The truth will come out sooner or later. You cannot protect her anymore. Just admit it. The truth is that the only reason you're here today is to try to save your mother.

Nate: Yes! You're right. I did it.

Clint: Right. The sentencing of Nate Salinger. I need an update. I need to know that that kid is going away for a long time and soon.

Clint's voice: Only one of my daughters had a paternity test that you had to change.

Vimal's voice: I pulled up the names of all the people having DNA matches done, went to the Bs, and found your daughter's name on the list.

Vimal: But, Mr. Buchanan, both of your daughters had paternity tests. I only hope I fixed the right one. Otherwise, the wrong Buchanan daughter thinks that Brody Lovett is the father of her baby.

Natalie: Heh. Oh...

Rex: So you kidnapped Marty.

Natalie: Yeah. I know. It wasn't one of my most brilliant moves.

Rex: You think?

Natalie: I didn't know what else to do. She was gonna tell everything, and I needed to be the one break the news, not her.

Rex: Well, this may sound horrible, but you may have caught yourself a break. Well, how crazy is Marty?

Natalie: She seems pretty much full-on, you know? She doesn't even remember that I slept with Brody or that he's the baby's father.

Rex: Well, if she stays nuts, you're in the clear.

John: In the clear for what?

Jessica: So are you feeling any better about your baby-handling skills?

Brody: Well, I was until Natalie swooped in and snatched him away from me. It's like she thought I'd break him. Maybe I'm just imagining things.

Jessica: No, no. I noticed it, too, but I really wouldn't worry too much about it. I mean, she's a new mom. They're always overprotective.

Rex: Uh, I was just telling her that if Marty goes to St. Ann's, she might finally be out of your and Natalie's hair.

John: Yeah. She's hurting.

Rex: I'm sorry. I know. I wasn't thinking.

Natalie: So you went to see her, and she's not doing any better.

John: No. She's not, but you know what? She's gonna get better, and when she does, I'm sure she'll make things up to you.

Rex: Hey, John, listen. Congratulations on the baby.

John: Thank you.

Rex: You, too, sis. I got a case. I'll see you soon.

John: All right. See you. Hey, why don't you let me take you back to your room after you have one more look at our little guy?

Natalie: I could just stand here all day and just stare at him.

John: You know something? I just might do that. Hey, thank you for this gift.

Security Guard: The patient is usually pretty quiet, but today she kind of freaked out.

Second Security Guard: Is she sedated?

First Security Guard: There's a nurse on the way. Just let the doctor know if it happens again.

[Baby crying]

John: See you later, little man. Be back soon. We love you. Be good. Ha ha ha!

John: Get you in your hall wheels.

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

Marty: Hi, baby boy. Mama is here.

On the next "One Life to Live"...

Nora: I'd like to hear what she has to say.

Téa: Arrest Inez Salinger for the murder of Edward Ford.

Natalie: Hey, my son needs me, and I have got to get to him.

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