OLTL Transcript Monday 1/10/11

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 1/10/11


Episode # 10850

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Natalie: Marty, please don't do this. Don't leave me here alone. Just get me to the car, to the hospital. Please.

Marty: I'm sorry, but I just can't do that. But good luck, because you're gonna need it.

Natalie: Marty. Marty. Please? Marty? Oh.

Natalie: [Gasping] Marty? Marty, please come back! I'm begging you! Uhh! Uhh. Ohh.

John: Come on, Natalie. Pick up.

Clint: Did you talk some sense into her?

Viki: Yes. She's gonna have a section.

Clint: Thank God.

Viki: Did you call Joey?

Clint: Yeah. He's on his way.

Aubrey: Did your dad say how Jessica's doing?

Joey: Not good. With a complicated medical history and the baby coming early, I gotta get over to the hospital.

Aubrey: I'll go with you.

Joey: No. No. You should stay here. Things are gonna get crazy over there.

Aubrey: And I don't want to get in the way.

Joey: Aubrey, you're not gonna get in the way. Don't ever think like that. But my dad's stressed and knowing him, he'll just take it out on you. And the last thing any of us want is another rant about how you're luring me into marriage.

Kelly: Does he look familiar to you?

News vendor: Hmm. Uh-uh.

Kelly: Mm. You know what? Never mind. Do you have that French magazine? It think it's called "Maintenant"?

News vendor: Yeah, we got it. Not usually this popular. A woman came by the other day, bought every copy.

Kelly: Really? What did she look like?

News vendor: Young, blonde, pretty--a lot like you.

Aubrey: I'll say a prayer for Jessica and the baby.

Joey: Oh, you're the best. Thanks for understanding.

Aubrey: You make it easy. You are a really good guy. Do you know that?

Joey: I've got a great family. And they need me now, so I gotta go.

Aubrey: Okay. Bye, Uncle Joey.

Joey: Ha ha! You know, when we're married, you're gonna be an aunt.

Kelly: You sure you don't have another copy lying around?

News vendor: Just the new issue.

Kelly: Oh, no. I need last month's.

News vendor: She cleaned me out. There's not one left in Llanview.

Rex: Au contraire. Ready to find out what Aubrey Wentworth is hiding?

[Knocking on door]

Aubrey: Who is it?

Man: Room service.

Aubrey: I didn't order room service.

Man: Miss me?

Echo: We're supposed to be honest. I get that. Only my friend is suffering and this lie... well, if I tell him the truth, it's gonna hurt him even more. So now I'm stuck. I have to keep lying, which is the story of my life. I can never really seem to be myself. I feel like I'm always...behind this mask. So...

Dorian: Yes, yes, of course. Higher power.

Woman: No, no. Is that a wig?

Echo: ...I know that for my recovery, I have to be honest. I've got to take a risk. I've got to...

Dorian: Spill your guts.

Clint's voice: Banks, this is your fault. You're the one who shot her! And if anything happens to my daughter or my grandchild...

Viki: Okay, you stop it. Stop it.

Brody: You made the right choice for you and the baby.

Jessica: There is no right choice.

Brody: Jess, if we wait, you could hemorrhage.

Jessica: If I have the C-section now, the baby may not be able to breathe on its own.

Brody: Then the doctors will do what they have to do, but at least you're okay.

Jessica: I don't care about me.

Brody: Don't ever say that. Not to me.

Viki: So how are you two doing?

Jessica: Just tell me you can save my baby.

Vivian: What I can tell you, Jessica, is that the best thing for you is a C-section. Okay? You don't want a hysterectomy-- not at your age--and if you hemorrhage, you could lose your life. And as far as the baby's concerned, we are all set to deal with a preemie.

Brody: And C-sections--women get those all the time.

Vivian: They are completely common.

Clint: Honey, you are gonna come through this with flying colors.

Viki: And we're all here, just for you. Joey's on his way.

Jessica: And Natalie?

[Elevator bell dings]

John: Where are you, Natalie? You should've been here by now.

Natalie: Marty? Oh, please come back! Marty!

Vivian: We need to start prepping the patient.

Clint: Jessica, Natalie's on her way.

Viki: She's been at home, honey, resting.

Vivian: We need to start prepping the patient.

Clint: Okay. We'll be right outside now, and don't you worry, honey, because you and the baby are gonna be just fine. She's gonna pull through this.

Viki: Yes. Of course she will. What is happening? Where's Natalie? And where's Charlie? Why didn't he come back?

Clint: Listen, I know that you're upset with me, but what I said--

Viki: Was unkind and unnecessary.

Clint: The man shot our daughter.

Viki: It was an accident.

Clint: Okay. I'm not gonna argue about it.

Viki: Good, because no one needs to hear it, least of all Charlie.

[Cell phone beeps]

Echo: So that's where I'm at. I don't want to hurt him, even if it means hurting me, only now everyone's hurting.

Dorian: Someone give that woman a drink.

Echo: Long story short, I'm scared.

Echo's voice: Clint, let me go! I'm gonna go find Rex, and I'm gonna tell him who he really is.

Clint's voice: No, you're not, 'cause if you do, I can guarantee you will never see your son again.

Echo: A long time ago, I did something that I'm not very proud of. I got pregnant and I was on my own and I wasn't in any condition to take care of the baby. So I gave him away. I gave up my beautiful boy, and I have always regretted it. And that's when the drinking started. Well, to be honest, that's where the drinking got out of hand, because every time I thought about my son, I would drink until I finally realized I had to do something about it, and I knew I had to find my kid, so God gave me a miracle. I found my son. And he's happy and he's healthy. He even has a son of his own and they want me to be a part of their lives now, too, and I feel so lucky. Only... my son has a father. And that's a problem.

Kelly: Where did you buy this?

Rex: Kelly, I'm a private eye. Well, that and I have the internet. I bought it off the web site. That'll be $9.95 plus shipping and handling.

Kelly: Worth every penny.

Rex: So what are we looking for?

Kelly: I have no clue. I'll know it when I see it, though. That's for sure. Oh, that bitch!

Rex: What bitch?

Kelly: Hmm. Aubrey's cheating on Joey.

Aubrey: Since when are you room service?

Man: I know how you feel about men in uniform.

Aubrey: Not funny.

Man: Come on. Everybody needs a little role playing. Remember the countess and the chauffeur?

Aubrey: You said you were going back to Europe.

Man: No, you said I was going back to Europe. I said I was staying right here.

Aubrey: Do you want to get caught? Joey was just here.

Man: And he just left. I heard him talking on the phone while he was waiting for the elevator. Something about his sister?

Aubrey: She's having a baby.

Man: Let's hope the kid takes a long time. Because you and me, we got a lot of catching up to do.

Kelly: What?

Rex: It's just, you know... it could be out of context.

Kelly: Out of context? They're all over each other.

Rex: Well, what if he's her ex?

Kelly: No, no, no. Look at the date on the picture. This was taken right before I met her on the plane back to Llanview. I knew something was up, but cheating? I thought she loved him. He's gonna be crushed.

Rex: So you're gonna tell him?

Kelly: I have to.

Rex: We can always leak it. I mean, I could leak it. Post it on his MyFace or whatever.

Kelly: No. Joey's my friend. I need to be the one to tell him. But thank you. As always, you are a prince.

Rex: What if Joey shoots the messenger?

Kelly: That is a risk I'm gonna have to take.

Viki: Joey. Oh, darling. Thanks for coming.

Joey: How is she?

Clint: Joey, they're prepping her for surgery.

Joey: Surgery?

Viki: It's preemptive. She's developed kind of a serious condition.

Joey: How is the baby?

Vivian: As soon as we deliver you, we'll take the baby to the neonatal unit.

Brody: Because of its lungs.

Vivian: Let me be very clear. The lungs are completely healthy, they're just not far enough along. We'll just give the baby the support that it needs to continue growing.

Jessica: Will I be awake for the C-section?

Vivian: Yes. We'll just give you something for the pain.

Jessica: An epidural.

Vivian: Exactly. This way you can really experience the birth. You, too, dad.

Brody: Me? I get to be in there?

Vivian: You're gonna let her do this on her own?

Brody: No, ma'am.

John: Hey. It's me again. You said you were leaving a while ago. Where are you?

Natalie: It's okay, baby. Oh. Ahh. Oh, don't be scared. Ah. Oh, we can do this. We can do this. It's okay. Ohh!

Marty: No, you can't.

Natalie: I thought you left.

Marty: So did I, but your baby doesn't deserve to suffer for your mistakes. You're gonna have to pay for those all on your own.

Aubrey: Come here.

Aubrey: Oh, we can't. Joey--

Man: Is at the hospital being a good boy.

[Knocking on door]

Man: Ignore it.

[Knocking on door]

Kelly: Joey, it's Kelly. Open up. I know you're in there.

[Knocking on door]

Kelly: I'm not going away!

Echo: My son's father is...I know I've been carrying this secret around for decades, and I don't know whether I can really talk about it.

Dorian: Try.

Echo: But I do know that everything that we share in here stays in here, so, okay. The truth is--

Woman: Ow! Get your fingernails out of my arm.

Echo: The truth is my son's father... is a magnificent man. His name is Charlie. And I'd love to be closer to him, but there's someone standing in the way. Another woman. A friend of his wife's.

Rex: Hey.

Charlie: Rex. Hey, son. What are you doing?

Rex: I'm on my way to the police station to see Natalie.

Charlie: Natalie's at the hospital.

Rex: She didn't have the baby, did she?

Charlie: No, no. She's just there for...moral support.

Rex: Why? What happened?

Charlie: It's Jessica. She's in trouble. And I'm afraid it's all my fault.

John: Hey, Price. Is Natalie in the house? No. No, I know she's not working. Just she was supposed to meet me and she is late. No, do not put the word out, all right? I do not want to scare the family.

Clint: Sweetheart, you make sure that baby of yours knows that mama is a fighter. And you know that Asa's watching out for you. He's with the man upstairs handing out cigars, and that's what I'm gonna be doing in about an hour, handing out cigars.

Jessica: An hour. I can do an hour.

Joey: I call favorite uncle-- and spoiling rights.

Jessica: Like you spoiled me? Give me a kiss, favorite uncle.

Joey: It'll be over before you know it.

Viki: I love you, darling.

Jessica: I love you, too.

Viki: I love you, honey. You're gonna be fine.

Jessica: Is Natalie here?

John: We're working on it.

Viki: Brody, you take care of her.

Brody: Always.

Marty: All right, that's it. Breathe. You're doing fine, okay? It's getting easier. It's easing up a little bit. I can tell. All right, now, listen to me. Before the next contraction comes, I want you on your feet, okay?

Natalie: No, I can't.

Marty: Yes, you can. Yes, you can. The car is running. All you have to do is get out the door and down those steps, okay?

Natalie: It's too hard.

Marty: No, hard is when you tell John the truth. Now, let's go. I want you to count with me. 1, 2, 3. Up we go. All right. I got you. I got you. Breathe. Don't forget to breathe. Okay? You got it. Let's go.

Natalie: [Screaming] I gotta get to the car!

Marty: No, no. You're not going anywhere.

Natalie: No, you said you were gonna take me to the hospital!

Marty: That was before the contractions were one minute apart. You're not going anywhere. It's too late.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Marty: This baby. This baby is coming now.

[Natalie gasping] 

Echo: But I mean, really. Who could blame the woman, right? I mean, look at me. Ha! I'm fun. I'm fun-loving. I'm not all that hard on the eyes, and what is she? She is a jealous, bitter, old cougar who was left at the altar twice by the same man. I know I should show compassion. I really should. After all, the woman must wake up in the morning and look at herself in the mirror and realize that all of her best years are behind her, and she's now nothing but a dried-up old prune.

Dorian: Who are you calling dried up, you bitch?

[Audience gasps]

Charlie: Clint's right. I'm the reason that his daughter is in the hospital--that that baby is at risk.

Rex: You know that's not true.

Charlie: Of course it is. Come on. I'm the one who pulled the trigger.

Rex: You were trying to take down Mitch Laurence. Blame him if you need to blame anybody, or blame Dorian for getting in the way, but do not blame yourself.

Charlie: You know something? Now you sound like Echo.

Rex: She's right. You didn't mean to hurt Jessica. It was an accident. And I'm pretty sure that Jared would say the same thing. That his dad--our dad-- is a good guy.

Charlie: Thank you.

Rex: And do not listen to anything that Clint Buchanan says. The guy is a heartless bastard.

Joey: How are you holding up?

Clint: I've been better. And you? I notice your fiancée's not here. Too busy planning the wedding?

Aubrey: Give it a rest.

Kelly: Lois told me, and unlike some people, she doesn't lie! Do I need to get Renee?

Aubrey: It's a little late.

Kelly: Where's Joey?

Aubrey: Out. Why? What's going on?

Kelly: That's between me and Joey.

Aubrey: Okay, though you might as well tell me. My fiancé and I keep no secrets.

Kelly: Ha ha ha!

Viki: What is going on? Where is Natalie? I won't tell the others, okay?

John: There's really nothing to tell except...I thought she'd be here by now.

Viki: So you have not heard from her.

John: The good thing is, her car is equipped with a satellite hookup, so I've got someone trying to nail down her position right now.

Viki: Should we be worried? I heard about what happened at the non-wedding, how Marty interrupted. Do you think that maybe somehow Marty is connected to the fact that Natalie's not here?

Natalie: Sheets?

Marty: Well, whose idea was it to bring us up here in the first place?

Natalie: Marty, you just need to call somebody who knows what they're doing.

Marty: I'm a doctor.

Natalie: You're a shrink.

Marty: Who went to medical school.

Natalie: And have you ever delivered a baby before?

Marty: Yes, one, as an intern, so if you want a healthy baby, listen to me. Do what I say.

Natalie: Ooh ooh hee hee. Hee hoo hoo hee.

Natalie: Aah!

Jessica: Has she started?

Marty: Push!

[Natalie screams]

Kelly: What I have to say is for Joey's ears only.

Aubrey: Is everything okay?

Kelly: Yes, fine. Where is he?

Aubrey: At the hospital.

Kelly: The hospital? What happened?

Aubrey: It's his sister--Jessica. Something's wrong with the baby.

Charlie: You got a problem with Clint?

Rex: Let's just say he's not the man you are. Hey, you're the best dad I've had.

Charlie: Out of a field of what? Mitch Laurence or some guy out of a bad western?

Rex: You have your own business. You build award-winning buildings. You landed the queen of Llanview, and Shane says you're cool.

Charlie: Shane is the best there is, and so is his dad.

Rex: I used to think it didn't matter who my dad was, but it does if he's the right guy.

Charlie: Thank you. And I bet that Echo would be very happy to hear you say that, too.

Rex: Yeah, well, the jury's still out on her.

Echo: Dorian Lord? Oh, my God! In disguise, right here. Have you no shame? What did you do--follow me into this AA meeting to spy on me and all of my friends here who are in recovery?! What kind of a mayor is that? Is that how you operate?

Dorian: You are the one who is a fraud, exaggerating your alcoholic problem in order to insinuate yourself into a married man's life.

Echo: Hey, I am a drunk!

AA Leader: Ladies--

Dorian: Excuse me. She needs to share. She's an alcoholic. Share with us the secret that you've been keeping all these years. Indeed, tell us the truth, why don't you? That Charlie isn't Rex's father. Clint is.

Joey: You know, for your information, Aubrey wanted to come, but I knew you'd go after her, and we didn't need that--not today.

Clint: Joey, it's been a long day for all of us.

Joey: I know, Dad. We're all worried about Jess.

John: Yeah. I wonder if Marty might be involved. Obviously she and Natalie don't get along.

Viki: Yeah, and Marty hasn't really been herself recently. And unfortunately, with everything that's been going on, I have not been a very good friend to her.

John: No, neither have I, but I can't imagine that she--

[Cell phone rings]

John: Excuse me. Fish? Tell me you got a location. You're sure? Okay, thanks.

Viki: Did they find her?

John: The car's on Llantano Mountain on Ridge Road.

Viki: Ridge Road? That's where Clint's lodge is.

John: I'll keep you posted.

Marty: Come on, Natalie! Push!

Natalie: Aah! I'm pushing! Why isn't this working?

Marty: I don't know.

Natalie: Something's wrong. Something's wrong. I can feel it.

Brody: You're doing great. Jess, Jess, it's okay. Dr. Wright's taking care of it.

Nurse: Her O2 stat is dropping. BP 90 over palp.

Vivian: All right. Set up another IV--saline, please.

Jessica: What's going on?

Nurse: Baby's heart rate over 170.

Brody: Doctor.

Vivian: Open the saline wide. Increase her oxygen to 10 liters. Get the blood bank on the phone. Tell them we're gonna need those extra units.

Jessica: Doctor, what's wrong?

Vivian: I'm at your placenta, Jessica. As we discussed, there is some bleeding. That's why your blood pressure is dropping a bit.

Jessica: What about the baby's heartbeat? Is the baby all right?

Natalie: What is it? Why can't I deliver?

Marty: There's something wrong with the baby.

Echo: I cannot believe that you're still harping on this. Rex is Charlie's son. There were DNA tests.

Dorian: DNA results can be changed.

Echo: Oh, yeah. So I took my master's degree in science and I broke into the lab to alter the tests!

Dorian: Then by other people.

Echo: No. Why? Why? Rex is Charlie's son.

Dorian: It is your way to horn in on Charlie's life. You'll do anything to steal a man from Viki, even exploit your drinking problem.

Echo: Why is any of this your business, Dorian?

Dorian: Because this is my town, and I don't want you in it.

Echo: Okay, that's fine. Here. You can use that. I hear you, but you hear this. You push me, I'll push you right back. And that is a promise.

Charlie: Give Echo a chance. She's--she's trying.

Rex: I know. It's just I have to be careful with Shane.

Charlie: Shane's crazy about her.

Rex: What if she disappoints him?

Charlie: You know something? I'll bet that Shane would be willing to forgive her. How about you? None of us are perfect.

Rex: I know that. I've had to change some things about myself over the years.

Charlie: Really? Look at me. I'm a walking work in progress.

Rex: So what's with the bottle in your pocket, Charlie?

Kelly: Hey. I heard about Jessica. How's she doing?

Joey: She's having an emergency caesarean section. They could lose her and the baby.

Kelly: They're gonna be fine. They're gonna be fine.

Joey: My parents are a mess. They're yelling at each other.

Kelly: It's just the stress. I bet they're glad you're here.

Joey: I should go call Aubrey.

Kelly: Wait a minute. Um, I need to talk to you first.

Man: So that was Joey's ex?

Aubrey: Yup.

Man: I saw her at the bar the other night. What did she want?

Aubrey: She was looking for Joey.

Man: Why?

Aubrey: I don't know, but I have a feeling I'm gonna find out.

Kelly: I know my timing's not the best, but this can't wait. There's something you need to see.

Viki: I'll call you just as soon as we hear anything. Okay, Kevin? All right, sweetheart. Yes, of course I'll tell her. Bye, darling. He wanted to fly home immediately.

Clint: Oh, yeah, of course. Jessica is his little sister. Remember how Kevin and Joey used to look after her?

Viki: They were very, very protective.

Clint: Still are.

Viki: Yeah, but unfortunately they're all grown up now, and no one can protect them anymore. We can't even do that.

Jessica: What's wrong with the baby's heart rate?

Brody: I don't know, but I'm sure if there was a problem that Dr. Wright can take care--

Jessica: Okay. Doctor, please tell me that my baby's okay.

Vivian: The baby's responding to your drop in pressure. We talked about this, the possibility of bleeding. I just have to stem the bleeding, okay?

Brody: Okay. So you can keep from doing the--

Jessica: But what about the baby?

Vivian: The baby is stable. We still have time, and I have blood on deck, so I'm gonna try to resection you, but I need you to stay still. Do you understand? Brody, keep her calm.

Brody: Okay. Jess. Jessica. I'm not usually the one doing the reassuring. That's your job.

Jessica: What do you mean?

Brody: Aw, come on. Two years ago at Thanksgiving, when we first met at St. Ann's? I was a mess.

Jessica: I was a patient there, too.

Brody: Yeah, you knew the ropes.

Jessica: That's a good thing?

Brody: For me it was. I was lost. You had a map.

Jessica: I don't know about that.

Brody: Jess, I'd hit bottom. I'd lost the only thing I ever wanted--a family. And now look at us. We're gonna get married. We're having a baby. If that is not a happy ending, I don't know what is.

Jessica: And if I can't give you that?

Brody: You give it to me every day. When you wake up next to me, when you smile at me, when you refuse to let me give up on myself. We have it all. And now you just need to hang on for a few more minutes, okay? Can you do that for me? Can you have a little faith? Because we're gonna be okay, and this baby is coming home.

Natalie: What is it? What is it? What's wrong with the baby?

Marty: The baby's not positioned correctly.

Natalie: It's a breech? No, no. That's dangerous. You can't let that happen. What are we gonna do?

Marty: If we were at the hospital, the OB would do a C-section.

Natalie: You're not coming near me with a knife!

Marty: No, of course not.

Natalie: What are we gonna do?

Marty: It's too late to turn the baby, but I can try to bring the baby's feet down when it's time.

Natalie: What?

Marty: Babies can be delivered breech, okay? But they just have to be in the right position, okay? And we can't rush it.

Natalie: Okay, so, what if the baby's not in the right position?

Marty: They can get trapped. They can have brain damage, and they can suffocate.

Natalie: What position is the baby in?

Marty: I can't tell without an ultrasound.

Natalie: You do whatever you have to do.

AA Leader: You're leaving, Mayor?

Dorian: Yes, and keep up the good work.

AA Leader: You don't want to share?

Dorian: Oh, no. I'm not a--

AA Leader: So Echo was right? You're not really an alcoholic? You're just here to spy on us?

Woman: I'm calling the "Sun."

Dorian: No. No, no, not at all. Well, here's the truth of the matter. Um...my late husband Mel Hayes was a recovering alcoholic, and lately I've been wondering if maybe there wasn't something here for me. However, I do have to count on anonymity.

AA Leader: That's who we are, Mayor. You're in a safe place.

Dorian: Oh.

AA Leader: Please. Yes, come on.

Dorian: Hello, everyone. My name is Dorian.

All: Hi, Dorian.

Dorian: And I enjoy an occasional glass of wine.

Clint: I just wish there was something that I could do.

Viki: You could go and find Charlie.

Charlie: You caught that, huh?

Rex: I'm a P.I. It's my job to see things sometimes.

Charlie: You know, it's not mine, actually.

Rex: Hey, it's none of my business.

Charlie: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. You're my son.

Joey: "Maintenant." Isn't this the magazine that you gave Aubrey?

Kelly: Yeah. She has my copy because it has answers.

Joey: To what?

Kelly: Well, to questions you wouldn't even think to ask because you're a good person. I'm sorry, Joey.

Joey: About what?

Kelly: Aubrey's cheating on you.

Clint: All right, fine. I will go find Charlie if that'll make you happy.

Viki: Oh, come on. I wasn't serious. Charlie's a grown man. He'll come back when he's ready. Besides, you and I have to stay here together because we're going to be grandparents again very soon.

Vivian: Sponge. Cautery.

Jessica: It's taking too long.

Brody: How are we doing, Doctor?

Vivian: There's just so much scar tissue from--

Jessica: Forget about me. Please just take the baby.

Vivian: Jessica, I don't want to have to put you under, but I will.

Jessica: I don't care. Can you just save the baby?

Vivian: The baby is hanging in there, all right? Just give me one more minute. I don't want to have to take your uterus if I don't have to.

Brody: Jess. Jess, look at me. Look at me. The baby's gonna be fine.

Jessica: Just tell her to save the baby.

[Natalie screams]

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