OLTL Transcript Monday 7/26/10

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 7/26/10


Episode # 10739

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[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Eli: Oh, big mistake, Balsom. Big mistake. You just have no idea what you stepped into.

Gigi: You don't want to have this baby?

Natalie: I don't know. I mean, I never thought-- this is not the way it was supposed to be. I mean, look. Look at jess and Brody. They know exactly what they want. They have no doubt hanging over them unless I put it there.

Gigi: Natalie, you did not do this alone. If it is Brody's baby--and you don't know that--

John: Excuse me. Gigi, there is a box of cigars behind the bar somewhere.

Gigi: You can't smoke those around pregnant women.

Brody: John! Are we celebrating, or what?

Jessica: Stop. Leave him.

Kelly: What are we celebrating?

Brody: Jessica and I are having a baby.

Kelly: Oh, my God, that's fantastic.

Brody: Thank you.

Kelly: It's fantastic. Congratulations.

Jessica: Real smooth.

Kelly: He'll never know I heard it first. Look at you. You're glowing.

Jessica: Oh, no. This isn't glowing. This is sweat, and it only gets worse the bigger that I get, okay?

Brody: I'm not scared.

Jessica: He's been doing this all night.

Kelly: Yeah. That's a grown-up man. That's a very good concept. I'm sorry. I just got back from refereeing a flame war between Dorian and David Vickers.

David: Step away from the computer, Dorian. You keep your hands where I can see them. Stop!

Dorian: "David Vickers has a small--"

David: You can't post that.

Dorian: Oh, yes, I can.

[Computer dings]

Dorian: Huh?

Layla: You want to carry out Vange's living will?

Mrs. Williamson: I don't want any of this... but Evangeline made her wishes known. I'm not gonna fight you anymore, Layla.

Layla: I don't understand. You've changed your mind.

Mrs. Williamson: Yes.

Cristian: Yeah, but why? You were so sure before.

Mrs. Williamson: I spoke to the lawyer who helped Evangeline draw up the papers. He said there was no doubt that she was serious.

Layla: Who was this guy?

Mrs. Williamson: A lawyer--Bennett Thompson.

Eli: All right. How about a photo? Come on, photo. My kingdom for a photo. Oh. "I request any records with photos of Bennett Thompson." Of course you do. You know, the only reason you're still breathing is because you never got your hands on that picture of me.

[Cell phone rings]

Eli: Hey, sweetheart.

Blair: Hey there.

Eli: What's up?

Blair: Well, I just called to wish my good-looking fiancÚ good night.

Eli: Good night, my sweet.

Blair: So you want me to come over and tuck you in?

Eli: Oh, I wish, but I am just buried in paperwork.

Blair: Aw, come on. Come out and play.

Eli: I can't. I can't, but don't worry. I'm gonna get everything cleaned up tonight.

Blair: You know, you better not be pulling all-nighters once we get married, at least not the work kind.

Eli: No, no. This should be the last time for a long time.

Blair: So what are you working on?

Eli: Special case.

Blair: Oh, you're not at liberty to say?

Eli: You know that I can't, but, Blair, the sooner I get back to it, the sooner I'll be done.

Blair: I'll see you tomorrow, stranger.

Eli: I love you.

Blair: You, too.

David: You just told the entire world David Vickers has a small...mind?

Dorian: Few will be shocked by the revelation.

David: How many people are gonna read this?

Dorian: You brought it on yourself with your juvenile postings on my page.

David: I employed subtle nuance and irony which a teenager can't even approach.

Dorian: Subtle, David, like spelling "hot," h-o-t, h-a-w-t?

David: Artistic license.

Dorian: And speaking of teenagers, how could you use a dear, sweet kid like Darren to virtually stalk me?

David: Because he was handy when you decided to tell the entire world that you don't love me.

Dorian: Which is the truth.

David: Nobody cares, least of all me.

Dorian: Good. Then you shouldn't be upset. Good-bye.

David: Uh-uh. I ain't going nowhere until you retract that last posting.

Dorian: Get out of here, or you will regret the consequences.

David: I don't like the insinuation. I am not a himbo. You put down the fish, or the laptop gets it.

Dorian: Oh, destroy my property, and you'll get it, I promise you.

Blair: [Whistles] Do I need to get the hose? What the hell is wrong with the two of you?

Brody: Be right back.

Kelly: I'm so happy for you.

Jessica: Well, I got lucky, really, real lucky.

Kelly: Now that you know for sure you and ford never had sex, you can enjoy this without worrying. You are having a baby with the right guy.

Jessica: Oh, thank God.

John: What are you talking about, pregnant women?

Gigi: Uh, you know--

Natalie: Jessica.

Gigi: Jessica.

John: Well, we'll be smoking these things outside. She won't even be there.

Brody: Can we get another round?

Gigi: Ha ha!

John: I already ordered one, right?

Natalie: Yes. I did.

Gigi: Sorry. I got distracted. I'll go get on that and--

John: Focus, Gigi. Cigars. Cig--yes. Outstanding. Thank you. You coming with us?

Natalie: Uh, you know, I'll meet up with you.

John: All right.

Natalie: All right.

John: Yo, let's go.

Gigi: Sorry.

Natalie: No. It's okay. I don't think he's suspicious.

Gigi: He will be. He's a smart guy. He catches people who lie for a living. Natalie, even if you don't have the baby, he's gonna know something is wrong.

Natalie: Okay. Then I will cover that.

Gigi: Is that what you want?

Natalie: Everyone's lives could blow up if Brody is the father, okay? Brody doesn't want that. Jessica doesn't want that, and I certainly know that John doesn't want that.

Gigi: That wasn't the question. Forget about all that. What do you want?

Layla: Just because this man said it, we don't have to do anything yet.

Mrs. Williamson: Yes, we do.

Layla: Cris and I talked to a lawyer, too, here at the hospital, and since the living will was never filed, it holds no legal weight, so you can keep Vange on life support for as long as you want.

Mrs. Williamson: Is that what you want?

Layla: It's not about that.

Mrs. Williamson: Have you changed your mind about doing this?

Layla: No. All I want is what Evangeline wanted for herself, but if you have any question about that, then--

Mrs. Williamson: No. I don't. I knew from the moment that you read the will. My baby girl is a fighter.

Layla: That she is.

Mrs. Williamson: But she's also a realist, and it's time that I honored that part of her.

Layla: You always have.

Mrs. Williamson: I tried.

Layla: We can wait a while.

Mrs. Williamson: No. For what, to watch my beautiful baby turn into a skeleton, to watch these machines do the living for her? No.

Cristian: There aren't any right answers here.

Mrs. Williamson: No. There aren't. I better go get the doctor.

Layla: Oh, do you want me to come with you?

Cristian: Layla?

Layla: Hmm? Oh, it's here.

Cristian: Um, why don't you sit down?

Layla: No. I couldn't. Oh, she's going to get the doctors, and it is-- it's gonna happen right now. [Sobs] My sister is gonna die. [Sobs]

Natalie: I want-- I want children. I mean, I always thought I was gonna have them but with my husband, you know, when we were ready. In fact, we were planning. Jared and I were planning on having a baby right before he died.

Gigi: So you don't feel ready now?

Natalie: Gigi, I just got back together with John. He just lost a baby. In fact, I don't even know if he wants that ever. I mean, let's get real. He and Marty didn't get pregnant just because John was dying to be a dad.

Gigi: I take it you haven't talked about it recently.

Natalie: No. I mean, we're still trying to figure out when we can get together for a date. We're nowhere near that conversation.

Gigi: For what it's worth, I wasn't at all ready when it happened to me. I just know that you have to do what's right for yourself, okay?

Natalie: But it's not just about me. It's not only me or only me and a baby. I mean, look at them. How do I destroy that?

Brody: You feel like dancing?

Jessica: As long as I get to pick the song.

Kelly: There's a happy beginning.

John: Yeah. Hey, you want a drink or something?

Kelly: No. Thank you. Gonna keep a clear head, ready to go.

John: Yeah. Have you heard from Rex?

Kelly: I actually just spoke to him right before I came. He made a contact at the hall of records. Say they're gonna bring him the info about all the Bennett Thompsons in the Boston area.

John: Good. Maybe you'll catch a lead.

Kelly: We're gonna get this guy, John. I can feel it. Rex is close to finding my mother's killer.

Eli: You know, if only Melinda Cramer had minded her own business, none of this would've ever happened. If the "Banner" hadn't have run my picture in the paper and Rodney hadn't have seen it-- somebody please explain to me how a lunatic janitor can remember my face after-- how many years has it been, like a decade? What, was he just walking by when Melinda was reading it? How many stupid, little, unlikely, unlucky things had to line up to put me in this mess? I did receive the phone call that day, though. That was lucky. I was the one who intercepted Melinda's call, which gave me enough time to get to California and take care of my little problem before she was able to tell her niece about her dangerous new boyfriend. That was very fortunate, very fortunate indeed.

John: Is Balsom supposed to call?

Kelly: Should've heard from him by now.

John: Well, let me know what he finds out.

Kelly: Sure.

Brody: Kelly was right. You glow.

Jessica: You think this is hot?

Brody: Oh, yeah.

Jessica: Really? Well, just wait until my ankles are this swollen and I'm crying for no reason.

Brody: Mm, good times.

Jessica: Really? I'm so grateful that you're here, that you waited for me.

Natalie: Do you know how many times that we've almost lost Jess? I mean, last time she was pregnant, she fell apart. She lost her baby, and you know what Brody has been through.

Gigi: Yeah. They both survived, Natalie. They're tougher than you think.

Natalie: I know that. They have everything right now. Everything is right for them. They are so happy.

Gigi: But it's about what's right for you and John, who is trying to figure out what the heck is going on right now. You can't lie to him about it either way.

Blair: Why don't the two of you get a room?

Dorian: Oh, I resent that.

David: I already have one with my former friend with almost benefits.

Blair: And who would that be?

David: Viki. Ah, life was sweet with Viki till Dorian showed up. Jealous?

Dorian: Oh, please. I was offended for Charlie's sake.

David: Yeah, the same guy who you were sucking face with.

Blair: Okay. Now you're just being gross.

Dorian: Why do you persist in playing their game? We both know it was just a ploy on their part.

Blair: Does somebody want to fill me in?

David: Chiki thought that Dorian and I needed to be shocked into telling each other that we were in love.

Dorian: A convoluted scheme that completely backfired.

David: It was really bad, actually. They had to leave the country in shame.

Blair: What?

Dorian: Yes, for wasting my time.

David: Not to mention wasting my time.

Blair: Okay. I am sure Charlie and Viki went about it the wrong way but you are driving everybody in this town crazy.

Dorian: Excuse me.

Blair: No. Everybody knows that the two of you love each other. You're both just too proud to admit it.

Dorian: Boy, that's ridiculous.

David: That is absurd.

Dorian: Beyond belief.

Blair: Stop because I know love when I see it.

David: Since when?

Blair: Since the man I fell in love with has popped the question.

Dorian: Blair?

Blair: Yes, and I said yes. Elijah and I are getting married.

Eli: You really do seem like a decent guy, Balsom, but I got to do what I got to do.

Mrs. Williamson: The doctor is on her way.

Layla: Should we call anyone else?

Mrs. Williamson: Who?

Layla: Vange's friends?

Mrs. Williamson: No. It's private. We're family.

Layla: But there's other people who loved her, like Bo and Nora, John McBain.

Cristian: Todd Manning.

Layla: We'll keep it to family.

Doctor: Mrs. Williamson, Layla, the nurse told me you've come to a decision about Evangeline's treatment.

Mrs. Williamson: We've decided to honor Evangeline's wishes to not be hooked up to the machines.

Doctor: I understand. Are you both sure?

Layla: Mom?

Mrs. Williamson: Yes.

Layla: We're sure.

Doctor: Then there's some forms you need to sign. I'll be right back.

Layla: Oh, what do we do now?

Mrs. Williamson: We say good-bye.

Mrs. Williamson: Could you two give me a minute, please?

Layla: We'll be right outside.

Cristian: She didn't mean that.

Layla: Sure, she did.

Cristian: No. Look. She's like you and Vange. If she lets you touch her, she'll crumble.

Layla: My mother never crumbles.

Cristian: You wait.

Layla: She lived for Evangeline. That was her whole life since the attack. How can she let go?

Cristian: She'll find a way.

Layla: How can I let go? Cris, I can't-- I can't say good-bye to Evangeline. Even now, how she's been... she was still here to me.

Cristian: Know what? That doesn't have to change, okay, because the Vange that's with you will always be with you.

Layla: Oh...

Dorian: You and Elijah Clarke are getting married?

Blair: Yes. Why do you look so shocked?

Dorian: Honey...

Blair: What?

Dorian: Come here. Oh. Where's the ring?

Blair: Oh, he asked first, and we're gonna go shopping for the ring later.

David: You bought that?

Blair: Sure.

Dorian: Please.

David: Blair, are you crazy?

Blair: I don't need a ring.

Dorian: But a diamond makes a statement.

David: If the guy doesn't plunk down 3 month's income on that ring--

Blair: Where did you get those numbers?

David: Oh, Blair, it's fairly standard.

Dorian: Yeah. Everybody knows that.

Blair: Listen. I had a big ring a couple of times from Todd, and we all know where that ended.

Dorian: How about this time, you don't rush into marriage?

David: Blair--excuse me, Dorian--how long do you and I go back? I really care about you. You've been through all the eligible men in this town, so don't blow it this time.

Blair: Oh, shut up, David.

Dorian: But David does have a point. He's right. How long have you two been dating?

Blair: Long enough.

David: Dorian is right. What do you even know about this guy?

Blair: I know that he's handsome. I know that he's successful. He's also never been married before, so he doesn't have that baggage, and he doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and he treats me like a queen.

David: That's your tell.

Dorian: Right there.

David: Yep.

Blair: Yeah. He's not Todd.

Dorian: Oh, well, yes. Ha ha!

Blair: And that should be enough to get you to walk me down the aisle yourself.

David: No. You can't put the Cramer seal of approval on this engagement.

Dorian: Blair, congratulations. Darling, I hope he makes you very happy. Ha ha ha!

David: Ah. Heh heh heh.

Eli: I would think of some way to get you off this case, big guy. Suppose I could shove Gigi down a flight of stairs. Ha! Then McBain would be real suspicious if another lady in Llanview went tumbling down some steps, wouldn't he? Of course, that did work with McBain, kept him off my trail for a little while, anyway, unfortunately, not long enough.

Natalie: Hey.

John: Hey. Feeling better?

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, my stomach is fine. How are you doing?

John: Good. Yeah. Really good.

Natalie: I mean, with all the pregnancy talk, baby talk?

John: Marty and I had a loss, and it'll probably always be there, but you got to be happy for them.

Natalie: Yeah. What about you?

John: You kidding me? Got a gorgeous redhead at my side. It's all I need.

Brody: Ha ha ha!

Jessica: I'm gonna go check on Kelly for a second, okay?

Gigi: Hey, want another beer?

Brody: No. I've had enough for tonight, thanks.

Gigi: Brody, you are gonna be a great dad. Shane adored you. He still does.

Brody: Well, he's a good kid because you raised him it's hard to believe, isn't it, where we were just a couple years ago.

Gigi: Yeah. I'm really glad everything has worked out for you.

Brody: It will for you, too.

Gigi: Hey, I have news, too. I'm going to college.

Brody: No kidding. That's great.

Gigi: Yeah, but you met Rex.

Brody: Yeah. Ha ha.

Gigi: We are starting over, taking things slow.

Brody: Good. That's the happy

Eli: Oh, no question, the crazy ones are easier. That Hannah was the perfect stooge. Don't stand much of a chance of getting you locked up in St. Ann's now, do we? Oh, this is exhausting. I need a rest. What to do? I kill you, McBain is all over it. I let you live, you collect all kinds of damning information on me.

[Knocks on door]

Man: Mr. Balsom? The front desk sent me up. It's Glen from the hall of records. I have the files you wanted.

Eli: Hello, Glen.

Glen: Mr. Balsom?

Eli: Yes. I am Rex Balsom.

Glen: You sounded different on the phone.

Eli: That's funny. So did you. That for me?

Glen: I grabbed everything I could find. Can we go inside?

Eli: Oh, no, no, no. We can't. The room might be bugged.

Glen: Whoa.

Eli: Yeah. The less you know, the better.

Glen: Who are you?

Eli: Let's just say, you're doing a public service by getting me this information.

Glen: Okay. Well, I grabbed everything I could find under the name Bennett Thompson.

Eli: Perfect, perfect. You weren't followed, were you?

Glen: No. I mean, I don't know. Dude, what am I--

Eli: No, no. I'm sure you're gonna be fine, Glen. You just be on your toes. Someone may come looking for you pretending to be me. If they do, tell them nothing. You've never heard of me or Bennett Thompson. You know what? Matter of fact, don't talk to them at all.

Glen: No problem. Kind of wish I hadn't talked to you.

Blair: Thank you so much for your blessing.

David: Big mistake.

Blair: You don't know anything about Eli.

David: I know he's a lousy lawyer. I know that he got me 87 cents for that mockery Ford made of my television series.

Blair: Your cheesy reality show? How was that not already a mockery?

David: Maybe it was. Maybe it was a mockery, Blair, but it was my mockery. He stole my brand. I deserved a cut of it.

Dorian: It was a big step up from your Have-a-Seat commercials.

Blair: Yeah.

David: Those were nationwide spots on network, nationwide.

Blair: Okay, okay. The two of you were double-teaming me not, like, 5 minutes ago. Now you're fighting again.

Dorian: Blair, you're so right. David, leave.

David: Fine, but if I wake up tomorrow to any of your slurs on MyFace, I will sue you for libel...or slander.

Dorian: LMAO.

David: BIOYN.

Dorian: You're making that up.

David: Am I? Am I, Dorian. Blair, what kind of guy like Eli gets to be his age without ever being married?

Blair: The kind who waits for the right woman to come along.

Dorian: Yeah.

Eli: Marriage license? That's one the fiancÚ doesn't have to see... or maybe-- maybe you should see every bit of this, Rex.

John: Oh, looks like the party is breaking up.

Natalie: Yeah.

John: Hmm. So tell me--

Natalie: Tell you what? Was nothing.

John: Same nothing that you and Gigi have been talking about all night?

Natalie: We were just catching up.

John: If something has happened, you can tell me.

Natalie: No. No. It's not that.

John: If you've got a problem, it's my problem, too.

Natalie: No. I won't let it be.

Mrs. Williamson: [Sighs] Go on in, honey.

Cristian: Layla.

Layla: I can't. No. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what I'm gonna say yet.

Cristian: That's okay. It's okay. Um, Mrs. Williamson, I know I'm not family, but I would like some time with Evangeline if that's okay with you.

Mrs. Williamson: It's fine.

Cristian: Take a minute, okay?

Layla: Yeah. Yeah.

Cristian: Hey, Evangeline. Thought you were done listening to me, huh? I couldn't let you go without telling you that I didn't forget. I will never-- I will never forget you and everything you gave me. Probably wouldn't be painting right now if it wasn't for you, and, well, you got me out of my deepest hole, and I look at the whole world differently now because of you because you believed in me and you defended me. You gave me my life back... and I'd give anything right now if I could do the same for you.

Layla: [Sniffles and sobs] I can't figure out a world without you in it. I will carry you with me until the day I die, and I will still miss you every day, every, every, every day for the rest of my life. Every day. Vange. Vange. [Sobbing]

Mrs. Williamson: [Sighs] The papers are signed. It's time.

Eli: Yes. I think you need to find Bennett Thompson's files, after all. Turns out, they're a real lifesaver.

David: Your aunt is an impossible woman.

Kelly: Yes.

David: She thinks I'm in love with her. Pbbt! Arrogance.

Kelly: You love it.

David: Oh, Kelly, not you, too.

Kelly: Come on, David. Just admit it and get a room.

David: You know, you and your cousin are so smutty. Ordinarily, that's a good thing, but in this instance--

Kelly: David, I don't have time for your MyFace nonsense.

David: She started it. I'm no child. I guarantee you, if you go to Dorian's MyFace page, there will not be a single update from me. I'll prove it.

Dorian: So have you made your wedding plans?

Blair: Well, not yet, but Eli wants to get married as soon as possible. I can't wait, and neither can he.

Dorian: Oh, honey, you seem so happy.

Blair: I am, Dorian. I know I've had a terrible track record when it comes to marriage, but I think this time, I actually got it right.

Dorian: Good for you.

Blair: This is definitely gonna be my last wedding.

[Dorian sighs]

Eli: Yes. Here it is, Rex-- everything you need to know about Bennett Thompson. We'll just leave enough in there so you think you've gotten the whole truth. Put it all together, deliver it in the morning right after I make just a few little edits.

John: So there is a problem.

Natalie: No. It's noth--

John: Don't say "nothing."

Natalie: It's your hair.

John: My hair?

Natalie: Yeah. I-- I don't like it this way.

John: Seriously?

Natalie: Yeah. You know, I thought it was really sexy the way you used to have it.

John: This is the big thing?

Natalie: I didn't want to hurt your feelings.

John: This is what you're going with, my hair?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: You know, I-- begin to buy that, but I'll let it go if that's what you want. Okay. It's dropped...for now.

Dorian: Make him get you a ring, though.

Blair: It's coming, okay? It's coming, and I do wish the best that you and David really work things out.

Dorian: Work what out? There's nothing to work out, honey, nothing, nothing. There's no David and Dorian. I do not love the man.

Blair: Right.

Dorian: And you know something? I'm gonna have to find a way to prove that once and for all.

Blair: Oh, good luck with that, too.


Dorian: Oh.

David: They're right. Any idiot can set up a MyFace page.

Kelly: Give me that. Why are you going through the motions?

David: No man can answer that question and not get in trouble.

Kelly: With Dorian. Just give up and admit you're still in love with her.

David: That would be a lie.

Kelly: Nobody is buying, David.

David: I'm gonna tell you what. I'll prove it. Let's go back to my page. We'll look at my relationship status. There it is--"single and loving it!!" See that? There's not a single word about Dorian. There's not a single word from Dorian.

[Dorian sighs]

[Telephone rings]

Eli's voice: This is Elijah Clarke. Please leave a message.


Blair: I would rather it be a surprise, anyway.

David: Now hold on a second. Let me prove it one more time. Take out your laptop. We'll go back to MyFace page, and I'll guarantee you there's not another update from Dorian.

Kelly: David, I have bigger problems than your romance with my aunt, okay?

David: There's no romance!

[Pounding on window]

Kelly: Unbelievable.

David: There's no romance!

Kelly: [Sighs] Where are you, Rex?

Eli: Oh, yeah. You should be out for a few more hours, plenty of time to fix these files, leave them at the front desk. All right, Elijah. Think. Think. Think. Now, who else can link you to Bennett Thompson? Evangeline Williamson. That's okay. She'll be gone soon, too.

[Monitor beeping]

[Shuts off machine]

Mrs. Williamson: Rest easy, baby girl.

[Sustained beep]

[Mrs. Williamson sobbing]

Jessica: Hey...

Natalie: Hello.

Jessica: We are gonna call it a night, kids.

Natalie: All right. Sleep tight.

Brody: I'll see you tomorrow.

John: Congratulations again. Congratulations. us.

John: Anytime.

Jessica: See you guys later.

Natalie: Bye.

John: Hey, I'll be right back, okay?

Natalie: Mm-hmm.

John: Hey, Gigi, why don't you go ahead and get out of here? I'll close up, all right?

Gigi: All right. Thanks. I cashed out. The bag is underneath the register.

John: All right. Thanks. Get home safe.

Gigi: Thanks. Nat, call me anytime.

Natalie: Okay.

Gigi: I'm serious. Don't make any big decisions tonight. Sleep on it.

Natalie: That's not really gonna change anything.

Gigi: No matter what you do, just know

Natalie: Thanks, Geeg.

Gigi: Call me tomorrow.

Natalie: Don't tell Rex.

Gigi: Of course not.

Natalie: Okay. [Sighs]

[Cell phone beeps]

Eli: Sweet dreams, indeed.

John: [Sighs] Everything okay with Gigi?

Natalie: Yeah.

John: So all this talk tonight was about my hair, huh?

Natalie: That's what we're going with.

John: Okay. Then that's it for now.

Natalie: Yeah. Not good enough.

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