OLTL Transcript Friday 12/28/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 12/28/07


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[Doorbell rings]

Langston: Coming, coming.

Markko: Oh! I'm sorry; I left my tux at my summer home.

Langston: Okay, okay, very funny. Come in here. Happy New Year.

Markko: Happy New Year.

Starr: Okay, guys, break it up, break it up.

Markko: Hey. Happy New Year, Starr.

Starr: Hey, same to you.

Markko: So, what are you waiting for? Get your boy down here and let's get this party started.

Langston: Okay, enough with the dancing. He's not here yet, doofus.

Markko: I thought I was the late one. What's taking him so long?

Starr: I don't know, and it's only a couple of hours before midnight.

Jared: Oh!

Cole: Oh, yeah! In your face! Whoo-hoo-hoo.

Jared: All right, best out of seven, let's go.

Cole: Best out of seven? 3-0, Jared. You can't handle this.

Jared: Oh, what, are you scared to go another round?

[Phone rings]

Jared: All right, fine, go. Go get it. Your ass-whuppin' ain't going anywhere.

Cole: Okay.

Cole: Hey, Starr.

Starr: Hey. I called just wondering how soon it'll be till you get here. I mean, we have the whole place to ourselves and Markko's already here.

Cole: Yeah, I think I'm just going to chill here tonight.

Starr: But, Cole, it's New Year’s Eve.

Cole: I know. I just don't feel like partying, so I'm -- I'm -- but I'll see you later, okay? Um, have a good night. I love you. All right, tough guy. Let's see what you got.

Jared: Not that it's any of my business, but why'd you just blow off your girlfriend, dude?

[Noisemaker sounds]

Roxy: Happy New Year, hunkalicious.

[Miles chuckles]

Miles: Rox, what is all this?

Roxy: Well, it's foxy Roxy's hockin', rockin' new year. We got beer, we got blowers, we got confetti.

Miles: Oh.

Roxy: And best of all --

[Miles chuckles]

Roxy: We got you and me, babe.

Miles: No, no, no. The best of all -- we got these. Huh?

Roxy: Hey. Those hug in all the right places.

Miles: Yeah, well, it's a perfect gift. I feel a lot less like a convalescent.

Roxy: Yeah. You look swell -- I mean, really swell.

Miles: Thanks.

Roxy: You know, there was this, um, little thing that I wanted to tell you the other day, but I just couldn't get it out. So right now I just want to spill my --

Natalie: Happy New Year!

Miles: Hey.

Roxy: What the hell are you doing here?

[Rock music plays]


Layla: Someone's working to get her groove back.

Vincent: That's right. I tell you, after spending 24 hours with your mother, I hope you're fixing to get your groove on.

Layla: Oh, baby, you don't have to hope.

[Vincent chuckles]

Shaun: Double shot of the same for me. That's the good stuff.

Antonio: It's on the house.

Shaun: Thanks. You mind if I ask you a question?

Antonio: Yeah, shoot.

Shaun: Why are you here flying solo tonight when you could be with a gorgeous girl like Talia?

Cristian: Talia.

Talia: Cristian, hi. Where are you coming from?

Cristian: D.C. How about you? You going somewhere for the weekend?

Talia: Actually, I'm leaving town for good.

Rex: Yes, it is, it's Rex Balsom, fiancé, and his beautiful betrothed.

Adriana: I love it. You have officially redeemed yourself from being Christmas no-show.

Rex: Paris, Texas, didn't hold a candle to you, baby.

Adriana: Thank you, Texas, for bringing him back to me with a proposal and a ring.

Rex: Shall we head to the party, my betrothee?

Adriana: Love the way that sounds, betrothed.

Rex: Oh, from you it just sounds naughty.

Adriana: Hmm, well, that's because you're having naughty thoughts.

Rex: I'm bad to the bone.

Adriana: I should punish you. Kiss the ring to show how truly, truly sorry you are.

Rex: Oh, that I am, hotness.

Adriana: Ooh, no, wait. We got to go to U.V. if we're going to make our announcement and burn up the dance floor and get a kiss in by midnight.

Rex: What about my punishment?

Adriana: First part of the new year, naughty boy.

Rex: Yes, mistress.

Adriana: Open the door, slave.

Rex: Yes, mistress.

[Adriana chuckles]

John: Hey. You got a minute?

Adriana: Is this about Marcie?

Rex: Did you find her?

John: No. We just wanted to go over a few details from your trip.

Rex: At 10:00 on New Year’s Eve?

Michael: Can we come in?

Adriana: Of course. Sorry. We were just heading out.

John: It'll only take a minute. Look, mike told me about the waitress you talked to in Paris, Texas.

Rex: Then you know everything I do.

John: I guess we sort of wanted to hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. What did she -- what did she say?

Rex: Like I told mike, I met this waitress who recognized Marcie’s picture. She said that she served her, that they chatted, and that Marcie had mentioned something about heading to a place called Iguaçu Falls in Argentina. Supposedly there's some school that Marcie was thinking about teaching at. You know, I'd be willing to dust off my high school Spanish, fly down there and track her down. I would just need cash for expenses.

John: Did you ever think that maybe she was lying to you?

Rex: She wouldn't do that.

John: How do you know?

Adriana: John, what's with the tough-guy act?

John: I just want to make sure she wasn't trying to throw you off the trail.

Michael: Adriana, that ring.

Adriana: Oh, yeah. I just got it.

Michael: It looks exactly like the engagement ring I got for Marcie.

Natalie: Happy new year to you, too, Roxy. These are for you. Happy New Year.

Miles: Oh, thank you. They're gorgeous. Happy new year.

Natalie: You know, I just hated to see you here all by yourself on New Year’s Eve, so --

Roxy: What do I look like, a bedpan?

Natalie: I decided to come here and bring you some color and we can kick off the new --

Roxy: Okay, all right, we get it. You don't have to kill the lily.

Natalie: Okay, what exactly is the problem here?

Roxy: Don't you have anything or anyone else to do tonight?

Natalie: No, actually, I don’t.

Jared: All right, forget it, man. You don't got to tell me squat. Let's rock and roll.

Cole: No, I mean, I would think you were weird, too, if you told your girlfriend that you couldn't hang out with her on New Year’s Eve.

Jared: Yeah, if I had a girlfriend. So what'd you tell her?

Cole: You heard what I said. I just don't feel like celebrating.

Jared: She buy that?

Cole: No. No, she didn’t. Man, but it would just be, you know, me standing around and her watching me act like I'm having a good time. I mean, how much would -- how much would that suck?

Jared: Ah!

Cole: Ah!

Jared: Ha!

Cole: No!

Jared: So you're staying here for her?

Cole: Man, listen, she's got her rich aunt's house to herself, you know? I mean, she's probably all dressed up, wearing that special perfume and --

Jared: Oh.

Cole: You know, and I'd just be thinking about --

Jared: Yeah.

Cole: I mean, I love Starr, I really do. She's great. I mean, she's been great since my mom's died, but I just feel like being alone tonight.

Jared: Well, I'm here, dude.

Cole: That's right. Yeah, I got your no-girl-having butt to keep me company.

Jared: Ah.

[Cole chuckles]

Jared: Okay, thanks.

Cole: I mean, no -- no pressure or anything.

Jared: You know what? Hit reset. I'll show you "no pressure."

Cole: Man, you are a sucker for punishment, aren't you?

Jared: Maybe.

Cole: Yeah. All right, game on.

Langston: Talk to Cole?

Starr: He's not coming.

Markko: I guess I sort of get it. You know, must be a hard night for him.

Starr: But you know what? It's New Year’s Eve and he's my boyfriend. I can cheer him up, right? What?

Langston: Well -- okay, what if he and his mom had some cool ritual? What if -- what if his whole family did?

Markko: Right, and then his dad dies, and Cole and his mom have to get through it just the two of them?

Langston: And then his mom dies, and he's forced to face this whole day on his own?

Starr: But he has me.

Langston: Yeah, but --

Starr: What?

Langston: You know what? It's just a made-up holiday, anyway. It doesn't really matter.

Starr: It matters to me, okay?

Langston: Starr, I really don't think you should go over there. This should be fun.

Layla: I cannot believe my mom asked Cristian to stay, and he agreed.

Vincent: Yeah, that is one courageous cat. So, tell me, how do you think I did with the lady?

Layla: You want a grade on your first Christmas with my mother?

Vincent: Oh, forget that. Just give me your gut feeling.

Layla: My gut? Okay. Um -- I brought you home because I wanted you with me, not because I want or need my mother's approval. I really don't care what she thinks.

Vincent: But I do.

Layla: Why?

Vincent: Because I care about you. That's why. You know, I can't believe I have to explain this.

Layla: Well, my mother didn't ask for your credit report, and as far as I know, she didn't hire a private investigator, so all in all, you're ahead.

Vincent: Well, she did give me a little bit of the third degree about my business prospects.

Layla: Oh, don't worry about it. The only person Lisa Williamson was determined not to like was Cristian. Too bad he's not here now.

Sarah: Hey, you killed that last set. Murdered it.

Man: I'd say man one, 10 to 15.

Sarah: Yeah. Either way, it was criminal.

Man: Nice. You keep up.

Sarah: I am the artist formerly known as Flash.

Man: And I'm a boy who's all dressed up with a great tour, record deal in the works, but no girl to join the adventure.

Sarah: I'm sure you'll find some barely legal groupie to keep you warm on the bus.

Man: What if I don't want barely legal? What if I want someone more like you?

Antonio: I have no idea where Talia's spending New Year’s.

Shaun: Bogus.

Antonio: What, you think I'm lying?

Shaun: No, I know you're telling me the truth, and that makes you -- no offense -- nothing but a damn fool.

Talia: So I got a transfer to the police department at Cherryvale, and they want me to start right after New Year’s, so I'm, you know, going early to get settled in, find a place to live, that kind of thing.

Cristian: Did something happen?

Talia: What do you mean?

Cristian: Well, a transfer to Cherryvale? Isn't that, like, some kind of demotion? And the worst thing that can happen in Cherryvale is someone's newspaper gets stolen off the lawn.

Talia: Okay, it was my choice.

Cristian: You wanted this?

Talia: Yes, I did. Ahem.

Cristian: Is this because of my brother?

Talia: No. Why would you say that? I'll have a good job in a quiet precinct and, who knows, maybe I can even finish that sweater I started knitting three years ago.

Cristian: Right, okay, so then why are you here? I mean, why are you taking the bus?

Talia: Oh -- because my car's in the shop. It's -- look, I just -- I didn't want to wait, you know? Early bird, worm.

Cristian: Talia --

Talia: What?

Cristian: Nobody quits their job and moves by bus on New Year’s Eve to a town in the middle of the woods unless it's personal.

Talia: Of course it's personal, it's my life and I wanted a change of pace and now I'll have one -- a change of scenery, and I'll have that, too.

Cristian: So what does Antonio think about this, because I know for a fact that he thinks you're a very good cop.

Talia: Yeah, well, now I'll be a really good cop for somebody that I'm not -- okay, so some of this does have to do with Antonio.

Cristian: Ever think about talking to him?

Talia: I did. That didn't really go over so well. Look, I -- I got to get out of this funk that I'm in, I got to stop working for somebody that I -- I've got to let it go, Cris.

Cristian: How can you let go of something you never had? That you never gave a shot?

Talia: Well, Antonio didn't really, like, let that be an option for me.

Cristian: All right, listen. This may be none of my business, but if you get on that bus without trying, you're taking the easy way out. And, hey, if that's the kind of person you are, then maybe you shouldn't be with my brother.

Talia: Did Antonio talk to you about what went on with us?

Cristian: He just said something about not being ready to me on, you know, after Jessica.

Talia: You know, it was slightly more humiliating than that. At least for me. Huh. I don't really want to get into this, but suffice it to say, your brother's just not that into me, and I don't really know what I'm supposed to do about that.

Cristian: Fight for him?

Talia: What about him fighting for me?

Cristian: You're right. You deserve that, too.

Talia: Yes, I do.

Cristian: But here you are, alone, at a bus station, 90 minutes before the New Year rings in.

Talia: So?

Cristian: So my brother's at Capricorn, probably halfway through his third drink, getting ready to turn in and pretend that tonight's just another night.

Talia: Yeah, there's really nothing I can do about that.

Cristian: You know, I was thinking something like that a couple of hours ago, but then I realized there's always something you can do. Maybe you should give Antonio a little more time.

Talia: You know, Cris, the thing is ever since 9/11, you know, I was on the job in lower Manhattan. And after that, it -- the whole, like everything -- I just feel like wasting time is the biggest waste of time. Huh. Do you know what I mean?

Cristian: Yeah, I hear you. Happy New Year.

Talia: Thanks, Cris. Happy New Year.

Antonio: You think I'm a fool? You don't know me, man. And you and Talia didn't know each other anywhere near as well as you pretended.

Shaun: Listen, Talia laid it all out there for you. She made a fool of herself for you -- not once, but twice. And when she finally came out and shared how she felt, you dissed her.

Antonio: I didn't diss anyone.

Shaun: Right. That's why you're here, pouring drinks at the bar, alone, and Talia's MIA. Look, I'm just saying. If I had a beautiful woman like Talia Sahid looking at me the way she looks at you, I would falling at her feet. Happy New Year’s, Papi -- my man.

Vincent: You know, you made me very proud the way you stood up to your mother for Cristian.

Layla: I just don't want my mom going down that same road, you know? We're all miserable about what happened to Vange, but blame it on Cristian? She wouldn't want that.

Vincent: Well, it was a good thing Cristian got to see your sister.

Layla: Yeah. I just wonder what he's going to do about Sarah when he gets back, because the way it's looking, she's pretty ready to move on.

Sarah: You want me to go on tour with you?

Man: Yeah, why not? You dig our music, you know your way around a tour bus.

Sarah: Yeah, but I'm not some stoned-out-of-her-mind groupie who will laugh at all your jokes. I'll actually have ideas about things.

Man: Like what?

Sarah: You name it -- gigs, venues, hotels, the works.

Man: So you'd be like our road manager?

Sarah: Yeah, only I don't carry gear.

Man: I'm okay with that.

Sarah: Wait -- is this a job offer?

Man: It is, and something more, too, I hope.

Michael: It's like an exact replica of the ring that I got for Marcie when I asked her to marry me. Where did you get it?

Adriana: Michael, what's the deal? Rings -- they all look alike, don't they?

Michael: Can -- can I see it?

Adriana: Uh -- look, this is my ring, okay? Rex even had it inscribed.

Rex: Adriana, I -- the thing --

Michael: Does it say --

Adriana: "We are --"

Michael: "One." "We are one."

Natalie: Well, I have to say you are mighty handsome for a shooting victim.

Miles: Oh.

Roxy: That's because of the boxers he's wearing.

Natalie: Come again? What are you doing?

Roxy: Hmm. I got it for him. They've got style, they've got oomph, they've got je ne sais pa quoi. I think they're Miles' favorite gift, right?

Miles: And very, very comfortable.

Roxy: Mm-hmm, yeah -- making him look like -- good enough to eat.

Miles: Yeah.

Natalie: Okay, yeah. I'm so sorry about this.

Miles: Oh, that's okay. No, don't be.

Roxy: You know, why don't you keep your shorts on? We won't be long.

Natalie: Okay -- what is wrong with you?

Roxy: Me? What's wrong with you, you redheaded hussy?

Natalie: What?

Roxy: I feed you, I clothe you, I treat you like you're a real Balsom and what do you do? You throw your curvier, younger, and corporate-raiding self at my man!

Natalie: Your what?

Roxy: Mine, mine -- m-I-n-e, mine, so you keep your grubby hands off!

Cole: Ah, get off! No --

Jared: Oh! Yeah! I am smelling a comeback. Ah, well, you want a soda?

Cole: Yeah, whatever.

Jared: There you go. So, yes, I did meet someone earlier this year.

Cole: Yeah -- and?

Jared: And she was all that.

Cole: Nice.

Jared: It didn't work out, though.

Cole: Sorry.

Jared: No, it was -- it was my fault mostly -- or totally. But you, man -- man, you got this great girlfriend and -- I really think you should reconsider not going out tonight.

Cole: I don't know.

Jared: You said you loved her, right?

Cole: Yeah.

Jared: Well, then?

Cole: I don't know. I mean -- I mean, I used to love hanging out with her all the time, but ever since -- well -- I don't know. I just think about how much her life is different from mine.

Jared: Yeah. Look, man, I had a tough time, too, when my mom passed. But what I can say is it gets easier, and even if tonight starts out rough, you know, who knows? You might get into it. And if there's 20 minutes where you're having fun, that's better than yesterday, right?

Cole: Yeah, I guess.

Jared: All I can say is this -- if you have the chance to be with the woman you love tonight, I think you should take it.

Nigel: Excuse me -- Master Cole?

Cole: Nigel. I said it's -- it's "Cole," just -- just "Cole," just plain old "Cole."

Nigel: You have a visitor.

Talia: Oh.

Talia's voice: It's a good job. You know, I really like this town.

Antonio: Mm-hmm.

Talia: I like the commissioner. I really like everyone around --

Antonio: He's a good man.

Talia: Actually -- it's masala chai. It's black tea flavored with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. It's my father's recipe, actually.

Antonio: Good memories?

Talia: Yeah. I promise I will be a good nurse. Uh -- take off your shirt.

Antonio: Ahem.

[Music plays]

Antonio: Oh! You all right?

Talia: Yeah, no, I'm -- I'm clumsy but I'm fine.

Antonio: It was different with you. I mean, there was no pressure, you know? We're friends.

Talia: Yeah, I guess we -- we get each other.

Antonio: You're like one of the guys. That sounds kind of stupid considering how great you look in that dress.

[Latin music plays]

Antonio: Nice moves.

[Antonio chuckles]

Talia: Courtesy of "El Chateau Caribe."

Antonio: Oh, yeah? What's that?

Talia: This salsa club I used to go to in Nueva York.

Antonio: Oh, yeah? Oh. Oh, that's something else I didn't know about you, hmm?

[Singing in Spanish]

P.A. Announcer: Attention -- the bus to Cherryvale will board in 30 minutes.

Sarah: I used to be the kind of girl who'd grab a duffel bag and go whenever somebody made me an offer like you just did.

Man: Well, I see that girl trapped behind those eyes.

Sarah: Huh. You are some kind of poet, Kellen.

Kellen: I have to admit, Ms. Roberts, you draw the poetry out of me. So what's stopping you?

Sarah: My job.

Kellen: This place runs like clockwork.

Sarah: My boss.

Kellen: Is not even here. Leave a note and we'll hit the road just after midnight. Come on, I know you want to.

Sarah: Huh. Can you give me a minute to think about it? Or is that too responsible for the slot you're looking to fill?

Kellen: For you, I can spare a few.

Sarah: Thank you. You are making my lousy night seem not so lousy anymore.

Adriana: Look, Michael, I'm sorry, but this is not Marcie’s ring. Rex got it for me. He picked it out, he wrote the words, he -- tell him where you got it.

Rex: I -- I got it -- uh -- from where I was in Texas.

John: Secondhand or from -- from a pawnshop?

Rex: No, it's not from a pawn--

Michael: Where the hell did you get it?

Rex: I -- I bought it from the waitress I was questioning.

John: The one that wants to send everyone on a wild-goose chase to South America?

Adriana: You did?

Rex: She said she was selling it for a friend.

Michael: Damn it, Rex! That friend was Marcie. She was there.

Rex: No -- okay. Lots of rings look like this.

Michael: With a message that I wrote and had inscribed for Marcie? Take it off. Let me -- let me see it.

Michael: This is Marcie’s ring.

Michael: This is Marcie’s ring.

Rex: I had no idea, I swear.

John: What was this woman's name?

Rex: Gigi.

John: What exactly did this Gigi tell you?

Rex: She told me that -- that she was selling it for a friend of hers who needed money and who didn't want to haggle with a pawnshop owner.

Michael: That must have been Marcie.

John: She never left Texas. At least, not when this Gigi said she did. She lied to you. Did she ever mention what this friend's name was?

Rex: Yeah, she told me her name was Sally Ann.

Michael: Sally Ann?

John: Could be Marcie’s alias.

Michael: No, no. No, that's not it. I -- I met Sally Ann when I was in Paris. I don't get it. What the hell is going on?

Adriana: That's what I'd like to know.

Langston: Oh, okay. You know what? Just say it. You know what, just go ahead and say it.

Markko: All right, come on. If I waltzed in here in a freaking ball gown, you'd be teasing me, too.

Langston: Okay, first of all, if you walked in here wearing a ball gown, we'd be having a whole different conversation. And this is a dress, not a ball gown.

Markko: It's so -- fancy!

Langston: It's New Year’s Eve.

Markko: Yeah, but we're just hanging out.

Langston: Why, you're not good enough to get fancy for?

Markko: Where'd you get it, anyway?

Langston: Dorian gave it to me for Christmas. It's designer. I'm supposed to like it. Do you have any idea how much something like this costs?

Markko: Oh, I don't know. Let's see if there's a price tag in there somewhere.

Langston: Okay, easy!

Starr: Look, Cole, I know you wanted to stay here tonight, but I can't help but think that it is New Year’s Eve, and Langston and Markko are already at the house. Why don't you just come over, at least until midnight?

Cole: I really wanted to avoid the whole holiday thing, you know? And couple more hours, it's going to be over.

Starr: What if I gave you a money-back guarantee that you will feel better -- just a tiny bit better -- if you come with me?

Cole: Well, Jared and I -- we're -- we're in the middle of a game.

Jared: Oh, no. You're going down either way. You might as well put this off.

Nigel: If I may say so -- it would be good for you to get out, Sir -- Cole.

Jared: That does it. The game's on pause, Thornhart. Get the hell out of here.

[Starr chuckles]

Cole: All right, well, it looks like I'm outnumbered, so, here we go.

Starr: Hey, you won't be sorry. Okay?

Cole: Well, Happy New Year, guys.

Starr: Happy new year.

Nigel: Happy New Year, Cole.

Jared: Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Starr: Thank you.

Jared: Ah. Looks like it's just you and I, Nigel. Want to play?

Nigel: Oh. If you hadn't insisted on posing as Asa Buchanan’s son, you wouldn't be alone on New Year’s Eve with only a cold video game to keep you company. I'll get some more ice

Roxy: You know, I'm not scared of a little family competition, but you better back away from Miles.

Natalie: No, I'm not going to back away from Miles because I'm not moving in.

Roxy: Oh, really?

Natalie: Miles is my friend, Roxy.

Roxy: Well, friends don't bring flowers on New Year’s Eve.

Natalie: This friend does. In terms of Miles being your man, does he know that's who he is?

Roxy: Well, you know, I'm going to break it to him tonight. And if you care anything about me, don't screw it up.

Layla: Uh-oh.

Sarah: Um -- I'll find you at midnight and tell you what I decided about the tour.

Kellen: Midnight -- cool.

Sarah: Hey, you're back.

Cristian: Yeah. Listen, can we talk?

Sarah: Sure. What's up, boss?

Cristian: Well, I just got back from seeing Evangeline, and --

Sarah: Oh, whoa, whoa. I -- I don't really want to hear about Evangeline, okay? Not now, and probably not ever.

Layla: That didn't look like it went so well.

Vincent: Hello? Is your name cupid?

Layla: Don't worry, I'm not getting into that.

Vincent: Mm-hmm.

Shaun: Here you go, guys.

Vincent: Hey.

Layla: Thank you, Shaun.

Vincent: Thank you.

Shaun: Anything for you, queen.

Layla: Cheers, cheers.

Vincent: Hey. Isn't that the trainer from Rourke's over there? She was all over you until she found out that you had a "girlfriend," right?

Shaun: Well, Talia needed a cover, you know? So I took one for the team. Friends got to do that for each other.

Vincent: But you do not have a girlfriend anymore.

Shaun: Well, you mean, you think I should step up?

Vincent: Hello? Why not? So go on over there, tell her what happened. Buy her a drink. And then maybe, who knows? She might still be down.

Shaun: Right on.

Layla: Mm-hmm-hmm.

Vincent: What?

Antonio: How did it go? Did Evangeline’s mom let you see her?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, and I'm glad I did. You know, I ran into Talia when I got off the bus.

Antonio: At the bus station?

Cristian: Yeah. She told me she was leaving town.

Antonio: I thought she was already gone.

Cristian: Not yet, but she will be soon. Look, I got to go talk to Sarah.

(Upbeat music playing)

Michael: Okay. I met Sally Ann because one of the waitresses said that Gigi had a friend who lived across the street, and I thought that it might have been Marcie. So how did Sally Ann get the ring?

John: That's what we're going to find out.

Michael: Marcie called and said that someone was blackmailing her, threatening to turn her in if she didn't pay them off. Maybe it was Sally Ann? Or Gigi?

John: Could be. We'll know more when we get to Texas.

Michael: Well, do you think Marcie’s still there?

John: The sooner we get there, the sooner we find out. Let's go.

Adriana: Keep it, it's yours.

Rex: I am so sorry about this. Really sorry.

Starr: Hello? Hello? Look who I found.

Langston: Good, you made it.

Cole: Yeah, finally. Wow, nice dress.

Langston: Why, thank you, Cole.

Markko: So, what, you're playing hard to get?

Cole: Well, if I had known you guys were going to miss me so much, I would have come sooner.

Markko: Aw.

Langston: Okay. Well, how about you guys go the kitchen and get us something to eat?

Markko: Sure, Cinderella.

Langston: Come on.

Starr: Go.

Langston: Well, you did it.

Starr: Yeah, I found him playing video games, but I'm really glad that he came.

Langston: Me, too. You would have been a wreck if he hadn’t.

Starr: I'm going to help him get through this.

Langston: I know. Let's go see how they're doing. We can't leave them alone for more than two seconds.

Starr: Yeah, I know.

[Starr and Langston chuckle]

Natalie: Are you sure that you don't want to wait?

Roxy: For what?

Natalie: Uh -- well, to see how Miles feels. You know, before --

Roxy: Before what?

Natalie: Before you go declaring your undying love or lust or whatever.

Roxy: Listen, I'm going to tell him. It's New Year’s Eve. That's my resolution. I'm going to tell him. And believe me, I don't need an audience.

Natalie: Okay, but all I'm saying --

Roxy: All right, and all I'm saying is don't fight me on this, Natalie!

Natalie: My God, you're really nervous, aren't you?

Roxy: Me, nervous? I'll tell Miles that you said sayonara, okay?

Natalie: Okay, well -- Happy New Year, Roxy. I hope -- I hope you get everything you want.

Roxy: Back at you, kiddo.

Layla: Oh, look at our little Shaun. He's growing up.

Vincent: Yeah, yeah. Something had to give, because I tell you, yours truly was not going to kiss a brother at midnight.

Woman: So, you just pretended to be somebody else's boyfriend?

Shaun: Yeah, so she could cover --

Woman: Keep the man she was really interested in --

Shaun: From finding out she really was interested. I know -- not cool.

Woman: No, very cool.

Shaun: It just happened so fast. And she called me "George." Well, hey, wait a second. What did you just say?

Woman: You heard me. You're a very sweet man, Shaun.

Shaun: Thank you. I try.

Cristian: Sarah --

Sarah: Cristian, please, don’t.

Cristian: Okay, all right. I just want to know what you and that rock guy were hugging about.

Sarah: Okay. It's like this. The guy barely knows me, and he thinks I'm worth taking a chance on. How's that?

P.A. Announcer: The bus to Cherryvale is now boarding at Gate 4.

Antonio: Talia, wait!

Rex: I will get you another ring. I -- I promise, Adriana. Please don't hate me for this.

Adriana: I don't hate you.

Rex: I -- I -- I saw the ring and I went for it, and I wanted to be able to give it to you on Christmas, and it was the only way that I was going to be --

Adriana: I just really wish you had told me the inscription came with the ring.

Rex: I know.

Adriana: I really, really wish you would have told me that. But I love you for trying to make it as special as you could for me. That's all I ever wanted.

Rex: I love you.

Rex: Check it out!

[Adriana gasps]

Adriana: Let's count down.

Both: 10, nine, eight –

Markko, Langston, Starr: Seven, six, five, four –

All: Three, two, one -- Happy New Year!


["Auld Lang Syne" plays]

Miles: Oh!

P.A. Announcer: Last call for the bus to Cherryvale -- and Happy New Year.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Starr: This is the last place that you want to be right now, isn't it?

Adriana: If I did have a ring right now, I would give it back to you.

Antonio: Don't get on that bus. Don't leave, Talia.

Cristian: I want to start the year off right, with you.

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