OLTL Transcript Thursday 12/27/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/27/07


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Cristian: Evangeline, it's me, Cristian. I'm sorry I haven't been by to visit. I wanted to, but -- doesn't matter. I'm here now. I've missed you so much. I didn't realize until I couldn't talk to you or see you how much you helped me, how much I need you -- especially now.

Sarah: Hello? Anybody here?

Antonio: Hey.

Sarah: Antonio, hey. Place looks great.

Antonio: Thank you.

Sarah: So, is Cristian around?

Antonio: No, he actually -- he left me a voicemail this morning, said he had to go out of town.

Sarah: To see Evangeline?

Antonio: Uh -- I don't know. He just -- he said he wasn't going to be able to make it tonight, so I'm managing the big bash.

Sarah: Ooh, the big boss has to work on New Year’s, huh?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. Well, I guess it's -- it's better than sitting at home thinking about what a mess I made of 2007.

Officer: It's true?

Talia: Yes, it's true. After today, I'll be out of here, and I'm transferring to Cherryville.

Dorian: We have to go straight in and see Bo, have him put out an APB immediately.

Talia: Hey, whoa, whoa, ladies! The commissioner's not here right now.

Dorian: Well, call him in, because we have an emergency.

Blair: It's about my mother -- she's disappeared.

Talia: Your mom? Isn't she in St. Ann's?

Blair: Well, she's cured.

Dorian: Supposedly.

Blair: The point is --

Dorian: She's vanished completely and she has to be found before she meets up with something terrible.

Michael: Oh, good -- I picked this up in the lobby. You sending away again?

John: I've been trying to call you; your phone's been off all morning.

Michael: I was in court -- my hearing was today.

John: Why didn't you say something?

Michael: Everything's okay. I pled guilty to the perjury and bail-jumping charges, judge took pity and gave me a year's probation.

John: So you got the all-clear?

Michael: Yeah. Now I can get back on the road to find Tommy and Marcie.

Gigi: You --

Marcie: What's up?

Gigi: Are probably going to faint when you see this.

Marcie: Oh, my God, what is that?

Gigi: Do I work fast, or what?

Marcie: You sold it. You sold my engagement ring.

Rex: I never want to be away from you again -- not for a day, an hour, or a minute. Adriana, will you marry me?

Adriana: Wow, this is just -- I -- I didn't know you were going to do this. It's just so --

Rex: It -- it can be a long engagement. Or -- or you -- you can just wear the ring and still be my girlfriend. Or I can just crawl into a hole and die.

Gigi: I'm sorry, I thought I was doing what you wanted me to do.

Marcie: No, you did. I mean, you did, you know, and I -- I can't think of it as a loss, right, because it's a symbol. It's just a symbol of Michael’s love for me, and that symbol just bought me and Tommy our freedom from Todd Manning, right?

Todd: We're wasting our time, Ramsey.

Ramsey: Would you keep your voice down?

Todd: I told you, this is where I found out that Marcie was taking my kid to South America.

Ramsey: If I had a dime for every witness who lied to me --

Todd: I offered her a million dollars; I don't know why she'd lie.

Ramsey: Well, neither do I -- yet -- but she did. We got an awful lot of people all over that tank town in South America come up dry. She lied; I'm going to find out the truth.

Todd: How are you going to do that?

Ramsey: Well, I am no longer a member of the F.B.I., so I do not have to follow F.B.I. procedure. I can just squeeze her.

Todd: Now you're talking.

Ramsey: Is that the one who told you about Argentina?

Todd: No, that's not her.

Moe: Where you been?

Noelle: Has it slipped your feeble mind that I quit this lousy job?

Moe: Come on, Noelle!

Noelle: I'm here to pick up my check.

Moe: I'm not going to give it to you until you agree to stick around.

Noelle: Moe, I swear, if you don't hand over that check, I will stand --

Moe: You know how difficult it is setting up for the New Year's Eve dinner, and Gigi hasn't even shown up yet -- big surprise!

Noelle: Gee willikers. You sound like you're under the gun, Moe.

Moe: You'll stay?

Noelle: Are you kidding? You're getting exactly what you deserve! Now, where is my money?

Todd: What makes you so sure that this Gigi chick still works here?

Ramsey: I checked with a friend at the IRS.

Todd: Oh, what makes you think that she'll change her story?

Ramsey: Well, I'll make her an offer she can't refuse.

John: Balsom find anything in Texas?

Michael: He found out Marcie’s headed to Argentina. She got a teaching job at an American school in a place called Iguaçu Falls.

John: Who told him that?

Michael: A waitress who waited on her in a diner. Rex swore she's on the up-an-up. The problem is that she also told Todd that Marcie was headed to South America.

John: So you're going to Argentina?

Michael: Yeah -- tonight. I got to get there before Todd and Ramsey do.

John: Ramsey's off the case.

Michael: Since when?

John: Since he got suspended from the bureau.

Michael: What, for the way he was handling the case?

John: For indirectly causing Marty’s death.

Michael: John, you still haven't really told --

John: I don't want to talk about it.

Michael: All right.

John: Well, what do you say we -- we open this thing up and find out what's in there?

Marcie: So, brought the ring to the pawnshop, then, right?

Gigi: Nope.

Marcie: No?

Gigi: I sold it to someone direct. A guy I knew from high school -- how weird is that?

Marcie: High school?

Gigi: Yeah.

Marcie: Well, I thought that you grew up in Michigan.

Gigi: So did he. He just happened to wander into the good old Bon-Jour, he saw your ring on my finger, I told him I was selling it, and he jumped on it. It was almost Christmas and he wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him. I wonder what she's like. He's -- um -- he's a real funny guy, so I hope she gets his humor, you know?

Marcie: Like you did?

Gigi: Oh -- he could always make me laugh -- until he took off.

Marcie: So what was this guy doing here anyway? I mean, was he here to see you?

Gigi: Uh-uh.

Marcie: No?

Gigi: No -- he was surprised to see me.

Marcie: Oh. But he was an old boyfriend? Right? Right? Hmm? Was he an old boyfriend?

Gigi: No, it -- no, we were just kids, it was no big deal.

Marcie: Uh-huh -- except for the fact that you were head over heels in love with him.

Gigi: Why would you say that?

Marcie: I don't know. It's just a vibe I'm getting, that's all, it's just a vibe.

Gigi: You --

Marcie: And nothing has changed -- you're still in love with him.

Rex: I love you.

Adriana: I love you, too.

Rex: You know, this may not be the most romantic thing a person can say, but being with you, having you in my life makes me a better person. And finally, for the first time, I'm looking forward to the rest of my life -- because I'll be sharing it with you.

Gigi: No, of course I'm not still in love with the guy! How did you even come up with that?

Marcie: Well, you said that he took off, so, you know --

Gigi: Oh -- one minute we were dating, and the next he was gone! Look, can we just drop it?

Marcie: Sure, sure.

Gigi: It's getting late; I should head to the diner -- the big New Year’s bash. Moe's probably having a stroke.

Marcie: No -- um -- look, listen, are you sure you're okay?

Gigi: Yeah, yeah. Why?

Marcie: You seem down.

Gigi: No, I -- I'm just coming down with a cold, I think.

Marcie: Oh. Well, listen, why don't you go home? I'll make you some chicken soup, you'll take it easy.

Gigi: Oh, God, no. Moe will love that -- "I need to go home because I have a case of the sniffles." Yeah, he'd love that.

Marcie: He won't mind, okay, because, whether he likes it or not, I am going to work at the diner for you tonight.

Todd: Oh, you see that guy in there, the chef?

Ramsey: Mm-hmm?

Todd: If he sees me, he'll I.D. me for sure.

Ramsey: Well, keep your back turned and your mouth shut.

Todd: Okay, Ramsey.

Ramsey: And I'll handle this.

Moe: Don't tell me you got yourself another job already?

Noelle: That's none of your damn business.

Ramsey: [Texas accent] Pardon me, I was wondering if --

Noelle: Uh -- can't you see I'm in the middle of something here? My check, Moe!

Moe: I'll double your salary.

Noelle: Whoop-dee-do.

Moe: Triple it.

Noelle: Quadruple it -- and don't even think about trying to talk to me, and you've got a deal.

Moe: Hmm! Your apron's hanging right --

Noelle: You talking to me?

Moe: I was just going to say --

Noelle: You're still talking!

Moe: To myself -- I'm talking to myself! Jeez.

Ramsey: That boss of yours must think the sun comes up just to hear him crow, am I right?

Noelle: You got that right.

Ramsey: I heard him say Gigi isn't in yet -- I hope her son's okay.

Noelle: You know Gigi and Shane?

Ramsey: My boy's in the same class as Shane -- he came down with a bad virus. I was wondering if Shane got sick, what with his asthma and all.

Noelle: Oh, Gigi ends up in the emergency room with him every time he gets a cold.

Ramsey: Yeah, got to be tough bringing him all up by herself.

Noelle: I should call her. Oh, darn it, I left my cell at home -- wouldn't you know?

Ramsey: Oh --

Moe: Hey, don't stay on long -- I'm expecting a call.

Noelle: Moe, if you say one more word to me --

Todd: You're good, Ramsey.

Ramsey: Ain't seen nothing yet.

Blair: Look, I know that the police don't normally go looking for an adult unless they've been missing for over 24 hours --

Dorian: But this is a very unusual circumstance, because although my sister claims to be in a normal mental state, actually, her mental health is quite precarious.

Talia: Is it possible your mom called a taxi to take her somewhere?

Blair: There's -- you know, I think that that --

Dorian: My sister is no more likely to call a taxi than I am to drive a taxi.

Talia: Hmm. Do you have a photo of your mom with you?

Blair: Yes, I do. Where'd it go? Here it is. Her hair is a little different now, a little bit more sophisticated.

Talia: Okay. Thank you.

Dorian: Yeah, she's also dressing in a more sophisticated fashion. Oh, really -- I told you this -- this mental euphoria pharmaceutically induced was going to be a problem. Oh, I never should've gone out and left her alone. I should've stayed home and watched her.

Blair: And where'd you go anyway?

Dorian: Doesn't matter.

Blair: Yeah, it matters. Where'd you go?

Dorian: I went to see Clint.

Blair: Oh --

Dorian: I -- I thought I had some information that he might appreciate.

Blair: Oh. And did he?

Dorian: You know that old expression "no good deed goes unpunished"? Well, my good intentions were rewarded by Addie going missing, and finding Clint en flagrante with Nora.

Cristian: You see, when you're not around, I -- I don't know what I want, I don't know who I am. So I was hoping that being here, being with you, I -- I could find out.

Antonio: The band you got -- it's great. They're really going to bring in the crowd.

Sarah: You heard their music?

Antonio: Yeah, Cris played some for me when he heard you might snag them. He was really psyched about this.

Sarah: Too bad he can't be here tonight.

Antonio: You're pretty sure he went to see Evangeline?

Sarah: It's a safe bet. He was talking to Layla about it recently -- and Blair told him he needed to go see her to get things right. So -- that's good. I'm happy for Cris. Oh -- band's here.

Man: We're early, huh?

Sarah: Hey, guys. Ah, it's cool. Hey, I love your music. I'm so glad you guys took this gig.

Man: Oh, yeah, us, too. We got a lot of friends in the area.

Sarah: I hope they're all coming tonight.

Man: So where do we unload?

Sarah: Right around back.

Man: You're Flash, right?

Sarah: Ancient history.

Man: I was a huge "Flash of Light" fan.

Sarah: Thanks. Um -- you guys might want to do a sound check -- the acoustics in here are pretty funky.

Man: Right. Um -- well, I just wanted to tell you that I thought your voice was amazing. It really inspired me, got me to write some really great material.

Talia: Thank you. That's going to help, thanks.

Dorian: Well, what?

Talia: Well, a taxi was dispatched to, um, "La Boulaie" around the time Ms. Cramer disappeared.

Dorian: My sister did call a taxi.

Talia: Yes, I guess she does know how to do that. Ahem.

Blair: I just hope she's not, you know, marking things off of her list, you know?

Talia: What list?

Blair: Oh, um, Mama made this very long list of things that she wanted to do now that she's free, and some of them were a little --

Dorian: Wacky.

Blair: But they're -- no, just a little dangerous.

Dorian: Why not call the taxi driver and ask him where he took her?

Talia: I tried, and he's not picking up his cell phone or answering his pages, but I'll keep trying.

Dorian: How could he do this to me?

Blair: Oh, come on, Dorian, taxicab drivers need breaks, too.

Dorian: I'm talking about Clint.

Blair: Clint?

Dorian: Yes -- if he hadn't led me on, made me think that he cared about me, I never would have gone over there to see him and left Addie alone, and she wouldn't have disappeared and -- really, Blair, I'm -- I'm worried that something terrible has happened to her. Aren't you?

Talia: The cabbie finally answered his page.

Dorian: Oh? And what?

Talia: Addie's fine.

Dorian: Oh, thank heaven.

Blair: Great. Did she go back to St. Ann's?

Talia: Hmm, no. Uh -- not exactly.

Addie: A flute of your best champagne, please.

Sarah: Uh -- I'm sorry, we're not open yet.

Addie: Oh, I was so sure you would be. Oh, the cab driver took so long trying to find a bona fide nightclub, and the mambo is a must -- it's -- it's on my list, you see.

Sarah: "Your list"?

Addie: I don't have to leave, do I? I -- I won't be any trouble.

Sarah: I'm sure you won't be. You want champagne?

Addie: Oh, I'd love that! I can't wait until the clock strikes 12:00. The word "wait" is hateful to me. I want to live for now -- "before the fiddlers have fled -- while there's moonlight and music and love and romance." Life isn't a dress rehearsal, you know. It's the main event -- opening night!

Sarah: That is a positive way to look at things.

Addie: Won't you join me?

Sarah: And love and romance.

Addie: Happy New Year.

Sarah: You, too.

Addie: Mmm. No wonder my sister loves this stuff so much.

[Guitar riff sounds]

Addie: What was that?

Sarah: An indie band -- they're playing here tonight.

Addie: What on earth is an indie band?

Sarah: Stick around, you'll see.

Man: It is okay if we rehearse?

Sarah: No problem.

Addie: He's an Adonis.

[Sarah chucks]

Man: You two ready to rock?

Addie: No time like the present.

Sarah: Go for it.

Cristian: I want you to know something. I want you to know that I think you're an incredible woman. Please come back.

Cristian: You always believed in taking chances, making the difficult decisions. Maybe that's what I have to do now. But if you could just give me a sign, something -- is it time? Is it time to let you go?

Gigi: Shane's over at Lonnie’s, so I'll stay here with Tommy and keep my germy self across the room.

Marcie: I'll go get into my uniform. Um -- your friend -- you know, the guy that bought the ring?

Gigi: Yeah?

Marcie: Did he happen to notice the inscription inside of the engagement ring -- Michael’s words to me?

Rex: Nice rocks, huh?

Adriana: They're perfect.

Rex: For our 10th anniversary -- because I'll be pulling in the big bucks by then --

Adriana: I have no doubt

Rex: You are getting one mother of a diamond.

Adriana: Save your money -- I like this one just fine.

Rex: In that case, how about a yacht?

Adriana: Sure. But don't you dare try to replace this, because I am never giving it up.

Rex: And I'm never giving you up -- even if you did have to be talked into marrying me.

Adriana: I did not. I was just thrown by the dirt hound you gave me -- or whatever it's called.

Rex: I don't know why I did that.

Adriana: Because you're you, and you would never do anything typical like champagne, dinner --

Rex: Putting the ring in a cream puff or something?

[Adriana chuckles]

Rex: With my luck, you'd choke on it.

Adriana: Yeah. I just hope I don't lose it.

Rex: A little loose?

Adriana: Yeah. Rex, why didn't you tell me?

Rex: Oh -- "tell you --"

Adriana: You had it inscribed.

Rex: No –

Ramsey: [Texas accent] Oh, thank you.

Noelle: I tried Gigi's cell, no answer. I tried her landline, too, she's not home.

Ramsey: I hope her kid's okay.

Noelle: Me, too. There is one other place I could try. Gigi's got a friend who lives at the motel across the street, spends a lot of time there.

Moe: Noelle, order's up!


Noelle: I'll be right back.

Todd: Hey -- so I heard about that hotel, you want to go?

Ramsey: [Normal voice] No, hold. First, we got to be sure.

Todd: Of what?

Ramsey: That that Gigi doesn't feed us any more bull sugar.

Michael: John? Who's it from?

John: Marty.

[Band plays]

Addie: You think someone will ask me to dance -- it's on my list, too.

Sarah: I'll fix you up if you want.

Antonio: Band sounds great. I've been getting a lot of calls for reserva--

Addie: Cheers! Happy New Year!

[Sarah laughs]

Addie: Excuse me, I want to go groove with the indie band.

Antonio: You can't do that. Um, do you know who that is? That's -- that's Blair’s mom.

Sarah: Really?

[Band stops]

Sarah: Well, she seems pretty cool. Is there a problem?

Blair: Antonio --

Antonio: Blair, hi. I was just looking for your number -- you're looking for your mom?

Blair: Yeah.

Antonio: Yeah -- uh -- ahem.

Man: Okay, put your little finger right there.

Addie: Right.

Man: There you go.

Second man: And that's a C chord.

[Addie plays C chord]

Rex: Just give me the ring.

Adriana: No!

Rex: Adriana --

Adriana: Rex, why don't you want me to read it?

Rex: Because -- I don’t. That's -- I'll get it sized, and then you can see it.

Adriana: You're embarrassed because you wrote something really mushy.

Rex: Just give me the ring.

Adriana: Rex, that is the most beautiful thing you could've written for me, for us.

Rex: Really?

Adriana: "We are one."

Marcie: "We are one." Huh.

Gigi: It's sweet. So that was inside the engagement ring, too?

Marcie: Yeah. I guess your friend didn't see it.

Gigi: He was just so excited to get a ring for his girlfriend.

Marcie: This "guy," um, wouldn't happen to be Shane’s father, would he?

Gigi: What?

Marcie: Well, you know, I was --

Gigi: I -- Shane’s daddy is dead -- I told you that. I also told you this guy means nothing to me. It was just seeing him after all this time -- it threw me for a loop, that's all.

Marcie: Okay -- oh, okay. Sure. Sure it wasn't meant to be?

Gigi: "Meant to be"? What is that supposed to mean?

Marcie: Well, maybe it was fate that brought him here -- so that you two could have another chance.

Gigi: First of all, Marcie, he's about to be engaged, remember?

Marcie: The ring is not --

Gigi: And second, it wasn't fate that brought him here at all! Honey, it s you.

Ramsey: [Texas accent] Ah.

Noelle: Well, I just checked -- Gigi's on the schedule and she hasn't called in sick.

Ramsey: Well, that must mean her boy's all right.

Noelle: Yeah, she wouldn't leave Shane alone if he was coming down with something. He's probably with Lonnie.

Ramsey: Oh. She baby-sits him, huh?

Noelle: Yeah, and she lives right around the corner from Gigi, which makes it real handy. It's real nice of you to be so worried for her.

Ramsey: Well, that's the kind of guy I am.

John: She told me she had ordered something for Christmas.

Michael: She came up with this idea?

John: Yeah, we -- um -- we'd had a few laughs about what a jackass Manning was being in court. I guess she thought something like this would maybe keep me out of trouble. Ah. Well, you got your red darts and you got your black darts.

Michael: Either.

John: You first.

Moe: Much obliged.

Noelle: Well, let's have it -- my measly salary, times four.

Moe: Hold your horses; I got something to say to you first.

Noelle: Dag gummit, Moe, you're not supposed to be talking to me!

Moe: Fine. Then I just won't even tell you the big news.

Noelle: No, Moe, wait! Um -- I'm off the clock, so I'll let you talk.

Moe: I just got off the phone with the pie-contest people -- I ate more humble pie than I care to think about.

Noelle: What'd you do, get yourself back in the contest?

Moe: No -- got you back in it. You're going to Dallas, honey.

Noelle: Moe, if you're giving me a lot of --

Moe: No, I know better than to do that.

Noelle: Really? You're serious? I -- I'm really back in the contest?

Moe: You're going to win this, I know it.

Noelle: Oh, Moe, you old devil! Oh, I could just kiss you for this!

Marcie: Okay, let me get this straight -- your ex-boyfriend was here because of me? What does that mean?

Gigi: He's a private eye hired to find you and your son.

Marcie: A private eye? And you don't think to tell me this before?

Gigi: I figured you were taking off right away, so what did it matter?

Marcie: Gigi -- Gigi, I need to know this! Come -- what did you tell him?

Gigi: Same story I told Manning -- that you were headed for Argentina -- Iguaçu Falls.

Marcie: Can I just -- just ask, why there?

Gigi: I studied it in high school and it stuck out in my mind, okay? Anyway, it worked!

Marcie: Oh, my God! Iguaçu Falls, Gigi!

Gigi: He bought it, Marcie, okay? He's gone now! All he could think about was getting back home to his girlfriend!

Marcie: Yes -- who has my ring!

Gigi: Yeah, but he doesn't know it's yours. And besides, that perfect, wonderful woman he told me about is probably wearing that ring by now.

Adriana: "We are one" -- that is so sweet.

Rex: All right, enough already. Just -- just give me the ring and I'll get it sized.

Adriana: Why are you being so weird about this?

Rex: Because -- I don't like what I had inscribed. I didn't -- I -- I didn't give it enough thought.

Adriana: Well, why don't you like it?

Rex: Because you're an independent woman, and saying "we are one" makes it sound like, you know, I want us joined at the hip or something -- equally creepy.

Adriana: Well, not to me. To me, it means "you and me against the world."

Rex: "You and me against your mother," maybe.

Adriana: Oh -- so you did talk to her about this?

Rex: Oh, yeah, I was a good boy. I asked her permission to marry you and everything.

Adriana: And she said --

Rex: She was a little -- all over the place about it. But, bottom line, she thought it was cool -- I think. Although, I think she expected me to be buying you your ring at the drugstore.

Adriana: Oh. Well, I can't wait to show her how wrong she was.

Dorian: Uh, thank you very much, gentlemen. Oh, Addie, what were you thinking?

Blair: You know, you scared us to death, Mama.

Dorian: Yes -- sneaking out of the house, gallivanting around town like a rebellious teenager.

Blair: Next time, you at least have to tell us when you leave.

Addie: Did I need your permission? Am I not allowed to come and go as I please?

Dorian: Are we not allowed to be concerned about you? I mean, you just left St. Ann’s.

Addie: Exactly. All those squandered years!

Blair: Mama -- Mama, come on. I've got your stuff, let's -- let's just go home, okay?

Addie: "Home"? It's New Year’s Eve! Let's have more champagne.

Blair: Mama --

Addie: Will you join me for the party?

Blair: Mama, please?

Addie: Wait till you hear the music the indie band is playing. It'll make you want to kick off your shoes and go dancing barefoot.

Dorian: You can do all the dancing you want -- at home. Let's go.

Blair: Come on.

Addie: No! I'm staying here -- where the action is!

Dorian: Oh?

Antonio: Blair's mom -- she --

Talia: She was released from St. Ann's this week.

Antonio: After so many years?

Talia: That's all I know. You know what? I -- I better get back to the station.

Antonio: Talia? Not -- not the best way to spend your last night at -- at the department, huh -- dealing with Dorian Lord?

Talia: It could've been worse.

Antonio: Uh -- so did it, uh, change your mind about maybe going to Cherryvale?

Talia: No.

Antonio: Is there anything that would change your mind?

Sarah: Man, I still cannot believe we booked you guys for New Year’s Eve.

Man: Well, it almost didn't happen. We were this close to opening for Green Day.

Sarah: Yeah, that's what your manager said. So, what, did it all just fall through?

Man: Yeah, well, I'm not disappointed, though. Not at all.

Cristian: I know you'll come back to us. It's not like you to give up without a fight. But when you do come back -- I don't know -- I -- I may not be the right guy for you anymore. You see, the thing is, I met this girl, and -- and she's great -- I think you'd like her. That's why I need to know whether you want me to wait for you.

John: And now back to reality.

Michael: Yeah. I got to get online, get a plane ticket.

John: Hey, Mike, wait. Just slow down. I don't think this going to Argentina makes any sense.

Michael: But Rex just told me --

John: She's not there.

Michael: But you don't know that, John.

John: Listen to me, hear me out, all right? This place you mentioned -- even I recognize it. That's a big tourist destination, right? So, one, I don't think she can afford to live there, and, two, I mean, it's very high-profile. Marcie -- she's been so smart and careful all along. Why would she just go and tell someone where she's going?

Michael: Okay, so whoever told Todd and Rex was then just covering? Well, now what? I mean, I can't just give up.

John: I didn't say anything about giving up. We'll find her, you and me.

Cristian: I love you, Evangeline. I always will.

Man: So do you have plans tonight? Do you have a big date after the show?

Sarah: No date on New Year’s Eve -- kind of pathetic, huh?

Man: I'm sorry I asked.

Sarah: It's okay. I know I'm a great catch, so I would never be insecure about something stupid like being alone on New Year’s Eve.

Man: Well, I have a couple of breaks tonight -- if you want to hang out.

Sarah: I'll save you some confetti.

Dorian: You cannot spend New Year’s Eve with a bunch of strangers in a nightclub. You were until recently in an institution.

Addie: Even they let me have day trips from time to time.

Blair: Mama, it's not like we're trying to make you not have fun. What we want is for you to have fun with us at home.

Dorian: Right.

Blair: With -- with Jack and Starr and Dorian -- it'll be so much fun, Mama, please. The children would love it, and it would mean so much to -- to all of us.

Addie: I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.

Dorian: Of course you don't, because you have such a good heart.

Addie: But you better have plenty of champagne on hand.

Blair: You know she will.

Dorian: Absolutely.

Blair: And we'll have a bunch of noisemakers -- it'll be great. Come on, come on, come on, come on, it'll be fun.

[Dorian chuckles]

Talia: Why would I change my mind? I mean, looking forward to starting 2008 in a new job -- and with a new partner, so --

Antonio: Talia --

Talia: There's nothing left to say.

Adriana: Wait till my mother gets a load of this.

Rex: Okay, can we get off the ring now? It's just -- it's just a symbol, it's just a piece of jewelry. But this --

Adriana: Hmm.

Rex: This actually means something.

Adriana: Mm-hmm. Where'd you get it?

Rex: Uh, again with the ring?

Adriana: I'm just curious.

Rex: What do I have to do to get you to stop talking?

Marcie: Look, Gigi, I'm really sorry, okay, but I cannot stay here anymore, and I can't go to work for you, so I don't --

Gigi: Never mind that. I just -- I'm really going to miss you.

Marcie: Me, too. But we'll stay in touch. Okay, Gigi?

Gigi: Oh -- I got something for you.

Marcie: You did?

Gigi: I went to the drugstore today to pick up those pictures.

Marcie: Oh --

Gigi: There's some really cute ones of Tommy, so you keep them.

Marcie: Oh. Oh, Gigi -- oh, I love these.

Gigi: There's a few of me in there, as well --

Marcie: Mm-hmm, yes -- that old Gigi smile.

Gigi: So you don't forget me.

Marcie: Never.

Michael: After what you've been through, I can't let you do this.

John: What else am I going to do -- sit around here and think about -- stuff?

Michael: John --

John: Go pack. Go pack, Mike, I got a plan.

Marcie: Happy New Year.

Gigi: You, too.

Marcie: Yeah.

Gigi: Um, I don't want to wake him, so please give Tommy a hug and a kiss for me?

Marcie: I will. You know he loves you.

Gigi: Well, I love you guys. Hmm!

Marcie: I love you, too. And, you know, God, I never could've gotten through these past couple of weeks without you. I'll never forget everything you've done for Tommy and me.

Gigi: Well, you're welcome. Bye.

Marcie: Bye.

Todd: Hey, Gigi. Hi. Remember me?

Gigi: Yeah, sure. You were the guy looking for that lady and her son. I told you everything I know.

Ramsey: [Texas accent] Ah, you may want to rethink that -- if you want to see your son again.

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Sarah: What's up, boss?

Cristian: I just got back from seeing Evangeline.

Michael: It looks exactly like the engagement ring I got for Marcie.

P.A. Announcer: The bus to Cherryvale is boarding at Gate 4.

Antonio: Talia, wait!

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