OLTL Transcript Thursday 11/8/07

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 11/8/07


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[Knock on door]

Cristian: Come in.

Cristian: Hey. I -- I thought you were in Texas for the reading of Asaís will.

Sarah: I was.

Cristian: Itís over?

Sarah: No.

Cristian: Then why are you here?

Sarah: I left because I missed you.

Cristian: You came back to tell me you missed me? You could have -- you could have done it over the phone.

Sarah: The thing is, I wanted to tell you without words.

[Music plays]

Jessica: Um -- anyone seen Sarah this morning?

Renee: Well, I passed by her room. The door was open, I poked my head in, she wasnít there, so I assumed she'd come down to breakfast.

Clint: Well, maybe she took an early walk.

Jessica: Oh, no. Sarah doesnít go for walks.

Matthew: Maybe sheís with Natalie and Jared. They're not here, either.

[Jared whistles]

Natalie: Oh, god!

Jared: Natalie --

Natalie: Have you ever heard of knocking?

Marcie: This looks delicious. I sure do love your home cooking, Celia. Thank you. I've actually had my first decent nightís sleep since I -- well, since I left with Aaron.

Celia: Well, thatís good.

Marcie: Yeah. And I canít even believe how close I came to being caught last night. If you hadnít covered for me, Wendell --

Wendell: Well, those two men -- they donít look like the type to give up easy.

Marcie: No, they arenít. And I donít quite know how to thank you for protecting Aaron and me.

Celia: Honey, I think we know how.

Marcie: Well, name it.

Wendell: The best way for you to thank us is by leaving here.

[Alarm clock beeps]

Todd: Oh --

Blair: Oh.

[Alarm stops]

Blair: How'd you sleep?

Todd: Hmm -- good. I slept good.

Blair: Yeah. Me, too.

Todd: Today feels like a good day. Today feels like the day I'm going to find my son.

John: You sleep well?

Marty: Yeah. You?

John: Are you ok -- you know, with last night?

Marty: I'm a little more than ok.

Lindsay: Hi, Bo.

Bo: Hey.

[Lindsay gasps]

Bo: I'm sorry that itís been so long since I've been here to see you.

Lindsay: Oh, itís ok. You're here now.

Bo: Yeah.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Bo: Lindsay, um --

Lindsay: You donít have to talk. You donít know what it means to me, just you being here.

[Knock on door]

Sarah: Donít answer it.


Cristian: Sarah? Oh, itís you.

Antonio: Sorry. Who did you think it was?

Cristian: Nobody. Nothing. Dot worry about it.

Sarah: Good morning, everybody.

[Good mornings]

Clint: We were just wondering where you were.

Sarah: I'm right here.

Nigel: Good morning, Miss.

Sarah: Good morning, Nigel.

Nigel: Hmm -- there is a breakfast on the sideboard in the dining room.

Sarah: Oh, sorry, dude. Itís way too early for solid food.

Clint: Sarah, come on, you got to have something.

Sarah: Uh -- all right. Give me a screwdriver, hold the vodka.

Nigel: Orange juice, straight up, it is. Sara perfect.

Clint: So, did you sleep well?

Sarah: I slept like a log.

Renee: I came by your room. You werenít there.

Sarah: Oh, I got up early. Itís so quiet around here.

Nora: You didnít hear those big-mouthed birds? What are they, chickens?

Renee: Crows.

Sarah: I'm used to the sounds of the city, I guess. So I got up and went for a walk. It is gorgeous here early in the morning. I guess thatís why great-Grandpa liked it so much.

Renee: Yep. You know, when Asa bought this ranch, he saddled up and he rode every mile of every boundary. He knew every inch of this place, didnít he, Clint?

Clint: Yeah.

Matthew: You know, when dad took me down here last time, we packed up the horses and we rode them down to the pastures, right where those two streams meet up. We -- we went fishing, we camped out, and it was all on Grandpaís land. Ooh, yeah -- and we also saw some cattle, too. He taught me how to herd them. You know what? Why donít we ride some horses today? You think maybe we can --

Nora: You know what? No. No, no, no, we're not going to do that right off the bat. You know, we -- we'll just wait a little bit on that. We -- we're expecting a lawyer to come and read Asaís will, ok?

Sarah: Are you guys nervous?

Jessica: Why should we be nervous?

Sarah: I donít know -- I heard great-Grandpa changed his will.

Renee: He did.

Clint: Yeah -- a couple of months ago.

Renee: It was like he knew there wasnít much time.

Jessica: Nigel, were you there when Grandpa changed his will?

Nigel: Actually, yes. Yes, I was.

Sarah: Hey, whereís Natalie? Wasnít she supposed to get up at dawn and go for a walk with that hunky ranch guy?

[Renee chuckles]

Renee: Well, they havenít come back yet, and I donít know where Jared is. He must still be in bed.

Clint: Hmm.

Jessica: I wonder how things went between Natalie and chuck last night.

Nash: You think maybe your sister went for a little roll in the hay with the ranch hand?

[Jessica chuckles]

Jessica: Well, I did everything I could do to promote it. You know, Natalieís been alone a long time, and chuck -- well, chuck is very tall in the saddle.

Nash: Well, I'm just glad that Natalie is thinking about something other than Jared Banks, for once.

Jared: I heard noises. I thought maybe you were in trouble.

Natalie: So you just come barging in here?

Jared: The door was open, ok?

Natalie: That doesnít give you the right to walk in.

Jared: Yeah, well, I guess after I left last night, you made a little more than cocoa, huh, chuck?

Natalie: Thatís none of your business.

Chuck: Look, the lady doesnít want you here, so --

Jared: Ok, shut your big fat trap, cattle boy.

Chuck: I'm not the one breaking into peopleís rooms.

Jared: Hey, first of all, I didnít break into anyoneís room. Second of all, bite me. This is not your problem.

Natalie: Donít speak to him that way.

Chuck: Look, itís Natalieís problem, and I donít think she likes you shoving your way into her personal life.

Natalie: Yeah, Jared, you hear that? My personal life is none of your business, so do me a favor and get out. And keep your big, fat mouth shut around my family about this.

Jared: Yeah, ok, if I was going to tell anyone, that'd mean I care, and I donít.

[Door slams]

Chuck: Well, if you wanted to make him mad, that sure did it.

Natalie: Ah, that service was way above and beyond the call of duty, chuck.

Chuck: Donít mention it. Heís not going to jump out from behind something and cut me up, is he?

Natalie: Well, you heard him -- he doesnít give a damn what we do.

Chuck: Yeah, but he didnít mean that.

Natalie: I know.

Chuck: So, I did ok?

Natalie: You were great.

Chuck: Usually jumping into a bed with a pretty little thing like you means a whole other thing.

Natalie: Yeah, I know.

Chuck: All right if I put my shirt back on?

Natalie: If you have to.

Chuck: So, you going to tell me whatís really going on here?

Blair: So, a good nightís sleep put you in a better frame of mind?

Todd: Yeah. I have not been sleeping well since Marcie took the kid. I mean, I get to sleep, but then I canít stay asleep. I get all these dreams.

Blair: Yeah. You feel like you've been working all night?

Todd: Yeah. But not last night. No dreams, nothing. Maybe it was the company.

Blair: Maybe.

Todd: Or just maybe it was sleep deprivation catching up with me.

Blair: Hmm. I know I always feel like I sleep better when I'm with you.

Todd: Yeah, me, too. Want some coffee, or --

Blair: Yes. Yeah, I think thereís one of those pitiful little coffeemakers in the bathroom.

Todd: Yeah, I know, I love those.

Blair: So, you make a pot. You know how I like it.

Todd: Yeah, I know how you like it.

Blair: Mm-hmm. Well? You going to make me the coffee?

Todd: No, I'm not. We got to get going. I'll get you a coffee on the road.

Marty: Thanks for listening to me last night.

John: You donít have to thank me.

Marty: No, I just -- you know, when Patrick was murdered, I just wanted to die, too. I just felt so guilty, you know, that I wasnít there.

John: I know what you mean.

Marty: I know you do. I think I've always known. I mean, being able to share this with somebody -- itís like, well, just this huge weight has been lifted off of me. I never thought I would feel this way again.

John: I wasnít sure I could, either.

Marty: So this -- you know, between you and me, itís -- itís a good thing, yeah?

John: Itís a good thing.

Marty: I cannot believe we have to get back in the car with Todd and Blair.

John: You might want to take a shower.

Marty: Yeah. You know, thereís a coffeemaker in the bathroom.

John: Hmm.

Marty: Hmm.

John: Motel, bathroom, coffeemaker -- hmm.

Marty: Yummy?

John: Yummy. Not so much. Tell you what -- why donít you take your shower? I'll run across the street to the convenience store. Coffee, black, one sugar?

Marty: Yes. So how is it you know everything about me?

John: Be right back.

Marcie: You're right. And I completely understand. You know, after everything that you two have been through, I donít want you to get in trouble with the law because of me. Thatís the last thing you needed.

Wendell: I think itís you who doesnít understand.

Celia: You're welcome to stay here as long as you want.

Wendell: Itís true. Just last night was a close call.

Celia: We think it would be best for you to go somewhere else.

Marcie: No, I think it would be best for all of us. I just -- I just -- I donít really know where to go next or -- or what to do.

Celia: We might be able to help with that.

Wendell: A friend of ours wants to help you.

Marcie: Wendell, why did you go and do that for?

Celia: The address is at top, and Wendell wrote out the directions for you. Just tell her we sent you.

Wendell: I tuned up your car this morning, itís running good.

Celia: A little something for you and the baby.

Marcie: No, I -- I -- I canít take this, Celia, I canít.

Wendell: Itís not much, but right now, you need it more than we do.

Marcie: No! Wendell, I canít take this. Listen, Aaron and I, we're going to make it. Ok, we are survivors. And besides, I have all that money that my brother still gave me because of your kindness. So please, you have already done enough! Please!

Wendell: No, ma'am.

Marcie: Donít think that you can out-stubborn me, because you canít, ok? Wendell, if this is about your pride, then please help me to keep my pride. Please. Thank you. Celia -- I noticed that you -- you admired my bracelet last night, and, you know, my husband -- he bought this for me on a whim at the mall.

[Marcie chuckles]

Marcie: But I want you to have it.

Celia: Oh, just because I said I liked it doesnít mean I want it.

Marcie: It wasnít expensive. And I'm always going to feel like I owe you, and it'll -- look, it'll just be a really small way of saying "thank you."

Celia: If I say no, are you going to stand around here arguing about it?

Marcie: Yeah, pretty much.

Celia: We donít have time for that.

Marcie: No, we donít, do we? So -- so just take it, ok? Please, just -- just take it.

Celia: Thank you.

Marcie: Hmm.

Marcie: Ok. So -- well, those two guys -- they're going to come looking for me soon, right? They're going to be calling on the car and wanting to know when itís going to be ready, so --

Wendell: Who knows? It might just take me hours to find the part they need.

Marcie: Well, then I think I'd better take advantage of that head start, right?

Celia: I'll pack you some food while you get Aaron ready.

Marcie: I'll never forget you, ever.

Bo: The doctor said that -- that you're doing better.

Lindsay: Yeah, I'm doing better. Things are a little hazy. I donít remember everything, but the things I do remember confuse me.

Bo: Yeah. Um -- I'm not here to question you. This isnít an official visit. I just wanted to come by and see how you're doing, thatís all.

Lindsay: I'm ok. How are you doing?

Bo: Good. You know, good. I get up, I go to work, then I go home. I eat some takeout, go to bed, get up in a few hours, and go back to work.

Lindsay: That doesnít sound like much of a life.

Bo: No, it -- itís ok.

Lindsay: Howís Matthew?

Bo: Matthewís really --

[Phone rings]

Bo: Oh -- heís doing good. Excuse me. This is Matthew right now. Hey, bud. Whatís up?

Matthew: Hey, Dad. You told me to call when I got here, but it was pretty late. I just wanted to let you know that I got here ok.

Bo: Ok, good, good, I appreciate that.

Matthew: Did I call at a bad time?

Bo: You know, I've told you, thereís never a bad time for you to call me. I'm here visiting Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, tell him I said hi.

Bo: She says hi.

Matthew: You tell her I said hey back.

Bo: He says hi back. So, howís everything going down there?

Matthew: Grandpaís lawyerís getting ready to come over in a little while.

Bo: Good old Beaver Calhoun.

Matthew: Yeah, I'll -- I'll call you after they read the will and let you know what happened.

Bo: Ok, I'd appreciate that. Listen, tell your uncle Clint that he can call me if he needs anything, or if he just wants to talk to me about anything, ok?

Matthew: All right, I will.

Bo: And I'm sorry I'm not down there with you.

Matthew: Yeah, itís ok, Dad. I love you.

Bo: I love you, too, bud. Bye-bye. Ah.

Lindsay: You didnít mention that Matthew was out of town.

Bo: Yeah, yeah, heís down -- heís down there in Texas with the whole family, down at país ranch.

Lindsay: Why didnít you go with them?

Bo: Because I've got to work.

Lindsay: Oh, come on. You're the boss. You can take the time off if you want to.

Bo: Maybe, yeah. How about this? I donít want to go down there.

Lindsay: Hmm. You keeping something from me?

Cristian: You want coffee?

Antonio: Listen, if -- you know, if you have other plans --

Cristian: I donít have any plans. Come on.

Antonio: All right. Itís just, you know, when you answered the door, it looked like you were expecting someone -- someone who wasnít me.

Cristian: Just tell me what you want.

Antonio: Well, itís actually really exciting. The accountant wants the fourth-quarter stuff for Capricorn as close as possible after the end of the year.

Cristian: Not a problem. I donít seem to be doing anything but work, anyway.

Antonio: Hmm. Yeah, thatís what Jamie says about me.

Cristian: How is my cutie little niece?

Antonio: Missing Jessica and the baby.

Cristian: What about you?

Antonio: Trying not to. You?

Cristian: I'm good.

Antonio: Huh? Whoís got you sleeping on the couch?

Cristian: Nobody. I just fell asleep reading.

Antonio: Hmm, I see. So, you are sleeping, working, and reading?

Cristian: Sounds familiar?

Antonio: Well, actually, I got Jamie. See, I was putting her to sleep last night, and she said, "Papi, you know what? You're my best friend."

Cristian: Such a great kid.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. You know, Cris, you have to do something with your life besides work. What about your painting?

Cristian: Come on, man, donít lecture me.

Antonio: All right, I'm not.

Cristian: I donít know. I guess I got out of the habit of painting when Sarah was here.

Antonio: Hmm.

Cristian: I mean, her stuff was all over the place, and you know how I like to work when -- when I'm alone.

Antonio: Didnít she move in with Layla?

Cristian: Oh, yeah. Yeah -- what a relief.

Antonio: Whatís that supposed to mean?

Cristian: Well, we'd -- we'd come home at night from the club and she'd want to stay up talking about how the night went, and, you know, she'd show up with a C.D. from some band that I had to listen to, cranking it up on my stereo. I mean, I think she ruined my amp. And her eating habits -- I mean, I'd wake up and she'd be grilling grilled cheese for breakfast. And then she'd decide she was getting too fat, and guess what -- my fridge would be full of berries, yogurt, and god knows what. It was a nightmare.

Antonio: Yeah, I donít believe it.

Cristian: I'm serious. It was a nightmare, believe me. Itís all true.

Antonio: No, thatís not what I'm talking about.

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Antonio: You miss her, donít you? You miss Sarah.

Sarah: So you havenít seen Jared or Natalie since they both went to sleep last night?

Renee: No, is there a problem?

Jessica: Well, chuck is probably showing Natalie the ranch.

Nash: Yeah, and Jared is probably stealing the silverware.

Renee: Ugh.

Sarah: Will you guys lay off of him?

Clint: Didnít we have a talk about this just last night?

Sarah: Exactly. Jared is my guest, and thatís all there is to it.

Jared: And I am very grateful that I am.

Renee: Good morning, Jared. We were all wondering where you were.

Jared: I was just checking out this amazing house. I've gotten so much insight into how Asa grew up and became the man that he was.

Nigel: Between insights, would you care for coffee?

Jared: Oh, yeah, thanks, Nigel. Sorry. I sound a little full of myself.

Renee: Not a bit of it. I am so thrilled that you get to see all of this place.

Jared: Well, I am lucky man. Not only do I get to learn more about one of my heroes, I get to do it in the company of two beautiful women -- Sarah and you, Renee.

Chuck: I'm still not sure I understand.

Natalie: Well, Jared keeps telling me what I'm thinking and what I want. So he needed to be put in his place.

Chuck: You think that did it?

Natalie: Oh, I think that did it.

Chuck: Well, next time you want to get half naked and jump into bed again, you just let me know.

Natalie: Oh, thank you. But I try not to use people unless itís absolutely necessary.

Chuck: Huh. Gotcha. So you really think convinced him you're not interested, huh?

Ramsey: You check the rear door and the windows. You check that garage.

FBI Agent: Ok.

Wendell: Can I help you?

Ramsey: FBI We have reason to believe this woman is here. If she is, I would not want to be you. Harboring a fugitive is not a parking ticket.

John: You sure you got nothing at all? No, I'll hold.

[Knock on door]

John: Ok. I'm still here.

Todd: Thought you'd sleep in, did you? Oh.

Blair: Sleep well?

Marty: Yeah, actually. You?

Blair: Well, from the look on your face, I donít think I slept as well as you did.

John: Ok. I'll check in later.

Todd: What was that about?

John: That was the County Clerkís office. Clarence Jenkins' family home was destroyed in the hurricane. Thereís nothing left.

Todd: What about a forwarding address?

John: Just the place in Decatur.

Todd: I see.

John: Thereís no w Marcie could still be there.

Todd: We're back to square one.

Bo: Well, itís no secret. The whole family went down to País ranch because thatís where his will is being read.

Lindsay: And you didnít go because?

Bo: Well, if -- if I was down there, it really wouldnít change anything.

Lindsay: You're not the least bit interested or curious as to what your father left you in his will?

Bo: Uh, I'm sure that somebodyís going to give me a call just as soon as everythingís finished.

Lindsay: Uh-huh. Whatís the real reason you didnít go?

Bo: Oh, I had some issues with pa before he died, the way he led his life. And it just seemed like going all the way down to Texas to hear this will read, it -- it was like he was jerking my chain one last time and I -- I just didnít like the feeling. And besides that, it really wasnít a good time to leave.

Lindsay: Please donít tell me that you stayed here because of me.

Bo: Well, the last time I went to Texas --

Lindsay: Yeah?

Bo: You ended up in this place, you know?

Lindsay: Well, I donít think that you going to Texas had anything to do with me ending up in this place.

Bo: Ok. Then let me put it this way -- I didnít go down there because I didnít want to go down there, and then we could just leave it at that.

Nora: Did you call your dad?

Matthew: Yeah, but we couldnít talk for very long. He was with Lindsay. Uh -- uncle Clint, my dad said if you need anything, just give him a call.

Clint: Thank you, Matthew.

Natalie: Oh, well, good morning, everyone. I hope all of you had good of a night as I did last night.

Jessica: Oh, is there something going on that we should know about?

Natalie: All I can say is I had the best night that I've had in a long time. I was all knotted up and now I feel so relaxed.

Renee: Morning, chuck.

Chuck: Miss Renee.

Renee: Are you responsible for Natalieís good mood? I know you two were going to saddle up earlier this morning.

Chuck: You still want to go for that ride?

Natalie: I'd love to take a ride.

Jared: Ahem.

Clint: Uh -- chuck? Keep an eye on her, would you? Been a long while since sheís been in the saddle.

Natalie: Oh, thatís ok. Chuck he is an expert, so I'm in good hands.

Chuck: Donít you worry about a thing, Mr. Buchanan. I'll take good care of her.

Jared: Sarah, would you like to go for a walk?

Sarah: I'd love to.

Jared: Good.

Matthew: I can go, too. I can show you all the places my dad showed me.

Renee: Oh, that would be wonderful -- can I come, too? I mean, may I walk off my nerves?

Jared: Yes. The more, the merrier.

Clint: Now, donít you forget -- the lawyer is coming in under an hour.

Natalie: Oh, well, we can finish our ride in that amount of time, right, chuck?

Chuck: Yeah, I think so.

Natalie: Ok, good. Letís go. Sara ahem.

Clint: What was that about?

Nash: You know as much as we do.

Jessica: But we definitely have our suspicions. Huh.

Todd: So, where do we go from here? You're out of leads and your friend at the FBI is not going to help us anymore.

John: Look, we're going to find her, all right? Let me get my car back and we'll go from there.

Wendell: Marcie McBain? I donít know who you're talking about.

Ramsey: Ok -- Penny. Sheís calling herself "Penny" now, "Penny Shaw."

Wendell: I donít know about her, either.

Ramsey: Thatís funny because we tracked her here through your wifeís brother. Now, unless you want your towing license pulled --

Wendell: You canít do that.

Ramsey: And I can have your wifeís high-heeled brother thrown in jail. How do you think lipstick is going to play in the Decatur, Georgia, city lockup?

Celia: Leave Clarence out of this.

Ramsey: Well, tell me what I want to know.

[Phone rings]

Ramsey: Well, answer it.

Celia: Wendellís towing.

John: Yeah. My nameís -- my nameís John McBain. You towed my car last night?

Celia: Right, just a minute. Itís the man you towed last night.

Wendell: Tell him his carís ready, and I found his cell phone, too. I'll bring them over to the motel.

Celia: The carís ready -- heís got your phone, too. He'll drop them off, but it might be a while.

John: Well, you know, I can come pick it up if itís easier.

Celia: No, he'll deliver.

[Lady barks]

Celia: Lady, bad dog! Sorry.

John: No problem.

John: Tell Mr. Freeman not to bother. I know where you're located -- I'll come by and pick it up.

Celia: Ok, but you sure?

John: Sure.

Todd: What is it now?

John: Carís ready. I'm going to go down and pick it up, and I'll come back and get you guys.

Todd: Dude, we're out of leads.

John: We'll figure something out.

Todd: Whatís he not telling us?

Marty: I know as much as you do.

Todd: Yeah, but even if you did know something, you wouldnít tell us, would you?

Celia: The gentleman is coming to pick up his car.

Ramsey: Well, itís too bad your husband might be in jail.

Wendell: You canít arrest me for not knowing who Marcie McBain is.

Ramsey: Why donít you talk to your husband, Mrs. Freeman? Tell him some woman he barely knows isnít worth going to jail over.

Cristian: Yeah, ok, maybe I miss Sarah a little.

Antonio: Yeah? And why would that be?

Cristian: It was nice having someone around.

Antonio: Oh, it was nice having Sarah around?

Cristian: Oh, wait a minute, what are you fishing for? Do you want me to say that I like h?

[Antonio chuckles]

Antonio: Man, only if itís the truth.

Cristian: Sheís all right.

Antonio: Hmm. Look, I -- I'm no one to, you know, give advice on romance and relationships -- but I'm going to anyway. If you feel something for her, go for it.

Cristian: Itís too late.

Antonio: Whyís that?

Cristian: Well, she kind of gave me an opening.

Antonio: Huh -- ok!

[Antonio chuckles]

Cristian: Yeah, but I turned her down.

Jared: Oh, so how was your ride?

Natalie: It was fantastic. How was your walk?

Jared: The same.

Sarah: So, Grandpa, are those stories true?

Man: As Asa Buchanan used to say, "if they arenít, they should be."

Nigel: May I introduce Mr. Cleavis Calhoun.

Renee: Howdy, Beaver.

Beaver: Howdy, ma'am. Itís always good to see you even under these dang lousy circumstances.

Matthew: You're Grandpaís lawyer?

Beaver: Yep.

Matthew: Why do they call you "Beaver"?

Beaver: Long story, son, but you didnít come all the way down here to hear that. You came to hear Asaís last wishes, and I think you'll find that Asa had a different way of looking at everything, including his will.

Lindsay: You know what would be really great? If Matthew could come visit me when he gets back.

Bo: Then I'll bring him by.

Lindsay: Unless you think that seeing me here would frighten him or upset him or something?

Bo: Well, then I'll talk to him.

Lindsay: Ok.

Bo: You know, I really -- I wish I could stay longer, but I got to get back to the office.

Lindsay: Wait -- Bo?

Bo: Hmm?

Lindsay: Thank you so much for coming. It gets a little lonely here.

Bo: I can imagine. Is there anything that you want me to bring you next time I come to see you?

Lindsay: No, they give me everything I'm allowed to have.

Bo: Uh-huh.

Lindsay: Just come back soon, ok?

Bo: I will.

Lindsay: You know, when you say that, I know you mean it, and you will. You're such a good man, Bo. Are you sure that you shouldnít be with your family in Texas?

Bo: I'm sure, because I'm exactly where I want to be.

Antonio: So, what happened?

Cristian: Well, Sarah let me know that she had a little crush on me, but -- I donít know. I -- I guess I wasnít ready.

Antonio: Because of Evangeline?

Cristian: It just doesnít feel right going out.

Antonio: Hmm. I see. So -- so Sarah, she -- she just backed off?

Cristian: Yeah, sheís eyeing some guy now, some guy named Jared Banks.

Antonio: Oh. Heís the -- heís the guy who -- who bought my share of Nash's vineyard.

Cristian: Really?

Antonio: Yeah.

Cristian: You know, you did everybody a favor making that deal.

Antonio: Yeah -- whatís that supposed to mean?

Cristian: Well, I donít know much about the guy, but what I do know is that I donít like him.

Antonio: Because heís dating Sarah?

Cristian: No, because I'm a good judge of character.

Antonio: Oh, right, of course. Have -- have you had a chance to talk to her about him?

Cristian: Yeah, but it didnít work. You know, Natalie doesnít like the guy, either.

Antonio: Yeah -- why not?

Cristian: She just said she doesnít trust him.

Antonio: Hmm.

Cristian: She thinks heís trying to work his way into the Buchanan empire.

Antonio: Oh, I see. Is that why he -- he tried to buy into the vineyard? Could he be a threat to Jessica?

Cristian: I donít know, I donít know, but I just wish that if Sarah was trying to prove a point, she'd do it with someone else.

Antonio: Listen, if you want me to look into this guyís background, I can --

Cristian: No, Antonio, Sarahís got to figure things out for herself. And as far as Jessica goes, sheís married to Nash, ok? So this Banks guy -- thatís their problem, not yours.

Antonio: Right. Right, right.

Cristian: Look, I donít want to talk about this. Why donít we talk about your love life? Whatís going on?

Antonio: You know what? I'm due back at the station. Why donít -- why donít you let me know when you can go over those books from Capricorn with me?

Cristian: Wheneverís good for you.

Antonio: All right. I'll -- I'll get back to you.

Cristian: Ok, fine.

Antonio: Yeah. Oh, and that -- that Sarah stuff? Tell her how you feel.

Cristian: Hey, Sarah, itís me, Cristian. Call me when you get this -- or when you get a chance, if you want.

[Phone chirps]

Sarah: Oh. Let me turn my phone off. I can check this message later.

Clint: Uh -- yeah. I want everybody here, turn your phones off.

Beaver: Thanks. I donít think Asa would want us to be interrupted.

Chuck: I'll be on my way.

Beaver: Whoa, whoa, ho, ho, ho. Now, you're Chuck Wilson III, isnít that, right?

Chuck: Yes, sir.

Beaver: Well, you might want to stick around. Thereís a bequest for you in Asaís will. Now, I'm sure you all know that it was Asaís wish to have the reading of his last will and testament done right here at the ranch. I donít mind at all. Itís a good place, this ranch. I've got an associate doing a reading for Asaís grandsons -- uh, whatís his name now? -- Kevin and Joey and Cord over in London right now. Probably about tea time now over there.

Clint: Could we get to the reading of the will?

Beaver: Oh -- not I, sir. This comes straight from Mr. Asa Buchanan himself.

Todd: I canít believe John hasnít told you something.

Marty: What do you think he could've told me? The house he thought Marcie was staying in is gone.

Todd: I should've gone with him.

Blair: Where'd you get that coffee?

Marty: John went to the convenience store across the street.

Blair: I want to go get me one.

Todd: You're going?

Blair: I'll get you one, too.

Todd: Here we are.

Ramsey: Too late, John.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Asa: My family is going to get whatís coming to them.

Marty: Whoever was behind the mask, I got the feeling that they knew me.

Starr: Look what I found!

John: I know you've been helping a woman named Marcie McBain. Tell me what you know.

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