OLTL Transcript Monday 11/5/07

One Life to Live Transcript Monday 11/5/07


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Langston: I canít believe your Aunt Dorian wants to foster me. Why would she want to take all that on?

Starr: Because you're amazing.

Langston: I'm a huge responsibility. Your auntís, like, free. I mean, itís one thing for your mom to do it. She already has two kids. But your aunt doesnít need all this.

Starr: One thing about my Aunt Dorian -- and promise you wonít tell anybody this -- but she needs to be needed.

Markko: Is Cole not here yet?

Starr: No, he said he had to stop home, but he should be here soon.

Alex: Are you sure this doesnít have any booze in it?

David: I told you, Alex, this is rehab. No booze, no grass, no pills. Although, they do make a pretty mean piŮa colada.

Alex: Mmm.

David: Which I can help you out with, if you know what I mean. I got a little SPF 110 proof.

Alex: Ooh! You naughty boy.

David: Now, I ordinarily donít like to pry, but just out of curiosity -- how well off did your ex leave you?

Alex: Mmm. David -- Dickie was very generous.

David: How generous?

Alex: Well, he used to say that if we piled up his money, it would go from the earth to the moon, and the moon back. I got half.

David: Oh, ho, ho, ho! To the moon, Alex.

[Alex laughs]

Alex: Oh, dear.

David: What?

Alex: I've just done something very cruel, havenít I?

David: You have?

Alex: Well, yes. Can you ever forgive me? You said you had no money, you had to work at this menial job, and I've just been going on and on about my money. This is terrible.

David: Hey, knock yourself out.

Alex: No, it -- itís -- my therapist said that I have to be rigorously honest, and I know I've hurt you, so I have to make amends.

David: Amends? Well, if you must.

Alex: Oh, I must. And since I have too much money and you donít have any, I'm just going to have to fix that, arenít I?

John: Yeah, that'll fix it.

Todd: Is this part of your grand scheme, you know? To get us marooned out here in the middle of nowhere while Marcie -- oh, excuse me -- Penny gets away?

John: Yeah, that was the plan.

Todd: Yeah, I think it might be, because, you see, all we have is your word that sheís going to New Orleans. I mean, by now, she could be in Tucson. She could be in Miami. She could be in Albuquerque. I donít know where she could be by now.

Marty: But you know John would never lie about something like that.

Blair: Well, John does whatever suits John. When are you going to learn that?

John: Hey, I'm following a lead. Thereís no guarantees.

Todd: Oh, a lead.

John: And I donít remember inviting any of you along!

Todd: So you hear a drag queen tell another drag queen that Marcieís going to New Orleans.

John: You got something better to go on? Then shut up.

[Horn beeps]

Blair: Hey, hey -- that may be the tow truck.

Wendell: This may take a while. After I turn around and back in, you might want to get out, stretch your legs.

Viki: So, if thereís nothing else I can get you --

Charlie: Well, actually, um, there is.

Viki: You just said there wasnít.

Charlie: What I'd like is, I'd like to take a lovely woman out tomorrow night, and I'd like that woman to be you.

Viki: I donít know what to say.

Charlie: Well, I think I can help you here. Just say yes.

Viki: May I ask you a question?

Charlie: Sure can.

Viki: Why me?

Gigi: Oh, God, Viki. Thanks for covering me.

Viki: Sure.

Gigi: I was in the emergency room for hours with Shane. He had an asthma attack.

Viki: Is he all right?

Gigi: Yeah, he is now, but it took them forever to get him breathing right.

Moe: You were supposed to have been here an hour ago.

Gigi: And you were supposed to give me health benefits.

Viki: You have a child with asthma, and you donít have health insurance?

Moe: Itís the restaurant business, Viki. Get used to it.

Gigi: Shaneís just fine, Moe! Thanks for asking!

Charlie: Ahem. Um -- in answer to your question --

Viki: What?

Charlie: Why you?

Viki: Oh, right. I'm sorry. Yes.

Charlie: Because you're the only person in town I know. You've been very nice to me. I've thoroughly enjoyed talking to you, and I always got the feeling that maybe you felt the same way. Uh -- not to mention, I have a thing for women in uniform. Um -- did I answer your question yet?

Viki: Yes. You sure did, beautifully. I'm sorry, Charlie, I canít go out with you.

Cole: Hey, Halloweenís over, pal. So if this is some kind of joke -- now, I'll tell you whatís going to happen -- you're going to turn around and you're going to walk out that door and I'm going to pretend like you didnít break into my apartment. Which is a crime, by the way. Ok, you want to -- you want to do it the hard way? Ok.

Markko: I still donít get why they donít just let you stay at Starrís while they figure out this whole foster thing.

Starr: Or at least let you go to our school.

Langston: The only good thing about my new school is they're reading "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" in English.

Starr: Didn't we read that last year?

Langston: And I kept my paper.

Markko: Yeah.

[Langston chuckles]

Starr: Well, itís really boring without you at school.

Langston: Any news from Britney?

Starr: Uh-uh, not one. Not even her posse has heard from her.

Markko: Itís just as well.

Starr: Yeah, I know. Could you imagine all the trouble she'd be causing if she was here right now?

Langston: Not even just to me. She'd dedicate a whole website to Mrs. McBain.

Markko: Yeah, anything to get back at Starr.

Starr: Yeah, well, thatís because Mrs. McBain decided to steal my little brother. Dr. McBain?

Michael: Hey, Starr. Have you heard from your dad?

Starr: No, but heís probably really busy with my mom.

Michael: Your mom?

Starr: Yeah. She went down there to be with him. And Coleís mom went down there with your brother. So between the four of them, they should be able to find Mrs. McBain and my dadís son.

Roxy: Rex, you got to call me back ASAP. I need to know when Adriana and you are going to go public about the pea-in-the-pod situation because I got a little self-image thing I got to take care of. Damn, I am too young to be a grandma. You look like hell, man.

Michael: Hmm. I feel like hell.

Roxy: Do doctors get fevers?

Michael: We're human.

Roxy: Donít they give you some kind of special immunity when you sign up? Speaking of nasty little germs, those kids I work with -- whew. Wait a second, what are you doing here? I thought you were going to go on the road and look for Marcie and Tommy with Mutt and Jeff.

Michael: Yeah. I got arrested right before we left.

Roxy: You got arrested? Why?

Michael: Perjury.

Roxy: For lying in court about knowing that Tommy was actually Manningís.

Michael: Right. So I guess I donít need you to pick up my -- my mail for me, because it looks like I'm going to be here to do that. Have you heard from Marcie?

Roxy: I think sheís smarter than that. She knows the cops have got the phones taped.

Michael: I think itís "tapped." Well, at least Johnís out there looking for her, you know? He'll find her.

Roxy: Maybe.

Michael: What do you mean?

Roxy: You know, if a person wants to disappear bad enough, no one will ever find them.

Marcie: If itís ok with you, I think I'm going to stay here. I got to finish this list. Aaronís out of everything.

Wendell: After I get these folks squared away, I'll take you to the store.

Marcie: Thanks.

Wendell: Lady, you be a good girl. You keep Penny company.

Marcie: Hmm.

Wendell: Howdy.

John: How you doing? Thanks for coming out.

Wendell: You folks need some help?

John: Yeah.

Todd: Yeah, Evel Knievel here thought he could jump Lake Pontchartrain.

Marty: You know, put a lid on it, Todd.

John: I think the lower A-arm is cracked. Radiator hose is shot.

Wendell: Yeah. Sure looks like it.

Todd: Can you fix it?

Wendell: I'll tow her in the shop -- take a look.

Todd: Where can I rent a car?

Wendell: No place around here.

John: How long do you think it would take to fix?

Wendell: That depends.

Marcie: Diapers, wipes, juice boxes, grapes, cereal --

[Lady whimpers]

Marcie: Whatís the matter? Whatís the matter, lady? You want to go out? All right, come on.

Cole: Listen, I -- I donít have a lot of cash on me, but I'll tell you what. We'll go to the bank. I have a couple thousand saved up. Please, not the watch. Really, it was my Dadís.

Markko: You got to feel for the guy.

Starr: Why?

Markko: Well, he obviously has no idea where his wife is, or Tommy.

Starr: And whose fault is that? Heís known for months that Tommy was my Dadís son and he wasnít going to tell anyone, Markko.

Langston: Still, itís got to hurt -- losing everything?

Starr: Well, I hope it does.

Langston: Whoa.

Starr: What?

Langston: Thatís a little harsh, donít you think?

Starr: His wife kidnapped my little brother, Langston. Do you think that thatís right?

Langston: No, of course not, but I can understand it. I mean, sheís desperate. I've been ere. I made all sorts of mistakes. I feel sorry for her.

Starr: Well, you canít feel sorry for her and be a part of my family. It just doesnít work that way.

Marcie: God, lady, what am I going to do? Oh, my God. What are we going to do?

Wendell: I donít have that particular part in the shop.

Todd: Oh, what a shock. The man doesnít stock out-of-date A-arms. I'm very surprised. Listen, why canít you just get a new car?

John: How long will it take to get the part?

Wendell: That depends.

Todd: You donít understand -- he canít get t part. Do you see? Heís not a mechanic who can work on prehistoric vehicles. However, do you know if thereís another mechanic who does?

Wendell: You folks can try one of the big outfits. You know, one of the 1-800 FELLAS, but thereís no telling how long it'll take for them to get here. They're not local, and around these parts since the hurricane, itís been pretty sparse.

Marty: Yeah, I noticed they still havenít rebuilt a lot of the storefronts.

Wendell: No, they put most of the dollars where the tourists can see them. But most of the regular folks still digging out -- those that stayed. But we help each other out.

Todd: Thatís touching. Who do I have to -- who do I have to pay to get an a-arm?

Wendell: Well, I'd be happy to take your money, but itís not that simple. I got to make some calls, see whoís got the part in stock.

John: Look, I apologize for my passenger. We're -- we're in a hurry.

Wendell: I can fix that hose as soon as I get in the shop, but I wonít have that a-arm till tomorrow morning at the earliest.

John: We appreciate it.

Wendell: So grab yourself out of the car whatever you need. Me and my friend Penny will get you hooked up.

Todd: Sorry, "Penny"?

Alex: Give me another one, will you, darling?

David: Delighted.

Alex: I think I've just done it again, havenít I?

David: Done what?

Alex: Flaunted my money when you donít have any.

David: Donít worry about that.

Alex: Oh, I am, David. Please, let me make it up to you. Here. Look. This is what they do for me at the bank. They iron each one, and then they wrap it in a little pink bow. Itís so much nicer that way, isnít it?

David: Yeah.

Alex: Otherwise, moneyís just green. Green, wrinkled, dirty -- sort of like Dickie. Here.

David: Wow. 100 bucks?

[Alex giggles]

David: It can almost buy you breakfast in this place.

Alex: Well, itís a date. No, wait, I'm not dating. Not after what I did to poor Dickie. He had to give me the deed to his place in Key West. And then the cars, the jewelry, the little bed-sit on park, and the house in Bridgehampton.

David: I know what you mean. I hate the Hamptons.

Alex: Well, thatís when my addiction started. Dickie would go to London on business. Then it would just be me and the gardener. And the pool boy. And the little man who did the tile work around the sink. It was really pretty fun, but it was wrong. It was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

David: Hey, hey -- please, donít do that.

Alex: Why?

David: Well, it hurts, doesnít it?

Alex: Huh. Yeah. Oh --

David: You ok?

Alex: Oh. Oh, your touch -- oh, your touch is so wonderful.

David: Huh.

Alex: Hmm. I mustnít.

David: You mustnít?

Alex: Uh-uh. No more sex, no more sex.

David: Ever?

Alex: Well, I'm reading this book and it says that if I'm celibate for six months, I'll be a virgin again.

David: You havenít had sex in six months?

Alex: No, I just started. Six weeks, three days, two hours.

David: Look, Alex, I know you want to make amends to Dickie and all, but you really should not deny yourself. Itís not healthy. And these things that you say that you canít get over -- I can help you.

Alex: But my therapist says I donít have any boundaries. And she says that when I want someone, I just give myself completely to them, and thereís -- itís been six long weeks, David.

David: Oh, Alex --

Alex: Mmm.

David: I can help you.

Alex: Mm-hmm.

David: Just let me in.

[Music plays]

Charlie: Can I ask you a question?

Viki: Sure.

Charlie: Why wonít you go out with me?

Viki: Charlie, we've had, like, two or three conversations about the menu. I donít even know you.

Charlie: Well, see, and then we can fix that.

Viki: Besides, I have to work a split shift tomorrow. I'm going to be tired.

Charlie: Well, so we can go another night, then.

Viki: Charlie --

Charlie: What? You're just working your way up to telling me that you're already going out with someone?

Viki: No. No, and actually, thatís how I want to keep it.

Charlie: Ah. All right. Uh -- yeah, I get that. Doesnít hurt to ask, right?

Viki: Right. I'm sorry.

Charlie: No --

Viki: I mean, I wish things were different for me, but they're just not, ok?

Charlie: Yeah. I guess just get the check, then.

Viki: I'll be right back.

Alex: Itís not that I donít trust you, itís just that my therapist told me to stay away from men like you. Attractive men. She said I'm too vulnerable.

David: Well, wait, hold on a second. Hold on, hold on. I can understand that. I can, because -- I'm vulnerable, too.

Alex: You are?

David: Yes. Alex, as a matter of fact, all of my therapists used to say that I'm so vulnerable, they could see right through me.

Alex: Oh, how awful for you.

David: And this morning, when I went outside to teach tai chi, no shadow. I'm like an empty vessel.

Alex: You poor, deprived man. Oh.

David: Wait a second. I can smell the cash.

Alex: Itís my signature scent. They call it "cash."

David: Itís so subtle. Oh, Alex, we were -- I'm telling you, we're made for each other. You and all that beautiful money.

Alex: Hmm.

David: And me and my encyclopedic knowledge of the Kama Sutra. Do you know that in Polynesia, the natives make love at the full moon wearing nothing but the oil of the Puna Puna flower?

Alex: I've never smelled a Puna Puna blossom.

David: It grows in the same climate as the lick-it lick-it root.

Alex: Oh.

David: Oh, Alex, thereís so much I want to show you.

Alex: Oh.

David: It can all be yours.

Alex: Oh.

David: If you'll be mine.

Alex: I mustnít! I canít!

Roxy: Can I do something for you, like a shave?

Michael: Oh, thanks, Rox. If you could just sit with me for a little while, it would really mean a lot to me.

Roxy: Sure.

Michael: You're the only friendly face I've seen all day. I'm never going to forget how you took care of Tommy. You know? The boy loves you. Itís almost like you're his --

Roxy: Aunt, because I'm not old enough to be his grandmother, right?

Michael: I just wish that Marcie would have considered joint custody. You know, Todd offered. We could have shared Tommy.

Roxy: You know, speaking of Cher -- sheís hot, right? You know, for a grandmother?

Michael: I'm sorry?

Roxy: Because maybe to feel better, maybe I should make up a list of, like, hot grandmothers, like Cher, Goldie Hawn, Priscilla Presley, because itís -- you know, itís not how old you are or, you know, or how bad everything is, itís like -- you got to change the way you look at it, you got to change your attitude. So Marcieís on the lam and, hey, you know, I'm not 19. But I ainít dead yet. And neither is Marcie.

Langston: Just because I feel sorry for Mr. McBain means I canít be a part of your family?

Starr: And you donít think I feel bad for Mrs. McBain? I know she loves Tommy, but once she found out that he belongs to my dad, she had no right to run away with him like that.

Langston: People make mistakes, Starr.

Starr: Well, I am sick of the people in my life who are supposed to be grownups running off and breaking the law and doing things that they would kill us if we did.

Markko: Sheís got a point.

Starr: And what about Tommy? Did he get a vote when Mrs. McBain decided to go out the window? No. This thing is completely unfair, and Jack is freaking out, and this whole thing blows right now, Langston.

Langston: Sorry. I didnít mean to add to it.

Starr: Well, I'm sorry. I didnít mean to say that you wouldnít be a part of my family. I guess sisters fight.

Langston: Sisters?

Starr: Well, foster cousins, twice removed. Right?

Langston: No. Sisters.

Markko: Aw.

Langston: You're crazy.

Markko: You two keep it up. I'm going over to Coleís.

Starr: You know what? Where is Cole? He should be here right now.

[Phone rings]

Cole: Hello?

Starr: Hey, where are you? Whatís going on?

Marcie: Listen, lady, be a good dog, ok? Be very, very quiet, all right?

Todd: Did you say "Penny"?

Blair: It could be Marcie.

Todd: Penny was in the car?

Blair: Is it Marcie?

Wendell: Yeah, she came along.

Gigi: Fry me a chicken steak, Moe, with a side of mashed. One, two, three --

Moe: Did you push the specials?

Gigi: Yes, I pushed the specials. Manís like a broken record.

Viki: Listen, Gigi, you know, there are specialists who can treat Shaneís asthma and prevent him from having so many attacks.

Gigi: Yeah, well, not around here, none that I can afford.

Viki: If you need money --

Gigi: I've got it covered, oh -- of course, if I had health benefits --

Moe: I'd be paying 40 times what big companies and labor unions pay. Then I'd have to charge $50 for a cheeseburger. You think I have health insurance?

Viki: Well, it is a terrible problem, I know that. I mean, the premiums for small businesses have gone up 15% in the last three years alone.

Moe: How come you got those numbers on the tip of your tongue?

Viki: A newspaper that I read regularly -- there was a whole series of articles they did on that.

Moe: Oh. I'll get that chicken-fried steak working, even though itís a crime to do that to a good piece of meat.

Viki: Hey, I'm going to give Charlie his check and then I'm going to go home, ok?

Gigi: Hmm. I saw you two having a big, old heavy conversation.

Viki: Yeah, he asked me out.

[Gigi gasps]

Gigi: Viki! Where is he going to take you?

Viki: Nowhere. I said no.

Gigi: Why?

Viki: Honey, I donít even know him.

Gigi: Oh. He was sweet to Shane, he told me I'm a good mom, heís good-looking, and he likes you. What else do you need to know?

Viki: I donít want a man in my life right now, ok, not even a nice man. Besides, whatís the point in starting something if we're never going to see each other again?

Gigi: What are you talking about? Are you leaving Paris?

Alex: Oh! Oh. Stay back. Uh -- if you care about me at all, you will stop tempting me.

David: But, Alex, we're made for each other!

Alex: I know, but I -- I made myself a promise, a vow that I would never hurt anybody again the way I hurt poor Dickie.

David: You can hurt me -- I donít mind.

Alex: Well, I do mind. And my therapist said that if I really want to change, I have to do everything differently. So, once I become a virgin again, I made myself a promise that I would never, ever give myself again to anyone unless we were really committed -- I mean, really committed.

Todd: Where is she? Whereís Penny? Did you hear what I said -- whereís Penny?

Blair: Come on, Todd! You'll scare the man.

Todd: No, if heís hiding that woman and my kid, I'm going to --

Wendell: Oh, you're looking for a woman?

John: Yeah. Sheís traveling with a -- a child she calls "Aaron."

Todd: Is this Penny? Well?

Wendell: I'm sorry, folks. Pennyís my dog.

John: Your dog? Really? So, you havenít seen this woman in the photo?

Wendell: No. And itís a small town. Strangers like y'all -- y'all stick out like a sore thumb. Well, letís get to it. We got to track down that a-arm.

Wendell: So like I said, you folks grab what you need out of the car, and I'll get you hooked up.

Blair: Wait.

Roxy: So Johnnyís on her trail, right?

Michael: Hmm. Yeah, and the FBI, the State Police, and whoever Toddís hired.

Roxy: So what I said to you before -- that was a line of bull, because Johnnyís going to bring Marcie back here, heís going to throw her in the slammer, and then Tommyís going to have to go to Toddís.

Michael: And there ainít a damn thing I can do about it.

Roxy: You are so wrong about that. You've got to stay strong for her when she gets back, so get a shave -- just clean it up -- and be the husband and the doctor that she can depend on. Am I right?

Starr: Cole, are you still there?

Cole: Yeah, yeah, I'm here.

Starr: Well, whatís keeping you? I thought you said you were grabbing your cell and meeting us.

Cole: Yeah, I -- I had to check my email. My computer crashed and I canít find my history report thatís due tomorrow, so I -- I have to rewrite it.

Starr: Oh, no.

Cole: I, um -- can I -- can I call you later?

Starr: Yeah, sure, I guess.

Cole: Yeah, I'll call you, ok? I promise.

Langston: Heís not coming?

Starr: He -- he said that his computer crashed and he thinks he lost his history paper.

Markko: Oh. That sucks.

Langston: Is he going to have to rewrite it?

Starr: Well, not if somebody who knows her way around the computer goes over there and finds it for him.

Cole: Listen, I've done everything you told me to do, all right? Ah!

Viki: No, I'm not going anywhere -- Charlie is. I mean, heís just passing through. Look, do me a favor -- give Charlie his check, would you?

Gigi: Oh. Whatís wrong with having one nice evening with a good man? Why canít you just take a chance? So what if there arenít any guarantees? Sometimes, a person has to go for it in their life, you know what I mean? And you know what, Viki? Do your own dirty work.

David: So, when you say "committed" --

Alex: Oh, do you have any idea how many people I've slept with -- I mean, given myself to?

David: I'm not very good at math.

Alex: And I give my lovers everything -- the keys to my heart, my house, my Ferrari.

David: Safe-deposit box?

Alex: Of course. And I'd be happy to do that again if I could make sure I had the right man. Itís so humiliating to fill a manís wallet and his stock portfolio and his mutual fund and find out all he really wanted was to have me in his bed.

David: Oh, Alex. We would never have that problem.

Alex: Well, I just have to be sure and -- let me spell it out for you. I wonít give myself to any man again un-- unless I'm married.

David: Married?

Alex: Married.

Markko: You know, not that you asked, but if Cole says that heís busy --

Langston: And since he is pretty much a boy genius when it comes to computers --

Starr: I know -- you guys are probably right. I know how much Cole wants to ace history this semester, so --

Markko: Ugh, donít remind me. Hey, I should probably go. I still have to proof my paper.

Langston: Yeah. I need to get back to the group home before 10:00. I donít want any "lates" on my sheet, at least not until your aunt Dorianís approved and I'm officially out of there.

Starr: Hmm.

Markko: Can I drop you someplace?

Starr: Um -- no, you know what? I think I'm good. I just have some reading to do, and if Cole gets all caught up, I might meet up with him later.

Langston: Ok. See ya -- sis. Is that way geeky?

Starr: Yes, totally geeky. No, itís really cool. I love it.

Langston: Hey.

Starr: Sister.

[Langston laughs]

Langston: Itís all right. Bye.

Starr: Bye.

Markko: Bye.

Roxy: Look, you had a lousy situation and you did the best with it that you can. When she comes back, you'll work it out -- end of story.

Michael: Oh, I'm not giving up on us. I'm just saying.

Roxy: All right, man, I know -- you'll work it out.

Michael: And you're right. Now, I need to pull it together on my end so that Marcie has something to come home to. I should probably start talking to some lawyers, you know, try to work out a game plan.

Roxy: Yeah. Clean up your act, dude.

Blair: Hey, buddy? Arenít you missing something here?

Wendell: Well, I donít quite understand, ma'am. I told you folks what I could do for you.

Blair: Well, how about giving us a lift back into town in your tow truck, hmm?

Wendell: No, ma'am, I'm sorry. Thereís only room for the one passenger in the truck.

Blair: What?

Todd: Dibs. I'll get us a hotel.

Wendell: But by the time I get you hitched up, you could walk to the gas station. Ainít but a mile down the road. They'll give you a lift to --

Blair: A mile?

Wendell: To the motel.

John: Keys are in the ignition. Letís go.

Blair: Oh.

Marty: Hereís my card. My cell phoneís on it, so you can reach us there when the carís ready.

Wendell: Sure thing.

Marty: Thanks.

Marcie: Oh, God.

Wendell: Well, I'm glad to see you. I didnít know where you'd gone.

Marcie: Wendell, I am sorry. God, I am so sorry you had to lie for me. You donít know me, you donít --

Wendell: Look, look. Now, I know I said I didnít want to know whatís going on with you. From what I gather, you and that fellow, the one that likes to boss everybody around --

Marcie: Yeah.

Wendell: You all got a difference of opinion about that boy of yours, and all I can say is I'm proud to help you.

Marcie: Thank you.

Wendell: Right. Soon as I get done, I'll take you home and get you cleaned up.

Marcie: You know, I donít really know what I would've done without you -- you or your wife, Celia.

Wendell: Itís like I told that fellow -- people around here help each other out.

Marcie: Yeah. I just donít really know how much more of this I can take, you know, because itís just -- itís --

Wendell: You love that boy?

Marcie: Oh, God, I love him. I love him with all of my heart.

Wendell: Then you'll do what you have to do.

Marcie: Itís just really hard. I'm all by myself. I donít really know what to --

[Phone rings]

Marcie: Itís Johnís cell phone.

Michael: Hmm. Come on, John. Pick it up.

Marcie: Itís Michael. Itís Michael.

David: Just so we're on the same page here and all, you wonít give yourself -- and all of your money -- to another man unless you're married to him?

Alex: Well, I have to be sure, David. I really need to make sure that whoever I'm with appreciates all my talents and everything that I know, like my fine wine collection, my early-American art collection, my 90-foot yacht.

David: Thereís a -- you own a -- I could captain a yacht.

Alex: See? You do understand. I couldnít possibly give myself to someone who doesnít enjoy all that I have to offer.

David: And you'd -- you'd have to be married -- to each other.

Alex: Well, my therapist says if I really want to get over my sex addiction, that I have to find somebody who really loves all of me. Otherwise, I will just keep flitting from fling to fling to fling to fling.

David: Yeah, I -- I got it, ok, so -- so.

Alex: I know itís a lot to ask, but the right man will know what to do.

David: He will? I mean, he will -- of course he will. Ok, then. You wanted something to drink, right?

Alex: I'm really not thirsty anymore. What were you going to say?

David: Alex, you are a beautiful, intelligent, desirable woman, and I -- am a man.

Alex: Hmm.

David: You have money of the characteristics of money of the women I've loved in the past. So having said that, Alex -- Alex?

Alex: Yes.

David: "Yes" what?

Alex: Yes. Didnít you ask me a question?

David: I thought I did. I'm trying to. I canít get the words out.

Alex: Did that help?

David: Will you marry me?

Alex: Oh, David, what a surprise!

Viki: Here you go.

Charlie: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Viki: Sure.

Charlie: Um -- keep the change.

Viki: Charlie?

Charlie: Hmm?

Viki: Is it too late for me to change my mind?

Charlie: About going out? No, itís not too late at all.

Viki: Ok.

Charlie: Huh.

Starr: No -- you know what? Just leave him alone. If he doesnít hand this paper in on time, heís dead.

Michael: Uh, John, itís -- itís me, Mike. Listen -- I really need to know whatís going on, you know? Itís driving me crazy not knowing. I -- I need to know what you found out about Marcie, please. Give me a call, ok?

Wendell: You all right?

Marcie: That call? It was from someone that I love. And I -- I know that heís worried about me, but I -- I canít really tell him where I'm going or where I've been because if I do, then I lose my son, you know? Yeah, but I've already -- oh, God, I've already lost him!

Clerk: Here we are.

Blair: Oh, this is just terrific, but we need three more just like it.

Clerk: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you understood. With the reconstruction, this is the only room we have available. You'll have to share.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

Clint: You're going to stick around and meet everybody here that you donít know.

Man: Maybe I will.

Todd: I canít sleep in the same room with the three of these people.

Clerk: This is the only room available, sir. Take it or leave it.

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