OLTL Transcript Friday 11/2/07

One Life to Live Transcript Friday 11/2/07


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Noelle: You've been here all day, Viki, and itís starting to slow down. I can take it from here.

Viki: Ok. You know what? Um -- Gigiís not here, and I'm not really tired. I'm going to stay a while, ok? Hey, you're back.

Charlie: Yeah, you know, for some reason, I just canít seem to stay away from this place. Hmm.

Noelle: Arenít they just as cute as pie?

Moe: Adorable.

Dorian: Now, remember, girls, there isnít anything we canít handle. Ha. I also need you to always remember that your first impression is your most lasting.

Starr: But we already met Ms. Woodrow.

Langston: Yeah.

Dorian: Honey, please. Now, then, Starr, stand up straight.

Starr: Ahem.

Dorian: Shoulders back. Very good. I love your hair. The outfit is terrific. I wouldnít have chosen jeans, but thereís no time to change. And your shoes -- oh, darling, they're fabulous. Langston, you're --

Langston: You can say it. Four-letter word, starts with H, ends in R.

Dorian: That wasnít the four-letter word I was thinking of. Honey, this group home they forced you to live in -- was it filled with demented hair stylists that forced you to put those streaks in your beautiful hair?

[Doorbell rings]

Dorian: Ooh.

Langston: Ahem.

Dorian: Ready?

Markko: The cavalryís here.

Langston: Ah.

Markko: Whatever you need, we got you covered.

Langston: Hello.

[Langston giggles]

Dorian: Boys, I'm afraid this isnít a good time.

Woman: Thatís him over there, David Vickers.

David: Cranberry or fresh-squeezed orange juice? Fresh-squeezed orange juice is an extra dollar.

Alex: He works here?

Woman: You didnít know?

Alex: Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Woman: Fraternization between staff members and clients is against Dreamland policy.

Alex: I'm sure it is. But so is taking bribes. I'll keep it just between us girls.

Woman: Ok.

Alex: Thank you.

David: Alex Olanov.

[Alex giggles]

Alex: David Vickers -- I canít believe it.

Todd: How much longer is this going to take?

Marty: Well, we are about to cross over lake --

Todd: Did I ask you?

Marty: Pontchartrain so --

Todd: How much longer is this going to take?

[John sighs]

John: If you donít can it, you're going to be swimming across the lake.

Todd: What the hell is this place, New Orleans? Why the hell do you think Marcieís there, anyway?

Blair: Because John thinks that she might be there.

Todd: "There" where? I mean, if Marcieís there, how do you expect to find her "there"?

Marcie: I guess this is it. Letís try it, come on. Here we go.

Man: Right on time.

Viki: Hey, Moe, I persuaded Charlie to try your green chili and chorizo quiche.

Moe: Thank you. I wish you could persuade Gigi to work the rest of her shift.

Viki: Oh, come on. She had to take Shane to the doctor.

Moe: And knowing her, she'll probably take him to ice cream and a movie and forget she ever had a job.

Viki: I'm here. Whatís the problem?

Moe: If she doesnít show, sheís fired.

Viki: Donít you think sometimes Moe takes that irascible thing a little too far?

Noelle: Thatís just Moe. I'm more interested in how you got a man to eat quiche.

Viki: I told him that no matter how light and fluffy it tasted, it still wasnít good for him.

Noelle: He likes you. His face lights up every time he sees you.

Viki: Noelle, Charlie and I have known each other casually for, like, a whole day. Please, donít turn this into a romance.

Noelle: When you came in here a couple months ago, I said you looked like you were looking for something, and you said I was right.

Viki: I remember that.

Noelle: What if what you were looking for is Charlie?

Viki: Hmm.

[Doorbell rings]

Langston: Oh, my God, they're here.

Starr: This is it. Do you really think it'll work?

Dorian: Yes, itís got to work. Ok, everybody, positive thinking. Come on.

Starr: Ok, everyone straighten up and --

Dorian: Yep.

Starr: Look --

Langston: Come here. Do I look ok?

Dorian: Gorgeous.

Starr: Zip that up more.

Dorian: Ready? Positive attitude. Hmm? Why, Ms. Woodrow, so good to see you again. Please do come in. And you?

Mrs. Woodrow: This is Mr. Preston, my supervisor.

Dorian: How do you do? So good to meet you, sir.

Mrs. Woodrow: This is Dr. Lord. And this is Langston Wilde.

Langston: Hi, itís nice to meet you.

Mr. Preston: Hello.

Mrs. Woodrow: And this is Starr Manning, her best friend and the applicantís daughter.

Starr: Pleasure to meet you.

Mr. Preston: Hi.

Cole: And we're good friends of Langston, too. I'm Cole.

Mr. Preston: Cole.

Markko: Hey, "Markko."

Mr. Preston: Nice to meet you. Nice meeting you all. Now, getting down to the matter at hand --

Dorian: Yes, yes, yes, indeed. But let me take your coat first.

Mr. Preston: Ok, thank you.

Dorian: Oh, I cannot thank you enough for expediting this interview. So, shall we all go into the living room? Girls, sofa.

Starr: Yes.

Dorian: Boys over there. Ms. Woodrow, please, wonít you have a seat? Mr. Preston Ė

Mr. Preston: Thank you.

Dorian: Thank you so much. So as I was saying, thank you very, very much for expediting this interview, because we are all anxious for Langston to put her dreadful experiences behind her, and move on with her life.

Starr: With us.

Mrs. Woodrow: Oh, thereís no need to thank us, Dr. Lord. Placing children in loving families Ė

Mr. Preston: Is our job.

Dorian: Yes, and your Ms. Woodrow has been doing her job just splendidly.

Mr. Preston: Would you please inform Mrs. Manning that we're here, and we can begin the final interview.

Mrs. Woodrow: Is there a problem?

Dorian: No. Itís just that Mrs. Manning -- um -- is not here.

Mr. Preston: Actually, that is a problem.

Woman: Wendell Jonas Freeman, where on earth your manners got to? Come on in here, honey.

Marcie: Hi.

Woman: How you doing, little fella?

Marcie: I'm Penny Shaw, and this is my son, Aaron. Hi.

Wendell: Go on, introduce yourself.

Boy: Wendell Anthony. But everybody just call me junior.

Marcie: Nice to meet you, Junior.

Woman: I'm his mom, Celia.

Marcie: Hi, Celia.

Celia: And this is my husband.

Marcie: Oh. Wendell Jonas Freeman, yes, I --

Wendell: Good ears.

[Marcie chuckles]

Wendell: I'd shake your hand, but I still got to clean up from work.

Marcie: Oh, no, thatís ok, I understand. No, honey.

Junior: My dad fixes cars real, real good.

Marcie: Oh, really? Thatís -- thatís -- thatís very -- thatís great. Thatís really cool. Junior: Heís got his own truck and everything.

Marcie: Oh, well Ė

Junior: You want to see? Itís right out here on the street.

Celia: Donít even use this as an opportunity to dodge your homework, mister. Now, go on back there, and donít come back till you got something to show your daddy and me. Go. Scoot.

Marcie: Heís very sweet.

Celia: Got to be firm, though, especially with boys.

Marcie: I -- I know.

Wendell: About a year or two, you'll know what sheís talking about.

Marcie: Mm-hmm. Itís already beginning, believe me. You -- you donít know how much I appreciate this. You donít even know us.

Wendell: Well, Celiaís brother Clarence says to help you, and thatís what we'll do.

Marcie: I know, but I donít want to be any trouble, I really donít.

Wendell: Ainít no guarantees in life. You got to do what you believe is right.

Marcie: Oh, I -- did Clarence tell you --

Wendell: The less we know about your situation, the less we can tell anybody come asking. Now, is that your car on the street?

Marcie: Yes, sir.

Wendell: Well, give me your keys. I'll bring it around back, bring your things in for you.

Marcie: Can you hold him for a second?

Wendell: Mm-hmm.

Marcie: Thank you. Here, the keys are right here.

[Tommy fusses]

Marcie: I'll put them in your pocket. Ok, there you go. Itís ok. Thanks.

Wendell: I'll be back shortly.

Marcie: Thank you.

Celia: Come on, girl, sit down. Take a load off.

Marcie: Yeah, ok.

[Phone rings]

John: Yeah, warren, whatís going on? I understand. Hey, listen to me. Thanks, all right? I owe you one.

Todd: You know where they are, donít you? Mr. Preston: I donít understand. If Mrs. Manning was unavailable or needed to reschedule, I'm sure --

Dorian: Well, you see, Mrs. Manning was called out of town for a family emergency, quite suddenly, and of course, that was just before we got the wonderful news that child services was ready to approve her as Langstonís foster mother. However, I do have all of the paperwork right here. Yes, indeed. Itís signed and notarized. And of course, I am available to answer any initial questions or concerns that you may have

Mr. Preston: Thatís all well and good, but without the interview, I'm afraid --

Dorian: Well, couldnít you make this one exception and schedule the interview at a later date?

Mr. Preston: Well, if Mrs. Manning isnít available, I'd like to speak with her husband.

Dorian: Mr. Manning would love to speak to you.

Mr. Preston: Excellent.

Dorian: However, Mr. Manning had to go out of town with Mrs. Manning to handle this family emergency. But I'm sure the second that it is resolved, I can assure you Ė

Mr. Preston: Does the husband concur with Mrs. Manningís decision to foster Langston?

Dorian: Concur? Heís all for it? Mr. Preston: I canít seem to find his affidavit to that effect.

Dorian: Thatís because there isnít one. Mr. Preston: No husband and no affidavit?

Dorian: Well, hereís the story. Mr. Manning has been out of town for a long -- Mr. Preston: So there is no way to verify that heís even aware of the situation with Langston?

Dorian: Well -- Mr. Preston: If that is the case, then there is no way that I can approve Mrs. Manningís application.

Alex: In all the fantasies I've had about you, you've never been working -- at a job.

David: Did you know that if you work for a living, the federal government takes taxes out of your paycheck?

Alex: Shocking. Why are you doing it?

David: I had an encounter with my conscience.

Alex: Ooh. What was that like?

David: Unpleasant. It was after this thing I had with Viki Davidson.

Alex: Ooh.

David: No, not that kind of thing.

Alex: Oh.

David: The kind of thing that makes you want to be a better man.

Alex: Howís that working for you?

David: I massage alcoholic starlets and up charge for orange juice. How do you think itís going?

Wendell: The car is good and hidden, and I put your things in the second bedroom for you.

Marcie: Oh, thank you so much. We donít have much. So we wonít be in your way. You know, I -- I only had about five minutes to get everything together, so --

Wendell: Well, we can probably find something for Aaron, huh?

Marcie: No, no, no. Oh, please, donít. Please, you've already done so much for us.

Wendell: We're resourceful.

Celia: Just let us see what we can do. You going to grow up soon and cause your mama all kinds of trouble, isnít that right?

[Marcie and Wendell laugh]

Marcie: Believe me, heís already started it. I will -- I'll put him down for two seconds, I'll turn around -- you know, blink, and he'll be hiding somewhere in the apartment. I wonít even know where he is.

Wendell: Smart boy.

Marcie: And very fast.

Celia: Got to enjoy it, honey. They're a gift, nothing less.

Marcie: Heís my life. Right? Huh?

Celia: Why donít you put him down in a room and let him get some rest? And I'll go make us all some food.

Marcie: Oh, I -- I'd be glad to help.

Celia: Go on, scoot, and do what I told you.

Marcie: Ok, ok, but I am making breakfast. I'm making breakfast tomorrow morning.

Todd: John, do you know where they are?

Blair: Was that your F.B.I. contact?

John: Ramsey suspects warren of leaking information to us.

Marty: Well, does Ramsey have proof?

John: He knows we're up to something. I canít let warren jeopardize his job over this.

Todd: Oh, no. No, donít let warren jeopardize his job. Itís just my sonís life at stake here, and whatís that compared to a manís pension?

Blair: Hey, come on. What does that mean for us, John?

John: It means after this one last favor, warrenís out.

Todd: What favor?

John: I asked warren to run background checks on all the employees at -- at faces in Decatur. It turns out one of them has family in New Orleans.

Marty: And that means --

John: I overheard the club owner talking to someone on the phone back in the jail, and he told that person that by the time the agents got back and tossed the club, Marcie would be in the big easy.

Todd: You had a lead and didnít tell me? What else have you been keeping from me?

Viki: You know, Noelle, what you were talking about? Um -- I'm not sure that I want the answer to what I'm looking for to be a man.

Noelle: What else is there besides being with somebody?

Viki: Oh, honey, thereís so much more. Thereís things like, you know, living among friendly people, and going home at the end of the day to a nice room that you pay for with money you earn from a job you really enjoy. Stuff like that, you know?

Noelle: Maybe. But I just think --

[Bell rings]

Noelle: We're not deaf, Moe.

Moe: Here you go.

Viki: Thank you. Jeez.

Moe: Stop filling Vikiís head with all that romance talk.

Noelle: I just said I thought --

Moe: I donít want her walking around with her head in the clouds the way you do.

Viki: Hope you like it.

Charlie: Well, you havenít steered me wrong yet. Um --

Viki: You should probably eat it while itís hot.

Charlie: Yeah, I just want to finish this one thing, and then -- yeah -- I promise, I'll clean my plate.

Viki: What Ė whatís that project you're working on? You never did tell me.

Charlie: Uh -- I know.

Viki: Ooh. Sorry. I didnít realize it was a mystery.

John: You were in lockup. Telling you would just -- would have made you nuttier than you already are.

Todd: You think?

Blair: Well, do you think that this agent Ramsey got the same lead as the one you got from your friend?

John: He didnít overhear what I overheard in jail. You know, even if he does do background checks on the employees, he wonít know what heís looking for.

Marty: So we should be ahead of him, right?

John: Unless somebody spots Marcie, Ramsey shouldnít know sheís headed to New Orleans.

Todd: Ha, ha, we got her!

John: Maybe.

Todd: What do you mean, maybe?

John: If Marcie gets to New Orleans, if the family takes her in, if they're still at the same address that we have on file then yeah, maybe we're getting closer.

Celia: Dear Lord, we thank you for the food on this table, the roof over our heads, and the love in our hearts. Please continue to give us the strength to face whatever tomorrow may bring. We give special thanks for this chance to give help and comfort to this woman and her child. We ask that you keep watching over them, keeping them safe. In Jesus' name, amen. Warren, Marcie, and junior: Amen.

Wendell: We donít stand on ceremony. Just dig in.

Marcie: Ok. Looks delicious.

Celia: It ainít much, but thank you.

Wendell: Can you pass the butter, please?

Marcie: Oh, yeah, of course. Here you go.

Wendell: Thank you.

Marcie: You know, I think I'm going to go check on my son for a second. Junior: He woke up and said "da-da." Then he conked right back out.

Marcie: Yeah -- if itís ok --

Celia: Heís fine, honey. You'd hear him if he wasnít. Now, go on. Eat your food.

Marcie: Yes, ma'am. Um -- I noticed on my way up here that, you know, you could still see a lot of damage from the hurricane.

Wendell: Thereís still a lot to get done.

Marcie: You know, you see news reports all the time, but itís nothing like seeing it for real.

Wendell: Nothing compared to living through it.

Marcie: Looks like you guys were relatively lucky.

[Wendell puts fork down]

Marcie: Did -- did I say something wrong?

Celia: No, honey. Itís just -- this ainít our house. Thatís gone. We pretty much lost everything we had.

Alex: So? Tell me your whole story.

David: Last time I left Llanview, I had a bit of egg on my face.

Alex: Because of Viki?

David: Yeah.

Alex: When I first saw you here, I thought you were here because you had an addiction.

David: I came here addiction-free. This place makes me want to develop one, thatís for sure.

Alex: I'm sorry, this tastes a little odd.

David: It, unlike myself, is a virgin.

Alex: Hmm.

David: Come on, Alex. What are you expecting? This is rehab.

Alex: Well, how do you stand it?

David: I made a big mistake with Viki. Itís a long story. Interesting plot twists, but ultimately not worth retelling. But after I made that big mistake, I got this grand idea that I would show her I was capable of change.

Alex: Oh, canít you do that without working at a job for 7.50 an hour?

David: My original plan was to come here as a client.

Alex: But you donít have an addiction.

David: Alex, what rock did you crawl out from under? Thereís "rehab" rehab, and thereís P.R. rehab. I planned on being in the second category. I mean, the food here is great. The massages are even better, and I can bask poolside while I change my image.

Alex: So why didnít you do that?

David: You donít like to talk about money, right?

Alex: I'll force myself.

David: You know how you're new money? Well, I'm "had-money, gave-money-back-to-impress-girl, now-got-no-money." If that was too many hyphens, it means that I'm flat broke. Nigelís voice: Mr. Buchanan has another son. Itís David Vickers.

David: So, enough about me. What are you doing here?

Alex: Category one rehab.

David: Oh, nothing wrong with the classic variety. Tell me about that monkey on your back. What is it? Drugs? Alcohol? Botox?

Alex: Sex.

Dorian: But all of Blairís paperwork is in order, and I really do not think that Langston should be penalized just because the -- the meeting was -- was expedited and -- and Blair happens to be out of town.

Mrs. Woodrow: If we expedited this process, it was because we were receiving constant pressure from you.

Dorian: Well, thatís because itís of paramount importance that Langston be removed from that transient environment into a stable and loving home.

Mrs. Woodrow: We understand that.

Dorian: Well, then for heavenís sake, work with us, please. Blairís going to be back in a day or two. Couldnít you at least approve her application, pending the positive outcome of her interview?

Mr. Preston: Will Mr. Manning be back, as well?

Dorian: I really couldnít say. Heís out searching for his missing son.

Mrs. Woodrow: So you said.

Mr. Preston: I've heard about the case on the news.

Markko: So then, whatís the problem?

Mr. Preston: Mrs. Manning is not present, Mr. Manning is searching for a child he fathered with another woman, and thereís no proof that he even supports his wifeís petition.

Dorian: And what do you suggest we do?

Mr. Preston: I'm sorry. Mrs. Manningís application to provide a foster home for Langston Wilde is officially rejected.

Markko: No! You canít do this to her!

Mr. Preston: Itís for your own good.

Langston: No, itís not!

Starr: This is bull!

Dorian: Wait a minute. I'm -- I'm sorry. Just please excuse the girls. They're -- they're understandably upset.

Mrs. Woodrow: Langston, you're going to have to come with us.

Langston: No!

Cole: There has to be something we can do.

Dorian: There is. There is definitely something we can do. If Blair cannot be Langstonís foster mother, then I will be.

Todd: So we're going to New Orleans based on something you might have overheard?

John: You want a sure thing, you try death, which may come sooner than you think.

Todd: Excuse me? What are you doing here? I mean, I get her being here, but what are you doing here?

Marty: Well, I guess I thought about it and I just -- I really wanted to be here, you know, when John finally lost it and kicked the crap out of you.

Blair: Oh, you know what? I knew it was a mistake to let you come with me.

Marty: Let me come with you? If I recall correctly, it was my idea to come down here.

Blair: The hell it was. No.

Marty: Absolutely it was. I --

Todd: Oh, God, you both butted in together. Get over it, get over it.

Marty: Just shut up, Todd, ok?

Todd: No, you guys shut up.

Blair: Donít tell me what to do.

Todd: Well, if you got a problem with it, why donít you get out? Get out of the car!

John: All right, knock it off, all of you! You're giving me a headache!

Blair: She started it.

John: Shh.

Marty: I --

John: Hey!

Todd: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?


[Tires skid]

Marcie: How have you been dealing with all of this?

Wendell: Didnít have a choice. You know, they call New Orleans "The Big Easy." Let me tell you -- since Katrina, ainít nothing easy about living here.

Celia: What you thinking, honey?

Marcie: I'm -- huh. I'm thinking all I can do is feel sorry for myself lately. And I'm just beginning to realize that I am very lucky.

Charlie: No, thereís nothing mysterious about what I'm working on. Itís just that I donít talk about it because itís so boring, I'm worried that you wonít wait on me anymore.

Viki: Yeah, right.

Charlie: Hmm.

Viki: Go ahead, try it.

Charlie: Oh.

Charlie: That is good.

Viki: Yeah.

Charlie: And donít you dare tell Moe that I said that because heís already got a big enough head.

Viki: Your secret is safe with me.

Langston: What did you just say?

Dorian: I'd like to be your foster mother.

Langston: Are you serious?

Starr: My aunt doesnít joke around about stuff like this.

Dorian: Sheís right.

Langston: You donít have to do this.

Dorian: I want to. I donít know why I didnít think of it before, except that it just seemed natural for Blair to be your foster mother because, well, Starrís your best friend.

Langston: I canít deal with this. This is too much.

Mr. Preston: And much too abrupt. Take some time to consider what --

Dorian: I donít need time. I know what I want right now. However, I -- I do realize how overwhelming this must be for you.

Langston: I donít even know where I belong anymore.

Dorian: Oh, yes, you do. You suffered the terrible loss of your parents, and yet here you are. You fed, clothed yourself, made a stable home for yourself for over a year. You are one of the bravest, most courageous, extraordinary people I have ever met. You belong here, and we can do this together. You know it.

Langston: Donít you want to talk to your boyfriend about this first?

Dorian: Clint? Certainly not. What does he have to do with it? Besides, which, heís in Texas right now.

Mrs. Woodrow: Are you referring to Clint Buchanan?

Dorian: Yes, I am. Oh, dear. You did a background check on me because I'm part of Blairís family?

Mrs. Woodrow: Yes.

Dorian: And?

Mr. Preston: It was decided you've made a concerted effort to change.

Dorian: Thank you. Do you have those blank forms with you?

Mrs. Woodrow: I do, but Ė

Mr. Preston: This is highly irregular.

Dorian: We all want Langston to have a proper home, donít we? Please, wonít you let me fill out those forms?

Dorian: Finished. I'm sure that you are going to find everything in order, and of course, I'm available day or night if you have any questions or concerns.

Mr. Preston: Since I have now inspected Langstonís prospective new home and had the opportunity to interview you, Dr. Lord, all that remains is for me to review these forms.

Dorian: Couldnít you do it right away?

Mr. Preston: You are a formidable woman, dr. Lord, but no. This last process is a private one.

Dorian: But I have every confidence Ė

Mr. Preston: We are sure that you do. And with any luck, you could be Ms. Wildeís foster mother as early as next week.

Langston: Oh, thank you so much.

Mrs. Woodrow: Thereís no need to thank us. You should thank Dr. Lord. Sheís been your champion since day one.

Dorian: Oh.

[Mrs. Woodrow chuckles]

Dorian: Let me show you out.

Mr. Preston: Thank you.

Starr: Yay!

Langston: What if they donít let her do it?

Starr: Well, they have to.

Cole: Yeah, we have to stay positive.

Markko: Itís a slam dunk. I mean, would you want to say no to Dr. Lord about something she really wanted?

[Markko whistles]

Markko: I wouldnít.

Dorian: And to do so would be at your own peril. Oh.

David: A sex addiction?

Alex: Hmm.

David: Classy. Tell me -- is it more like the movie "Belle de Jour" or "Black Snake Moan"?

Alex: Both.

David: Whoa.

Alex: Hmm. Itís nearly been the death of me.

David: About half a dozen octogenarians, too, I bet.

Alex: Hey. I am well aware of my reputation, but I will not apologize for it.

David: Good! I wonít if you wonít.

Alex: Hmm. I met a man -- a wonderful man. And he was a little bit older, thatís true, but he was young at heart and fun, exciting.

David: And wealthy.

Alex: Oh, loaded. But thatís not what attracted me to him. I really loved him.

David: I'm sure.

Alex: Anyway, I had this hideous addiction to --

David: The deed?

Alex: I just couldnít stay away from his personal trainer.

David: If you're looking for the gym --

Alex: Hmm.

David: Itís right over there.

Alex: Oh, well, um -- uh, Dickieís heart couldnít take it.

David: Oh. So he died and left you everything?

Alex: No, he dumped me. I broke his heart, he divorced me. But thank heavens we had that iron-clad prenuptial agreement -- you know, the one thatís completely in sync with the California property laws that are just so wonderful. So, even though I was hitting an emotional bottom, I ended up a very wealthy woman.

David: I'm so happy for you, Alex --

Alex: Hmm.

David: Except I'm, of course, decimated that you found love but it was too late.

Alex: Yeah. Itís so nice to talk to somebody who really understands me.

Celia: You all right, honey?

Marcie: Oh, yeah. I was -- I was just thinking about you both and how after everything that you've been through, you're still willing to help my son and me.

Wendell: Well, people helped us when we needed it.

Marcie: Yeah, but, still, it had to be really rough to start a new life, find that strength within yourself to find that new life from scratch.

Wendell: Well, I got a job working for some garages and finally saved up enough to get me a used truck, so we get by.

Celia: Whatís important is we're together and have love and trust as a family.

Celia: You ok?

Marcie: Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine -- you know, you're right, Celia. You're right about a lot of things -- the storm is over, the damage is done, and thereís just no looking back.

Blair: Oh, this is unbelievable.

Marty: Well, you know, accidents happen, Blair.

Blair: Well, I knew that John was not going to be able to handle Todd.

Marty: Heís driving everyone, even you, crazy.

Blair: You know what -- what do you expect from Todd? You wouldnít be all calm, cool, and collected if this were Cole we were looking for.

Marty: You know, we came down here to be mediators between the two of them, and all we have been doing is fighting.

Blair: Well, I'm sorry. I donít like you.

Marty: I donít like you, either. But you know what? This isnít about us.

Blair: No, itís about Toddís son.

Marty: And Marcie and getting em home safe. So how about we call a truce?

Blair: Ok, Marty, just as long as you donít want to be my friend when we get back home.

John: Lower a-arm is cracked and the radiator is definitely busted.

Todd: Uh-huh. So, no car, then? Well, you disappoint me, John. MacGyver could've fixed it. All this has been a life-changing experience for me.

Moe: Ahem.

Noelle: Viki says she doesnít mind staying, so I'm fixing to go.

Moe: Over to the dew drop inn, look for Mr. Right?

Noelle: Donít be such a grouch!

Moe: Why not? Love stinks.

Noelle: I hope Viki doesnít feel like you do.

Viki: So, have you got room for dessert? We have Noelleís apple walnut cake.

Charlie: No room.

Viki: No? Oh. Well, you want coffee?

Charlie: Nope.

Viki: Ok. Well, then if thereís nothing else I can get you --

Charlie: Actually, um, there is.

Viki: You just said there wasnít.

Charlie: I know, but the thing I'd like is, um -- I'd like to take a very lovely woman out tomorrow night, and I'd like that lady to be you.

David: Alex, it has been scientifically proven that some addictions are actually worth holding on to. The trick is knowing how to use them instead of them using you.

Alex: Oh, gosh. I've just never thought of it that way.

David: You know, in fact, you may not have an addiction at all. You may be a perfectly healthy woman who has yet to be satisfied.

Alex: Hmm. I just donít want to be all alone in the world.

David: But you got all that money.

Alex: What good is it without love?

David: You can have that, too.

Alex: How? I'm feeling so out of control.

David: Oh, Alex. I can teach you. I can teach you meditation.

Alex: Oh.

David: I could teach you Tantra.

Alex: Ah.

David: I could teach you breathing. These are all ancient eastern techniques that I've picked up in --

Alex: Oh.

David: The east.

Alex: Oh, you'd do that for me?

David: Absolutely, but right now is a very delicate time for you, Alex. You mustnít do anything hasty, like -- oh, I donít know. For example, donít give all of your money away to charity just yet.

Alex: Hmm. I really donít know how to thank you.

David: I'm sure we can think of something.

Alex: I'm sure we can.

Langston: Ah!

[Langston giggles]

Markko: I say we go celebrate at hallowed grounds, huh?

Starr: Well, I donít know. I donít want to jinx it.

Dorian: Oh, no, no, no. I -- I donít think thereís any need for us to be superstitious. Celebrate away.

Starr: Thank you, aunt Dorian.

Dorian: You're welcome, sweetheart.

Starr: Hmm. Well, letís go.

Langston: Ok.

Cole: Yeah.

Starr: Come on.

Langston: I can be a handful.

Dorian: So can I.

Langston: Sure you're up to this?

Dorian: Absolutely. Are you sure you can handle me?

Langston: You're not so tough.

Dorian: Neither are you, but we'll make that our little secret.

Langston: Thank you.

Dorian: You're welcome.

Langston: I'm actually starting to believe everything will be ok.

Dorian: There are two things you should know about me -- I always keep my promises, and I'm nearly always right.

Cole: Oh, man.

Starr: What?

Cole: I forgot my cell phone at home. I'll meet you guys there?

Starr: Yeah.

Cole: Thanks a lot. See you in a bit.

Starr: Ok. Love you.

Cole: Love you.

John: Itís stalled on the southwest side of the road.

Blair: Whatís the verdict here?

Marty: So you canít fix it?

John: I'm calling a tow truck right now. Just give me a minute. It -- yes, I'm still here.

Blair: Well, how long is that going to take?

Todd: Getting a tow truck out in the middle of the bayou? Who knows.

Marty: Todd --

[Marty sighs]

Blair: I know this probably feels like a setback, but for some reason, I feel like we're really going to get closer to Marcie.

Celia: While Wendellís on his call, why donít you let him take you to the store? That way, you can make sure you get everything you need for the baby.

Marcie: No, I'm not really sure I want to leave --

Celia: I'll watch your boy for you.

Wendell: You got it.

Celia: You'll be back before he wakes.

Wendell: You call them back, tell them I'm on my way.

Marcie: Well, I guess maybe, but --

Wendell: Got to go tow some folks off the interstate. It wonít take long.

Celia: I was telling Penny she should ride along. You can pick up them folks and take her to the store on your way back.

Wendell: Well, it sounds good to me.

Marcie: Ok. I -- I guess, I --

Celia: Donít worry. You ainít going to run into anyone who knows you out here.

On the next "One Life to Live" --

David: Will you marry me?

Cole: I'm going to pretend like you didnít break into my apartment.

Starr: You canít feel sorry for her and be a part of my family.

Wendell: Me and my friend Penny will get you hooked up.

Todd: Sorry -- "Penny"?

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